TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game

3.6 (9K)
34.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game

3.57 out of 5
9K Ratings
3 years ago, brbfhfnrnf
Great just needs some modifications.
I find this game really fun and I like how it gives you a challenge. I have been seeing a few reviews on how this game is money hungry but to make a successful game you need to somehow pay for it. But there still should be some modifications. 1. When you start the game you see 2 modes the regular and the last chance but the regular either you need to pay some money or watch and ad and there are almost no adds available. I thought that you should make the regular mode free and the last chance mode a harder version or just make ads more available. 2. Level 5 the ball game does not really have a lot of physics and the balls just go where they want said mr. beast from the video “I played the hardest game in the world. yeah again they go where they want and I only beat the level 3 times and I can never get past it first try. 3 in level 1 there is a secret where if you go hard right in the beginning you can zoom in to your character. I am not really mad with this i just think you could have been given an extra life. 4 sometimes when I start my game there is no music then a timer appears with a number on it which I found strange. And sometimes I just die randomly so I do not know what that is about has anyone else seen that? But still the game is great I think this reasons are the reason it is not a 5 star review.
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10 months ago, Melissa Trevitt
Fun game but what the **** Dev!?
This game, I started playing, and I died on level TWO! I think hard mode is absurd and when I tried it for the first and only time I died on level two after almost beating level nine on normal mode I’m just mad at how difficult it is but good download I mean I think one dollar is nothing and other people complain about it are not really thinking about that I think but I think with the seven minute system I think like I could beat the game in four minutes easily once I beat the game like I bet my first try will be like four minutes, but seriously the need to make it so that you get one extra life. After every time you die two levels or more, you should get one life. If anyone’s going to respond to this, please tell me how to do the Spinny spike thing on level nine I throw the phone down every single time after it and it’s getting in really annoying. Anyway, since I can’t stop playing, and I do know about level fives physics problem, this deserves a 4 star rating.
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2 years ago, minadado
Good game but
I played this game once and when I tried normal mode, it wouldn't give me an ad. Also theres no point of paying to a game that just makes you mad. Also I don't think this game is actually meant for fun like most games and this game just bothers me so much and people make fun of you if you can't beat the game. This game is good and all, but the huge issue is that when I tried to do normal mode. Not a SINGLE ad came. I know that the devoloper just wants to make a hard game and all, but it makes you mad even when you didn't start the game. Like I said, I don't thing you should pay any money just to get a very LITTLE advantage of beating this hard game. If it was cheaper, it would be fine but I don't think it should be 1 dollar because this game just makes you rage quit and then you break your phone. Please change the game. 1 thing to change is the Normal mode, you should at least get 1 ad right? But you don't. Thats very annoying and there's literally no way your beating this game with 1 life. (Except when you train like 80 years or something) 2nd thing to change is the money. It should be like, yknow 75 cents. Anything less than 1 dollar. 98 cents is totally fine. Also the life change in hard mode. Yo you should get like at least 5 lifes or so right? And since this game is so hard, theres no point of playing it for fun, maybe change the game so that it's more fun and enjoyable. Thanks,
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3 years ago, 27526262
This game is fine but needs some more optimization
I honestly enjoy this game, I have no problem with the difficulty but it needs some work on it. 1: The controls and physics are kinda clunky, you can't really build up speed and when you fall, YOU FALL. I'd say maybe add more control options like a d-pad or joystick and have the ability to map buttons to different inputs. And maybe make it so that you have to build up speed. 2: You have to play Last Chance Mode unless you pay or watch an ad but most of the time, there are no ads available. Add more ads available or just make normal mode free. 3: The Block Ball Game Level (Level 5) is kinda broken. The balls don't go in lines and when you take to long, the orange balls with laughing faces just guard the exit. Make it so that the yellow balls actually go in lines and have the orange ones actually go around. 4: Once you start at Level 1 the secret area with 4 holes pretty much only zoom you into your character, which can be distorieting. Make it so that it has a chance to give you a good thing like an extra live or skip. I don't have much else to say so please fix this. I give it 3 stars.
