Toyota Financial Services

4.7 (253.7K)
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Current version
Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toyota Financial Services

4.73 out of 5
253.7K Ratings
2 years ago, QueenUwa89
I love the new TFS app setup. HOWEVER!!!
I love the new TFS app setup. HOWEVER!!! The app has so many glitches. They go as follows: • I can’t press the back button when I enter into a new section of the app. For example when I click to see my transactions or statements or to look at my banking info I can’t go back to the main page. EVERY TIME I have to close the app and religiously into get to a new section. It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!! •I also miss the fact that it used to ask for my social before payment. Why did you remove that feature? It made me feel safe and secure that no one could access my account without personal info. Putting in ones info was a standard requirement needed to access or pay a bill in anyone’s account. •It also paid a bill from an account I did not authorize and an account that I no longer have. When I looked into it, I notice that there was another account I no longer have as well. I have no idea how it managed to retain 2 old accounts I had removed already in the old app. •Also, EVERY TIME I log in it asks me about a previous car I no longer have. It keeps asking me if I want to add it to my profile. There should be an option to never see that option again. It’s getting ANNOYING! •The only good thing about this app is that it looks modernized. Please fix these issues. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Ash1122342134
The new update needs to be fixed.
A lot of people have complained about the app but it generally does not cause me issues. However, after updating the app yesterday I have had issues posting my payments, ensuring the transactions are processed the same day, and setting up recurring payments. My payments are always due on the first of each month and yesterday the app consistently froze, transactions were posting for the next day (not the current day) and when I tried to set up recurring payments it did not set up the payments until next month. I’ve had to cancel and attempt to re-post transactions which I’m glad I noticed today because my account says past due. I have never been late so this is slightly frustrating since the issues stem from the app. Every time I try to review my transactions it either says I have no transactions, or that I have three transactions from the first to post on the 2nd (one canceled) and then it freezes. Please update this for bugs as I was excited since I really do enjoy the new interface. UPDATE: Now I am charged TWICE. I went from no transactions to two transactions. It makes no sense. Thank God I can afford two transactions because someone else may not be as fortunate and would have to call their bank to cancel. Please fix the payment options.
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2 years ago, lord_sandwich
Not Up To Today’s Standards - Updated
Poor quality app. No automatic payment option. Just a way to send yourself a one time email reminder...Seriously? Might as well use the Reminders app on your phone. No way to make more than your minimum payment- any more you put down just feeds forward to your next payment/s. They want you to call and wait on hold for a “principle reduction payment”, and this is obviously to chill you into paying as much interest as possible. Love my Toyota but TFS and this app are a joke— close to a scam. Update: updated to four stars thanks to some serious improvements in recent updates. You can finally set up recurring payments! App is generally much better and more modern. I think making principle reductions could be more accessible, maybe with an easy way to see how that could affect interest payments. FS will make plenty of money, so they shouldn’t worry about an app that helps people. Any extra payment still goes towards your monthly bills. Improve on that and maybe it would be five stars.
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2 years ago, jconleype
Pretty good, but 3 issues:
1. I’m running the app on an iPhone 8. I have information for my bank account stored in my account on the Toyota Financial website, but it is not available on the app to use to make payments. This is odd and inconvenient, because of #2 below. 2. When I choose the option to add a bank account on the app, I can enter all of the information, but the pop-up window where this information is entered cannot be scrolled enough to make it possible to click on the complete/confirm button at the bottom of the pop-up window. 3. There is nowhere on the TFS app or on the Toyota Financial website to report these issues, which is why I’m reporting them here. Maybe someone at Apple can forward this to Toyota Financial Services technical support or web design team. When I tried to report the issue in the Apple App Store, the error message was something like this: you do not have a purchase that corresponds to this issue. I would call them, but it’s not that important, and they just need to fix this.
