Train Sim

4.5 (5.2K)
607.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
1788918 Alberta Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Train Sim

4.5 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Young junebug 4life 4ever
I don’t get why it kicked me out
I love this game but kicks me out the game and I don’t know how and could you add a metra and Another cta 5000 and 3200 series orange line and green line and purple line and brown line and yellow line and blue line and pink line and can you add a button that allows you to change the route and line on the cta like orange line midway and loop red line Howard and 95th and blue line O’Hare and forest park and green line Harlem/lake but don’t put/lake just put Harlem on the green line and Ashland/63 and cottage grove and pink line loop and 54/cermak and for yellow Line Skokie with the swift logo and it has two rail cars not all of them the rest are eight rail cars yellow line is two rail cars Howard when it goes to the last stop and purple line is Howard and loop and linden brown line is loop and kimball and add an nis that stands for not in service on the train and add express for when the train stays at a station for too long it will change into express and the express and not in service is the black line thanks for the train and can you fix the Siemens charger horn cause it does not sound like that but thanks for the train
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2 years ago, 777 AWVR
Add these trains pls
The trains I want you to add is from a movie called unstoppable these trains are from AWVR, The first train is a runaway, the number of the train is 777 the train is red and yellow, also behind 777 is 767 they are both facing the same way but 767 has red yellow and black, they have the logo of AWVR on the sides and the front, the train model is a GE ES44DC,and pls add the cargo of 777, the other trains are a model of EMD GP38, the 2 trains are facing different ways front and back the train number is 7375 facing forwards and the one behind that is facing back behind is 7346 the color of the both trains is a little dark blue I think they also have AWVR logo only on the sides, the last train is only 1, the train model is also a EMD GP38, the number of the train is called 1206 it’s has the AWVR logo on the sides, the color is blue just normal blue and yea also there no driver for 777 or 767 the guy who was driving got off the train to throw a switch but the train went off because the stick was independent, that all pls add them.
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5 years ago, trainsfolife
love the game play it everyday I have a few suggestions tho like make it where we can add as many engines and different engines to the train and add as many cars as we want and also make it where you can control how long the horn blast for by holding the button and make it where you have flashing lights for example when a train is coming up to a crossing have lights that flash like real trains do and also the bells make them where they don’t stop till you make them stop and just so far add more trains lol great game would love to see different variants of the Amtrak and Norfolk southern trains and if you can make it where the train crossings don’t go up till the whole train has passed Bec I noticed that one of my trains was longer then normal ones and the gates went up halfway through the train also make it where your train can add cars to it during the game like I could maybe stop at a Depot and attach more cars to the train i would love this that’s all I got to say thanks😉😃🚂🚂🚂
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7 years ago, Harrison Prince
This is a GREAT game!
I love this game! I love how you don't have to pay to unlock all the trains, because on all the other train simulator games I had (and deleted) would give you all the trains if you paid for them. It was the same way with the routes. And it was boring with only one train and only one route. But this game is the opposite of that, and I wish for more games like this one! I also love the locomotives, this is the first time I actually played a train simulator game with one, and the 4-8-4 Southern is AWESOME! I wish that all train games had this train for free in it. I also thought that the info (the years it was running and who built it and all that stuff) that it gave on the train before you went on the route was pretty cool. I really don't have any suggestions for this game because it's already an AWESOME game, and in my opinion, doesn't need anything done to it. And I certainly disagree with anyone who thinks this game isn't a good one!
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3 years ago, bro-kaleeel
I think it’s cool😃🤙
I think it’s really cool game, and I was how you can like switch trains in between the levels, and you don’t even need to unlock all of the levels at all, like they’re all free and so are all the trains, you can get all of them and they’re all there and it’s not as crappy as I thought it was, definitely not. There are some glitches though, one of them is if you’re going onto a different track, and you were doing what was called switching tracks, using the switching track function on the side of the screen, but to get back to the point, if you’re doing that and you’re about halfway through or something and there’s still a coach coming down the other track with you and you flip it straight, and not turn on the side of the screen then the car go straight on the other track and until you meet up with it again it’ll be going on the track with no engine pushing it like this one video I saw where this guy was crossing the railroad tracks and there’s one tanker car was flying down the tracks.
