Photo & Video
4.8 (5.8K)
639.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touchpix

4.8 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 months ago, dj1duke
Best Software for Mirror is on MAC OS
Just transitioned my FotoMaster Mirrors to Touchpix. This is much more user inutative and easy to use. Touchpix includes animations for birthdays, weddings, sweet 16, and much more. Love how sleek it works on my Mac Mini M1. Low resouces and extremely Fast. The Mirrorless camera adaptation was simple and easy to connect. Touch screen was dead on. So Happy to use Touchpix for my business in the California Bay Area. Yessss to making Mirror Booths Fun Again!
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3 years ago, brelyynnn
You shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription just to see if your event is set up right. Especially when you’re paying weekly and don’t have any events. This app makes it very hard to test out your knowledge and effectiveness of the software. If we can see if the event is set up right how can we gain clients to pay for the expensive subscription. Ridiculous.
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1 year ago, TaliaXP
The Only All-in-One 360 App
The app provides a lot of the digital services needed to host a photo/360 booth. Unfortunately it’s the only one and your business will heavily rely on it. It’s expensive, it’s buggy and somehow they’ve monopolized this app category. I’ve seen some improvement over the last year, but it still has some major icks. The gallery from the events you have can’t be sent out for users to see and save their photo. They can only download the entirety of the event. Imagine going to a holiday party, taking a pic and only being able to download the entire party’s album. Embarrassing. After about 10 minutes of downtime the app disconnects from GoPro. Embarrassing. Sending out the queue of clips that are to be text or emailed to the guests is always temperamental. It never works on the first attempt. Often it doesn’t go through until the next day. Embarrassing. Sometimes the clips are sent without audio. Embarrassment. I wish I could create a competitive app to rely on. I can say customer service was nice although they didn’t have much knowledge or confidence about the platform. 2nd hand embarrassing!
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1 year ago, Dont install Touchpix
My company used Touchpix and rented it out to a school to use for their last day of school. We set up the payment on their website and the day of the event everything worked as it should. This was 3 weeks ago. Now, there is no way to access our account and Touchpix support does not help whatsoever. Every week they are still renewing our subscription even after I've asked support 3 times to cancel it. I need support to cancel it because if I use the email and password I used to sign up it says that our account does not exist, If i use the google login it says we already have an account and to login. When I try lost password, again, it says that our account does not exist. Now my company is paying for a service we do not need and Touchpix is lying and telling up we have to login to our apple subscriptions to cancel...As you could guess there is no active subscriptions on our apple ID for Touchpix. and if there was, our company credit card would not be getting charged for it, as it is not even in our apple wallet. I suggest going with a different 360 booth app.
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2 years ago, Imhim88
App force closes itself after videos!!!
I’m the usually the type to leave written reviews, but I feel the need to let this issue be known. Let me start by saying that I’ve used this app many times and I’m pretty good at using all the features that Touchpix has to offer. As I was hosting an event, after guest took there 360 video, the app would freeze in the middle of cropping and editing and force close the app itself. THATS REALLY BAD for business. I had to do a partial refund of the event cost due to many videos being lost. Hopefully they can resolve this issue ASAP, if not they’ll lose my business FOREVER!
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2 years ago, goodmorninggoodfortune
Not so good
The app is pretty user friendly although there’s a few things a lot of consumers would think need adjustments. First the rules of access. You should atleast be able to add an authorized user because of the high prices you guys have. I get you guys want to make money but you would but you might actually make more And squire more clientele if you gave users more of a incentive. Word to mouth is big and honestly haven’t said good things about This software at all. There’s a bunch of bad reviews also on various sites. My opinion doesn’t matter to you I’m sure but it’s just something to think about. If someone made another app similar to yours but slightly more user friendly you would probably go out of business within a few years
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2 years ago, jimjimjimjim23
Its not the best
Software runs smoothly. The interface needs improvement. The QR codes are not necessary. There should be a list you can select from and have the ability to create events directly from the application. Also closing events are the worst sometimes. You'll have to try multiple times to upload videos and close the event. Often ill have to delete the app so i can close a event. When you want to do 2 events in one day, pray the events closes asap. If they would get rid of the QR codes and give you the ability to select from different events from the application it would be a well rounded program.
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3 years ago, I Matter!