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4 years ago, doggy poo #2
Great game! Not at all like some reviews are saying...
People give this app hate, and I really don’t blame them. At all. In fact, I agree! But still, there are reasonable explanations why there’s so many ads or that the 1 life is the free option (the 10 lives are either money or an ad). They can improve it still, but don’t just expect people to be able to put out a good, free app and still somehow profit from it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Apps don’t make themselves, it takes money, time, and effort so don’t judge these people for putting in ads or in-app purchases. Either way, yea! It IS annoying but don’t just plop down a 1 star rating. (Edit- sorry if I said anything mean, but this app doesn’t deserve that... i looked through, majority is 1-star rating. Most i’ve ever seen.)
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2 years ago, ray is that you
Classic video game
The retro style and the music makes the game feel like what video games lost sight of - being a simple video game. I like the level design and how the music changes the further you go along, even being able to handle a spaceship for a couple levels in the second half of the game. My only critique of this game is the under 7 minutes mechanic. I’m not sure what to call it but if you beat this game you know what I’m talking about. It’s a thing in the game where if you don’t reach a level (forgot what number it was) you can’t continue with the game and you have to start all over and do it again but quicker: under 7 minutes. Some might think this adds to the challenge and I believe it does, but I’m not a big fan of it. Thankfully all it takes is getting familiar with the levels and mastering the movement which doesn’t take a lot of time. This is the point where it gets a little frustrating because you’re going to mess up before you get better. But this is what we got ourselves into 😄 Taking a break when I was frustrated was a big help for me. When all is said and done beating the game is a nice accomplishment. As far as longevity goes this game shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to beat. But everyone has a different schedule so it could be different for you. Despite my critique this game still deserves a 5/5!
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6 years ago, LoCeeBel
Fun game, but clearly money-hungry.
The game is hilarious and tons of fun; it's very skill-based and addicting, and very difficult in a trolling kind of way because of surprises and mind games. However, it's clearly just a cash grab. There are ads everywhere, every time you lose no matter what mode you choose, but there's no real point in doing the 1-life mode because the game is extremely difficult. And there's a waiting time to play the Normal Mode again when you've lost all 10 lives - and at first, the waiting time is 5 minutes, which is very reasonable. But the second time, it goes up to 17 minutes - which in my opinion is also reasonable. BUT - Right now, on my third time playing, my waiting time is 133 MINUTES. I have to wait for two hours before I can play the game again, or fork over money? The game designers definitely deserve money and I can't fault them for wanting it for making such a fun and charming game, but there's a way to design the game so that it's not pressuring people to spend money for ridiculous reasons - like avoiding a 2-hour wait (which will probably grow next time I play the game, since it grows every time you lose) just to play again. That's ridiculous. If they shorten the wait, I'd definitely consider increasing my rating, but if they're going to be that ridiculous and transparent about wanting money, then count me out. (Update: after the 2-hour wait is a 24-hour wait. Ridiculous.)
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3 years ago, 3Derp3
It’s an ok game. I don’t really think that I would recommend it. It is fun but level 4 is the really hard. It came to the point where I can’t even play the rest of the game because, well I’ll let you find out for yourself. But also you can only play last chance mode. Which is stupid and makes me hate this game so much. And to play with multiple lives, you either buy it, or watch an ad to get to play it. Now this may not seem bad but, every time you watch an ad you have to wait before you can do it again. Might not seem so bad right? Well, the time of waiting goes up from 3 minutes too waiting for tomorrow just to play with multiple lives. Soon I expect to wait a year just to watch a 20 second ad or just buy it. Which is stupid because either way they get money from ads paying to be in their game or you buy it. Either way I play this game still but probably won’t for much longer. Download it or not idc.
