Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats

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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats

4.65 out of 5
26.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Natie💚💚💚
Great Tracker! With a yearly price!
After 7 months with a tracker on My golden retriever Chloe, I really was not too passionate about the product. It just never seemed to be needed, and always felt like I had to charge it. After A WEEK of holding a charge, this tracker single-handedly saved Chloe’s life, and a ton of stress…. My names Nate, Chloe’s dad. I went away from the house to an event 30 minutes away when I get a call from a family member says that Chloe ran and chased a bunny and did not come back and kept going. As a dad and the caller we were both frantic but knowing that I had the Tracker on her was a huge relief and being able to live track it. She was in the middle of a felid. Knowing this information, I was able to give direction, and help navigate family members to the right direction tracking their location and meeting them up. How he knew? The flashing light that was on her tracker that was shining in the dark. Truly an unbelievable experience, extremely thankful for this tracker and to be able to track my dog so quickly before I have even gotten home. I could not imagine what we would have done without the tracker, 10pm at night, blindly going out to look for her, I would not be typing this right now just 2 hours after the runaway. Extremely pleased and grateful . Not to mention what that tracker has been through rain, snow and ponds, really shows it durability! You have officially won me forever Tractive
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2 years ago, GABuR_goO
I can finally sleep again
I have never had a problem with my cat (Kitty) until recently. She’s been an inside/outside cat for around 10 years. My neighbor never had a problem with her until he got a new cat. Kitty is very territorial of property and attacked his cat (Lulu) when she came into our yard. This obviously made me worried since I don’t want my cat to hurt his cat or vice versa. This device gives me amazing comfort to know where she’s been all day. Kitty also never liked collars and I thought she’d hate this one but she doesn’t. It’s weird to see how comfortable she is with the collar and she understands she needs it on to be outside. Battery life has been great so far it’s on 81% after 2 days of use and it takes 2 hours to charge. The app is VERY user friendly. Kitty has been through a lot with me and she is like an unofficial service pet she has always found a way calm me down. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The GPS location is very accurate and will show you the area or direction of your animal (if your animal tends to be in a shaded spot like under a parked car it might be a little off but that’s expected, you’ll at least know the area they are in). If you have a dog or cat you can train them to know to come home with the ring feature. If you are worried about your outdoor or outdoor/indoor animal at all, this is definitely a must buy.
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4 years ago, Brian Sokko
It works perfectly! (See updates at bottom)
I have been using Tractive for about 6 months to track my whippets when they are off leash. I had used another tracker previously and it was junk. Tractive works. It connects quickly and the active tracking keeps track of my dogs even when they are running 30-40km hour. The battery is ok for me because we take the trackers off at home, it’s only for free runs (about one hour a day) in the woods (just in case). So I only need to charge the trackers a couple times a week and that’s ok for me. The only issue I have had is the attachment clips. We have lost the trackers several times now. As they are activated for “active tracking” I have been able to find them (using the beeping noise) but it’s NOT easy in the forest! Usually takes about an hour. I’m down to my last clips now, if I lose one I guess I will need to buy more? Please give a better solution for the clips. Thanks. Update: contacted by Tractive and they will send me new clips. I’m going to add another star for the good customer service. Trackers still work great. Update 2: (after more than a year experience)The new trackers are great! The clips are much more convenient. I really can’t think of anything else I would want from the trackers. Customer service deserves 6⭐️ this is a really top company!
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6 months ago, Cajun Burgular
Excellent hardware, ecosystem and tech. A few annoyances.
Let’s start with the bad… the app seems to think I care about things like activity tracking, badges for “accomplishments, etc.). I can’t seem to shut that stuff off and it’s annoying when you run the app and a big “Congratulations!” pops up. Seriously, leaderboards? Developers, just make that stuff optional with a toggle in the settings page! But because those things are minor and some people no doubt love them, I’m going to still give this app five big stars! Really, the app is just a portion of the big picture here and you are really buying hardware, online services, cellular based subscriptions, etc. and it’s all executed wonderfully! And I’m a tech guy! Big optimizations such as setting up a power saving zone around your wifi is a big deal! It allows you to save so much battery that you only need to charge the unit once every 7 days or so. If you live or are visiting an area with cellular coverage, the system is just fantastic. Obviously if your dog gets lost he’s likely to wander somewhere with coverage… hopefully. The collar unit is wonderful as well. A lot of thought went into making it small, waterproof and comfortable. My dog swam in the ocean for close to an hour and there were no problems at all. Highly recommended!
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10 months ago, veo2002
If you’re looking at reviews to see if you want a tractive tracker, absolutely yes do it. I live in the middle of nowhere with very limited cell towers not to mention wifi services and it updates so frequently and covers my entire 14 acre property to make me feel better that my baby is home. If you’re looking to see if the app really works, it does. As long as my dog is within my boundary I have set up (which is such a godsend of a feature) it updates a little longer to save battery. The longest I’ve had it take to update was 5 minutes, it notifies me when he leaves the boundary and re-enters. Having such a large property, I can’t see him when he reaches the top of the hill and he’s pitch black so at nighttime I can make sure he’s just doing his nightly rounds with the farm animals. I’ve never had a glitch and the support team is amazing with any questions I ever had. The live feature allows you to make the collar beep and flash lights which my dog now knows that means he’s in trouble and we know he left home and needs to go back immediately. When you turn on live it tells you exactly how far you are from them and how fast they’re traveling (wow my dog is quite fast). Just download it and mess around with things to get the groove of the app. Worth all the money and more
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1 year ago, Edward V Heflin
Best thing ever!
