TradeStation - Trade & Invest

4.5 (17.3K)
109 MB
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TradeStation Technologies
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TradeStation - Trade & Invest

4.53 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
9 months ago, bulldozer5
Showing Some Love
Man, some of these reviews of 1 star are just crazy. Now keep in mind, I don‘t mess with Options so that could simply be where everyone is encountering their problems. But I love to the new update! Plus, I use VectorVest and this links directly to it and I can execute trades in the VectorVest app using my Tradestation account. There are now more swiping gestures in the Tradestation app, which is more intuitive, easier, and faster to use. All I can say is that for me it‘s not as bad as everyone is saying. Maybe it‘s not a full 5 stars like I gave, but it‘s certainly not a 1 star app. So I hope to tip the star scales a tad more in the developer‘s favor. Appreciate the continual improvement!
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1 year ago, Krisboul
How did this app get a 4.6 rating?!
(And why does my previous 1-star review keep resetting to not rated?) This is a terrible, extremely unstable app. It crashes on me literally 15 times a day, mainly when I tap on a quote to display the corresponding chart, but sometimes for no reason at all. I also sometimes get logged out after just a few moments of using the app, also for no apparent reason, and regardless of my chosen settings. What makes the whole experience even more frustrating is that when logging back in, the app takes me to my “position quotes” (instead of “my quotes” as I wished), which are constantly moving up and down the list, making it virtually impossible to select one without engaging in a game of whack-a-mole. That is, when the quotes do not simply fail to load altogether. Icing on the cake, as of iOS 16 the 5-min chart will not display the most recent (current 5 min) candlestick. Prior to that, the chart would sometimes not display any candlesticks at all (just lines from the moving averages). Thank goodness I am not a hardcore day trader, I can’t imagine how anyone could be using this app. In any case, I will most likely be moving to a different platform.
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5 months ago, Danny R…
New trader (6 months in)
So far my experience with this app has been decent. I have tried a few competitors and this platform has its strengths and weaknesses. The app has always responded well and seems to display real time data and for the most part executes limit or market orders with out issue. However, there has been a few times when trading options that my orders won’t fill and i am forced to cancel and replace the order at a critical time in the trade. Also the process of and time it takes of placing and reviewing orders before buying and selling options can be the difference between profits for scalpers. I noticed some great features on think or swim that if integrated into TradeStation, would undoubtedly make you guys a top competitor. One of these features is being able to access uncleared funds as buying power same day. But I will end this review on a good note by expressing my gratitude for the accommodations of non US accounts. Application process was easy and hassle free.
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6 years ago, ChrisR19
Amazing desktop platform, weak mobile app
The desktop version of Trade Station is superior to anything else out there I have ever used and I have tried every well known platform out there, however..... the mobile app lacks very basic things that are included in many other brokers mobile apps like the following: #1. Under orders tab, there is no way to view order fill history on orders over 24hrs old. This requires the user to go online or the desktop to get information like “fill time” or to look at old position details. #2. No option risk analysis. When placing an order with options, there is no Max P/L or spread analysis like you would get with most other mobile apps. #3. No “Show Order” on chart for older positions. If you want to see a horizontal line of a fill you got a few weeks ago, you need to draw it yourself. This goes back to the order tab issue. #4. Very limited Technical Analysis tools. You get about 10 upper studies and 10 lower studies. Would be nice to see all standard indicators or maybe even the ability for custom indicators like TOS allows. #5. No tick charts, range charts or renko charts. This is provided by many other lower end brokers. #6. No calendar events on chart like dividend, earnings, etc. TradeStation has been around for a long time(since 1980’s) and in the era of mobile life, it would great to see them step up and get on the competitions level with there mobile app to provide the mentioned features.
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1 year ago, WhosMansIsThis?
Updated - Issues seem resolved
It appears they have fixed the access errors, which is great. It would be nice to pull some conditionals into order availability. The Stop Loss feature is great, but it would be nice to trigger buys/sells based on other keys like indices, other equities, etc. But overall good app! Previous: This may be the best app in the world - I wouldn’t know because it won’t let me in. I get an Authentication Failed message whenever I try to log in, even if I’m signed in on my computer using the same credentials. Have tried changing passwords, uninstall/reinstall, clearing cache, everything. I can log in via the web browser on my device and STILL no access via the app. Don’t bother calling customer service - they won’t answer. TradeStation on the web and with TradingView integration is nice. This app? Not so much.
