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User Reviews for TownSq

4.7 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
7 months ago, FAgirl
Great System for Communities in Communication
This system is fast and efficient, easy to use. Intuitive to what our community needs are and helps us stay in constant communication with neighbors. Our Goodwin Management and manager Tiffany is already amazing. The fact they use TownSquare as the liaison between our community and them makes life so much easier and we are happy they introduced us to them!
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2 years ago, john.mayes
3 steps forward 1 step back
Our HOA is transitioning to be managed by Professional Community Management, which uses this app. Overall, I was pretty excited about consolidating all of our communications documents, events, and records into an online service like this and I’m hopeful that it will solve a number of our issues by streamlining management of our building. That’s said I feel like the platform and app is missing some key features … - No Sync with Google Or Apple calendars - No ability to create repeating events - No ability to brand or customize the experience for our community. - Very dated hard to read design interfaces for the platform, app, and emails - No community directory - No tour or onboarding process for the app to educate users. Would be nice to have a welcome message from the board and management company as well. - Very unclear process for onboarding non-owner and tenant users - Very tedious document management tools. Should take cues from google docs. I hope that there are regular updates and maintenance for this App with improvements and new features being introduced soon. Otherwise I’m afraid use of the service may not live up to its potential.
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1 year ago, RitaRampage
Terrible UX, glitchy experience
I got a pop up in the app today to provide feedback and it almost wasn't possible to do as the keyboard randomly appeared and disappeared while I was typing. It was so frustrating I was inspired to come here to place a review. Notifications are a mess, especially if you are on the board, as you get notified of everything that happens on the app with no option to limit notifications to items directly related to your personal address. If you turn notifications off, you'll still get notifications to email. When a resident calls Associa to place a request, that request in Townsq will contain no information about what the resident was calling for. Associa can't seem to figure out Open, In Process, and Closed statuses on requests - requests are often moved to closed immediately after being received. TownSq actually makes communication between residents/management more cumbersome and has led to more miscommunications and slower responses to requests. Also, is TownSq selling personal information? My name was misspelled by management in the app (I had to call to get this fixed as there is no way for residents to update their own account information) and I started getting junk mail to the misspelled name. Curious.
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5 years ago, MrKatsu
Unintuitive Interface
Awful interface. I tried to open up a request for a pool key. (We closed a month ago and still haven’t been contacted about obtaining a key.) My request disappeared, and then I got an email asking me when I closed on the house. I tried to find the message in the app and everything just says “Oops! There’s nothing to see here!” with some stupid smiling robot. Over and over. Which I found very annoying... seeing that message and robot face over and over and over. Where did my request go? Where is the message that I was emailed about? How can I respond? And why doesn’t the HOA know when I closed if they have been paid by the title company already. Clearly, I was invited to download the app by the HOA, so they know I closed already.
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12 months ago, D~H
Payments aren’t working
I’m trying to pay my hoa dues and no matter what payment method I use it gives me an error at the end that it’s not processing. I always use my bank account so I don’t have to pay extra but since it keeps giving the error I tried adding different cards, but no matter what payment method I choose it gives the error. (And yes there are plenty of funds in all the payment methods I have tried, no cards are expired, etc). It’s frustrating for sure, I even tried to set it up for auto payments and not even that will work
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10 months ago, Ira femina
Kentucky Realty is A-Number 1! They began by working here three weeks before their contract started. They were doing the jobs our previous company had left untouched. Many many things. Taylor Haley is just a phone call away and she answers all questions asked! (The company also has a great app for keeping in touch.) Look no further. This is the company you want. Really! Old Latin teachers don’t lie!😉
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3 years ago, Lava 2400
Not so pleased
We switched to Associa in large part because of the TownSq platform. As a Board member we had a lot of problems with prior management. As a Board we thought TownSq would allow for better tracking and utilization of our 3 full time maintenance crew on our payroll. Sadly after almost 4 months TownSq and Associa are leaving A LOT to be desired. Searching the platform and compiling data points is very difficult or non-existent, thus making Board oversight no better than when our prior management was here.
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5 years ago, Liz14061
Needs work
Very hard to send requests. Can’t upload notes from iPhone, so must write it all in the description section (which is not paragraph form, rather single line so you can’t see what you’ve already wrote). And if you take photos of your notes, It forces you to select only part of a photo. So I had to upload two photos of what should have been one photo to get the whole note in. Also, perhaps have an option so that requests can go to just the board or association? I did not like seeing that my request sent out an email to everyone including me, after the fact.
