2.1 (7.9K)
625.6 MB
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Current version
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toyota

2.08 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
1 year ago, efaardvark
User unfriendly
This version continues the trend of over complicating the user interface, hiding what should be the top-level summary under ads for secondary products and services, if the information is available at all. For instance, if I want to know if my car is done charging I should be able to simply run the app and see it. Right now the app says it is 80% charged. Currently the car is sitting in my driveway plugged in but it is obviously finished, with 3 LEDs lit on the dashboard and the charging port LED dark. The app is probably showing old information from earlier today but there is no indication of the last time the app contacted the mothership to sync info, and no way for the user to initiate a resync. In this case I can simply walk to the car and look but at work the parking lot is 3 blocks away. Since my car’s battery capacity is small I would like to be able to find out quickly and reliably what the current state of charging is so that I can move my car out of the charging slot to give someone else a few hours of charge. This app doesn’t let me do that. Finally, the app is huge, nearly 400MB for the app itself and with another 100MB of data.
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2 years ago, Your opinion ||||||||||||||
Working good so far
UPDATE*** I was at the movies, the credits started to roll, and I took my phone out to remote start, and it worked from inside the theater first try. I think the reason I’m having so much success with this app isn’t making sure The vehicle status is updated. Sometimes it says last updated and it was the last time you use the app or vehicle. Swiping down where it says vehicle status will refresh the status. I did that in the theater before trying to remote start. Like I said it worked right away. OP: I just purchased a brand new 2022 Corolla Cross, so far the app has worked for me. Twice it told me it failed to remote start the car and I tried it again right away and it worked the second time both times. A family member of mine has a 2020 Camry and has tried to use the app for years and has only had frustration, so I understand why the app is rated so low and I have my fingers crossed maybe it is on the upswing because of my early successful experiences using it. If I start to experience what my family member did and what the majority of the reviews on here have, I will adjust my review. also, since I got my car, the family member has had success with the app too. It is unacceptable for Toyota to produce an app like what this has been so far. It should be a great app and work every time. I hope this is the first of many positive reviews.
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8 months ago, TJFritz74
I like my car and don’t like the toyota app
This app is way overpriced in my opinion. Toyotas are delivered with incredibly weak transponders which limit your range to the point where you may as well just walk to the car and start it by hand. Rather than improve the key tech they offer a pay app. The app will start your car and allow you lock or unlock your doors (most toyotas do not have lock on exit as an option). The app will let you know that you forgot to roll up a window or lock the doors. Rather than offer a common “lock on exit” function most other cars have, toyota offers a pay app. How about offering upgrades to the car and transponders? I would gladly pay 80 bucks to have my doors lock automatically when I walk away, and to be able to remote start from more than 10 meters. My office window is about 20 meters from where I park and the transponder fails to work at that distance. It’s ridiculous that you pay such a premium to have a reliable vehicle, and the solution to the cut corners attitudes are pay apps. How about just selling cars that function as advertised? I already had the dealership force an ATT plan on me to get hotspot functionality from the entertainment system. I already have hotspot on my phone and I don’t need that in my car. I don’t want to need my phone to open and start my car. This app should be offered for free as a consolation for the ineptitude of the vehicle designers to deliver the functionality you expect as part of the deal.
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1 year ago, Mateo6191
Toyota app leaves much more to be desired, 1star
In my honest opinion this app can only get a 1 star because that is the lowest. My reason for this is based on 2 primary reasons. First, the whole idea of this app is bad because Toyota is trying to make recurring money off customers and features that other automakers just give their customers on their key remote (remote start). The fact that my Tacoma doesn’t have a remote start on the key fob, at $46k is, quite unacceptable as this was intentional to get you to subscribe and pay monthly to access that. I don’t want to buy features every single month - awful customer experience! Sure, there could be some advantages to be argued which leads me to my second reason for the 1 star review. Practical functionality: Toyota highlights the use of the app for via Apple Watch, which looks great. However, the watch functionality is virtually useless because it forces you to get your phone and unlock it and open the app and try the command from there. THIS RENDERS THE WHOLE SMART WATCH FUNCTIONALITY USELESS. I have tested this repeatedly and it seems that unless I have opened my app on my phone within only the previous couple of hours, the watch commands will not work. Again this is so frustrating and literally ruins the practical real world functionality of the this. I hope this gets ready my folks in development.
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10 months ago, tjbigor
Disappointing -- Toyota can do much better
Just got a Grand Highlander and at first I was impressed. Nice app, can unlock my car from it and start the engine, etc. Within a few days problems began. The app bothers you to connect to the car every time you start the car. You think, do I have to? If I don't, can I still use CarPlay? Bluetooth? Can't tell. It failed 5-6 times to download the digital key. Does not instill confidence since it's *the car key* and has to work all the time. Once it's successful, to start the car, you need an internet connection and their remote connect service. So how does it work when signal's low or there's network trouble? It doesn't. So it's not worth much. The wifi trial bothers you *every time you open the app* to sign up. Annoyed by it, and want to cancel? The app just kicks you out to AT&T's website which only prompts you to sign up for an account. Most egregious, on 6-7 occasions now, the app has completely crashed in the worst way possible by entering a state where the screen flickers endlessly, and I have to *force reboot the phone* to recover. That's right -- I can't switch apps or force kill the app. And this is a modern iPhone 14 Pro. Embarrassing for Toyota. The app's obviously designed for upsell and not much else. How they release it with a straight face, I don't know.
