TradingView: Track All Markets

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User Reviews for TradingView: Track All Markets

4.86 out of 5
235.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Awsome Laziness
3 syllables for the Devs
Love the platform. Been Pro+ for about 2 yrs finally transitioning to being consistently profitable and I have 3 syllables for you : Footprint Charts! Seriously guys the past few years I’ve noticed you beautifully expanded the chart types and even added choosable custom timeframes which is amazing. I love tradingview, I love the the brilliant selfless script writers and the TV community in general that’s why I’m saying I can’t express enough how helpful Delta Footprint charts are. Being able to see the trade movement inside the candles changed everything for me i.e. accurately selecting my futures contracts to trade based on a clear view of the worth of the candles and each of their segments to confirm if I could even get filled trading it with my account size and leverage. That’s one of many ways it can be used and I believe it would be very helpful to the TV community and a great addition to the outstanding platform. That said, to any traders reading this, for the time being search Volume Profile Volume Delta OI Delta [Kioseff Trading] The most brilliant minds in the TV community often release their scripts for free like this one. Best Delta FootPrint indicator for TV. Look into it. It will help. Trust me. Regards - Let’s win together
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5 years ago, Allsop207
Great App
I’m truly impressed that TradingView has been able to successfully port the web version of their platform to mobile. It’s already a very complex platform as is, and it works so well on Windows or OSX. To see it perform nearly identically on my iPhone is pretty incredible. I cannot imagine the effort from developers that went in to making this work right. Turn your phone sideways and it’s almost just as powerful as the web version. Also the alerts you can set on the web version are pushed to the app, meaning notifications on your phone when prices or indicators change. It’s honestly made me a lot of money trading. The lower tier paid packages are worth it in my opinion. The free tier is just as powerful but with only a few limitations. I just wish there were some testing features for the alerts so I can verify they are set up right, and that I could have it send me a text or even a robo phone call when my alerts are triggered. That may already exist though, and I may have missed that feature. I learn new features all the time.
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2 years ago, jtduff
Charts don’t get any better
I’ve had a paid subscription for the last two months and I love it. There are two improvements that I can think of that would make this a five star review. First of all provide pre-market charts for all stocks. Currently, there are many stocks that have pre-market volume that TradingView does not provide a chart of. It’s a little frustrating to not know what’s happening with the stock premarket until after it opens. Honestly I’m not sure if there’s a threshold that a stock needs to hit before pre-market data is provided. My second improvement would be to be able to tell what an indicator does regardless of what it is called by the creator of it. Many times you can get an indicator and then forget exactly what is being quantified unless you look up the exact name of the indicator again and get a full explanation this seems a little cumbersome when you really just want to know what that indicator is doing. I guess I’m a bit spoiled from the abundance of indicators available and perhaps I should be happy with what I’ve got. Lol. Enough said I am enjoying my subscription and hope to see these improvements in the future. Thanks TradingView!
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4 years ago, Icbfan7
Great Charting App/Tool
These charts are great compared to some of the other charts/charting tools I’ve tried. Depending on your subscription level, you can add several indicators to a chart. You can add alerts to these indicators, such as a trend line. This works great and nearly the same whether you’re on a your PC or mobile phone. It saves your chart markups whether you make them on your PC or in the mobile app. For example, you can research charts while waiting to pick your kids up from school then go home and see the chart changes at home on your PC. The beauty of cloud based charting!! The negative with this product is the subscription price and different tiers. Depending on your plan, you can only set “X” number of alerts. Of course, I find myself needing more alerts but can’t afford to pay for the upgrade to the next tier. With all that said, this is a GREAT tool and the best charting tool I’ve seen so far.
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3 years ago, Stashamarie2014
No customer service and was charged during free trial
Impossible to reach anyone for support so my only option is to leave a bad review. I wanted to try this app to see if I would like it. The basic plan hardly allows someone to do anything productive when you are actively trading and watching various coins at the same time. So I read I could upgrade to Pro for free for 30 days. The next day I was Charged about $180. I still have 3 weeks left of a free trial to see if this app can do allI need it to do on a daily basis and am in a FREE trial. I was duped into paying when it said I wouldn't be charged unless I did not cancel at the end of the free trial I have been trying for 2 days to reach someone. I opened a ticket as suggested by their automated email and phone message but it was never answered. I contacted PayPal and they denied my refund within an hour or so because they stated they contacted the merchant who said i didn't cancel my subscription before being charged??? That doesn't even make sense. I'm on my first week of a 30 day free trial so why would I cancel when I still have 3 weeks to try it out?? I love how Paypal gets a response within an hour but I try for 2 days and NOTHING.
