Traffic Rider

4.6 (34.3K)
232 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skgames Yazilim Muhendislik Teknoloji Ltd. Sti.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Traffic Rider

4.55 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
2 years ago, backrooms proq
Perfect motorcycle game on the app Store
Ive had this game for year's multiple devices so many hours sitting weaving in between cars I love it I mostly enjoy the climb back of when i change devices or something there is so many bikes that are all fun ive owned every bike in the game they are all awesome and a ton of fun even though a bit pricey great game to throw some money at something I've always feel like this game has needed is a multiplayer mode to race other actual people or maybe even just other bikes that are AI cus weaving cars for hours is fun and addicting yes I would love to race other bikes while avoiding cars I think that would be a excellent time other than that this game is perfect fun not glitchy great for blowing time it sounds good very low amount of adds that's my favorite part and you can play it offline for when say you're in a airplane or a car drive and lose service I love this game it's a hidden gem along with the creator
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1 year ago, shortbuscomingthrough
Got to give it to them
At the start, this game is great and everything you’d expect for a catchy, addictive and simple mobile game (if you pay to get rid of ads at least). Then about 20 minutes down the road you start to encounter the game blocking you from doing career missions due to underpowered stats. This would be fine if there was a valid way to earn money but the other game modes barely give you anything (even when unlocking night mode the 30% boost is barely noticeable). A 190k score on endless at night with the 30% barely gets you about 4000$. Career mode missions however, pay out much more fairly the more you complete them. What I’m getting at is, I’m basically stuck and have to save around 145k in game money to get the next bike witch would allow me to progress the story line. That’s hours of in game racing on endless to get there, then I would have to repeat the process as soon as my new bike’s stats become underpowered. This game is extremely Pay to play. If you don’t want to slave away hours of time don’t bother on progressing, you’ll be paying for in game credits to afford career mode restrictions. At the end of the day it’s a pointless game with no actual end game result. Frustrations aside, I believe it deserves 2 stars. Even with the micro-transactions and career restrictions, it’s still a way to pass time…
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4 years ago, Jftech01
Grind Endless One-way and you’ll level up.
Great game, limitless bike combinations, BUT. Campaign is extremely difficult- the only way to beat some of the levels is to somehow get your bike exactly on the double yellow lines, and just ride through and score points passing cars, but even that is limited. I love how challenging the game is, but it’s almost too challenging in campaign mode. Not to mention, some of the fastest bikes are also the crappiest bikes because even though they can have a lot of handling, it’s often not enough to, like say, swerve in and out of traffic. The best bikes so far are the simple scooter you first get (it’s easy to control) the motorbike that costs around $10,000, and I’m still trying to find the other good ones. However, this is NOT a pay-to-win thanks to Endless one-way mode. That’s often how I get the money to buy the bigger bikes. In fact, I have gone from level 3 to level 7, and then onward thanks to playing Endless One-way. Endless One-way is basically the alternative to career mode, so if you encounter an impossible level, just head to Endless One-way, and pass some cars on the scooter!
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5 years ago, RobertYo2000
It’s ok but disgustingly slow.
I’ve played this game before, but had to delete it to save up some space, I got all the way up to CBN 1000R which was a disgustingly slow process, I wanted to die since it didn’t even feel worth it at the end, when I redownloaded the game all my process was gone and lost motivation, so I deleted it again (I tried everything to get my process back but didn’t work.) I got the game once more just because I love motorcycles and there are no good motorcycle games like this one, I’ve disgustingly grinding during the weekends and trying to get my daily, which by the way barely helps you. Overall review/honest answer: Game is great, graphics are pretty good controls are decent enough and I can say no game is like this when it comes to motorcycle games, but the grind to get a new motorcycle is extremely dumb, if you have no life or want to spend money then go for it and waste your time and money, it takes you around a month just to get a “meh” motorcycle and even more if you’re on the higher rankings. Game is worth it if you have all the time in the world, but if you don’t then do not bother until they make a easier way to make cash.