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11 months ago, nxkife,j03z
The latest update is awful
The previous version of the app was very useful and generally organized well. The latest update completely revised the interface and it is awful. Very difficult to use, links and words mushed together and generally unintuitive to use. The revised app places priority on unimportant and rarely used functionality like insurance policy's or scheduling a service visit. These are in your face but the important links like current vehicle location, tire pressure, sunroof and window status, mileage, remote start, door locking etc are very hard or even impossible to find. No excuse for this. I was planning on keeping and paying for the Toyota remote services subscription once my trial expired but not anymore. Toyota cut your losses and please go back to the previous version! Go back to the previous version! Go back to the previous version. Go back to the previous version. Go back to the previous version. I cant say it enough! And yes i left feedback through the app too! 8/1/23 update. The app is now fully functional again but wish it didn't have advertising in my face. Not only do i pay for the yearly service but the advertisement banner gets in the way of the app controls
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2 years ago, TercelDude
I am so happy but …
I had a 2009 Prius with an “idiot” light to indicate that one of my 4 tires had low air pressure which meant that I didn’t know which tire required inflation. I saw that my 2021 Camry Hybrid LE (“LE” means Least Expensive and Least Equipped) had the ability to calibrate the TPMS so one of the very first things that I did upon receiving my car was to make sure that all of my tires were inflated to the correct PSI and that I set (calibrated) the TPMS. To do that was challenging since I had to remove the wheel covers to reach the tire valve stems. Getting the wheel covers back on was VERY challenging (I thought that I was playing “Whack-A-Mole”). Anyway, I discovered that I didn’t get to see the individual tire pressures and was back to the problem with the 2009 Prius AND I had to deal with taking wheel covers off and putting them back on! I even purchased a very expensive high end OBD2 reader by BlueDriver hoping that it could read the individual tire pressure but I discovered that even though the Camry knew it I couldn’t access it! But now the most recent version of the app lets me see each individual tire’s pressure! I hope that in the near future I can check remotely via the app if my doors are locked or unlocked!
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1 year ago, sq suk
Slow loading; Pricy
First thing first, I have the remote engine start feature etc. Which they charge you around 80 dollars a year, 80 dollars per year really doesn’t count as a thing but for something/some product that process like crap I’d pay 0 for it. Every time you try to lock/unlock or start your engine via phone app you’ll have to wait for the app to respond to your command that takes up minutes long… looking for my keys would be faster tbh… Edited: Also forgot to mention one more thing, although the app reminded me very quickly that I forgot to lock my vehicle, when you enter the Toyota app, it takes forever to refresh/update the vehicle status, it’s stuck from 10-20mins ago. So I’d have no idea if my car is successfully locked or no, not if I keep manually refreshing the page for over 5-10 minutes, I could’ve just got up and walk outside and lock the vehicle with my key fob myself instead of waiting for the app to respond. I can’t say this enough, the status literally won’t refresh, it takes forever and the message just pops up saying it’s taking longer than usual please try again later, lol imagine in this gap of time my vehicle is stolen because I forgot to lock it and your status won’t update?
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2 years ago, Kirly79
Waste of Time
The updated version of the app is a waste of time and space. The home screen that I have does not match the home screen in the tutorial or what is shown here on the App Store. The only thing I can see is my tire pressure is OK and my engine is OK-it also looks like I need to schedule maintenance and gives the impression of being overdue when that is not the case. There’s nothing anywhere in this app that shows me if my doors are locked, if the hatch is open, if the engine is running. I feel like these are all things that showed up in the previous version. I don’t look at it regularly because I really don’t have a need to, however tonight, my daughter accidentally locked the key in the car (how is that even possible??) I remember the dealer saying we could unlock it remotely using the app. Nope! There’s nothing even showing that the car is locked let alone an option to unlock. Aside from all that, I set up the app on my phone initially because I picked up the car from the dealer. My husband download it and tried to create an account. Nope. So then he tried to login using my credentials. Nope. Apparently you can only have it on one device so if your significant other wants to be involved, you’re out of luck.
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2 years ago, Demicrex 8913
App needs serious improvement.
I have always enjoyed Toyota’s products. But this app is borderline trash. The latest update straight up broke the feature to schedule appointments directly. That was one of the best functions provided. Plus it will randomly log me out of the app upon closing it without allowing for FACE ID to quickly log me back in. This is cumbersome when I am short on time and need to make sure I have locked my car after walking far away or I need to start it to cool off the inside and leather seats on a hot day. It pains to to include the subscription plan for remote start has also been crappy. First off the prices are a bit high up there for a simple remote start function when the software doesn’t even work half the time. It ruins my experience when I remote start the car during hot or cold days only to come to a car that didn’t turn on or it was on and then shuts off right when I unlock the door. It is very counter intuitive. Not to mention, three subscriptions instead of just one? It give the feeling that Toyota is shifting toward a heavy business oriented approach rather than the quality of service provided to the customers.
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11 months ago, AveryHe
App has lots of bugs
I downloaded this app after purchasing a 2022 GR86. When I first got the car, the app worked really well with connected services, and then one day my remote connect completely stopped working. If I tried turning on the car, the app would spin forever and give me an error. There is terrible support documentation for the connected services and often takes multiple calls to get working. I called in and was redirected a few times and finally was instructed to call in my car. After calling using the SOS button in the car, I tried getting them to disconnect and reconnect the car to my account multiple times, none of which worked. Brought my car into the dealership and they had no idea where to start to get this issue fixed. Said it would take multiple days in the shop just to reboot the computer and troubleshoot and I decided the convenience of the app was not worth the headache. Car behaves and drives perfectly fine, just no connected services.
