Travis Credit Union

4.8 (17.9K)
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Travis Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Travis Credit Union

4.8 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
5 months ago, hadtooknow
You know…that moment when it feels more like Home than an institution or business
I noticed right away the attitudes were different than a normal bank very much more personal than I’ve ever seen. It’s like my first payment I was almost late and they called me the day before and said hey, you want to make that payment it’s due today. They told me they want me to succeed rather than pay any penalties and fees, I knew right then I was home and I’ve been there over 15 years now. No need to go anywhere else. So to my friends thank you for all your hard work and dedication to me. See you later. Ernest O
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9 months ago, sehlat
Total Crud
There are two components to activate the ap. The first is the ID and the second is the password. I store them in an ap, “KeePass Touch” which holds IDs and generates very secure passwords and stores them. You have to be able to put both of them into the Travis CU before it will work. Here is what REALLY happens: 1. Copy ID from KeePass. 2. Go to Travis CU and paste the is into the Travis ap. 3. Copy the password from the record in KeePass. 4. Go back to Travis CU, only to find that the ID is now blank. 5. CURSE! My bank apps, note BANK apps, don’t erase what I put in for the ID when I get the password so I can put see my status. The Travis ap is useless and uselessly stupid. I received a note in response to the above comment. It said: “Hi! We apologize for the issues you are having using the KeePass program with our application. Please set up our Touch/Face ID inside the application for easy login. Thank you for your membership.” There’s just a little weakness with the above suggestion: YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN BEFORE YOU CAN GET THEM SET UP!!!!
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1 week ago, yourgame=trash
Used to be great.
This app used to be great and I never had a problem with them before now, this new update made the mobile deposit much worse to the point it’s unusable, first it automatically try’s to take the picture for you and doesn’t read the check correctly, after I took it manually a second time it still said it couldn’t read it and asked me to do it again. The third time it finally worked, that is until I woke up the next morning and saw that they reversed my check because the image was unclear but I looked at the images on the app and could read them fine. Unfortunately most of my check went into bills so now on top of my check being reversed I’m now in the negative and they charged me a reversal fee for their faulty app. Hope to get this taken care of in person today and if they can’t help I will definitely be closing my accounts.
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10 months ago, Aiyee.
Recommend Travis Credit Union
I haven banking with Travis Credit Union for many years and it been a superb Bank and their customer service is amazingly excellent. The Union financed my 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid was very happy with their apr. During the time of COVID 19, they were very supportive. I have now paid off my car loan and will be willing to go back to them for another. Thank you Travis Credit Union for your services.
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1 year ago, Serapis Bey
I love Travis Credit Union!
It has served me so well for ten years. I’ve used this credit unions banking services to solve a variety of financial problems. The personal and professional service is always prompt, thoughtful, confident, and courteous. I highly recommend this credit union especially its mobile banking app which gives new freedom of movement to its customers.
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1 year ago, Done 8
Customer feedback
Travis CU at the (Napa) Branch level is always awesome; but any communications with bank management is not, the bank makes it difficult to communicate personally, phone choices lengthy, when you do get the right route wait times are ridiculously long, and getting correct paperwork or results is far to often difficult.
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5 months ago, chaerllen
Grateful for Alerts
TCU pays attention to unusual activity in accounts. Several times I’ve been alerted when it appeared that I wasn’t the person using my account. I’m so grateful because once there was fraudulent activity and they caught it and immediately alerted me. Thank you for being on top of things.
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1 year ago, MOPARDR
Mobile app does not work
I cannot complete my banking on the mobile app. Does not display accounts/transactions correctly. Can’t see some at all. This only occurs on my primary account , not on my other account. It is not my phone, my other account works fine. I have contacted support and went into the branch to try to resolve. I’ve tried everything requested including deleting the app and reinstalling. No one can seem to figure it out. Very frustrating. I am considering closing my accounts and moving to another credit union. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, dancindrj
Wonderful service
I’ve been very pleased with this credit union. So nice to deal directly with someone and receive a call from a familiar face. Thanks for the help with everything. I hope you’ll continue to allow Lobby hours with contact with a real person. Thanks!
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2 months ago, Johnny Agapao
When it works, the app is excellent. But I have had more failures with it than success. As such, I am not thrilled by this app. I hope the developer can investigate this and make it as stable as other bank apps like US BANK. If it is stable in the future, I will change my rating of the app.
