Tri City Mobile

4.7 (3.2K)
92.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tri City National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tri City Mobile

4.74 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
5 months ago, PatsWI
Home bound. Mobile App takes care of me
I just balanced 2 1/2 months of transactions on my mobile app. I have been in a rehab since December after breaking my hip and have gotten drastically behind on balancing my account. The mobile app makes it possible to do almost anything in terms of banking. 20 or more years of being a Tri City** customer is something that puts my mind at ease and makes me know things are safe.
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4 years ago, Charlie Ph.
Constantly losing personal settings and logged off
Every time I load up the app it is a coin toss as to whether my user ID is saved or not or if Touch ID stays enabled or not. Now recently I have been needing to answer my security questions each time I log in and after I do so I get kicked out of my account after seeing my balance. Although I can see my account in detail on the desktop, the whole point of mobile banking is to be able to do so while in transit or away from any computer. Please address these bugs. Your last software patch was 3 months ago. EDIT: Now my security questions can’t even be pulled up! This app is now completely useless and occupies storage space for absolutely no reason now. I highly do NOT recommend this app and suggest using the criminally heinous web browser version instead.
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2 years ago, jdjdnansjdj
I’ve had this app for 2 years and it is just problem after problem. It got to the point where every time I need to log in, I have to delete and re-install the app for it to function properly and half the time I can’t get in. I’ve called many times and it’s just been a nightmare.
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4 years ago, loyal cistomer
I have been having issues trying to log into my account ever since I did face recognition. I can not use my phone to access any of my banking. I now have to do everything on my computer. Very frustrating. Let’s get it together guys!
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4 years ago, Missarlajean
Works Only Sometimes
The app is fully featured but has a few problems that have gotten worse since the last update. It allows me to set up touch ID but disables it randomly even at home. I can send $ via Zelle to everyone except my husband (while he can send $ to me via Zelle without any problem). The login process is slow overall, and when I do get in it prompts me to go throught tutorials and setups I have already seen.
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1 year ago, 😡Loyal Customer
Tri City App
This is a terrible terrible app. I cannot check my account balance to make sure I am still in the positive or make a transaction if needed. If my bills been taking out & paid or anything. This is the 3rd time this app gave me a issue and I cannot get to a branch.
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3 years ago, sitfam5
Cant log in
As previous reviewers have stated the Face ID never works to log in. This app generates its own security questions. My questions I believe were generated from whomever previously owned my car. They were asking me questions about an address in Illinois that I never lived in and would generate a list names and say “which of these people do you know?” - I knew none of them. Sooo stupid. If your going to do security questions I should be able to pick my own when I set up the app. Now I’m locked out!
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2 years ago, Sheldoncookie
For decades I have been a customer of TCNB. I appreciate all of the patience and professionalism each team member has provided. When I do enter a brick and mortar location every team member behaves as though I am a family member. That’s why I chose TCNB decades ago. That is why I continue to stay. Nice job!
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7 years ago, DrFran0626
Update brought a new/improved look. Everything is very easy to access and flows nicely from screen to screen. The check capture deposit is super convenient. I agree with another user however, Touch ID would be nice to have.
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5 years ago, Blueeyeszz
Locking card
I was able to Lock my card for security purposes and now I no longer see that feature. I will have to see if I can even use my card tomorrow. Might still be in a lock mode. Was this future removed?
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7 months ago, Hilety
This is awesome to be able to transfer money from savings to checking by just clicking a few buttons!
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1 year ago, Sagely Warrior ML
Michelle Reiner at TCNB has been EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I needed quite a bit of help in establishing not only my online banking but specifically “Bill Pay”. I could not have done this without coming into the bank and she was so very helpful, patient, thorough and KIND. BLESS HER! Thanks again, TCNB! Mari Lynn Young
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6 years ago, Scooblexx
New Platform is AMAZING! 😍
Finally, after a year the app has been completely revamped and looks amazing. The sleek new design finally conforms to my iPhone X screen size perfectly and functionality performs with ease. The new colors look just as good! Props to Tri City for this one, great job 👏
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3 months ago, Robert r j p
Use the bank I’ve been very helpful
All the time we have been with this Bank they have been very helpful 20 years or more
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6 years ago, HistoryProf1989
Well good in theory but....
I can’t deposit any of my checks via mobile banking. I do the mobile banking deposit for my checks, shows they are received, but then 30 seconds to a minute later declines them. So I end up still having to go to the bank. While it isn’t a great inconvenience, the going to the bank part is what I’m trying to avoid. However, i still end up going there several times a week to deposit everything.
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3 years ago, LR_Logan
Convince is key!
Super easy to use, make check deposits and withdrawals in seconds. And it’s nice just to check your balance sometimes!
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4 years ago, Elisheba_24
Great when it actually works.
It constantly looses the facial recognition settings and I’ve now been locked out of my account several times, as I use a variety of different passwords and it’s hard to keep track, which is why the facial recognition is beneficial to me. Please fix this feature. It’s annoying to have to keep resetting.
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3 months ago, Easy Peezy Mobile Depositing
Deposit Check
Mobile app makes it easy to deposit checks. Thanks!
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7 years ago, The Big Briskie
Basic functional app
Does what it needs to do well. It would be great, however, if Touch ID integration was added to login to your account, as many other banks have this feature and I find it convenient.
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5 months ago, Jlynn k
Simplify your life
Banking with the Tri City App & Zelle Has made my life easy as 1-2-3 Done!! Love it !! Also that easy to refinance my home at 1/2 the interest rate I was paying for 20 yrs Thank you TCNB 💕
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4 years ago, Betybea12
Enter phone number
When I got my new phone and tried to download the app it asked for my phone number and wouldn’t let me log in because “that phone number is already in use”. Finally I get that fixed, and now it randomly asked me again (same phone, no changes) and I can’t log in to my app... frustrating. I have to use safari every time.
