Triangle CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (2.4K)
46.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Triangle Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Triangle CU Mobile Banking

4.75 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
7 years ago, ghost837
Great service and quality banking.
I've been using TCU ever since I was 14 and they've always been reliable with keeping track of your funds, helping change around some stuff, and are always on top of everything. The app is great and has always been reliable for depositing checks, definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a new banking service.
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6 years ago, Big_Is
I started with Triangle as my first bank account about 5 years ago and since then, I have never had a problem with either. Nothing but good energy and vibes when I walk in. Keep up the great work !
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2 years ago, nhjtb
Check cashing policies
Your check cashing policy should change. When I’m depositing $80,000 into your account I should be able to use what I want not a little bit every other day it’s like you’re taking my money and investing it and then giving it back to me. That is a real estate check which is good from another bank. I am going to change banks because of this I’ve never had this done before at any other bank and I don’t like it now.
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1 year ago, Gureck verizon bill
Remote deposits
Lots of trouble doing remote deposits lately. Too many issues. I believe on your end. Screen rotation requires. Won t take good pictures. Making checks unreadable. All in your end! It worked great before. Now last month at least there are issues!!
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5 years ago, sebrans
Not user friendly
No option to transfer from external bank directly to mortgage acct. Have to transfer to savings and make note that it's for mortgage and hope it's transferred as noted. Also no option to change automatic deposit amounts from external bank. Need to go to main office in person. Probably fine if all your accounts are Triangle and you live near the main office.
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2 years ago, Medin647
Un notified Updates
This app has random system updates which doesn’t allow you to go on the app what’s so ever and transfer money. So far twice once in a breakfast place I needed to transfer money to pay but I couldn’t because it was updating and another for gas. Y’all need to set something to notify the user a hour before or something because this a is such a negative for you guys.
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3 years ago, Lilkit1952
Triangle Credit Union
Best of best! The service members are all supportive of your concerns ! Also very easy to manage your account! Been with them for 10 years ! Thank you Triangle!
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5 years ago, Gazellers
Long time TCU
I’ve been with TCU for many years now. I am still enjoying the ease of operation of their ap. I do a lot of remote deposits now and it’s very easy with 0 failed deposits to date.
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5 years ago, j_cub99
Very user friendly
Besides site construction now and then, I never have any issues with this app! Great and quick services that are incredibly easy to navigate!
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4 years ago, Damy medrano
Damy medrano
easy to use and very convenient, saves me time by being able to make my payments from home.
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8 months ago, MarshallSuccsEgg
App is constantly breaking
At least once a week the app will stop working and say this service is unavailable at this time and I have to wait until it’s fixed to use it again
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5 years ago, TCU 1
Mobile Deposit
The new requirements for Mobile Deposit make no sense. Entering a novel into the signature line is not user friendly. Why do you need the account number when it is being uploaded through my account in the app? Why do I need to write “For Mobile Deposit to Triangle Credit Union”? Isn’t this that implied by the action of completing a Mobile Deposit in the Triangle Credit Inion app?
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7 months ago, MyDen 2
Long time
I’ve been a member of TCU since 2001. I moved to NC in 2017 and I refuse to leave TCU because they have been beyond good to me. I’ve never had a issue with TCU.
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6 years ago, thistoolsucks
Limit on checks
I get a dollar limit on daily deposits but a check limit of 3 doesn’t make sense. You’re a bank, why make it hard to deposit money? And you say I can deposit 3 per day but you really mean 3 if you process the next day. If you don’t do your job I can’t make more deposits.
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6 years ago, IdeaThrower
Poor quality application
Whoever developed this app and whoever tested and approved it have to be fired for the the low quality of their work. The app is freezing on any menu selection and needs to be pushed to the background and back to the foreground to get anywhere. I hope they are better at handling money then they are at developing mobile apps
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10 months ago, Fountain05
Easy to navigate!
Great web site! Simple and to the point banking.
