Tractor Beam

5 (6)
8.2 MB
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Current version
Manufacturing Content
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tractor Beam

5 out of 5
6 Ratings
5 years ago, PGar81
My favorite game in the App Store. A modern classic
This game is very underrated. I’m so happy it’s still available after 9 years. It’s also apparently been updated with new features like a timed mode. I’ve had many apps and games on my phone, but this one has been a staple. Solid gameplay, retro graphics. It’s a modern classic. I wish more games were like this one. I’m a sucker for vector graphics look and feel. It’s more fun than actually playing an Asteroids clone on the iPhone because of the control scheme. I just wish there were more modes... the new timed mode is a step in the right direction. Maybe some day the developer could include a weapons mode or a rival mode where there’s an enemy spacecraft? Maybe a hyperspace button that can be used once or twice to save you from collision? Or a shield? Or alternative ships, like ones that look like the old cinematronics space war ships? It’s encouraging that after 9 years the developer is still updating this. This game should not be abandoned. I hope to see continued support for it and who knows.. maybe now after 9 years a Tractor Beam 2 is in order. If you like retro games, play this game!
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3 years ago, Immrcoco
I’ve had this game for years
It’s amazing honestly . Admire simplicity. The one who admire is complicity is a dummy but one who admires simplicity is a genius.
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14 years ago, Bids4kids_123
Great but one problem
This game is great except for a problem with the gameplay. The most annoying one is if you die with many asteroids on the screen you have to wait about 7 seconds for them to pass. This is exceptionally annoying on the timed runs because you sit there while the game wastes time. When you die, all the asteroids on screen should disappear so you can resume immediately.
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14 years ago, Lord Gek
Retro Hook Champ in Spaaaaaaace!
Not a lot to it and yet it's pretty cute and compelling. Your score is entirely based on the distance you make (up if in portrait mode). It supports multi-touch so my favorite move so far is to find to asteroids up ahead and have them sling me up ahead and then use whichever rocks I find while whizzing by to correct my course. It's interesting to see how the implement the harder difficulty levels. Smaller area, more rocks, faster moving, and your tractor beam will not simply pull you to the rocks but will also do more to pull the rocks to you. The controls are pretty simple and intuitive but it can be frustrating when you, for example really need to pull to the left but there aren't any asteroids to the left to pull to. Although a few game in I caught that it is wrap around although when tractoring I think the game always draws the quickest onscreen line to the object (so your ships can wrap around but not your tractor beams).
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13 years ago, Nephilim
Even if you only p,ay it for a few minutes, it will be a FUN few minutes. And if you back to it again you just may find it addixtive. Old school graphics with a fairly unique gameplay mechanism. I found myself wishing that there was something else to do, like collect special floating bonuses, but, its fun as is. Certainly worth a buck. I've paid more for crud. My hat is off for the developer who came up with this idea.
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14 years ago, jayk806
Simply awesome
Deceptively simple. Very well done. Incredibly addictive. When I feel like playing a quick game on my iPad, Tractor Beam is inevitably the one I pick. The rules are simple, but it's astoundingly difficult but in a fun "I will get through this time for sure!!" kind of way. The graphics are reminiscent of 'omega race' for you old schoolers. One of the most well executed games for touch interface. Did I mention it's REALLY fun?
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14 years ago, Grampa pow pow
The best!
Finally, a game that looks sounds and feels like when I started playing asteroids The generative music goes seamlessly with the sound efx and the controls are perfect for the touch screen. So easy and so hard. Just the thing that used to have me spending all of my allowance in quarters at the arcade. At .99 its a steal This is the best vector based game for the iPhone. IMHO. And the first time I've felt like writing a review Thanks!!!!!
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14 years ago, Justyfied69
Best app I've purchased
Not only is this the best iPhone game I've ever played, but perhaps the greatest game ever played known to man. If this app were a god, I would praise it's name all the day long. I would sing joyous hymns of heavenly blessings to my dear sweet lord. Oh powerful and all knowing tractor beam hear my words of unconditional love and devotion. Do yourselves a favor and buy this app and start the rest of your life off with absolute contentness. Amen.
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14 years ago, Ross02
Lots of fun!
Great use of multitouch too! Game runs super smooth on my 3GS, and has a surprising amount of depth. A couple of suggestions/complaints. It sometimes hangs on load. It seems weird to me that I'm playing in a cylinder (i.e. the top of the screen wraps around to the bottom), yet my tractor beam doesn't wrap around the cylinder. Finally, as I think other reviewers have suggested, it would be nice to have leaderboards, achievements, etc. Thanks for making such a great game!
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14 years ago, StaticChromatic
Could be much better
Fun concept, not much of a game though. Could use many more features, right now it's very bare-bones and unexciting. (Not even leaderboards?) Most of my deaths are inevitable due to flawed design, I've found myself stuck with no options many times. I know it's supposed to look like asteroids, but the graphics are bland, and the wireframe look has been done a thousand times. Ugly icon too. Lack of creativity, uniqueness, and features is mostly what's holding this down.
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13 years ago, Geoff Canyon
A lot of fun, with a unique control system
The method of moving your ship, by using a tractor beam on the asteroids, makes for refreshingly different gameplay. It's a little more fun on the iPad because the controls are easier. Some more goals would be interesting. Maybe targets to run over, or a slightly less demanding speed run.
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14 years ago, Luv strategy games
Simple concept yet very addictive
Fun and quite original! I didn't realize until recently that you can touch multiple asteroids for simultaneous tractor beams.. This makes the game even more exciting. Minimal/old school art works well for the gameplay too. The music is nice too. Hats off to the dev(s)!