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3 years ago, Maseythageek
Great tool but difficult to use
Spent a hour trying to make a chart and provide relevant information only to lose everything i worked on when the app wouldn’t let me post…. Why cant i post?? because my language wasnt set…. Seems like a glitch bc i was able to post before and after with no issues… please make this app a bit more easier to use. I dont like spending hours making a chart to get rep points only to lose everything after the apps issues…. Also why do you need rep points just to join a chat?…. Seems like the chats and the app is also full of scamming so whats the point??? i dont know why it kept asking me to change language when i only speak and write in English .. i lost my best work i made and I couldn’t even save it… still will use this app but hope it gets better before something else comes out
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2 years ago, Dub Peezly
I don’t know why there is an app when the web version is clearly superior. The app is way too simple and cluttered with the need to perform multiple taps to do simple things … etc etc I can’t even go through it all as I’m pretty fed up with TV not giving users their most requested features… New edit: I’m still not sure as to the use of the app compared to the web version, (just use safari but it didn’t deserve one star. It’s a regular old 3 star product. If you go by the Reddit page you’ll find no shortage of suggestions on new features. My issues for the app version are these: Landscape view in full screen is corny… It hides your tools and the top left is obscured by the rounded corner design of the iphone… Also if not in full screen but using landscape, there’s just blank white space on the ends There should be better method for drawing straight lines The buttons for choosing your drawing tools are so large and you constantly have to scroll through them. Additionally, one should be able to customize their order I’d prefer chart settings to take me to actual chart settings instead of the last sub chart setting I was in. In full screen view vertical you have access to draw Not in landscape… please fix. I would like to see a “recents” watchlist of the last 10-20 tickers… Going through diff watchlists when you’re only looking through 2 stocks in each gets tiring and making a new watchlist just seems inefficient.
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2 years ago, Blinky Lights
Needs Improvements to Match Desktop
TradingView is the best charting tool available but this app needs updates to match the capability of the web and desktop apps, particularly on iPad. There are some basic things that are curiously missing from the web version such as the ability to view news articles by ticker and technicals in the information view. The ability to trade from the app is still missing outside of paper trading and there is no order book data. The stock screener is completely missing as well. On iPad, it would be nice to be able to view the watchlist alongside the chart view just like the web. The lack of split view is particularly frustrating because for active trading I constantly need to switch between TradingView and my brokerage. Switching between tickers is clunky. Support for multiple tabs or windows would also bring the app closer to parity with the desktop and alleviate this issue. Finally, I think support for Apple Pencil could greatly enhance charting.
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3 months ago, Mykem
Very buggy & inconsistent
Constant bugs with every update, always changing features until enough ppl complain and they change it back. You’d think a charting app would have traders in mind but some changes don’t make sense. Data on charts is error prone or will just vanish. Additions to watchlist or mark-ups on charts using mobile aren’t on your desktop next time you long in so that work is lost. Customer service is mostly a chat bot repeating the same pasted-in answers again and again, no help! Been using for a couple months now and won’t be renewing, already looking at better software and will consider the money wasted on this app as lost! *update Just ANOTHER morning of nothing working! Charts that have been marked-up are showing. NOTHING!!!! Over an hour, it started with random charts you flip through and then every chart! This platform is NOT reliable! Once my waste of an annual subscription is up I’m done! And you STILL can’t even sort for change in avg volume as the day starts/goes on! A basic requirement if you want to know what’s actually going on in the markets!!!
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2 months ago, moreloveeveryday
Nice features, trading with it is for fools
Some decent features with up to date market data. It’s funny that it’s called trading view because you can’t really see anything particularly accurate when you put multiple quotes up, LOL of whatever you’re looking at. There isn’t a way to consistently lock in whether it is today, a week, month, YTD, etc. Yet another platform with good software that refuses to make it easy to actually “see.” Well, if you’d consider the last 1.5 days including premarket and after hours which would mean 1.33 days, it looks like X has performed by A, and Y has performed by B! Never mind what is happening today or what happened this week! Update: it is April 4, and they have news on an economic report which I have no idea was what time at 6:00 AM EST - proof that they intentionally provide misleading and inaccurate and untimely data. No US reports come out at this time and the info is about a week old or God knows how long ago but it is Top News.
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3 months ago, Delta Wolf @BullMoon247
I Am Just Starting to Learn
I decided to go ahead and invest in my technical analysis journey, and purchased the Trading View Pro plan. To be honest, I was worried with my lack of experience, if I would actually get my money’s worth. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t end up using it as much as I’d hoped. I signed up back in NOV of 23. Since then, I’ve been on trading view all day every day. It’s the first app I look at when I wake up, I have it open almost all day, and Im falling asleep with it in my hand at night. Trading view has helped me tremendously. It’s elevated my trading game to levels I didn’t think were possible in such a short time. This platform is incredible. It is very complex, but its also user friendly. It’s capable of being as advanced or as simple as you need it to be. I’m especially in love with the widget option in the iPhone and the iPad. Im able to have a long list of my favorite tickers, at a glance on both my iPhone and my iPad. The split screen options are great as well. You have the option to have up to 3 charts open, on one screen, at the same time. If you are an experienced trader, or if you are just starting to learn. Trading View is a POWERFUL weapon that you MUST HAVE in your arsenal. If I could give it 10 stars, I would.