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6 years ago, Tucker Pronko
Love this game but have some suggestions
This is the funniest game I ever played! Though I have some suggestions so this is what I think, I think you should be able to control the other train going the opposite way on the other track like you could change the train. Another reason is for the bells, whistles, and horns. I think for the bell that u press a button to make it go on and press the button again to make it go off, and with the whistle and horns make it like the lever for the speed to control for the sound going up and down for low sound and high sounds. My last suggestion is like with the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 make Pennsylvania passenger cars and make a steam locomotive from the pennsy and do the same with other railroads. So thanks you for reading my comment I really enjoy playing this game and I hope you will consider my suggestions.
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5 years ago, The Moon Monster
This Game Is The Best Game Ever!!!!
I love this game so much because you do not have to do specific things to unlock trains. And, you can drive whatever train you want. I do not really like the Kids Scene because it is only for big babies and little ones and toddlers and children. I AM NOT A CHILD BY THE WAY!!!!!! So, anyway, I like all of the scenes also except the custom track. I mean, it goes around in a big circle. I normally like to go fast while I am driving the train. I sometimes have a hard time braking when I come to a train station. My favorite train in the whole game is the Flying Scotsman. I watch Thomas and Friends a lot. I saw a clip about Thomas meeting the Flying Scotsman. The Flying Scotsman is also known as Gordon’s brother. So, that was when I finally realized that there was such thing as the Flying Scotsman. Goodbye!
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4 years ago, GABY😘😘😘
More updates please🥺🥺🥺
Well I like the game but I wanted the game more realistic, well it’s 2020 and 2020 means the future in here, and mostly all game that I play have a realistic touch on it, and I want the game to be more like you are in a real life world. Also can you add new trains and also I really like it if you add like a, I forgot what is it called. Like you know in real life the driver of the train can blow the horn, but I wanted the horn so we can blow it forever. Just kidding I just want the horn to be so you can blow in 15 seconds and it’s done. I so far like the game, but I wanted it to be more fun and realistically, thanks I will give this game a four star🤩🤩🤩 thanks for reading this😊😊😊 and hopefully you will still make updates😇 bye😉
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5 years ago, the reporter4867285
Best train 🚂 game ever!!!;)
I’ve only been playing this game for a few days now and it’s fun you put a lot of effort into the train whistle and the southern pacific is my personal favorite this is the #1 train game in the world I’ve played some pretty good games and this one is my favorite and the game has good graphics!!! You should definitely go and make a second one I bet it will be even better please tell me if there are any other of you’re games out there by you guys any ways you should make a semi truck game I’m trying to get a good semi game but I can not find one that has good graphics but you guys can definitely make one anyways always the right review signing off for now by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Island-momma
This is great! Just add the following-
Hi! Sorry about my cheesy first comment😅 Anyways, want to say that this game I would rate a 4. This game is pretty good! The only thing it’s missing is better landscape and more additions to the customizable environments. Like for an example, add a bridge, maybe road, crossings, and maybe even add more track! This would be a great addition! Also, if possible add a baggage car to the Amtrak and two observation cars. And make it so that you can add a second engine to the Amtrak. Thanks! And I know it seems like a bit much but, alls I’m saying is that this would be a great addition to the game! Thanks! Also check my channel out: North to West rail productions ps - I know it’s a cheesy name so just tell me what to change it to so when I figure out how to, I can change it to that! Thanks again.
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6 years ago, AndyMickeyD56
Great game and some suggestions
This game is just amazing! I have some suggestions though. Detailed cabs- While the cabs right now are detailed to an extent, I think you could add doors in the cab. There are no door textures which make me think that the guy in their is trapped. More Locomotives- Add a feature to put more locomotives. Make it that so when you add more, you consist(cars you pulling) gets longer. In cab controls- This idea is simple. Make to where you can control your train from inside the cab with the levers and buttons in the cab. Norfolk Southern- Please add a Norfolk Southern train. I live near a Norfolk Southern main line and would love to see Norfolk Southern. AWVR 777 and 1206?- Please if you can add AWVR 777 and 1206 to the game. Make it to where when you go dual locomotives on 777 that the second locomotive is 767. I would also love if you could make an American freight train with the horn that the red train in the Toy scene uses. Modern day CN and CP trains. Right now you have the old CN train and that old CP Rail train. Why not add a Canadian Pacific GE Evolution series train. As for CN, maybe an SD40-2 or a GEVO. That’s it!