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2 years ago, jujgjbunv
This game is A waste of time
Do not download this game it is the worst game ever it won’t let you play adventure mode unless you buy it or watch an ad it’s annoying and and and one chance mode is annoying because you only have one life and I don’t bother doing it because it’s just a waste of time and I don’t want to play this game cause I saw a lot of videos for it do not download this game it is the worst I prefer you play Roblox instead if that’s not a waste of time either way this game is the worst zero out of 10 stars if you have it delete it this is the worst game I’ve ever played screw it I hate it it is the worst game I’m sorry but the person who made it must be out of your mind if you download this without reading this warning you gonna be mad that you didn’t read this to stay in the least tell me the person who created it my emojis 😵🤮🤢🤬🤬😠🫥😑😬😤 I am mad that I downloaded this game as soon as I’m done with this interview him and going to delete it.
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6 years ago, Fernando TTA's iPod
Really Fanstastic
I find a lot of people are unhappy with the game for 2 reasons. 1) The difficulty and 2) lack of lives in free mode. The second is solved by giving this guy a dollar. I think the game well worth it, as I love this game. This game constantly subverts your expectations and is hilarious and challenging to play. I can’t tell you the last time a game made me really determined to beat it AND made me laugh the whole time though. It’s certainly been a very long time since an iOS games has done that for me. As for 1) the difficulty: while cruel on the surface, this game is amazingly consistent to the point where once a once a level is passed for the first time, it’s quite easy to get through them. It’s challenging, charming and I think really deserves a solid play through.
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5 years ago, 🇬🇦🇫🇴🇫🇷🇹🇫
Ok only just got the game today and i absolutly love it im not even close to winning but when i was on one of the levels i saw something strange the block ball game i was on that level playing as normal when all of a sudden a big digital 22:00 pops up on my screen i was super weirded out about it so i tried looking it up and nothing came up i did find about the secret levels in this game though surprisingly my baby sister found the one in the first game BABY sister anyway i suppose that could be some kind of feature on my phone i dont know about and one of my family members activated it accident or on purpose but i dont know what it means has anyone else gotten this is this a part of the game plz reply im weirded out
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1 year ago, themakes
Honestly, a good game
It’s really good in my opinion, you can modify the ads coming up for free but for a cost, I love how you can get more lives only for 3 dollars, It’s the perfect game, and also also, for 1 dollar you can get a lot of lives, this is a favorite for sure, you can do everything for cheap! Ads modifiable, and many levels for long-term gameplay and a huge challenge, I love everything about it. I also like how you can do one life mode, it makes stuff harder so you can test out your skills to get better with many lives. But many people don’t like it because of the ads (though they don’t know how it turn it off) 1 dollar is 100% worth it.
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3 years ago, Jenny Geismar
This game is so addicting. I found out about it from PewDiePie and MrBeast. A lot of comments are saying they have to wait a bunch of minutes after having trying it again but I just have to watch an ad and then I can play it.(on the last chance mode) And to avoid ads I just turn off my wifi. It would be more fun if there was a choice to have infinite lives like someone else commented. Overall I recommend downloading it and trying it. Also what’s the 22:00 thing. It popped up on my screen on the first level and kinda creeped me out. After that nothing happened tho.
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3 weeks ago, GHOST0819
Awesome game
Whoever says this game is a waste of time and that it is garbage you people are out of your mind and you don’t know what you’re saying. Devs. You guys made of the best games I have ever played. Also people whoever is saying that the normal mode doesn’t let you watch an ad is because you have to buy it and every time you level up you get more chances right now I have 23 chances. WHEW now I am advertising. Hmmmmm wonder why????. Point is that everyone that thinks that this game is garbage and the Devs did a horrible job you’re clearly wrong, dead wrong. You are crazy if you think that this game is trash. Devs. I hope I get a response from you guys.
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6 years ago, aolenik04
Amazing game, but needs work.
