TouchTunes: Control Bar Music

4.9 (931.9K)
96.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
TouchTunes Interactive Network
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TouchTunes: Control Bar Music

4.87 out of 5
931.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Momo927777
Beyond irritated
I was singing this app’s praises when I first got it but you all are dirty with the way you do things. Credits should apply to ANY bar, not just one at a time. And if you purchase the credits, there should definitely not be a time limit on when you use them! And my biggest pet peeve is the option to jump the line. I spent 2 credits on a song last night and never heard it because people kept skipping ahead of me. I was at the bar a full hour after the purchase and it never came up until finally I got petty and spent 4 more credits just to hear it. However, I deserve a refund for the 2 credits that were wasted. You either need to do away with the skip option or else give it a limit so that my song will eventually be played even though I *only* spent 2 credits on it. I’ve been using TouchTunes since this summer and that particular problem has never happened before- and I was in a small bar. I find it hard to believe that there were that many people spending 4 credits per song just so theirs would be next. That makes me suspicious that you are just making it look that way to get some of us to spend more credits.
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10 months ago, Rafael H
Cool idea, confusing app design
Been using touch tunes since 2008. The app layout is very confusing. To the left where their should be your profile icon, there’s a menu icon that’s for both settings & your profile. Your profile is listed up top & then settings & activity underneath, this should be separated by having two sub menus. One for your profile & one for the settings. In the middle you have the venue which if selected brings you to the venue’s screen, the confusing part here is that instead of having a back bottom to the left, there’s a help bottom instead. You have to select the venue under the map to go back. That makes no sense. You get a bunch of other people’s or the venue’s playlists under what’a playing now when it should give you an option to sync your iTunes/Apple music or other streaming service’s playlist so it can find what songs are available on touch tunes & let you create a playlist with those songs.
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3 weeks ago, Mahatma Gangia
Great app, mostly…
I’ve read a lot of poor reviews of this app here but most are years old. I’ve been using it for about a year and I’m pretty satisfied with it, although some of the same issues have happened to me. I hang out at a small local bar about once or twice a week but usually in the afternoon not at night when it’s crazy busy and my songs usually play as expected with a few exceptions. If the crowd is more into sports management turns up the game feed and the jukebox down or off. Not the app’s fault. I think a couple of the regulars at the bar will pay double and put their whole playlist on before they walk in the door. Not the app’s fault. It’s nice to be able to do that once in a while with a song or two but some people WILL abuse the option. I do tend to like some rather obscure songs that were never top tens and can’t find them in the app but them’s the breaks when you have varied tastes in a world of conformity. All in all I love the app and figure life is tough, you can’t always get what you want, learn to roll with it, baby. Find peace and happiness within, you won’t get it from an app.
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6 years ago, dfjrdd
One of my favorite apps
I love, love, love this app! It’s so cool to be the bar’s anonymous DJ! I’ve been using this app for more than five years. I wish more bars/restaurants/clubs had these machines and associated apps. So great! I would recommend a couple of improvements: - For the love of God, let us use credits across venues. Not doing so seems actually kind of dishonest and greedy. - Have a more complete library across the board. You have TONS of songs, but not all venues have access to those songs. Maybe that’s on the venues. I don’t know. - Make it more difficult for staff to just skip your songs because they think it’s on autoplay. I’ve seriously gotten in arguments with staff and managers, trying to convince them I requested certain songs. Somehow make it way more apparent when a customer has requested/paid for a song. - Keep being awesome! It’s a really good, fun app with great functionality! Please take these suggestions into account. I know for a fact I’ve spend thousands of dollars on this app, so please consider them.
