TravelBoast: My Journey Routes

Photo & Video
4.5 (1.5K)
235.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TravelBoast: My Journey Routes

4.5 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
7 months ago, Oliviaohno
Previous version?
Hi! I love this app and use it all the time. I just updated to the new version and it looks like the old default map has changed and also it doesn’t animate the same. Wondering how I can step back to the previous version? I really loved the way it animated before and the old map. Thanks for making this and for your guidance!
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1 year ago, mile the car man
Coll but a few bugs
This is a good game to have fun or record your trips you’ve gone on but a bug or a glitch is that when you put locations that are opposite or a weird position from each other, or too many locations it shows all these lines that randomly pop up, the pin points i guess you could call them, disappear, and then when you try to make it a video it just crashes and takes you out of the app, if in the next update or two this gets fixed, i would say this is a good game and it is but these glitches kind of make it annoying. You could maybe add a feature that you could put the names of place throughout the start and end, for example if you took a trip to Europe from Canada and then lastly to Austria or something , and you could enter France somewhere, then the UK, then Germany, and then after you type in all the places it rakes you to your ending point.
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3 days ago, Lingolaine
A work in progress
Really fun little app, but still with several glitches that need to be fixed as mentioned in the prior reviews (extra pins and lines, etc.). However, the biggest problem is the inability to save works in progress. You can save a video once finished, but you can only work on one video at a time. For example, I started experimenting with the route for an upcoming trip but now I can’t make any more videos until I’m ready to finalize and save that one. Also, I recently made the mistake of trying to add a point BEFORE my original starting point, which completely wiped out an hour’s worth of progress. :-(
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1 year ago, Dunn999
Great App But Unfortunately Very Buggy and Crashes
I absolutely love this app I am a semi truck driver and I enjoy sharing with my family and friends where I go to each month it’s fun to track all my routes so they can see where I’ve been for work. Unfortunately I have noticed in the last fee attempts to make a route it has gotten extremely buggy and often crashes while the app is trying to create the video. especially when I start putting in many locations. Overall still a very good app if these few things get fixed it’ll definitely be a 5 star for me.
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2 months ago, AJPTY
My location data vanished on 1 wrong click
I purchased the full version as we were preparing for a vacation with lots of traveling. As we were waiting to get onto our plane, I began inputting the places that we were are heading to using the map. From the moment that we took off to the point that we boarded the plane to head back home I never touched the App. To my delight when I opened the App, almost all the point where we visited were Automatically imported by the App with the exception of couple places that I intended to add manually. This is when everything went sour. I tried to import Lourdes-Portugal, but TravelBoast chose Lourdes-France. When I opted to delete that location, the whole vacation vanished without coming back to me. Team TravelBoast, is there any way that I can recuperate all this data ? It would be great to have a good training video of the App for those like me who are not App savvy experts 😇 Thank You
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6 months ago, ..,,??!!''24681013579
Kind of hard to use
It’s simple but something as easy as touching a line might mess up the map. So then you have to take time to delete the stuff every time you accidentally create a pin. Also i have a hard time changing the icon if I go over the same destination twice. After restarting 3 times, I just gave up because it ended up looking messy. Frustrating to try to use overall. It makes more sense to me that instead of being able to add a location just by accidentally touching the line, there should be a plus symbol if someone wants to adjust the line (along with the regular one at the top right).
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3 months ago, TheGordoHombre
Fun app but can take a while
Enjoy the app. It’s a fun idea. The graphics are good and the using of Apple Maps is cool. I love making videos for friends as I am a truck driver and like to show people my trips. I do wish, however there was a way for the route to be automatically created. Perhaps using the Apple Maps directions, it can generate a route. The route would be able to be edited afterwards. As it stands, you have to edit the route and drop a million pins, which makes it a bit of a hassle.