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4 years ago, CedarOats
Not the best. Beware
TradeStation is a fine platform for any kind of trading you’re into. The desktop application is awesome but all other applications (web, iPad, iPhone) are not good at all. The layout of the app is not intuitive, the charts and studies could be better (you can’t even change sell and buy colors on an RSI study) and the balance and position report is just humerus. Today I am reporting a loss even though I sold my position for a gain. It makes no sense. If you plane to trade on a PC, TradeStation is great! The fees are super low, the platform is responsive and it has unlimited customization. Anything else and it’s not worth the time or stress. I tried to put in a buy on the iOS app and there was so much delay, I tried to cancel it. The order said it had been cancelled but 15 minutes later I got a notification that it had just went through? Thankfully I ended up making money on the position but this shouldn’t happen. Do not trade on the iOS app. It is not reliable, it is slow, and sometimes it won’t even open at all. Then you have to delete it and reconfigure your charts to how you had them before. Think or swim is such a better platform and something TradeStation should strive to be like. 2 stars only because of the great margin rates, trading fees and pc platform. You can do better, TradeStation.
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6 years ago, morrisroos
The Tradestation app is awesome
Whether you want a quote spreadsheet, charts in any timeframe, option data or real-time trading in your accounts, this app will fulfill your needs as a substitute for your Tradestation workstation. If you need to be away from your office, want to quickly check the market status including 24 hr futures, are out for lunch or errands, or if you’re just relaxing or working anywhere away from your desk, this app will keep you connected and on top of your portfolio and any sudden market changes. Trade station is the best trading platform out there, bar none, and with this app you’ll never need to be disconnected from your training activities.
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3 weeks ago, HasteMcDuck
Worst app for trading ever
The app, desktop and web version don't work properly, example, i had an open short position and closed it, but it did not close, when i hit close position again system buys a long position but doesn't close the short one so now i have one long and one short position, every time i tried to get out i just ended with more contracts. Called support they fix it but not before a lost a los of money, they said that the matrix in the web app doesn't work properly that i should try the desktop version, a week later i had the exact same problem with the desktop but this time support took a little longer to answer so i go a margin call because i was unable to close my position. I recommend using other companies that are way easier to access and work. Tradestation is the wort app ever
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6 years ago, SK-Delta Lover
Logout screen bug with Face ID
Please address this bug... It is annoying! When I logout of my account the login screen has a software coding bug that attempts to log you back instantly using Face ID as you are looking at your phone at the time. Since the iPhone version uses Face ID there's no way to stop this re-logging back in unless you are quick in facing away from the phone screen. Suggestion: On logout the landing page / screen should not be the login screen. Use some informative screen showing market behavior or watch list that could be personalized.
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4 months ago, Omega87
The mobile App is garbage and by far the worst compared to Webull and TOS
I’ve lost so much money trading on the TradeStation mobile App and like the others 1 - star reviews I’ve experienced the same things of the App constantly freezing or becoming non responsive or quoting me a price lower than what the option is trading at for example: purchase a $4 options and premium goes to $8.40 but TradeStation will quote $7 or $7.40 therefore you’ll lose out of profits. Anytime I set a stop loss it getting rejected whereas if I set the same in Webull it gets accepted. Sometimes the App would close itself out. Now currently I’m moving all monies out and will not trade anymore with them until they give some love or attention to their mobile App. If I could rate it a 0 I would. Not to mention they charge $1.40 for each 0DTE SPX options.
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1 year ago, Legacy Trader
Good. Not great. TS used to show bid and ask for options, now shows bid and mid. Cash secured puts are now called naked puts, reflecting changes in their risk assessment perspectives. App format has changed significantly and is less user friendly. Used to show realized gain/loss after closing a trade - no longer available. Ease of accounting for outstanding leverage is decreased. Overall reduction in transparency and visibility to financial features. Competitor services may show yield, ex dividend date, dividend frequency and other stock-related specifics, TS has become less valuable in that regard. Still a lot to like about TS, but service has changed in ways that are less investor-friendly.