At least download the game and try it out. It’s definitely a very fun and addicting game but it really does need some work. You start out with last chance mode, which really is annoying because you die A LOT and then you have to wait to get back the menu, then click, then tap on the mode again just to get back in. For normal mode it’s only a dollar so I would definitely pay that if you think you’ll like the game. But there needs to be MORE MODES. You have a lot of lives but it would be insanely more fun if you had infinite lives, some stages just being my lives down to either zero or just above zero. So if I finally get past it, I can’t get much farther. So at least give the game a chance, and if you like it pay the dollar. But it does need some more work.
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3 days ago, Vdeyhfxghhretjhffgujfsgngf
Great Game 👍👍
to all the people that gave this game one or two stars, i didn’t see any actual reasons on why the game was bad. It was all just about how they can’t understand how to beat a level or it frustrates them. but in my opinion this just adds the the fun of the game. i understand that some people may be upset that you have to pay 99 cents to play the normal mode, but with a challenge like this, i would happily pay that amount. it’s not like you are going to play the game for a few minutes and beat it. this game is full of levels progressing in difficulty. so i think this is definitely worth trying out.
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6 years ago, OmgSUCKS
Simple, fun, addictive game, but developers just want money
I saw a youtuber play this game and i was like wow this seems fun, i download it, you start off screen is decent, and not to much work seems to be put in anything. I notice you have to pay for 10 lives, aka normal mode, which is so dumb because you shouldn't have to pay to make a game easier, so this game is pay to win. And the ads oh the ads, ITS UNBELIEVABLE. How much money do you want developers? You can watch an ad for normal mode, but you to wait an increasingly period of time for each and you can watch for normal mode. It makes me sad that such a fun, addictive, simple game can be ruined by the developers. I bet they spent a week on this game just to make it unplayable with the ads and basically pay to win. I give it 2 stars because it's a fun game in itself, other then that, smh.
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5 years ago, jj joe yote
Stop Hating
The game is meat to be annoying, and what better way to do so rather then to place ads at every corner. If you die, there’s an ad. If you want to play normal mode, there’s an ad. The ads are just part of the experience. Anyone who is willing to take the time out of their day write a one star review and call trap adventure a bad game because of the ads should have just turned off WiFi. Also, if your complaint is that there’s not enough to do, try to beat the game with full zoom, and if you don’t know what this means, then you most likely didn't beat the game. If you don’t like any challenge, why did you get the game in the first place!
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2 years ago, jpgagmer6000
Good game
I love this game cause it gives you the “retro” vibe, and it is tough to beat. I would definitely recommend this game to you because of its mechanics. The one thing though is in order for you to have more than one life, you need to pay .99 cents for it. It isn’t that much though, and it is only a one-time purchase. Overall, it is a great game and one that can make you rage quit MULTIPLE times. Whenever I play, my hands sweat and my heart beats faster. So I probably don’t recommend if you have a weak heart or have anxiety problems. Definitely worth it, and if you want more lives… the .99 cents!!!
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6 years ago, Flamingoodness
Fun but needs to change the life system
The game is REALLY fun, hard and addictive, just like a mobile game should be, but the live system is horrible. A game like this needs to have infinite lives to keep that fast paced action going. And if you play without paying then the game is just unplayable! The game works off muscle memory, and It takes SO long to finish with the add, then load the title screen, then choose free mode, and then finally start the action. It should’ve costed $1.99 and get rid of lives. If these two suggestions are applied to the game, then you could have something special here. PLEASE put this into consideration trap adventure creators. As for the people that want to download it, either pay the 99 cents or don’t play it at all.
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6 years ago, ThomasMartin209
It’s a $1 for infinite plays...