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7 months ago, GEORGIAGIRL22
I Love Be’n The Waffle House DJ
I have played hundreds of dollars of songs from my TouchTunes app.. and absolutely love it… but I’ve had a waitress’ that have completely turned the volume down when my song was playing.. and then turn it back up when their song of choice played… I’ve played songs on Jukeboxes that said it was up and running… but the volume be turned completely off and the office locked…or the volume down so far, it might have well been turn off… so I’ve lost quite a bit of money thru out the past 3-4 years… I visit the Wafflehouse often…I could tell you the work ethic of every employee of at least three locations… I’ve gotten to know a lot of Wafflehouse employees.. an they’ve gotten to know me.. and they probably have learned a few country songs… thanks to Hank and George Jones just to mention a few..but yeah, I’ve literally played every credit I’ve purchased while at one meal… one visit… so it does bother me when I experience ignorant employees… or technical difficulties… but other then that… I absolutely love Touch tunes…
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6 years ago, Johnny clegghorn
Terrible design
Normally I don’t care to make reviews but I figured I’d help people save money... It’s cool not having to get up to go pick a song and swipe your card or insert bills every time you wanted to hear a song but the system they have in place is poorly thought out.. The play next option ruins everything, I chose a couple songs and they kept getting bumped back and back because other people paid more to hear theirs next so I decided to try the play next option so I selected that option and the cue showed my song as being next, well then someone else did that after me and my up next song got pushed back a song, and then again and again... Next thing you know the 4 credits I spent to hear my song next was 9th in line 5 minutes after I did that option. My song went from next to 9th in line in 5 minutes for 4 credits... Not only that but people kept selecting the next option so that the 6 songs I selected prior to that still haven’t played after 3 hours of being here. Just save yourself the money and disappointment and let everyone else make their mistakes with this app...
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6 years ago, GuySwann
This App Cheated me out of Money
This app is complete trash. While at the bar last night I bought the app with numerous credits and then purchased a song, interested in how it worked. It immediately showed that my song had been played and took the credits. I assumed it was just a poorly worded notification and figured it would play after the 3 song queue. It never played. I kept waiting thinking that I had made a mistake, double checked where i was and that I was selecting the right bar. So I went ahead and just bought the song a second time since I had already wasted my money on credits. This time a 7 song queue. It never played. I waited through 15 additional songs before we finally left the bar and the song never played from either purchase. Now I have fewer dollars with only a few worthless credits left in an app I’m going to just delete anyway as it’s trash. Don’t use this unless you want to burn your money on an app that can’t do the single thing it is built to do. It will just take your money and give you nothing in return.
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3 years ago, rcwkid
App doesn’t work
First off, I found that it had deleted about 20 of my credits after 4 months of non-use. That is thieving, plain and simple. Second, when trying to buy more, it does nothing. I select Apple Pay and all it does is return to the credit screen. I select CC and put in the information, select save, and again nothing happens. It doesn’t even save the info I just typed in. And dumps me back to the credit screen which still shows only 1 useless credit. I don’t use PayPal, so don’t bother pushing that. I even deleted and reloaded the app from the store, and it still does nothing. It did let me select where I wanted to play a song, but that was all. It won’t let me buy credits which makes it totally useless. I don’t get thrills just be able to see what others are playing.
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6 years ago, Dirtyfromdust
Baaaad Move on the Update
As a bar manager that has been using this app for several years, I cringe at the thought of how much money I’ve spent on this app (over 3000 plays, you do the math). Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed (and continue) to use it. Prices always seemed fair and it’s a great help when a customer requests a song or you need to change the atmosphere in the bar. Over a year ago or so, ALL credits worked at ANY location. They changed it to check-in locations only. Not a big deal, considering previous stated circumstances. However, this new update is a complete sham. They return the “everywhere” feature of versions past, but lower the credit count because it’s a “new” feature, I guess? Has always been 18 credits for $5, and is now 12 for the same price. As a loyal customer for years, SHAME ON YOU. I never write reviews (I’ll go ahead and sincerely give you 5 stars for versions past),but this appalled me. I’ll just be using my manager reward credits from now on, until they get rid of that....YOU CAN DO BETTER, TOUCHTUNES.
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5 years ago, Bloundiegirl
Show the right song?!