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3 years ago, move it over
TownSq works extremely well
I have multiple houses in Montgomery, Harris and Galveston counties area which are managed via HOA / POA managing company - PMG. Convenience of TownSq is incredible when compared to the old system where each HOA / POA had to maintain their respective website. TownSq facilitates communication and provides ready access to all important documents and files of the property association. George Schaefer
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3 months ago, mauiroro
Having Issues
My HOA uses town square for payments. Unfortunately, I have not had a good experience. I set up my account for auto payment to make my life easier. After a year of payments being processed just fine, town square didn’t process my payment for the month of February, then they did process my payment for March. I had no idea they skipped a month until I got a delinquency notice from my HOA with lots of fees and charges. I tried to resolve this issue with town square and they have been unhelpful and have no idea why they did not process my payment . So if you HAVE to use this app, be very careful.
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3 years ago, Jennnnnny8492
Needs more privacy
It’s a great app to talk to neighbors and whatnot, but absolutely no privacy at all if you comment. I went to make a comment on a post not even realizing that when you do comment it posts your full name AND address!! When I went to delete the comment due to not feeling safe I noticed that there’s no option to delete comments. I’ve personally had issues with my address being leaked and unfortunately had a stalking situation happen so this is pretty concerning for me. There is no need for our addresses to be put out in public.
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6 months ago, oMaMori.TTV
TownSq and leander HOA attacks your freedom
The HOA and TownSq platforms have been criticized for their lack of responsibility and refusal to accept feedback from homeowners. This one-way communication system restricts residents ability to enact in meaningful dialogue and address concerns. Furthermore, residents have expressed concerns about their privacy being invaded. Unfortunately the app does not provide any means for residents to respond or seek clarification on messages received in their inbox. However Texas homeowners laws offer protection and legal recourse for individuals who feel their rights have been violated by such activities. The CC/Rs Law can be a valuable resource in addressing these issues and safeguarding homeowners interests.
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1 year ago, Nunya2018April
Piece of Crap App
Was basically forced to use this app when my HOA decided to implement it for all residents. Now all of a sudden the HOA late payment fee jumped to $100 and the “service fee” for processing a HOA monthly payment is $25. What a ripoff! The actual app features so far are terrible too. There’s no way to delete or edit a message after you post it. Also, there’s a feature in your profile to turn off the posting of your address with your message. However, that feature does not work! After turning off the feature, your address still gets posted with your messages.
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11 months ago, bawilmott
I am visually impaired and having a lot of trouble using your app. It does not fill the entire screen on an iPad and I looked to see if you have an iPad version and I can’t find it if there is one I am missing a lot of information because I can’t read it and I can’t expand it either to make it larger. Can you possibly help me with this? I know that there is a Magnifier that I can open. to magnify things, but truthfully, the font is very small and green, and extremely hard to read for people with vision problems. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Paintthatgreen
Needs better programming
I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but the log in window to this app is badly designed. You have to link it to your apple account yet won’t be able to on the app, unless you make a log on via computer? If you try to make a log on via app it sends you around on a wild goose chase until customer see tells you to do it on a computer… if you have any problems logging in you definitely can not use the app which needs to be fixed. For a system the deals with people’s finances this app needs to be seriously cleaned up.
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4 years ago, Melrose202
Overall I think this is a helpful app for the community specific issues and enjoy using it. There are a few glitches though. Sometimes I get the notification on my phone that something specific has been added and I click on the notification and it doesn’t take me to that specific notification it takes me to the general homepage and I can’t seem to find that one easily.
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3 years ago, Ric Calabrese
Love it
I really appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude and admiration for our hard-working volunteer board. I also welcome the opportunity to connect immediately and address concerns. I’ve lived in Prestbury for 43 years and feel a sense of ownership, and I’m eager to add comments when I feel there are items that need to be addressed and improved upon.
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4 years ago, Exquisite Visitors
Ryder Cup Pool Reaervations
This has been great! I can lap swim, been here 10 years and this is a first. After restrictions lift, several “lanes” should remain available for lap swimming reservations. Also, there should be more 1 hour blocks of time during the day to maximize utilization rates. Often the 2 hour blocks are only partially used, and some time there are no shows.
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8 months ago, rock165
Privacy Issues Within
Evidently my previous review was deleted because it exposed a privacy issue by allowing trackers owned by Google. How do I know this? Using piHole with a basic block list, this very app is blocked for privacy reasons. The dev denies this. If you block the tracker you cannot login into the app. I strongly advise not using this app for several reasons. One the privacy issue, and secondly the fact that they deleted my previous review because it exposed the app for what it really is. That right there should be enough of a reason to avoid this like the plague.
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6 years ago, Quadlazer
So far, so good!
The functionality is there and my info was all preloaded by my HOA. My only confusion was using the app for linking my account during new user registration. The TownSq website makes it clear that you should be able to do that, but when I opened the app for the first time, the only option is to login as an existing customer. I ended up using the TownSq website to enter my account ID and create an account.