First day I was extremely skeptical. Coming off $50 for the tracker was not so bad. Coming off $130ish for service had me wondering. We’ll all I can really say now is this is 100% the best thing I have got for SpotSpot (small dog). I live in the country on a gravel road with the interstate about a half mile through the woods. The terrain is rough and woodsy. Spot escaped out the door and I had to find him. This was absolutely no problem with the tracker. The application is easy to use and very user friendly. Setting up a profile was a snap. The features of virtual fences is awesome. You can set up a go zone and no go zones. The tracking has standard map display and satellite overlay which is a nice touch for where I live. You can select live at any time and watch in real time where your pet is. The ability to see where all your pet has gone during the day is a nice addition too. If you ever wondered where all your pet goes during the day this will show you. You can track your pets exercise somewhat. There is a ledger board of near by pets so you can see where your pet ranks in activity and that’s kind of neat. If your worried about your pet and want to be able to find them when they get out I highly suggest this.
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11 months ago, Cindi218
Beagle Friendly
If you have a beagle, you know what I am talking about. When the nose starts working, the ears stop. Lol. And unlike other things, it doesn’t matter how far away they go. Our daughter in South Carolina has this app on her phone for when she visits. She will be four states away, and call me and asked me if I am aware that one of our kids (dogs) is way outside of his virtual fence. We are in the Bermuda triangle of cell phone service, sometimes cell phones work sometimes they don’t and this trackive and the 5G is no different. So every once in a while., I’ll have to stand in the middle of the yard for it to catch up. But we are in the mountains of West Virginia. HOWEVER..It lead me right to my beagle, half a mile away. He lost his collar on one of his adventures. One tip that I do have. When you are searching for your animal or your collar, walk out and around so you are walking into the point of the bubble on the Tractive GPS app. If you come in behind the bubble, it blocks your spot marker, you can’t get to the pinpoint because your marker and the tractive bubble covers each other. But we have three dogs and we now have four trackers just in case we can’t get to one or ones battery dies, and they are worth every penny.
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5 years ago, Gallito Girl
Works well
So far I’m satisfied with this. My dog hasn’t gotten lost, but we are traveling in an RV and she has been getting in and out at rest stops, gas stations, and strange RV parks and it is reassuring to know that if she got loose I would have a chance of finding her. Let’s be realistic - nothing keeps your dog safer than a leash and an attentive owner. But mistakes happen and this seems to be a good safety net. I saw some complaints about the attachment system. Here’s what I’ve learned - 1. only try to attach to one thickness of your dog’s collar. If your dog’s collar has two laps of cloth, slip the attachment under only the top layer. Otherwise the attachment will seem ok but will fall off easily. If you get it properly attached it stays securely. 2. Figure out how to position the attachment device and the tracker first, before you start wresting with your dog. Or take the collar off so you can work more easily. It seems like the attachment clip and the tracker have to be positioned exactly so, and then when you hear a little click it is on securely. 3. I haven’t used it in live mode much, but even in the regular mode it seems pretty darn accurate. And probably the battery lasts longer, although we are still recharging it nightly.
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5 months ago, D'orazia
Overall a wonderful purchase
I bought this because we live in a rural area with bears, coyotes, and numerous unleashed dogs wandering around. We always walk our dog on leash but should he ever wriggle out of his harness or jump over our gate, this tracker gives me a lot of comfort. I’ve tested it by tracking him when my husband takes him on walks and live mode performs well in our rural area (we have adequate cell coverage). I don’t use any of the other “wellness” features and would honestly prefer to pay less and not have those features at all. But it was easy to adjust notifications so I’m never bothered by messages about how many steps my dog took or how many calories he burned, thank goodness. So far the battery is holding up well and requires charging once a week at most — curious to see how the battery performs over time. Tractive should provide a way for live tracking to be turned on inside the “safe zone” when needed. We live in a wooded mountainous area and the smallest available safe zone extends quite a ways up and down the mountain, well beyond the walls of our house. This means there are times when the app shows that our dog is in the safe zone but we have no idea where to look for him, and he’s far enough away that radar tracking doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Durangirl2
Peace of mind
Tractive is a good tool for finding the location of your dog. I use it for my 2 huskies who are trained to stay in the yard with an underground fence but I love having the extra security of knowing that I can find their location should they ever escape. Tractive is not precise on location so I do often get alerts that one of them are out of their designated boundaries, but over time I have learned that By looking at the Tractive map I can see how close they are to the house and knowing the boundaries are not exact - I can tell the dogs are still within my limits. If it were to ever show the location as being across the street or 1 house down from me-I would know they had escaped! This gives me a lot of peace of mind. I attach the Tractive device to their pet fence collar and they are secure and remain in great condition even after almost 2 years of rough husky play! I do wish they had the capability of setting a moving perimeter around the dogs when going on a walk/hike/ park etc. and tones/vibration/ corrections when going beyond the perimeter as some products do, but for tracking your dog it is great! I do subscribe to Tractive to get the most benefit. It is not pricey and a Great product that I highly recommend. I only wish I had it years ago to track my cats as well!