Love TouchTunes (other than my area keeps raising the price for a song) but can you please at least show the current playlist so I can see what I have to hear until my song plays. I’ve seen the same song every place for the past day and I know T-Pain doesn’t play electronica or Irish music. To amend why my review went down stars: “your songs will play in 7 songs”, it’s been at least 12... and I lost count after that so glad I played for them to come next, could have been nice to have a better estimate..... To amend yet again, this service is good on places that have low attendance, in a moderate area and definitely not on a holiday. You should probably advertise places that “close the juke box” before patrons buy a song... since the server just said that they close the juke box on ‘big days’ if this true then you need to let your patrons know. I think I’d rather go straight to the bar and ask for them to play my song, at least it will play in the 6 hours I have been here.
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3 years ago, lana.j.k
Stole My Credits
I downloaded this app just because I didn’t like the music was playing at Applebee’s. I bought like $6.00 worth of credits (6 songs) and decided to play “Driver’s License” on repeat six times. After clicking the “play next” button six times, my credits were gone and I was ready to sit back and enjoy my tunes. However, after the third time playing, the song switched to a song I didn’t choose. Confused by this, I reached out to the app’s “DJ support team” questioning why the song stopped playing. The automated response back said that a DJ would reach out to me shortly to address the issue further. After about four hours, I still have not heard anything from any “DJ”. I then requested my credits be reimbursed to my account. Lo and behold, still not response. I lost $6.00 and a chance to make the people of Applebee’s question their restaurant choice. Thanks JerkTunes
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4 years ago, Soundchic18
Waste of money and time
If you want to hear your song you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money bc otherwise people will just skip you constantly. Didn’t used to have this problem bc the people around here hasn’t bothered to download the app. Now that there are some that use it I never hear my music. I’m here for three or so hours and never get to my songs bc I pay at the juke box not on this broken overpriced app. Only cost 3 credits to skip ahead on the juke box but apparently cost 4 on the app! Ridiculous, unacceptable, a terrible business model showing this “company” thinks we are all stupid. As if we can’t tell they are making updates to force us to spend more if we want to hear our music. I will NEVER spend money on touchtunes again. Not on the terribly made app and DEFINITELY not on the jukebox itself bc it ruins my night when I expect to hear my songs but only hear other people’s garbage for the whole time I’m here!!!!!!!!
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8 months ago, natalie was here
Need a FREE way to skip songs
I visited a bar with a digital karaoke machine, and I must say the experience left me a bit disappointed. While the concept of buying credits to play music is intriguing, the quality of the selections didn't quite match up. It seems some individuals chose songs that were, to put it lightly, far from ideal. What added to the frustration was the lack of a thumbs-down option for such musical selections. I couldn't help but feel that some of the music choices were, in the words of sarcasm, "world-class." One particular rendition of "Alex Pam" was nothing short of garbage. While the concept of digital karaoke is promising, I believe the bar should consider implementing a better system for song selection and perhaps a way to downvote subpar performances. Overall, the evening left me with mixed feelings, hoping for a more enjoyable and harmonious karaoke experience in the future.
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6 years ago, Looperr
I’ve seen one review similar to what I’m writing this review about and how they just get people to spend coins. I’ve wasted coins before and just started to realize that they’re going to waste Cus I never get to hear the songs I put on. For example last night I was at the bar and I paid for two songs. After 15 minutes my friend asked if my song came on and I said no and I had picked two. So I went back to try to have it play sooner so I paid the extra 4 credits. After an hour I didn’t hear the song. I’m mad Cus I’m leaving I’ve spent enough time at the bar and so I checked the app to see if there’s a way I can cancel my songs and nope, even more disappointed that I not only will be not listening to my song but people that didn’t pay will. You guys should have like a song cancel option and therefore you can get the coins back other than that I wasted time and money
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2 years ago, Geona
Love this app BUT….
I have been using this app for years but I would love to see a limit on the number of times you song can be jumped. I try to share the music but when I spend my money to play a song and it doesn’t play because others have payed to play before my song it get annoying. I played a song and 2 hours later it hasn’t played. There needs to be a limit on the amount of songs that can play before yours does. We all pay for our songs because we want to hear them and this is not the first time this has happened. After the last time I quit playing music because 3 hours after I played music- after I let the venue- I got the message my music was starting. Think it’s time to quit again.