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1 year ago, Makebetterapporyougetonestar
This is only for the mobile/tablet apps.
TLDR; Homepage the web version. You will end up doing that if you use TV for more than just checking quotes. In regards to the charts themselves, there is no competition. TV has the best charts hands down. However, they way the organized this app makes me scratch my head a bit. As others have mentioned, the web version of TV is far superior. The organization and ease of access to things like the DOM and a full featured news calendar are missing here. The DOM is hard to get at and has no grouping. There is no news calendar on the mobile apps at all. The mobile apps are great for a quick view, but attempting to do any real technical work on here is pretty restrictive. The drawing tools are also not easy to access. At least they have kept the favorites bar, so that is nice. I almost never use the iOS app unless I click the icon accidentally (which I immediately regret since I now have to close it) instead of the browser version I have homepaged as a standalone app. Also, while I have you here... what is with the TV app on the bottom left of the chart? There is no way anyone who has seen a TV chart will not know it's a TV chart... Also, I clicked the TV app icon on my iPad or typed your URL into my browser, guess what I know I'm using TradingView, trust me we know. I keep the app in hopes that one day I accidentally click the icon and it actually is the web version.
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3 years ago, Sabjo182
GOAT APP !! Pinky promise!!
Try the free trial, and you’ll see it’s 100% Worth the upgrade. I’ve been trading a couple years and wanted to increase volume and prediction accuracy, and this delivers!! Really solid and help me stick to my plan, with so many indicators like ZScore and ichimoku alerts!! Just what I needed. I made about $2k ROI in under 24 hours of having the app with the crypto trading charts. They have every crypto pair imaginable with their smart and instant quotes populate from all the major exchanges. So f’ing cool. Great job Trading view!! I can see how much time I’m going to save now too, probably hours each day, as I now have tools to enhance my intuition. I’ll probably be going with the premium pro plan ultimately (middle tier with 20 indicators per chart) but I made that much money in one day with the basic pro free trial. Unbelievable. This is def a real review. BOOM 🤯💣💥🔥
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4 years ago, xgregious
Rare review
I don’t often write reviews, but when I do, I am at my wits end. So, I spent a very unproductive 3 hours attempting to explore this application. They do have a robust community of talented technical analysts, so I will give them that. The main reason that I downloaded the app was to check out the charting features. After about oh... 5 minutes, strange things started to happen. My indicators had disappeared, and despite my great efforts, I could not get them to return. But it gets worse: There is no way to close the chart, or reset the chart, or erase the chart. Once it gets buggy, you are cursed forever and ever until the end of time. I finally uninstalled the app, rebooted, reinstalled, and it was still broken. The support section is worthless, and the company makes it very clear with bold red letters that they are TOO BUSY to tend to support tickets. By the end of my time with the app, I couldn’t get ANY indicators to display. Okay, if the developers come back and say “ohhh that’s because it’s just a trial”, my response would be “a message stating why the charts start glitching, and the indicators stop working would be rather helpful” ...and if that is the case, that is the *shortest* trial that I have ever seen. Game over - I’ll be checking out the competition.
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7 months ago, sirthur
4.5 stars. Alert Management improvement gets to 5 stars!
I use the desktop application daily, but think the mobile app functions very well for reviewing on the go. That said, I find the “Alert Management” section of the mobile app cumbersome to locate (you have to click on a ticker in your watchlist, then click on three small dots, then scroll down to the titled section, and only then can you finally arrive at your destination.) It’s challenging to navigate to alerts in a hurry, which is unfortunate since often times alerts can be time sensitive. I would love to see an icon on the main dashboard that leads to Alert Management. Or at the very least have it listed up top after clicking on “Menu” at the bottom right of the dashboard. Other than that, I think the app is excellent.
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3 years ago, Salt guy
Great app (except the current version)
Have been a paying subscriber to TradingView for years. It has been the best and easiest way to pull up my favorite charts with preferred settings, indicators, and drawing tools SYNCED across all desktop, tablet, and phone screens. However, The latest update looses connection often. Widgets that used to take a few seconds to sync now won’t sync unless I screw around with the app first. The app itself freezes a few times daily, and needs to be restarted to update quotes. It’s not reliable for me at this point, and I am researching alternatives. This is too buggy for a paid service. (iPhone 12 pro, IOS 15.1.1, TV 2.36.1 build 659) Edit: Thanks for the quick response, and it’s great to know that the team is doing everything possible to deal with Apple’s iOS changes. TradingView is still the best option for me, and I gladly renewed my subscription at Black Friday prices. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon. Thanks again for a great overall product!
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3 years ago, DMV Joni
Updated: Pro Member - Love the charts hate the captcha.