Has anyone been to an arcade? They charge you $.50 to $1 every time you play. You can play this game an infinite amount of times for a $1. Can you imagine if your boss asked you to do a job for free? These developers made a great game and majority of people don’t think they should make any money off it. You can turn ads off, it just means you’ll accumulate points slower. It’s a great game that even once you beat it, you’ll constantly try to lower your time. By the lack of videos of people actually beating the game it seems that no one plays it consistently enough to have their time recorded.
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4 years ago, I cant get a original name
Great game but the ads aren’t
This game is generally really good but the ads just makes the game terrible. For starters, you get a ad EVERY, SINGLE, TIME you die. And what’s the game, to try to get you to die. The game plays tricks on you to make you die which is alright if there’s a ad every time you do so. And you’re clearly gonna die a lot (that’s to main point of the game). Ok, I’m not saying you should get rid of ads because I understand they need to make money but just don’t make them pop up ads (THOSE ARE SO ANNOYING). Not to mention you only get one life so you’re gonna die a lot and to get multiple live you need to, guess what, WATCH A AD. If you don’t wanna watch a ad you can buy the thing but that just proves that the creators of the game are so money hungry. And just to top it off, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE AD IS A ANGRY BIRDS AD!
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6 years ago, Beasty mode1315
Don’t get it
I don’t care if you don’t think I have the right to criticize a game after only playing 3 times. But lemme break it down for you. You get one life unless you buy the normal mode or watch an ad. After every death in the single life mode you are forced to watch an ad, click the screen to go back to the main menu, click the main menu screen to pull up the gameplay options, then click single life mode. All that work just to play a game in which you can only progress by dying over and over to learn from your mistakes. Imagine cat Mario if you’ve ever heard of that, but every time you die you have to wait a minimum of 30-40 seconds before you can try again at the beginning of the game rather than the level you were on. All in all: could’ve been great but the developers are money grabbing douches
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3 years ago, ydhskLdbxudbJjxnxuJdnx
Kind of good
When you join this game you think it is really easy but trust me IT IS NOT, it’s kind of addicting at first but once you try it a few times it just gets REALLY ANNOYING I really think this game needs some updates and more modes. Speaking of modes there are two modes Last Chance Mode and Normal Mode for normal mode you get a few more lives then last chance mode but you have to either watch a video every time you want to play on Normal Mode or pay one dollar if you want it for life. So I honestly think this game needs some updates so I would rate this game two stars. And also when you watch yotubers and tiktokers don’t be like “I could easily beat the whole game” in the comments because I doubt you could actually beat it. Thanks for reading this review, bye!
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5 years ago, Richboy_88
I like the game but it’s really hard which is a good thing I guess because I can get past level 10 I almost did but died at the end and one thing I hate is that when it’s for example 2:00 it’s show up on the screen and can kill you this has happened two times I actually died on level 1 and I also died on level 9 which made me angry. Another thing they should change is to have to buy normal mode because that’s just not fair because then you have to watch an ad then wait a couple minutes then wait longer the next time but either way I think the game is fun a hopefully I can beat the game because I am getting frustrated and might not finish it without deleting it once.
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2 years ago, LivGraceV
Not bad needs lots of work
It is not bad but the jump button doesn’t always work and if you are within a centimeter of the spike you die some how!Also you have to pay to play the normal mode which is a little annoying. It is not awful, but needs to be updated because it looks like it was made in the 1980’s I guess it’s for aesthetic idk. But that’s not what matters what matters is the controls are horrible! The over all look of the game is alright I guess but the controls are sooooo bad. Like I was talking about at the beginning how the jump button doesn’t work that well and well it doesn’t and it gets really aggravating. Well that’s all I have to say about this game I recommend this game if you like stress/anger!😊😂
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4 years ago, Daneter
NOT a cash grab, but I can see why people think it is
I understand why people may think this is a cash grab, but it really isn’t. It’s just like the olden days of the App Store where you could buy a game for a buck and then you own it completely. The version you download is basically a free trial. Just spend $1 once and you get the full game. The developers should make that fact a bit more clear in the “option to buy” screen. First time I saw the buy option I through you needed to spend a dollar per play through, which wasn’t the case. This is a great game for only $1!
