Transamerica Retirement App

2.6 (1.7K)
106.1 MB
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Current version
Transamerica Retirement Solutions, LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Transamerica Retirement App

2.57 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
1 month ago, AconsoleGamer
Slow, rate of return is misleading
The app works much like the website, things take an annoying amount of time to load and the app could be laid out better. As a person with multiple brokerage accounts, I dislike the idea of not being able to manage my specific investments, and not having access to specific products and methods of investment. I open the app to see a chart with my rate of return that includes my and my employer’s deposits, when I really want to view my personal rate of return and a detailed performance of my individual investments over time. To see a chart that includes my weekly contributions seems pointless to me, obviously the chart will trend up because I keep adding money, it doesn’t really give me an idea of how my investments are doing. I really would prefer an IRA where I could trade options and individual stocks, I genuinely believe the growth of my account would be explosive in comparison to the 401k my employer has me enrolled in. The ability to invest pre-tax dollars is really a huge advantage that seems wasted on an investment plan where your options are so limited.
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10 months ago, Kemal hike
Unable to get app support for problem.
I can’t get into loan information - it just kicks me back. But the bigger problem is there is no way to let the app support now. The link just goes to the Transamerica site and there is no link there in contact us. Follow up - they did eventually reach out to me and the kicking out problem has been fixed. But there is still no way to send them issue without already knowing their number. The ‘support’ link takes you to TransAmerica’s site but there is no way there to contact the app support. So now up to three stars. Make a way to contact support when clicking the link and it would be five.
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11 months ago, Beast1252
Should fire their IT team!!
I paid off a 401K loan. I was so excited & was taking screenshots as I got down to 5, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1 payment left. Paid off on Friday, on Monday went on app to see it “Paid Off”. Only app is NOT reflecting that. The app showing that it not only NOT paid off but each pay period, I owe more! My “outstanding balance is growing” biweekly. This is since February and it’s May. I called and spoke to someone 3x. They just say “they (IT) are working on it” & that the website shows no balance. Well it’s been 3 months and is still not fixed!!!!! It would be nice if a financial institution had an app that ACCURATELY reflects ones money and loan balance payoff. The kicker is that you cannot even speak or email anyone higher up the chain … no one has a superior nor access to other departments email or phone number. They said they’d launch a formal complaint to which I requested that they call me when “they” look at it … well it’s been weeks and nothing. Guess you just have to deal with inaccurate info. Tough luck. So disgusted with the lack of customer care regarding faulty financial info.
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3 years ago, E5t3ban28
TransAmerica’s whole interface is garbage
They provide zero useful information, either on the app or on their online portal. If I wasn’t locked into their 401k retirement plan by my employer, I’d move my money out in a heartbeat. The lack of transparency by this company says to me: “Thanks for your money sucker!” If I’m going to be giving you thousands of my dollars, I want to know the details of what you’re doing with it. But no, all they show is my account balance and a supposed overall rate of return (which is never right, on any site I might add). However on other sites, I can view my transaction history to see how much I’ve contributed, how much they’ve charged in fees, and what returns I’ve gotten on my investments. This information is nowhere to be found with TransAmerica. Additionally, they don’t even have the courtesy to narrow the investments list to just the assets I own. So I see the entire list of their offerings with zeroes in 80% of the columns. How annoying is that? And since they don’t even do that, they definitely can’t be bothered to show me a breakdown of my own cost basis and gains for each asset. THIS IS BASIC INFORMATION that every investor should have access to in order to manage their investments. TransAmerica, I hope you see this and understand that the lack of information you’re providing to your customers is almost criminal. Again, if I was not forced into your 401k account by my employer, I would be gone in a heartbeat. Please, do better.