Remove the captcha for a 5 star review! I can no longer access indicators on the IOS app because I can’t bypass the ridiculous captcha. I paid for a pro membership. Why is a captcha needed to access the description of every indicator? Waste of time and money as I can no longer work efficiently using this app. Update: Tradeview quickly contacted me with instructions to submit additional info via the help center. Interestingly enough as I was taking screenshots of the problem to submit with the ticket, I clicked into the function option and attempted to view the description and the captcha that has been annoying me for weeks was gone. Hopefully forever! Thank you, Tradeview for your quick response. As promised I’ve updated my review to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, ShoobyTaylor
Huh? Totally useless for real trading
I can’t even figure out how to get the alert log to show me today’s alerts instead of last year’s. (And, yes, changing the sort order doesn’t help. As far as the app is concerned there has been no alerts since last summer.) Not sure what all those people who gave it 5* are using it for. Unusable for keeping track of what I need to buy or sell today. I wish I had thought to test this before I left my house without my laptop. I need to know what alerts went off today! I guess all I can do is pray that none of my stocks with against me before I’m back in front of my laptop at market open tomorrow morning. UPDATE: days later and I still can’t figure out how to get this app to show me the log of any alerts later than 3 months ago. Frustrating and a useless waste of my time, not possible to trade without being able to review today’s alerts. What a joke. 15 minutes to the close of session and instead of getting my trades in, I’m sitting here wasting time leaving an angry review.
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3 years ago, Snukums85
Awesome Times 1000!
When I was beginning to learn Forex, I didn’t want to jump onto to something new which means I had to learn something new on top of all the stuff I was learning about Forex. My brain was overwhelmed! But when I got onto this wonderful site, I was able to apply all that I had learned about Forex onto my charts! At that moment I was like how crazy was I to be hesitant to add this to my Forex journey! TradingView is the best thing that I have come across in my life to aid in my financial journey from broke to financially stable! Don’t be hesitant like I was. You’re able to apply all indicators needed to help you forecast the market. This is truly a way to win! Thanks to the creators of TradingView to help guide me on my way to becoming a consistently profitable trader!
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4 years ago, One OpenSource
Complicated, but great if you know what you are doing
Just like the website the app is basically an open-source trading tool. It has a ton of features, but you have to pay to unlock most of them. It offers a 31-day free trial of any level, so if you are interested might as well get the highest one for the trial and see what features you don’t use, then choose the plan fits your needs. DEVS: I rated this 4 stars because while it does have a lot of information, to some people maybe too much, but that aside I find that when using the Full-Featured Charts on mobile there is too much sensitivity on the screen presses and the whole zoom feature, how each part of the chart can be adjusted separately, it is useful but easy to get lost in and there should be a reset button. Also, just because I rated it 4 stars doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve 5. Maybe I am just not that used to using it yet.
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2 years ago, Bossy718903
Please fix alert system & watchlist creation feature on mobile and
I enjoy using the charting system but please fix the issue of setting alerts on rays and line while using mobile. On iOS the app will bug out and only half the screen will show after you enter in a description for your alert. If you try and go back and put a second alert (such as with an entry alert and a stop signal) then the app will most likely freeze and close out upon even opening up the edit alert on the second ray. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS! Also, an add on feature to add tickers to a watchlist straight from the chart feature or add (plus sign option) would help users create watchlists on the go. This would be much appreciated. A drop down check off menu, similar to what is offered on the desktop version is what comes to mind. Other than that I enjoy using the app but please fix the alerting system on mobile and consider a more seamless watchlist creation function.
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3 years ago, Menrge
iOS 15 bug, BOR Safari end problem!
It’s been three full weeks since iOS 15 was officially out and the app has this loading issue ever since. When you you guy plan to solve the issue? I’m paying the premium member every month and this app is literally not usable since last month… I may file a refund claim since I’m paying for a defect product which I can’t rven use………Just to update. I was lucky enough to get the reply from the company, but they said it’s the problem from the Safari end…. We’ll, this app on Safari works fine. It’s the phone end, that’s not loading the charts… it’s been more than two full weeks and we can’t see the charts at all, then what’s the point of using a stock app if it can’t load stocks… Like a lot of people have discussed, when are you guys going to fix the bug on the compatibility issue with iOS 15? Can’t even open the chart now… I’ll still give you guys 3 starts since this is the app that I had been used the most even though it’s not usable now…
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3 years ago, Nani@327
Great App but becoming less mobile friendly with the new feature role outs
I have been using this app as a subscribed user for over 3 years. It has been a great experience and really loved the app. But lately some of the new features are not user friendly. For example, the most recent “quick preview on the watchlist” feature makes the whole user experience horrible and terrible when navigating from chart to chart. It is so horrible that it actually made me search for other similar service providers. The whole purpose of the Mobile app is to navigate between charts seamlessly. For some reason, they are moving away from this by trying to pack way too many things into the mobile app. Suggestion to TradingView: Less is more. And in case if you keep adding such features, at least give the subscribers the ability to customize. Thank you.