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10 months ago, xTexLutz
Nifty Little App - but NOT worth the subscription
(Update): I had to downgrade this to 2 stars. The app is still cool and cute and I enjoyed using it. BUT: for 5$/Mo you would expect SOME level of support - I reported 2 bugs and had 2 suggestions, none of them were even acknolwedged by the devloper. In over a month. They are gone awol. Not even a curtesy response. So I finally canceled my subscription. It's not worth the money, either go free or look elswhere. (Old review) I tried a few travel-map animations (having grown a little tired of iMovie-animations) and found this the best option out there. The app has a few little bugs or limitations (example: if you edit a prior stored route you have to add it as a new route, else your changes be lost) or planes on long distance layover points don't match in size. Already contacted Alexsandr already with detailed feedback. But overall, it was worth it for me to enter a subscription (and I HATE subscriptions. So, go, give it a try...
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2 years ago, Arber Kola
I think that you guys forgot to add some flags
I think that this app is a great app to use but I only have one issue with this and it the flags. When I drive through Kosovo it shows a Serbia flag on it so it makes people think Kosovo is a part of Serbia but in reality it isn’t. Kosovo is an independent country and it has his own flag so I would appreciate it if you put the Kosovo flag instead of the Serbia one. I am from Kosovo myself so I would like this change a lot so if you guys do this then this game would be five stars
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3 years ago, Choicemas
Would have given it 5 stars because I like the app, and as a content creator it is great, however the choice of colors (need black) and the fact Big Rig Flatbeds aren’t available to choose is a disappointment. It would really be great if the development team could add Peterbilt Model Trucks with Flatbed trailers. Also adding black as a choice of color. I drive a Flatbed truck, as do millions of other drivers. Don’t leave us flatbedders out!! Once I see those flatbed rigs as a choice I will resubmit a 5 star review!!! Hopefully soon!!!
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2 months ago, SGBR
An incredible little app
If you’re prepared to spend a few minutes pulling the route’s line to follow the roads on the map, your end result will look incredible. I’ve used it for local trips, and to show what a Cannonball Run from New York to Los Angeles would look like.
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11 months ago, spencergaming48
This app is great for doing travel routing and stuff like that, but when it comes to accessibility, it’s terrible. The lines don’t have enough thickness, so whenever I want to put a dot down, I always just press the line and move it a little bit like your supposed to, but it NEVER makes a dot, which really gets on my nerves, especially since a have smaller fingers. PLEASE fix this problem, as I would really like to use this for more stuff. PLEASE.
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6 months ago, Halotherainbow
Hi I like this game but there are problems that I frustrated .So when making routes there are random routes just popping up that is not supposed to be like that and I worked hard on those routes to make videos but I had to delete a lot and none of them were successful and I cannot post them because the routes and tangled and messed up Please fix it. I’m gonna leave one star review if this keeps happening. Thank you.
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9 months ago, FeeDoc
Fun app, but no Union Jack
This is a great app but noticed a few bugs. When city hopping to relatively nearby cities, the route doesn’t mark these to the appearance is that the plane is just flying over the city. I hacked this by changing the color of the plane for each stop. Also, my stop in London didn’t give me a Union Jack flag. Every other country flag for my other stops came up except that one.
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1 year ago, pet5248
Good start!
I gave the app a try and after a short period of time signed up for the yearly option. Well done but a work in progress. I have not been able to figure is how to save maps, so that I can reuse them in the future. It’s not a feature that is currently available? If not, you should consider adding it. You also need to add an Amtrak style train.
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1 year ago, Megamer2233
Good potential but flawed
I’ve tried creating our routes several times and it doesn’t make it easy to drop a location and add onto it. The lines cross and if you could lock them in somehow, it might make it easier to create a accurate route. I downloaded to show followers our travels, but still struggling and feeling a bit a regret for the money spent. Just my opinion. 🙃
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1 year ago, Bruhyouatemypizza
Really nice game but a few bugs
This game is really nice but it could use a few fixes for example, when you make complex routes it Automatically disconnects you. It is also very hard to make routes like traveling across countries borders or just outlining something. Those are the only complaints I have otherwise it’s a great game!