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1 year ago, Big Jeff to the left
App update
I just updated my app.. it’s been weird for a while. Not signing in or throwing me out. Well all day I haven’t been able to log in and it won’t do the auto Face ID. I hate this app so much .. and why is there a separate app for the debit cards? I’d rather just use one. It’s be so much more convenient
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6 years ago, jmGame
Very Helpful all the time!!
The people at Triangle hve been more than helpful & knowledgeable. Excellent Service all the time. Thank you, Jaynemarie
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5 years ago, Musya lover
Not well thought out
Several things lacking. To start the acceptance buttons are mostly off the non-scrolling screen. To deposit a chech you have to add information but you are signed-in. The app should automatically add the info. Not designed from a user perspective.
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5 years ago, Jersey@12
Love this bank
To whom it may concern , I do not as of yet hold a lot of money in the bank, just my payroll check. I have been through a lot in the last 6 months and your team of people are great . Whether it’s in the branch or on the phone . The people are great and always so helpful!!! Thank you! Amanda Correia
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6 years ago, Mel3mel
Smooth n simple
I love this app. So easy compared to other banking apps. Very simple and smooth.
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6 years ago, Gavin the Red Sox Fan
Works great
Great app no issues
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4 months ago, dot in nh
How can a financial institution be allowed…
To lock you out of your account unless you agree to a new contract that is impossible to read? I don’t know, ask Triangle! They should be reported to the FDIC. They are becoming non user friendly. I am transferring out.
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3 years ago, "My options
If I deposit so is , also be able to take out and transfer while waiting for
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3 years ago, zeus111111111
Poor service
I tried to deposit a check in the Merrimack branch and the women at the door told me that I needed an appointment to get in the building. Well I’ve been broke and if they don’t let me in the building then they should be responsible for bouncing checks
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12 years ago, EmilyMitchell
TCU App!
I really like the App! It's easy to navigate, and very user friendly! I was a little confused the first time I tried to make a transfer from one account to another, but once I stopped and really paid attention to what I was doing, I got the hang of it. Otherwise, it's a great tool for quick, on-the-go account check. It's great that I can check my account, without having to pay a fee at a foreign ATM! Now if only I could do more than 6 transfers a month via online/App, I'd be all set!!
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6 years ago, hdjeiend
Doesn’t always work.
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12 years ago, JohnCanty79
Very Useful for the Day to Day
This app will definitely save you time if you need to check account balances or transfer. I have yet to try the bill pay functionality but I did notice the ATM and branch locator was accurate. All in all good application, well designed user interface and smooth functionality.
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12 years ago, Unaumos
Easiest Banking App :)
I love this app! So easy to use. I can quickly log in and take care of a payment or a transaction in moments, unlike my laptop which takes too long. The best feature for when I'm out of town is the search for ATM 's/Banks, it's so quick and easy to use, what a convenience! I love banking with Triangle.
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12 years ago, bmcgowan13
Great App-Well Designed
Great app for checking balances and making transfers. You know it's a great app when it takes less time (and is easier to use) than logging onto the web site. Very convenient. I don't know why my major bank doesn't have a site as user friendly and intuitive as Triangle. Great job!
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12 years ago, FjordstormGaming
So far so good
One of my worries about being with a smaller bank was lack of support like this app provides. So far it is exceeding expectations. The only down side of the new deposit feature is that if you have a check that has odd dimensions (some commercial checks) then you cannot fit it in the reticles for the camera to recognize it.
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12 years ago, Dapbello
Mobile banking made easy
I've used this app for months, and have to say its so simple and easy to use. I love it and was pleased with ability to deposit checks and transfer money between accounts. I wouldn't change a thing about it.
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12 years ago, ginnymae
Great App
I use this app almost every day and find it very useful. I do wish it would show the balance on the transaction screen. Hopefully it doesn't change too much with updates that it takes away from the quick views.