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2 years ago, lovethetruckhatetheapp
Decent enough
I’ve used the app to make payments since I got my loan last year in March. Never had any problems until the last three months when it kept “having technical problems” processing my payment (at the time, no update available). I paid through the website (I am grateful that at least worked), but shouldn’t have to since that’s an app’s main objective. Thankfully, this month, after I updated, it is working again. The app developers definitely dropped the ball on Toyota, I have had more serious issues with this app than any other financial app I’ve ever used, but since it does work the majority of the time, I’ll keep it as long as I have Toyota holding the loan. The app is at least partially responsible for my decision to refinance sooner rather than later... *side note* This app requires way too many updates. Get it right the first time, and update once a year for bugs. People are only on there once a month and updating it every time you try to open an gets old.
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2 years ago, sunshine641
Submitted payment never processed
I submitted a payment through the updated app, got a confirmation email that it was SCHEDULED but no date or way to confirm that it actually went through or when it was scheduled. Now 3 days later I hadn’t seen the money come out of my bank account so thought I would check, app is currently down and can’t sign in so when I logged into the online portal there was no mention that I had a scheduled payment and still showed the current month as due?? Thank god I checked. I put in another payment which again was scheduled?? It’s showing the payment is scheduled for Monday why can’t I make payments on the weekend? Toyota financial services seems like they operate backwards and upside down to current trends. Not impressed. Also: somehow this app has 4.6 stars but the majority of 5 star reviews were posted within the last few weeks. I would be very skeptical that these are real reviews. Update: Second time that I’ve submitted a payment that was apparently a scheduled payment. VERY unhappy with the assumptions this app makes and my bank account will likely now be over drafted because of it.
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2 years ago, Marty Theophilus
I feel so fortunate to have this app
Even though this review doesn’t mean much because anyone with a Toyota and a smart phone is going to need this app, I’d like to take this chance to thank God and the people of Toyota for this app. 5 stars for how easy, efficient and useful it is today. Four stars in the past before they made your interest rate so plainly visible. This app and this company is a blessing from God for sure. It is yet another good example of how these folks have been putting their heart and their talent into their products so that we ordinary folks can have better lives. The app is easy to use and all your information is perfectly on display and readily available. Toyota is certainly blessed, and because they don’t wickedly pay their CEO as much of an outrageous sum of money like GMC (40.3 million dollars in 2020 alone) or Ford (4 million bucks a year) (Toyota’s CEO made 1.86 million) I pray that God will continue to bless them and that He will also show the world evermore that greed is destructive and that humble executives do much better work than selfish ones like the ones at GMC and all throughout America and the world. May God forgive them and open their eyes. amen
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4 years ago, rainescustoms99
App reboot please
I’m so happy with my recent Toyota purchase. However, not so happy with this app. These days many people, including myself, do everything on there phones. The days of mailing in checks to pay any kind of bill are over, or at least close to it. Would be nice to see the developers at Toyota put a little more time into this app. Not user friendly at all, not very informative, I can’t set up auto pay. It would appear I have to go on the app to manually make payments. Every single other bill I have automatically withdraws whatever they need from my account, along with giving me a reminder a few days before. I think Toyota should follow suit... other than that a few minor glitches need ironing out, some text doesn’t disappear when signing up for the app. I was writing my name over words that were already there. Slow to respond, even though I’m on my 5g WiFi with full bars. It’s a good thing whoever designed this app doesn’t design your cars, which are great btw.
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2 years ago, Shurrie
Can’t pay
Ever since they changed the app I love all the extra information available in easy to find places, but I have not been able to pay at all. That’s the whole point of having this app. Lack of information about payoff and other things in obvious places was annoying on the old one, but at least I knew where to find it… and could still make a payment. 😤 I have contacted Toyota app developers twice now with my phone version and I saw there was an update, downloaded it, nothing! Same problem. ❓ I think iPhone had an update I need to make sure got installed as well. But if that doesn’t work going to reach out again. Am I the only one with this problem??? iPhone SE iOS 14.6
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8 months ago, EnlightenDee
Not compatible with website
Do not download the app or use if you have ever signed into or plan on using your TFS account on the web. The app and website are not compatible, cannot share information and I was told they are two different payment services, leading to me being charged two car payments in one month with recurring payment accounts on both website and app! Though it was easily withdrawn and over drafted my bank, they could not refund electronically. I must now wait 15 days for a refund check in the mail because their website and app are “not compatible” and must choose one or the other, though you cannot do everything on the app, so I had to close my app and web accounts and reopen (only on the web) an account in 7 days using same credentials. Sounds like something fishy is going on with the same sign-on in both places, same car and payment schedule, yet the app and web aren’t communicating?
