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4.8 (44.6K)
310.2 MB
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ADVA Soft GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TouchRetouch

4.78 out of 5
44.6K Ratings
3 years ago, crtreviews
don’t let the fact this app isn’t free turn you away because it’s worth it. i was skeptical how well it would work on my ipad/iphone and it’s amazing. keep in mind it’s not professional desktop software so sometimes it can’t fix everything. also i’m very privacy concerned and have been really disappointed in how there’s like no photo apps for this feature that don’t collect/steal data or hide their true policies on their developers website only so this app is perfect for me. also apple pencil + ipad on this app is a game changer. for devs: possible issue with the export quality; i notice a slight clarity difference for the whole image even though i only cropped a little but maybe that’s why (photo taken with iphone 12 pro max and made two edits to compare, 1 on ipad air 4 & 1 on the same iphone both on highest quality jpg export setting) also it would be cool if you guys could make a face editing app since you already have a blemish feature in this but i mean something like perf ect365 and face tne , i used to use them until i saw their update privacy policies and is the only other editing app i’m looking for that doesn’t data collect.
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8 months ago, dont send me ads on nessenger
I’ve just paid for their “subscription” I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT
I think when you “pay” for something it should be better than a “free” version. I’ve been using ReTouch free version for many years and it’s been an OK tool for removing objects or trying to remove people in a photo. Today I went to do a touch up on photos on my iPhone and it was all different - first it offered me their new Ai paid version for 50% discount, so I thought $7.49 isn’t going to break the bank so I went ahead and got it! BIG MISTAKE (unless I’m not using it correctly which quite honestly for means a big learning curve and so not so user friendly…) and it took me to the app (which isn’t what I wanted - I just wanted to delete something quick in a photo I wanted yo share, where it wanted me to import photos!) When I went back to my photos in my iPhone I could edit my photos (but that after dressing 10 minutes trying to figure out (& not figuring out) what to do to delete an object! I feel like I’ve been duped - I should have just stayed with the “free” version! I’ve already canceled my subscription! There may be something “Ai” or even “new” that I'm not seeing/finding, and if there is I’ll be happy to come back and change my 1 star review but the likelihood of me using ReStore after today is not likely as right now I’m going to the App Store to find a different photo touch-up app that has better features which as you see I am willing to “pay for”.
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3 months ago, Michal909
This used to be my favorite
UPDATE: with the latest update it looks like my issue below was resolved. The developers reached out to me and asked me to show them exactly what the problem was and they took action and resolved it. I am very pleased to note that the background is no longer showing smudges whenever I try to remove dust particles from my background. Thanks for the awesome customer support! _________________________________ I’m a jeweler. I take closeup photos of my jewelry on a gray graduated background that sometimes has tiny spots, dust or scratches that I need to remove in post editing and make smooth. This app was the first step in photo editing for me. This app helped me do that for quite a few years already. With the last update two weeks ago it now leaves dark smudges on my background whenever I wipe away small lines, or dust spots. It used to blend perfectly. I’m looking for another option already because I can’t use it if it leaves smudges everywhere. please update and fix this!!
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5 years ago, coospa
What I think about the touchretouch app
I like how I can take pictures in whatever background I want, knowing that I have an app that’s going to take off anything I don’t want there. I like how I don’t need to worry about a perfect background! I could be behind a cute wall but there could be a bunch of trash on the floor but who cares because I could just go back and remove whatever I don’t want there and just keep my cute wall! Other than object removal, the app has so many other editing features and tools you can use to PERFECTIFY your picture!! (I don’t know if that’s a word or not but I’m gonna use it anyways!) Mt personal favorite feature would definitely be the object removal, because I can take pics wherever I want, and later go remove objects and add other details as well! With all that being said, I definitely recommend the touchretouch app because it can do so many different things to make your picture even more beautiful than it already is, it’s also super affordable for what it is and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would appreciate that! You should definitely look into getting this app!!
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3 years ago, fkrkjivfocifktj
Been using this for years and nothing comes close to this.
