TREBEL Music - Download Songs

4.7 (143K)
173.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
M&M Media, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TREBEL Music - Download Songs

4.66 out of 5
143K Ratings
3 years ago, moukeefe
Yes its good!
I have nothing bad to say about this app, it’s awesome. I’m assuming that I am a little bit older than your average listener and user of this app. I was the last generation (Gen-X) that was not raised with the computer as a surrogate parent. Consumer computers hit the market when I was about 12 years old. My father was really into technology and when I would visit him, would always have the latest computer at his home. I quickly became Computer fluent and the rest is history. I’m also a musician who has spent most of his life involved in the music industry one way or the other. I know from personal experience how much time and energy it takes just to make a dollar being a musician. Although I don’t know how to create apps I imagine that a similar amount of time and energy goes into making and marketing something like this app. So to me it’s really amazing to me that all this combined time and energy both from musicians and the creators of apps like this can be enjoyed for free! Entitlement is the name of the game now. I’m not getting down on people with constructive criticism because I’m sure it helps the developers Hone their product. But for me I’m just very appreciative that an app like this exists. Thank you to all you involved in making Treble what it is,A great place to hear my favorite music from the past and be exposed to what will be my favorite music in the future!
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2 years ago, love me 76383
Amazing, just 2 teensy details
The app is amazing. I’ve been looking for a app where I could listen to music offline without Internet after searching for so many days I finally found this online. I used to use audiomack,and Snaptube / Poly Music. I stopped using audiomack because a lot of the songs I wanted to download weren’t on there. And I stopped using poly music because it would never let me play offline. This app is amazing. you can download songs and listen to them offline and it has a HUGE variety of songs and artists available (all for free), but it doesn’t have some artists or it won’t let you download the songs. Like with maneskin,it doesn’t let you download the songs and with Hwasa she isn’t on there. I love the idea of the coin system and how it works. The only minor issue is that whenever I download a song or try to listen to it I have to watch a 15 to 20 second ad which is not an issue at all. It’s easy to recognize all the hard work that has gone into this app. And for them not to ask for any payment is so nice honestly 😭. So generally, this app is amazing and I rate it five out of five stars, but the ads are just a tiny bit annoying especially since I wanna download like 600 songs. It’s still honestly worth it to just watch a 15 sec ad but, other than that I 100% recommend.
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4 years ago, XariaLashae
A Great App
Okay, I’ve had this app for about.. two years now, and I’ve been able to find almost every one of my favorite artists, which is amazing because this app lets you download music for free, so that’s great. The only things I wanted to speak up about are related to the music itself. The first thing is that there should be a way where the users of this app can tell if they are about to download an audio or video, because the videos aren’t available for offline viewing yet the audios are as long as there’s a frequent internet connection. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes download the videos and watch them, but I would have to actually play the song once it’s been downloaded to know whether or not it’s a video. It saves time because a lot of people would rather have the audio. Another thing is that whenever I delete the videos after I realize they are not the audio, it will delete, but when I close the app and reopen it, the song will still be in my library, I just won’t be able to listen to it unless I download it again🙄It’s frustrating because when my phone is offline, and I put it on shuffle, I don’t want the music to pause just because it went to a song that should’ve been deleted from the app. But with that being said, I love this app. Those two things are only drawbacks, but it doesn’t make the app bad. In fact, this app was recommended to me by a family member, so I decided to check it out.
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6 years ago, ProBossProSkills
I Love This, Except A Few Things
Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Getting To Listen To Music And Sift Through My Favorites And Download Them. It’s Great, There Are Few Ads And You Earn The Coins Very Easily And I Think It’s A Great System. Though Some Contradictions Start Appearing, Like If You Download Like Journey Or ELO, There Is This Little Thing That Appears To The Right Of The Songs And It Tells You That You Can Only Listen To Them With Wi-Fi, Which Kind Of Defeats The Purpose Of Downloading It. Also, This Isn’t As Major Of A Problem, But I’m Not Sure If It’s Copyright Issues, Which Is Totally Fine, But A Lot Of People Complain That There Aren’t A lot Of Artists (Again, Totally Fine, You’re Barely Starting), But You Should Do Like A Request Page Because There Are Artists Like Pink Floyd Or Simon And Garfunkel That Weren’t Even Added. Besides That I Think You Guys Are Great And It’ll Improve As It Goes. Thank You EDIT: Two Other Things, One Is Major, And One Is small. The Small One Is That The Albums Are Not In Order And I Have To Search Up The Track Listings, Which Is An Inconvenience, But Not Huge. The Major One Which Isn’t As Major As You Would Hope, But When You Have An Album Like Ten By Pearl Jam Or Stop The Clocks By Oasis, You Don’t Complete Them, And There Are Only A Couple Songs Instead Of The Full Album. Just Some Other Quick Things.