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1 year ago, Etugdgjb
I realize that the world is not normal these days and that we all need to exercise extra patients. However, I think two weeks is long enough to wait for a human to acknowledge a request. I submitted a request to weeks ago for access to option trading. I received a Robo email saying that they got my email and that pretty much they get back to me as soon as they could. Well, I still haven’t heard from anyone. I did try to call but of course no phone service due to COVID-19. At this point trade stations customer service is garbage! I am normally an understanding person and I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. I just feel strongly that two weeks, it’s actually been longer now, is ample time to wait for a response. This is literally costing me thousands of dollars!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, wsbforvendetta
Bad user experience
Horrible customer service horrible user experience Robin Hood, Webull and TD Ameritrade are better brokerage apps.I sent them money last week to use it on a particular day for a trade they will not give me access to that money or some type of marginal current credit to use for trade they have withdrawn the money from my account when I asked to get a admin approval to use my own money they denied me so I won’t be able to use till the next day but the whole reason why I deposited the money last week was to use it today and they lack customer service flexibility. I don’t believe this company could grow with this type of customer service. Every brokerage has their issues but I can’t continue with this if they’re not willing to change for the better.
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10 months ago, Solarwerewolf
Waiting too much
Seem like it could be a good app but the fact that I have to wait every time I accept a new term or turn notifications on is wild to me. I had this app for atleast a week now and still ain’t been able to use it. The first time ok yeah I get it, I did the required agreements and it says it could take up to 24 hrs after completion to take affect. I actually ended up waiting 2 days but I ain’t trippin.. Ok that’s cool. Then next day I was able to get in the app again, then it ask the regular new app question (turn notifications on, turn on location, face scan to log in) ok coo I accepted those. I got to wait another 24 hours? Really?! Like I don’t know…
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6 years ago, _Nicknamed_
Missing Position Information
The Position screen shows all symbols for my stock purchases but position data is shown for all symbols except two and sometimes three symbols. After one of the symbols with missing data is selected for Chart display (displays correctly) and then return to the Position screen, that symbol shows position data but a different symbol is displayed with missing position data. The P/L Total reflects data only from the displayed positions. I have six winners and nine losers. Random winners and losers show missing data.
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1 year ago, Lee, C.J.
Much improved new UI
I just realized TradeStation updated the mobile app UI. Way better than the previous UI. However, app crashed three times today when I was simply moving around to different areas in the app. While I do enjoy the new UI and appreciate the much needed update, there are still improvements to be made in my opinion which will prevent me from using TradeStation as a main trading platform. My main issue at this time is the limited number of studies I can add. I believe the current max is three studies. In comparison, Webull seems to have the best mobile trading app at this time, specifically regarding their charting platform.
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4 months ago, Fadizeidan
Recently switched to TradeStation
I recently switched from TD and ThinkOrSwim to TradeStation. TradeStation missed the mark by a mile. It was probably an ok software 5-10 years ago, but no where near where it needs to be now a days. I am probably just going to pay the extra premium on trading fees to trade through Tradingview than use their platform. Here is an example, I tried to move my OSO stop loss on the matrix, but their software updates the scroll even when you are trying to adjust your orders so rather than move futures contract by 0.25, it jumped $10 on me and moved my stop loss $10. That caused the stop loss to be at an invalid position. You would think it would reset to where it was. No they cancelled and removed my stop loss completely with no way to reattach it to my existing order. Smart. It is just terrible, old design, old approach, not based on realistic trading scenarios as if written by programmers who never traded before with no proper guidance. Watched their own how to videos where their instructive was left baffled in the video as to why it was doing what it did. In their own training videos.
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1 year ago, Eric the Ms fan
Simple and easy to use
TradeStation Moble is a very simple and easy to use app. I like the option of clicking and dragging orders and the use of the trading matrix. I noticed that your quotes (watchlist) once created on the mobile app that it wouldn’t show up on the desktop version, etc. I emailed in to support and was told that this wasn’t available yet. They listen! Later on I was emailed that the feature was now available! Awesome.