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2 years ago, GoCodyT
Review of Tractive
This is the first review I have ever written for a product of any kind. For this I am making an exception. The tracker is sanity saving and maybe even life saving for my almost one year old kitten. We live next to a busy street in an urban area. There are also coyotes around here. I couldn’t believe it about the coyotes until a friend said she had seen one. Cody (the kitten) is very vocal and has spent the past eight months screaming to get outside. We have even thought of finding a new home for him. We discovered Tractive on the internet and thought it would be worth trying. The tracker works beautifully. He doesn’t mind wearing it because it fits on his collar. We know exactly where he is when he is out. It has a map of the area so that his location is clear. It charges quickly. The info says that once charged the battery will last for about a week. We haven’t gotten that much time but, we often have to track him for a half day at a time. So far we are getting three or four days. Not complaining. We highly recommend the Tractive tracker.
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5 years ago, idegbaj
It’s great but there’s room for improvement
I’ve been using a tracker for one of my cats for a month now and it works fine for the most part. The design and materials used for the collar are sturdy enough although wigs other similar objects can scratch it easily. I have two issues the first being location history and overall accuracy. Now I understand this could be dependent on the country and location but sometimes there are spots on the heatmap that are way off not just a few meters but like the other side of the city. I know there’s no way my cat had been there since he doesn’t even leave the street he rarely wanders and the next minute it shows he’s back in the garden. Maybe the connection is weak or the tower has issues but fortunately real time tracking works fine. The other problem I had is the fact that I already had to ask for a replacement tracker. Unfortunately the collar or my cat got caught in something and instead of breaking away at the breakaway strip it came apart between the battery and the tracker so of course I couldn’t find it even though I spent half a day searching the last known location. So yes it does what it says and I like the activity monitoring feature but there definitely things that could be worked on.
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2 years ago, TCROW MS
Best peace of mind ever
Our cat Solomon, was ata led by neighborhood dogs on our patio and took off. We had no idea if he was hurt, lost or dead. Days later he showed up, it you’ve never seen two more pitiful 60 year olds about this cat! I found Tractive, and ever since, have had such peace of mind. Solomon wasn’t the least bit bothered wearing it, even the first time, which shocked us, because he hates anything on his body. The only problem we sometimes have is if it comes off ( cat collars are easy break away so they don’t choke if they squeeze through a fence or get caught in tree branches) . When he loses the collar, we of course, track the signal but sometimes it’s very hard to home in on it and the little light and sound are not much help at all. Still, it’s been worth every penny to have some comfort and some idea where he is and what’s he’s been up to! Very cool to see his routes! Lastly, I can even see this when we travel to Europe! So I know exactly when and where he goes even when I’m across the planet and he’s with the cat sitter. Thanks Tractive, you are the best!
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12 months ago, Blackpetunia
App lost features and does not seem to be working properly since update
I have been using tractive Dog Walk app for almost 4 years on a daily basis. It has served my purposes quite well. As a professional Dog Walker I use this app to track my Dog Walk and share information with my clients. It has a fairly simplistic interface, but it has everything I need, being able to track distance and location, bathroom, break, info, and being able to share all of this with my clients in real time. However, two days ago, or at least two days ago for me because I got a new phone and when I opened up the app, it had an updated version and now I can no longer share the walk when I started with my client, also, the app has inexplicably gone over to the dark mode, so the maps are harder to read. And at the end when I actually can share the walk with my client, nothing really comes through on the walk it sends a link that doesn’t even have the wording in it that says see my walk with whatever the dogs name is it just looks like a broken link. I have tried contacting support numerous times in the past 36 hours with no response. This may be the end of my relationship with this app if I can’t get answers or get my app to function properly the way it used to. Very disappointed.
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7 months ago, DezD21
Might’ve Saved My Dog’s Life Today
I’m super uptight about my dog getting lost, so I bought a Tractive and I drop her off at an in-house dogsitter service when I go to work so she doesn’t get out of the house or yard. My dog bolted when the dogsitter’s front door was open today. She called me because she knew I had the tracker, but I can’t have my phone with me at work and didn’t see the call until over an hour later. They’d been searching for her that whole time and couldn’t find her. Once I left work and got to the wooded area they saw her run into, right by a busy highway, I was able to find her in about 5 minutes. I didn’t think to share GPS access with the dogsitter because the whole point was to have peace of mind that my dog wouldn’t escape, but I will definitely be doing that once I find a new dogsitter. I was considering asking for a refund because I was frustrated with the frequent battery charging (~2x per week) and false alarms. After today I’m so thankful for Tractive. It was so easy to find her exact location, even in a wooded area.
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5 years ago, Ukulele-Bug
Thank you Tractive Developers!