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5 years ago, Wini401
Little changes I would consider
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app a LOT. But that didn’t mean there aren’t some things I would change about it, for example, the range of songs on this app is very good, and I understand the struggles of obtaining this music, but from what I seem to see it is all about getting what is new and hyped up at the moment. I get why people would enjoy that, but I feel that certain people including me are in that app to find songs they love and want to listen to always, not just when they are popular. I’ll use the self titled twenty one pilots album to represent the situation. This album is old, yes, and might not be the most popular of things but has helped me and many other people get through very tough times in their life with the lyrics and sound of the album and frankly I constantly check to see if it has been uploaded and find it has not. This is just a suggestion in general though, not for this specific album to just listen to what everyone wants to hear instead of what is popular now. But aside from that the function of the app is wonderful and I love to use it.
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10 months ago, kara1749
I totally recommend it
I love this app I have been using it for about 8 years now. I can’t pay for a service for my phone so this app has totally changed my life for me I can listen to music without wifi you just have to download the songs when you have wifi and you can use your coins to listen to it without wifi you get like 100 coins everyday so don’t worry about going out of coins. They will play ads after every song if you don’t have coins. And sometimes they will play one ad after you just started the app and played a song but that’s about it. The only complaint I have about it and it’s why I only put four stars is because they have a bug and they have had it for a couple of months and haven’t fixed it and the bug is it will play this same song over and over again “thru your phone” by Cardi B even though it says it’s playing a different song its not it will try to skip it and it will just play that song all over again they have had this problem for awhile now and it’s just gradually getting worse I really hope they fix it because that bug just ruins the whole app for me. But if they fix it i will put 5 stars and take this portion of the review out of my review.
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3 years ago, thesailortm
Would be 5 stars however
Why did you remove functionality from the app by removing the ability to play songs in album order and from albums themselves from the library without them shuffling and removing the ability to NOT have PERMANENT shuffle at all times, it’s such a noticeable downgrade from previous versions of the app because it’s nice to listen to albums in order and not the beginning track to the 11th one or some random track from a different album entirely. I should have the OPTION to play songs in the order I want without having to add them to queue and not having to remove songs from queue whenever I switch a song because of some algorithmic order that makes a queue based on the songs that I have downloaded, it’s such a blatantly awful change and I hope this will get fixed in a future update because you had it before in previous updates so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to add it back unless there are some stupid corporate policies that prevent that from happening. Also it seems like coin usage for how long you listen to a song has gone up which is annoying. This app is great otherwise, it has a good system that incentivizes you to download more songs and encourages you to login daily for the gift so that you can listen to songs longer offline without using data.
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4 years ago, MissBrittanyy
Liked it a lot more before the update.... now it’s just doing too much. Wish we had the option to update or not and not just have to automatically do it. Sometimes if it’s not broken you don’t fix it... it was fine just the way it was. then i wouldve given it 5 stars cuz i loved this app and listen to it every day i live in middle of no where with no cell service so its great to have songs that dont require internet access.... have downloaded over 700 songs and loving it, even tho it doesnt have a few select choices yet, it still basically has anything you can ask for... but now with the new update im just not that into it. related button, the comments button, like im not here to comment and chat im here for music smh its not a social media app its a music app dont turn it into something it isnt, we have enough of those smh. the swiping left and right thing is annoying and touchy... just wish didnt update. other than that, great app. all your songs at your finger tips off line hours and hours of MUSIC!
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4 years ago, ddddwwwwddd
Great app!! But...
So this app is really awesome. It is 100 percent free and most of it works offline. But here is the thing. You have to have Coins to play music offline. You can get about 15 coins a minute just for being on the app. So if you spend a lot of time on the app online it is easy to get coins. I don’t do that so I struggle to get enough coins. But that is ok. Could you please make it so that Apple users can send coins to their friends???? Also more music from Christian and country artist would be appreciated. I am very thankful for the work that has been put into it and you guys are doing an awesome job making this app great so keep it up. Definitely download this app for free music. Keep up the good work! Update; App has been getting better and better. I have one awesome idea tho for it so listen up developers! Make it so we can cash out our points for gift cards or cash. That will attract a lot more people. Also I know some people like me earn more coins than they know what to do with. So please consider adding a feature like this! Thanks for reading!!!!!
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6 years ago, kyleMcLightning
One of those apps that you think’s too good to be true..
...until you finally download it and start acquiring free music. I got hooked on this app over a year ago. I kept telling my teenage kids to download it; that they could download all of their favorite music and listen offline but, as usual, they don’t listen to their father. Once they finally downloaded the app, it spread amongst their friend groups very fast. When I get in my car and connect my phone or when I am anywhere and want to listen to everything from Bowie to Drake to Damien Rice, I used to open the music app that comes with IOS and listen to the songs I paid $1+ each to download (limited). Now, I open Trebel as a matter of habit. I have every song I could ever think of (actually more like 90%) and didn’t spend a dime but know that the artist are still getting their royalties. It’s the bomb or whatever kids say these days. Awesome. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t download Trebel and give it a shot.