I’m finally seeing this application get the recognition it deserves. It is one of a kind and you simply do not see the features it offers in any other application. offering these kind of tools especially with being as easy as this app makes it. To do this only a couple years ago you would need a desktop pc with very expensive photoshop and a lot of time to spend editing it. But not with retouch. You can do in seconds what takes professional hours you How many times have you wanted to post something to Social media or share a photo via iMessage but when you look at the picture you see how messy your house is, or you happen not to have any underwear on and the photo you took has a mirror in it. Uh oh. Well this application is here to the rescue. I count how many times this app has allowed me to share pictures I otherwise wouldn’t ever be able to share. ITT
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3 years ago, justinetobi
Wow! Just wow!
Just bought it out of curiosity since it is number 2 in top paid apps and it is just $2. Don’t even need it. Tested it in a couple of my pictures. And my oh my, it works so wonderfully! First photo was just an ordinary setting, tried to remove a plastic bag laying in the ground beside me. Works perfectly 👌 2nd photo, which I really thought won’t work, it’s me in a pool then there’s a couple behind me, tried to remove them, what makes it difficult is that half of their body.. is of course submerged in the water. I can easily highlight the upper part of their bodies, the difficult part is the lower part since it is refracted by the water as well and I don’t know how will the app differentiate me highlighting the body and not the water since they are overlapping. But my oh my. It still took care of business. It was edited to a perfection. That made me truly realized this app is totally worth it. 5 stars! ⭐️
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4 months ago, janetr
A loyal mem
I have had this app for quite long now and just now went up to your full blown app. I’m excited about it… being new with some things I did not try when I had it, I am a bit confused and green. I would like to test & horse around with the photo I’m interested in but do not want to mess up the original one. I’m also wanting to take 3 people from diff photos and place together. Possible? My daughter had our 1st grandchild but, of course, everyone is at diff places / areas. Do you have an online manual? Would we have permission to send a screenshot of the problem we maybe having? How about a help desk? Will they be available? Or torn with other projects? I’ll stop for now. I text ‘NOVELS’ when I get going. Thanks for listening. JanetR I am very curious if I could put your app on my pc. Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, Brojase
Great app, but not happy about the change to subscription
5 stars for functionality, ease of use, and photo results…1 star for what feels like a bait and switch. Let me start by saying that the reason I’m sitting here writing a review is because it does feel a little dishonest to download an app update and then find out that, oh, this app you bought and paid for is now a subscription app. It was face-slap-adjacent, if I’m being honest. But hey, I recognize that app developers gotta make money too, and if I’m using this app day after day with no ad revenue and no other money coming in…that’s not a winning business model. So I get it. And honestly, if you’re going to be charging $15/year, that’s like $1.50/month, which is really reasonable for the continued development of this app which I use exclusively for my retouching. Seriously, this weekend, I removed dozens of specs from motion blurred wave photos and you couldn’t even tell (using the Auto!), so I absolutely love what this app does. If $1.50/month is the cost of continued development of this great product (and a discount for year one, which I guess would factor in the money I already paid), then I am willing to pay it. But that was a cheap trick, devs. You’re on notice. Any more shenanigans and I have no problem learning how to better use the Lightroom Heal tool (another app I am already paying for on an ongoing basis) or seeing how other apps approximate what ReTouch does.
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3 years ago, Carebear Happy
Love it!
I’ve always wanted an app like this to edit my pics when there things in the way. I could be wrong but as far as I know no other editing app can do the things this one can do. It’s so worth the money to buy this. Love being able to get the little or big things that may make or break a great pic. To be able to totally eliminate lines and/or objects on an already great picture is awesome. There is several very awesome things this app can do for a pic. The main complaint I have is the instructions could be just a little bit bette. I still think it’s somewhat confusing as to how some of the functions actually work. But mainly I’m not able to see what the options are. They are a tad to small. Definitely not a deal breaker but just wanted to put that in my review. Otherwise it’s a very useful, cool app and totally recommend it.