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2 years ago, listening in boston
It’s just not useful and it doesn’t work well
First, it can’t do all that much. It can lock/unlock doors and remote start. *If* I set a charging schedule in the car then it will allow me to turn that schedule off from the app but I can’t turn the schedule back on from the app or edit it so if I decide I want to change the charging schedule I need to go sit in the car, turn it on and use the dashboard menu to do it. Second, it’s really hit or miss as to whether it does the the few things it is able to do. Sometimes the app succeeds in locking the doors, other times it times out. How far away from the car I am doesn’t seem to matter. I haven’t tried the remote start yet but what I’d prefer is some way to control the climate prep from the app, which is not offered as a feature so yeah, I could turn the remote start on if it worked but unless I’d set the heat/cool the night before I’d still have to go out to the car to set the temp so what’s the point? I bought this car 3 months ago so I’m assuming the app comes as a trial period, I would certainly never pay extra money for this app though. It’s really not worth anything. Wish it worked better and had more useful features.
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3 months ago, Solsye
New RAV4 Hybrid
Toyota is 15 years behind in Technology in this vehicle. Someone designed the favorites backwards. When you try to find the channel you have to keep scanning. It does not give you the channel number you are looking for. When you add to favorites it puts them in from the last one you entered. Why 2 screens side by side for the Suriusxm in favorites. Are they trying to get you in a car crash so you buy a new vehicle with them? How do you black out the screen when driving so you are not distracted by adds that ads pop up for streaming services? The rear door is dangerous. It does not stop if someone is in the way. No motion detectors. How many kids and pets will die if they are unaware of this feature? I notified the Toyota Dealership in Brooklyn Center but no response. Also, the place where the gas gauge and speed you are going is very distracting. The speed you are going is not digital so you don’t know the exact speed you are going and all the features like the backup lights and side mirrors show a car is on your side is all slapped on that panel with everything that is on. What happened to Toyota. Someone designed this vehicle with one eye open and one eye closed.
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10 months ago, PFN83
Really disappointed
I love my new Tundra and I hate, hate, hate this app. It took 40 minutes of customer support to get it working and connected. Once I got connected I came to understand that my new $65,000 truck has features that I paid for that will only work for a year until I’m forced to choose to give up or pay a yearly subscription fee. I can’t believe it! I resent this so much that I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t bought from Toyota. Also, the “big brother” aspects of this app are positively scary. So far I’m seeing this app is slow, buggy and incredibly invasive. I plan do revoke all permissions I gave and delete the app. The features like remote start aren’t that important or worth the hassle. Oh, and get this, the remote start works but shuts off as soon as you open the door. How stupid is that!? My salesman tells me it’s a security feature so that no one steals the truck after it’s started. Well my F150 and Lincoln Continental manage to solve this. You can’t open the door of the running vehicle without the key fob. Problem solved! I really enjoy my new truck but this app is a huge disappointment and has greatly reduced my new purchase experience.
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3 months ago, DaJZA
Works when it feels like it!
I’ve had my Tacoma since new in ‘21. The trial went very well for the remote features so I decided to pay for the services. WHAT A MISTAKE! it’s quick to tell me that I left it unlocked but by the time the APP decides to work, I could’ve walked outside and used the keys!! I have times when I want to make sure everything is ok but it’s still reading yesterday’s status and won’t refresh even when restarting my phone! The app for the Apple Watch and Alexa is even worse! I have to unlock my phone and sometimes open the app just to start my truck!! At that point, just use the Darn phone APP!! The only useful thing about the APP is that it starts the truck. I have to wait a few minutes for it to kick in but that’s all it’s good for! I also pay for the SOS feature and I hope I never have to use it because I’m sure AAA would get to me before the SOS sends a notification! I had an aftermarket remote starter put on my wife’s ‘21 RAV4 with the phone APP and it works flawlessly and much much cheaper!! I will be changing over this year! Sorry Toyota, I love your cars but you need to keep up with the times! You can’t sell 2024s with 2015 technology!
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8 months ago, Kbev302
Will not stay connected to car
I don’t know if my new car isn’t working properly or the app or what, but literally every time I get in my car I get a notification that I need to allow my phone to connect to the car. Every. Single. Time. Sometimes I’ll click allow & two minutes later it’ll ask me again. And once I hit allow, the Toyota app tries to open, but it just spins & spins. And then CarPlay won’t come up on my car. So I don’t have music or directions or anything. It is driving me insane. I will literally get out of my car to run into a grocery store for 5 minutes & come back out & it wants me to allow it & open the Toyota app again. Why can’t they just stay connected? Why do I have to allow it every single time? Is this normal? If so, that should absolutely change. I’d almost rather have my 2015 rav4 back with just the Bluetooth connectivity. It never dropped and was never an issue. Now I’m in the middle of driving somewhere using the directions on CarPlay & the whole thing just disconnects & wont come back up. And you have to click through multiple screens to get it to come back up - not safe while driving!
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2 years ago, Bouzoukiman70
Tire pressure , now gas gauge, both gone since iOS 15.6
Was working OK until recent iPhone iOS update. Now all the get on the app is my VIN and the latest service info. Why is this app so hard to fix??? Hey! Here’s the latest: I just learned if you’re having issues with the Toyota App that comes with the purchase of a Prius, you MUST continue to subscribe to Safety Connect ($80+ a year!) after the first “complementary” year if you want features like tire pressure, fuel guage, mileage, etc to continue showing on your app! The App Store doesn’t tell you this; the books and pamphlets don’t tell you this; the dealership doesn’t tell you this; the service tech doesn’t tell you this. Even the app itself doesn’t tell you this when it fails to display what you expected to see. I only by happenstance found out by calling and talking for a while with a lady at the Toyota support line for multimedia services. I’m writing all this to help all you other Toyota owners that have been frustrated by this app. Now you know: the app is merely a way for a huge corporation like Toyota to make a few more bucks off an unsuspecting public. Is this the best way to promote brand loyalty?? Caveat emptor!
