Town & Country FCU Mobile

4.8 (3.2K)
69.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Town & Country Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Town & Country FCU Mobile

4.81 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 years ago, TM0128
Best Credit Union
I have been a member of Town and Country Federal Credit Union for over 20 years. I have always found the staff in both the Scarborough and South Portland branches to be very friendly and helpful. Six years ago I moved to Illinois. I maintained my accounts while living out of state. I never had any problems accessing my accounts or using my debit card. I did need to join a CU in Illinois so I could take advantage of shared branching services. I will be happy to close out my account with my CU in Illinois next month as I will be moving back to Maine. Terrible “red tape” to do any transactions. Poor customer service. Looking forward to coming home and visiting in person the TCFCU locations where I feel welcomed and where it is easy to have my banking needs met.
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7 years ago, Judyjudyjudy
Great Banking App!
This app is way better that the last two credit union apps I've used! It's easy, provides thumb access, loads quickly, not glitchy. No complaints!
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7 months ago, carasapan
Great FCU but TERRIBLE app
We’ve been members with TCFCU for many years and have always had a great experience with them. They were honestly very refreshing coming from BoA prior. But their app has always been pretty lacking. I’ve had a bug with my online banking account name for a year now and they can’t seem to figure out the problem. The display name is literally not displaying correctly in the app. They have been “working on it” but really there hasn’t been any change in a long time. For such a small local business I really expected a bit more considering how patient I’ve been. There’s also not really any true two factor authentication which is pretty scary in this day in age. We are unfortunately starting to search for different FCUs in our area that will offer more and won’t have the bug we have suffered with for far too long.
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5 years ago, 207 4ever
They make everything difficult beyond words
First refusal was over the daily limit. So changed amount. Then they said can’t do to changed amount. Why couldn’t they say that the first time. And all this to deposit in there institution. And side note. Want co signers even holding the full cash amount. Been with them for a long time. Won’t give u a chance on a loan. Nothing. I’ve always had steady direct deposit for good money. If your middle class they won’t help u at all. Wouldn’t even give me a line of credit on a owned waterfront home. Very disappointing and discouraging bank. Not happy at all. Unbelievable really. Not pleased at all. Hurt my feelings really. Not happy at all. Worked hard to be where I’m at. They don’t care
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3 years ago, GregN77
Love it
Love this app it is so easy to use and always is as close to being accurate as possible thanks Town and Country
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4 years ago, DIY Screwed Up
Yeah it works...
For me this app is ok. It’s not very modern and could use some graphical improvements. But it functions reliably. The check deposit feature works well..
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10 months ago, CinderStorm1125
Great app alway easy to use. the team at town and country federal credit union has done well to manage the application. It a great app..!
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3 years ago, Bigdog1333
They are the best
When ever I needed to get a car loan or personal loan the were the and was approved right away and communication was great love them
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5 years ago, Pandaconda1
Town and Country
I absolutely love you guys! You are always so helpful!
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3 years ago, Catscanbaby
TCFCU is great, app sometimes works
The CU is great but the apple app works inconsistently. Sometimes the check deposit pics are never accepted by the app. Luckily I have a droid phone also and never have problems with check deposits
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5 years ago, Drugfreebaby
One issue
I love this app, but depositing checks on here is an extremely difficult task. My checks are always neat, and lined up right where it says it needs to be, and I’m always retaking the photo.. pretty annoying. Other than that, app works great.
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11 months ago, Tootinmyboot.
Banks OK app is TERRIBLE
App often won’t let you login. Face ID basically never works. Even when you put your password j. The app still crashes or freezes or displays an error that it can’t find your account. Very frustrating and tiresome.
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6 years ago, M. Nick B.
Mobile deposit
Difficult to use. I use on several other bank apps with no difficulty. Often doesn’t accept pictures taken.
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6 years ago, MamaMaine
I wish I could electronically submit travel notifications. Other than that I love the app!! The credit union itself is 5 stars. Also, maybe a branch this way would be nice.
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9 months ago, Wth1!
App has not worked for 2 days!
This app is always down. I can’t get into it for last two days thwhich is not a bullying me to transfer money from my savings to my checking. And you guys will charge me the overdraft fees.
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6 years ago, Jwelchjr
Great Credit Union!
Very competitive rates on savings checking and loans. Great customer service!
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7 years ago, Panik79
Overdraw bait
If you want to know how much money you have in your account, this is not for you. It often takes days up to a week for purchases or bills paid to show up even in the pending menu.
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3 years ago, klgdt
Easy seamless banking with great people!
Well said for sure
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5 years ago, Kounmaiana
Chan P.
The app it’s self is very easy to use. And very self explanatory. Thanks again.
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1 year ago, Sukie Jo
Your App
Thanks for your banking service.
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1 year ago, Breazy543
Mobile deposit
It’s too bad that mobile deposits are not instant, like they are at EGCU and other credit unions.
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6 years ago, Christinacassies mom
Great app !
No complaints! Don’t know how I lived without this !
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4 years ago, Ridge207
Had worked great for years. All of a sudden “Application Error we are unable to display your information at this time” I uninstalled last night and reinstalled this AM same error... NOT GOOD!
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3 years ago, carmen6363
Great people!