I’d rather spend my money elsewhere
I purchased the subscription and the service was good until it was time to renew and the app stopped working at an event. I was unable to reach customer service until the next morning and when I did he (Dj) was horribly rude. I ended up asking for a refund because he was very expressive on how my call was interrupting his day instead of trying to help me resolve the problem. Needless to say I have taken my business elsewhere but I just thought I would let other paying customers know that if you ever have a problem with the app the only person that works in customer service is Dj and he is very rude, emotional and overly opinionated.
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2 months ago, Photo Glam 360
Best software for 360 and iPad booth
I have been using Touchpix for 2 years and I love this software. They are always updating to improve or offer something new. It is easy, user friendly. Most issues are user issuer for those that don't invest time to learn software to properly troubleshoot or even learn how to navigate. I consider Touchpix the best and very reasonable for all we get.
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2 years ago, The SoloProject
Five Stars
Absolutely the best photo booth software that I have used. User friendly. Can be used for 360 events and photo booth. If you have multiple booths you can set them up for different events on the same email account. Better yet you can now use a 35mm Camera for photo booth and 360! Now if we can get a 3 or 6 month subscription option. 👌🏾
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1 year ago, CusePhotoBooths
No problems at all
This software works flawlessly. There is no need for internet at all! The gallery updates live and you can download one file or the entire gallery as you like. It just works
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2 years ago, Bfhcchx
Customer suppor is Rude! App does not work!
Customer support is rude and do not help with any issues. They will still your money and tell you they cant help you. They stole a $1000 from me and have not made any refunds to return my money. There app glitches and does not work. Expcept frustration and confusion from a interface that doesnt work, also expect the worst glitches at the worst time during events that will loose customers. This is what you will get from touchpix. Do not use, better to just yse ur phones camera or a different provider. The guys are unlrofessional thugs!!!
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2 years ago, HollieWood Hype
Good but could be better
This app is good. I do run into occasional issues but nothing that’s not usually fixed with an update. My current issue is videos double saving and the mirroring not working properly. Outside of that everything is good. Just switch they would support 4k with iPhones or at least save videos at 60fps!
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3 years ago, 360 Video Booth
One bad thing
I’ve literally been trying to close an event for 2 days now. It won’t force close nor will it get past 3 % of delisting the videos from my event. I can’t get my client their final product. Also, the sound keeps going out.
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1 year ago, kai.rebel1
There are concerns.
I do have concerns and small options that I wish were available but overall this is the best application for my 360 both business slightly overpriced bug
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3 years ago, P&B Captures
360 Video sharing
The app is great! My only issue is sending the videos. It takes a very long time for the guests to receive them via text. It takes 24hrs or longer.
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1 year ago, Money Slim
Love it!!
Very user friendly. I have been using this software for a year and some change now. Customer service is great as well. Love it!!
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2 years ago, melboog
Absolute worst customer service ever.
Purchased this app. Description was misleading on the service it provided which is the only reason I needed it. Asked for a refund 10 days after purchasing and battled with them for months. Never used the product ONCE. I hope you guys really needed the $1200 more than a struggling single mom who couldn’t go through with her side business because you wouldn’t issue a refund :)
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2 years ago, 360 Booth Operator
App Crashes Often
I have been using Touchpix for over three months now. I use it primarily for my 360 booth. I have the app downloaded to my iPhone 13. This app constantly crashes even though it’s on the latest update. It also disconnects from Apple TV. I tried purchasing a second Apple TV and the issue still persist. I tried communicating with the team but I was kicked off their Facebook page.
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8 months ago, Kevisha
Beware of Billing
I purchased a subscription to use for one week. I was automatically billed weeks following. Even billed twice in one day! Reached out to Apple to get a refund and was denied! If you purchase for one week why automatically keep billing someone if I wanted to keep the service I would’ve purchased a monthly service!
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3 years ago, Eddievsjaden
I Love it But
I like using this app!But I cannot close out my vet which make me have to delete the app and start over 😩.. it’s really bad for small businesses.I know how to work around it but it should not be that hard toClear out and start a new event..
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2 years ago, Mcjones2000
Text sharing bug
Hopefully this new update truly solves bug where the Texting feature would close when typing phone number.
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3 years ago, joated3730
Automatically takes money from account
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1 year ago, JBMS1 Photography LLC
Been using touchpix since I started my 360 / Photo Booth business with out issues the customer service is amazing
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10 months ago, newusner
Make it available to select multiple items from gallery in order to send in bundle to those who take multiple videos/photos. rather than having to go one by one
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2 years ago, Party Snapps
Love the app, just too expensive!