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2 years ago, D.Meador
$8 Monthly Subscription for remote start?
While I know subscription based services is all the rage with video games, movie streaming platforms, and music platforms, but for remote start on a vehicle? A pregnant woman could really use the remote start to warm up the car to drop her oldest child off at school without having to risk slipping on ice. The same can be said for the elderly when they leave their house to grab breakfast with a friend at their local diner. I know “back in my day you had to walk out and do it yourself”, but we are now past the days of walking up hill both ways in the snow. We have come so far with technology that it opens up so many doors. The dissatisfaction with this app (and Toyota) stems from my pregnant wife no longer being able to press a button to defrost the car without paying a globally known car manufacturer an $8.00 monthly subscription fee to do it from inside the house. Toyota, my request is that remote start alone be a free service for the sake of making life easier on its customers. Until then it looks like I will be “walking up hill both ways in the snow” to warm up the car for my pregnant wife.
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2 years ago, makingmymark
Truly Awful Actually
Let me start with this. It is absurd that I paid as much as I did for a Prius Prime Limited which is supposed to have the top technology and it doesn’t even do the bare minimum. Why can I not unlock my car through the app? Why don’t I have the sharing feature? What’s the point in buying the highest trim for the most mediocre technology I’ve ever seen from a 2022 car? I also cannot even set up a charge schedule through the app. I called and asked and they said “well you should be able to, just uninstall and reinstall the app” but despite having done that twice all I get is a graphic that reads “set the timer schedules in your vehicle” that I can’t click on at all and doesn’t engage. The only two things that supposedly work for my car is the remote start and climate control, and those only work once in a blue moon. Toyota got to the top 10 years ago and it seems they’ve decided they’re going to make zero progress in their interior technology since then. Glad my Rivian will start building within the year. Toyota has fallen far and seems to have no interest in pulling their chute.
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7 months ago, Tazdevil311
What's the point now?
I’ve been a loyal Toyota owner for years, and the Toyota App used to be a valuable tool in managing my vehicle. However, I’m extremely disappointed with the recent decision to remove the connected app features. This change has rendered the app nearly useless for me. Previously, I could check tire pressure, and even locate my vehicle if I forgot where I parked. These features were incredibly convenient and made my ownership experience much more enjoyable. Now, with these functionalities gone, I find myself questioning the purpose of the app altogether. While the interface remains user-friendly and the basic information about my vehicle is still accessible, it pales in comparison to what it used to offer. The loss of these key features has left a significant gap in the usefulness of the Toyota App. It feels like a step backwards in terms of technological convenience. I sincerely hope that Toyota reconsiders this decision and brings back the connected app features. Until then, I find it hard to recommend this app to fellow Toyota owners who, like me, relied on its convenience in their day-to-day lives.
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4 days ago, Snorydr
Paying for this app? Wish I didn’t have to…
I only have this app for remote start in the winter. I was not told it was required when I bought my pickup, nor was I told I had to pay for remote start. It is glitchy at best. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work. I frequently get notifications that my pickup is unlocked but won’t let me lock it. I physically check the vehicle and it is in fact locked, only to see that the notification date/time was from another day but delivered the notification today. Make sure, if you get notifications, to check that they are recent/current. If internet is slow (wifi or data) it just states it is too slow to log into the app, even though the internet is still fast enough to stream videos. Extraordinary how awful the app is for a paid service. Had I known about the paid subscription service for remote start I would not have purchased the vehicle. It is a major factor in my decision to get rid of my toyota. Getting a vehicle where I don’t have to pay monthly for remote start that doesn’t even work half the time.
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2 years ago, ClickClack53
Pointless waste of time
Although the Toyota Entune app was not flawless, I was able to use it. However, I guess Toyota made some changes so the Entune app would no longer connect to my Prius, presumably to “encourage” people to switch over to their newer Toyota app after all the annoying little popup messages urging us to do so. Well I reluctantly downloaded this newer Toyota app and entered all of my info to create an account, but the app refused to allow me to add my 2016 Prius! I tried scanning the VIN number, scanning the barcode, and even typing in the VIN manually, but the app kept showing a message asking me to confirm that I had entered the VIN correctly. Finally I phoned Toyota Customer Support for help, only to be told that I would need to provide proof that I own the car!! I bought it new from a Toyota dealer in 2016 and have been getting it serviced at a Toyota dealership for all recommended periodic maintenance ever since, so they must have it in their records! I finally decided that whatever benefits might be offered by the app were not worth my going to any more trouble. I have deleted this app because I am DONE.
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5 months ago, BostonKD
Why is it so bad?
I don’t know why this app is so bad. It takes forever to load. And everytime—every. Single. Time. I get into my car it pops up and interupts whatever I am doing and asks to communicate with me car. Why does that happen EVERYTIME??? It clearly tells me my car is unlocked. And I go to it and it is locked. In the freezing cold mornings I try to use the remote start and 9/10 times it says “sorry, it’s taking longer than usual to connect.” The car is in my driveway. I just learned that you can hit you lock button on the fob 3 times (holding it down on the 3rd try) and it will state the car. Why am I paying for an app???? Also, I don’t know who to complain to but apple play used to be so much better. Now when a text comes in—the car reads it but doesn’t mute the radio. So I can hear it. And then it’s already read so I can’t go back, turn the radio down and rehear it. The same thing happens when I compose a text. It doesn’t mute the radio so it picks up all this ambient noise. If anyone out there knows how to fix this I would be forever grateful. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Yatogirl
Horrible Service! Do not Renew
After transitioning from the free trial to a paid subscription, my experience took a sharp downturn. Despite receiving a purchase confirmation, there was a lack of clear instructions. Attempting to connect via the app led to a frustrating wait for authentication, which never showed. After waiting for 5 minutes, then 30, I resorted to booking an in-person appointment with my Toyota dealership. Yet!! They were unable to assist me at all, offering instructions that proved no help. Following their advice, I contacted many recommended numbers, only to encounter people who were equally clueless about the situation. When I finally reached the Toyota Brand Engagement Center, exasperated and seeking a refund, instead, they constantly wasted my time explaining how I should have reached out so I can get “Authorization”. A subscription I purchased and yet I could not even get in unless I connect with someone else?? They even denied my refund request without explanation. It's disheartening to have invested so much time and effort into an app only to be met with such disappointment and lack of support.