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5 years ago, Orangecatpandasleeping
Good game
This game I would rate at about a three. It is a great game but I think the landscape could have been thought through more. Why? Because there is really nothing to it maybe add some cars, maybe make the train go right through the city like in Chicago or something to make it well... not so boring;). Also it would be great if you could actually get out of the train and walk around the cities and stuff. I also noticed that passengers only come out on one side so it’s kind of awkward and another thing that is awkward is that no one gets on the train so where do all the people leaving come from? One last thing I think when you change the camera to inside of the train there should be people inside so it’s more realistic. Thanks for your time! Bai!!!!! ;)
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3 years ago, Linz581
Great game! Keep up the good work!
I think this game/simulator is REALLY GOOD! My favorite features include: All 61 (yes I counted them) locos are free, All routes are free, the loco models are realistic- but don’t expect an ultra-realistic game like Train Sim World, that would not work on a phone or tablet- You can change what cars your train is pulling, you can even make your own routes! My only problems with the game are: Some of the horns are unrealistic (especially Amtrak P42 and EMD F9), the custom route maker is buggy/difficult to use, and the crashes are really unrealistic. Like, when a train goes too fast on a curve, it derails normally, but it doesn’t jump in the air and come to an immediate halt!
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4 years ago, Harmonica M
Just some mistakes
I thank you guys for making such a great app. But I’m sorry to say that I found some glitches in the game. For instance in the American Midwest location the background would glitch all over the place. And for the Desert, California Coast and Japan locations; every time I try and select a different engine in these locations the game would glitch out and take me out of the entire game. Also one of your diesel’s that has the crane when I want to switch out another train once I got another train the points to switch tracks would disappear and will not return unless I exit the location and then go back in. But like I said before, no matter how many glitches are in this game I would still play it.
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4 years ago, The Maman Review
Good Game, But needs more Amtrak
I love the game and everything about it, as if it would have more Amtrak/Passenger Rail Service in the game. (Companies: VIA Rail, Metrolink, Amtrak: Cascades, Metra/Metronome, North-Shore Commuter Railroad,Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, etc. Locomotives: P42DC, P40DC, F40PH, F40PH-2, F40PHR, F40PHM-2, F40C, SDP40F, MP36PH-3S, F59PH, F59PHI, [F59PHI: not a Pacific Surfliner or California Transit] P30CH, Avelia Liberty/Acela II, Cab Cars [Metrolink, Metra/Metronome, etc.] etc.) and maybe add a Livery/Paint Scheme/Phase chooser for trains and maybe adding train editors so people can edit trains to how they want them! Thank you to everyone who read this, this includes you developers! Don't think I'm letting you get away with not adding more Passenger Rail Service/Amtrak into the game, no offense!, but overall, the game is good. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, David1211!
This game is amazing not going to lie but the truth is overtime you get tired of using the same trains over and over so please add more trains I would like if you guys added more steam trains and very fast trains (modern) for example the bullet train and if you read this please do it I would LOVE it if you could and thank you very much for the best mobile train sim !!! ( and also better graphics wouldn’t be bad) but another great idea would be trains forms WW2 like armored trains carraying artillery and tanks that would be Awsome and like a Berlin map to if you can do that then please do!!!! And also more realistic smoke to and the American wildwest map is super glitchy and buggy please fix and another great idea would be racing steam engine trains just look them up you should add those for sure!! Now it’s past like half a month and this game is superrr boring
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6 years ago, billy bob joe jr 55
Billy bob joe jr
Great game, I love it, but the only thing I don’t like is that u can’t create ur own engine, like the engine color, configuration, and if it’s deisal or steam or whatever, please add that function. How ever the game is AWESOME (other then that little detail). I rate the game a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star game I wanted to say this with a British accent, but my device won’t let me But I also want The Blue Comet engine to be added, this engine had derailed and was an express train, it derailed on a rainy night, it ran for the Central Railroad of New Jersey. I would also love it if u could add the Jupiter, the engine that helped build the Continental Railroad. Pretty please do this last paragraph. 🙏 Also, I love 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯!!!