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4 years ago, Nordbjørnen
Doesn’t have a lot of music available, deletes music that has already been downloaded
This app doesn’t have a lot of music available. I’ve been consistently checking to see if they had a specific album available (from over 9 years ago) and it only says ‘coming soon’. As for offline music, you have to refresh it almost daily or it won’t play and there are several albums that allow you to download but not play. My next complaint is I downloaded 4 albums from an artist, and have had them for close to a year. I got into my car to play some and discovered that all four albums had been deleted. Thinking it was a fluke, I went to download them again and of course it says ‘coming soon’. I already had them for a year! Finally is the stupid coin system. If you play a song it costs 8 coins, twice as much as the download pays you, if you pause it you are charged another eight coins, accidentally rewind or fast forward and it also charges you, accidentally choose a wrong song and it’s 8 coins a click. This app is horrid. You either run out of coins and can’t play your music or you music ends up getting deleted. They give you the option to buy coins, but it’s quite high. You’re better off paying ten bucks monthly for Apple Music than this.
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5 years ago, SashaBanksWWEx2
Coming Soon & Underrated Songs.
The app is honestly the best thing going and the best it could be right now for the most people. I love it. The only thing I would recommend is underrated songs from TV shows/games for the soundtracks they use for it. For example you have Euphoria soundtrack but the most popular song in my opinion from the show is “All For Us” by Labrinth & Zendaya. As for the coming soon albums/songs I’ve been viewing some of the comments wanting to listen to those certain songs for a long time now and being inpatient about it. Understandable it’s not that easy and it’s troubling but that could possibly lose some people away from the app. The app is truly amazing and great for those who can’t pay for music and that’s good with ads because you do gain the money from it. It’s just most people including myself want the coming soon songs here but we’re patiently waiting. Give us possibly a update tab in the future for the songs we can save for coming soon or let us know it isn’t working out. Either way 4/5 for that little thing but 10/10 in my mind!
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11 months ago, Fnsncss
Pls reply
So this is ngl the only app I could find that has the ability to play music online and I’m so glad that this exists bc I’m sure TREBEL creators yk the apps on the AppStore that say “offline music” and what not but it doesn’t actually let you play music offline and when I found this app I was super happy, thank you for makin this app im rlly glad that whoever came up with it, came up with the idea the make such a great app that users like me enjoy everyday, oh but the main thing I came to make this review is that for some reason when I try to fast forward,reverse,pause, and like put the song on repeat in doesnt let me do that so I have to turn off my iPad and turn it on in the Lock Screen and fast forward, pause, and reverse the song so I’m not really sure why this is happening but pls TREBEL creators if you could pls reply back to me I would rlly appreciate it, I love ya😘( with rizz)
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5 years ago, I'm a cat :3
Great, but one thing
Now, I love, love, LOVE this app. I’ve been using it for about a year, and I am a total fan. I’m a young student who doesn’t (and can’t) work. This means I don’t have money to pay for my favorite songs or a subscription. This amazing app delivers that to me, but for free. It doesn’t take any effort at all to earn coins, either. As I said, I’ve been using this app for a while, and have seen changes here and there. One of these changes is the removal of the queue. I’m upset about this feature being gone because I like to modify my playlists as little as possible and use a queue to add different songs when I feel like it. Queuing songs was a big part of listening to music, and now I have to stick to one playlist. I don’t know what happened to it, and I don’t know why they removed it, but I miss that feature. Overall, though, TREBEL has improved my music experience drastically. I don’t have to rely on apps that require a stable internet connection and/or won’t play music in the background. This app is truly amazing.
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5 years ago, MUSIC LOVER🎶🎵
I really love this because you can get almost all the music you love and if they don’t have it they will send you a notification when they get it. And you can play your music anywhere you are. And make playlists!!😀😍🤩😎Here is the small problem: you have to have coins to play you music offline!! And if you run out you have to watch ads, like music, write comments, or buy some with your money!! I do not think that it fair that it takes coins away for listening to your music offline. And if you are off the app for a long time and on something else your music stops and asks if you are still listening which gets annoying but the first problem is the worst!!I hope to get a developer response to these problems and make it better for everyone. THANK YOU GREAT APP!! 👍 ADD ON- They take more coins away when you listen to a song than you get when download a song or album. They take 8 coins away and you only get 3 when downloading!! How is that fair?!
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5 years ago, littlebreadroll
An amazing app, but room for improvement
I really love this app for lots of reasons: the music selection is amazing, you can listen offline AND in the background (I’m listening as I write!) But there are some drawbacks—it’s difficult to earn coins for offline listening, and you run out quickly, which in my opinion is the price you pay for free music offline. What bothers me more is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete songs from your library or undownload them if you don’t want them anymore. I have whole albums of music cluttering my library that make it difficult to find what i’m looking for—and lots of duplicate songs when I downloaded a whole album. If you like to keep organized , watch what songs you download and do them one at a time when in albums so you don’t accidentally get a double download (playlists let you choose individual songs to download). It’s really, really annoying....but I suppose having too much music isn’t much of a complaint at all.