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7 years ago, FATMAN_162x
Once you forget your password you might as well delete the app and forget about it because there's no way to get it back. There's no "forgot password" to click on and I'm not calling the bank to fix it. At that point I might as well just call them for the information I'm looking for then. I'll keep this at one star since it's become useless now.
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2 years ago, Djae4
Electronic deposit
Love this option!! I’m at home with husband and he’s in hospice and can’t get out as much! So easy and convenient. Thank you!!!!!!
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3 years ago, jaswinder Nat
Moble deposit App
When I get check I prefer to deposit the check on Tricity National Bank’s Mobile App. It is easy and reliable. I love this App.
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2 years ago, brikojo
This was easy to do something every one should use to save time and effort!
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1 year ago, bendzka
Banking with my Ease
Ease of using the app is important when life is busy. Love it!
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2 years ago, MJLe97
Can’t log in - Beware
You’re better off doing online banking - you can’t even log in once you signed up for online banking. Once you call Tri City to get it resolved, they’ll ensure you they’ll write some ticket and never call you back. Get ur sht together Tri City.
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4 years ago, KaseyLast
Waste of space!
What a waste of space! I can’t use face recognition, security questions, I keep changing my password because I’m locked out. What is the purpose of a mobile app especially when the lobby hours are so limited (at the branch I go to), limitations on what I can and can’t do with my ATM card? Fix the app!!! This has been going way to long!!!
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4 years ago, carperez12
Needs an update
The app has gone downhill for some time now. I cannot log into my account with Face ID/Finger Print anymore. When I set it on, works MAYBE one time then turns it off. Another thing would be that I get the SAME alerts to enable card controls, Face ID, etc every single time I log in. It is very stressful and needs to be figured out.
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7 years ago, conejom
Stopped Working
It worked perfectly up until I got a new phone, then when I re-downloaded the app it wouldn’t let me log in. It works fine on the computer though, not sure what’s going on. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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7 years ago, MariLBe
Never loads.
I love Tri City, my family has been banking there for years. I’m the youngest in our family that banks there, and being from the tech generation I love using my phone to deposit my checks and such. But the app doesn’t load. I open the app and it just says loading but never does. It needs a fix.
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9 months ago, Danger daain
Acceptable bank horrible app
First there's a different app for tricity bank checking/saving vs tricity credit card. Both are riddled with bugs and errors. Feels like they paid developers over seas to build and makes me question the security and privacy of my accounts.
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4 years ago, caseyclutch
Tri City Mobile App is Poor
This app is unstable and unreliable. Common error messages for stored password when using facial recognition; "incorrect password, etc." Commonly requires a tedious password reset after failed attempt. Issues starting up. Issues logging in. Still unable to transfer money bank member to bank member without 3rd party zelle feature, which requires a zelle account. Limited capabilities. Underwhelming performance. Im more of a critic of my bank than a fan of my bank solely because of this terrible app. I miss Chase Bank's mobile features.
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3 years ago, Moodynassar
Very limited you can only see the basic information
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2 years ago, pack in 19
Log in
Working great, Face ID does not work (not available)
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4 years ago, db 2911
Needs work!
The app crashes and either needs a back up server or additional allocated space. It’s very frustrating. I think it also needs more linking to outside for bill pay . For mobile banking in 2020 it is very far behind other institutions. I’d give it NO STARS if I could
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4 years ago, Canteenrunner
App needs a good overhaul
Very disappointed in this app. It constantly switches between me typing my info in and it using face ID. Many times I can’t even get it to launch; it freezes.
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4 years ago, jehehdbzjw
Not the same
The app isn’t the same anymore since it updated. It rarely loads so I can’t check my balance as much (if I go online, it says my password is invalid even though it’s not) and when it does finally load it’s incredibly slow.
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6 years ago, Giggity goo 8199
The app is overall pretty good. Just wish it was optimized for newer phones. Such as the iPhone X and I can use my Face ID to sign in. Please update.
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3 years ago, Candy lush
Good banking
Wonderful app to use very easy baking staff very helpful and friendly
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2 years ago, Quincy me
Very basic
It’s ridiculous that I need to call customer service to ‘turn on’ mobile banking for my accounts. Without this, it’s super basic and there is more info in my check register.
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3 years ago, Leothewienerdog
Try to use it and it won’t let me into my account. Always have problems with getting in and having to delete it and then reinstall it.
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4 years ago, matt_d671
Is this thing EVER going to work correctly?
This app has been garbage since it began its existence. Face recognition only works about 20% of the time. Endless security questions only to still be prevented from logging on. The whole app is trash. Get your act together TriCity.
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5 years ago, Karebear0127
Doesn’t work
Ever since an update I have been unable to open. Gives an error message and now the website is hard to look at on the phone. Disappointed!!!
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4 years ago, jinx3035
The app hasn’t worked in months.
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4 years ago, lovelyanna2010
Doesn’t work
This app barely works I have to go into my browser in order to see how much is in my account the majority of the time.
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8 months ago, Wiremeup
Close account
Due to charges I was not aware of after having the account open over 25 years ago.
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4 years ago, markov.v
Face ID and Settings Broken
the app used to work great but now every single time I try to log in it resets my Face ID settings and always asks me about looking at the new features.
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4 years ago, Eddie122112
Switching banks because of this app
This app is horrible. 8 times out of 10 it just doesn't work. Switching over to another bank with a better app. It’s 2021 you’d think Tri City can make a decent app.
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4 years ago, j112334546789
This app is horrible. Every time I sign in I have to type in the password even though I have fingerprint set up. It didn’t use to do this
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