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2 years ago, papa leo
Many NEGATIVE reactions but…
I just got my new Toyota Vehicle and this is the first time I used this app to pay monthly… can’t believe all the negative views on this app. I used the app to pay and also have the TFS website open to track. Pay went seamlessly though it would not credit right away but you will receive an email notification that your payment is scheduled and is now on pending. Some of you folks would click “pay now” again so you guys are being charged twice. After payment I just waited for 24 hours and payment went through without any glitch like you folks rating this app. Maybe you have a Hyundai or a Kia paying your monthly using this app lol. Works perfectly to me! Kudos Toyota 👍🏽
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3 years ago, danglesmcnasty
Kinda hard to pay your bill when the app won’t let you log in
Honestly one of the worst apps ever, every time I want to pay my bill I have to reset my password because the app says it’s incorrect. I will literally type in the same information 8-9 times before it finally goes through. I thought I could go around this by enabling the face recognition and nope, same bs happens with that. My password and face recognition work with every other app but this one and it’s really frustrating to have to struggle so much just to access your account to pay a bill. Love my car and was even thinking of trading it in for a Tacoma but this app makes me not want to deal with Toyota at all.
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2 years ago, 1verde
This app is horrible!
Update: 1-5-22. Toyota please change the interface back to the way it was before. I love Toyota! The July ‘21, version of the app not so much. The previous version was flawless! The main problems I have with the update is the calendar for the reoccurring section. It doesn’t have full access. The second thing is the app doesn’t fit the whole screen. I have a new phone and it worked just fine last month. I opened and closed the app several times with the same results. It’s probably just a bug and will be fixed soon. That’s beside the point. LOL! Once these two things are fixed, I’ll update from 4/5 to 5/5 stars. TOYOTA STRONG!
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2 years ago, Boneless_Brownie
“Error, Something is wrong on our end”!
I’ve had the app for two months now. The first month, it was working perfectly fine. However, the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to login to my account. I’ve tried resetting my password, I’ve tried re-downloading the app, and the app is up-to-date. My login info and everything is correct. But every time I try to login, I get a pop-up message saying “Looks like theirs an error on our end. Please try again soon.” There was an update yesterday and I fully updated the app. Still, I get the same pop-up message. I even tried logging in on the computer and it just freezes. Not sure what’s going on but you guys keep saying that you keep updating the app for bug fixes. I can’t get mine to work at all. I like the app because it’s very convenient, I like that I can pay my payments through the app. But it’s a little pointless if I can’t login.
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2 years ago, Hot girl 2+4=💜
I would give this app no stars if I could. Every single time I have gone in to make a payment or change payment dates it never works and it says to come back later. I have been charged twice a month for the last three months because I can’t cancel or change the date my payment comes out. And when I have called TFS customer service I have gotten hung up on and told that I have to eat the cost of all my overdraft fees because their app has bug issues. Even when the app has showed it worked on my end and scheduled a payment or cancelled a scheduled payment (for some reason even though i never agreed to automatic payments- i just go in each month and pay. it’s always still scheduled for the day it’s due) and I have the screenshots to prove it was cancelled. They weren’t cancelled and I was still charged. Never using this app again to make a payment. Screw TFS!!!!
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6 years ago, trippy the ninja
Great update if you want to find another way to make your car payment...