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3 years ago, Don Wyatt
A Must Have For Everyone
I have used this app for a long time and have been amazed at what I can do with it. If you take a bit to learn what happens when you try certain things, then take your time when doing an edit, you can get some pretty incredible results. I’ve learned that object removal on a complex background can be most difficult, but that is the same on expensive products. Wish List: I would love Apple Pencil support on the iPad version for more precise selections and would purchase a new version to get it. The ability to edit in layers would also be incredible and worth more money. Finally, I would also love to copy and paste an area in addition to using the cloning tool to make some edits easier. Kudos the the developers!
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1 year ago, ScarFreeArt
Disappointing subscription & updated app
I paid for and have used Retouch for many years. Loved it. It was my go-to for quick retouches with the Brush Tool. Now the Brush tool is gone (why?? Why change something that worked perfectly?) You say that former users can continue to use the app without subscribing (and without updates — which is fine by me)… But I just used the app on an image and it won’t allow me to save it without signing up for a subscription! So it’s NOT TRUE that you’re letting your longtime loyal customers continue to use your program as is. You are not. You are forcing everyone to update when they save the retouched image. And the update is not as good as it was before. If there’s a way to continue to use the app without updating, please let me know how. Because your app is not letting me do so at all. Also, *please* bring back the simple Brush tool, the way it worked before that everyone was happy with. That’s the best thing you could do. Thank you for your attention and consideration.
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3 months ago, zccv if b hi b
You look wonderful but I don’t have a subscription yet. You showed up on my photos edit button on my iPhone. I use FaceApp primarily but today you showed up an photoshop as well. I tried PS again but as always it’s just an expensive version of all camera’s basic filter. So I tried yours and am intrigued enough to take your tutorial. Ps, you guys are ever in our hearts and prayers, Ukraine👏👏👏”they may bruise your heel, but you will crush their heads” please you know this, so do we. You have God on your side how can you fail? failure is not an option… Don’t get discouraged. They may take a few battles, but you will win the War. Evil will retreat in shame, the world will honor Ukraine 🇺🇦 as we watch Ukraine emerge from evil in a blazing cloud of glory. Bravo
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2 months ago, BaltimoreBarb
What is Happening with the Object Removal Tool?
I’ve used Touch/Retouch for several years now and have always been amazed by how “cleanly” objects are removed, no matter how large. But in this most recent update, I’ve tried removing objects in the same photos I did before, and when I remove an object there is either a dark shadow in its place or blurry lines or other artifacts. It no longer reads the background and “cleanly” replaces the object so that you can’t even tell something was there. It doesn’t matter if I use the brush or the lasso. This is such a disappointment because I’ve counted on this app to remove objects leaving no trace unlike in other editing programs. Please, please do something to fix the object removal, especially on larger objects. The new “Erase AI” is an exciting new feature, but only if it “cleanly” erases those selected objects. A Faithful User
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4 years ago, CBP at jfk
Super useful
Too many times you purchase an app expecting one thing and you get something completely different. Usually what you thought was going to be great is really just a useless pile of junk. Too many times every button you push is a new money grab. That is not this app! This app works much better than expected and the results are incredible. The only serious flaw is that it is so much fun you can’t put it down. It is super addictive and the more time you spend the better the results you achieve. As someone who NEVER pays for apps it took a lot to convince me to pull the trigger and buy this app. About 10 mins after using it I ending up feeling like I paid too little for what I got. I can’t understand how it does not have 5 stars!!!!
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2 years ago, Vintar
This Update Is Not So Hot
Sorry, I know you guys think you really improved this app, but I used this almost every day, and the performance now is so disappointing. The previous quick fix option is gone and now we have only “object,” but I can’t perform simple fixes. Things I used to remove immediately with one try are now no longer easy to change at all, the program is somehow too sensitive, too “smart,” bringing in colors and textures from all over the picture when I simply want to erase something. I can’t stress enough how much more difficult it is to use this app. What used to be one quick erasure now is a struggle, and I have to keep trying again and again to just get it to erase something without replacing it with bits and pieces of other objects. I mean, it’s shocking to me how much less effective this is. Unless things change I will have to find another app.