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2 years ago, Bee625
Trying the app again
When I initially bought the vehicle I tried the app and I hated it so I deleted it but then I decided I wanted to use Alexa in the car since I love it in my home. Every time I open Alexa I have to go to settings and select hands free turn on every time. I say Alexa and the vehicle doesn’t even recognize it. When I select the talk button it doesn’t recognize Alexa either. My vehicle is a 17 so I would understand some of the features not working but I believe this is basic. I love my truck and would love it more if this app was more user friendly and functional. I also hate that it said says the app has to be visible in order for this to be used. As long as it’s open it should be considered “visible”. I use the app so that I may listen to my XM stations that I am unable to access over 200 and something. I also wish when it played an XM station it’d at least show the artist and song like I had it turned to XM. I guess the latter is more of apart of a wish list.
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2 years ago, K8rs87
Awful changes
The prior app was working great - as long as it was open on my phone I could use the connected apps on my Highlander. With this update I have to manually go into the Toyota app, scroll down to select the app suite, which brings me to another page where I click a “connect” button. This happens every time I drive and occasionally I have to sign in again despite selecting “keep me signed in”. UPDATE: STILL GARBAGE. They have fixed the issue of not having to go through steps and manually connect anytime I re-open the app. HOWEVER- the sound through the iHeart radio app doesn’t work. The first time the app is installed and opened it works. But each time after the sound is so quiet through my car it’s not even audible until >35 (which would normally be way too loud). I tested it out just now, I re-installed the app and the sound worked just fine with audio coming through the car. I then closed the app, turned off my car, then reopened the app and turned on my car - back to no sound unless my volume is almost maxed out on my car.
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5 months ago, Professorkyla
Glitchy- left stranded
The digital key is glitchy & not 100% reliable. The idea is very convenient t to have your phone as the key- but I did get stranded about after one month of use. I have a 2024 Prius. Luckily I was home and grabbed the fob key, but I no longer trust it for long drives. Also what needs work is the look feature. When I park, exit, I hit the door lock button on the handle, but it never senses the digital key in my phone- so I have to open my phone, double check blue tooth is blue and not red on app, then open & close door and then the lock works. I even changed the sensory to be available at the max distance so that theoretically my phone could be in my purse- but it’s just glitchy and does t work well. I hope Toyota figures out how to improve it, whether on their side with the app or with communicating with iPhones. I was shocked that I’ll be expected to pay $80 a year for this service and that what I have now is just a one year free trial. I definitely wouldn’t pay extra for a glitchy key- but I’d be tempted if it worked well & was reliable.
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8 months ago, smarrs.
This app is a pain, and leaves us wanting so much more
The idea of the app is fine in theory, but there are so many issues that make it the biggest pain to use. First, it takes over a minute to load each time, and half the time it doesn’t load properly and you have to restart the process over again. Secondly, the lock and unlock buttons regularly don’t work, and will send alerts that my car is unlocked, then when I go into the app I’ll try to lock it and I’ll get a message saying “the car is already locked”. WHY, that just makes me worry for no reason! Also if you press certain buttons the app will completely freeze up and you are forced to once again close it and restart. Also the app will crash itself if you try to lock the dang car! Finally one of my biggest gripes is you HAVE to allow it access every single time you turn your car on, if you don’t, apple car play won’t connect, and you Bluetooth won’t pair properly. Overall, Toyota needs to overhaul this app because it is garbage.
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7 months ago, ZTClemm84
Finicky remote start
This is a great idea but not executed well. My remote start usually fails because my wife doesn’t lock her car when she gets home. I’ve installed cheap remote starts on my other vehicles that work 99% of the time with a two-way remote that doesn’t require a subscription from almost a mile away. For the $8 per month, it should always work. You probably need to just combine the lock and remote start feature like every other remote start. It would also be nice if it ran longer. We live in Alaska and 10 minutes is not enough time. Maybe add a setting for 15 or 20 minutes? I’m also constantly getting “check your rear seat” notifications. We have two car seats in the middle row and the back row is folded down all the time. There should be a setting to zero the weight on the seats or add a car seat option. I bet most people that buy a Highlander have children so I’m guessing it’s a common annoyance.
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8 months ago, DoesEveryoneHaveToHave_a_Nick
An embarrassment for Toyota
This app is horrible and Toyota should be ashamed of it. The worst thing for us living in really cold climates is that sometimes it doesn’t start the car. It says that the car was started, but when you get there, the car is not running. When it’s 30 or 40 below, that’s not pleasant. Even if it did start, 10 minutes is often not enough. Let us select that time! Next, if I have a key on me, and an app, and I started the car from the app, why do you stop the car when I unlock it? You say it’s for security, but is your security so bad that someone could drive my car away without a key, if they can just open it? I can’t do that. To drive a car, the key needs to be inside. Don’t shut the engine if I unlock the car using a key or the app when I’m close to the car. The watch app is useless because the phone app has to be open as well. Why can’t I open and close windows? Why can’t I access the cameras? How about the gas mileage history? I could go all day. This app looks like you offered it is a project at a bad university, and then the worst team got this assignment. What are we paying for? The app is non-functional at this point. This app would be a 1-star app without dozens or possibly hundreds of reviews thanking “Ian” and “Mohammad” from Tyson’s Toyota for being awesome sellers!? What kind of scam are these two characters running? Why are you letting these reviews stand, while you deleted my previous 1-star review?