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6 years ago, ObieTheAwesome
I have two main suggestions. One of the suggestions is that I think you should work more on the graphics of scenery and the trains. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are O.K. But they could use improvement. Another suggestion I have is that you should add more trains. I do know that you are adding more trains but make them cool trains including the Chinese Maglev train, the fastest passenger train on earth which can go up to 501 kilometers per house (268 mph) and also include the Japanese maglev which is not open to public yet but will be the fastest passenger train on earth. Thank You for reading this!
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2 years ago, ST Beverly
Great game! But…
This game is great! I downloaded this game some time ago and some of the current features weren’t available. Now the game is even better. Unfortunately, after downloading the game I had my AirPods Pro in and the game’s volume was unbelievably loud! I tried adjusting the volume on the phone and there was no change, I disconnected the AirPods Pro and reconnected them to no avail. I disconnected the AirPods Pro and tried the game without them and there is no sound. There is no change with the volume of the phone neither is there a setting within the game itself. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that will fix it.
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5 years ago, BowMaster 4 lif3
Please! This train is my fav!
This is game is absolutely incredible, and even though I am now more mature than I was when I first got this game, I still find fun in it! The way the trains derail, check. The new graffiti option, check. The awesome maps, check. Every great train, not check. You see, there is one train that would cause me to go ecstatic if you added it. It is the UP 844. It’s always been my favorite train and I would really appreciate this game way more if you added it. Also, if you can, may you add the Mars light? I understand that it doesn’t have it anymore, but I would love this game 1000 times more if you did so. With the train, may you add UP specific passenger cars? I understand that this is obvious, but I’m just asking. Again, if you added the UP 844 I would play this game way more often than I should. This game is literally epic but if you added the No. 844 than it would be legendary. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Gecko342
Needs more trains
I added this this game onto my iPad in 2019 and I was like you need more trains no I know you just added the A new train in the game I don’t know what it’s called but I know it’s from now time for the trains I want in this game what about a Norfolk Southern ST 40 Dash two for crying out loud I’ve been waiting for that locomotive for ever next locomotive is BNSF C 40 Dash 8W that would come with some Burlington northern Santa Fe refrigerator cars next one is buffer class 47 oh yeah this one is the one that I really love to see in this game because it’s a really good locomotive the final train is the American freedom train like whatever locomotive you think of I really love this game but it needs more trains
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4 years ago, liam waller
Challenger locomotive Works incorrectly ( please read this developer)
Ok, first off your games are the worst and second of all the CHALLENGER LOCOMOTIVE works incorrectly because: (1) Challenger locomotives are mallet locomotives and turn at turns (2) has the same whistle and bell as other locomotives So PLEASE fix and P.S (I’m going to delete this game a second time now and I’m not downloading train sim pro because it will probably be the worse than this game). Plus the Stephenson Rocket does not run on coke and this engine was built in 1829 and coke was not invented until 1886 so fix all of this stupid stuff and I will be happy with this app and I will rate it 5 stars (me right now with this app:( me with this app improved :) ).
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2 years ago, BelmCoi
Add this train please
The trains I want you to add is the Iowa traction railway. The Iowa traction railway is a series of a electric freight train that is small. It is Orange , white and on the left and right side it says Iowa traction 51. The reason I want you to add this train is because I like the horn and it looks like a narrow gauge train but it kinda doesn’t look like a narrow gauge train because narrow gauge trains run on small tracks and this train run on regular tracks just like other trains do. So since this train is small and other trains around the world are longer than this train since some locomotives are big and some locomotives like this is small and so are narrow gauge trains and I’m not sure if narrow gauge trains are found in the USA and the Iowa traction railway is located in Iowa USA my opinion Is why I like this train. Pleas add this train in the game.
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6 years ago, fordmustang02
This is literally the best train simulator anyone can afford than those that cost real money. Here are some suggestions that you should DEFINITELY add in. First, a Metra commuter train, with an F40PH at the front. Second, add an Illinois Central train, with and SD40-2 at the front. Third, add a Budd Metroliner, with Amtrak livery. Fourth, add a feature to the Custom Destination that can redo things that you may have undid. Fifth, add another feature that can make you position and object in any direction, which would be better and easier. Overall, very great simulator and it would be very nice if you add in the things that I mentioned. Thank You!