This app worked fine for the past 18 months or so since I got my TFS loan. I downloaded the most recent update and the app is now a brick. It does nothing but spin and eventually tell me that they are experiencing technical difficulties and to try again later. This has been going on for three days now, and deleting the app, restarting my phone and reinstalling does not remedy the problem. This is a simple app - connect to account, pay bill, logout. Rinse, wash, repeat 30 days later. This is not rocket science - I am baffled why app developers have to get cute and mess with apps that just work and make them unusable. Way to go, fellas.
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2 years ago, Christian Cagigal
Bad user design, not good for all phones
I have an iPhone SE 2020. It’s not an old phone at all. But the formatting of the buttons and information on the app are all designed for longer phones so sometimes I literally can’t do things on the app because they’re cut off at the bottom and I can’t swipe them up either. I can’t pay, I can’t edit, I change, I can’t schedule. This wasn’t a problem a year ago and was always happy with the app. But some bad changes were made recently and for a few months it’s been hard to actually pay Toyota financial, and it’s the app design’s fault. Please fix.
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2 years ago, NotAHappyCamper83
Beware of recurring payments
Do not trust the recurring payment option. The app updated and it canceled all of my recurring payments, causing me to be a few days past due, and when I panicked and hit “pay now” it automatically made me pay for the past due bill as well as the next month’s payment. Thankfully paying two payments at once didn’t wreck my finances for the month, so I just set the recurring payments back up, triple checked everything, and the very next time I had to make a payment, the exact same thing happened. At the risk of being dramatic, my credit score could plummet because of this, and my car could ultimately get repossessed. I have never in my life been so much as one day late with any payment, and I’ve been late twice because I trusted this app. Never again will I trust this app to actually go through with recurring payments the way it’s supposed to.
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3 years ago, Wo2k_wo1k
Poor Quality App
Love Toyota but seems like they’re lacking the basic foundation of what makes an app that takes payment truly an app that makes you feel supportive in the process. Through the COVID-19 Pandemic the app offers a Payment Relief which directs you to the website. This made me realize. If you look at the mobile website versus the app; the mobile website has more tool bar features such a “support center”. This blows my mind. Something so simple not available in the app. If the user needs support, they need to go to the site. Now get this... the support center on the site doesn’t let you even properly generate tickets in the drop down. It’s as if they forced you to call them. All in all, the most basic feature that should be on the app for me at least makes me rate this app one star. Toyota, you guys need to step up your app game. Almost every review is sharing the same thing; poor quality
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7 months ago, StuMos
My log in
You guys keep screwing around and ruined my log in . Trying to call a live person and see what has happened is impossible. My front rock shield fell off my Tacoma which is a 2021 with 9,545 miles on it. The service tech said they could put it back on but I would have to pay for the four bolts. After I got done with them they gladly paid for the bolts. I can’t even go through the things that were wrong with the truck when they called me to pick up my new truck. It was written out in black and white but obviously they don’t read then the paperwork was screwed up and I made seven trips back to the dealership to get all the problems fixed. This may be my last Toyota Tacoma. That new Chevrolet Colorado looks so nice. This 3.5 engine in the Tacoma is going to get me killed because of the accelerator pause pulling out onto the street. They can’t fix it.
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2 years ago, Rmags24
Customer service is bad
First few months I had no issue making my payments, everything was dandy. Then they got an update and my payments were being returned. I had to open a new account because it was not taking it from the account I had initially set up. I always pay on time and try to stay ahead. I receive my September statement and it shows a lower outstanding balance then what the app is showing. After being on the phone for over an hour, they cannot figure out why it shows that. They show a larger balance and cannot even pull up my statement and tell me that I am probably one of the many people that don’t know how to use the app. They tell me that a manager will call within 24-48 hours and I don’t receive a call. I call back and they still can’t help me out. I love Toyota but I will NOT be financing anymore vehicles with Toyota Financial.