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2 years ago, Gamer57
All you need to know in one place for your HOA
It’s awesome being able to see all my account info, community announcements, and documents in one place. I feel like I have more visibility and connection to the community. I love the digital voting for elections as I was on vacation and didn’t have to deal with proxy’s.
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1 year ago, AppleUser123abc
Needs to fix how forum messages are listed
The website version will move a forum thread to the top of the list if it has a new comment. The app doesn't do this for some reason, so there's no way to tell whether there's been any new activity on a thread without manually opening each topic and seeing if there are new replies. It would also be helpful if the email notifications and digests of message activity actually displayed the full messages rather than forcing users to log in to see it.
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2 years ago, dirtyfndangles
Double notifications, terrible UI
Every post sends two notifications for no reason. Forum posts are difficult to navigate and you can’t pull down to refresh inside a topic. I’m also unable to change my first name, which was automatically populated and incorrect as it includes my middle name. The layout on the home screen is cluttered and confusing - the view is littered with links I don’t need. The Accounts and Inbox views aren’t necessary since there’s already a link to view these right above.
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5 months ago, lab0220
Recommended update for app
I have difficulty seeing the text while using the app. I have increased font size & contrast in my OS. But this app doesn’t allow those settings to be utilized within the app. There is no option to increase font size within the user of TownSq settings. Please make font size options available so we don’t have to struggle to see needed information.
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1 year ago, bob in surf land
Confusing things work on and off
The app is confusing to use. Also documents appear and the become unavailable a few minutes latter. Terrible title for the app by the way. Aiming for a kitschy small town feel. If you are on the app you are probably not in a small town nor have you ever lived in one. Nor are reall town squares in small town even a thing in modern times.
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5 months ago, Corner Lot Mom
So Much More Involved W/ HOA
This app has been a massive improvement to our HOA and increased the communication drastically. All information is easily accessed, anytime, so I don’t have to wait 2 weeks for the Manager to respond. Very simple to use and understand IMO. Thank you to our newly elected board members for implementing!!!!
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12 months ago, tfac2020
Privacy Settings
Update - Thank you for verifying that privacy settings are working. Original - My privacy settings are set NOT to display my address, phone numbers, and my email address, however my profile in the list of community residents shows all of them!! Please honor the privacy settings!
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3 years ago, Review Nickname Required
NOT property owner friendly
Town Square adds a level of convenience for single source association information and communication separate from other social media platforms, which is a positive. Unfortunately, the app provides 100% control to the management company, which can be abused by “hiding” forum or requests that may not place the management company or the association board of directors in the best light. Provides management company the ability to delay posts from public viewing until convenient or desired. Association Members / Owners data is not securely protected or encrypted to high standards making data and information vulnerable. Town Square provides a solution to some problems with association communication, but at not be the best solution for association member owners.
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3 years ago, Regmar11
Good but
if possible, it would be nice when neighbors leave a post or comment on someone’s post you are able to like it or something similar to other social media type pages.
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4 years ago, Chord Cutter
Painfully Slow
For some reason this app is painfully slow even on a fast broadband connection. Community messages take several minutes to load. I get emails that there is a new community message and I go to the app to read. The message, if it even loads at all, takes several minutes to load. More often than not the app times out and won’t load info from my HOA. This has rendered the app pretty much useless. I find the website just as useless.
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4 years ago, DallasHudgens
This is no more helpful than email
This application is a glorified container for email notifications and tracking payments. I asked my management basic questions, that I’m sure have been asked many times before, and I got the answer to “look it up in my governance documents”. Isn’t the point of an application to automate that? There should be standard customer service FAQ responses, so that I can have a pleasant experience and not try to read scanned PDFs of my HOA documents.
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5 months ago, Goldstar6256
Has some bugs
App is good for viewing your account info but a bit wonky when trying to enter information. Lately when I try to pay my HOA dues, the app won’t bring up my keyboard so that I can enter my account number. I have to go my computer and use the HOA website.
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3 years ago, asaella
I tooStruggling to find what is new on the site I just think this whole site could be set up better and easier I have never figured it out in my three years using it
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5 days ago, city of britherky love
Happy to live here
Thank you for making everything go so nice ! Nothing like being happy where you live ! Thanks for being kind and caring and understanding! I appreciate all of you and our neighbors also ! Sincerely Concetta labella
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5 years ago, cjz2010
Protect yourself.
If your neighborhood association wants you to sign up for an account, stay far far away. Ever since signing up, we’ve been bombarded with emails, even after turning off the email notifications. There is a flat fee and another “convenience fee” to pay through this app. Worst of all, they store your payment information on their servers with absolutely no way of removing it. Our HOA tells us to contact TownSq. TownSq tells us to contact our HOA. Protect yourself and do not sign up for an account with TownSq.