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5 years ago, Itz_jenny01
Great app but need some changes
The music is good and I like that I can listen to music without WiFi, but there are some things that in my opinion that I dislike, for example, when you press on the offers to get more coins, and when you finished doing the action, and go back into the app, it doesn’t give you coins. This then basically wastes your time because it doesn’t even work. Second, the multiple number of ads, I get that in order to make money off the app, you have to put at least some ads but the number of ads I see every time I try to download a playlist is too much, to where I can’t even scroll, meaning I’m forced to look at the ads displayed. There are just some changes I recommend such as adding more different artists such as BTS, Joji, mxmtoon, etc. The rest of the app is great, and I like that it’s pretty much the only app like this without needing to pay money. I’m not sure if I’m correct on some parts of this review and if I’m not please clarify. Thank you for continuing to make the app even better then it is now.
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2 years ago, Midna of the Twilight
No problems yet
Went on the hunt for an offline music player after my phone had no service, and I no longer had a subscription to Apple Music. I was disappointed over and over by apps that were advertised as working offline, but definitely didn’t work offline. Tested it from home first to be sure it truly worked offline, and I’ve got no complaints. Small thing for the app devs, i think there might be a bug with the feature that plays a short bit of the song. It’s supposed to play 30 seconds of the song, but nothing happens. The timer goes through, but no sound comes out. There are a lot of ads, but as the album cover says when you’re offline, “Ads are paying for your music.” And I think that’s perfectly fair, considering it’s an entirely free music app with good quality music, and allowing for offline usage.
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12 months ago, Armed Wasian
Forced Ads
It was nice when they didn’t force you to watch ads in order to start listening to your music, but it was also understandable forcing you to watch an ad once per day when you first use the app. But forcing an ad every time I open the app? Really? I pretty much only use this app while driving and now I’m forced to watch a 30 second ad about tampons (that sometimes doesn’t load when I’m just leaving a Wi-Fi network so I have to restart the app, taking even more time). I’m a guy, I know this ad isn’t targeted, and I don’t want to watch the tampon ad again every time I open the app!! Some of y’all reading this might think, “why don’t you just start the app before you start your car?” I can, but I didn't have to before. They’re just gonna keep finding more places to put forced ads like every other app developer does until it becomes nearly unusable, or becomes inconvenient. Go back to one forced ad per day, you have plenty of users that use the app daily. Or add more banner ads or something that doesn’t force me to sit and wait until it’s done playing.
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5 years ago, Bloopbrit
stop ...
With each update there is the app has gotten worse and worse. Yes all music there is money free, you pay with coins you get from watching ads while browsing through music, downloading, listening to music. The more you listen to music the more ads will play (without disturbing your music or phone) you will get more and more coins. Recent updates have taken off half of their songs, you are constantly losing coins faster than you listen to music and the app glitches your entire phone and drain your battery as if there is a virus in your device. Of course you can always pay with US dollars for coins but they will go out the window as you will manually start up advertisements (which pay for your free music). Also you will have to stay on the app for the next song to play. Save your time, money, phone quality, and energy and look for a better non-scamming music app.
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5 years ago, 501820490
Does NOT always load
-Does NOT always load -Jumps out of app if phone is turned off -Stops mid-song and have to get back into app to continue the song -Does not work if I go out of the app -stops downloads and cannot restart them Recommendations: -show specific songs that are explicit, not just the albums -order the songs in the same order as on the cds ✔️ -put songs that cannot be downloaded at the end -show “deluxe” albums (i.e. indicate which albums with the same title that have more songs) -show number of songs -show year of album release -show if the album is a single -separate the single albums from the regular albums -a way to go to specific letters -notify if a downloaded artist gets more music available -show if there is more than one disc and the titles of the discs -if the song is a part of an album, be able to get to the album from the song -if all the songs are downloaded in an album, make sure it says “play album” instead of “complete the album” -be able to see the songs on the album -say play album when all the songs are downloaded or show undownloaded songs -in the TREBEL cloud, have a button to download all the songs ✔️ -add numbers to the songs (with the same number from the album) ✔️ -show when a person has already downloaded a song and it is in the cloud ✔️ -add lyrics to the songs
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5 years ago, SharpFlame288
Major freeze glitch
So I downloaded this app a few months ago after a band came out with a new song that might not be released for purchase in hopes to find it...., I did! I downloaded it and thought since I had to leave for lunch that I’ll play it. It was working great but after the song finished and I wanted to replay it, I found the app had froze and couldn’t replay it. I had to close the app and restart to replay the song. But just closing the app took a whole minute or so. Then restarting the song I found that just around 30 seconds in the app froze but it kept playing. I even added more songs to the list hoping it might not do it but it still did. I still stick with my 4 stars because I’m sure it’s a problem that maybe hasn’t come up and will definitely up it to 5 once the freeze ups is either not as bad/long or fixed completely. 😊 but still thanks for a great app and sticking around since a lot of others haven’t.