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2 years ago, Q awsoem
It is fun and challenging…very challenging it is a cool puzzle like game with a bunch of stuff happening that I didn’t expect but I can’t stress this enough it is extremely difficult but fun especially if your watching someone else rage because they lost but overall its a fun game very challenging the only reason I rated it a 4 instead of a 5 is because you have to buy the normal mode you automatically get the impossible mode but you have to buy normal mode which I think is stupid but it’s only 99 cents so its only tiny bit of money but overall great game very challenging.
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6 years ago, Epixdude000
Cheap Fun
If you are not planning to spend a dollar, then you will have a very, VERY, VERRRYY hard time beating this game. But if you do cough up a dollar, just one dollar, you can have hours upon hours of fun! The game is a troll, but each time it trolls you it doesn’t make you that mad, it actually makes you laugh. The trolls are so good. Once you have beaten a level a few times it gets pretty easy to go through it to get back where you were. But ohhh boy are the levels hard. It’s a fun platformer, you can play for free, but just pay the dollar. It’s worth the one dollar you pay for the normal mode.
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4 years ago, A roblox PLayer....
Could be worse...
This game is a great game! It’s full of trolls and it’s an addicting rage game. I even am Ok with the adds because I can just turn on airplane mode. Even the traffics are great! My only problem is the one life thing. With one life you have one chance to go through an entire course that you don’t even know how to escape. If you didn’t have to pay for a couple lives I would be OK with this game and I would rate this 5 stars! An idea is; what if you make regular with a couple lives free, and then you could buy infinite lives! Besides that I think this game could even end up making a third version! - a player
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6 years ago, SylarUchiha
This game is worth your time
This is a skills, memory game. The game is full of traps, and the only way to progress a level is when you master it. People complain about the adds, but after you give the developer a dollar, they are all gone. I only give 4 stars because the game is not centered in my iPhone 6s plus screen, and some times part of the map is under the control buttons and is hard for me to know whats going on under my fingers. Also level 10 need to be fixed. When you died, the game will start immediately and your submarine will drop a bomb. That will make you lost several lives before you realize that the controls are block after every time you respownd. You have to double tap to move out of the way. Even after mastering that level, it always take a couple live from me every time i get tho that level. I think the bomb should be paused after you respownd and only drop it when you move. Good luck, and as always, have fun.
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4 years ago, chrid28901
Amazing Game
The reason I find this to be such an amazing game because of how they treat their players. I find it amazing on how the developers created a game that would make fun of their players and troll them too(12:00). I hate all the criticism because the developers can get any more money other than the ads and have to get more recognition than it has. I rate this a 5 star because of all the fun it gave me for all this time. I appreciate all the work put into this game and thank you for creating such an amazing game. (Stop hating this game)
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6 years ago, theworldbeyondzion
No ads. Didn’t pay. Ol school fun
Welcome rage quitters. Welcome kiddies. One life was all there was to ol school gaming. I love how hard it is. And then after you’ve beaten it, it becomes easy and the next stage is the impossible hair puller. I don’t have to see an ad after every death, so not sure what the others are doing. I docked it 1-Star simply for character design - if the character was slightly bigger, then you open up the world of identification, relationship and empathy. As it is now, it’s so small, I can’t connect with it as a character. It’s just a pixel I move through the game. But the controls are tight and gameplay is deliciously unforgiving.