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6 years ago, JasonCrosbyBenjamin
Skip option causing more arguments at bars.
As a bartender your main goal of the night is to have everyone relaxing and enjoying their drink, having a good time. Every once a while a dispute may arise, but very rarely. When then app came out, it was great! The convenience of not having to go stand their picking out songs or having to mess with money! Now, with this Skip option, more & more arguments are stirring, people are mad, upset & either leave, or argue with me or other patrons because they didn’t get what they paid for. It gets to the point where I have to turn the jukebox off, in order to stop the argument. No one wants to hang out in a bar with a bad or negative atmosphere, and this Skip option is causing just that.
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5 years ago, The I 420
My TT career
Overall 2-3 of 5. I have lost so much money on this app by songs not working it is almost comical. I have had minimal satisfaction when I live chatted and NEVER, NEVER has TT support given me anything over what I lost. Because of such there have been times, many times where I just do not even reach out. It has been that sad. Customer service is definitely an area of growth for this company. TT also really has limited roots reggae and jamband music. Given the demographics that like these genres you would think more would be available. Am I still a customer? Yes but I do not play it nearly as much as I once did due to the above stated facts. Was holding out hope that at least one time I would get a nice 25-50 credit credit. Seriously have spent a lotta loot and you would think such would be considered. Keep the music flowing - TheI
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5 years ago, Hoover clan
Upset with credits decreasing
I used to get 60 + 4 bonus credits for $20. Now I only get 50 + 2 bonus credits for $20. I will not be purchasing as many credits!! I used to buy $20 worth a week!! Now I will be only buying $20 a month!! As well as my bar rewards have went down drastically!!! Very upset. Used to love this app and recommend it to all my patrons!! My juke box is usually playing every night most of the night. Now it is rarely played due to the major increase in amount of money it takes to buy credits and how the credits for each song has gone up as well as the amount it cost for fast passing. It was gonna be 12 credits to fast pass! Come one touch tunes bring back your better prices and songs for 1 credit. Your losing customers!! Is only common since. Without us you wouldn’t have a business. Reciprocity I scratch your back you scratch mine!!!
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2 years ago, VikReview
Steals your money
This is a terrible app. Not only does it require frequent force restarts because of all the technical issues, it also steals your money. You have a limited view into the queue. If you pay for a song that is already in the queue, it will not add it a second time. But it will take your money like it did add it. You get nothing for your money. If they don’t want to allow the same song I the queue multiple times, that is fine. But they should not take your money in that case. This is a “digital jukebox” and that is not how a real juke box works. It is a scam. They’ve already had class action lawsuits against them for the way they cheat customers and there should be more for the way they continue to cheat their customers. If companies were actually held accountable for their actions, ones like this wouldn’t exist.
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5 years ago, Iupchris10
Horrible, shady company
Someone should file a class action lawsuit against this company for their shady business tactics. They give bartenders way too much power to skip your music, without any explanation and with no refund. I tried to play Kanye, Fallout Boy, Zedd, and the bartender skipped all of it. How hard would it be to automatically credit my account if my song is skipped? I’m a an app developer and I know that it’s not hard at all! They also give the venues free credits for their bartenders to play what they like and this bloats the playlist so you are forced to use the Fast Track feature if you want even a prayer at hearing your song. So shady. You are basically in a bidding war against the bartender and you will ALWAYS lose. When I use TouchTunes I hear my song about 20% of the time. This company continually does not do the right thing and will not see about her nickel from me.
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5 years ago, FotiOunces
I guess I have to play Taylor’s mean again
Hands down the best way to appreciate the public spectacle of me and my music loving bipolar girlfriend breaking up and getting back together over a jukebox five nights a week. It will consume as much money as a drug habit if you let it. Also god help you if you’ve got credits left and you didn’t lock your phone before putting it away, you will come back to 30 paid plays you’ve never heard of. My third most played song I don’t even recognize, when I contacted tech support about it they gave me 4 credits back. Thanks TouchTunes, for helping destroy my life and bank account.