I am so thrilled to have finally found a product that I can use to track my cats in real time! Each spring for the past three years, when my two cats get spring fever and constantly barge the door whenever it’s opened, I feel sick to my stomach I may never see them again! So I began looking for something like this but three years ago, while I believe you may have been around, I’m thinking you were new and not a life of reviews just. So I waited . Last year, you were leader of the pack with reviews but if I recall, not as consistent as I would have liked, plus, I was concerned the GPS tracker might be a bit cumbersome for my one cat. What a difference a year makes! Congratulations on such consistently positive reviews! Those reviews prompted me to just place my order for two to place on my cats!!!! I’m so thrilled that I will finally have the piece of mind I’m looking for when they escape on me. Thanks for providing such a fantastic service for all us pet lovers! I’ll be sure to update my review once I receive product and activate my subscription! H. R. aka “Bugs Mom”
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5 years ago, Tina&Loki
Peace of mind
I love my Tracker gps. We moved to the country and having an invisible fence was our only option. All of our dogs are off leashed trained but the occasional husky exploration occurs. This gadget had given me peace of mind knowing my dog is where he should be even if I’m in another state. The clasp to attach to the collar hasn’t been the greatest (I’ve found it laying in the yard with the gps numerous times) but have found a bag to hold it to his collar. We turn it on every morning and have to charge it every other day to keep the battery alive. I have also noticed it likes to give me notices that my dog is out of the “fence” when he is really laying on my back porch. That’s ok with me! I’d rather be alerted falsely to make me go check on him instead of never receiving a message at all in the act that he does run off somewheres. I have also noticed that the turning on and off sound feature has stopped working (gps still works) and has recently having a white light appear with the red one. I have contacted customer service and am waiting for their reply. Hopefully it’s an easy fix or the extra insurance covers it! I’d hate to not have it working in case someone decides to take an afternoon run away from mom day!
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11 months ago, Lonestar Ranch
I am at ease always knowing where my dog is.
I absolutely love this tracker! It has some great features that I use regularly like seeing where my dog has been on the “history” link. So cool! I really like the tone and light up feature. When my dog would ignore me telling him here, I could turn the tone signal on and he would come right away as he is previously trained with a training color. He knows what comes after the “beep” sound if he ignored me. The lights are great too so I can track him when I let him out on our farm at night. We don’t have fences for dogs, just cattle and horses. The battery lasts a long time and charges quickly. This collar has helped me retrieve my dog on several occasions when he went “exploring”. The down side is that if you leave it on your dog 24/7 as I do, except to charge, it wears out quickly. I’m on my 3rd rubber strap to keep it attached to his collar. They are off of two more new ones I have not put into use yet. Also the tone and light features quit working after 3 months. I’m going to see if I can transfer my subscription on this collar to one of my new ones.
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8 months ago, Shelbeaner
GPS Tracking my cat.
This is without a doubt the best invention since the wheel. My cat was stolen off my front porch and I spent 3 awful week’s posting flyers and media posts on a daily basis. Finally the man who stole my cat texted me that he knew he had my cat but wasn’t planning on giving him back to me. What a nightmare. I kept him in text and also called the police who was able to get the man to give up his address and we went and picked my cat up immediately. Someone had suggested I buy a GPS tracker and now I can follow my cat when he’s out hunting and anytime I want him I open the app and drive to wherever he is. I actually saw him chasing a bunny once as I was tracking him and I saved that bunny’s life that day because I always bring a can of his favorite food and I click the top and he comes running to me. It is the only way I could live with my doggie door for my pups and not have to lock the cat inside. He loves going out to hunt and can do so again thanks to my GPS. He’s a happy boy and im a happy mommy. ✌️🐾
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5 months ago, Siemens Fse
Helpful. But not dependable
We were just sent on a scary wild goose chase with our cat. I am still getting notices even though the cat is back in the house with the tracker that he has again left the virtual safe zone. It keeps clicking on and off. It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does, it is absolutely horrifying if your pet is out. When this is happened before, luckily, the cat was inside the house so we knew it was just simply inaccurate. We do have a back up AirTag on his collar which finally saved us when we got within range. But it was nowhere near where the tracker said the cat would be. I don’t know about the other products on the market but I believe tractive is probably the best out there, but know that it is certainly on certain days it seems wildly inaccurate. Can you close out the live function turn it back on close it out again sign out sign back in and still unless the cat is flying cannot move from one end of one street to the other end. Have not tried the other products out there but the 6040 accuracy and accuracy on this product is enough that we will probably keep using it
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2 weeks ago, WkGreenRA
Better than nothing… barely.
I’ve had this for about two years, and use it only occasionally when I go hiking with the dog. He’s usually pretty good, staying next to me for most of the way, at until he catches a scent from somewhere, and then off he goes. Before I can pull out my iPhone and connect to the app he could easily be a thousand feet away somewhere in the dense woods. When it works it’s a great peace of mind to be able to locate him and know how far and in which direction. Too often it doesn’t, however. It works sporadically and only if there is cell service available. If not it’s useless. It offers Bluetooth when cell service is not there which is ridiculous. If there’s no cell service why would there be Bluetooth? I’m not at home. I’m out in the woods. Sometimes it doesn’t work when there IS cell service. I feel like I would have better results if I just strapped an iPhone to my dog and used “Find My Friends”. Honestly, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work the same way! The bottom line is it might be your first pet’s lifeline, but it’s too often unreliable. At those times you’re on your own, and it’s just a useless gadget you spent money on.
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1 year ago, saxmennis
Just enough, reliable
Me and my pup previously had the halo collar. It barely got wet once and immediately stopped working, it was also massive on the dogs neck. I tried Wagz - honestly they should be ashamed, it does not work at all. Finally tried Tractive and am so happy and wished I started here. (It’s also the cheapest! I started the other end of the spectrum and worked me way here.) It’s reliable, you don’t have to charge the battery every day (lasts about 5-7 days), and it’s durable, small, and as far as I can tell so far it’s water proof. At the end of the day you need a collar that you know is charged and responsive when you need it, and Tractive is exactly that. 100% accurate and live tracking, and notifications if your pet wanders too far. The other bells and whistles some companies offer are nice, but if the collar gets water splashed on it or the battery is dead, it really doesn’t matter what the collar *could* have done. Also Wagz just straight up doesn’t work so don’t buy that.