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3 months ago, lord butt cheeks
Maybe a little fast?
When I tried it, it took way longer than I thought it would. It would be a 5 star if it didn't take a lot of time. And the adds should maybe only be 15 seconds instead half a minute. Other than those, very good app and I would recommend it.
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4 years ago, jennachipps
Super cool! We love it
This app is really new and neat. We love the idea of turning our trips into visuals! It makes it so fun and exciting looking back on trips or looking forward to trips. I can’t wait to create my routes using emojis like airplanes, camper vans, and hiking people. I love the videos it makes that you can easily share or post!
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2 years ago, veddins
Truck Driver
I’m an OTR Owner/Operator Truck Driver and this APP is a lot of fun to share with family and friends. Just wish it had different trailer types to select with the Semi. I pull a flatbed trailer. If y’all could add that option it would really personalize this feature for drivers. Thanks
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3 years ago, MichelleBryer
Love this app🥰🥰
I got this app because of TikTok and I’m in love with it. I started travel around the world because of this app. The kids also really enjoy it when we went to Dubai earlier this summer. It truly is amazing.
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2 years ago, raodwarrior1233567
Pretty cool but time consuming
This is a pretty cool app to show what routes one took on a trip. But there has to be an easier way than to drop dots all over the map to show your route. Also when you drop a dot I wish the line wouldn’t move behind the previous dot so you don’t have to waste time going back to correct it.
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3 years ago, RoadGeekHyuck
Really enjoy it….
But your latest update now has annoying ads when you try and save your drives, if you click the “X” when it pops up, it doesn’t save. It didnt do this before the latest update. You’re better off fixing this. Otherwise, pretty fun to use until the latest update
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12 months ago, yoyococob
Cool but bugs
This has never happened before since I downloaded this app. Every time I change the settings of the video, it gets laggy and crashes. I tried restarting the tablet once, it did not work.
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11 months ago, Jenkiddtx
Super disappointed in this app! It won’t stay on the actual roads I’m trying to show my viewers, as this is supposed to be a MAP also! Takes entirely way too long to work this app. What’s supposed to be (should be) an easy plug-n-play type program, where you simply type in your starting and ending points, is a super frustrating & inaccurate crap app. Also ridiculous they make you pay regardless! Thieves.
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1 year ago, uhgvvjhkviuhhg8hg
A little confusing
This app is cool but it is super slow. Sometimes it’s so slow that it crashes after 10 seconds I open the app. I would like it if they would have a timer on how long it takes based on travel, because I can’t seem to find one.
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2 years ago, seattletutu
So fun to use
We have been traveling for 4 years in the Mediterranean on a sailboat. I put together our 4 years of travel with TravelBoast on Facebook. All my friends loved it and wanted to make one for their travels.
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8 months ago, Diamond Dave Bermuda
Great app but expensive
This is a great app. easy to use and great for letting my friends know where I am traveling…but it’s just for fun so $22 a year is way overpriced and more than my weather, navigation and chart plotting apps COMBINED. It’s a shame because I’d love to use the more advanced options if they were more reasonably priced.
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2 years ago, fjfksksmdm
Very fun
Want to play when I am bored it’s the best for a long car rides with no questions asked not very buggy the only thing is the flag but that really doesn’t matter to me
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3 years ago, Zrohit
Great travel app, amazing videos
This is a great travel app to create journeys with mixed transportation. Having lot of fun teaching kids our family journeys. It would be cool if there was sound add to the various transports. Otherwise really cool app. Thanks !
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2 months ago, Ivarvdvisch
Good but I can’t find out how to outline a country border
I tried everything to go around a country’s borders or outline a country I can’t even go to the same country as my start please can someone help me but other than that it’s a great game
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1 year ago, SlothZilla!
This game is amazing!
This game is amazing. it includes different ways of travel so it’s accurate! The only problem is when it’s a big travel plan.. The app closes.