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3 years ago, my user is iiblxsssxm :)
Ok so, this game is literally amazing! I saw my brothers playing it on their phones at dinner, and I was like, “Hmm” and so I downloaded it and like— IT’S SO ADDICTIVE! I play many other games more than this game like Roblox, Minecraft, FNAF, Granny basically popular games, and so the thing is that when i change my gear for the vehicles it doesn’t change it. But, good news! I fixed it! I honestly hope it doesn’t happen again because the gear I had before I changed it, it was a gear that I didn’t know how to use because It. And so basically I was trying to the normal gear (not the actuall I mean the gear with the arrows) and so I ended up having it for like a week. But at least I gave it back :) To be honest, I have only had this game for a month, AND I have never writen a Review before, sorry if I had bad grammar, I’m young.
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10 months ago, egxjej
Great game + reccomendation
This game has me hooked, it almost seems like one of those tech demos with great gameplay but no substance until you actually play it. This game is so full realized with a long campaign and multiple different modes and maps. Traffic is super realistic and will randomly change lanes and you can get them to change lanes by flashing your lights. Also if you hit them a flow speed and don’t fall off your bike they will turn on hazards and pull off to the side like they got in a real wreck. The little details are astounding and I love how much passion was clearly poorer into this great game. One thing I’d like to see is a third person replay mode so I can see just how close I’m getting from a different angle!!
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4 years ago, Clay C. | FloBoi
Basic pay to win game. Almost nothing special.
Cutting through traffic is about the only thing you can do in this game. There’s nothing fun like racing others, police chases, or any of that. It’s just you and the cars you try not to hit as you speed down the road. There are endless modes and timed modes, but that’s only as fun as that. The career mode is always requiring better bikes which cost a lot of money. This is where that pay to win comes in. You can either take an hour or two playing endless or timed mode so save up all the money needed to finally get that bike you need, or you can pay a good $5 to get double cash on each go. Oh, if you don’t want to pay that and instead choose to save up money through multiple drives, there’s a ton of ads. And to get rid of them, only pay $2! The key system is overpriced (along with everything else) and practically stupid. I don’t see why it even exists. The one thing I can commend the creators of this game for is the graphics actually look pretty decent. Otherwise, this app is garbage.
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2 years ago, chinarivera23
Money Asked For To Do Practically Everything
Money grabbing , money hungry game. Can’t do anything new, like get a newer bike, or play a new scene or level or unlock anything. Can’t do practically anything new or experience anything new in the game unless you keep “paying” to play and view and do everything. I like to play this game but i may eventually just uninstall it and forget about this greedy money mongering game. I have uninstalled many games on my devices in the past and never came back to the game. The constant ploy for money makes the games unenjoyable. A one time payment to just play and enjoy the game would suffice. Or just more opportunity to play stuff in the game without having to pay for literally everything makes it a game. This game is a online business in the format of a game. Playing this game to relieve stress like me? Good luck with that. Need to have tons of cash ready to keep pumping out to do anything or play with anything new in this game.
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3 years ago, another potato
Add more things to the game!
Hello, Don’t get me wrong me and my cousin love the game! We take turns playing the game! We would just like to add some things! You can make another mode where you can ride with your friends! Secondly, we would love it if you could make a map where you can ride around the city with your friends and other people and friend them! Last but not least, would would love for you to add more bikes and also we would like to earn a little bit more money in the game, we love the game it’s just we find it burning playing over and over and saving up for so long to get the next bike! Thank you for reading this and please add some of 5 things we suggested! If you could add some of these things, it would be a 5 star review! Thank you for reading this. -GamerPanda and his cousin :)
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6 years ago, Xyno176
I love this game. one of the only games i play on my phone for it’s good gameplay and for its ability to pull up quickly and start a game. i think the mechanics are good for an app and the game is somewhat realistic. it’s truly addicting and a blessing considering it’s free! One that note i would also like to point an idea... what if they’re can be additions to the game? for example let’s say instead of going straight the map has turn and dips and climbs to further improve longer play time. And possibly create a race mode? (adding multiplayer and ai for users to race with) and also enhanced shifting graphics to simulate real life a little bit more? side note: if what’s above can be achieved i would totally expect and would not mind paying 5-10 bucks for the game!!