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3 years ago, ileparis
Love this tracker for my cat
My cat has been been using this tracker for several months and I love it! I can track her down to the exact bush she is hiding behind. It gives me a lot of peace of mind and is also kind of fun to see where she is. My cat is small (only 8 lbs) so the tracker is a little big, but it has never bothered her at all. The battery life is good…I check it every time she goes out to be sure there is enough to let her out. I love the new finder function and the camera locator functions. Every once in a while the app doesn’t connect. I’m not sure if that is a connectivity issue on my end. It eventually will though, but thankfully it’s not often. The only thing I would change is to have the tracker smaller for cat and a louder ping when it is activated, but I’m guessing there are battery issues with a smaller tracker and a loud ping would potentially freak out the cat or dog. I would highly recommend this tracker for cats and dogs.
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9 months ago, chelsmarie1
9+ pound tracker
I saw quite a few negative reviews on this but i’ve been using for a little over a week now and i have nothing but positives to say! Definitely worth the money, thought ITS IS NOT PAID MONTHLY!!!! You have to at least pay for a year you’re looking to at least pay around $115 before being able to use the tracker. It also is a little big looking but my cat doesn’t mind it at all not even right after getting it. It also lets you turn on a light or play sound through it. any cat learned the sound means come home already lol. I love being able to check where he’s at when i’m not around. I also haven’t had to charge it yet and still have 40% battery, tracker has a “battery saver mode” that you can turn on when cat is in “safe zone” and when cat leaves said zone or fenced in area that you set an alert is sent to your phone, one as well when they return. App is very easy to use and so far no problems. Just wish I’d known it was a full year pay so I was prepared for that big of a payment right away.
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5 months ago, Inaccurate weather
Far and away the best GPS tracker
I have been using these trackers for years for my cats. I could not get a GPS tracker service to work in my location because it was in the country on a hillside. Tractive works! I have 2 cats with breakaway collars that I consistently have to find because the collars come off in the chaparral bushes. The Tractive GPS device makes a little noise so you can locate it. Also, I bought protection plans where Tractive replaces the GPS unit free of charge if it is lost. Sometimes the collars are in locations I don’t want to go to retrieve them. The replacement plan has been so worth it. If the collar is lost, once it’s reported lost, Tractive will immediately send out a replacement. No questions asked. I have a peace of mind that I can find my pets when I need to - priceless. Also, if you are calling them to come inside, there’s a map that shows you where the pet is located, so you can call in that direction. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, K.K. T.
A dream come true!
I adore the tracker in almost every respect. Overall, I’d give it a 5 if and you could pay by month rather than for set number of years in advance, and the accuracy was just a tad better. For instance, I ran to put shoes on and get car keys because my cat was way outside of his fence. Just to be sure it wasn’t thrown off by being indoors, I checked my deck. Lo and behold my cat was napping there. Aside from that, it’s very accurate outdoors, and they warn you on the paperwork that being indoors could throw it off. In terms of ease of use, 5/5 my baby niece could use it. I love the notifications when my cat is out of the fence, I live in town and on a fairly busy street and worry about him being stolen/hit by a car. I’d tried just letting him out on a harness for a walk, but he hates the constraints so I bought this. Since a breakaway collar risks losing the tracker, or a normal collar risks choking my cat, I attach the tracker to a harness and just remove it when he’s indoors! He loves it and comes home with ease, or I can just find him and bring him in using live tracking.
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6 months ago, KAF0878
Helps me keep track of my 3 dogs.
We have an invisible fence but when it breaks which seems to happen a couple times a year, I have a red head Pekingese that I call a runner. She tests the fence and if it’s off she takes off and normally my older Peek follows her. With the Bluetooth tracker it takes me right to them. We have wooded areas that they love to go to which is not good with coyotes. I lost one a year ago before I bought the Bluetooth Tracker Tractive. The fence was out and she took off. Never to return. She had a chip and a collar with our info on it so either someone kept her or she got lost in the woods or worse. We looked everywhere and put up flyers. That’s when I decided to look into a tracking device as the chip couldn’t be tracked which surprised me. I miss her dearly but now I can rest knowing I won’t lose another as long as they have their tracker on. Thank you Tractive. It’s already come in handy!
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5 years ago, 2882717
Like it but...
I really like the Tractive app it works very well, although I wish the battery would last longer than 48 hours.😀 The Things I wish were different are: the collar clip- it can be difficult with a wiggly dog, there are easier designs out there. I also have sewn little zippered “sleeves” that I slip on my dogs’ collars to hold the tracker in place. Sure they are insured, but replacing is a issue I don’t need. The tracking mechanism is spot on for locating the dogs, only off occasionally during inclement or very cold weather—of course those are the most important times to track so you know the babies are safe. I have farm dogs who free roam 100 + acres and sometimes ya just want to know where they are!!! I also wish there was an 800 number for quick issues.. currently everything must be handled via email, which is ok BUT takes at least 24-48 hours for a reply, and if my dog is missing, I need help NOW not when y’all get around to it!!!! Please change that if you can!!! All in all a good product/good purchase.
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2 years ago, onemoretimeorideletemessage
Even in the dark!