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5 months ago, disappointedntx
Asked me to leave a review then gave me reason
This app is bad. Really bad. I have had login issues with it since I first installed several years ago. There have been many times where I couldn’t access my account for MONTHS. This is just not a good company to do 401k with. Prime example of this app’s magnificence: I went to log in today, and it decided that it doesn’t know this device anymore. As usual. I then had to MFA, but the only way they do that is through email (email is so bad for this!) so I completed the steps, but not without struggles. As soon as I logged in the app asked me to rate. I clicked sure I will rate the app, then guess what it did? The app closed immediately. I wasn’t given any opportunity to rate. It didn’t send me to the App Store. I was kicked out and staring at my Home Screen again, confused about how I got there. The behavior was like Transamerica doesn’t want to do business with people who want to rate the app. So stupid. This was the last straw today. I’m going to roll over to Schwab.
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11 months ago, Mattthew H
Horrible app
This is literally the worst app I have ever used. Will be moving my money from Transamerica at the first opportunity to Fidelity because of how horrible the experience is. Honestly, it’s that bad. Can’t get the statements you need, the app “clocks” when you try to do anything, and constantly says that information is not available. The complete lack of investment into a quality app makes me believe that the entire Transamerica company is a bottom-tier organization. For Gods’ sake, get your act together or sell to a better company. This app makes you all look like fools. The team who designed this app either had no funding to accomplish the task, or made terrible decisions at every turn. Either way, people should be fired over this. I sincerely hope leadership sees this review and takes ownership of their crap product. I am a fairly new customer who will leave the first opportunity I get. My next conversation will be with my company’s HR team to beg them to change our 401K plan to Fidelity. Shame on you Transamerica.
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1 year ago, Thatxjguy
This app is so bad
I’ve been forced to use this app for three years because my company uses Transamerica for my 401K. All three of those years, this app hasn’t received any major overhauls. The UI feels like a web page, and it’s slow and unreliable. I constantly get errors that prevent me from logging in. The most recent is an error with an agreement that you have to select “Agree to All” before you can log in, and when you select that option, it takes forever, then times out, then says there’s a problem. I’ve been having this issue for a week or so now. This app needs to be redesigned to look like an iOS app, needs speed improvements, and needs to be more user friendly. It barely shows any of the information that at a 401K holder such as myself would need, and I can’t make any meaningful edits because the interface is so hard to understand.
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2 days ago, Nick S Redondo
App is dysfunctional
Trans America website and especially the mobile are garbage. It is really surprising that such a large financial institution would drop the ball so spectacularly on an important client portal. The app doesn’t display rate of return correctly or even allow me to get past the landing page. The app is useless as that point. The website is better but they have three or four different portals and it’s difficult to determine which one is correct based on your particular account. My account is through my employer’s 401k so I don’t have a choice on financial institution but I’ll not invest any of my other money with TransAmerica because the client portals are terrible. With all of that being said, the funds available in my 401k are high quality and I am pleased with my 401k performance. The app and webpage are dumpster fires.
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6 months ago, Anirudh41
It’s okay, lagging competition by a mile
It’s not the end of the world. But people working on the app should focus more on details. The total in the homepage doesn’t update until after midnight, the percentage gain/loss is totally wrong not sure how they are getting this value. The account basically doesn’t connect with any other apps such as mint or rocket money but that’s not the review for the app. If my employer didn’t choose this would I use it? Most definitely NO.
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1 year ago, BDHaze
Not very pleased at all.
I was able to log in a few time recently to keep up to date. Ironically today was a complete disaster in trying to log into this mess!!! WTH did they do to the APP and Website??? I have log in credential, but the website comes up blank!!! I’ve paid into this particular account for like 6 years. Even for more than half of the first part of it my employer put in an equal share. Even after moving on and taking it with me after leaving that employer. Mind you, it cost me a couple of a hundred dollars per year. If I were to close it, they’d only give me 1 payments worth ( or cash out ). I honestly was skeptical about this benefit at the time of enrollment, even more so now!!! Sounds like a big scam to me.
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1 year ago, bennn3000
Absolute trash
Can never get the app to work, not to mention even the desktop version isn’t any better. Always have issues with them. Honestly if it wasn’t for my employer I would of been done with them long ago. If you have the option to choose stay away from this business it’s nothing but headaches and no peace at mind knowing you can’t log in also can’t even get someone on the phone just rings once and it goes straight to silence. Wish they could do better and hire people to actually do their job correctly. Fidelity is the way to go never had any issues with them, only wished my employer had stuck with fidelity!