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6 months ago, TechOriented
Separate default chart for Mobile and desktop
Trading view is the best charting apps, however there are a few places in the mobile version that can be enhanced to be more user friendly. 1) separate mobile charts from desktop charts. Currently, when I view a chart on mobile, it modified the first ticker of my last active multi-chart layout on desktop. So next time I login to my desktop, it show the ticker that I last viewed on mobile. I want the desktop ticker to stick. 2) remember last chart layout on mobile. On mobile, I can change chart layout to multi chart layout (eg. 2-chart layout). But after I close and reopen the app, It reverts to 1 chart layout. User would expect it to use the last used layout. I think the main reason the chart is messed up on mobile is because it is linked to the last active desktop chart. An easy solution is to allow user to select a default layout for mobile. For example, user can define 10 layouts on desktop. Then on mobile, user can choose one of the 10 layouts as default for mobile. When viewing different ticker on mobile, the only thing change should be the ticker, not the layout. The time frames and indicators should stay intact.
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3 years ago, krp9
Alright tradingview you guys really prove to me you guys are the best in the charting industry
I had a previous 1 star review because of the update and listed what was wrong and you guys actually took the time and listened and went as far as sending that information to the developers and you guys actually fixed the exact problems I stated. You guys deserve the 5 star. I still loved you guys before even when i gave the 1 star (that was only because of that specific update) but now I probably just have to marry you guys. I would go as far as wearing a tradingview t-shirt to promote your business if you ever want to send me one (haha). Thanks for listening to your customers. Much love, much charting. I’ll have to upgrade my account from pro to premium now after this.
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3 years ago, paulsl45
Not worth the exorbitant cost
I did the promotion join at a discount at first then they tried to charge my papal $600 for this incomplete program that has no options or futures trading. I don’t think so, you can’t do option or futures on trading view and they want to charge you $600 a year for WHAT? I used TradingViews paper money to help some friends get use to navigating a trading platform. But without options & futures this program is just a toy. And a very expensive toy at $600 for a premium yearly subscription. After their attempt at taking $600 from my PayPal I’ve canceled my subscription. I don’t like people who do sneaky payments that aren’t authorized. Check your payment setup to make sure they can’t automatically charge you more that you originally agreed on. Value for money I gave it a 1 star for what they what to charge!
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2 years ago, Middle age mom
Good but could be better
I am trying this because Morningstar had taken away the key ratios page that I relied on and replaced it with crap. This has a lot of good things but a lot of simple things seem to be missing. For goodness sake how about a screen for stocks hitting a new high? New low? If it is there somewhere I can’t find it. There seem to be an awful lot of pointless stuff to appeals to the “wallstreetbets” crowd, and social interaction rather than actually choosing investments on a rational framework. I was in several free trials and this one is mostly easily understood. The vertical scaling changes every time I touch my screen and logarithmic scale seems to be absent or obscure to set up. That right there is an indication of lack of seriousness. Logarithmic should be the default setting and if you don’t know that they should protect the newbies from their ignorance. Time will tell.
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3 years ago, f'ness
I’m blue
The new updates are kinda weird and seemingly arbitrary. Not a fan of having to click a symbol and then click view chart. Charting is the primary use of this platform and to have it secondary to a less detailed line chart with a simple layman’s overview is sorta “noob friendly” and kind of insulting. The new logo seems to be a disappointment as well. The previous logo made logical sense and captured the idea and essence of what to expect when you open such an app. The new logo looks like it could be any kind of app like fashion, gaming, chatting, etc., and it has nothing distinguishing about it. Also not a fan of whatever teenager made the notes for the update. No need to be cute and sing-songy, it’s just a trading app. It seems like a lot of companies these days are trying to be ironically cringe or come off as “hip” with their advertising and public relations, but it comes off as unironically cringe and panders to a younger generation in a way that seems disingenuous and inauthentic. You don’t have to try so hard to fit in or make people like you, just be what you are; a charting app. I still use this app and enjoy it, but I don’t need the hyper conformity and fakeness. It makes tradingview less special and more basic.
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4 years ago, Matcoman6
User Friendly
I have tried several charting services including TC2000. I trade weekly stock and ETF options. For me TradingView charts have a simpler way for me to do all the technical things I do everyday. Their stock price alerts the fastest I’ve experienced. They are also the easiest to set and I like that they show up as an orange dotted line on my chart. For me their charts are the most pleasing visually. I use a faint green background and my candlesticks have black wicks, the green and red candle bodies are outlined with a fine black line. This and many other choices are in the settings. I was able to save all my preferences to a template. Now I can this to any new chart with a click of my template. Their charts are rich with all the features I have a need for.