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1 year ago, JC nickname
Great app for removing objects and lines and cloning.
I have used photoshop and it works great, but it is not easy and it is expensive. This program is simple to use. I have a great photo of Mountains but it has a power pole and power lines in the photo. To eliminate a power line you just touch the line and then touch go and the line disappears. You get rid of the power pole by just using a paint brush to highlight it and then push go and then it vanishes. The cloning tool you just touch and paint what you want cloned and then touch where you want it cloned and paint it in. You can also add the application to the Photos application so you can access retouch in the Apple Photo application for editing. Highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Kokleilze
Disappointed at first, but I figured out a solution
I thought this was great until I noticed photos I had fixed last night had the same glitch today as they did before. The unwanted objects were only temporarily removed. I thought this was fixed when I read the version explanation. You can’t go from one photo to another without having to backtrack and go to the home screen and look at albums again. More time consuming! However, I discovered that I could use this app while on edit for iPad photos. (I pressed the three little dots at the right top of the screen to access this app ). I could remove the blemishes, then save the edited photo. It was easier to scroll from one photo to another too. This made the app more useful and faster to use.
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1 year ago, Allypad
Great Photo Touch Up App
I have been using this app for several years now. It’s a fantastic app and my go to app for editing photos. The app has always been free, but when I opened the app tonight, I saw that they have a few new upgraded features. In order to use them, you need to subscribe for a yearly plan. At first, I was annoyed because like I said, this is a great app with no annoying ads. BUT, after thinking about it for a minute, I realized that they put work into this great little app for me to utilize whenever I need it. So, even though I don’t even need the new features for the types of things I edit, I still went ahead and upgraded because they deserve it :).
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3 years ago, Stoshlee
Simple and very effective.
I am an experienced amateur photographer, and usually use Lightroom for all my post processing. This was recommended to me by a fellow photographer, so I thought I'd give it a try. It really is impressive. With very little effort I can eliminate unwanted objects with a simple swipe. Power lines that have previously been a chore to remove, can now effectively be eliminated with a single operation ... just mark the offending line and it disappears. In most cases, but not all, there are no artifacts left that I can see. The finished work can be saved as a copy, which is very important to me. This is a really good product, and a bargain for its cheap price. I highly recommend it. BTW, the current version is 100% stable on my iPad Pro 2020.
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1 year ago, shanechicago
Only Two Complaints
The object removal tool The object removal tool almost always repopulates some other image next to it. No matter how many times I remove the image that pops up in the place of the original image, the new image remains. When I intend for an object to remove from the photo, I will cleft it to remove. I don’t expect it to put something else in its place. Line removal tool Same issue. The line removal tool will remove the line in intend to remove, but it doesn’t stop there. It changes it’s course to the next nearest line and removes it also. The only work around I’ve found is to magnify the photo as large as I can the use the tool. But the downside to that is that I have zoom back out just to see how much of the line is remaining, and then repeat the process until it’s completely gone. I sincerely hope that the developers DO read these reviews and act accordingly. I would’ve given 5 stars if it wasn’t for this one issue. Almost forgot: the cloning tool. It would be nice if there were more options like “mirroring” instead of just horizontal and vertical. Other than that it’s a seriously great application!
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1 year ago, CQHATL
I paid good money on this and now you update it with added features AND with a subscription service and don’t grandfather in loyal customers that helped you grow? I wouldn’t recommend your business to anyone in the future and trust me I have been a loyal supporter that has helped you grow with my recommendation for your product. I’ll say it again in case you’re interested. Grandfather in loyal pre update users that helped you get to where you’re at today. Until then you will get the lowest rating that I can give. Greed. We were basically beta testers. The program didn’t work well for quite a few updates but got better. I would love to hear you defend hanging the base that made it so you could be a subscription service outside the shiny new upgrade. I don’t really expect a logical reply or any reply at all. It’s just another example of the money grab. What says you?
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3 years ago, NadiaKnightly
Where’d it go?