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4 years ago, Sugeo64
Authentication Failing
Was using this app for months. Then it quit working and says email not registered. But my email and account works on website via PC or mobile browser. Opened ticket with developer and they changed my password after I already told them id/password works on browser. They then sent me my ID and Password in clear text via email. Which isn’t secure. Makes me question rest of their risk controls.
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3 months ago, ShorehavenI
I like the feature of the app. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t see my questions/answer history. This would be very helpful to refer back to.
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2 months ago, Areviewer80
App opens like on phone instead of iPad
I have a larger iPad that will only shown this as an iPhone app, about 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall, in either orientation. It makes the texts impossible to read on the tablet sine it will not open full screen in spite of trying using the sandwich menu at the top. I have reviewed tons of hints on the web and nothing works, so it appears this app is locked in for iPhone only. Please allow the app to resize for an 12.6” iPad. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Mantequia2319
This is s way for a management company to make home owners do their work for them. I’m not sure how many HOA management companies use this app. Ours uses it as an excuse to never send real mail, and rarely send email. We are also charged hundreds of dollars a month for maintenance and to upload documents. But then they neglect to upload critical documents until pressured or threatened to do so. It’s a racket! A money making scheme. I’m guessing all the good reviews are friends of management co. employees or they were paid.
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9 months ago, Skyking333
App is constantly indicating there is a notice or item to review, but when I open the app there is no apparent indication on what the item is. Then when I close the app the indication is gone. If the purpose of this app is communication and collaboration it definitely fails at the most basic function.
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3 years ago, bo is ingrate
Terrible experience
This is a terrible experience. I am a product app manager and I want to know if anyone who developed this app actually talked to users? The verbiage for the what task I complete is unrecognizable. I want to send a message. I have to figure out what verbiage is considered a message. You can’t find the detail of responses. I mostly want to make a monthly payment. It takes 25 steps to find that!! I hate that I am forced to use a pile of crap app. Please talk to users to find out how to fix this.
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2 years ago, kidyakrazy
Privacy Settings
Since the last update the privacy settings aren’t working properly. I have it set to NOT show my address. However, when I recently added a post, my private information is fully displayed. Please fix this issue! You might also consider adding the option of deleting your posts.
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5 years ago, Mysty Emerald Green
Not a good app
Was just informed by HOA to use the app for payments. It doesn’t indicate whether there’s a charge to use credit cards to pay. Sure enough I had to go through pretty much all steps only to find out the fee for using credit cards to pay is almost $10. Later tried using bank account to pay and still there’s a fee for doing it. I don’t think I want to pay a fee every month for paying my HOA dues on time. Makes no sense whatsoever.
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6 years ago, galivantstom
Multiple owners not shown
Whenever I look at my account for the condo only one name shows as the owner. There are in fact in my own community substantial number of units with co-owners. I would also like to see a section where residents enter recommendations or other comments about service providers.
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1 year ago, I Love Tanglegrove
TownSquare review
I love TownSquare! It’s an easy and efficient way to communicate with Goodwin and is great for checking on the status of my HOA dues payments. I also like being able to easily access announcements and documents.
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3 months ago, Ruerue888
Privacy Feature
I am unable to access the privacy settings on the app. I have made numerous attempts to fixed this issue but no one has responded to my request. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. I am unable to post or respond to any discussion on the app due to my home address being visible to everyone in the community.
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5 years ago, Kathrina Nguye
So easy!
I can review governing document... I can easily find out when the next board meeting is because it's posted on the calendar... I can follow along with the board (during board meeting) because the agenda is posted on the app!
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4 years ago, Nuwavechick
Worst app ever
I don’t know why this app has so many good reviews. This is the main way our HOA and property association communicate with us and we all hate it. Today I accidentally applied for five architectural permits because every time I clicked to open a request, nothing changed on my screen. Little did I know that every time I clicked, it submitted another request. This isn’t even the word part about the app, just the most recent. Fix it, y’all!
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3 years ago, Davis Barbara
Review of TownSq
I really like TownSq. So easy to know what is happening and to ask questions. Being new here TownSq has really helped me to understand where I live and all the updates. Thank you for the opportunity. Barbara Davis
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1 year ago, CameliaTex
No support for important features
I have tried every way possible to get someone’s attention to solve my problem: cannot vote on important issues on my community because the app doesn’t show the voting area. I can se the “digital voting “ tab but not the actual voting section. I cannot miss this vote, no one, admin/support offer any help. What’s the point of this app? At least developer should provide support.
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