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3 years ago, nanabelll
This is a good app but but need a few changes🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
This a good app but sometimes it gets on my nerves because there’s too many ads on this app every time I download songs on this app ads always pops up while the songs is downloading on this app this app would be if there weren’t any ads on this app and this app would be better if the songs downloads faster when it’s downloading multiple songs it just need a few changes I would recommend fixing this app and take off all the ads that pops up every time when I download songs and download multiple songs and fix and make the songs download faster when I’m downloading multiple songs and update this app and make it much better for me and other people to use to listen to offline music on this app but other than that this app is good👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
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6 years ago, laxatl
Hello Trebel staff, I have had trebel since 2016 and really loved it back then. Now it is ok, but the experience is not as good. The process for downloading music used to be pressing download, then watching video ads. You could skip ads to see new ones and each ad gave you five coins. Now, I cannot get any coins because when I download music, I do not get paid coins after the download. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and all my music, but it still does not give me any coins, and it still costs 8-9 coins per play, even if the play is for a second. Also, when I try to get coins by pressing the top right icon, “AD PLAY” does not work at all. It just says “wait, loading”, and never loads. That means I have no easy way to earn coins except buying them. The check in feature only gives 5 coins and I cannot invite friends every time I want to listen to music on Trebel. I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to this, and I get that we need ads. That is what makes this app great. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Mikomayen
I just started and it was great, but..
I just downloaded the app today, since my favorite music app “Pockettube” is no longer available in the Apple store. I’ve been looking for music apps with offline listening and I found TREBEL and it works great. Browsing songs are fast and easy and have almost everything that you’re looking for, but only a handful of songs require wifi. I gave this 4 stars because for some reason, I couldn’t download anymore songs! I’m connected to WiFi and every time I wanted to download a song, it would say that I wasn’t connected to the internet and to try again. I tried again like 5 times, even without WiFi (LTE) and still no go, so I’d have to be okay with only having 57 songs😂. Overall, the app is great and is a lifesaver because I cannot survive without listening to music every time I’m on the train on my way to school. I just hope you can fix the small bugs so the app can be better!
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6 years ago, music.player_1004
Great Music App!
I was actually looking for an app like this that allows you to download musics for free, so that I could listen to them in offline areas, and this app is the perfect one! I downloaded this app about a week ago, and I’m already in love with it! This app is wonderful, and I would recommend this to everyone, but I think it would be easier and better if it had the shuffle play feature, and the timer. Without the shuffle play feature, I have to listen to songs in a specific order at all times, so it would be cool if the app would randomize the songs. I like to listen to music in my bed, because it helps me sleep better, but using this app, it would play all night, so I think it would be better if it had a timer so that the app stops playing music after the set up time. But otherwise, I would DEFINITELY recommend this app to music lovers👍🏻
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3 years ago, 𝚂𝚊𝚍𝚎
Really good but something messed up
I have had this app for a while now and it’s been awesome I’ve been able to listen to music at the airport, driving, etc! I’ve never found a app that doesn’t cost money, free either online and offline, and works everywhere. It’s such a great app. Though there are a couple problems. 1. It’s a little hard to download all the songs you want because not all songs are available on trebel but that’s nothing major. 2. I had this issue for a while where trebel deletes all of my songs that I downloaded for no reason. This has happened twice but it had never happened before so maybe a little thing happened. Overall the app is great and I recommend. Also if you ever run into trebel deleting your songs that you downloaded just delete trebel and then redownload it.
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7 years ago, Profit420
It's a good app!
But it's not great! It could be great. That is, if you could download music while multitasking, though of course, keeping the app open while doing so as well. But still being able to go look something up on the internet, or receive a call or go to settings etc. It would also be great, if, for the music and songs that are not available for download at the time you attempt to do so(which I actually get confronted with more than I'd like), they would go ahead and make the music that we request & express we want to be able to download, available in a reasonably quick amount of time. I also think it's weird, that they might have a whole album available to download, except like 1 or 2 songs from that album. I mean, why not just have the entire album available on there? Being that they decided to make that specific bands album(or 80-90% of it) available at all? Just some concerns!
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10 months ago, Lemon8252
There is a bug
This is such a great app and I use it daily. I’ve been using this for years and never had an issue till recently whenever I press “shuffle” on my playlist it works and plays the song I want but occasionally when I try skipping it (it’s not on the mode to repeat the song) it just starts over and starts to play again and I have to keep clicking the skip button a little over 15 times just for it to go to the next song along with that issue when I accidentally skip over a song I wanted to hear and press the back button to of course go back it goes to a completely different song. Please fix this as I would love to continue to use this amazing app until then it annoys me and I avoid it and resort to listening to CDs. Thank you so much!