A must have for every photographer, professional, creative, or any ole regular Joe-Schmo who shares the pictures they take on their phone! Retouch is an amazing tool, good enough for professionals but simple enough for everyone. 💯% worth the 💵! Best part of all. . . NO SUBSCRIPTIONS! Pay once and it’s yours, intact with all the features you will ever need to erase unwanted objects in your photos. Draw a line to remove those unsightly power lines in your beautiful! Brush over those sneaky photo bombers that pop into all your special moments from seemingly nowhere! Or lasso unwanted blurs of who knows what! All easily deleted from your photos. . . as if they were never there! Where’d they go?
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5 years ago, QAPete
Still Best In Class
UPDATE: after reviewing this app years ago, it’s only right that I tell you that it is every bit as magical today as it was then. The addition of line and segment removals simply cements it as a must-have app for anyone who is serious about making their scans/photos look as good as they possibly can be. I still marvel at how I can do this on a smartphone! TouchRetouch only does a few things. It removes objects, clones, and repairs. The thing is, it does them really, really well. I would be lost without this app, which has repaired/ fixed MANY damaged old photos, some which I never would have thought were repairable. If you deal with scanned photos, it’s absolutely essential!
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2 months ago, CandyCane337
Best Retouching App Available!
From photographers to selfies takers, both sides and of the spectrum and everyone in between find use in this app and it’s getting better every day! Any stubborn imperfection in any photo can be successfully and inconspicuously removed by a slide or tap of a finger. i’ve tried just about every photography app in the app store and this is one and only i’ve kept since i’ve downloaded it. (the rest being deleted after trying. if you want access to the secret sauce of retouching magic the Premium package is so worth every penny. in fact, it’s the ONLY subscription i pay for so it’s gotta be worth something right?
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2 years ago, Zanesworld1
Not real impressed
First- after I PAID for this app, I came across an app with the same name fir free . Idk if it is in fact the same, but it would have at least been nice to see it first. Second, it seams the tools are a little primitive - they aren’t as good as the old ‘photoshop fix’ tools and the tutorials on tool functionality read more like ‘hacks’ than instructions I.e. it suggest to just ‘mirror’ half a bridge obstructed by objects. Personally, I don’t find value in creating fake pictures and don’t Appreciate that answer as a solution. With all that said, I’m an optimist- so I will continue to play around with the app (at least because I bought it already) and think I will eventually find its advantages . When and if I do, I will update this review and list my findings.
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3 years ago, PA 100
Love This App!
My son came home from university to put on a business suit for me to take pictures for his business profile. We took the pictures and he left to go back to school. An hour after he left was when I looked at the photos and noticed he hadn’t cleaned the lint off his suit first. There were three small hairs and several pieces of lint clearly visible in every picture. With this app, it only took a few seconds on each picture to completely remove every blemish. It may seem like a small thing, but the photos were not useable as they were and there was no time for him to come back home for a redo. SO glad I have this app, it saved the day!
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2 years ago, theBleuWolf
Simple, useful, non-intrusive. 5/5 bananas.
What more can I say that hasn’t been said about an app before? I love that it doesn’t have intrusive ads that disrupt the experience. I love that it has a simple, intuitive UI - It’s all streamlined very well. But what I respect the most is the transparency about their privacy policy on the App Store. When something like that is so surprising to see, it sort of says something about developers and publishers alike today. This, and the fact they actually list new changes/fixes with every update here. Lord chungus christ, somebody deserves a raise for that much more work alone. Heres some bananas for your effort 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
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4 years ago, arg245
Downsizes images to below 18 Mpix
Update Nov 18, 2020. The limit on the saved resolution has been resolved. Now works great, and with that I can now give it 5 stars. The app works great, and does an accurate job of removing objects, especially lines. Initial review: The app works great, but I can’t understand why they would limit the resolution of an original, larger than 18 mpix image. And it does so upon opening the image, and no further warning is given. If you have a fast device, you may even miss the warning. I purchased the app outright, so there doesn’t appear to be any kind of in app purchase to remove the limit. It is simply limited by design. For that, two stars!