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2 years ago, joshGaines
Transamerica read THIS
This app is the farthest thing from user friendly there is. When you manage peoples money you need to be more user friendly and this app takes way too long to load anything. The least you could do when I re allocate is show me a before screen but nope that’s too easy they need to fire the company that handles their app … I’d say there is a very few percent of people that can understand this 401k crap and you guys or gals could do a way better job at simplifying this make it easier to re allocate funds give us more investment options it doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars or none treat everyone as a priority
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3 years ago, veakins
Fix your app, please!
I am one of those people who check their account on a daily basis. I constantly have issues with the app. Totals on the initial summary page are out of date all the time and do not match totals if you go into the details. Also, it takes a lot longer after the market closes to have updated totals show up in the app (on the details... should show on the initial page, but that issue is referenced above) On the old app I was able to see both my Transamerica accounts AND my remaining u transferred balance in TIAA/CREF. So nice to have all in one place, but that went away with the December update. I keep checking to see if there is an update to the app and am continually disappointed. All these issues (and more) started with December 2020 update. It is now 3 months later and there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency in getting these issues resolved. I no longer have confidence in Transamerica. Please provide a summary of all the known issues and provide a timeline for getting them fixed.
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2 years ago, EMTDad658
Thanks for Nothing
This app has never once helped in the slightest. Every single time I open it, it says “error has occurred, all accounts cannot be displayed at this time.” I can change my personal info my account just fine, but can not see a single thing related to the 401k that I started in November 2021 with my company. 0/10 would recommend this company. Even the rep that was sent for Transamerica doesn’t use them!! He said he hated them and was sorry we were stuck with this company instead of the one he uses. Now I see why after a couple months of the exact same error popping up no matter what I do.
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2 years ago, Adam 1212
New Update Garbage
I used to check my 401(k) balance a couple of times a week. The new update is so bad that I just deleted it. If I need to make a change to my retirement account, I’ll just go to the desktop version of the site on my phone. Edit: I was curious if after a year the app was any better. I downloaded it again. It’s terrible. My log in didn’t work. I confirmed I was typing the exact same thing in the mobile page as the app. My log in works on mobile. The notes from an update 2 days ago said it fixed log in issues, so the app clearly has a history of log in issues.
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3 years ago, SDJennifer
Doesn’t work
I downloaded this app in January 2021 and it has not worked even one time. Every time I log into the app an error message appears saying it can’t display my account information. Transamerica’s online and telephone customer service is so bad that a) emails go completely unanswered, b) the telephone wait times are easily 30 minutes and more and c) I just got a letter in the mail January 13 addressing call wait times, online account set up and website navigation difficulties. I originally had my money with Vanguard who then transferred oversite of my annuity to Transamerica. I will be seeking to transfer my money out ASAP given the incompetence on so many levels.
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1 year ago, Matt-1021
Always a problem
I always have problems opening and using this app. I usually have to force close it at least once before it opens. Now I can’t even get into my account since they updated it. With the amount of money at their disposal, you’d think Transamerica could afford to hire decent software engineers. *UPDATE* Weeks later after the fatal update and it still doesn’t work!! It sends me an email verification, I enter it, and it sends me back to the error screen. What is happening to my retirement money?? What are you hiding? Btw, nice try with the fake 5 star reviews from bots. You must really be scared.
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6 months ago, DrChrisMurdock
Embarrassing app and website
Nothing on this app works as it should, for a company that manages HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS worth of accounts you would figure they could invest in their IT departments abilities. It’s 2023, there are no excuses beyond incompetence for an app to run like this one does, and less so for a website. This app makes me wonder exactly how secure my personal information is in the hands of this company. At least I am comfortable knowing when this company gets hacked, the hackers probably won’t get away with much because the website and app never load anything beyond a balance. What a waste.