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4 years ago, AngelG01
What is up with this new update on the app?? The login consent was a bunch of crap before but now it’s even worse I dont know what you guys were thinking and you are definitely going to loose a bunch of people with this. The consent agreements were long before and you had to accept every time you logged in now they’re even longer and you can’t even access the app. I haven’t been able to access the app I keep agreeing with the consent forms and all it does is refresh them and keep me in the same login screen. I don’t understand why it’s mandatory to keep agreeing to these same things EVERY single time you try to login what’s the point? I make my payments and other things through this app and now I can’t even access it because of this. This new update and consent agreement features are going to be the death of this app and trust me there are many people that hate these same things
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5 months ago, Anonymous App User.
Still having the same issues.
If you read reviews from 1 year ago they posted how they got charged twice. Come my time to use this app and it happened to me. Don’t set up auto pay on the website nor on the app it doesn’t connect you account which is the dumb thing I’ve ever heard. So I had $900 come out when I don’t have that luxury made me negative in my bank account. As well they have the worst return policy they mail you a check that they say takes 10 business day I’m on day 15. The customer service isn’t 24/7. Plus the customer service team belittles when you call. Worst service and experience I will pay my car and pray to god I don’t have to use them ever again. I’ll get my money by the next payment. I will get more fees on my bank thanks to stupid app/website not connecting your account or them addressing that.
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7 months ago, Servian Wall
Bug or Trick?
The app is cleaner and moves faster than the Toyota app, which is nice. I find it annoying how they have the Privacy Choices and Performance Tracking set up. For Privacy Choices, it doesn’t tell you whether the default is allowing or disallowing the sharing of your information, and there’s no indication on the toggle. The website leads me to believe they are defaulted to off, and I can only assume then that the toggle color being gray means it is off. The app seems to remember all my settings except for in Performance Tracking. And these settings also don’t have clear indications as to whether the default is allowing or disallowing the tracking, and no indication on the toggles. Every time I open the app the toggles for allowing that tracking are set so that they are red, presumably allowing. I can turn them off, but they will reset when I reopen the app. There is an option to Anonymize Personal Data, but it appears to default to off and will not remember if I change it. When everything else works properly and is labeled well, these two problems come across as intentionally vague and sleazy.
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2 years ago, Condor girl
Love the app but today I had an issue
I have been using the app with ease since purchasing my new car and LOVE how easy it is to navigate. Today however I had trouble scrolling down far enough to see where to swipe to pay because of the new look. After reinstalling and checking for updates, I still couldn’t make my payment because it wouldn’t let me scroll down to see where to swipe for payment. I had to go on another device to make my payment. I hope this is fixed before next month so I can pay from the app like before. It was so much easier.
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3 weeks ago, Alfisch
Great Application!
Straight forward, succinct, not 352 pages of disclaimers before you get to the meat of the program. I went there today to set up the recurring payment schedule and everything I needed was within the first page of two. Actually, that is as far as I got because it was so easy and user friendly. It will take me longer to write this review than it did to set up and confirm the payment schedule - and I’m fine with that! (Pro-Tip: I anticipated needing the routing and account # for the payment to be withdrawn from before I opened the application so I had that ready to go.)
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2 years ago, ChristBeard
They made some awesome changes
I bought a toyota last year in July. The app then was ok. It worked but the UI wasn't the strongest and it had some weird login tendencies and other issues. But overall it worked fine. With the changes they've made in the last month or two, its like a new app. Very intuitive, easier to pay, easier to track, etc. they made some very welcome changes and put a-lot of thought into their now new app. I would have given it 5 stars before but it wasn't a “leave a review 5 stars worthy” type of app in my opinion . Well now it is.
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9 months ago, Marilyn Yvette
Hard to login every single time.
Anytime I try to login whether it’s with my Apple ID fingerprint or username/password, a pop up message comes on saying that they’re having technical difficulties on their end and to please try again later. That happens too often in the app and some things are time sensitive where I can’t wait later to try again, only to get the same pop up message when I wait hours or even days. Once I finally get to login, which is after multiple attempts on different days, then it works good. I’m able to use it as intended, however, it’s still so frustrating trying to get into the app. Please fix this issue, I don’t understand why it makes it so difficult to do something so simple as just logging in.