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9 months ago, bttrflyrose
I want to love it…but don’t
I’ve had my 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid XSE for four days now. The app is wildly slow to respond to the point that it’s practically useless. I’ll unlock it from the app as I’m walking out of my house but have to try again and then I just give up and unlock it since I have the key on me. Yesterday I was trying to load up my car and tried to use the app to unlock it…I literally went back inside for my keys because it was so slow. It notifies me in the grocery store or gym it’s unlocked or the door is open when all doors are closed and I locked it as I walked away…which makes me go back out to check and find it’s all locked up. I keep getting the notification to check my back seat which is completely empty. The only aspect I really like is the remote start since there isn’t a button on my key for it…so when and if that wants to work from that app that’s great. Other than that the tracker and health status are nice.
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8 months ago, Chilly Consad
What happened?
This app use to be great. I have a 2020 Prius so it didn’t unlock the doors; however, the app was useful for seeing fuel level, odometer reading, and TPMS data with a diagram indicating tire position. It sounds as if those features have been rolled into a paid subscription as the app photos in the App Store still show those as options. Since my car doesn’t really fit the subscription paradigm, those useful bits of information are no longer available in my case. All I have is an image of the car and options for service, roadside assistance, and the manual. I’m extremely disappointed. It’s bad enough that the qi charger in the car never really worked; the gps app and Alexa were always spotty and seem to be phased out; but now, this an app that was once useful, reduced to basically a still image and credit card advertisement. Please revert the fuel, odometer, and tire pressure sensor readings to the basic features and restore the usefulness of this app. Otherwise, I don’t really see a need for keeping it anymore.
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10 months ago, umgrizz
Could be useful but it is not
I have had this app for three weeks, the same length of time I have had my new Toyota. This could be a very useful app but it is not! First, the app is extremely difficult to navigate. It is not at all intuitive. I can’t find a damned thing on it even though I’ve seen pictures of the features. But I don’t know where those features reside in the app. I have been down deadends in the app and have been unable to find my way out. Second, there seems to be a problem with the interaction between the app “lock doors” feature and the key fob. I have locked the doors a couple of times using the app and when I try to unlock them with the button on the key fob, the doors at first do not unlock! This is a definite failure in the app. Finally, incessant notifications from the app are driving me crazy! I don’t mind notifications, but I get the same notification repeatedly. For example, I keep my car in the garage with the windows open. Immediately, the app generates a “windows open” notification. I clear it. About an hour later, the app generates another “windows open” notification. I clear it. An hour or two later, the process repeats and it keeps repeating! During the whole time, I have not even touched the car! This happens not just for windows but for other things like “doors unlocked” and others. In short, I expect more from Toyota than this app delivers. You can do better, Toyota—much better!
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2 years ago, Spudohio
Stop Advertising and Using my Location!
The new version of the app looks better but, as other reviewers have stated, some features are now harder to find than in the old version. The “announcement” that pops up on the screen every few days is very annoying. I have chosen to not share my driving data with insurance companies, so I don’t need the “announcement” about Insure Connect. No matter how many times Toyota asks, I will NEVER share my driving data with ANY insurance company, so just stop asking. Or, at a minimum, provide me a way to stop the “announcement” from appearing. Just like the previous version, this app will always use your location, even if the app is set to only use Location Services when I’m using the app. Every other app developer on the planet has found ways to not constantly track my location, so I don’t know why a company like Toyota can’t figure it out.
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2 years ago, egersharp
App does not work for me and nobody can tell me why
I got the app and I got a message that the doors were unlocked on my 2019 RAV4 hybrid. So I tried to lock the doors. I got a error message: Request could not be completed. Please contact your dealer for assistance (42). So I tried to start my car with the app and it started. The app shows my tire pressure, mileage, etc. but it will not lock/unlock the doors. So I went to the dealer and showed them that I can start the case but I cannot lock/unlock the doors. We pushed the button in the car for assistance. We were told that the app is connected to my car but there is a problem with the app and I was given a phone number to call. So I called that number yesterday. I was transferred 3 or 4 times and explained my situation to each person. Then I was told I needed to contact my dealer and the man offered to transfer my phone call to them. I’m glad this is a trial period because I will not be paying for an app that doesn’t work and nobody can tell me why or get it working for me.
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2 years ago, Slick91
2.0.2 fixed the Entune App suite
Updated review, the 2.0.2 update fixed the issues of the apps not connecting. It also auto connected when I launched the app after starting my Tacoma. Thanks to the dev team for applying the fixes within a few week(s) of the last update! Update for the developer who keeps telling everyone to submit feedback through the Toyota app. I tried to do that but I get the message: “Something went wrong. Oops, looks like something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.” Lol…how do you prefer that we tell you the app is broken? ——— Another unsatisfied customer confirming the 2.0.1 update breaks the Entune App suite. I cannot even access the setups. Pressing the App box presents a spinning circle and then crashes back to the main vehicle page. Was working fine prior to this last update.