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12 months ago, Obsessedw/music♾️
Please read review. This app is really good.
So I mean the app is amazing. It’s free with ads but when I listen to music I only get like 2 an hour. My only concerns are about the coins. So 2 things, you have to have coins to listen to music and the second is coins running out. So needing coins to listen is kinda weird since I already have to listen to ads. This makes it seem like a waste of time because you have to like download music or watch ads to make more coins. Second is, ok yesterday I was on treble and I had like 300 coins. I came on today and I only have 4. Then it tells me I don’t have enough coins to listen then I get annoyed. And it’s not the first time. But I think this app is great and there is even an option to see the lirics and the video so I’m really happy with it. Developers this is really good thanks for having a good heart and making a free music app.
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6 years ago, stasia1018
It’s very frustrating. You run out of coins to fast and I think the coin system is stupid. Honestly if you wanted us to watch ads, you should’ve done it a different way. Like having us watch a couple while it downloads and then let us listen to the music that we technically paid for because you get money for having ads. I just downloaded a whole album and it still is telling me I don’t have enough coins to listen to any of my new music!! It shuts down all the time. I also don’t like how you’ll tease us with the “ coming soon” for music. Just don’t put it in there at all because, trust me, it’s way more frustrating thinking you have the song for us, and finding out you don’t, rather then looking for it and not seeing not seeing it at all. I’d rather just pay for pandora premium every month, then sitting here constantly downloading songs that I don’t even want to listen to, or can’t listen to because you don’t have it. I gave it 2 stars because it was nice at first, but now it’s just annoying.
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3 years ago, loganf16
I love using trebel other then a few songs I like not being on there its a solid app. My only issue is really annoying though. I have about 70 songs downloaded and I used my 5 boosters (got them for free forgot how but through the app somehow) and after that whenever i try to download a song, it gives me a pop up telling me i need to buy more boosters if u want to down it faster and earn two times the coins. but when you hit maybe later, it doesn’t let you download the song and when you try to get out of the screen it says it’s downloading and asks if you want to cancel the download but i’ve waited for minutes and it’s always nothing ends up downloading. this happens for every song after i used my 5 boosters and before i even got the boosters i was downloading music for free still so idk what’s going on but please developers fix this it’s unusable at this point. thank you
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1 year ago, elpastor007
Not worth it
I really like it but if you want to have a playlist online there is a lot of apps that have it without any ads like (musi) that will show you one ad only if you are on the app but if you are in another app or with the screen lock, it will not bother you the only thing with musi app is that you can’t listen to music offline so that’s where I thought that this app was going to be better. This app will show you an ad every time that you download a song that is fine but then they will show you ads even with the screen lock every song and this is very annoying,is annoying to hear the same over and over again I get it we have 300,000 babies every day if you are going to put ads at least put different ads apps like audiomack will allow you to download music offline and will not put an ad every song. So if you want an app where people enjoy put ads with not sound .
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9 months ago, Murph the Derf
Fine free app with limitations
I've been using the Trebl app for quite some time. Good points are that I can listen for free with minimal interruptions. And I love that I can still have access no matter where I'm at, even when offline. I have been able to build a library of over 7000 songs and growing. The downside is not every artist I look for will be found on Trebl, nor will every song. I also find the shuffle to be more repetitive than I would desire in that even with the diversity of my library, some songs seem to show up more than others. My biggest complaint is that sometimes instead of the intended song, a different song gets played instead. Usually it is Martha by Tom Waits, a great song but not the song I was expecting. I did not like that there is no place to contact on the site about this issue and possible resolutions.
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5 years ago, 08222015
I kinda like it
I like how it’s easy and quick to download songs and most you can play with out WiFi at any time. There are constantly pop up ads which I don’t mind because I’m doing it all for free, gotta make the money somehow, they can be hard to get out of sometimes though. I’m constantly earning coins for downloading but I’m not quite sure how to use them? You can purchase coins for real money and they advertise that you can listen to ad free music but I don’t see any option to do that. I’d also like to see more pop artists and songs on the main page to down load. It’s more hip hop and music I don’t really listen to which is okay. It would be nice to have more generals of music to search instead of searching every song title that I want and then not being able to find it. It sounds like a lot of negative comments but I really do like this app. I just recognize it is still developing.