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4 years ago, CEG115
Double check the desktop site
I switched banks and used the app to set up the new bank for autopay. On the app, my old bank account is gone and my new bank is loaded and I’m thinking, “okay cool we’re set.” NOPE! TFS still took payment from my old account before I could close it and over-drafted the account. Although the app has all my current information, it did not sync with the desktop site and still has my old bank information. So I had to also update the website to make sure all future payments come from the correct account. You might as well use the desk top site for your TFS needs since the app doesn’t actually work. I have never had this issue with any other app so please figure this app out. You are a major car manufacturer and can afford a department for app development and maintenance. This was very annoying and inconvenient.
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1 year ago, itunenamethingy
Great app
I like the ability to pay little by little multiple times in a month, makes budgeting way easier and helped me pay off my car faster! If it wasn’t for this app, and the visual chart of how paid off your car is, it would be a lot harder and less rewarding. But because you can see the bar move when you do big payments, it’s nice seeing that some big huge purchase is way easier to pay for and will be paid for way sooner than I thought all due to this app.
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4 years ago, gflkjhgfdaqe2468
Getting worse with every update
I have been using this App for over 3 years with every update it gets worse than before, every time you update this app, all your personal preferences such as Touch ID, security questions and a bunch of other annoying settings will be deleted and you have to start fresh and also the developers change the entire layout of this app with every update and that’s never been better than before and poor you the user have to get used to the new scattered dashboard etc, another annoying thing with Toyota financial is that they fetch bunch of terms and agreements via this app that you have to agree every month or so and that always comes with each update, I use more than 30 big banks and brokerages app this App by far the worst app, probably couple of 7th grade middle school kids are the developers!
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2 years ago, ryanjiverson
The recently updated app is terrible. I usually make my payments a week early but it was declined. I tried to make my payment again after the due date and it was declined again. I tried again for a third time yesterday but my payment was due on 7/26. I am absolutely never late on any payment on anything and I’m incredibly disappointed. Don’t bother calling support either, you will wait on hold for over 30 minutes just to hear they’re working on it. I’m expecting leniency and an apology to all of the people having the same issue with the updated app but the apparent lack of concern and communication on their behalf is also frustrating. I have financed my last two vehicles through Toyota but, due to this experience, I will probably go with another option on the next round.
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1 year ago, Cyber Slider
Difficult log in
I had to reset my password because I was not being logged in. I used the same info that I tried to login in with the first time because it wasn’t working and I thought I would set it right. The system would not allow because it said my new password is the same as my old password. That is a ridiculous waste of my time. Why did it not log me in in the first place? I tried multiple times with the pass I had on record. Unnecessarily difficult. I will complain about other inconveniences on the phone, personally to an operator when I have time. No more to waste here
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2 years ago, Luigi702
Don’t fix what’s not broken
I’ve been using TFS app for over two years now and in this last updated I came across many issues. For one the processing in between screens was very slow. And also had to tried many times to submit my payment because system would say “something went wrong try again” took me a while before I could actually get the payment to process. At one point the app instructed me to call customer service. Anyway very annoying when something has been working just fine and they decide to make changes to it. Which would be nice if the changes were to actually make the app functionality better. But not the other way around. I hope multimillion dollar company as Toyota and its affiliates would look into this problem.
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1 year ago, Tom Hale
Always buggy
While there are some nice features in the app (Face ID login, ability to see your payment history and statements, remaining payments/payoff amounts), there are always a few bugs making this app the most frustrating financial app on my phone. A recent update deleted all my bank account information making me re-enter the info even though it had been saved prior. Trying to set up recurring payments? Sorry the confirm slide bar was designed too low on the page so you end up swiping out of the app instead of completing the process. The alternative is completing the paper forms which can be mailed to you and mailing it back, no thanks.