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2 years ago, DetachedDrake24
Great, Fun Nostalgic Game
Many years ago when I was about four or five, I roamed freely (not really) in the world of mobile games. I will never forget that one day I was taken home from school, feeling sick, and relaxing (if flailing your device around is relaxing) playing this game, dodging and weaving through traffic, no hesi style. This is a great game to waste time with in my opinion. But, with pros always comes cons. The struggle to get money in this game is unreal. As you continue to play career, you level up, unlocking more expensive bikes, setting your grinding goal even higher. Soon enough it becomes an endless loop of buying bikes, going into poverty, buying bikes, going into poverty. Other than the money making system, this is an incredible game with great graphics and no ads. I would recommend.
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2 years ago, BayonetFrog
It’s a grind for coins
The graphics are good, and it’s fun for a while. But it quickly gets repetitive: there are no turns in the road, just a straight 4-lane highway: so it’s basically slide side-to-side to dodge traffic. It IS educational in that you realize in firsthand how QUICKLY you can splatter yourself across the highway zipping a motorcycle in and out of traffic. Don’t fall for the starter pack: that bike will only get you to Career mission 30 or so (out of 78). I skipped buying every bike along the way and ground out the side missions until I could buy the 150,000 coin bike, but that only got me to mission 37: then it flat out tells you “this mission is impossible: you need a new bike” and won’t even let you try. Very disappointing. And bikes get VERY costly very quickly. So it’s fun for a bit, but then it’s just begging for lots of real money to do more of the same thing.
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7 months ago, ahahnsna
The best game ever!!! 🤩
That was so amazing I kept playing for hours that I even played in the middle of the night, just so amazing even though there are ads I do ignore it the graphics and the sound affects are so amazing I keep playing it everyday first I hop on my iPad and then play I just love it for sure it’s a 10/10👍🏻✌️😁 there are so much things to do in this game it feels like a real simulation once you play strange thing about the vehicles if you crash on them slow they may honk and get mad while if you speed up a bit it and crash into it the car doesn’t have a reaction weirdly but meh I really love the game so many level ups and upgrades to my motorcycle it just has a lot of upgrades also amazing game!!!
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3 years ago, jason_b05
Amazing So Far
I absolutely love this motorcycle game more than any other! The visuals of this game are very good and the motorcycle models you can buy are very detailed and look very much realistic. The details in the first person view is amazing! You can see the mph you are going on some of them. Although, just a small fix you could do is make the crash effect more realistic and detailed. As of right now it’s just a little shatter in the middle of the screen which is no way near what would actually happen in real life. Maybe some more shatters and when you crash there could be a little clip of falling off of the bike. Other than thought for the first day of using this app, I love it!
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1 year ago, DirtyMurphy
Really good game but a couple down sets
Love the game, I remember when I first saw the game when I was 6. Years later I got it. It’s really fun I love how it’s a no wifi game and can play it on the go. The first couple missions you play are fun because it’s when the starter bikes a cheap and your discovering everything. But now im farther ahead in the campaign and it’s still fun but it’s a little harder because the bikes I need are very expensive and im not even close to it. So a lot of the rounds are usually with luck because I’m not going at a fast speed. Usually I finish with a couple seconds to spare. Just barely. Also another thing that would be cool is if you could change the color of the bike. You might be able to but I don’t think you can. Other than that great game!
