TreeRing Yearbooks

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for TreeRing Yearbooks

4.72 out of 5
895 Ratings
2 years ago, gfgjstjhc
Solves all the problems!
I’ve been working on the yearbook for 6 years and I’ve come across ALL. THE. PROBLEMS. Trouble collecting pictures from email, Facebook and random texts? SOLVED! With the app, any member of your school can directly upload their pics straight to TreeRing. No more sucking up the memory and hard drive space on your personal computer if hours didn’t trying to download pictures that turn out to be too low resolution. Can’t figure out which pictures have already been used in which sections? SOLVED! TreeRing marks pictures when they’ve been used- which makes having multiple editors so much easier. Don’t want to collect $$, cslcukk look are discounts and issue refunds? SOLVED. TreeRing takes care of all the accounting and you can still sell ads and take advantage of other fundraising options. But, the problem they solved that sold me was this one- Tired of complaints that there aren’t enough pictures of a particular kid? SOVLED. I just love TreeRing’s personal pages- gives every single kid the ability to add as many personal pictures as they want. It’s a great program. Try it. You’ll like it.
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4 years ago, bevyhun
A work in progress!!
I have been working on these two yearbooks since last year and I thought I was finished with one of them finally until I was reading through some guidelines and learned you have made some changes from when I began this so I am having to go back to edit both yearbooks to be approved for printing I got the pages paid for but I still have some work to finish them up, So I’m hoping you don’t send them to print until the deadline you have given April 6. Thank you it has been a wonderful experience.
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5 years ago, Doland Furnaldahide
Good but limited
The app is fantastic for getting photos onto treering. It’s quick and when you are looking through your photos to upload it even shows you which ones you’ve already uploaded. I do have two qualms though. You can’t upload pictures to private folders so you need to upload them here, then go through and individually add them to the different folders on your laptop. This is rather frustrating. Also the tagging feature is not helpful. I have multiple friends named “josh” and none of them have profile pictures on treering, so i have no way of knowing which of the three joshs to choose from. If the App just provided a double line name and showed the last name under the first it would be very helpful. Overall very simple and useful app, but still has some room to grow.
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4 years ago, laurelbell85
I love this app!
I use this app both as a chief editor and a parent. It is a convenient and quick way to upload photos to my account for use in my books. As an editor, I can easily upload into my folders as well as create new ones on the go. Definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, Zing5208
App is blah, but website is amazing with a laptop
The App seems very limited in its editing capabilities and extremely glitchy. You can’t load more than 4 pics to a page on the app and you can’t customize anything with the app... no stickers, backgrounds, cool text. However, if you use a laptop and go online, it’s amazing!!! Love TreeRing yearbook vía that website! It’s like digits scrapbooking! Don’t love your app at all, sorry!... it’s not good for customizing. Separately, you have great customer service. Last school year, I had ordered and paid for customize pages but the book that I received did not have a customized pages. They sent me out a new book directly to my home with my customize pages. Thx! Best yearbook ever!
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4 years ago, Smelyayev
Terrible customer service
I ordered my yearbook 2 weeks before my school’s deadline from the app and had added custom pages. My custom pages did not print and the company tried to accuse me of submitting my order past the deadline and offered for me to order yearbooks AGAIN at only a 40% discount. Made ME pay for THEIR mistake. Beyond frustrating. I feel like I got ripped off. Also, the app is terrible for adding custom pages. We are encouraged to use it, but it only allows you to add 4 pics on each page. Apparently more can be added from a computer which I didn’t find out about until after the fact. Super frustrating! If I had another choice for a yearbook company I would gladly switch.
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5 years ago, JNRagan
Terrible Everything
If I could give 0 stars I would. Can’t connect to google photos. Can’t connect to multiple accounts or change connections once they’re made. Uploads get stuck constantly (not an issue with my network). Web version doesn’t support HEIC images. Can’t edit pages on app that were started on web. I mean it’s terrible. It may work for the one mom with 5 photos on her phone - but for anyone with more than 10,000 or who uses google photos for organizing, this is a complete non-starter. I want the last 2 hours of my life back, please.
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6 years ago, minvanmin
Needs Work
I love the idea of this app. Last year I had no trouble uploading photos to our yearbook. This year since “upgrades” it acts like I will be able to upload photos, but 99% of the time after I select what folder I want it to go in, it freezes and won’t let me click next to complete the upload process. It’s extremely important for us to be able to use the app. Otherwise people won’t upload nearly as many photos. I hope this bug can get fixed soon.
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6 years ago, Bomtoons
Yearbooks meet the Internet
It's about time somebody brought yearbooks into modern times. Letting students design their own custom pages directly from their Instagram feed is genius! My students loved the flexibility of TreeRing and we loved the customer service and print quality. Customer for life!