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1 year ago, mohdr47r6
needs some extra support for the ipad to be perfect
excellent application BUT it’s lack to a key features, first it needs to add support for the mouse ( scroll to zoom in the chart), especially many people now using the iPad's with stage manager connected to an external monitor. second, the availability to choose to zoom out more and show more content (more chart) while using the stage manager mode will be fantastic to take advantage of the external monitor size. third, navigating through the watchlist and object tree while in the chart window is little bit challenging, it could be better, while i’m in the chart window i would like to see all the saved item of the watchlist and object tree directly maybe in a side window can be shown or hidden just like the tradingview on the full website. at least this changes should be in the ipad application to make use of the bigger screen. thanks…
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4 years ago, @ztezv
This is ridiculous
I was automatically billed For $60 after my first free month ended and I was cool with it but I was paying way to much so I cancelled my subscription for $60 a month and went to the basic, my account even says basic and I took all my payment information off because I wasn’t using it. After canceling my subscription a week later I decided to use it and I went to replay mode and I couldn’t use that feature because of course that’s for paid members and I was okay with that, so WHY did I just get charged $60 again when I don’t even have the subscription and my payment info is not on there? I’m so furious right now because I have bills to pay for. And Everytime I try to contact Trading view, there’s no number nor email. Which is in called for. I need a refund. I don’t even know how did I get billed without even being subscribed. AND WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR CUSTOMERS SERVICE??? Like why would you as a company make people pay for there problems to get solved ???
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3 years ago, your1224
The new update it’s full of glitches
When I delete lines and add new lines on chart. They automatically come back and new lines don’t show up after I close the app aka turn it back on. Edit: Thank you, it worked :) Trading view is the best app for charts!!! Another request I have is. Would it be possible for some sort of toggle to edit the percentage and price change. As I just want to see the percentage change not the price change aswell. It’s just more cleaner look. Would it be possible for next update for app there could be possibly an option to toggle both price change and percentage so customer has option to keep both on or one what ever suits their needs? That would be awesome. Thank you
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1 year ago, Hanleyhansen
So close!
Great app! I’ve been hoping to make my transition to having my full Trading workflow fully on the iPad. TradingView has almost nailed it. Some of the things I’d like to see is the features available on desktop also available on my iPad. I have the iPad Pro 12.9 so I have plenty of screen real estate and TradingVIew should take advantage of that. The multi tab UI is a must as well as being able to have the fully chart on the left while having utilities like alerts/watchlist/alert logs on the right. The current UI for switching between symbols on my watchlist so that I can create weekly alerts is extremely cumbersome and slows me down. As an iOS developer for over 10 years I can appreciate the challenges of building for multiple platforms and multiple screen sizes. If we can have the desktop app on the iPad then that will significantly increase my mobility because I will only need my iPad for all TA and for my weekly trading plans. I feel the desktop app has already solved all my UI/UX concerns, now it’s just a matter of porting that to iPad. Great work otherwise!
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3 years ago, -- Someone Reliable --
Great Overall App But You’re Missing....
Great overall app. Amazing amounts of data and the port from pc to phone is pretty astonishing as well. Especially how reactive and effective it is. But sometimes I am not around my PC and i would love to be able to effectively backtest. And I can not because when you begin to backtest you lose the option for object tree and to undo incase you make a mistake, It was much easier to do so before this update. Can you guys get rid of the backtest and chart settings / object tree out of the same spot. It ruins just a little bit of the experience. And I am also a premium member so not being able to effevtively use my membership that I paid for is an irritant. Thanks for the great service but please fix this for effeciency and effectiveness sake.
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4 years ago, nelly1021
Nice and clean, but could be way better
It needs a way to add symbols to a specific watchlist from the chart tab. It’s a huge pain to switch to the watchlist tab, find the watchlist you want to add it to, scroll up, click the + sign, add the ticker, then switch back to the watchlist you were cycling through, and scroll down to where you left off. There is so much room along the top bar of the chart tab to include an “add to watchlist” button. It also needs to display your tags and allow you to tag/untag stocks. Moving a stock ticker up in a watchlist is super annoying. You have to scroll all the way to the top, tap edit watchlist, scroll all the way back down to find your stock, drag it up, then scroll back down to where you left off. Just lots of scrolling... hard to do analysis efficiently which leads me to use my laptop even though I’d rather use my iPad.
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6 years ago, Savvv12123
Ok, but in the end not as good as using web browser
I’ve been using trading view for a few years now and I was pretty excited to see an iPad app. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough thought put into the design of this to make it a replacement for the web browser version. 1. The list of instruments on a separate tab is so painful... you have to toggle back and forth and its really disruptive to your flow. Also no ability to sort your watchlist by name, %gain/loss, or anything else? That’s not good. 2. There is no total % gain/loss on the chart... it shows it at the top but its relative to the timeframe you have, which is crazy. Show me the % gain loss for the day like you do on the browser version... that’s a no brainer 3. No favorites on your drawing tools. That means I have to click three times to get a trend line... that’s again a terrible design choice 4. Timeframe selector across the top of the screen, making it as hard as possible to reach it with your fingers and again requiring multiple clicks to get what you want. Here’s how that should work. Near the bottom left of the screen I should be able to press and hold to show me all my timeframes, then slide and release to select the one I want. All in all, almost isn’t good enough here. TradingView needs to spend more time thinking about use cases and design ergonomics.