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1 year ago, travis.reiter
“Play Next” breaks the whole experience
The Play Next feature breaks this whole app. This allows you to pay more to skip the queue. Spent $10 to queue up some songs, and for an hour my song kept showing next until moments before the current song ended, and then someone would use Play Next. Waited an hour, didn’t hear a single song I purchased. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… you won’t fool me twice because you won’t get another dollar from me. And you WILL get a 1-star review. This is an easy problem to fix. Just scale up the cost of Play Next exponentially for each time a song has been bumped back. 4 credits to Play Next the first time. Then 8. Then 16. And so on. This democratizes the jukebox, which is kind of the whole point of this design, right? Jk, obvi we know it’s for the money.
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1 year ago, Wait wait fanatic
Gives a chance to play your fav songs
Usually at restaurants they play there own music, not usually my style (my style isn’t weird) so this app gives me a chance to play a few of my favorite songs. The app also is also very fast running, most of the time. The only problem with it is it takes a long time to play my songs but it’s not really the apps fault, it’s just because a lot of people use it so when you pick you songs it takes a long time to play but it’s really nobody’s fault. Everybody wants to play their own songs.👍😊
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6 years ago, boopsie bear
Dishonest Monopoly
This company unfortunately has a monopoly in the Pittsburgh, Pa area, and they really take advantage of it. I clicked the help option within the APP and was charged $5 dollars without ever being told. I am very upset by this immoral business practice. I would have never paid 5 dollars for the help option. I didn’t even chat with a representative. My songs were repeatedly skipped for over an hour. I had to stay later after finishing my food and drinks to hear the 2 songs I played. I hit the help button so I could make a suggestion that customer should only be allowed a certain number of skips since we all must share the machine, or at least give people the option to recall their requests. I’m done with touch tunes if it is going to charge me for ridiculous things like help chat, but has the nerve to never even tell me I’m being charge.
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3 years ago, CrushoninK
Music is the universal language. I love this app because I am looking at my phone like everyone else in the world does. I can stay seated near friends and play or excuse myself to the restroom and play discreetly. I avoid being at the jukebox and being accused of playing something and then being stereotyped. Sometimes someone else is playing a certain genre of music and it makes you think of songs in this same category and then I get to play one or two and we share the music and conversations ensue and friendships are born.
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1 year ago, Someone who tried your app
Great idea, terrible execution and very low quality app development work
Might be the most frustrating app I've ever used. GUI is terrible, have to pay more money to see the full queue of songs, and generally speaking the user interface feels like it was made by a highschool student whom is trying to learn coding. It's a great thing to have an app that allows you to pay for and play songs from your phone at local bars. However, not being able to see the full queue of songs, and the wonky interface is frustrating. Do better.... It's not hard to make an app for what is essentially a juke box that's easy to use and also shows the full song queue (I know they want you to pay for it but you're already paying to play songs and the feature used to be in the app for free).
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4 years ago, Jkidd1979
Fast track can get bent
Is this a freaking amusement park ride now? U pay to hear a song. And then someone with more money comes along and skips the line? That just isn’t right. This company is already greedy enough now u are basically screwing us out of money. I was at a bar and at 9 o’clock I paid to hear 4 songs. I could see my songs I. The cue. Then comes a couple of drunk girls who love ABBA. Yeah, ABBA. They put money into the machine and play about 80% ABBA for the next 3 hours. Jukebox gets shutoff at 12am. I never heard one of my songs. I complain to customer service and after a little extra complaint they say “as a one time courtesy” they will credit me back for my missed songs. So I guess they can just continue to screw me over because I already spent up my one time courtesy.