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6 years ago, Losing Songs
Losing Songs
Okay, so let me start out by saying that this is a really good music app that i have been using for a few years now! It’s great if you want to listen to music where there is no service or wifi, but i have been having some problems with it RECENTLY! I have notice that is harder to get coins, i also found it hard to get some songs because they are “coming soon” but they been saying that for months when i keep checking in on the song, and the most aggravating things that just happened was that i lost A LOT of songs. I never really noticed it until now. I always thought i had downloaded a song but then it just disappeared, well i now know that this is true. I had 1,150+ song that i downloaded and now i only have 600 song. i am beyond upset because music is my life, now they are gone! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
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3 years ago, ❤(ӦvӦ。)
I love it a lot! But there is just one issue
This app is probably my favorite playlist app I have ever used! I love how easy it is to earn coins by watching ads or getting daily gifts, but there is one problem i find annoying, well whenever i look for a song sometimes i cant download and it says "coming soon" even though that song has already been out for like over a year. And i really want to download the album "As She Pleases" by madison beer and i have been waiting for a while for it to come on trebel. Her life support album is downloadable but her other album isnt. And i really like both of her albums. And there are a couple of more artists that I cant download too that i have waited for. If you can fix that, that would be great 👍 Other than that, great app and keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Jake Kudron
Great! Just a small fix
I love the app and feel as if everything is almost perfect. It’s good enough to where I actually tell people about it! But anyways I just tend to have two decent problems with it. Some songs have a music video starched to it as you play, which isn’t a big deal, except if I turn off my phone or leave the app for even just a second the music immediately stops. Requiring me to burn out my battery to play specific songs. If that could be changed or removed I think it would be amazing. Hoping it’s just a bug but I’ve tried everything at this point :/ Also a lot of songs are set to “coming soon” which is perfectly okay! I know things aren’t going to all be there instantly but I would really love to have a wider selection. Above all this is a great app, thanks for everything!
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3 years ago, Siexrraa
It’s fine except...
I’ve been using this app off and on for about a year now. When I first started it was interesting to me because it was easy to get coins to play the music. However, now that I’ve joined back I’ve downloaded almost 200 new songs and haven’t received a single coin. The only thing I’ve gotten in 3 months is 2 coin daily drops and that utterly unfair because it cost around 7 coins to play a meager 2 songs anyway. I feel like there should be a more reasonable way to get coins like how we received them once for downloading music. Then they told me they were gonna give me coins for reuploading the songs I’d previously downloaded. After 167 songs, not one coin. I’m highly upset with the false advertising and basically clickbait from these new updates. A few months ago I would’ve easily given it 5 stars but now, it seems like the average pay to play app and that’s disappointing.
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2 years ago, mcdewitt22
Credits too hard to get
Unless you’re downloading hundreds of songs per day you’ll now need to buy credits if you want to listen offline. I’ve been using this app for years now and up until this past year I would have given it 5 stars however as credits have become increasingly harder to get it only gets 2. The daily drop is horrible giving very few credits now and when you try doubling it by watching an ad nothing plays and all you get is the 60 or whatever credits. As an area manager spending 20+ hours per week in my car this app has allowed me to keep my sanity, discover forgotten tracks and also finding new ones while ignoring the radio. Now once my 150,000 credits run out I plan to delete the app and go back to using ITunes where although the music isn’t free to acquire, it is free to listen to as much as you want without WiFi once you have acquired it. Fun while it lasted but not for people who use it mostly offline.
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5 years ago, CAJ_82
I LOVE this app, but a few issues
I don’t really know why, but whenever a song ends even if I’m playing a playlist, it won’t go on to the next song, so I have to open the app and pick another song. Also the little menu that normally appears when I swipe up or when I turn my phone off doesn’t appear anymore. I don’t know if these are issues on my part or in the app itself, but I’ve tried many things to fix it. Other than those issues I love the app. It’s amazing that it is completely free, and that you can download songs to play offline, which you normally would have to pay a monthly fee to do on other apps. In general great app! I’ve been looking for a week and downloaded around 30 apps and this one is by far my favorite! Would recommend for anyone who is looking for a music app! Thanks!
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5 years ago, kiera013
I have one problem
There’s so many songs that I like that say coming soon but the one song if from 2014 and it’s not on there. I find it weird how that same band has multiple songs from 2015 on there but I can’t get the one from 2014. Also out of 13 songs I looked up I only was able to download 5 songs and the other 8 songs said coming soon. But I really hope more of the songs I like are on there in the next 2 weeks because I’m going camping and they don’t have WiFi and I can’t use my data because everyone gets bad reception there. SoundCloud won’t cut it for me when I go so I need this app to listen to music with out WiFi or data. But I probably won’t use it at all because I only have 5 songs I like that I have downloaded. Please add more songs on the app because I won’t want to use this in the future because in my opinion the songs I can download is very limited. Other then that I think the app is pretty decent.
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7 years ago, Ryskills
Amazingly Inspirational and Joyous
I really like the idea and concept of this app. Had a bit of trouble offline at first. But good over all. Loving it. I extremely do support the fight against Unwanted Piracy and the ability to have free music that is still paid for. No artist shall starve due to pirated music I hope in the future. I’d donate 50,000 TrebleCoins just to be able to say I support Treble as I have since the beginning in the Beta processing. I love it an recommend it to anyone. Only suggestion would be an option able page in the app to automatically open up to when the app is opened. Like the library page instead of the new releases page. Or the profile page if that is what someone would want to choose for the opening page of their app. Whatever floats their boat in their own unique preferential senses.