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5 years ago, jamarcus6969696969420
This app is trash
The app is almost worse than going into the bank and dealing with the people who work there
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2 years ago, Ejm1965
Very difficult depositing
I’m have use
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3 years ago, AC Solar
New version is junk
Latest update renders the app completely useless. Do not download it!
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5 years ago, WT##TW
#Love5% ... 3.5% apologies love this cu stuff best wishes Tyler David Hutson
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3 years ago, oai tat
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8 years ago, Jewbs5509
Back the first time when I had Town & Country federal credit union there was never an app like this. Now that I have opened a new account and the representative who helped me set it up told me all about it I am psyched! I just did my first mobile deposit and it went through easier than ever!
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11 years ago, ME Ranger
Love it except for two things
I use this app on my iPad, mostly. Phone occasionally. I don't get why I can't deposit checks with the camera on my iPad. Has to be the iPhone only for that. Also, I wish they'd bring back being able to transfer money into another person's account, like you used to be able to do on their website. It was a great feature I used frequently. Other than that, I can't think what else I'd like this app to do. I'm glad to have it.
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10 years ago, Nofingnames
When it works it's great
Very temperamental, most if the time when making deposits it crashes directly after snapping the pic of the front of the check. I have to login several times because if this and sometimes have no luck at all and have to go to the branch o make the deposit. When it works, 25% of the time, it is really slick. Other functions work well, XFR, balance check etc, but the deposit feature is very buggy. Unfortunately that is my #1 use of the app.
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11 years ago, Mamasperry
Town & Country FCU app
I love this app, I use it everyday from my phone to view transactions and pay bills. The only thing I wish was different - I wish you could view a running balance in the accounts history screen. It lists your transactions but doesn't show the acct balance after each charge. If this change was made I think it could mimic my checkbook exactly! I'd like that
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8 years ago, TheSeals
Great mobile banking app overall!
A wonderful mobile banking app overall. Easy for banking on the go. I'm glad that I'm able to transfer money from my different accounts, but I wish I could transfer money to other members already associated with my online account. Once I am able to transfer money to other members, I will give this app a five-star rating!!!
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10 years ago, JRANWH
Not only is this credit union fantastic but this app matches their wonderful and then some! Definitely worth the 30 seconds it takes to download considering the over draft and late bill payment fees you'll avoid but always knowing what's going on with your finances!
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11 years ago,
Everything you need!
This app has everything you need from your bank, and is set up in a clean, organized, and user-friendly efficient way! You can even deposit checks through this app simply by snapping a picture of it!
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8 years ago, Karotsauce
Great things in the work
I love using my town and country app! I just throw my paycheck in the checking and do everything else VIA this app! I can monitor my spending and keep my shopping habit in check :) great app! My only issue is, I like using the eye scan to get into it, but it could definitely use a second look, it's doesn't work too often
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9 years ago, Whatisnottajen
Great App
Except online banking glitch. One problem is not being able to update the recurring bill date of an online bill. I want to change a billing cycle to begin on 1/16 (from next payment on 1/24). I can change one payment but not a recurring bill to a different date rule. There is an option but it doesn't work. A bug!
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9 years ago, Jesus2078
Wonderfully clean and efficient.
Mobile deposit has completely reestablished checks as a convenient way to receive money - plus, with the frequent bank robberies these days, who can't appreciate an app that saves you a trip there?
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11 years ago, Drink151
Great App
Very quick and easy to use. Very secure, just like the website. I use the deposit check function on my phone a lot, directions are very clear & usually fast deposit of the money too.
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7 years ago, BXRLVR8
Awesome banking App!!
This App is fabulous. It allows many banking needs without having to actually go to/in the bank. Deposit checks no problem, transfer money no problem.
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11 years ago, XxJiMBoTxX
Convenient/ does not work with my phone
I love the idea of this ap but I have an older I phone and the picture quality is not sufficient enough to deposit checks. It works great with my husbands newer IPhone. Great idea for sure, specially since TCFCU does not have many locations or great hours. Look forward to using it when I upgrade my phone!
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11 years ago, RadRomeo
One of the best apps for mobile check deposit.
I really like the app and especially how easy it is to do mobile check depositing, it's easier than my other bank.
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8 years ago, Nmilleruw
Solid mobile app from a small credit union
Impressive login options, good interface, absolute easiest way to deposit a check.
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11 years ago, Elderberry217
Very convenient
I love this app. Especially the check depositing on your phone. No need to visit branch whenever someone writes you a check. Just two pictures, front and back of check, and press deposit and you are done.
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12 years ago, SteveTPerry
Time saver!
This app is easy to use, and saves so much time......especially the mobile check deposit feature! Thanks for upgrading my "home banking" experience!!!
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10 years ago, McChicken6677
Great app
I use this app everyday to help manage my money. The best new feature is the deposit check, works every time and never has errors or crashes
Show more
7 years ago, Big winnner
Best banking app I've used so far.
Has multiple options to check your balance including a quick view and widget. Hasn't failed on me ever!
Show more
7 years ago, Sapiogurl
Great Bank, great app! Super easy and fast. I have accounts at another bank and their app drains my will to live. It is not helpful at all and takes up way too much of my time. Great job!
Show more
8 years ago, Amieienop
Easy to use great app
I love being able to use my fingerprint as a sign in option. The app it self is clean, easy to use, simple, what more do you need?! Love the photo deposit!
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