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4 weeks ago, SmartAppUser0214
Climate control in Remote Connect not functioning
I have only had my Grand Highlander for 6 weeks and am so far appreciating the App. However, the driver’s side seat heater icon is “on” (and yes, the seat itself is heating) and it remains on no matter what I do. I am able to turn the passenger seat heater on and off in the App but not the driver’s side. Also, I have the Climate controls set at 58 degrees but when I just got in the car the controls were set at 74 degrees. Are these bugs that need to be fixed? Where can I get operational support. I don’t see a troubleshooting or support option in the App. Note: I have deleted and reinstalled the App and the driver’s side seat heater setting remained at “on”. Frustrating as I am headed to Florida and it is already plenty hot there, and I need to be able to utilize my Remote Connect climate feature so I don’t have to keep loading my dog into a sizzling hot car.
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3 months ago, Frank343242
Great Car, Terrible App
This app seems like it was an afterthought pushed out with no consumer input. I’ve reached out MANY times to the customer support team to no effect. To be clear, they are friendly and polite but apparently we need to spend 45 minutes to an hour resetting things. Of course the dealer walked me through setting this up. They had little to no understanding of how this app was going to be influenced by what they were clicking through and just wanted to get the activation completed as I’m sure it’s a tracked metric. My major complaints: 1. Single account per vehicle; share your passwords by design. I created an account for me and my wife which was a snafu as she can’t have an account tied to her phone number AND be added to my account. I guess couples that buy cars and then get married need to call Toyota to straighten this out? 2. Notifications need to be on to use any features 3. Remote start is an add on subscription? I get the need to grasp at any and all reoccurring revenue but I stop at my car. This might be my first and last Toyota. 4. Infotainment system keeps prompting for some pin tied to the app. No clue what this is about. Look, I working in technology so this isn’t me not being a “digital native”. This app is garbage, and seems more focused on selling subscriptions than anything else. Unfortunately it’s tied deeply into the car and it’s infotainment system.
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8 months ago, jphop23
Zero stars
Why are the only 5 star reviews from Ian and Mohammed from some random Toyota dealership for setting up the app? It has nothing to do with the app itself. They are having every new customer add these reviews to artificially inflate the rating. How are my legitimate reviews constantly removing while these are allowed? Just create a simple app that actually does what customers want. Since you don’t know what that is, let me tell you. We just want to start our vehicles without spending 20 minutes fighting the app. We just want to be able to see the tire pressure, gas level, lock and unlock, mileage. We want to be able to have it run one remote start for more than 10 minutes. We want to be able to open the doors without the engine shutting off. Such ridiculous and unnecessary “safety features”. Please fire your entire development and QA team and hire some qualified professionals. I know 12 year olds who could create a better app than this…seriously.
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1 year ago, Rpooh
So Disappointed
I had the App, stayed disappointed & let my Remote Services expire. Decided to give it another shot & well, that was a literal week long fiasco to get operational again. Not to mention calls for assistance, communication barrier, forwarded higher up because no one can solve, week long wait so yeah...not pleased. Second time around & equally disappointed. Never stays working without having to start the sign in process all over, get verification codes, run downstairs to garage & scan VIN. Half the time, I don't even get the alerts as to vehicle (RAV) status. It might work, it might not on any given day. The amount this costs & sells itself as being able to do, compared to what I actually get is NOT worth it. Probably the most under-performing App I've ever had & I'm paying for that??? Don't advise I need to do "this or that." I repeat, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Works less this 2nd time around. I won't miss it when it expires.
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4 months ago, Ash4888
Not Bad, but can use improvements
So far, it’s done what I’ve needed in an app for accessing my car. I am on the 1 year free trial, and I can access my car locks and get updates on my car’s current location and status. However, the app is quite buggy. My car status sometimes does not stay up to date and will tell me the car is not locked but that was from 10 minutes ago and did not update unless I specifically tell it to refresh. The worst bug is when the app flickers after being on in the background for awhile and I just have to restart the app every time. Sometimes it doesn’t take input from finger swipes or taps and will take a minute before I can even force quit the app. I hope new updates will be made to fix these bugs!
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1 year ago, Lacomj
PHEV charging report data are very wrong… plus…
I just started using this app with a 2022 RAV4 Prime XSE and am underwhelmed with the user experience for the battery charging history/scheduling/etc. Most disappointing is that the charge history info that is reported is just bad (erroneous) info. It reports incorrect start and end charge state percentages and many entries have bad time stamps. Some charge events seem missing and others are sortof duplicated. These may be due to bad handling of time stamp data in the software…. Point is, this is inexcusably buggy. Why would I be happy paying $8/month for the Remote Connect subscription service, just to be able to monitor bad info in a clunky interface? That said, the other features of the app seem to work ok (door locks, etc). So much of the app just leaves me feeling Toyota’s heart really isn’t into making this a great app at this time.
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10 months ago, Batman64389
Very slow
The app is very slow to load up, and very slow to acknowledge your request. Sometimes the app will crash, give false information about your vehicle from being locked/unlocked last parking location etc. Realistically, the app should be smooth, fast, accurate, and consistent updates to the last vehicle update. More like 30/60 minute updates within the app, not last time used the app. When you open the app, it should have a recent update. Also, it should pair better with basic maintenance information, oil change, fluid change, filters change, dealership appointment settings, etc. The auto start function is a joke. You should be able to unlock the doors and open them while the feature is on. And to fully unlock the vehicle, the brake must be pressed and the ignition button pressed, obviously fob is near by. Chevy does it, along with a few other manufacturers. Please fix these issues Toyota.