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4 years ago, Emc2Denver
:/ eh....
i dig the game and all, but when game makers don’t have their context aligned with the parameters they set for the game, then it takes quite a bit of the fun out of it and makes people want to delete it quicker. challenge 20 for example: you have 50 seconds to overtake 20 cars. easy enough right? then you realize the poor design of the game doesn’t start populating cars on the road for 15 to 17 seconds so really you only have about 35 seconds or less. Now you might say, hey maybe you are using a slow bike? nah... i’m using the top bike for that level, so it’s not due to spd. simple mistakes like this take the fun outa challenges when they start working like rigged carnival games. it seems more like a play to get a customer to spend cash to get the next level bike so they can actually pass the level rather than a real challenge to enjoy trying to beat. shady....
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2 years ago, noobthenoo
Ok so, I saw my brother playing this game and I was like: yo can I play ?, and my brother said : I guess, here!, and when I played it I was like-omg this is so amazing!,what is it called?!,and then I downloaded it and it was amazing!!!, I could not beileve I found an app like this!, unlike other games I have to take storage out and then download it, but this app does not let me delete/or delete some storage!, I am impressed about this app!, but if anything is something horrible, I might as well just be mad, but i can fix anything! :), so I won’t be mad! :D, but if I can’t fix it then I will go to McDonald’s and order a: sad meal :(, I don’t want that to happen, so I will try my best to keep having faith! :), OK BYE!
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5 years ago, Mary G.FuNkErA
It’s a absolutely phenomenal game and I personally LOVE it GREAT WORK Soner Kara! It great but I have one suggestion, that is if you can please make it multiplayer PLEASE I love all your games and I have them all but I would love for them to be multiplayer for me and my sister we would love to play together. Not saying to change anything, please don’t unless it’s bugs or a graphic thing but make it so you can do multiplayer mode and see who gets the higher score. Or instead of that have it like the career part but less time and multiplayer compatible. I hope you see this and like the idea. You don’t have to do this stuff but it would make your game a bit better and I think get it more downloads. Still... I LOVE YER GAMES!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, ammarbakbak
This is my first time writing a review and I’m doing so because I’m so annoyed because look listen I would have just spent 30k on a new bike then I finish two missions then it says “this mission is impossible unless you buy a new bike” first of all do y’all know how hard it is to get money so I can be able to buy that new bike on missions I already did and I know I can do them on endless and time trial option but it’s so dumb because it would say “this mission is impossible unless you buy a new bike” when the mission all you have to do is overtake 5 cars in like 30 seconds it gets so annoying because you cant complete missions unless you buy a new bike and the only way you can do that is to play those other options where you can make atleast 1k a game and it makes the game so annoying so please fix the thingy that’s says this mission is impossible and just let us play
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5 months ago, mesa s lc cheeks
W game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ask your dad to bring me some of his food so we don’t get hungry again lol and then we will have a good meal and a drink and I have a good day I have to work tonight and then I’m off to the hospital and I have to go to work tomorrow and I will see how my stomach hurts so I have a little bit of a sore throat so I’m gonna have a hard day and then I have a headache and I will go back tomorrow to work but I’m gonna try and sleep tonight I hope you guys love and I’ll be good to see bye have good bye see ya guys talk later have an excellent evening love dad love mom love mom love mom dad bye to all of your best day love mom love grandma mom love you bye to me too I miss dad to me I hope your dad bye to the doctor I love you bye
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5 years ago, YoungGunz Trilogy
The game is awesome, but
I like the game, i love playing, but you lost me with the specification of the bikes. Like the bike deserve to have their true specs when power is maxed out. The ZN 1400 which is the ZX14R, the bike is not slow in real life. In MPH with the full power maxed out the ZN 1400 top speed is 155, thats not correct. Kawasaki made the ZX14R trying to compete with the GSXR 1300. Then bike i have now, is the new yamaha R-1. I seen the R-1 get smoked by GSXR 1000 top speed 186mph/299kmph, ZX10R top speed is 184mph/296kmph, GSXR 1300 top speed is 194mph/312kmph, and ZX14R top speed is 186 mph/299kmph. And also the H2 and BMW S1000RR. Don’t get me wrong the R-1 is still fast, you got speed right, i havnt maxed the power out yet. Then you kind of overpowered the Ducati 1098 top is speed 180mph/290kmph.