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1 year ago, Macgyvie
App doesn’t work with smaller phones
I had this all and it worked great until I updated it. Now I can’t use it to pay my car payment. When you try to pay and it asks for what date you want to select, you can’t get passes this screen. I tried the app on mh girlfriend’s iPhone 13 pro max which has a bigger screen. On her phone there is a continue button you need to press on the bottom of her screen. The problem is on an iPhone 7 Plus, that continue button is no where to be found. You can’t scroll the screen to access it either, so you are essentially stuck. Please fix this for people who don’t have the big screens
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5 months ago, flightisfun01
Worst part about buying a Toyota…
I love my new Toyota, but financing with TFS is an absolute nightmare. Nothing but headaches. I make all my payments on time and in full over the phone, and I have the email confirmations and bank statements to prove it, but they charged me for the month of March and then claimed that I had an overdue payment for March, and charged me double for April plus a late fee. Not to mention I’ve owned my Tacoma for almost five months and they still have not gotten me any proof of ownership so I can’t register it, I have to sit at the DMV every month and buy another temporary permit. I’ve called numerous times, but their phone system is often down and their agents generally have no idea what they’re talking about. Literally finance with anybody else and you’ll probably have a better experience.
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2 years ago, Myktron
It’s like they want you to mess up
This app sets you up for failure. It’s had bugs since I purchased with them. For 6months it would tell me my password was incorrect and had to make a new one each month. Then my payment didn’t go thru last month because the date was automatically placed for next month instead of that day(which I take partial blame for, should have verified) but why the fkuc was it automatically set for the next month in the first place!?Now it’s not letting me make a payment, I choose the date & amount and then there’s not even a slide or button to complete the payment.. it’s like ok what now? Restarted the app multiple times.. atleast now I don’t have to create a new password every time I try to log in… worst payment process of all my bills.
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2 years ago, 5 by the lake
Needs some improvements…
The newest version of this app needs some improvements. The opening pop up screen tries to get me to add vehicles to my finance account that I either no longer own, or paid off long ago. There is no way to disable the pop up. The “recent transactions” field on the homepage lists only 1 failed payment I tried to make through the app, no actual transactions are listed. The “transactions” tab again only lists the failed transaction. There are features of the app I do like: next payment information (due date, amount, number of payments remaining) is listed on the homepage, and all billing statements are available. With some changes, it should be great.
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3 years ago, Reiskameraad
JUNK, just like the website
I am in the middle of reading the policies about online tracking and cookies when I am notified that my session is about to expire due to inactivity (I have been consistently scrolling and reading this whole time!). Then, despite clicking the provided red “I’m back” button, I am immediately logged out! This is almost exactly what happens when I use the website as well. Links to payment and reviewing payment history or support, instead log me out of the site. Trying to change an address or personal information sent me to an inactive support page. I am shocked that such a large multinational corporation puts out such garbage of an app and website… Btw, the site admits to using invisible gifs and cookies to track and see unrelated pages as activities of you visit online.
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2 years ago, Aye Fite
Am I missing something?
With the newest update (June 2021) it seems that the payment option doesn’t actually let you pay? When you hit the “Pay Now” button it takes you to a screen that lets you select your bank account, date of payment, and payment amount, but after you’ve selected all of those there’s no button to continue… The only interactive button on that payment screen is an “X” in the upper right corner, which obviously closes out the payment screen and takes you back to the home page. Not sure if this was a mistake on the app developer’s end or what, but the app is pretty pointless now aside from being able to check your bill on the go, but not actually be able to pay it…
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2 years ago, Ka'Nuinui
Making payments
I have been wrongfully charged never in all my time have I been neglectful in payment.I still had the same account from lease and from refinancing have sent me back due to not checking the account I did not change my account your company did upon opening the app same car now there is an an account it has been Sorlie frustrating not to have a human to do business with to correct this mistake this is a negligence on your part I have been trying to contact you for over a month I work I don’t have time to stop takeout hours to chase for help that extra money I put in to the lease need to be transferred to the new finance on the same car and the lease needs to be closed you can’t take my money that doesn’t belong to you.