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6 years ago, Shawn Alcazar
They take credits and don’t play your song
I never write a review but I just played a song and never heard it. Then one of the bartenders where I’m at did the same thing but she had a number to call since she works there.... she didn’t give me the number to call but told me it happens all the time. After witnessing this I will never use TouchTunes again. I’ve always wondered why some of my songs weren’t played and now I know why. This is B.S. I did get my credits returned but only because someone that has their number called to complain. I’m sure this has happened to me before. It’s unfortunate but I hope this helps. I won’t be using this app ever again.
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3 years ago, Champion2679
Usually good
I like the app, it has a nice interface and a decent song selection, and my songs usually play in a reasonable amount of time. However, sometimes there will be a huge backlog of songs on the queue, and songs I queue don’t play for hours, after I’ve already left. If they’re only going to let you see a few songs in the queue, the app should warn you if there’s more than an hour’s worth of songs already queued up, or suggest for you to fast pass. Another solution would be the ability to upgrade songs you’ve already queued up to fast pass once you’ve been waiting a little while and realize there’s a large queue.
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1 year ago, Cas995
Super irritated that I purchased a song and didn’t hear it over the next 1.5 hours that I was there. There weren’t that many other people either so idk how that many people were using the fast pass feature. Either way, it’s kind of a scam that you can pay for a song and never hear it. Facilities close at a certain time so I can’t wait there forever to hear my song… You also don’t get told any indication of when your song will play. The app actually hides the queue from you. So basically you are gambling when you decide whether or not to pay for the fast pass. That’s clearly deceptive. When you purchase fast passes at other establishments (like amusement parks) you can get a sense of how long regular lines are prior to making that decision.
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1 year ago, Simple-Chill-Honest
Horrible credit policy
I bought $50 of credits maybe a year ago and I was excited to use my credits when I got to a bar with my friends. I was disappointed to find out that their credits expire 180 days after purchase. This practice sounds borderline illegal and extremely unethical. I was considering purchasing additional credits but I can't pull myself together to support a company that would have such a policy. They should make it more clear to the user that their credits expire a certain amount of days after purchase. 180 days is very low for an expiration date. They updated their credit policy in August 2022 so the play anywhere credits don't expire but this company isn't getting a single dollar out of me until they refund me for their bogus credit policy.
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2 years ago, torentosan
Took my credits
Paid for them. Apparently you can pay and they expire. Sorry I don’t hang out in a bar every day. Sorry if when I go to the bar there are more songs playing than I have time to stay for and I’m not paying double to jump the line. I can see how TouchTunes profits do well from these tactics. All I can do more is warn everyone I talk to about something that I can only describe as a scam. Easier to have my account deleted than to get back what I paid for. Thanks for the rip off. Didn’t even notify me that there was a rush to use the credits. Just took them with no refund.
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2 years ago, A_Nouri
A ripoff
The website is so unclear and tricky that I kept trying to play a song and it never said that it was in line to play so I thought it wasn’t working properly and I used up all my money to apparently pay a sing 12 times! 20 min later it hasn’t even played yet and they took away all of my credit. Please give my credit back and make your website clear so it’s not extremely confusing and basically taking peoples money when they don’t understand what your app is doing. Thanks.
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4 years ago, xmskjsissbkkn
Dirty Dirty Way To Do Things
I really want to give the app a good review because I want to enjoy it BUT, it is absolutely unfair when you purchase a song and it doesn’t play or takes FOREVER to play. I’ve done 2 credit songs and 4 credit songs and even my 4 credit songs don’t play. Why you ask? Because “it doesn’t fit the ambience”. I am Latino, Mexican-American to be exact. I love Reggaeton, Salsa, Pop, Hip-Hop and a lot more. The times that I try to play Spanish songs, I get skipped like 10+ plus times. It’s ridiculous I play an English song and it immediately plays. Keep in mind both song are at 4 credits per play. I think it’s unfair and it’s not the first time. It’s been everytime I’ve come to play songs. I have screenshots of the time I purchase it and the time it plays. Big differences between Spanish and English. It’s UNFAIR.