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3 years ago, wstander
Your app is a loser. Please compare to think it swim. Positives: Charts- clean with studies etc. Close All Positions button Negatives: ALMOST NO INTEGRATION WITH THE DESKTOP 1. I just want to see my WATCHLISTS (quote lists). This is the most basic mobile app functionality: ability to watch names when you’re on the go 2. I want to run MY scans. Not the hot lists. Again, monitor on the go. 3. No Alerts 4. It kicks you off the desktop if you login. (Don’t have this problem in Think or Swim) This is especially a problem because the desktop must run to get historical data since it’s not in the cloud (lame). Also the scanning and alerting doesn’t run with the desktop is offline (super lame). And lastly I want the mobile app as a backup in case the internet fails, my trading computer fails, or, may be it’s easier to execute an options trade on the mobile app vs the desktop. 4. Crypto is a completely separate, and petty subpar product. It is not integrated. Not even the login. I think the core use cases for a mobile trading aap are monitor, be alerted, take action.
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2 years ago, ak appr
Constant disconnect/otherwise great charts
Constantly getting disconnected killing accuracy of trades and very frustrating while trying to think clearly. This has to get fixed ASAP! Already contacted mobile support and heard back about over a year ago.—still happening! More currently, the current candlestick is not delaying for many seconds. This hasn’t happened in the past and appears to be happening to other users as well. Also, when clicking on drawing tools button or after plotting a line etc. the app crashes. Never happened in the past either. Not sure how this app is going backwards at this point. Maybe it’s an IOS issue but this needs to be resolved as we are trading on here with real money! Other than these major issues app is pretty good. Charts are very nice however I would suggest removing or moving all the labels for indicators etc on chart since they’re usually in the way when trying to plot points or see highs. No reason to have them there.
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4 years ago, margingameover
Stay away from this platform .
I got my first Margin call my balance went under 25k so they decided to only allow me to close out trades. I closed out my trade and my was over 25k and I still wasn’t able to trade. I had wait a few days to continue trading . I resume my trading a few days later as my account went under 25k momentarily i was stoped from making trades again . I waited a few days and I still wasn’t able to trade even tho my account was over 25k . The platform does not tell why you can’t trade you need to call the trades desk for answers . Is it been about 2 weeks and I still can’t trade at this point pulled out all of my cash and put in Robinhood where I can trade freely. This platform was a horrible experience me .
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3 years ago, Oncorhynchus kisutch
Broken and unpredictable links and procedures
The web platform cannot be used without reviewing pending agreements, which links to instructions to download the desktop application. That is not much different than if the buy or sell button logged out instead. They do Bribery-for-Order-Flow with Citadel. Only reason I created an account is because they accept cryptocurrency deposits. Update: lowered to 1 star. Agreements are found at download center, but there are worse issues. Equities trading is logged out whenever the Client Center is opened. It is too stupid to allow any fees to be added to BCH withdrawals, like sending an envelope with no stamps. Horrendous. Must never have been tested. Completely crippled.
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4 years ago, pvstocks
Mobile app has severe latency issues
I’m a big fan of the desktop platform but the mobile app has severe latency issues, especially when trying to place an order. Every time I do so a big spinning wheel appears for at least 4-5 seconds saying “retrieving positions” when in fact I have no positions in my account. I’m just trying to place an order quickly. Also there seems to be no way to disable the order confirmation pop-up which again adds to the latency of placing an order. Overall this is a terrible experience if you are a savvy trader looking for speed. And it is definitely not my network since other apps on my phone work great. Please fix these issues Tradestation!
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4 years ago, MickeeD's
Matrix but needs more customizable..
The TradeStation app is amazing. But it needs more work. I have made suggestions such as showing the volume bars on the matrix page similar to the platform so you can see where the most buying volume has happened at certain prices. Other things like being able to take the options page off and making other items available. Also showing the red volume vs the green volume would be a huge plus in future updates. I switch between TD and TradeStation because the app doesn’t provide it all.... YET....?? Keep going developers!