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3 years ago, PirateLooknAt40
Great Tool!
I’m really enjoying using this thing! I do of course have a couple of feature request… 1 - It would be great if I could place a static marker, for example leaving my truck in one location while showing my hike through the hills. 2 - Allow control over map zoom, being able to control the angle and zoom would allow for more dynamic transitions… maybe :) Anyways, great job on the app!
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3 years ago, Firebird1249318
Amazing App
I really love and enjoy this app. I mainly use this app to see the journeys that my favorite sports teams take when they are on the road. I hope that there will be new features soon
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2 years ago, Sarahmreynolds
Moving the line
I love this app but I am having so much trouble moving the line to customize the route. Any help would be appropriated. Just purchased today
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1 year ago, sparkerb
Follow the actual route?
This is a map system, why not allow the car to actually find the route and drive the route? Not just make 100 moves on a straight line to make it “look” like the route? Or am I missing something?
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5 days ago, Uncharted Courses
Love this but need another icon
This app makes it super easy to animate a map! I’m loving this addition to my videos. I need another icon please…a dinghy or some rigid inflatable tender to show our adventures that we don’t take on the big boat.
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2 years ago, Peter Rotta
Cool idea but crashes after spending an hour building your trip
It’s a very cool idea but unfortunately, I just spent one hour building my trip and the app Chess glitched out and added a bunch of random waypoints and then crashed, this is extremely frustrating, especially since I paid for the premium membership
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6 months ago, Nick gelardi
This is alright
I see it on tik tok and yt shorts and it looks like amazing content. I wish the could make it easier for boarders and stuff but other than that it is pretty good! Smiley face of appreciation :)
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5 months ago, Ram718
This is VERY GOOD with Border, Even better than Mapchart, Even the Mongol Empire Makes ALOT MORE Sence because on Mapchart it has sharp ends, but I like it when it has soft ends, and it makes it look a lot more like Mongol Empire!
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1 year ago, gfkgdyjv
I like it
Very convenient that it’s free by watching an ad and I like that I can change my transportation method ! I wish you had the option for the locations to have the name there on the map
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3 years ago, jetpilots
Entertaining, still
Entertaining on the back end when it’s complete should you not be busy at work. Great that it’s free (for now?) less the premium vehicles. Some suggestions for the developer: Ability to delete a single waypoint. Currently the “delete” wipes everything. When attempting to move a waypoint it will build another waypoint without a way to delete it. This may be more difficult. Why not create where it follows the road in lieu of a poly line that has to be reformed for each waypoint placed? Meanwhile enjoy!
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1 week ago, rngr900
Finally an app based travel map
This app is awesome. Intuitive easy to create an animated travel plan that is transportable to movies and videos. Thank you Alexander.
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2 years ago, This is taking your money
So the only glitch is whenever we start with the person walking it makes his limbs puts in random places. They need to fix it
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1 year ago, dkaelin18
Could be better
Plenty of things to workout. The map drawing needs to be easier. Why not just put your route in and have it automatically trace the route? Doing it with your finger is hard.
Show more
7 months ago, Austin Hewer
awesome app 🤯
it good except few bugs and what not but phf I haven’t even tried it as much as others because I’m lame but yuh 10/10
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10 months ago, NoahVulaj
This app is so fun it’s not even a game but it’s fun because I act like I am Magine what that country will look like if they had the whole entire world yourself
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5 months ago, DaneMom52
Landscape on iPad please
Such a cool idea for this app. But when I try to use it on my iPad it only operates in Portrait mode. I’d venture to say the majority of iPad users “work” on their iPads in Landscape. Can’t you make this orient properly based on the device and orientation of the device?
Show more
3 years ago, sag al ghanim
Keep up the good work
I wish like you can like have items like when you travel
Show more
2 years ago, trucker320560
Overall good
I have it 4 stars only because there is not an option to change the distance calculation from km to miles.
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