Tower Federal Credit Union

4.8 (7.5K)
48.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tower Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tower Federal Credit Union

4.82 out of 5
7.5K Ratings
4 years ago, lllllooiiiuujhhyy
Account views
App. Works well except one issue It doesn’t allows you to toggle between multiple account ,, in other words you can only view information related to one account number . This is inconvenient if you have more than one account and want to view information for all of them. maybe a switch user Icon would help
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2 years ago, Yandy Yo
Security measures prevent you from using
This app and the tower federal credit union services in general are incredibly frustrating to try to access online. Their security protocols are so excessive as to prevent you from accessing your account. The app logs you out regularly and locked you out of your account if you don’t use it frequently enough. There are requirements to be called by a phone to login, but the call never comes. If you try to link checking accounts to the account, it rejects you. I have used apps with many other banks and never found anything to be so restrictive. I have to help my parents with their apps all the time. It is particularly frustrating because many of tower’s users are retired and their excessive security protocols prevent these users from accessing their account.
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3 years ago, whatisart
Latest update adds annoyance and kills functionality
I’ve used this app for years. It’s always been a reasonable and adequate app. Nothing flashy, nothing terrible. A recent update inserted a screen between the “bill pay” button and the actual bill pay function- so every time I want to pay a bill I have to click through another screen - an annoying step that serves no useful purpose. Add to that - for some reason the “make a payment” button to pay e-bills has mysteriously stopped working for me. I can still pay the bills, but not from the e-bill screen. I called a couple of days ago and reported that bug, but no follow-up yet from Tower.
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3 years ago, Robintheuk
The app works well for managing TFCU accounts, but there are two items I would like to see improved.. 1. The mobile deposit check scanning is very, very finicky. Many times I have to try the photo scan of checks a half dozen or more times before it will read properly. 2. A recent app upgrade seems to have stopped allowing me to save two accounts in the pre-logon screen. That makes managing multiple accounts more difficult as it appears to want to log in automatically as soon as you launch the app.
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2 years ago, pawl88
An updated version of a mobile device May be a requirement for the application. I’ve been using the app for 4 years now Since 2018 and it’s been progress on and on y’all bring the progress to a function on a button. Thank you!
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2 years ago, CassyReviews
Confusing, Not user friendly, NEED Zelle
It is VERY difficult to see my accounts because I am unable to hide accounts that I’m joint on via the app. I’m hoping logging into my account on the computer and hiding the accounts will trickle to the app. Also when I tried to pay the Mastercard, I hit “pay” and it wants me to pay the full amount on the card NOT what is due. Then I CAN’T change the amount to pay the Mastercard. I had to quit the app to clear the memory. VERY POOR DESIGN! I want the ability to click pay amount DUE not the full amount charged. I want Zelle available like a lot of other banks!
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4 years ago, MickeysDaughter
No access
I have been very satisfied with this app up until about six months ago. For some reason I am no longer able to log in. I get an ‘application error’ message. I have tried on three different devices, with and without a vpn. I am able to get in just fine on my desktop but of course, that’s not as convenient. I plan on contacting customer service and I hope it’s a quick fix. I live in Korea and my hours are totally opposite of business hours.
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6 years ago, TFCU user
MasterCard access
Good app, but needs to be able to access MasterCard credit card account without going to online banking! Also would be nice to see the new balances displayed after doing a transfer, like the online banking transfer does after processing the transfer
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4 years ago, Money mal 32
Functionality of the App needs improvement
Hello, Tower federal always provides great customer service but there is room to improve in regards to the functionality of the App. When making a payment you are often rerouted to what it appears to be an internal portal for payment. Tower could improve this by retaining all payment functionalities within the app so that when making a payment you are not rerouted to another portal.
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7 months ago, hourikkazarian
Great online service
We live 3,000 miles away from any Tower Federal branch and have been for the last 20 years and we’ve never felt the need to be close to a branch because of the excellence of their online service.
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5 years ago, MrJrMcgee
App is great but mobile check deposit is the pits
Overall this app is super convenient and great! What absolutely kills it for me is the Mobile check deposit. There’s some sort of validation software to ensure that you’ve endorsed the check and taken a good enough picture- it seems to be extremely finicky, and almost never works for me. I take perfect pictures and the software doesn’t recognize my endorsement most every time. It’s infuriating! If I could recommend a solution, include the option to keep the picture even if the validation software thinks the photo is bad. Worst case: if the photos are actually bad, the mobile deposit can be rejected with that very reason and therefore another set of photos can be submitted. Best case: the mobile deposit is accepted.