I have been concerned a few times in the last few months when Buddy, my yellow lab hybrid, refused to come to the truck when I was ready to leave the farm at night. Nothing worked to get his attention and I had no idea where he was so I was going to text the neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for him as I was going home. Each time I did manage to find him ripping apart a log or digging a hole to chase mice. With this tracker I am now able to know where he is when out of my sight. I was very surprised to see the light feature. It was dark and I had no idea where he was. One push of the light button and wow. There he was. The mapping feature and history is also great. I can retrace our steps over the entire property. I checked out much more expensive options than this before settling on the tracker. It is amazing how well it is working for me for so reasonable a price. Thanks
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11 months ago, Lkuja
Just what our indoor/outdoor cat near a busy road needed!
We have a very busy indoor/outdoor cat. I have kids who sometimes let her out without letting me know. We were constantly feeling stressed that she would get too near the road and eventually wander into the road. We were also stressed that she might hide out under the cars. I was initially disappointed because I was not able to decipher if she was hiding under the cars (because the GPS wasn’t quite that sensitive). However, it has been incredibly accurate in alerting the phones of my two teenagers, my husband, and myself each time she wanders out of the safe area we have marked. I have found it user-friendly, and I like that the battery lasts a long time. The peace of mind I feel as well worth the cost. And thankfully, she never hides under our cars, so that has become a mute point for us. Thank you, Tractive
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1 year ago, pudc_b
Add Option to Turn Off Power Saving Mode When Connected to Wi-Fi!!!
Just giving one star to hopefully get the app developers’ attention. Overall this is a good app, lots of features. But, you cannot turn off low power mode when the tracker is connected to Wi-Fi! When in low power mode you can’t go into live mode to find the location of the tracker. My pet detached from the tracker outside my house, but the tracker was still connected to Wi-Fi. I needed to find the tracker but since it was in the “Power Saving Zone” I couldn’t use the cell connection to find it… so I had to turn off my Wi-Fi network at my wireless router just to make the tracker exit power save mode :( This also seemed to mess up the tracker’s cell connection as I was unable to go live due to low signal… even though the tracker was in an open field where I normally get tracking data. Finally I had to wander the field waiting for the find icon to pop up so I could use the Bluetooth tracking feature to find the device. Apologies for the rant, this is actually a good app! Please just add the ability to turn off power saving mode even when connected to Wi-Fi!
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5 months ago, My honest thoughts!!!
Best tracker collar!!
I was hesitant after reading some of the reviews (only a few of the bad) because I know with anything else there is bound to be some issues but I was desperate for something for my outside cat. We recently moved 8hrs away from where she was born and it’s very different for her in this area. First day of setting up collar and tracker was good but she came home that same day and somehow had lost the tracker. With the tracker being in our safe zone, it was hard to find out where exactly it was but we eventually located it. Fast forward over a week now and this tracker is actually very accurate, it gives me such piece of mind while my cat roams the new territory!! If I know there is bad weather coming, I just drive to where she is and like clock work, she’s where it says she is every time!! She’s usually not much further than just past her safe zone. But it so awesome to see how far she is able to go and still find her way back home. If you are in the market or considering, I highly highly recommend it. It’s given more peace of mind than I could imagine and it’s fun to see her activity. I track her all day while working 🤣 The only con I can really speak of is I wish the battery lasted longer. Mine last about two days max with constant tracking, so not bad but that’s the only con I can see!
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8 months ago, ACH1069
Among the very best apps that seen
The Tractive Mini GPS for cats has been an absolute Godsend — and, somehow, astoundingly, the app for it works Brilliantly as well; I mean completely flawlessly, enough to where the only thing that I’ve done any differently from what they recommend has been to NOT create a safe zone with the WiFi in my house — but only because I have a fairly broad-ranging mesh network covering my whole backyard (as well as much of my neighbors), and I routinely need to go outside & track my little cat down when he’s hiding in a shrub. With the live map using GPS, the app makes this completely trivial (and always works) — but it’s unable to do similar on WiFi, as it’d likely add at least another pound’s worth of antennae / circuits / battery & etc onto the collar to make that even remotely possible. You will NOT be disappointed in this product, or this app
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5 years ago, Luftpause
Super helpful
I use this to track my cat and it helps me SO MUCH. She was not returning for days at a time and I worried that she was at someone else’s house. After checking the tracker, I can go find her in the neighborhood, before the battery runs out. The battery lasts for two days. I like the satellite feature, so I can see the exact place she is at. I like seeing her history, and also that there is AR, a heat sensor, and the flashing light helps if it is dark and I can’t find her. I post screen caps to my Facebook friends so they can see how many miles my cat traveled and we all giggle about it. I would like for there to be a collar for cats, because the tracker can fall off and then I go and retrieve it. The app works great. I love it and check it all day. I would post photos, but I can’t do that in this review. I like that I can see how much battery is left from the app, so I know to look for her and charge it again.
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6 months ago, Lorijbhop
Should of bought one sooner
I am very impressed with this tracker. I use it on my 8 year old indoor/outdoor cat who apparently likes to visit people much farther than I had ever imagined. It notifies me when he leaves and enters our safe zone, which I love because I can watch him a little more closely. I also trained him with the sound feature, he gets wet food when it goes off so he comes running when I turn it on. We’ve only had it for two weeks, didn’t have to charge till for 10 days, charged in less than 2 hours. I love that it shows me where he’s been in the history feature. The price for the tracker is excellent and we did a yearly subscription because I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it, I wish I would of just signed him up for 2 years. The app is super user friendly. Great product, I’m very impressed.