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4 months ago, ChickenTendie
DO NOT USE THIS BROKER THEY HAVE TERRIBLE SUPPORT AND DESIGN!!! Good luck getting into your account with this crappy broken brokerage. I cant get a person with a brain to help me unlock “easylanguage environment is locked” error when trying to start the desktop application. Also you will be signed up for premium data and have your account be bled of cash if you thought you could safely park cash here to build up. I would recommend staying away from this brokerage if you dont want to waste your time trying to figure out why you cant see all your accounts they created for you with money that cant be transferred out. I can’t emphasize enough DO NOT USE THIS BROKER!!!
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1 year ago, TraderDrew
Solid for mobile
I don't expect the mobile version to have full charting capability but this does have decent functionality. I mostly use trend lines and fibo levels which work fine. My MACD and Stochs seem to be accurate and once I set them up, they are always on any equity I pull up. The order entry is fine for all I need. Basic. Have not tried OCO here. Bottom line for me is that it has all the basic functionality I need for mobile. I use it in an ancillary role to the full desktop Tradestation. Have not explored all of its capabilities yet.
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1 year ago, AlfTrader
I have used so many trading platforms over the years, at costs that I’m sure would blow some peoples minds. TradeStation is a hidden gem. There are more than enough custom features to set up charts, watch lists, and page’s to see exactly what you want and where you want them to be. Fits my needs, and I’m here to stay. Execution’s are great and I never worry about getting my order filled. Thanks guys Tim
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2 years ago, primerodinero
Immediate Malfunction
As soon as I typed in my info to create an account, the site malfunctioned and brought me back to a sign in or create account screen, so I tried to create an account again thinking the sight (url) glitched, putting in the same information I just put in not but 10 mins ago, but I was prompted with “an account with this information already exists, please sign in” So I thought oh okay that was quick, typed in the profile info I had just set up, and it tells me that I in fact don’t have an approved TradeStation account, so I click* + Add Account Only to be taken back to the login screen and into the never ending loop I begin Not cool.
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6 years ago, MRF0BUL0US
Great Platform on PC but app needs work
I like all the features that TradeStation offers on PC, and I understand that porting it to a phone app is a bit tough, but order entry could use some improvement. It’s not very convenient to place orders when you can’t easily reference the charts. Also, while the auto-sizing of the chart when scrolling through it is a useful function, there are times when background dragging is preferred instead of auto-sizing. Please give us the option to toggle between the two.
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3 months ago, LegoKing
Version 7.10.3 - “Crashes, lags & freezes”
Update running version 7.10.3 on iOS 16.7.2. App crashes when ladder is up frequently. Lags and freezes when viewing ladder for 3-5 seconds on average, when entering an order, app freezes, order entry delayed and crashes on order entry/confirmation. Orders spill over from simulated account to live account when trading and viewing same symbol. During a session, force logouts occur stating account is being used on another device/platform erroneously. Avoid using mobile app. Versions pre most recent (2-3 updates ago runs smoother), don’t update until fixed.
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6 months ago, Ñajaf
No p/l data!! Please add P/L dat like all other brokers
It’s literally harder to find how you did this day or week than trading itself with TradeStation.. I don’t have much to say about the platform since all my trading is done through TradingView. But I should be able to go into the app and and see my p/l curve or a calendar view of my account like webull. I have even tried looking in the TS platform and called support and the way they showed me is still too complicated and it’s all raw data so it’s useless unless you can somehow export it into bowerBI but that’s too much work. Please read this and let us have visual view of you account and performance. Thanks
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1 year ago, JSL_99
Personal investor
Excellent analysis tools and customer service. Unlike so many companies today, never has TradeStation routed one of my customer service calls through an offshore call center, wasting my time with people who can’t help me, then transferring me to an onshore person who can. Their representatives solve issues very quickly and effectively. I am delighted with TradeStation’s products and services.
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3 years ago, Nmkjuy
I have never written a review until now….
First off, the only reason I went with Tradestation is because of its integration with Trading view…I’ve held it for months and am now transferring out. I downloaded both the mobile app and desktop app, the desktop app is clunky as best…never saves the positions of your set up and I’m constantly switching them around as it appears to be random where the windows go every log in. The tools it provides you are nice, and the short locate is good, never used their charts as I traded with trade station… Worst broker ever…I trade full time and own a company, mid day today they restricted me from trading out of nowhere, citing I owed them $115 for a margin call…When I was fully liquidated and up 1k in realized gains for the day. Called and stayed on hold for 45 minutes to be told “it is what it is….click”. I’m not letting my account be held ransom for $115 when I’m already liquidated and $1k up. Goodbye.