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2 years ago, LawKate671
Re-Re Do this app
Yup it looks prettier but it functions worse! So this app is garbage! I can’t get it to set up reoccurring payments and when I attempt to choose a day to pay the app brings up a calendar or more accurately part of a calendar. Also after the last update the app defaulted back to a deleted account after 2 successful transactions. This almost over-drafted this account because as I was attempting to close it out had very little balance. When I called to complain the person on the other line suggested I log in on the actual online site. Really it’s my fault for using YOUR app to pay on time?!?! This app and subsequent customer service interaction leave much to be desired. So very glad I have a great interest rate and the dealership is amazing to work with!!
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2 years ago, kanai2009
Schedules for payment
I was told if o called 10 days or more ahead of time I could schedule my payment to be the same as my previous schedule - the 12th of every month. Now I need to mail In paperwork and do soo much more than the last time I did that with my last purchase. I still have yet to receive the promised emailed paperwork to change my payment date - so I will just pay “early” each month because I spent over 30 minutes on hold to be told to finish and mail back paperwork. I get it’s busy and short staffed - I work in the medical profession in a hospital and I get it - changing my payment date shouldn’t take soo much of my life and one day off to make sure it happens - not helpful at all.
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7 months ago, KiPatts
So Much Better!
Ever since the new update, the app has gotten so much better! It moves so much smoother. The slider works the first try. I was finally able to add a phone number to my personal information, put in a different amount to pay towards my loan without having to call. The right corner where a picture of my car is actually showing my vehicle, rather than a stock photo! The app doesn’t crash anymore… I really appreciate the app developers who finally made this app worth having on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, critical_criticism
Needs to keep info
I’ve been using this app for about 6 years now . Overall it’s a good app that does it job of allowing me to see my account on my car and paying the bills. But the only thing I have an issue with is that every time they run an update on the app and redesign the whole concept . Which happens every few months. I always get kicked out of my account for whatever reason. And sometimes trying to get back in is a hassle because if you don’t have that stuff memorized, it’s starts asking for account details. Which honestly if your on the go it’s not convenient. I just hope it’s due to a security issue , not a glitch that they keep having to do every update.
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2 years ago, neirnrjornrnen
App is horrible
The new app update is horrible. I’ve had several months in a row now where the app doesn’t process my payments and they end up late. I’ll have the confirmation information and look at the app and then it says pending for several weeks out! Toyota financial also won’t help you even with the confirmation and hit you with late fees and say it’s on you. But want to charge you to pay over the phone and recommend using the app. I love my car however, will never finance in house ever again. Wells Fargo has better customer service than this company and will be refinancing out of TFS ASAP. TFS is just another company trying to con you into paying more and more fees and only worry about their bottom dollar and not helping customers.
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2 years ago, carterg827
Constructive Criticism
The app as a whole is great. The only issue is when you just close the app normally and don’t close the app in the background by swiping up and out. The next time you open the app, it brings you to a sign in screen without face ID as an option. You either have to sign in manually or swipe up and out and then you can use face ID when you open the app. I know this is nitpicky, but no other app does this. They just request face ID automatically, even if you leave the app and come back without swiping up and out. Thank you for your time.
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9 months ago, Nashi Gamer
Could be better
I used to just call to make my payments and it was soo time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I didn’t know there was an app at all; then I found out there was and everything was soo much more convenient. However when signing back in it told me my device wasn’t recognizable and it asked for verification through email, text, or call I clicked either one of these and app won’t let me in a “Be back soon” shows up and it’s just frustrating all over again….and this was after the update… so back to calling on the phone with the very long talking robot…
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1 year ago, Phtogrfr
Worst payment app ever
I honestly dread having to make my Toyota payment and that’s not because of the balance due. It’s because how awful this app truly is. I have never experience more inconvenience in my entire life paying a bill than trying to use this app. It’s not one particular thing either. For a while It wouldn’t let me scroll down low enough to reach the payment slider. And now as of lately when I go to make a payment it requires to select a date. When I do that, nothing happens. It highlights like I selected a date but doesn’t allow me to advance. So when I naturally hit the back button it doesn’t save my selection. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to create an app and just pay your bill.
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