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4 years ago, Duopolies
Terrible Tower
A third party business runs Towers app and payment system. This means when you pay your HELOC through the app it will take several days for Tower to actually receive the payment but you are still being charged a daily interest rate for the total amount owed (until Tower applies the payment). As a result, at the end of your loan repayment you will have paid thousands more than needed because of a “third party payment system”. Garbage! Even when addressed w/ management and board of directors - NOTHING!
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5 years ago, Your supplier
Solid app. Easy to use.
The app is straightforward and simple enough to use. Haven’t noticed any bugs or major issues. I Would though like to have the option to transfer money from external institutions via the app, instead of having to log in from safari or a desktop to do just that.
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5 years ago, Dirt-Diggler
Love the app BUT!!
I can do everything with this app. Transfer between accounts, pay on loans, make a credit card payment, etc.. however minus a star for not having Apple Pay. I need Apple Pay!
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7 months ago, DaGhost1971
Mobile deposit issues
Tower’s strict mobile deposit requirements make it extremely difficult to use the deposit feature. Constant rejection of images accepted by the app but internally rejected by staff manually reviewing. Images are accepted at other institutions using the same online provider and mobile app, yet Tower manually rejects. Why offer the feature if you are not going to utilize the built in quality controls.
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9 months ago, NanoRon
Check viewing problem
While a generally good app, I keep getting errors when trying to view my checks in my checking account. While it works fine in my browser, I'd rather not have to switch back and forth.
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1 month ago, TwoCees410
Check Deposit is horribly buggy
The front of check deposit always works well, bur more the half the time the back cut off the image or doesn't even scan one, it just takes an extremely cropped image and complains the front and back don't match. There is no obvious rhyme or reason as to when it works and when it doesn't
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7 years ago, Taku0716
Mobile deposit failures
I have tried 6 times right now on my iPhone to deposit a check and keep getting error message that the back image doesn’t match the front in size! PNC’s app will automatically snap the shutter when it detects the image is clear and the right size. I also don’t understand why I have to use online banking instead of this app to view MasterCard transactions.
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10 months ago, awsnyde
Fine, but check display never works
The app is fine, but check display never works. Maybe Tower can return to sending us all the cashed checks again until they get the app display working.
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2 months ago, Money go ping pong
Need to upgrade for easy payments.
It would be nice if you could pay your car loan directly from an outside bank rather than transfer it to the savings account within tower…..waiting 5 days ……THEN being able to pay the bill. All the other credit unions I have used in the past allow payments from outside accounts directly to the loan.
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2 years ago, njrsey
Has fatal flaws
When making loan payments the amount due is no longer displayed or automatically populated. This means I have to leave the app to go look up the amount due, which is hidden in a separate app on the tower website. This makes using the app an excruciatingly bad experience. In 2022 banking should be much easier than this!
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4 years ago, gcantori
Our entire family loves TFCU
All the way from the instant face recognition to the fast transfers between our accounts to the great customer service at TFCU we’ve been loyal and happy customers for over 20 years and counting!
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4 years ago, cey1975
What’s going on with the check deposit?
Trying to deposit a check but it won’t accept the picture of the check even though everything is visible. What’s the deal? Never had this issue before. Please fix. Thanks!
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7 years ago, timcorbin
Horribly slow
Takes 30-60 seconds to login for the last few months. It's an otherwise great app being ruined by this issue.
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4 years ago, Irishwarrior1973
App does not work on my iPhone 11
I have had the app for a long while and it worked awesome! But now every time I try to use it, I get a user error and it keeps telling me to try later! Fix your App!!!!
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6 years ago, b.razor0514
Good app
The only thing you can’t do is change a scheduled payment date. You have to cancel it altogether and then make the payment with the correct date. Not the biggest thing in the world but still an improvement.
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1 year ago, tkboyki
Got rid of widget
I liked the widget. I could scroll and see my balance without having to mess with the app at all. That’s really annoying. Get the widget back please.
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8 months ago, LORID333
So convenient!
I love being able to deposit checks and pay bills at home, or wherever I am!