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2 months ago, animal lover🎶
This game is amazing. I recommend it.
This game is so fun there might be ads, but that doesn’t matter you can move your phone doesn’t need Wi-Fi. It’s amazing. I’m addicted to it. Me and my sister play it all the time soon as I got up this morning I started playing it after I did my chores and school. and things we get to buy stuff to get where you’re at just makes it funner to you know harder to get to it so you know you have something to do and it’s way funner that way. all people I give it one star two stars at three stars you’re wrong. It’s amazing. You should always read five stars before stars that works too.
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1 year ago, Marcosisking
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, whoever made this game is a genius, and whoever made this game please make more games like this because this is a hit, I'm not sure who did this but I'm giving this game five stars because I've been playing this game for about two months and I've already loved it and I've played in your other games which are really good too but this one really stands out I've been reading other comments about this game and they seem to love it too so I'm hoping that they all give this five stars because this is the best game that I've ever played please make more games like this and that's all I have to say bye bye😄😂
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3 years ago, csheard
Games fun but has some minor issues
The game is really fun but there are some slight little gimmicks that make it really frustrating to play sometimes. For starters i feels like you can’t get even remotely close to a car with out failing. I understand you can’t get to close to the cars because it would make the game to easy but sometimes I will pass a car and fail even though it didn’t feel like I got to close. The biggest issue I have with the game is sometimes when you are going you will hit a full gridlock across all the lanes of traffic and will run out of time and not be able to win, although I’m not entirely sure how this could be fixed
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4 years ago, hajrifhskwfbxbsjs
The iming mochanics are kinda bad
The gae in general is amazing, a nice lever, nice bikes but what made me delete the game was when the time ran out and I paid the gold that it ask you to continue, what I found kinda frustrating was that they only give you 15 seconds to complete whatever you have to do; here’s my problem, I like to go fast , 1. I like it 2. The time and 3. The bonuses. There’s this one level that I cant complete because of the time. The level is fine and the cars are too but the time. I dont see why to change that since this game will not be downloaded again. Nothing personal but its just the timeing for that one level. I hope that this games other users enjoy this game, i had my time with it and the end of the road has come.
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4 years ago, jayden🧚🏽💕
This game is amazing!
This game is a pretty cool game and the best I have played before. When I was younger a used to play a game very similar to this, Traffic Racer. Traffic Racer was basically getting to the end without dying by accidentally hitting a car, or truck, SUV, SEMI trucks, you know those huge trucks along with Tractor trailers. it was such and amazing game, (well until I deleted it), that was since I was in 2nd grade about 7 or 8 years old, actually 7. But then 5 years later I fine this game AND IT WAS MUCH BETTER THAN TRAFFIC RACER! I'm 12 years old today writing this for everyone to see along with the developers. THANK YOU for making this game come true!😄😄😄
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1 year ago, Mr.Manakul
What a great game
This is definitely my favorite riding simulator I used to play true skate a skateboarding game but Traffic Rider takes all my attention now and is now my favorite game in general and the fact it’s a free download for such an amazing fun game definitely about to buy some stuff cuz I’m lazy but you don’t even have to do that you drive and make the money to buy whatever chopper motorcycles/sportsbikes/dirtbikes and even mopeds and whatever custom paint jobs u want!! Can’t beat this game just thought I’d share my experience👊👊definitely recommend this game to anyone that likes motorcycles.. PS:Keep it up game makers🙏🏼👊🎆
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7 months ago, Nikos Antoniou
Best game !
I love this game a lot. Great simulation of the different physics and sounds of different bikes. It can get very expensive to progress through all the career missions however. I’ve spent about $15 but I’m riding a bike I would love to own and ride in real life. If you want to beat the game expect to spend over $100. This game acutely gets my heart pounding. It will be amazing on apple’s new vision Os. One thing I would like to see in an update is off ramp exits so you can end your ride successfully without having to crash. A big thanks to the Skgames crew for all their hard work I love and appreciate this game.