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2 years ago, fhkoutrszvbnjjg
Love-hate relationship.
I love the Tractive and app when it works. The problem is, it doesn’t work most of the time. I can see my kitten Max about 50 feet away in the yard, in the open, but the Tractive says the GPS link is too weak to find him. This happens several times, regularly, over the 3-4 hours that I let Max outside. If I start the Live feature, I will get the above message, but his shown position will sometimes move. Or not. But he is not where the Tractive has him positioned. It’s very frustrating. But if I persist, it will eventually act normally. Usually Max will come to me and then it starts working. Other times it works perfectly and shows me the general area he is in. But very difficult to track him once he goes out of the yard because the Tractive gives me mis-information. Still it’s better than not having anything. I can tell when he goes out of one side of the yard, but not always when he goes out on another side of the house. It is inconsistent.
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2 months ago, Albaniangirl 90
Worth every penny
I lost a cat last year in October so when my family surprised me with a new kitten I got paranoid. I bought an AirTag (waste of money) and wouldn’t let my cat go out even for walks unless he was leashed and harnessed. My whole family was stressed out because I was always yelling out “close the door” “make sure Teddy doesn’t go out”. When I came across Tractive I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try and boy was I pleasantly surprised.I can’t recommend this enough. I wish I had it for my other cat but you live and you learn. It’s worth every penny for the peace of mind it gives me. I know where my Teddy is at all times, the battery lasts long and I love the sound feature because once I set it off my cat comes running back to the house. I will always purchase this for my future pets. Thank you Tractive!
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7 months ago, abostongal
Battery life could be improved
I’ve had Tractive for a little over a month now, for my fence climbing rescue dog. Overall I’m satisfied with it. It gives me peace of mind that I could locate her if needed. It really eased my stress when I had to go out of town and leave her behind, because I could see she was at home, and when she was being walked. I only have a few critiques. First, the battery life is super short if you’re not in a WiFi power saving zone. When we took her for a weekend getaway to a place that had cell service but no WiFi, her tracker battery was almost gone in a day. My second critique is that there are too many false alarms that your dog has left the safe zone. I’ll get the notification that my dog has left the safe zone, and she’s sitting right next to me. These excess false alarm alerts have led other members of my family to disable alerts from Tractive altogether.
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2 years ago, celestejewel25
Our dog Snickers
Our Great Dane snickers wanders all over our property. We have 65 acres and he is constantly gone throughout the day. Now we can see exactly what addresses he stops at and can locate him immediately. It also has a nice feature where you can click sound on and it makes a little high pitch sound where we are trying to correlate that with “come home” so every time he hears the sound he comes home and gets a treat or it’s dinner time. You can also find him in the dark, it has a nifty little light you can activate from your phone. The satellite feature is neat where you can see exactly with a blue line where he goes and heat spots of where he hung out for a longer period of time. I definitely recommend this if you have a dog that gets out constantly and you need to know where he is.
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1 week ago, Booshka99
Peace of mind
I bought three when one of my cats had ran off for a few days and it’s been one of the best investments. From watching where she goes n setting up danger spots to how well she sleeps. It’s awesome. I only have two complaints, the collar that was included, my cat kept getting off. My female cat has no problems, but my male cat would get it off every time. Thankfully, I did not activate his, as that is my second complaint. If you have multiple animals, you have to buy a subscription for EACH ONE. I wish I had known that before choosing this brand (it could’ve been stated somewhere and I just not see it. Either way) as the subscriptions are over $100 if I remember correctly. Would be nice if there was bundle deal for multiple animals or something? I LOVE the product and would love to use it on all my animals, but sadly in todays economy, won’t be happening.
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7 months ago, Shoprchic
Outstanding real time tracking
We live on a rural property that’s heavily wooded and started with the Fi gps collar but since our area is a dead zone for AT&T it barely worked. We switched to Tractive and the device uses better technology and works amazingly great! Our dogs run across our almost 40 acre property and sometimes into our neighbors properties and we can always locate exactly where they are. My only criticism is the plastic piece that secures the device to the collar is somewhat flimsy and I imagine at some point it’ll break. It seems more likely to break while the dog is wearing it and active, especially in the woods, which would mean they wouldn’t be trackable. Please create an integrated device like the Fi collar or a better way to secure the device. Then it would be the best thing on the market!
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9 months ago, Rocky072
Excellent 1st escape case
My dog escaped today for the first time and the app worked excellent, AFTER a few minutes. Initially showed him still at home even though he wasn't. I DO have weak cellular service and lots of trees so possibly contributing factors. I thought of clicking on the live tab to see if that would help and and that produced much quicker results and I was able to track his whereabouts for about 10 to 15 minutes until I was able to get to him with my car. Very pleased with the results. I was using Fi collar up until I received this Tractive collar, and the Fi collar gave me many problems, such as not registering the escape at all, and too slow to update location, etc. Very difficult to troubleshoot Fi on your own and no phone support with less than one year plan.