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2 weeks ago, jduran
Great Update
lol I can’t believe people are on here complaining that the app is more modern, intuitive, and processes user action faster. This was a much needed update to a severely outdated system. Banking needs to be younger to be competitive and this update is the reason I left chase and decided to bank local.
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5 months ago, boss 1935
Alls good except
The exception is logging in. I’ve only been able to log in on without help maybe 3 or 3 times a year. Something always seems to go afoul. Usually I run out of tries and it locks up. Many give me another attempt without locking up. Thanks.
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1 year ago, mustang moody
Car loan
Can’t get one to pay off truck because haven’t made payment in a while! So double edge sword can’t get a loan to pay it off so I must sell my truck to get credit to buy another! What is wrong with helping me get better credit? I’m a 100 percent disabled Vet and need help and your a military credit Union. Help me please…
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2 years ago, GME2THEMOON
What a difference!
This new update was a long time coming. It’s now miles faster when I login, transfer money, and even depositing a check. Looking forward to seeing how they build off of this upgrade.
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1 year ago, Vince Arroyo
Horrible internet banking!!
Travis keeps making horrible changes. There’s nothing wrong with the way things were done and they keep changing trying to make it easier for them saying it’s user-friendly for the customer which is not. As I’m writing this right now it doesn’t even show the words that I’m saying probably because of my title horrible Internet banking. So disappointed in Travis Credit Union I would recommend it right now to anybody .the
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2 years ago, JinnyShinny
Long time user, updated app error
When I try to login the app brings up an error that prevents me from logging in. I can’t even access your website on my phone to report the issue! Called and the lady refused to listen saying my password was incorrect which is was not! It worked perfectly last time I logged in and has not changed since then! I love the update but this error is preventing me from paying my rent and other major tasks!!!
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2 weeks ago, PatOmandam
New App Is a Game Changer!
TCU’s new digital banking app, released today, is a game changer. Finally, an app that’s intuitive, easy to customize and with features longtime members like me have been waiting for. Definitely places Travis among the frontrunners using today’s finance technology.
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4 months ago, His_Half_Pint
Banking Anywhere
Having the Travis Credit Union mobile app has made banking easier and it’s always available. From making in house money transfers, opening new accounts, to sending money to anyone, anywhere, anytime, all thanks to the use of the app.
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1 year ago, TJ471
No option and not satisfied with service
Trying to help my mother with her finances. They don’t have option and your name has to be on the account. I know hospital come up with option to help family member.
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6 months ago, NanSmit
Review for web services
I still find it is hard n not easy to bring up features I want. Years ago it was great. I struggle every time. But I have been with TCU since the eighties. They are courtesy n helpful in the bank.
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5 months ago, SlimShaney1988
The CU is ok, app LACKS
On top of not having an updated debit card with a tap reader, the app also lacks. There are no widgets, no banner alerts when I spend money. No way to decline a purchase, they charge it and charge you an overdraft fee like a traditional bank. My other banks decline it and text me to get my things together lol It finally has mobile deposit, but it glitches just as much as the face recognition.
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1 year ago, mrfranzsteiner
New too Travis credit
I have a auto loan with this bank. I wish I didn’t though. I can’t get the app to work. I made an account, it logged me out after one use. Now I can’t log back in. The Face ID didn’t work. I changed my password and it still didn’t work. What the heck is wrong with this app. I couldn’t even transfer money into the account from my normal bank. This is just a terrible experience. This might just be the worst banking app
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2 years ago, Member Pleased
Finally making progress. Thank you for taking a step in the right direction!!!
Tons better since you did the upgrades. Thank you for listening to us!
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1 year ago, frigurator
Life saver on my payment
Kim with call center 3051 She was a 10+ I’ve been trying since I bought my card to get this set up and she was wonderful with me today thank you thank you give her a raise
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1 month ago, forever my fav game
Very Responsive
Olivia from Vacavill branch one of the bank employee help us to open account, Hassle free process, although I'm work she still work out to help me open my account and my husband. She is very helpful and nice.
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1 year ago, kay9477
From Flunk to Perfect
This was the worst mobile banking app out there maybe a year ago. Sine the upgrade (many months ago) I’ve not had a single problem with it.
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7 months ago, Just4VIPs
Sign in issues
Sometime the mobile app and online app won’t let you sign in. Says my password is incorrect even though it’s not. Then days later, is accepts the same password. Unless you have to reset due to repeated attempts.