Been looking and trying out new apps, most don’t compare to Touchpix but might have to give a shot because the app fees are cutting into my profits a tad too much for my liking
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2 years ago, Dat boi00999
Great but pricey compared to others
Wish it was a bit cheaper but worth it.
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3 years ago, WandaJan
Memorable Motion Ent.
My app will not open. It ‘flickers’ then turns completely off, and this is not occurring on my iPad. I have deleted and restored three times, turned off & on iPhone after each delete and followed the instruction from app support online. My phone is updated to 15.1 iOS. Please help, I need to be 100% for my video business. This Touch Pix ‘flaw’ could crush me.
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3 years ago, Charmsheree
Not user friendly
Too many things to adjust for beginners! Had to actually hiring someone to help me learn the program. Price could be a little lower as well!!
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3 years ago, queenroyalty360
The App Glitches
For the price we pay to use the software we should not have any glitches in this app. During an event I’m unable to send the pictures to each person individually after take the picture due to the glitches in the app.
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3 years ago, carrieleesdaughter1
No set up for small business
I don’t have a subscription but it’s not a good set up for small business. No option to pay per event. Must subscribe and very expensive. So someone who doesn’t use it often, will have to pay $50/week $140/month or $999 a year….should offer an option per event for small business.
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2 years ago, dime dj
Great product
I enjoying using this device
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2 years ago, mbdiva mbdiva
Terrible app
My husband downloaded this app and paid the fee. We prepared for our event and the app was working fine. The next day we went to the event and it stopped working completely. The customers paid their deposit and was looking forward to using this. Now how you think my business looks. Smfh
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2 years ago, unicornstarn
Need update beginners video
There so many kool features on the app but unless you contact support with an idea you have and would like to know if Touchpix supports this feature, you will feel like a fish out of water. Liking the app so far once I get help and support
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2 years ago, Jermaine22VC
Had too many issues with this app. Was working fine for some events and then it doesnt. Errors etc. I’ve been using this app for some time so I know it wasn’t me that was the error. You can’t do do overs for peoples special day and I had to cancel and refund a event because the app wanted to be wonky. SMH.
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3 years ago, Yo baby Yoooooooooooooooo29
Pretty good
I like Touchpix so far but the biggest issue is videos not uploading to the gallery after I close an event. Hopefully the update addresses this consistent issue.
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3 years ago, Felicious1
I love the way this APP operates but closing an event has me stomped! I don’t understand what else to do!!! I’m afraid to have a new event because of this
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9 months ago, Bambutus
Too expensive. It should have a pay as you go plan. Use once a week and paying $50 is a reap off. Am considering their alternative.
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6 months ago, dissopointed user
Too expensive
It’s cost too much, while it’s a good app and great features it’s too expensive just for a week it’s $49 not everyone use it for business. Not only that whenever I try to scan an even it goes haywire and displays a pink flashing screen. It’s like a waste or Money.
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7 months ago, PJP504
Subscription payment.
Payment process using the computer a little hard to identify and complete. I’m trying to give Touchpix money.
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3 months ago, bstcjill
Trying to update
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2 years ago, Mr Tony 200
Nice app the cost is insane!
I can’t help but to comment on this app. Very user friendly but not pocket friendly. I never thought I would see an app that cost 1k. Talking about runnning to the bank. I understand everyone have to get money but this seem like a cure for aDisease. And charge high dollar for the cure. IJS wow
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2 years ago, kashk6
App not working
Have this App for an month now was working fine now app doesn’t want to work every time I record app go back to my Home Screen on my phone
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1 year ago, Punkin Boutique
Touch pic
Ima still learning. So far it’s works good!!
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3 years ago, berdgyij
Force closing
Keeps force closing
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2 years ago, Daddy Boy 92
Payment plan is excessive. Can’t wait for another app to come out with a cheaper pricing model so I can ditch.
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1 week ago, Reds4714
I love it very easy to use price of the package good
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3 years ago, 360Tee
To many issues
Too many issues
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2 years ago, Renay K
Good app, but too expensive!!!!
All the options are too expensive. Something needs to give.
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3 years ago, Mrs Tonya
The worst app
I’m at a party and the app keeps blanking out and closing by itself. This makes my business look so unprofessional. I’m unable to give the service for the party I was hired for!
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