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3 years ago, body builder 30
Works very well
I was a bit hesitant about buying this tracker due to some of the reviews that I saw about battery life but I’m glad that I still bought this! The app is well done. I love the live tracking functionality. I don’t need to charge the collar every night like I previously thought. I’ve had the collar for about 2 weeks now and it’s only at 50% charge. I’ve yet to recharge it. I’m sure the batter would drain faster if it wasn’t connected to my wife as often but this is exactly what I wanted from a tracking collar. I get updates if her were to leave the designated area, I don’t have to charge daily, I get live tracking, easy to navigate app and reasonable pricing. The only downside is that I wish the attachment to the collar mechanism allowed for expansion to accommodate a 1.5-2.0 inch collar
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4 months ago, Lindsey 10d
Peace of mind! And a game changer!
I just don’t know where to begin. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase Tractive 3 years ago for my precious doggie Louise. This has been one of the top 3 best purchases I’ve ever made in life. It is inexpensive, shipping was fast, subscription well worth the price, the service had been amazing - considering our phones don’t get a signal unless we’re hooked up to WiFi, you can track your dog on “Live” mode, you can share with family members, keep up with distance, calories, and other dogs close that also have Tractive. It’s the coolers thing. Most importantly, the PEACE OF MIND it gives us knowing where our precious angel is at ALL times. Highly recommend! Especially for dogs that have free range. I can’t rave enough about it. Thank you for this amazing product Tractive!
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1 year ago, Andy-Geoffrey
Tracker delivers as promised
I just returned home from tracking down my dog. We were out for a walk and the dog got spooked and tore the leash out of my hands when I switched the side of the dog I was walking on. I ran home got the car and used the app to follow him. It showed me exactly where he was but he was not east to catch since he’s a rescue and very fearful. After locating him I followed him for about 30-40 minutes. I had to follow roads and paths. He did not. So, I lost sight of him numerous times but was always able to find him again via the tracker and app. Finally, he was worn out enough (after running straight for about 5km) that I was able to catch him. Oh, did I mention it was nighttime?! Need I say more? Without the app it would’ve been hopeless. Thank you for a great product that works!
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3 months ago, Maddieh737
It works!!
Our 1.5 yr old husky mix has put this thing to the test. She likes to escape the dog park to hunt rabbits and no matter what we put down to stop her she gets out (we finally stopped going). This last time she was in the middle of a heavily wooded swamp and the only way we knew where she was, was her Tractive. I thank God this device works so well because we never would have found her in the woods if it weren’t for Tractive. You can see your proximity to the dog which is also very helpful and it doesn’t have to use any WiFi or other devices, she was nowhere near any technology. The “live tracking” setting has little to no lag time. I highly recommend this for everyone who has a pet. Don’t waste your money on an AirTag like we did, it does nothing to help find lost pets.
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9 months ago, Gus Glass's Dad
Peace of mind
In February Gus was lost for 10 days. Unintentionally our dog sitter left a gate open and he bolted. He’s a little guy, 12 pounds, and was in an area where he had no previous experience. With the help of a tracker , a trapper, dedicated friends who helped us put signs up, an amber alert and sightings we found Gus unharmed. Although he has a chip it’s not the same as a GPS tracker. I started researching various GPS options and eventually found Tractive. The device is light weight. Gus had no problem having it added to his chip ID collar. It’s waterproof and accurate. The battery needs to be recharged about once a week, as advertised. Although we don’t anticipate a repeat event we now have peace of mind. We would know his exact location and find him within minutes not days. Brian Glass Glen Allen, Va
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1 year ago, everybcktekeksl
Cat took it off on the first run. Horrible customer service.
Bought it after my cat ran off and ended up in the shelter. I thought it would give me a piece of mind… and I got it online ($50), signed up for 1 year subscription - $110(there is no monthly option). Put it on my cat (10lbs, medium size) and immediately noticed that she did not like it. I didn’t care, because I just wanted to track my cat when she was out. She goes out, comes back with out it! Probably my fault, should have tightened it better…. I am trying to track it. Duh, it is a gps tracker, should be easy. How hard can it be? Turns out - impossible! The app says “it is within the Wifi safe range”, therefore there’s no Live tracking option. I tried everything! Looking for it around the backyard, turning on and off wifi. No luck! So…these halfwits created untraceable gps tracker. great! Now, I am a $160 out of pocket, can’t find the tracker to return it, can’t get the refund because these European semi-communists just don’t refund! Run from them!
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5 months ago, Mitchell G87
Husky owner approved
My husky pup has had this tracker for two years now. My favorite feature is the geo fence that alerts you every time they leave and enter the safety zone - and you can set several. We have one for our house and anywhere else we go that he might escape from. This thing has lots of features but I view this thing mostly like insurance - it’s not cheap, but it’s there just in case. Over the last two years I have had to use the Live Tracking on a couple occasions when Bubba gets the bold idea to go exploring on his own when no one is looking and lemme tell you - it’s worth every penny then. My only issue is with the rubber attachment - that things a joke. What you want is a single zip tie - that’ll do the job better than anything else.
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1 year ago, Philly B 911
Wonderful Tracker!
I’ve had my tracker for about 5 months and it works as advertised. I use the virtual fence for my house and the local dog parks. It really helps spread out the time between recharges. I also enjoy checking on the local leaderboard. I used the Live tracker and it was spot on. I haven’t gone hiking with my furry one yet, but I’m looking forward to see how the tracker keeps track of the activity. I recently installed an automated doggie door and the tracker gives me freedom of mind when he goes out on his own. The only thing I’d like a bit different is for the low battery indicator to notify me at the 20% mark versus the current 10%. I’ve gone out a couple times to have it die on me since it uses more battery power when outside the power saving zone.
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