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3 years ago, Geza X
Wish I could trade also
I’m a big fan of Trading View, have a subscription, and use it daily for trading on my desktop, sometimes on my iPad browser too. I feel like this standalone app would be more useful if I could trade from it, otherwise it’s just a toy for watching stocks. No offense, it works very nicely and all. I opted for the desktop version of your app and like using that a bit more than through Chrome or other browser, as it gives me a little cleaner screen space and a dedicated sign on for trading. Would be pleasant if the iPad version did the same. I will say however that this app was what tipped me off to trading view in the first place and I used it to familiarize myself with the platform before using it to trade on my desktop browser. So as an educational primer or sales tool it did work for me.
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6 years ago, odvisual
Nice and sleek app that can be improved even further
This charting app is fast and sleek, what truly is powerful that it mimics pretty much all chart functions of a main web application, including chart markup and annotations, zooming in and out with a pinch (an indispensable feature for any Mac/iPhone user) and multiple watch lists. There are some areas of improvement that can make it even more usable: 1) Reliable and fast sync between multiple instances: for example, if annotation is added in the mobile app, often it won’t show up in the web version (even with refresh) and vice versa. 2) Flipping through charts within the watch list: at the time of this review the app requires user to go back to the watchlist and select next ticker. In the web version navigation is much easier and more intuitive (with up/down arrows). 3) Among other minor improvements to consider: * Make iOS app more consistent with web version by adding features like Flagged watch list * Add support for multiple flags (by color) - use case is basically as a user you’d want to flag tickers based on some different criteria: bullish, bearish, etc.
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1 year ago, Itscorwin
Honestly great app except it’s optimized for iPads and not iPhones now
I would give five stars if it were easier to access certain functions like disabling drawings quickly and easily. It used to be better on the old app. In order to “hide drawings” which I use often when changing timeframe it requires a click two swipes and two more clicks. Used to be two clicks Realistically should be one. This would likely be slightly less annoying if using an ipad (which I have but have no interest trading on). Instead of my phone (which I always have on me) iPhone 12 Max. Wish you could add a shortcut key or instead of adding a favorite drawing tool (which I would never use on my phone) maybe a favorite button.
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3 years ago, DreamBig19(me)
Do not like update - time change hassle
I do not like this most recent update at all. I constantly flip between 1min-5min-15min time frames. Before we could just scroll to the time frame and that was it. Now you have to click on the time frame then look for the time frame you want in a list and then click on it again. Whoever is on SEO/Marketing should know better. 1 scroll is a million times better than 2 clicks. If there was a long list to scroll through, fine. There’s not. 😡 I change timeframes probably a 100 times a day. That’s 200 clicks 🤔, verses 100 quick taps to scroll. Ans please don’t say there’s a Favorites Interval Picker. It’s still two clicks. This is ridiculous and whoever did this should be minus a job. Also, now I’m having a problem where if I zoom in, the screen is much more sensitive and it will pull another graph up and overlay it on-top of the one I was trying to zoom in on.
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6 years ago, Will Easton
Great Start
Love TV! Great iOS app, clean interface to put all the important tools right at your fingertips. Only major request to make this a “5 Star” app is adding the “Edit Gear” button next to the indicator title (by the “X” button to close the indicator, just like on the web app). Sometimes double-tapping an indicator doesn’t work properly, this would make things fool proof. Other wishlist items: photo button saves photo to album (instead of just copy link), alternatively gives the option to automatically open link in Safari to manually save the photo. Minimize the lower bar - tons of screen space wasted for 5 buttons (maybe just make those 5 buttons a drop down option like the tools/timeframe/etc). Add split-screen, maybe iPad-only? And finally, Pine editor please!!!
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5 years ago, PiNKFL0yD
Definitely Worth It....
One of the best charting apps and sites on the web... Especially for the cost... If you’re on the fence, give it a shot... and make SURE that you dig deep into all the features they offer.. The cost is MINIMAL compared to sites/apps like eSignal, etc... and it does pretty muchly everything you need to trade with technical analysis IMHO... I use TOS and TradingView to do my scans, and then most of my charting and trade plans are done through TradingView before I trigger them (to another broker).... the mobile app is great to use while on the go, to create and view alerts, etc... Again.. the cost is MINIMAL compared to other services/apps/sites.. its definitely worth a trial run and paying for a month to test it out.. Just make sure you give it your time and use it until you check out everything it offers.. I didn’t use it enough when I started trading, and could have saved a fortune testing out other services if I would have just dug deeper into TradingView.. The site and the app simply marry beautifully... Good luck everyone.. Trading is DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart..