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2 years ago, kadystein1997
The Pros And Cons
Pros: I am glad I found this app. It’s easy to use and there is nothing difficult about it. I also like that you can use it offline. Took me forever to find one offline. So I am grateful for that. Also the one ad before you play your music what wrong with that. Playing that on then just having the on screen ones. That is what was best. Cons: The one problem I have with this is that your description states no ad interruptions and since getting the app which was sometime this year I believe there were none until recently so I kind of what to know why that changed. Why could you not just keep it where one ad played before you shuffled your music and that’s it. Or have the ad on screen while music plays. I don’t get why you guys changed that. If possible could you go back to the old way without ad breaks in the music. That would be great.
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6 years ago, #Thatkid
I love it!
Love the fact that I can play all my downloaded songs offline free. I hate having to pay for music. Only have to watch a few ads to build up coins to listen offline. They may not have every artist quite yet, since they are a fairly new app, but they have most of the popular ones. And if you're like me, who likes any and every genre, that's pretty great! And they add new artists at least once every week! They have such great service too! I had a problem with my songs disappearing, so I emailed them and they are currently fixing the bug right at this very moment. I also accidentally turned off my ads (which caused me to lose coins because I was playing my songs) one time and they were gracious enough to show me how to turn them back on. They are very polite and I love the app! Do get trebel!
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6 years ago, rach14f
Ok but could be better
Overall I like this app. I can download music very easily and be able to play without wifi which is the reason I got the app in the first place. The only thing that really is annoying is their music selection. It takes forever for music to become available on here to listen. Once it is finally available to download on the app the song is now old. I wished they add songs when a new song is actually being released to the public. This app seems to be behind when it comes to their song selection. Also, if a song is still not available yet I wish there was a wishlist we can add those songs so when they do come available for download we can be notified. The app's wishlist now only works for available songs which doesn't make sense. I'm constantly having to go back to see if it is available... Still waiting while songs have already been released months ago.
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4 years ago, TheReal._.JP
Great app but...
I’ve been using TREBEL for some time now. It’s a great app. The songs are great and everything but there are some songs that TREBEL doesn’t even have. I use the song ID on it and it doesn’t recognize the song. I can’t get my favorite song because TREBEL doesn’t have it. That’s why I’m going to give it a four star. I just hope they can add the songs and albums that they don’t have. I am updating my review for TREBEL. Some songs are from the SHADYXV compilation album. It is mainly under Eminem. The song I really want from that is called Twisted. TREBEL doesn’t have that album or songs and doesn’t have any coming soon sign either. Other than that, TREBEL has been amazing. It’s one of the best music apps to use and my favorite. I hope you guys can add that album. It would mean so much.
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7 years ago, Skullpig45
Love This App, But 2 Problems!
I love this app. I always play my music on it and I download my favorite songs, well not all the time. This is where I have the problems, I try to find a certain song I like. It pops up and when I click on it, it says “Coming Soon”. When is “Soon”? If there is multiple results for the song, they all say the same thing! Another problem I have is the points that you earn from downloading music. I can’t stress enough how irritating it is to try and download random songs to earn points! The other problem with this is that when you finish a song, about 10 points get deducted from you. What is the point of creating and offline music app if you need a currency system to listen to music? Developers of this app, please get rid of the “Coming Soon” and currency nonsense. I am really close to uninstalling this app!
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6 years ago, LaMya Cowan
It’s getting annoying
I used to really like this app when there were easy ways to get coins like downloading music or opening the app and what not so i could listen to my music on shuffle and not worry about running out of coins bc i know that i could easily get them back. But now the only way to get coins is to watch ads,get someone to send them to you, or buy them. And I hate that. I literally can’t just listen to my music on shuffle bc I’ll run out of coins and it takes way too many coins to listen to one song. And I also am getting annoyed of almost every new song I look up to download having a “coming soon” written. So I can’t even download it and I check in months later and it still isn’t available for download. There aren’t many new songs being made available either. I’m about to find something else to listen to music on bc this is getting annoying. I do like that I can listen to the music I already have offline but that’s about it tbh.
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6 years ago, mari gomez
It’s ok..
Now, this app has some pros and cons. The things I don’t enjoy about this app is that it has me wait for the song to download. It won’t let me close out the app or go back to wait for it to download. If I do go back or close out the app it will stop downloading. Like, really?? Another thing I loathe about this app is that when I search a song, sometimes it will say “coming soon” 🙄 Even if it’s an old song that came out in like, the 2000’s or the 80’s. Honestly, that’s straight up dumb. Why does it let us download the newest songs like “Gods Plan” for example but yet, it won’t let me download Dear Maria, Count Me In?? Dear Maria Count Me In is an old song soo.. I think it should let me download that. ALSO it doesn’t let me download Lil Peep songs! It fact, when you search “Lil Peep” they have no songs of him..explain! But, something good about this app is that it lets you listen to music offline. And I think that’s great. But yeah.. THANKS FOR READING.
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