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2 years ago, Mr. Lunchables
Great And Challenging
A lot of people hate on this app because of the price to play the normal mode and the controls however you should not be surprised that some free games have additional cost for different modes and people over exaggerate how bad the controls are trust me they’re not that bad however I do have 2 problems .1 whenever I get on and start sometimes I see this weird clock that always says 22:00 or 18:00 then I die .2 level 5 Block Ball Game the balls don’t go the right way they’re supposed to overall I think this game is pretty good
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2 years ago, greenzeri
Found two secrets the first secret is that if you hold your thumb roll the right arrow is you will go into the wall and there will be two mysteries the second secret is whenever you just let yourself go down oh and you go to the left and crouch as fast as you can and then and then and then keep holding the left on keep pressing the jump button and then it’ll say crazy level coming soon but it actually is a level kinda so yeah I think it’s a pretty good game with hidden secrets and yeah that’s it
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2 years ago, Rho-LM
Great game, but might not recommend it.
The game is great, don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of the game alongside of the prequel. Similarly to other reviews I’ve seen. The game is money-hungry. And I totally agree. The main problem I have with the app is you have to pay 1 dollar to play the normal way. Otherwise it’s just the last chance mode available. SURE, you can watch 1 ad for 1 try for normal mode. There’s no ads. You cant watch an ad for a shot. It’s just a 1 dollar fee to use. It’s also annoying how this also applies for the first game too. I like the game aside these issues but I would still recommend other rage-games.
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6 years ago, <(^_^)> + {•")=<{•_^)>
This game is the saddest example of a cash grab I have seen so far. You can watch a 30 second ad to play with 10 lives or choose to play with a single life. Doesn’t sound too bad, just watch 30 second add and play with 10 lives every time. Only, you have to wait between playing with 10 lives. It starts with five minutes then goes up after each time you play. Right now my timer is at 133 minutes. That’s over two hours that I have to wait to play a game or I could pay $0.99. On top of all of that you still have to watch ads if you choose the one life mode. I am deleting this game, might get it again if things change. Bottom line: unless you enjoy watching ads and being forced to pay for a real chance at playing, DONT GET THIS GAME.
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3 years ago, the gordon of games
Why hate
If you like rage quitting then you will like it. It’s not a cash grab in an arcade they charge like a dollar for one turn or whatever when this is you get like ten lives and if you pay for it it’s a way to make good profit for them without making it a cash grab. Then the ads killed me before you get lives so it annoying but that is the only cash grab somewhat. But they had to make money some how so just use the ads for extra lives instead of last chance mode and do download it’s fun yet annoying. And thx mr beast
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2 years ago, This rewiew is not a joke
Why I downloaded the game
I haven’t even started playing yet but I saw DanTDM play this game and it looked a little easy after a small walkthrough of levels 1-6 so I’m gonna try it I hope it’s fun and not hard and frustrating and if you hate the game because it’s too hard please remember the game is just kind of a troll game and a troll game is exactly what it sounds like a game that trolls you a lot so do not get TOO MAD at this game ok this is just why I downloaded this frustrating app now have a nice day and bye
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6 years ago, Sulllt176
Amazing game!!!
Let me start by saying that if you plan on actually beating the game, pay the 0.99. In my opinion, it's really worth it! I find the traps in this game more comedic than frustrating. I was finally able to beat the FULL game myself, and I enjoyed doing so. If you are worried that you don't have the skill to play this game, I can tell you that this game does not actually require much skill. It's more of memorizing what to do in each screen as you learn from your failures. Overall, that's what makes this game so good!
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3 years ago, MinecraftLover5543
this game is good just one thing
i know yall dont really like this game because of ads and that you have to wait a long time to get mutiple lives. but both are fixed. for no ads, turn off wifi. for no wait, simply set your time forward on your iphone or ipad using date and time on settings. this one thing is that the game hasnt been updated for literally 4 years and i go to crazy stage and it still says its coming soon but the games wasnt updated in 4 years. please update the game so we can get crazy stage. how to get to crazy stage: when you spawn at level one go to the very far left and while running, duck into the wall. then jump to move forward to crazy game. other than that this game is awesome the difficulty is fine and is enjoyable without paying one dollar.