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3 years ago, srip
Update clears login info
The remember me option for logging in is broken. If you choose remember me, log in, and then force quit the app it should still remember the login info but it doesn’t. That also causes every update that you release to clear my login info. That should be fixed. Also the app is very slow to log in.
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3 years ago, Rhino. 24
App Reflects the Company
It’s a shame Vanguard sold their Annuity business to Transamerica. Initial experience with both the company itself and their web platforms has been pretty awful. Initial account set up went well, but everything else has been like pulling teeth. Step it up or lose my business permanently. Edit in response to your reply: If other Transamerica products are unavailable on this app, you shouldn’t be sending discourse asking customers to download an app they can’t use. The fact that it was never actually possible for me to view these accounts online is frustrating. Waste of my time.
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2 years ago, CompScientist27
Still terrible years later
After using the app for a couple years, it’s exhausting that the company doesn’t have the basics working yet. Trying to log in, it gives you a security question page that is IMPOSSIBLE to bypass. No way to select a security question, no way to answer it. It’s been like this for two years. Either there’s no QA or the company just doesn’t care. This is just one of the many, many issues with this company’s technology operations. The website is just as bad. Can’t wait until my employer moves us away from it (later this year).
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3 years ago, xxMLGBlUnTbOy420xx
Getting better
They butchered the app several versions ago, but the developers are listening to feedback and implementing features that were removed. Thanks developers for considering the input of users, and I appreciate the return of biometric login and also being able to see more detail on the account. Look forward to seeing more updates and features added in the future.
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3 years ago, Ryan of Hoth
Don’t bother wasting the storage space
This app is total garbage. Whether you are trying to download it via the App Store or Google Play, neither app will let you log in. I constantly get an error that my credentials are invalid, then I take those same credentials and log in via the website. The website isn’t much better to be fair. If I had the ability to move my companies 401k away from Transamerica, I would advocate it in the heartbeat. It is a poor platform from top top bottom and no one from TransAmerica seems to want to put any effort into improving it.
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10 months ago, Nessnes4
Update has resulted in less information
Since the most recent update, I can no longer access information on the loan I’m repaying. It should be paid off next month, July 3023, but the app no longer gives information on current loans. When I logged into the website, it says I have no loans. The website also shows different amounts in my 403b than the app does. This app has always been cruddy, but it’s become even more useless since the update.
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3 years ago, Texaggies
Does this cover life insurance accounts ?
I have been paying into life insurance account a few years now. I really would like to figure out if there is a good quick app from Transamerica to get into that whole life policy ? Does this one do it or is there another ? I’m having issues figuring out how to get online access. I just want to make sure I’m going to the right app. Need customer support response. Thanks
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3 years ago, cwilson777
Sketchy A Best
This app and their website as well or both glitchy and when they do actually work they don’t produce any valuable information at all. There is no information about individual investmant returns and no areas where I can see what I am paying in fees or any other valuable information. This is basic information that anyone should want to have but they want to hide it for some reason. The app doesn’t even have the basic features like face recognition. I would not use this company if I didn’t have to because it is selected by my employer.
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3 years ago, WorstService!
Horrible service! No help or guidance regarding your funds. App doesn’t work and they don’t have a solution on when it will be fixed (going on 4 months). Block the ability to use a third party bill/money tracker. I have used other investment firms through my employer in the past and have never experienced this horrible of service. Unfortunately, due to being locked in my by employer I have no choice. Will be glad when/if we move to another provider! I would give zero stars if it allowed!
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6 months ago, Oskiinspace
Great app for viewing my 401k
The app has come a long way but it’s definitely on par if not better than other 401k apps I’ve used from other employers using other providers. Love easy access to info and can now even do some transactions on the app itself. Really neat stuff!
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3 years ago, DaveH9999
Latest update is terrible
The previous release of this app worked well. The latest update (Dec 2020) is terrible. The summary total of all accounts is gone from the front page Dates are not updating correctly on the front page Until these and other problems are fixed. I won’t be using this app - instead will use the web page account login which still retains these features missing or not working in the app. One would think a large company like Transamerica would put out a better app.