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2 years ago, Skidoctor
Back to one of my most used apps
the previous update seemed to have broken all my links to prior photos as well as make the tools disappear. when i opened the app it appeared nothing was working. i was in a hurry to clean up a photo and the radical change to the interface left me dead in the water. since updating the app the needed functionality is back and this is one of my most regularly used apps for cleaning up photos. for some reason i cannot change my prior negative review so i am posting this update. please keep the user interface simple and straightforward!
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5 years ago, M3bella
Exactly what I needed!
This app does exactly what I need! Just highlight the area and POOF! Gone! I was even able to remove a large dumpster in a parking lot that was ruining a cloud/landscape photo! Also, the line removal tool saves so much time when getting rid of power lines! Just select a tiny portion of the line and the entire line disappears! I’ve tried other photo editing apps that offer object removal capabilities but none come close to THIS app. The only thing I wish it had was a “fit to screen” button. When zoomed in to highlight, it’d be nice to press 1 button and so photo would go back to zoom out and fill the screen again.
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1 year ago, Zeuss3232
Super reliable tool Super Great App
I discover this app in 2012. I was working in a photo lab by that time. You got to see the faces of our clients when we performed this app to removed any unwanted objects out of their pictures and how many projects do we complete for them since. I’m still using it and people stills surprise how easy is to remove unwanted objects with Retouch. If you have a bit of skills on this kinds of pictures programs and a bit of patience also you can restore pictures with missing parts of it with this App and its Clone Tool it is Great. I recommended it 200%.
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9 months ago, leadfoot 2012
Only one issue it still happens……
It is a fantastic app! If I can make it work than anyone can, because I have no technical skills I have other skills (thank God for that!). But when I manually try to remove some thing with the eraser, it goes away, but there’s blurry spots especially if I’m trying to get something out of the background. I’m not real sure what I’m doing incorrectly but I love your app.! ( your updates this last go around are user friendly and I am thrilled with it and I’m sure you competitors in your business world , but however, I prefer your service & products but have only tried one other product that was similar. Thanks very much! Happy cropping etc. have a great day and thank you for making such a wonderful app!
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4 years ago, Somone You Dont Need To Know
Hi, so recently people have been getting this app and I wanted it too. I looked it up and it was $1.99 and I didn’t want to buy it because my parents never buy me apps. I downloaded the free one and it didn’t work as well. So today I asked my mom if I could get this and she said yes. So now I have the app and it’s awesome. It totally gets rid of whatever. Sometimes it can look weird if you erase something to close to something else but it works if you’re careful. If you’re thinking about buying this app, you should. I’m not saying that you should buy it and use your money but only if you want to. :) bye!
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5 years ago, Schrocker
100% Un-usable. Fraud. Paid for and received an app that does not work.
When the app launches it ONLY allows the ability to use tutorials. What good is learning how to use an app that won’t allow you to use it as instructed? A fatal error occurs when launching this app. A window pops up which says “enable access your photos by going to Settings > Privacy. Simple enough, right? Yet when following the instructions per screen, and arriving at the privacy section for Photos, the IOS instructs “the apps wanting access to photos will appear here” and the screen is empty. 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ Essentially, there is no work around to this error. So I’ve paid money to people who developed a way to take money from me and provide nothing in return. 100% useless app in addition to being a waste of my precious time to tell others so they won’t be taken advantage of like I was.
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3 months ago, Hazel221961
so wonderful to have an app that cares about the customers. Mahalo Nui Loa
I am mentally disabled. That’s ok, it’s not in our control. One of the neat blessings from my head injuries is — my creative side has emerged. I love being able to be creative, pushing the envelope (so to speak) but, I don’t like it when the envelope falls off the desk. In other words I’m enjoying digital, graphics arts & photography. I have been using your app for quite awhile & have truly enjoyed it! I For example using retouch to remove a dead branch on a bush, or people who walked right in front of you (not meaning to).
