TriPeaks Solitaire: Card Game

4.7 (63.2K)
251.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TriPeaks Solitaire: Card Game

4.72 out of 5
63.2K Ratings
7 months ago, lillyscully123
No frills card game
Edit: I am done with this game. An add keeps popping up in the middle of the game, taking me to my web browser without me hitting anything! To get an idea of how long I’ve been playing this game, I’m on level 1916. Deleting this app. Simple and straight to the point card game. No over the top graphics or levels or weird challenges that pretty much force you to spend money when you’ve advanced to a certain point in the game. I say this game is a breath of fresh air from so much of what you find in the App Store. Update: I have been playing this game every day for a long time. In the most recent update they added an ad banner at the top of the screen during gameplay. I understand they need to keep the lights on but they are very distracting, especially in a timed game. This is the first update I’m genuinely disappointed in.
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2 years ago, EpicDino65
Fun game, bugged ads
EDIT: The developer replied but didn’t seem to actually read my review. For clarification, you can close out of the ad, however the ad comes up in the middle of a round of play, if pops up overtop itself 6-8 times causing you to close out of each one one by one, it will do this multiple times a round, and your round timer keeps ticking while you’re closing out. No other ads do this or should do this. The problem isn’t that the ad won’t close. It’s all the other annoying glitches. The game is great, but there are a couple ads for some golf course that will come up IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME. Not only that, but the ads will pop up on top of each other literally 6-10 times and you have to close out of each one. And it will happen multiple times during a single round. This isn’t the first time this has been a problem either. Happened a few months ago for a week before an update came along and fixed it. But the problem is back and worse than before. I don’t mind ads between every round, but in the middle of a round, multiple times, and right on top of each other makes the game unplayable. Also, while these ads pop up you timer keeps running on your game, so if you’re trying to beat a high score or your best time, it screws you over
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3 years ago, JK cook
FunGame but greedy company
Wow, I am shocked. They finally offered a paid version and it's $15 annually. That is so totally ridiculous and greedy. I am certainly not going to pay that much for a stupid game. Fun and easy game. The only drawback is the presence of loud and long advertisements. Sadly, you can't even pay to get rid of them. When there is a paid or, at least, quiet version, I'll up the rating. They have not quieted the ads. Why do they think someone who plays solitaire would be interested in noisy war games???? Edited: price has dropped so paying for freedom from ads. Wish it was available for all games.
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6 years ago, Lbaird19
Subscription pricing is wrong
I am willing to purchase the game. Developers deserve payment for their work. The simplicity of the game (in comparison to many games that can be purchased outright) does not justify a price of more than $20. However the cheapest fee is $15 and this is payable annually. For this amount of money, I will just continue yo ignore the ads and uninstall the game when it annoys me. And it will annoy me at some point since many of the ads are quite long. Additionally, subscription pricing is wrong. It relies on people not paying attention when they sign up and not reconciling credit card fees. This is evidenced by the need for a Q&A item of why did I get charged again. If the developer wants to argue that committing to supporting the daily challenge justifies a recurring fee (which still seems high) then an option would be a much smaller charge for a permanent game that does not have a daily challenge feature.
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7 years ago, Ann From Arizona
Thanks for the option to Skip the Ads
I love your game and am pleased with the new option to pay extra to get rid of all of the ads. I have no interest in your other games and it was annoying to have to wait for the ads to finish before I could play. My only wish is that you had an option, if you get really stuck on the daily challenge, that your help option would show all the movies in the entire game instead of just all the options for a particular move like your Solitaire game does.
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2 years ago, Jeffsten
Like the game a lot
But, when I have no WiFi the fame freezes to start a new game all the time. I have cell data turned off cause you eat up my data with Ads. It’s considered extortion to provide something then make you pay to not have something you do not want Update. I lowered the rating. I turned off data use on my I pad I have no WiFi but it still plays the ads fun game but too noisy and crappy game ads plus it’s still freezes up. I will not voluntarily let anyone into my ipad to check the game on line because they could be checking out other personal stuff too like my payment accounts and take my credit card info.
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5 years ago, S4 NotLike
Stuck on trying to win a one day Daily Challenge
I really like this game app and play it daily. Each day, I try to improve my speed in winning games. Yesterday, I have played at least 10 games to win the Oct 14 daily challenge, but no luck. Today I won the Oct 15 daily challenge and went back to win the Oct 14 challenge. I must have tried over 15 times to win Oct 14 challenge but no luck. This is frustrating, and I suggest that when someone can’t win the daily challenge that a “winning deal” be used.