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6 years ago, L J of MD
So easy
Everything right here. Makes it easy to access information and paying bills has never been faster.
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6 years ago, GhostPhilly
Great app now!
This app really has caught up to larger banking apps. I also appreciate a developer who puts actual patch notes into their updates. Keep it up TFCU! Now if only you supported Apple Pay!
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4 years ago, Ajandb
Not the best UI
Apps works great, although the Money Management integration could be smoother. it is recent update to the UI makes the transactions less readable than before. A different color background for individual transactions could help.
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4 years ago, Donned4568643
App Stopped Working
This app worked fine....then, after a year, I kept receiving a error. I have called twice about it, but no resolution. Shame, as it really met the customer’s needs.
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2 years ago, Towerwasfriendlier
Poorly prepared
The changes for my iPad are difficult to understand. Finding explanations is difficult. Trying to talk to a person isi only possible if one has nothing else to do with their time and doesn’t mind listening to loud music. This is the banking equivalent to our departure from Afgahnistan.
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2 years ago, leejjmk4
Camera functionality not working
Never had an issue with the camera until recently. I’ve tried for days and the camera is now blurry all the time while trying to make a deposit.
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4 years ago, The running Dietz
Great Service
I’ve been banking with them since 2002 and they’ve always been wonderful to deal with, even when I made “mistakes” with my balance.
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2 years ago, shonnie78
Very inconveniencing
Ever since the update my bank account is always incorrect . Or missing money . It takes days for my account to be correct. Or there always Glitchy . Or randomly logged me out .
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6 years ago, Kemp Mill Gunner
Works well for me
I find the app really works well and like the fact I can now accessed my tower credit card information from the app as well.
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7 years ago, Chrisdelag
Work just fine
Works just fine for me. No real issues. Transfers and everything work great. IPhone 6plus. Software up to date as of right now.
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4 years ago, bengerajacob
Thank you
Thank you for helping us with car payment
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6 years ago, jlep78
Needs more info
Love the app, wish it would put a little more info for the credit cards.
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4 months ago, She.She
Great Banking Service
Thanks Tower Bank service for giving us awesome service. I’ve been a member since 96-97 and I will continue to use y’all
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6 years ago, DBBD01
Almost perfect
Wish I could access the credit card history like I can with the debit card on here. But yea it’s perfect.
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5 years ago, Carebayr
Great app
Works like a charm. I'm a long term customer & will never leave TFCU. I never have to visit a branch unless I’m dealing with cash and that’s a rare occasion. Having the phone app is a great convenience!
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6 years ago, Appman2612
I love Tower and its app too!
The people at Tower are great. They also now have live chat for help from inside the app and it works-the reps are knowledgeable and friendly too.
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5 years ago, YATYAS44
Poor crafting and usefulness
Not very helpful at all. Can’t do transfers from other institutions. Incredibly non-user friendly.
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3 years ago, star shoten
App has stopped working
As of early May 2021, the app has stopped working for me on both the iPhone and the iPad. It returns a notice about an unexpected host error when trying to log in. I have deleted and re-installed the app, etc, etc, etc, with no success. Running the most current iOS versions (14.5.1).
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1 year ago, heyheykaytayy
Awful since the switch
This app used to work so well. Then they got rid of FaceID so I have to manually type my password. Now, manually typing my password comes back with an error so I can only use the website. Please bring back the old app, this new one is not working!
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2 years ago, Blorpy Pinhead
Quick Balance Widget Disappeared!
The latest version caused the quick balance widget to disappear. Not only that, but it’s not even available in the iPhone list of widgets anymore. I checked the settings in the app, and quick balance is checked to on. What gives?
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3 years ago, h3r0d0tus
App crashing using iOS 14.2
1. Bill pay is crashing under iOS 14.2 on iPad 2. Despite repeated requests they still do not put day of week in the selector when a calendar is used in the app. 3. There is no way to delete or edit who you pay bills to Basically the app is sub-par. And lacks the usability features that usaa and chase have. Tower fcu is getting ripped off by the developer of this app. They keep adding useless “features” instead making the app a quality remote banking product. I still have to use the less secure web app for too many things.
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6 years ago, colubrid
tfcu - almost
Please allow for print functions from estatements - maybe email compatibility too? also email manager - why can’t I respond to a thread from the app? I have to start another thread instead.
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