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6 years ago, BPowers2018
Our school just transitioned from “old school way of doing yearbooks” to TreeRing! I just downloaded the app, set up my account and downloaded several pics within 5 minutes. Extremely intuitive and no issues! Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Mrs K Rob
Ease of order
It was very easy placing my order. Easy to choose my pictures and edit them. Custom pages I love that idea so we can choose some pictures of our child for their own memories.
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4 years ago, Jan Balallo
It’s okay...
I mean the fact that I can’t see preview my pages here is a bit of a downer, as I can’t really access the edit section of the yearbook and the pages are a bit blown up. Uploading photos is easier though, I’ll say that. But just accessing the editing program is what needs to be worked on.
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6 years ago, kkolasf
Love Tree Ring!
Great app for yearbooks or any gift books. Super simple navigation and collaboration. Printed end products are stunning and high quality. A winner for schools and anyone.
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3 years ago, mycraftyshack
No good
The app is not good while trying to make custom pages, it only allows you to put 12 pics max whic doesn’t even fill up pages?!? The computer will allow much more but still can have some improvements there too-but it is a lot better than the app. Don’t bother downloading app...go straight to computer to avoid headaches.
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6 years ago, DannyNguyen01
Problem in payments
The app is simple and easy to use but I’m unable to complete my payment due to a general error the pops up on screen, which prevents me from paying for my son’s yearbook and the deadline to pay is getting close so if you try fix that if it’s a bug, then thanks on my part
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5 years ago, dclark123
Not user friendly
The site is not user friendly! I was not able to edit my sons class. I picked the wrong year and no matter how many time I updated it it would not stay! Try getting an answer from the question site not helpful at all!
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4 years ago, zoes189
Not What I Thought
When I saw it I thought it was to edit the yearbook for a school but it turned out to be only customizing pages. I was kinda disappointed, but that’s ok because now I can use it for my custom pages.
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3 years ago, Kitten10532012
Question I need an answer to!🆘
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3 years ago, mistercoachmark
Can’t Use on Phone
Had my staff try to work on their pages on their phone but the app does not allow us to see the entire page so we can’t click the “edit” button. So it’s been useless. Need to go find 25 laptops now.
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2 months ago, H. M 2013
App is not user friendly
Uploading pictures with the app was easy. However, the app makes editing and deleting pages and memories extremely difficult.
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2 months ago, Thaisato
So many bugs
trying to finish the year book but it freezes all the time and always deletes something that was already saved.
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5 years ago, valentino1276
Can’t seem to add pics to the free first two pages through iPhone app
Can’t seem to add pics to the free first two pages through iPhone app
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2 months ago, hskxbjejx
Fake reviews?
Theses reviews have to be fake? This app and website is so glitchy I’ve been trying for three days and am working with customer support and can’t even sign in.
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2 years ago, watshappenin345
I am unable to scroll from side to side so I can click on the edit button. Turning my phone sideways doesn’t help either as it stays in portrait mode.
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4 years ago, Drewokc
Won’t load
I’ve been trying to log into my account for 10 minutes now on the app and it is still loading. Ridiculous.
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1 month ago, DottieO
The worse!
This is such a terrible app. Their website isn’t any better. Constantly crashes!
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5 years ago, not so happy mommy
Horrible company
Horrible customer service! Bought the customized pages, didn’t receive them. Tried to call to see what we could do, no help what so ever!!
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4 years ago, Jenipooh!up
Wish I could’ve had book shipped to my house.
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2 years ago, Kimmygintx
Can’t log in
Suddenly cannot log in with google accounts.
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11 years ago, mmg2010sf
Coolest Yearbook!
If your school is using TreeRing for yearbooks, you really should download this app. You can answer memory questions and add photos throughout the year, and then add them to your yearbook. When the yearbook is printed for your school, all those memories and photos will be included in your child's copy of the yearbook. I know my daughter will love seeing those personal photos at the end of the year and for years to come.
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3 years ago, Sigacik
Crappiest app ever
Hated that my school chose this. Ut took me 1 hr and still cannot add a baby photo. Broken all over 🤢🤮
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1 year ago, Siri Has Spoken
why have a mobile app if you cant do anything with it lol? the website is good on computer but you cant even view your yearbook from mobile 💀
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10 years ago, ieat.nemo
Another app to add to my favorite list!
I love this app! Thank you TreeRing for being able to allow others to share their memories, snap photos, and do other neat stuff on the go. Now, everyone can use these features on TreeRing while grabbing coffee or playing the waiting game :)
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10 years ago, Amachance
Great idea, needs a little work
It's a great idea, but needs a little more work on the interface. You can not easily add additional photos from your camera roll after the initial add. There doesn't seem to be a way to search for photos from people in your school, instead it displays everyone who has shared a photo - that's a lot to scan through. Nor is there a way to opt out of seeing everyone elses photos.