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4 years ago, omg best game!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game
I like the game because I love bikes and I love cool bikes and nice bikes and this game definitely has that so it’s a great game I love that it’s easy to get on and learn how it’s played it’s smooth for me and it’s also sooooooo much fun I have bin playing now for 2 and a half days and I can’t stop playing it!!!!! All I can say is that I love the game. And I think you should buy some things so you can help out the sk squad. Love your game sk!!!!!!!!! And also I will tell all my friends in school to down load this game and give it a 5 star I’m going to tell my cousin to down load this game and give it a five star because I love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Bloodfang Sabertooth!!!
Best Motorcycle Game!!!
This is the best motorcycle game ever!!! I do have some suggestions so please listen...Ok 1. Maybe some new bikes...Look I know like 4 weeks ago you guys put a new bike...But like a Tron Bike!!! 2. New maps...Like a Forest Map...A road In the middle of the forest and Tron Road map in the middle of a Bike battle...But instead of Traffic Cars it should be replaced with more tron bikes and the same basic rules in every map 3. More Gloves...Like a way for you to customize your own gloves... And that’s it so hopefully you can put these in the game I WOULD LOVE IT and I would recommend it to my friends so Please Put these in!!!!! And thank you for listening!!!
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4 years ago, Jay_Dee1010 first
Fun game at first. Pretty addicting but then it gets to the point (fairly quickly) where you can no longer keep up with buying new bikes. You advance through the levels so quickly that you’re actually unable to play a level unless you buy a new bike that is very expensive. And if you want to just play and save up...well plan on saving for a while because each game will get you around $1000-$3000. To get much more than that you’d have to play a run for well over 10 minutes. Mind you the bikes get to 200k very quickly. So you’re either left playing a free run to scrap to feather a couple thousand a turn or dish out $10+ of real money for a slightly better bike that will only last you maybe 3 - 4 levels. They’re not even subtle about trying for a cash grab
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4 years ago, AlexLovesXXXTentacion
Very Very Disappointing
First of all I’m going to talk about career. You have to buy a new vehicle after only 3-5 missions! And the pricing is way too expensive which got me stuck! FOR A LONG TIME! Next, I’d like to talk about the amount of CARS and STRESS this game gives me. You overtake a car and that only gives you 0.1 seconds extra? Especially once I’m stuck behind 4 four cars. It wastes time and then I have to pay more of my coins to retry! And the XP you give is way too low. ESPECIALLY when it’s other than career. At last, CRASHING. The most usual theme people get from this game. REALLY REALLY STRESSING. I’m not too happy about it. Thank’s to the cracks and the speed is always my problem. And I hate the fact that the bike I have to pay for is 80,000$+ in-game cash. Bet I barely gain any! Thanks to everything I have explain. C’mon guys. You can do better then THAT!
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2 years ago, Noweak1
I love it!!!
I played this game for two years and it’s so fun I already have all the motorcycles and I have 500,000,000$in the game and I love playing it I play it every day so I can level up I’m almost completing all the missions then I will be done this game is awesome and I am addicted to this game every time I get home I get straight on this game because it looks so realistic and I like the sounds of the motorcycles Great job creating this game I love it! And I was wondering if you can add cameras like camera one camera to camera three camera for Camera five so I can see better so good luck!❤️
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5 years ago, I♥️🎶
True Love
I love this game! It truly does make you feel like your on the road. As long as you know never to do this in real life, its truly a fun game! I’d say its the best game I’ve ever played! I mean, other games are fun for what? The first week? And then its, ugh! This is so boring!😫😫😫But when I play traffic rider, its like, wow! I love it! I’ve had traffic rider for about 1-2 months, and I still love it, I always will! If there was an award for; best game ever? It would clearly be this very game! Not one little thing is frustrating or wrong with this game! Nothing! Now that’s what I call a game! Whoever made this game, thank youuuuuuu!
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6 years ago, thisnickisalwaystaken
Sorry but...