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4 years ago, The Fire Horse
This one deserves your attention! I’ve used photoshop from the days it fit on a floppy disk. I never thought I’d see an automated tool that I would trust with my retouching. This thing is just amazing. It has some built in magic to determine how to fill an area. It does in seconds what used to take hours manually, and the results don’t exhibit any obvious repeat. It doesn’t always get it right the first time, maybe it picks up too much background, or leaves some leftover pieces, but it is so fast you can just undo and try again with a slightly different selection or brush size. I’ve noticed that small differences in the original selection can produce wildly different results. I wish we could post before and after photos here. It has saved a few vacation photos that had a finger partially blocking the lens. I wasn’t expecting much when I first tried it, then almost fell over, “where did it get all that replacement sky, with clouds even?!” Pure F___ing Magic
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4 months ago, Spyderwebb101
In plain sight
And yet another company that used to brag about “no subscription fees” and charges a ONE TIME fee for the app, now ju I bought this at FULL price and now they made it to manipulate your screenshots as to not save work and only allow you to use their product 1 time per day. In other words, you don’t pay the toll you don’t get to save work period. Instead of creating a better version with a subscription model they just take the easy road: charge for a subscription for the old work created years ago. No matter if they misrepresent their product, lie to its customers or what, it’s wrong what did. One day this type of theft will be stopped in a court room. I want a full refund as should everyone else that paid: this should be the policy if you charge full price for software and then three years later (or whatever) decide to convert it into a subscription model those that already paid full price gets “time allotment” Otherwise that’s basically theft for all the individuals that paid for it prior Very angry that nobody is doing anything-makes me want to call all my current customers and tell them that I’m now charging
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7 years ago, SouthernScooter
Best Version Yet
I was dubious about this app as I didn't much like the idea of messing with my pictures especially as I am clumsy. That was about three years ago... I think I'm into the third update of Touch Retouch and they keep improving it. It's easy - really - and unobtrusive and it encourages me to take risks with my photo compositions. For instance if there is an obtrusive sign or wire I just don't care. I know how to get rid of it in seconds. The latest version makes everything easier and better integrated into your photo files than previously. Use with confidence. Can't recommend this app enough
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4 months ago, Ca$e.
Still the best!
All these years later, I’m on vacation, take a wonderful photo but — ugh! Why didn’t I move that thing off the table? It’s ruining the photo. So distracting! Oh wait, I haven’t downloaded the TouchRetouch app on this new phone. 90 seconds later the object is gone and as someone who retouches photos for a living I still can’t tell there was an object on a marbled table in the foreground of an image. The app is as intuitive as it is streamlined. If you’ve made it this far in my review stop reading and just buy this. It’s exactly what you want!
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1 year ago, Hopey ♡
My favorite app
I can’t even count how many times I’ve used Retouch on my photos whether to remove a small blemish or an entire object. This app is the only one I use and it works like magic! I also love that I bought the app a long time ago and when they added new features and a membership they still let the people who bought the app previously to keep the features they had initially paid for. I’ve never seen an app do that and I greatly appreciate it! I can’t recommend this app enough it’s such a lifesaver!!
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6 years ago, antney0615
Fantastic and FAST!
I was skeptical about the reviews because it isn't difficult to mass produce positive comments to make it seem like everyone in the entire world (and Canada) loves something. Sadly, this is true for so many things anymore but I didn't find that here. I am not someone who writes a lot of reviews because I don't find very many things that really live up to all of the hype of the "FakeBook" crowd. TouchRetouch IS an amazingly powerful, smart, indispensable and FAST photo enhancement suite of tools that you will be using almost as often as your camera itself. This is money well spent.
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2 years ago, Winston Roark
A truly useful application
Over the last few years this has been my “Go To” app for taking out unwanted power lines, poles, etc from the images I’ve taken. Certainly the things can also be done in photo editing apps such as Gimp, photoshop and others. BUT. There is no quicker easier way than using this app. With this last release things just got a lot easier! Thank you developers for an app that has helped me produce images that are far more interesting without the clutter of undesired objects.
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4 years ago, Adumb W.