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3 weeks ago, Adam1krr
Why would you release an “update” that disables a working app, and replaces it with an app that isn’t even working yet? This is reminiscent of the last time there was a major overhaul, when the new version took approximately 157X longer to load anything than the previous. Maybe next time, can you please make sure whatever you’re releasing is actually up and running first?
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5 months ago, Mpbasdf
Could be better
Would be more convenient if we could make our loan payments with debit card or electronic transfer instead of having to buy checks just make a payment to you. Nobody uses checks anymore. You should get with the times.
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1 year ago, Ralph Brockway
Service Ralph Brockway
Great service and experience all ways have had good service and customer help . Been a customer for over 20 years . Keep up your great service. Ralph Brockway thank you 🤠👍
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12 months ago, percie75
App is terrible and inconsistent!
I’m so frustrated that I am seriously considering closing my account and moving to another bank. If the app is so bad, how are they running our accounts and handling our money. Today I’m complaining about no dates , no check numbers, activity dates not shown , I will make a list of all my complaints and call you 😟
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1 year ago, wmmead
Better than it used to be
It at least functions now. It still looks like it was designed in 2003, and it is slow and painful to use, but at least I can check balances and deposit the occasional paper check.
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6 months ago, danterryt
Good bank
Travis is everything we want in a bank. People are friendly, location near our home and online very good.
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3 months ago, lol park
Trash bank
Thought it would be nice to work with a local bank. The app is light years ahead of what it was and still trash compared to other banking apps from a decade ago. Seem unwilling to work with customers when there is an issue. I regret opening an account with them. Once the card is paid off I’ll be happy to close my account and be rid of them.
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1 year ago, xc141fe
Customer service
I’ve been a member for decades and there is no better place for customer service thank you very much Travis credit union
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2 years ago, Mairvo
Informative and easy
Love having mobile app for checking balance and mobile deposit. Great to transfer funds quickly. Glad to see always impo
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2 weeks ago, reloader308
I enjoy the previous app, had everything I needed ran smoothly. Now have people agree to new terms “recommend reading” and be part of the government system. Like others have said time to look elsewhere. Valley Strong credit union is moving in solano county heavy, may look into them. Also the walk in banking has gone downhill, wait times are to much.
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10 months ago, granny Grande
Phone service
On 12/02 The service I received from Tyler was excellent, professional and proficient, it truly did make up for the long wait.
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2 years ago, Bill_W16
They did it!!!
Huge improvement over the previous version. Thank you Travis!!!
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10 months ago, betymart
It makes it so difficult just to pay your loan. And if you call to pay they charge you $10 more. Have to write a whole check and upload it just to make a payment, would be easier to just let you pay by card or by entering your checking account info.
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1 year ago, bCdMOP
Apps review
There are too many errors occurring in zelle transfer even if new informations have been made already.
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3 months ago, garymcmullen7071989
Works well, would like to see ability to go back further on transactions as well as easy access to statements through the app.
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3 months ago, Learning Journey
The app works great
I recommend the eye icon for users logging in with an iPhone. It would cut down on mistakes during typing.
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4 months ago, Yesi_Nation
Outdated app
Apps states it was last updated 8 months ago but I don’t see how. Layout is very dated and it is difficult to navigate through, you really have to set time aside to play around and successfully do one thing(such as add account). This app needs major updates that are user friendly and straightforward navigation.
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5 months ago, Chuck352
Service is fast and convenient online.
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10 months ago, jj3nnn
Terrible wait times
The app is so hard to reset when you forget user I’d/ password. Can’t mobile pay through app unless you have a checking account with them. Please change this and get with the times. Taking a pic of a check to pay a bill is kind of ridiculous.
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1 year ago, a gloria
Travis app and website
Typically it is slow both app and website and the bill pay doesn’t work on all my computers it has cookies and my systems want to block the site and doesn’t always work and I’ll have to pay bills off of my phone app
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6 months ago, Backfire Biden
Banking made easy with the app.
So convenient and easy to do especially with fingerprint log in.
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5 months ago, DevilDogTito
Mobile App
Since I am usually transferring money between account, me bike application is truly convenient!
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3 weeks ago, Dayo1554
Great New Digital Banking
New app is great, so much easier to use and finally have free credit score.
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