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10 months ago, da moof
Why is the sound cutting out daily? / Previous 5 star review
Ever since the electric car ad showed up DAILY, the game has lost sound. We all know the game is too expensive (pricing) to pay to stop the daily (very painful) ads. Am growing increasing frustrated, as I play many of this company’s games daily - and they ALL have the same glitch - and it has been going on for a while. I cannot be the only one with this issue - and there is no way within the game to highlight this within the game. To have to endure long painful ads - and the one at the top in the banner (SUPER DISTRACTING) takes away from the fun of the game. I don’t want to abandon this brand - because previously they were awesome. Also I remember when it was really fairly priced to go ad-free, was less than $3 (think it was 2.99 annually) and then it kept going up. Fix the issues (PLEASE), and I will happily re-rate this back to a 5 star review. I have been playing these since the beginning of time (for the iPad) and have been loyal to this brand.
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7 years ago, TJ1&only
Great Game!!
I love playing your version of tripeaks solitaire. I love the daily challenges and having the option to go premium. But because this is only a game and there's no real prizes like t-shirts, hats, money, gift cards, etc., I can't see paying with my real money. But I really enjoy playing everyday and hope that my suggestions are taken into consideration. Also, it would be even more challenging if there was a wheel at the end if the challenge is won to be able to spin to win real prizes.
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6 years ago, MyMaui77
Fantastic game...
I have three of your game apps, solitaire, crown and now this one. I spend hours playing them all. I highly recommend them to everyone. You ask for any suggestions so I just have one. With this game the cards are so small that I have a difficult time seeing all the numbers which puts me at a disadvantage. So larger ones would help me to play a better game. Thank you for making fun, challenging and interesting games! M
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4 years ago, buedypion
What’s with the rap music advertising?
I can’t play your game anymore since after I passed through the advertising portion before starving as I start playing the game all sudden rap music starts blasting from my cell phone. Some people have to do this quietly so they don’t get in trouble you’re going to get me fired. How stupid is that playing music and you can’t even shut it off.
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2 years ago, thebirdieking
Useless Customer Service Department
Was having a problem with a new "ad bar" suddently appering at the bottome of the game and it not going away. could tolerate ads at the beginning of the game, but this bar would not go away and made the playing of the game much harder to see. The Developer sent me an e-mail with a "Ticket" ID and a link to get help with my problem. Thge link takes you to a web page with no obvious solution for my problem with the result being trying to contat them again to see if they have any solutions. So basically a useless seet of communications and no answer or potential resolution to this issue.
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5 years ago, VintageToo
Keep it simple
I really like this game but it has become too large for older devices. I don’t need to have so many themes or card backs and I choose random all the time because that’s what happens with a deck of cards. I can maybe play one game on my IPad mini ( it seems to bring up the same game a lot ) and after playing one or two games it crashes. It was OK on my IPhone 6 but even that has slowed down ( 6 to 8) seconds for a response after tapping the first card is a lot!
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6 years ago, Ggrjfnjhfh
New update not good
The new update lacks an element of user experience. Too many clicks to get to what was easy before. When I finish a game, I want to see my score compared to others. And when I come back to a day I have completed, I want to know what my score was last time, which is nearly impossible now. Too many places to look. I want to be able to replay a game easily, if I want to beat my score. I don’t think the new interface is as described. I understand why apps are upgraded, but this one went in the wrong direction.
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6 years ago, Snuggles2006
Tri Peaks
I enjoying playing the daily challenges on Tri Peak, Spider and solitaire. I am a senior citizen and can not afford these prices on Social Security. I have been playing the games in ascending, Solitaire 5 years, Spider for 1. 4 games and Tri Peak for 1004 months. Can’t you manage to give me a discount for senior citizens. I also do jigsaw puzzles and cannot afford to pay any more. Please respond not just for me, but for seniors that enjoy our minds to be simulated, but at a lower cost.n
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5 years ago, PreciousNSantana
I have played other solitaire games and then I came across this one. I uninstalled the other solitaire games. I just installed the Tri-peaks Solitaire game. I will go play it and then I will come back and write a review about it. Thank you Mobility Ware. Thank you for making me smile and helping me pass alot of painful time after my husband walked out on our 2 youngest sons and I after almost 30 years of marriage. Linda
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6 years ago, AnotherGolux
Ruined by Ads
The ad situation has gotten much worse. There are now two ads—when you close an ad, a second one appears! I am deleting this game and getting another version of Tripeaks. Update: I really like the way they’ve implemented this game, so I thought I’d give it another try after the latest update. They’ve added insult to injury by adding a really annoying splash screen that you have to sit through each time you load the app. Apparently there’s no way to disable it in Settings, you just have to wait for it to time out. No revenue in it for them, are they just trying to be annoying?
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6 years ago, Wife of H.T.M.
Get rid of long ads
I enjoy this game! Other reviews mention frustration with the 30 second ads. To change the length of the ads, go to settings and turn on “ airplane mode”. The picture of an ad appears, but you just “x” out of it! Takes less than a second! Just remember to turn airplane mode off or you won’t get texts or messages.