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7 years ago, TheresaMD
Not great...
This app isn't very functional or user-friendly. About the only thing you can do is upload 20 pics and even then, you can't do a bulk upload into one folder - you have to select a folder for each of those 20 photos. Also, you can't see all of your folders so you have to re-create the folder if you close the app and come back to it later. One good thing is that it does mark photos you've already upload to treering. Needs many improvements.
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6 years ago, Laura buck
Can't get in from my phone
I hadn't been in the iPhone version in a few weeks but was having trouble with the desktop version (after loading pics, it wouldn't let me load anymore). I decided to try on my iPhone but the app wouldn't open. I saw they did an update 3 days ago so I deleted and reinstalled the app. Still doesn't open☹️ Also they should use Google photos to allow upload of photos. Now I have to load them all into my Facebook account to load them into the yearbook. It would cut out a giant step!
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6 years ago, MMCS mom
Extremely frustrating!
I’ve been trying for weeks to simply log in so that I can create the two custom pages for my two kids year books. If I attempt to do anything from the website I am prompted to buy the yearbooks which I have already done. When I use the link in my email to finish activating my account I am prompted to open the app and log in, I can not log in or recover my password because the account has not been activated. I have until Monday to finalize the two custom pages.... very unhappy
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6 years ago, Gertietothemax
Waiting to upload no more!
I was thrilled to see that with it’s most recent update Upload issues are gone!
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6 years ago, Stressed Editor
Not for editing
I’ve had mostly trouble from the site and app this year. Crashing on me, not uploading photos, or uploading two and then crashing, not connecting to my photo storage in google drive or Facebook. This year’s editing process for our yearbook was very stressful. I’ve written this review now several times and each time I try to submit it, the app crashes on me. (Fourth attempt)
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6 years ago, Lisah2
Doesn’t Work!!
My photos are in waiting to upload since last Friday!! Today is the deadline of course, and you’d think they would be uploaded by now. They’re NOT on iCloud. It’s totally random (some old some new). There’s no way to refresh. It’s a huge pain. Last year we had a million duplicate pages. This year we can’t even upload. Maybe just make a photobook on Shutterfly and skip this. The developers clearly haven’t worked out the kinks.
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6 years ago, Ndaleshir
App not working properly
I can’t delete memories that won’t upload or are waiting to upload. I have to go in an out of the app multiple times. There’s no way on the app to cancel an accidental order.. one that I ordered bc the app had a glitch that showed “0” in cart Vs 1 item. So I purchased 2. Contacted support and they assisted w the issue
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8 years ago, instagram: papi_keven
Cons for the App users
The app is really bad need more i dont know detail and have the pictures transferred to the app and be able to load them and save them with a better resolution. The app is really pointless i thought i could go in it and save some pictures on my phone but didn't work out and you cant even see the folders we created at school
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9 years ago, Sodor Fan
Deceptively Archaic or I am?
You really can't navigate well within the app. Things like privacy settings and deleting/editing mobile photos are not even available. Rudimentary functions. Too many extra steps if perhaps it's a more of a great website from a desktop but not an iPhone. I thought the concept was great initially BECAUSE it had an iPhone App to use instead! Frustrating!
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6 years ago, Klmeloney
Amazing photo uploading!
This app makes it easy and fast to upload images to my child’s yearbook!
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6 years ago, Blueotter246
Can’t checkout
Finally, with difficulty, managed to login. Quickly found what I was wanting, put it in my cart...went to shipping information, no problem, but......cannot get the shipping methods to pop up. I’ve tried several times through the day, waiting up to ten minutes. Nothing. So, I guess we aren’t getting a yearbook this year. Way to go, treering...saving me money.
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6 years ago, Wordgarden
Ridiculously unhelpful app
While the website allows for multiple photos on each custom page, the app does not support these layouts. When I tried to continue a project I’d begun on my computer using the app, I got a message saying I could only add four photos per page, and then a strong push for me to purchase more pages.
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10 years ago, All for the love of Mike
Amazing app!
This app is completely essential. I love being able to swiftly capture memories on the go and add them to TreeRing. Must have for all TreeRing users.
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6 years ago, Buttercup0108
Can’t create an account
Just bought my kiddos yearbook. Downloaded the app and won’t let me log in. When I click on the email they sent me it says I need more info and sends me to the webpage and will only let me order the yearbook I just ordered. So frustrating!
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9 years ago, CoachBell
Yearbook Chief Editor
This APP is fixed and working! My parents and students are again happy that they can use the APP to customize their personal pages.
Show more
6 years ago, donhahi
Doesn’t come close to the old website
I used to be able to format my pictures (crop, rotate, resize), add a fun background, add as much per page as I chose - that’s all gone. I was able to add 4 pictures per page, I could not format the pictures myself on the page, I couldn’t add a fun background.... awful
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