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5 years ago, Danny Mess
Wasted potential
They had an amazing and fun game going for them. The basics of the game is to try to get by unpredictable traps by constantly replaying the game. This is fine but you have to watch an ad EVERY TIME YOU DIE. There’s a mode in which you have multiple lives but you need to watch an ad to start it. Once you run out of lives you can’t play for 7 minutes. Ok, kind of weird but OK. By your 3rd game it becomes 24 HOURS. It’s an obvious cash grab as you need to pay to actually be able to play the game. They definitely deserved money on a good idea and game, but all these ads and the whole system is just bad. It would be very smart if the game itself just cost a dollar.
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6 years ago, ~ ixodic ~
Frustrating but funny
First of all, pay the 99 cents - if you can afford an $800 iPhone you should have a dollar kicking around in your couch cushions or something. The difficulty is extreme but after trial and error it gets a lot easier to get through. On normal mode you gain experience which translates to extra lives beyond the 10 provided per run and you’ll need them. It’s really annoying at the higher points but keeps you coming back to try and master it.
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1 year ago, iwantmyburritos
Such a good game but
True game is so good, it plays mind games, very hard, and also trolls a lot and that is what makes it so much fun. But I can’t get a single ad to use normal mode. Also I can’t buy normal mode for some reason I don’t know why. Good game don’t know hunter people giving it hate. They just made cuz they bad. I have put so much time and effort into this game and I’m proud of myself. I got to stage eight without normal mode! Game very good but there are some flaws so that’s why I’m doing 4/5
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6 years ago, AnthonyRandolph757
Super fun
Really fun, would like to have unlimited lives but not having unlimited lives does kinda give it more life so I get it.. also glad it’s free initially so you can still try it out and play, you just won’t get far.. it’s really just good marketing to let players play for free. I wouldn’t have paid for the game otherwise.. But most importantly it’s only 99 cents, so yeah.. good job to the creators of this game for making something fun and and capitalizing on profiting without scamming your audience..
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12 months ago, Little Dude (:
Game is good (After a million tries and with normal mode on)
So Trap adventure 2 is a great game, however without paying for normal mode. It is a nightmare having only one life. Also, I have been playing this game for a year now. So I have gotten better over time. I do not recommend this game to anyone who has anger issues or has little patience. So if you have pacience and you don’t have anger issues. than you can download the game.
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6 years ago, ThadPlAys
Hello I have been playing Trap adventure 2 for a good time now. The graphics are what you would see in like a old arcade style game and the controls are easy to use. The new traps keep you on your toes because you never know if one is going to pop up. Now there is a lot of complaints about the ads for free to play user’s. My trick to you is turn of your WiFi and the game’s ads will stop coming up. Thank you for reading this review and I hope I was helpful.
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1 year ago, JRSA0313
Superb game - dazzlingly original thought
Any reviews out there dissing this game are either from people who lack a moderate perseverance to push through clever and rewarding challenges or from people who are too cheap to pay a well-deserved and very fair $0.99 for a game that that must have taken a lot of brilliant thought, planning and testing. This is in the midst of a lot of unoriginal junk out there charging 5 and 10 bucks.
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5 years ago, Digitallama
Really good
The only reason I rate this a five star is because I like a challenge. Though it is EXTREMELY hard and I only got to level 6, it’s the game I play when I have nothing else to do. One thing I would change is that “normal mode” should be renamed “easy mode” since technically it’s not normal because you must pay for it (which you really shouldn’t have to do). I would rate this a 4.5 star but you can’t so I just went with 5. That’s all I have to say. Thanks!
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6 years ago, jer_v
Horrible. But in a good way.
First, I want to address the in-app purchase. I was CERTAIN this was going to be some horrible pay $0.99 PER PLAY thing and finally, after reading reviews that seemed to imply otherwise, decided to pay. This did permanently unlock normal mode and remove ads. For a $0.99 game this is actually great. It's frustrating to start from the beginning of you use up all your lives but I'm probably getting better for that.
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