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3 years ago, Collin Wyman
Great game! Just one bug.
I love this game! I play it almost everyday! I just noticed one bug. The “New York Central 0-6-0”’s default cars, the white cars with red stripes on them. The camera angle is glitched and different from all the other open interior cars. When you move around in it you can’t really look around. If you try the cars you’ll see the bug. It would be a huge appreciation if you would fix it. As I am aware that is the only car that is like that. The game is still great but I noticed that bug.
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3 years ago, king of all railways
I loooovvveeeee it
I have been playing this for a long time since I was four but I I’d like I’d like a bit more work on the levers where you can add in the cab or you can move them and drive the train like that and also with better graphics and had some cabs and scenic places around the world a world like say France or England but yeah I’d like I’d like also a map on there and also multiplayer where you can walk around and You don’t always have to go in loops and upgrade the tracks and graphics.
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6 months ago, A fan of trains and Mario
A really great game but my parents told me to delete the game because they thought it was babyish also some updates would be nice 1st more generic Amtrak cars 2nd a Amtrak Ge genesis would be great. 3rd please advance the track builder the ability to place roads would be amazing 4th make the Shinkansen more modern it’s not really that slow and it also doesn’t look that way anymore 5th add the ability to control how long the horn blows and with the ones without a boarding bell should ring constantly But overall a superior game PS upgrade graphics to look more mature
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4 years ago, TRAINLOVER212
Great! but one suggestion
I love this game. It’s is my favorite. I love it but could you please add a Long Island railroad Montauk double decker train. Since this train has a cab car and engine, pleas be sure to get both pictures of each drivers seat. If you did this I would easily rate this game 5 stars. I would guess many LIRR commuters would appreciate this, and I would be thrilled, if you want to have another happy costumer, and 5 star review please add this. By the way this train is called the c3 cab car and just look up lirr engine. I hope you think about this.
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5 years ago, creeperboy84
Good game but needs improvements
This is a. Good game but the thing you need to try is to switch the opposite train while driving like a CSX ac44 and the opposite train a Amtrak and then the opposite train needs to sound the horn when crossing a RR Crossing there also has to be longer trains and more cars also the other thing is to have the train horns of the ES44DC TO sound the horn in real life and the bell needs to be like it is in real life also the Amtrak P42 needs to have different paint schemes also on the train you are pulling you if there is a ES44DC IT SHOULD HAVE A DIFFERENT ENGINE BEHIND THE LEADING ENGINE
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6 years ago, brycethepilot123
Awesome! An idea:
This is the best game I’ve played for simulations about trains! Here’s the idea: Can you add more liveries for the trains? I know there’s more out there than the ones currently. Maybe add a thing on trains to change liveries. If so, I’ll add 5 stars! Or it can stay the same. It’s fine by me. It’s just I love this game and want it to stand out there, prove to bad reviews that this game is not a bad one. But one that stands out on its own, beats others, then soon EVERYONE would be playing this game and earn you guys a lot of money for future updates! Anyways, the choice is yours!
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3 years ago, Braiden Wintershadow
Needs the suggested trains
Dev or devs, I’ve been playing for a while now, and I just looked at all of the comments, and I agree with most. I have always loved steam locomotives and I googled some of them, and they really need to be added. Maybe a futuristic map for a maglev train, or a new countryside for the big boy, or something. I’d love if you could do this. Also, when I’m playing on my iPad the game always randomly closes. Please fix this and add what the other peeps are saying. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Heygrampawhatulookingat!
Hi, Please add a Norfolk southern tier 4s please. And that must include white Tropicana box cars, and brown Tropicana box cars. Add a KCS train and that must include military cars. And about the Norfolk southern tier 4s, please when u add a second locomotive, please make it facing backwards and about adding more locomotives, please make it so u can choose the amount of locomotives please. Make 5 locomotives max. Add these options to add more locomotives, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 please. And also, I really really want you to add an Amtrak, regional ACS and a northeast regional. Thank you for reading!
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3 years ago, The Bridge Lover
Great game, but...