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12 years ago, millerslair
Like it
Wow, I never thought a small credit union would come out with such a great app. I have 3 bank accounts at large commercial banks and not one of them offers an iPad app that is the quality of this. Not only is it smarted, but it's faster and smoother. Way to go Triangle!
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12 years ago, QueenB48
The best way to bank!!
I really love banking with Triangle Credit Union's Mobile app. It has all the conveniences of the computer site but you always have it with you. I transfer funds, use bill pay and check my balances. Definitely a must have app!!
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12 years ago, Unbreakablecomb
Great app from a great local credit union.
I like the convenience of having a local credit union, being able to access my accounts on my phone is a huge plus. Triangle is a great local bank and I'm happy to see them supporting iOS so well ! Great app!
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12 years ago, BeerInn
Nice App
This app works well and allows me to do almost everything that I can do online at the website. It is easy to use and my favorite section is the location service. I can find ATMs/Branches and find out if there is a surcharge fee at that location. Cool!
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12 years ago, Dtessierjr
Triangle app review
Great app, makes checking balances and paying bills great. Thing only thing I wish they would add is deposit directly from iPad, take a picture of you're check and hit deposit, that would make this app the best. I still rate it 5 stars.
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11 years ago, Jdvski
Awesome application. I use it everyday. When are we going to see the balance on the account after each transaction for the iPhone? I can see it for the iPad but not in my phone. Would be an improvement. Thanks for all the hard work.
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12 years ago, Litoguti1
Faster than accessing thru the Internet while in Paris!!
Did not have much chance to play with it because of time constrains, but, given the slow connection I had with the web site while in Europe (Paris), it did its job admirably. Thanks! Litoguti
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12 years ago, T.Swift Fan!!
This app is fantastic. I can deposit checks, transfer money, and look at my account balance all from my phone without even going to the bank! I would be lost without this app! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up!
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12 years ago, Doesn't work at alll
One of my favorite apps!!
I really like the trianglecu app! I used to work at Citizens bank and their app was pretty much the same. The recent improvements have made Triangles app even better. I will always use Triangle, with great customer service and rates.
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8 years ago, SLG LLC
Huge time saver
I have been using this app for months to deposit incoming checks. Their have been a couple of hiccups along the way, but nothing a teller couldn't clear up. A big benefit is that I keep the checks until the are entered into my records even though the cash is already in the account.
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12 years ago, jamescobalt
Great, simple app with remote deposit
The most important thing for me is remote deposit since I live so far from my bank. Most people would switch, but I love Triangle so much I've decided to stay, even if I can only make it there on the weekends. This app will make things much easier for me.
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11 years ago, VVipee
TCU Is great!
Was with 2 other national banks and the customer service was awful. Switched to TCU and have been smiles since then. Now with the app for the iPhone the service is even better. I can even deposit my pay checks through the app. Very satisfied!
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10 years ago, cjulian
All you need!
Clean and efficient app for getting all your monthly banking needs taken care of. It's a simple to check your account balances and quick and easy to schedule bill payments. I can't live without it!
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12 years ago, PFlorenzano
Great application for the iPhone
I'm only three weeks young to both the iPhone and Triangle Credit Union. This application is very easy to use and I plan on using it daily to check my balances, in all of my accounts!.
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12 years ago, Ahamel21
I absolutely love this app it's great! I can check my balance anytime anywhere and I can see what has cleared and whats still pending. And beat of all I can transfer money from one account to another! Anytime anywhere!
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12 years ago, Roman Traffic
Triangle Credit Union, So Good!!!
I have to say, out of all apps. One could have, I've found the Triangle app. To be one that not only is extremely secure, but also one that is extremely user friendly and helps accesses all accounts, transfers and bill pay with ease!!!
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12 years ago, GKM55
So Easy & Fast
I appreciate how quickly I can view all my accounts. I even love the way I can make transfers from one account to another. Last, but not least, being able to pay monthly bills online is hassle-free!
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