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14 years ago, TiberiousTheIV
Really challenging and addicting. Really don't regret this game. A couple of problems. A few times when you spawn you are faced with an impossible obstical, like a single asteroid directly infront of you. And also sometimes seems to get stuck on a loop.
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14 years ago, Mooserider David
Tractor Beam has a cool, retro-arcade vibe. The control scheme works perfectly in the touch screen environment. The music is exceptionally smooth, which is especially amazing when you consider that it's randomly generated and never the same twice.
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13 years ago, azizmud
Fun and simple
This game makes great use of the touch functionality; it's a simple game and it gets redundant after a few sessions, but it's always fun to come back to. Needs a few technical tweaks here and there (especially the irregular wait time right after you lose a life). Great randomized music as well.
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14 years ago, lililiiil
Love the update!
This was a fun game before, but timed mode pushes it over the top! I completely love this now. The randomly generated music is really cool and such a simple game is incredibly addicting! Timed mode always gets my heart racing now. Officially my favorite app!
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11 years ago, Dave1076
Interesting and unique Mechanics
It's a great game, unique mechanics makes every play different. It gets addicting to try to beat your high score. Cool retro graphics call back the days of Asteroid and the Atari. Big props to the game designers, the game runs flawlessly. It's endlessly entertaining
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11 years ago, Ratsark
Great game
The most fun casual game I've seen on the iPhone. The old asteroids flavor with a new gameplay twist: instead of shooting asteroids, you pull them toward you and try not to destroy yourself. Even better after the update! Simply exquisite, like an aged wine or a fine Cuban cigar.
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14 years ago, Bemaselli
Buyer beware
I've never written a review for anything in my life. I'm a kid of the 70s who played Asteroids way too much. This isn't Asteroids but it's almost as good. Same feel. Cool music. Do you value your time? Buyer beware.
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14 years ago, MyMindsMuse
Totally Addictive!
For 99 cents this game is a must have! Classic look, simple concept with a clean game play experience that is very addictive. This is a must have for all the gamers out there!
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14 years ago, Sitdownboa
Very impressed
I get bored so quickly with games but this one is still so fun!!! The controls are simple, and the game is's easily worth the dollar! Consider my mind blown!!!!!!!
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14 years ago, alarming1
Still needs improvements
It's a fun concept, but it really needs online leaderboards and a score screen when you fail. Also, I've found myself in many situations where my only option is to slam myself into an asteroid.
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12 years ago, orangefever
Too addictive...
I am playing this game for more than an hour on the bed. The music is hypnotic and I love watching the slow move of my spaceship.
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11 years ago, JLP802
Update is IOS 6 Only
Please issue an update that supports older devices again, because of the last update, I have a non-selectabele update in the App Store that can't be removed (I guess without removing the app) and my Update All button is disabled. There is no good reason that a game like this should be IOS 6 only, especially when that breaks the user experience for origional iPad users.
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11 years ago, King Zuds
Cool game, but it won't run
It was fine for like four plays, but now it won't even get past the loading screen. But it's a cool game when it works! Very simple, yet very entertaining. You're, like, slingshotting your way through space. It's great. Please fix it.
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14 years ago, Vanillamarble
Love it!
If you have a dollar left on iTunes money and don't know what to buy, get this!!! You won't regret it!!!
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14 years ago, tommyisawesome
Great little twist on a classic style!
Tractor Beam is a cool little app that applies a touchscreen interface to a classic style in a unique new way. The spontaneous spacy music is great too!!! Really nicely crafted.
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14 years ago, Punchey
Don't let the retro graphics fool you, this is one fun game! Such a simple concept, but great fun. Highly recommended.
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14 years ago, Nantes111
The music is great, the graphics are great, the gameplay is great. Totally worth it. Surprisingly Unique, smooth, and stylish.
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11 years ago, Rich in Georgia
This game is fun! However this version on my iPad was full of bugs. It crashed, locked wouldn't reload and slowed the function and usability of other apps on the iPad. The app support button goes to an error message. When this game functioned properly it is awesome. Great game, buggy version, no support availability.
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14 years ago, Deathtrap737
great game
its a good game, but you dont get as many lives as the picture above shows. Deserves four stars
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12 years ago, psychilldelic
So fun
This game is one of my guilty pleasures. Get it, you won't be sorry!
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11 years ago, redman5006
A keeper.....
I play this game all the time, very well made and a solid game.
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14 years ago, Devious April
So awesome!!! Fun game and great music!
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14 years ago, maine rocks
Not doing much for me
I guess some people like it, but I'd rather have my dollar back.
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12 years ago, ezolotko
Good arcade effect, a well made game.
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14 years ago, cowchow77
It's terrible but addicting
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11 years ago, Scav382
Sucked in
This is the best asteroids game since centipede!
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14 years ago, Zachswilson
definitely worth the $0.99!!!!!
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12 years ago, Luke Tipton
Best game on here. Get it.
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12 years ago, Murkel851
Tractor beam is fun
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13 years ago, john.haggard
Fun stuff
Fun, entertaining, simple and engaging. This game is graphically simple and really fun to play - the music is oddly charming and adds to the experience.
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14 years ago, dereckrx
I love it when updates add new content!!!
The game now includes a timed mode. You have to go as fast as you can and try to reach checkpoints (each one gives you extra time) before time runs out. It adds an exciting flavor to the game if you want something to motivate you to go as fast as you can. Five stars for actually adding some cool new content!
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