First up, this is one of prettiest bike games around. Physics and touch-response may not be the best, but it’s far from unplayable. The ramp-up in difficulty between missions can get insane, but it’s completely understandable - either you grind slowly, or spend real money to buy upgrades or a better bike. Compliments aside, this 2-star rating reflects my overall experience of the game, hugely marred by the incessant ads, many of which gives you the illusion of skipping them after 5 seconds, but in reality, doesn’t kick in until the 8th or 10th second. This results in a start-stop-start-stop gameplay which is extremely frustrating. Such a pity the monetisation design is still so primitive. I’ve had this game since 2016; guess it’s time to reclaim space on my iPad.
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2 years ago, smitty2356
Great game! It needs a tiny bit of work though.
This game is so addicting. For someone who wants a motorcycle but can’t get one right now, this game takes the edge off. You can choose different types of steering controls. From tilt steering to different types of touch steering. You can also save your data to a cloud and play on multiple devices. One minor complaint I do have is when I do that, for some reason different devices say different days and times when I’m saving/loading progress. Like it’s 9/25 9:35 today and my phone is saying it’s 9/11 2:17. Other than that, it’s a great game!
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2 years ago, dababy lovs u
Great game but I have some ideas
So this game is awesome it gets me through some car rides lol but it low key gets pretty boring after a while so add some features like police chases where if you go a certain sped then the police catch up to you and catch and make it easier to get money and make the mirrors working so you can see through them and make an off road version of it like it’s a big muddy race with lots of people but it’s not a race it’s never ending but I LOVE this game and have played on my iPad tablet and now my phone
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4 years ago, the worst gaming experiance
Absolutely terrible one reason being every car is expensive you cant level up fast enough to get a new bike and the bikes are so ugly and sound like washing machines. Also how is a dirt bike faster than a motorcycle. Another reason being when you break to not crash and you think your going slow enough you crash and lose also the ads,there are so many ads and sometimes it does not even give you your reward after you finish the ad. Also it’s impossible to over take 3 cars in 15 seconds because you need to speed up for 10 seconds and then when you overtake 2 it’s time. Also Whalen I’m riding on the side before the yellow bike lane it instantly makes me crash when my bike is completely still. Thank you for your time and I hope you make some improvements😊.
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2 years ago, Jacob Peter go with you
Why I love this game.
When I first started playing I thought this was amazing. Like love all the missions that you can do. This is probably the best game I played I love it it’s so fun. Like I don’t care what other people thing because I’m not them I’m me. And I love you I am. Every body that’s reading this play don’t what. But back to the game. Like I love that you can upgrade your motorcycle. And get new motorcycles it’s just so fun and amazing. I just wish that you can race other people but besides that this is by far the best game I ever played.
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1 year ago, rbkski
Auto-rotate bug still not fixed
I’ve had this game on my iPad Pro since 2019, and it’s been enjoyable to play. But when v. 1.71 released it would no longer rotate according to the orientation of the device. It was locked, and that was a nuisance for an iPad with a case. With the release of the latest update, this STILL has not been fixed. Why won’t it rotate to the way I have my iPad when I want to play it? Fortunately, I was able to downgrade to v. 1.70 that still allows this capability. I’m hoping the devs will correct this and allow what was once a capable function in the app — to auto-rotate the game display according to the orientation of the device.
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3 years ago, -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-111121
Good but need some fixes
So when I first played the game I started off with a booty bike. Now I have a pretty good one but on the career mode they tell you to buy a bike upgrade. But then sometimes you don’t have enough money because of the older challenges then you have to waste your time playing endless so you can get the money and it takes a lot of time of no career mode on the game so maybe if the endless mode gave you more money there game would be a five-star game that’s why it’s not worthy of that because of these little bugs and they need to fix that
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4 years ago, Sheemah Burgess
One problem
All I want you to fix would be the graphics option, as of right now I have no way to turn it to low instead of it’s normal which is high. Because of this, my game is laggy. Besides that though, I used to play this game back in 2017 and I absolutely loved it. Three years later my heart has a need for speeding on motorcycles again and Im glad Im back. It’s kinda sad the number of advertisements has increased but I get it, you need that cash. Ill pay for them to be removed sooner or later :P
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1 year ago, Slo32
Good but it’s pay to win.