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11 months ago, ndcjsljs
Once your tires are rotated, the app is useless
Had my first service with tire rotation. About a week later, I get a low tire light. Pull up the app to see which one, and go to put some air in it. I don’t see the number changing so I put in more air, that’s when I notice a completely different tire is going up in pressure and I have gone a ways above the normal pressure. So then I go around inspecting all tires to see which one is truly the low one. That’s when I found a screw in a completely different tire, the one the app was telling me I overfilled. Had to get the tire replaced and all tires set back to factory specs. The service guys said they have no idea why the app is not connecting the tires to the right location and there is nothing they can do for it. Tried to send a comment through the Toyota website regarding this problem, only once I enter in all my information, the submit button doesn’t work. Just poor design and customer support all around.
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2 years ago, Dematerial
Recent update=decline in functionality
This app was getting by to begin with. The recent update has made it worse. It has now become slower with hit or miss functionality. It also bugs me that I keep getting a notification to buy Toyota genuine parts. It’s a new Toyota, why would I be needing parts? Why clutter the app with such “offers” ? Also, the status of the car is often not updated And even though I may have received a push notification with recent status, the app displays status from a while ago. It’s annoying to see that my car is unlocked, lock it with the app, receive a notification saying the car is already locked, then see the previous notification saying the car is locked. The app also doesn’t close by itself and runs in the background with the blue outline around the time in the top left corner of the screen. What is this app doing to warrant running in the background like this? Is it actively navigating? Is there a call in progress? One thing the app is NOT doing is updating the status of the car. I always have to manually shut down the app which is annoying. This could just be a functional and easy to use app of Toyota could get rid of the clutter.
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2 weeks ago, BiJeeJ
Image of car is backwards
The app finally appeared to be working properly. I loved the status bar for the remote start. It was looking up. Then I get in my car to find I have low tire pressure somewhere. I check my app, and find the pressure is dangerously low, allegedly, for my front driver’s side tire. For it to be as low as it was it could only mean I had a leak. I check it and can’t find any tears or nails. It’s night, so I check again in the morning and still can’t find anything. No clue what to do, I decide I’ll just go fill my tire and hope for the best. Before I did, though, I checked all my tires just to make sure I wasn’t missing something and find a nail in the rear passenger tire. That’s where the leak was. I’m so frustrated with this app! One thing is fixed for another thing to be messed up. And to be sure, the picture shows the tire near the mirror is the one with the issue, but that’s not the one actually messed up.
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3 weeks ago, SusGodVlad
Terrible app! And will cause trouble w Payments!
So I’ve had a Toyota vehicle for about 4 years now and I’ve used to app to pay for my vehicles. As of recent I set up reoccurring payments so I don’t have to remind myself every month. A full month goes by and I see my payment has DOUBLED!! I received an email that my payment was posted and don’t have to worry from there on and then I get a bunch of calls asking why I missed my payment. I received ONE follow up email saying I missed my payment 3 weeks after I submitted a payment and same with this month! They could have sent me an email the MOMENT it didn’t go through but no, 3 WEEKS LATER!!! They say they’ve reached out but I’ve asked to change that phone number every time I’ve had my car serviced. Literally the worst app out there. I love Toyota but will probably be trading my vehicle in for a Honda for sure after this altercation. Honda has a cleaner And not as buggy app
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2 months ago, Unfortunate Toyota app user
Horrible service-Zero stars
This app is useless. When I purchased my car I was not told I’d need to pay a fee to keep the connected services like remote start. When the “trial” apparently ran out, I had no service. After paying for service and downloading app, the services would not reconnect. After multiple correspondence with remote connect, I was told to go to the dealer. Dealership charged me almost $200 just to make it “work”, and not all of the services work, none work from the app. The only one that works from my fob is remote start. Fast forward-My service was disconnected due to “lack of payment “ when valid payment was on file. Now I’m potentially having to pay for unnecessary dealership “service” again. This is such a scam. The app doesn’t function correctly, constantly is requiring I reset my password, and hardly has any detail: like payment history. I’m very disappointed in Toyota.
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5 months ago, GQHHG
SOoo FRUSTRATED by this app!
TODAY- the app decided to lose ALL my information on my vehicles and myself! I can’t get back into it, it says there’s a server error! It is -20* outside AND I CAN NOT REMOTE START MY VEHICLE! 🤬 Why have this if it doesn’t work? Why doesn’t Toyota put the remote start ON THE KEY FOB?! Then there’s no relying on satellites and updating computer software and servers! OMY TOYOTA!! Plus, can you please explain to me why my husband can’t be on the SAME app so when HE drives the VEHICLE HE can remote start it from his phone? It only allows for ONE person at a time!!! I bought this vehicle! It’s mine and if I want my husband AND myself to be able to remote start OUR vehicle then we should be able to!!! If I add him to the app as a guest then it kicks me off and I have to go through the ENTIRE process of linking my VIN to the app ALL OVER AGAIN!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Utterly RIDICULOUS!!!! This is by far my most favorite vehicle I’ve owned in my entire life- but this app IS STUPID!!!!!
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2 years ago, Marc from Chicago
Doesn’t work and can’t uninstall
I wish I had come to read these reviews sooner. I’m having the same problem with the update, where I would tap on the “app suite” section in the app and nothing would happen. No connect button shows up, no way I get app to connect to the car so that I could stream music using the app suite. I thought maybe an uninstall/reinstall would help (I would have known better if I had read the reviews on the recent update), so I tried to uninstall. Now my phone is stuck in this Toyota app purgatory. The app pretends to uninstall, but when I reboot the phone, there it is, sort of. It’s not listed in the installed apps in settings, yet when I go to the App Store, it just has an “open” button, as if the app is already on my phone. I can’t open it, I can’t delete it. It is beyond useless. I’m can only hope that if/when an update happens, it will fix this disaster of an app.
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