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5 years ago, TomaMas
Is good until it decides to steal your money
Used the app happily the first few times, and had a few gripes like selection and what not, normal issues though. Then it started taking my credits to play songs without playing my songs. I have noticed this happens in a couple ways. It will just never put your song in the playlist sometimes, but today was different. Today the app said it was playing my songs while playing different songs the entire time. It seems like myself and a few others here were a victim to this app, so be warned, the app will not honor your requests while saying it is doing that. Completely she say and I say boo to the developers who would have this kind of shady app available to the public.
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1 year ago, AZ Country Boy
Songs never played
Don’t bother using this app unless you have hours to sit around waiting to hear your songs. There have been a few occasions that I never heard my songs and the last time after 1-1/2 hours I even reached out to TouchTunes through the help feature and still didn’t hear them play!! There is no way to see the cue on this app to know how many songs are ahead of yours and other people will use extra credits to keep skipping the line and play theirs first. This feature is on AMI also but at least you can see the cue before deciding to play songs. It’s always a gamble on this app whether you get what you paid for!! I will use my remaining credits & then delete the app. Not worth paying for songs that you never hear.
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2 years ago, Crmckin
Biased Software
I downloaded this app tonight and purchased some credits while in the bar (OTR, Columbia MO). The first song I requested was Buy You a Drank by TPain. It was played at a noticeably lower volume than all of the songs played before, which were by white artists. I thought it was a fluke so requested another song which was by a Black artist. It was in the que and played after about 15 minutes. While waiting all of the songs played at a very high volume. When the song I requested came on, it was barely audible. Twice in a row cannot be a fluke; there is clearly a preference in the software for which songs are played at a high volume. I would actually like a refund and am sooooo disappointed in the biased implementation of a potentially awesome platform. 🤮
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2 years ago, Tells Stoic
Please fix the refresh
Avid user. Love the app. Would like to be able to scroll/browse “recent plays” without it resetting constantly. I’ll be trying to remember what I played last and what I want to play next but I scroll past three songs and it refreshes back to beginning of the ticker. Every time. Stop please. Just let me scroll through my whole “recently played” list… refresh everything else if you have to but not the list I’m looking through… while I’m looking through it.
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4 years ago, Single50
Glitchy App, poor customer service
Spent $10, started to select songs to play but they kept disappearing from the top of my screen. Only the first song played, and despite trying to select more songs, I kept getting a message that read “nothing playing here”. When I clicked “contact us”, I got an automated message on the chat screen, but it took 2 days for someone to actually reply to my message. And they gave me a whopping 2 credits, even though my songs never played.
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6 years ago, Nubien1691
I was irritated as well - they have great support
So apparently I purchased credits to a place I have never been because I thought that the credits could be used anywhere. Finding out moments later, when you want to hear a song, that you can’t spend those credits is very frustrating. Then I get an email stating the credits were going to expire - oh man, now I am furious... So I finally emailed/chatted with customer support. Let me tell you, surprisingly they did not disappoint. They put the credits back into my account, and made them universal wherever I go. Thanks guys. You turned a 1-star review into much more.
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1 year ago, Scout!
Nothing ensures the music will actually play
Went to a bar tonight and bought a bunch of credits. First song I tried to play showed in the app as playing, but was completely silent. I had queued up a few more that were a different genre and they played, but at such low volume that they were barely audible. Venues are able to block certain music, but there’s nothing telling a user they’re doing this and you still pay for it. And apparently they can also turn the volume for everything from this app way down and get you to spend money without actually getting what you paid for. How hard is it to build something into this app telling users that some music is unplayable in some places?
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5 years ago, Dntbuy
Steals your money
The first time it happened I thought maybe we just didn’t notice the songs playing, but last night I know they didn’t. Several times we have paid to play 3-4 songs in a row and not a single one EVER played. No texts saying our selected song was playing either. We verified the correct bar was selected too. After these few credits we have left are gone we’ll be deleting this app and just putting our $ in the machine. Wonder how many times we’ve been ripped of and didn’t notice.