It’s really good
I use it for editing out little dumb things, like a black spec on a white shirt, or I used to take out a billboard on a picture of my little brother, but what impressed me most of all, and what inspired me to write this review, was when I jokingly took a picture of my stitches (recent knee surgery) and tried to edit it out. It must be using some kind of crazy ai or machine learning, because it’s really good. I’d recommend it, I bought it for fun when I had a couple dollars left in my account, and it’s turned out to be really useful.
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2 weeks ago, Nighthawk.
Would give 0 stars if that was possible
Been a user for many years and paid for a lifetime membership, and now I have to pay monthly in order to save photos or do blurring?! Are you kidding me? This is the most scummy developer practice I've yet encountered for a editing software. I see the developer is justifying that it had to move to a subscription model to other similar comments but this is such a PR corporate response to justify pathetic anti consumer behavior. I understand paywalling “new” features altogether (don't let me use them), but taking away features that I already had and paid for, like the ability to blur and save a photo, is ridiculous… blur use to be an option, offer a better blur as an add on, but don't take it away altogether.
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4 months ago, Crazy_gio17
Retouch has helped me maintain balance on my feed!
I honestly enjoy the app. There’s been a few times where I don’t have my laptop near me and I need to remove something quick on a photo. However, I’m not sure what’s happening with the app. I’ve noticed now that when I remove something it leaves like an outline of the removed area which is weird because I never noticed it until now. Also, when I select an area , after it removes it, it leave a green hue. Will there be a bug fix for it ?
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4 years ago, dcdrew38
Horrible editing tool
I was hoping, because if the advertisement, that this app would be better than Adobe Photoshop. Nope! When I use a single touch to remove an object, even the smallest brush, other pieces of the photo will crowd the now empty space! It’s like the source is configured to pull from any random object and it cannot overlay the background behind the image doesn’t have a clone tool, the crosshairs guideline is seriously misjudging the accuracy, and it’s just a bad app all together. I wouldn’t pay the $1.99 for it. Photoshop is better because I only pay $9.99 a month for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography bundle, and I get Lightroom, Photoshop Express, Fix, and Mix, plus 1TB of storage! I would highly recommend Adobe software over this. Adobe has better tools, higher accuracy, and 24/7 online support. Haha
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4 years ago, MTguy23
An Essential Tool
If you are going to use your iPhone for the serious photography that is capable of then add this app immediately. The ability to remove those power lines that seem to jump into every picture easily and perfectly is worth the price. But there is so much more that it will do. Make sure to follow through all the tutorials. I don’t like to edit my pictures heavily, but for my need to quickly remove the odd piece of debris from civilization there is no better tool for quality, ease of use, and time spent editing.
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4 years ago, LilKittyMeow
Works like magic💯
I was honestly stunned by how well this app works. Very simple and easy to navigate- you have the option of tutorials but I jumped in without watching any and found it incredibly self-explanatory. Thanks to the devs for making this very useful app and thanks even more for making it a one time payment instead of a subscription! I hardly ever write reviews but I figured I kinda owed it to them for that one. Anyway, I am definitely happy with this $2 well spent and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested. - Thanks again❣️
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2 years ago, susan1581
Always a supporter
I love this app. I found it back in I think 2018 and was moved to write a review I guess was lost or something, but I promise this is true: I have never before it or since found an iPhone application that made my jaw drop physically in wonder. It was like real magic in that moment to me. It delivered exactly what it promised and more and that was true childlike delight. I’ll never forget it. I am praying for the developers in Ukraine and for all of it like most are; and you will always have my support and gratitude.
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4 years ago, fwfire
Look no further!
TouchRetouch is a real treasure find amongst a sea of other “free” editing apps that end up requiring subscriptions or in-app purchases to make them usable. TouchRetouch is reasonably priced, has a fast learning curve, and does a great job at what it’s designed do.....removing unwanted objects from your photos. Photo bombers in the background? No problem, wipe them out in literally seconds and you’ll never even know they were there! Kudos to the developer(s) on a great, user-friendly design and also for not being greedy on the price point.
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