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7 months ago, db0997
Decent but can’t compete with competitors
I’ve been using TS for 6 years now as my main brokerage. Mostly used though the iOS app. While they have made good updates throughout the years, it still falls way behind in some areas. One of the biggest updates that will enhance the app will be to add a YTD, MTD, and total portfolio return. This will help investors better track their portfolio performance. Easy change that will great enhance the app. Almost every competitor brokerage has this feature available.
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4 years ago, TheCredibleSource
Poor app, poor customer service
The app is nothing special and disconnects all the time. Options data doesn’t load sometimes or loads and then the connection times out. TradeStation margin department can constantly change their requirements and never notifies customers that requirements are changing. They issue margin calls and then liquidate your position. Calling and talking to someone is equally off putting as their answers seem canned. No notification is passed through the application to notify you of these issues, and when they’re resolved (I.e. you do what is asked, customer support never follows up to assure you that everything is taken care of).
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1 year ago, JVann-1
Where is my Review??
Google is definitely not posting all the reviews or using bots to boost this app. I left a detailed review and it is not showing up and keeps asking me to update my review, probably to a favorable one. This app is not useable nor do they have you in mind for the development of this app. This app doesn’t compare to a think or swim. They are not even in the same ballpark and nor are they doing anything with out feedback. If we were their true customers/focus, they would make the changes pronto. They have not for several years now, so the proof is in the actions. Our money is probably not safe here like Robinhood.
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1 year ago, Tensezoe
Beautiful platform
I’ve been with TradeStation for a while now, I had to reload the desktop version a few times because of the learning curve. Once learned, it’s kinda hard to compare it to other trading platforms. I love it, as a retail trader I have all of the tools plus more at my fingertips. Now I use the app for everything including options, it is very convenient.
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1 year ago, Life Search For Meaning
Best app to loose money!!
This app is terrible!! When I try buying more than 2000 option contracts it doesn’t let me, and even when I do buy only 2000 or less, “and keep in mind I only trade SPY” it’ll take 10 to 15 minutes until I get filled, which forfeits the entire purpose of the trade!! Same when being out!! And if I ever go in with with a market order, they’ll make sure your immediately lose 70% of you money!! Then I’m constantly getting knocked out from the app, it just closes all of the sudden and I have to reopen it!! Is a mess, guys stay away!! Not worth it, I know the commission is cheaper, but what’s the idea??
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2 years ago, engi500
App Truly Does Not Work
The entire time I’ve had TS, I haven’t been able to use this app. When I try to log in, I get a message saying “Your account is associated with TradeStation US. We will redirect you to the correct login page now.” But it sends me to the same (Japanese?) login page as for, and it all happens over again. Support said that it just happens to some people and that the only recommended fix is to do a factory reset on my phone. Funny thing is though, I now have a different phone, and it’s still happening. Strongly considering switching brokerages since it seems I won’t ever be gaining access to this app.
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1 year ago, Ebayappreviewer
Too many crashes
This app doesn’t sync with the desktop unless you pay an additional fee. I’d consider the fee if this app worked right. It crashes way too many times. I’m concerned about this if I’m trying to quickly enter or exit a trade. Update: App improved in performing for a while. As of the new summer 2023 update for iphone, I wish you improved functionality rather than adding all these additional features and extra buttons to click. The app freezes up and as of today it shows me an order confirm but it’s not in my orders tab afterwards. So it’s like I did nothing!
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5 years ago, pfedu
Tech support is unable allow me to log into my account
My error message states that my account is not associated with an international account, you will be redirected, hit ok, same message, hit ok, same message,,,,repeat.... I have asked tech support to allow me to log into my account. The first fix was to delete and reinstall app on iPad. Done, didn’t work. Second, restore iPad to factory resets. Done didn’t work. Deleted app after factory reset. Done didn’t work. This has now been over a month with this same problem. The company has no interest in fixing any problems. If you have any tech issues you are on your own. It is very frustrating.