It’s fun to play but the price of the bikes is way too high. After a certain point you can’t progress through the missions because the power level required for them increases but the price of the bikes that can handle those missions also skyrockets. Since the missions pay out the most but you can’t complete them since you don’t have enough power you would have to grind the other modes for measly payouts which realistically would take way too long. The other way is to pay for in game money.
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2 years ago, Porsche 911 GT2 RS
Controls bugged but good game
This game was really enjoyable but recently the tilt steering controls inverted by themselves. I went through every setting yet couldn’t find a fix. This is a fun game that requires precision movements so relearning to play on suboptimal controls due to a glitch is a shame. I probably won’t play until I can get regular controls back. Other than that, I would say that progression is a bit too tough as you move through the game as later bikes with more power cost a lot. This often makes saving up not worth the time.
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3 years ago, $henise
Maybe a glitch?
This game is wonderful, I love the graphic, the bikes, I like how you have weather options and you can do different driving! But... the game does this weird glitch where the turning of the bike is left is right and right is left. I don’t know if I’m explaining this correctly. But the directions to switch lanes on the bike switches around and it confuses me sooo much! I don’t know if this is a glitch, because it happens frequently or if this is just apart of the missions. But other than that, this game is wonderful!! I just HAD to point that out because that was annoying me.
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2 years ago, SpartanWarrior_9
Sometimes the game is too difficult
The other cars when you’re driving will line themselves perfectly in a row to where you can’t get by them. And of course you can’t see that until you’re about to crash into them, by that time it’s too late to brake and just bump one of them. Not to mention when you do crash in the campaign it takes 5 seconds to finish crashing, then your bike has to speed back up again meaning you just wasted 10-15 seconds because the game designers made it to where cars form a line blocking the entire road. Other than that great game. But that’s a really big flaw I can’t get past.
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2 years ago, lilly kn
Love this game!
Don’t need to pay for anything if you don’t want/ have the money for it. Very addictive. Love to play it to de stress. Better than watching TV. Lol only wish they had a version where we can race against live players( and maybe even chat with them like Instagram or TikTok) Other than that, this game has many other versions of racing by trying to fulfill certain tasks, get coins and fake money to buy other motorcycles and the such. Get this app! You won’t regret !
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6 months ago, Avalyn blanchard2015NY
Hello my name is AvaLyn and here are my problems with traffic rider too many ads and the missions are almost impossible to complete you get these things that have G’s on them they are basically just coins And you get a limited amount of time to complete the missions so I recommend you don’t get the game. You get different vehicles and you get money for the vehicles…I just wish the game wasn’t so… you know hard to complete because it took me over a month to complete some levels and you get like 20 seconds to do the missions…that’s ridiculous. So I recommend you do not get this game only if you want to have trouble playing it. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy!
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2 years ago, dumpfordump
Great game, but one little thing
This is a great game, definitely worth downloading, however I had an issue when I unlocked wheelies. I am not able to turn while doing a wheelie, which makes it very difficult as you are going way faster than traffic. It works on tilt mode but I like the handle bars much better. I am sure their is a solution and I don’t know yet, but other than that one of the best traffic or car/motorcycle games out there.
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2 months ago, I'm The Softball Queen
love this game but one thing
hi so i absolutely L-O-V-E this game SOOO much. but there is one thing that i do not like about it. the money for the motorcycles is all lot especially since its so hard to get so much money idk how to get it. i need a new motorcycle and i dont have enough money. i’ve been watching sooo many ads to get some money for it. but thats all that i think needs tweaking i hope the traffic ride people see this so they can get back to me and tell me if they will change it or no. thank you for reading and i love this app i recommend
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