This is a great game, but the fact that you can't turn locomotives around, you can't operate trains in "push-pull mode" the way most commuter trains are operated, you can't decouple a dual locomotive individually (separate one loco from its counterpart), and you don't have unlimited shunting capabilities (trains will only use certain tracks regardless of which way the switch control is set - so there is no way to access certain tracks or yards)... all these things add up. Trying to do freight trains when your abilities to do shunting or expansion/decoupling of cargo are so severely limited really ruins the fun.
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3 years ago, taize66
Great game but needs some fixes
This game is great but your should add a couple things. For example, when in the train yard, the only thing you can do is make longer trains but the longer the train the more laggy it gets. You also cant leave the train yard with your train which you should be able to, but you can’t. Also, in real life, trains are long and have more than 1 or 2 locomotives. Other than that this game is great. :D
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5 years ago, Flatfoot Niko55
I love it; please add a SMART train!
I love this game so much that it’s the best game that I’ve ever played! You don’t have to unlock trains and other stuff like that; you can feel free to drive any train you want! For the update, please add a Sonoma County SMART train because of it’s color and the shape of the locomotive. It’s sleek, and it’s green, and it can go up to speeds of up to 67 mph. Also, please add an update on the number of locomotives added into the train to make it more, you know, simulating. Anyways, Thanks for reading this review! Thanks, Niko Macario
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2 days ago, Dungquanle
EMD F40PH must have new Amtrak coaches and do crash fix plus new map
can you add NYC map to the train sim plus the EMD F40PH (Amtrak locomotive) must have Amtrak passenger coaches (don't do the more double decker coaches for Amtrak) don't use Santa Fe coaches while wait for new Amtrak coaches are added to this locomotive can you add WAP4 with ICF sleeper coaches , TE7 , TEP70 , Skoda CHS4 must pull Russian passenger coaches and Pune WDG4 with AC 2 tier plus WAP7 can pull LHB Rajdhani coaches and more other LHB coaches please add em in and don't forget the crash fix on camera angles
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1 year ago, Lilsmoke77
Great game! It’s because from the other persons feedback, you don’t have to pay for all the trains. You can also create missions that don’t give you money, but that is okay! You can also learn how to drive it. I want to be a future Train engineer and this will help me how to drive it. You can also create a scene of the worldwide creations. I, personally made a city with mountains all around it. It’s great, and doesn’t cost any money.
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1 year ago, Ziibiidee
Make it more fun 🤩
So i really don’t know if this game has a little bit of a problem but you should update this game so am a kid but i just want to say i have toy trains but put more trains and put a lot of houses 🏘️ in the game but 😎 like the game 😀😀😀😀😀 and let people make their own train and put a chismas train and i like trains🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚈🚅🚅🚄🚝🚞🚞🚞🚆 thank you so much for making this game and one thing do you like trains bye🙂😁😁😁😁😃😀🤪🤪😜😜🤩
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4 years ago, Matt_west2east
Lots of fun with options
I really enjoy playing this game. One thing I wish was an option is to run a train on all the track seen in the scenario. For example, in the Port of Call and Airport scenarios, there is only one main track one can operate on. However, when you “pass” other trains, they are on a completely different track that is not allowing the app user to run on. Other then that, this a great app and is lots of fun!
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6 years ago, O.C. Cali-Weed
great game
this game is really fun. it has trains which is my favorite thing in the world and they are real trains like amtrak, BNSF, and Union Pacific. the only problem is that the horn is custom so you can not make a short train sound or a longer one. the bell is kinda like the same thing but i thing the creators should change it to when you tap it the bell sound will stay on tell you tap it again. other then that the game is great they deserve five stars !!!
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10 months ago, Csx and ns always
Great game but have some suggestions
Hi I like trains and I like this game. But I have a couple suggestions. For one the x on the railroad crossing should say railroad crossing not one way. Also I want there to be more worlds that you can play in. I would also want there to be awvr 777 and 776 in the game. It would be nice to have Norfolk southern engines in the game. But other than that it’s a great game and I hope you will consider my suggestions.