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4 years ago, thelegendofmari
Absolutely Excellent App
The Tradestation mobile app is by far the best performing mobile trading experience! It's lightning fast and responsive. May I please request a feature - when adding a bracket profit or stop loss order, please make it possible to insert respective level either by ticks, %, price or $ value of move and show the $$$ value of the profit taker or stop loss level. That'd add great convenience instead of manually calculating this.
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3 years ago, WilD.K
Disconnected, troubling accounts
This app disconnects me countless times. I have been disconnected around 20 times is 30 minutes. This occurs regularly and daily. The accounting aspect is confusing having to open multiple accounts and being declined when moving money around within the accounts or not being able to withdraw all funds (no active trades or positions held). Moving money around takes way to long. Depositing money takes to long. I have used several other trading companies (Thinkorswim, Fidelity, Robinhood, and a few others) and have not had these issues with them.
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8 months ago, Dan Forness
Watch out! TS changes my sell to buy order. Yikes!
(Day and swing trader 2+ years) While I’m drafting my sell order, if I switch apps to check some research and come back to TS, it changes my sell order to a buy order! The “buy/sell” button doesn’t show unless you scroll back up to it, so I’ve completed more than one order, looked at my position and had the exact opposite of what I wanted. I’ve lost real money from this. I was trying out TS as an alternative to thinkorswim, but I’m not switching unless this is fixed.
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1 year ago, ross🐝😉
App used to be great for traders
What happened to your app. Did you not ask traders what they want or get user feedback before totally changing the format. I used to be able to log in and get right to my quote list and trade with one or two clicks. Now each time I log in it always goes to the overview page. It’s annoying for a trader and there’s no way around it. Even when I leave the app momentarily it goes back to the overview page. Nothing like before. Also it was great to be able to view charts horizontally and you can’t anymore. The charts are now unusable on the iPhone.
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2 years ago, ZeeDeeJ
Slow Can’t Trade On It
If you have more than 10 stocks forget about trading during market hours. With people on the go there is no confidence if you need to close a position away from the desktop you can. It is totally unacceptable. I am seriously thinking about transferring all of my positions to TOS. I have been trying for over two years to work around this platform in all different aspects but just get more frustrated with each huddle. I don’t comment on apps but today and for the past two weeks having to close the app and reopen constantly, I have had it.
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5 years ago, Phillysurfer
Very cool
It’s an amazing app that puts a lot of power in a tiny device, like an iPhone. The charts are crystal clear, which makes finding finding trade levels pretty darn easy. Plus I can trade options, stocks and futures on 5.5 inch screen with great accuracy. What’s great now is that it syncs all my custom lists across multiple devices which is super convenient since making a list of dozens of assets takes time. Thanks TradeStation!
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3 years ago, 1Sparky65
Tradestation plate form
I ve been trading for 14 years, and all those years, after looking at E-trade, Schwab’s, TD-Ameritrade is the best out there. It gives the I formation tick, by tick. It tracks yur profit or loss on the screen. It has the best spread sheet balance of where yur funds are at. It tells yu how much buying power, how much yu have for options, what yur margin balance is, if yu use margin. It even gives yu yur net balance of profit. It has the ability for you to write your own Easy Language program if you are a programmer. It has so many more function abilities than what I have mention. Tradestation, has a app to help you track your trade. If you want to trade you can on the app. Thank you Tradestation for having a wonderful plateform. It’s the greatest.
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1 year ago, RaloTheMagician
Just OK. Less functional than E*Trade, more functional than Ally.
The app lets you trade stocks reliably. The Options trading interface, however, will not work 40% of the time for me (usually when I REALLY want to trade an option). E*Trade works with 100% reliability and has tons more features available in the app. Ally Invest is the only broker app I would put as less reliable & less functional than the TradeStation app, so TradeStation gets an extra star beyond my 2-star review of Ally Invest.
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4 years ago, swiz wizzel
I will say the market fills are better than most places. However the app itself is far to laggy and makes it difficult to trade quickly. The time in between each screen is very slow. Update. Last weeks update has fixed a lot of the connection issues from before so I have added another star as the problem is almost entirely fixed. If anyone needs to hear this, get off RH and come here.
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