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3 years ago, ghost party
The que is terrible and so is the interface
I just wanted to play 1 song and didn’t get to see the que until after I bought a song, then after seeing the que I would’ve had to wait 30 min (not including people who can skip you in line). My friends wanted to leave so I ended up having to buy the same song and choose the skip option an not ever being able to cancel my original song that I wasn’t even there to hear. So I lost 2 coins and had to spend 6 just to skip a line. Please show the que before even allowing a purchase of a song. This was a bad first experience and I should’ve listened to the reviews but seeing how they gave it five stars I gave it a go. I’d like a refund of my 2 coins please.
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2 years ago, Merlin0007
Touchtunes app is awesome!
Simply amazing! Love love love it! New version is even better! Syncs playlists with iTunes! :D haven't had to touch the juke in a while, but still playing tons of great music! My favorite app of all! There’s a couple bugs in experiencing, though. Scrolling through my recent plays, it jumps back to the beginning often and randomly. Also, many locations that are marked at 0 miles away show up way done the list of available locations to check in to.
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2 years ago, Zakk Modica
Credits have expired, not grandfathered in
I had a significant amount of credits expire (about $20) and I don’t recall seeing anything saying this would happen. According to their new terms, credits bought after Aug 2022 do not expire but credits bought before then do. Why on earth would you not grandfather in credits?? I used to have fun playing songs at bars but now no longer have the urge to buy more credits. What an incompetent business decision. If it had to do with a change in tech stack then run a script to save user credits to a table then apply those to the new credit system. You would have made so many people happy instead of insulting them.
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5 years ago, LeonWells
It’s ok
I was a little diapppinted the it took at lest 2 plays to play a single songs that’s more than $2 a song. I’m use to 5 songs for a buck or even a song a quarter. A cool app but expensive. Often the app would ofter me a play next song for double the cost when nothing was even playing next. App needs a lot of work. But hey if you can make a little money on some folks in a bar that have had a little to drink and wanna hear some music and still sleep at night, that’s between you, them, and Jeaus. welcome to America !
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5 years ago, whmanager
Anywhere credits not worth it.
When you guys made the change to anywhere credits, I thought it was a great idea. However, changing the price so you only get half the songs at the same price is a scam. I’m a manager at multiple restaurants, and I used the app faithfully. Since the change to anywhere credits, I have not used this app, and several of my employees have stopped using the app as well. Please either change the prices of anywhere credits or return to check in only credits.
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5 years ago, Toy6658
Mostly fantastic
The fast pass feature get really really annoying. You pay for your songs. People keep bumping them back then the bar closes without you getting to hear your music. Even the poor bar tenders hate it. They get yelled at by people that wasted money. Other than that I really like not needing cash for the jukebox and most places offer a great selection. I understand everyone needs to make money so I get not eliminating the fast pass feature but it desperately needs to be modified
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5 years ago, dwillyd222
Credits disappear and song doesn’t play
So since downloading this app, at several locations I have requested songs to be played. They went into the queue to be played, yet when they come up they don’t play and your credits never return. This has happened several times since having this app. I use the app very frequent. Finally I got sick of throwing out money, and wrote in a complaint to help via the app. It has been days and I haven’t gotten a response. Keeps telling me be patient someone will respond soon. I want my money back simple as that. Why should it be so hard. The app should know if there’s a problem with the song being played the credits should just return. I’ve probably lost at least 10 dollars with this app by now.
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5 years ago, MeatShields
Feel cheated I thought how cool I can play a song at the bar then my song got pushed back and again and again. I paid 3 credits to move it up and it got pushed back turns out I never heard the song and more than a hour later I’m notified at home your song is about to play. Looks like my money is gone too I had 20 credits and I didn’t no they expired. I went to use the app later and I was like I still had 13 credits but they weren’t there. Total rip off and to be honest class action law suit in the making. As these tools hide these details and are not a transparent. Sure it’s nice to listen to your music when it does come up but it’s 50/50 and I feel like I got scammed.
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