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1 year ago, Be_Real Redondo
You’d expect an app that controls 7 figure accounts for customers to be quick, accurate, and packed with pertinent information. Better choose a different company if that’s your expectation. Logging on today it shows my balance from two days ago; March 30. Click on my stable value fund, no mention of current return rate. Of course no option to get a competitive rate on cash balance. Plenty of fees though. They are higher than the contribution! ‘Get Out’ is the best advice.
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2 years ago, AlyxLulu
Gives me exactly what I need
Provides me with everything I need at-a-glance (account balances, history, my retirement forecast) Really don’t understand the negative reviews. Not sure what else people are looking for, but I use this app frequently to check in on my account
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3 years ago, Motiv84u
Steaming Garbage App Alert
You take away face ID - The goal of an app is to SIMPLIFY your customers access to their information.... NOT complexify it... so now I need to answer all my security questions once I’m already in the app... then I need to create a passcode (I dont want to create a passcode) and THEN you let me use face id ??? You guys really botched this up ... all you need to do is look at other financial apps that have GOOD reviews and emulate that .... NOPE, not you jokers... you just jam your fingers in the eyes of us, the customers that are trying to save time... set this app on fire... it’ll smell better
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3 weeks ago, Nicname created
Just useless
This app is a bad joke. Hoop after hoop to jump through to log in, and quite literally the only option that correctly loads in this app is the “log out” button. It will not display any of my account details. Just a blank screen with a greeting at the top. After I select my account it throws up a “We encountered an issue” message if I select any option. The only thing worse then the truly awful Transamerica website is this incredibly worthless app.
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6 months ago, Alacran2
Marginal at Best
The fact that I can’t even write a review without struggle to get the app to work is so poetically ironic. My primary concerns are that balances seem delayed often and the app can’t show me the employee Roth IRA catch-up totals or how to change them. I have to go through my HR department. Excuse any typos but like I said above, I can’t write the review without difficulty. I think I’m typifying something in this space but the app doesn’t show what I’ve entered. And to think I’m depending on these guys to gaurs my life savings…
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9 months ago, DJBellis
Unusable most the time
This app stinks. It literally just opens to a blank screen or just keeps spinning their logo and then says can’t log in. The only help I’ve got is “uninstall and reinstall the app.” Does this fix it? Most the time, but only for a short while. Unfortunately I’m forced to use this due to my work rolling over to Transamerica. The Fidelity app never failed to work in all the years we were with them and I still have it and use it daily for my personal stocks. Fox the app!
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2 years ago, Tee Crowne
I just downloaded this app, again hoping there has been some resolution. It’s still broken. After entering correctly my log in criteria, It will pop up an error of: “The information you provided could not be validated”. Called the support number, was directed to go to secure website to log in and it was successful. Then was told to remove app and d/l again. Still broken. I was told to use the web site. If I wanted to go to the web I would not have d/l the app!
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2 years ago, Tstreets04
App Doesn’t Work
My employer just offered a 401K match with Transamerica so I downloaded the app to be able to manage my account. I have downloaded and removed the app several times, but still have never been able to log in yet. You click the log in button and nothing happens. Hopefully this is fixed soon! It would be convenient to have access via an app rather than needing to use a computer each time. Transamerica, please help!
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3 years ago, gsughhdughh
Extremely poor design
When we updated the app this weekend it lost my password and recognized device on my husband’s phone. It no longer has touch to log in. It is difficult to find information in. Totally logs you all the way out to the point of having to fill in your user name each time even though the box to “remember me” is checked. My husband has Fidelity and it is SO much easier to use and more informative. Really need to get competent programmers that understand the end user.
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3 years ago, Sucker app user
401k account holder
The earlier version of the app wasn’t great but I could navigate and review my savings. The new update around Dec 15 is garbage. Never should have released. Locked me out right away. Had to call for support to wipe the app info and I re-registered to just get it to work. No Touch ID enabled. Hard to navigate. Looking at past activity page - not scaled. Too large, so I can only see right or left side. So frustrating, I moved half of my account to Fidelity. Would move all if I could but employer has us using TA. Not happy.