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2 years ago, thisman2022
Please Add Tweetsie Railroad number 190
The game is great it has 1800s dimensions and everything else but I want you to add a locomotive from Tweetsie Railroad the local Merc number is number 190 it’s got red stripes and it’s green and red with open air coaches that are 1800 style please add these locomotives and I will get a happiest person alive and also make sure you get the original whistles that would be perfect thank you I will be the happiest man alive if you do it
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4 years ago, predatorpro5000
The game is very good, one thing that I would love is that you could choose the amount and types of wagons that you would transport individually, for example, the first wagon a hopper, the second a tank. It would be amazing if they did, also if you could choose the position of the second locomotive, instead of looking back and looking forward. I would love for you to take my ideas into account. The game is very good
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4 years ago, S0P3R 6O0M3R
I think that the trains are modeled well, and the game runs smooth with occasional crashes. However, I wish the “Fixed Top Speed” was about 400 km/h instead so I can watch the stations and buildings whizzing past me. I would also like more realistic train sounds, especially the high-pitched whirring sound of a VF drive powering up when starting to accelerate. Some recommendations for rolling stock: Set different train types (NYC Subway, Amtrak Regional, Acela Express, Tokaidō Shinkansen, Eurostar, TGV, etc.) and add the latest train when it comes out. NYC Subway R1-9 (nostalgia) NYC Subway R188 (latest out rn) NYC Subway R211 (new model schedule for 2020 release) Amtrak P42DC with Superliner cars Amtrak P42DC with Viewliner cars Amtrak Acela Express Avelia Liberty Tokaidō/Sanyō/Kyushu Shinkansen N700S Tohoku/Hokkaido Shinkansen E5 Series TGV Sud-est TGV Lyria Etc. Also please add Active Tilting to the Alstom trains (Pendolino, TGV, Acela) to make it more realistic.
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5 years ago, joieandrews555
Not bad game.
It’s a very good game but the only thing is that sometimes it will kick you out. But I won’t let you get to choose your own train and put different settings on it. But do I thing is you have to buy things to buy anything you want my thing is it cost a lot of money. And whoever buys this game will have to get it altered is it up and they said they won’t be doing any more updates for 20 years. By Joie
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2 years ago, westerstar semi
Great but...
Ok i love this game but when ever we ask for something you brush it off and that shows yiu don't care about the players. I really think you should listen. I think being able to change the paint scheme's would be nice for the locos and cars. Being able to choose how meany locos and what ever locas you want plus choosing how meany cars you want and what ever cars you want. We need union pacific coaches and 844 and 4014. We also need a southern pacific gp-60 and the awvr locomotives hope you listen.
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4 years ago, Draken93
Top 7 trains to add to your game
You have almost every train in your game but not some so here’s the trains you need to add to your game to get more players #1: Con rail trains Con rails are the friends of csx and you have no Con rails so I though telling you would help you add them #2:Kansas city northern It be great having them because they have cool colors #3: Santa Fe it is great to see Santa Fe and also it has Santa in it so it named after Christmas Santa #4:Amtrak you only have too Amtrak so adding more would be awesome #5:More CN trains you only have one CN train so adding more will be great #6:A Ghost diesel train can be any diesel train Last train you need to add is #7 tropical orange juice train There’s the trains you need to add to your game to get more players on your game and have a merry Christmas
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7 years ago, SuperMan76(:
Pretty fun
This game is fun, but the main things that could make it better is adding multiplayer so you can play with friends or other users, and a map so you know when the next station is coming so you won't miss it. And also recently there is this bug that just started happening where I can only drive at one speed and when I try to switch to a different speed it won't let me. But this game is still really fun.
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1 year ago, d51 production
It is good but it keeps kicking me out of the game
No no no why do you keep kicking me out of the game because like seriously I like the game but it keeps kicking me out of the game well that is my only complaint but I think you should add these locomotives I think you should add an. electromotive division F 40 pH A P 32-8bwh and the general also why did you say this was unhelpful it is helpful are you crazy I need to say this I want to bankrupt you now that you said it was on the unhelpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Golem gamer
Simple but fun!
This is a wonderful, intractable app with many trains to choose from, as well as customizable environments, as well as many different camera angles to select your designated point of view. There’s just 1 suggestion I have for you guys: Christmas is right around the corner, and I was wondering if you could add a replica of the polar express. Please, thank you, happy holidays as well as happy new year, and have a wonderful day.
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