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4 years ago, Nedu (NJ)
Ouch! This app hurts like crazy!
Love the website. So I figured I needed this app on the road also. After about a half-hour fiddling with this thing, I am beyond shocked. It just couldn’t be the same guys who put together a phenomenal website. This seems more like an after thought. A box-checking exercise. Like, “They said we need an app, so, here you go”. First of, it lacks the intuition of the website. For me it’s get in, punch in the stock ticker, get the background info I need, and out. 30 seconds flat. With this app, I can’t figure out where the search bar is. And there seems to be an overemphasis on all the wrong things. For example, an overemphasis on technical charts. They are important of course, but so also are the financials, company profile, and that awesome sell/buy “odometer”, which are nowhere in sight! To the team working on this, I hope you get back to your true form. This isn’t it though. For everyone else, stick with the website for now.
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11 months ago, TradingView fan1
Love it!
This actually is a five star rating. I gave it four stars only because of personal preference considering the lack of one particular feature I would love to see and could really separate this from other charting apps. I would suggest have a long and short position tool that was compatible with option trading. Other than that, I think this app gives you everything you need and more to achieve your trading abilities. It’s very user friendly, and has a ton of features that are a click away and easy to adjust, control, and modify. I have recommended this app to many and had great feedback from some as well, but have also suggested a compatible option trading tool.
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3 years ago, Abatix
James B Customer Service Bad Experience
The customer service is horrible. I was using this app for 1 year religiously as a Premium member. I was offered a promotional offer by James B, and since I did not respond right away, I was not granted the refund I asked for right away, nor was I granted the promotional offer. Customer Service definitely needs to be trained better. I feel like they are inconsistent, and I will not be recommending my friends and family this company no more. I was considering this company for Black Friday, but I’m not sure I want to take that risk to deal with the customer service. Trading View Account Name: Abatix. Update:Developer responded to send an email to their “Support email.” last time I wrote to the support email, it wants me to open a “ticket.” As their support email is nothing more than an email they don’t respond to. This in turn will make me be forced to deal with James B again. Not helpful!
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4 years ago, WhobuilttheArK?
Best Charting Software Out
Tradingview has simplified analyzing charts incredibly. the layout is great, features are perfect, and you can find any stock, currency, index and get all the data (w/ upgrade i think, which is worth it.) What ticks me off is when my charts don’t auto save like they’re supposed to, and my mark-ups get deleted. i’ve checked my settings many times and it’s always on auto save every minute, but sometimes i’ll open up the app and the markups are gone. not a huge deal, but when it happens to multiple charts at a time, it’s a little setback to redraw It would be perfect if that would stop happening! thankyou anyway for the great app
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3 years ago, Akash the Nickname
Stocks at your fingertips
Love the look and feel, it’s really straight forward to use and as technical as it can get it’s still somehow really simple and straightforward. An app built with their users in mind. Also everything done on the app also gets updated to their desktop version which is amazing!!! Constructive criticism - I would really love to see the app have the same features as it desktop counterpart. Takes time and patience, which I am totally willing to wait for :) - the new Logo, not really a fan of… perfered the older one over this. Comes off too ‘edgy’ and feeling like distant from the rest of the design. Keep it simple.
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3 years ago, MLGwest
Request: Saved Indicator Templates
Really great app, enjoy using, however, I’ve been asking for quite sometime now if you could implement saved “Indicator Templates” to the Mobile app just as you have it on the website, because it would make it extremely easier to simply click on saved templates & all my indicators and settings will automatically be applied to my chart, rather than having to goto indicators & manually install each individual indicator while also having to apply custom settings... This becomes very time consuming, would highly appreciate if you would consider this in the next update, Thank You!
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5 years ago, abedzaza
This is extraordinary!
The ungratefulness of some users disliking this app is self-entitled and quite disappointing to say the least. I mean not only is the app offered for FREE, it's also AD FREE! The developer has probably invested tens of thousands of dollars to fine tune it to the near perfection it is today. I've been trading for 11 years and have downloaded and tried tons of apps. Tradingview is by far the greatest. I ended up saving a huge space on my phone by uninstalling 3 different applications (one for commodity and oil prices, another for forex and currencies are and the third for technical analysis). Tradingview beats the three of them combined. I'm grateful to whoever designed this and offered it FREE to the community. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, dvnrvn
Please fix the iPadOS 15 bugs
The app is great on OSX and good for iOS, but it has a pretty bad experience on iPad. The iPad version is pretty much the phone version except riddled with bugs, when it should be more featured like the OSX version. I keep my iPad with me as I go around the house, and using the native iPad app is a frustrating experience. The most frustrating bugs show up when you use a physical keyboard. For example, if you press the command key, suddenly all of the positions will enter edit mode without an option to exit that mode; the only way to fix it is by killing the app and booting it up again. The command key is a navigation key in the iPadOS interface and it should never be overridden, please at least fix that bug and I will bump the rating.
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