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3 weeks ago, PennCCRN
Horrible App - Always Down For “Maintenance”
On average I would say this app is functional about 1/3, the amount of time. It’s quite poor and one of least desirable financial firms, I’ve done business with. The app when works does allow you to conduct some minor transactions, but it does not permit you to get a detailed portfolio analysis. I’m only with them because my employer is with them, as soon as I leave I’ll pay my $25 surrender charge and transfer it to another firm.
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2 years ago, anowbug
Face recognition never works
They really need to improve the whole app. So outdated and so not user friendly nor the interfacing on the website even provide any information. Whoever working on the app development or online design do not know what they are doing or never go look at the competitors web stuff. They kept saying they are trying to improve it. I basically Un-downloaded several times to make it work but still has issues
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3 years ago, xogwh437xo
Feels like I’m being scammed
I’ve called customer service and reset my log in multiple times. I’ll get in once after about an he process. A few days later “your account information cannot be validated.” Interesting since I saved all the info. I honestly feel like Transamerica is keeping me out of my account so I can’t check it or move it out. It’s disgusting, this company is awful and shady. And 1.8/5 star rating at the time I wrote this should tell everyone something...
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3 months ago, BPBomber
Fine fine mediocrity.
This app is Ok, most of the time it works, albeit in its own good time. But it truly is just mediocre, Transamerica certainly didn’t put their might into building a great app. As an example, for at least the last few months, you can see your account balance but attempting to view any details brings the app to its knees and all you get is an error message.
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11 months ago, NA-Nicky
Poor Info and Very Out of Date
The simplest methods to review your own investment performance with minimal data is not possible. It feels like TransAmerica either wants this to be difficult or they don’t use their own app to realize it is a total failure and wasted time. It’s 2023, wake up! This functions like being at the library in 1980 with a Big Chief Tablet and a #2 Pencil, NO, - - - The tablet and pencil and researching data the hard way is better than this app.
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3 years ago, Abbo_Paul
Shocking useless app
What were you thinking? The prior version was such a great app. All features from the website were available to manage your account fully. Now all functionality has been removed and balance inquiries are all it can do. Previous version could log on by Face ID but no longer. And since the app is not compatible with apple password manager, even logging in to check the balance is a chore. Whoever is in charge of app management at TA is doing a bad job.
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5 months ago, Jen the driver
App need to be updated
Please update the app to include all features from web browser link.. I could not upload forms I needed to complete a rollover. I had to log in all over again through website browser to see all the extra options I needed. Thanks!
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2 years ago, OHughes22
Works Fine for Checking
This app works fine for me to check my 401k. It also allows me to edit my contributions. The app seems, to me, to be for basic tasks. If you want more in depth options use the normal website.
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3 years ago, weavb013
No longer works after new upgrade
Was using old app in limited fashion. Could only get total balance and nothing else. Since upgrade a week ago can no longer even login. Says “This app is not yet available for your retirement plan.” Pretty sad when ALL their competitors have fully functional mobile apps. Would pull all funds out if it was not my only 401k option with my company. Hoping someone from IT reads these comments! 😳
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3 years ago, neeiss
Horribly developed and frustrating
This new version is horrible, and the previous one wasn’t much better. If I wasn’t locked in through my employer, I’d go somewhere else. If they can’t get something as simple as an App to work properly, what makes me think they can handle my money? I’ve seen so many bad reviews, especially since the new update, yet I’ve never seen any notice of them trying to fix anything! Run away if you can!
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3 years ago, Lucas Santana
The worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen!
FIRE YOUR ALL OF YOUR IT DEPARTMENT! The app newest version is the worst app I’ve ever seen in my life. If fails to login multiple times and when you’re finally logged on the app crashes. It scares me to think that Transamerica manages my 401K based on their completely incompetence to deploy a tested and quality software. I wonder how their internal systems operate. If I weren’t forced by my employer to use Transamerica’s services I’d switch in a heart beat.
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