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4 years ago, burtawa
The reason I enjoy this game is , there are times , whether it be traveling or sitting in a waiting room of some kind and all you have is time, then out comes the I pad or I phone, or like last night, I woke at two a m , couldn’t get back to sleep, four games later I was asleep
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6 years ago, Triathelite
Really? A subscription?!
I used to think that MobilityWare was a top notch developer and enjoyed their older games a great deal, but this game totally turned me off to their products. Everyone is looking for recurring income, but a subscription for a card game like this that requires absolutely no skill whatsoever is beyond the pale. Come on guys, just sell the apps like you used to do. The ads are way too long for such a horribly basic game like this. I’ll look for other alternatives before going to MobilityWare first like I have in the past. You’ve lost a lot of credibility and cheapened your products with this type of revenue tactic.
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6 years ago, Tuckermun
Slow response
I like the previous version before the March 2018 better, the response time was quicker. Now cards hesitate before flipping, get stuck in mid air, ads take longer to load and sometimes after they finish the game board doesn't return and I have to close the app and reopen it. I deleted the app and reloaded it, shut down my device and checked that my OS is fully updated but it didn't change anything. So I don't play tripeaks as much as I used to now
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3 years ago, JDtheBuilder
Ads prevent game from loading
With the last update, you cannot exit the ad after they are done playing. Clicking the x just continually takes you to purchase the ad in the app, therefore preventing the game from reopening. The developers are just shooting themselves in the foot by preventing us from even playing their game. I see that others have complained about the same issue, even months ago, and nothing has been done about it. I’ll go back to playing the other solitaire games from other developers.
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7 years ago, QUIETMAN48
In the first 5 minutes.... I played 5 games.... and in one lightning round I solved it in 31 seconds! My mind was on fire! My heart was on fire! My soul was on fire! It was electric. I wish to thank you for this presentation of a fun , and addictive game. The best time I've been able to accomplish since that early run.... has been 38! I must go back and try harder! Bye now
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2 years ago, 2Car-dual
Is my addiction! Wishing they hadn’t quit keeping track of worldwide players. I was doing pretty good: out of 698,291 players, I ranked 1,132 in total wins. I’ve been keeping daily track wins for years. As said, addictive ❗️ I continue to play daily and to keep track. Many thanks for the wild card. My overall percentage of wins increased!!
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6 years ago, DMG48
New, not improved
I have long enjoyed the daily challenge, but the new version completely wiped out my history on the day I would have gotten a gold badge. Since then it has taken unreasonably long to load and deal. More than a minute . A simple pleasure has become an unnecessary frustration.
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5 years ago, LoveIsWhereverIAM!
Fun BUT....
Wayyyyy too many ads. Some ads are expected. I absolutely enjoy this particular game but am going to find a better app creator that is easier on the ads. Will be worth the time because we play games for either relaxing or challenge and too many ads and long ads at that creates stress.
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6 years ago, Candycrusher87
New update
I love your game been playing it forever now but this new update isn't great I loved being able to change my background and the design on the card and now I can't do that because it freezes up and turns off in my face...can you please look into this thanks
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6 years ago, Artz-a-lene
I love this game with one major problem. I play this game almost very day. When I get back to it, I often find several of my successes have been erased and need redoing. By the end of the month, due to all he re-does, I’ve lost out on my same-day awards. Why is this happening?
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6 years ago, Bob Peterson BPS
Great game
I reviewed this poorly before but I had the wrong game this is a good one I’ve reloaded It to my phone and I’m gonna start playing it again I love TriPeaks Solitaire I think you will too!!! Implanted about a week and I am loving it it’s excellent I sure hope My previous review didn’t turn anybody away cause this thing perfect!!!
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3 years ago, Brez4
Different Solutions on Devices
First of all my husband and I love this game. We play the Daily Challenges every day. The confusing thing is this: on our Apple devices sometimes the solution is different than on his Samsung tablet. Why does this happen? Usually Apple solutions are many more cards. Thanks for a great but confusing game. 🤔
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7 years ago, Catatonk-1
Enjoy the daily challenge.
I generally just keep up with the daily challenges. It would be nice to win points that could be turned into prizes of some kind, I would play it more, but for now it's a quick fun game. Thanks for the free entertainment even if I have to watch a 30 second ad. 👀😋
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3 years ago, dlulee
Tri Peaks
I have loved this game, but I don't play as often since the layout of the board changes shape/design so much.. I like one particular layout and find the constant changing annoying. I have to shuffle through so many games before I actually get to tri-peaks
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6 years ago, Pepatrick49
Easy to play
Very easy to play. Game is one you can play when you’re tired of the mind bloggers ! Never stalls or crashes. Ads are short and you’re right back at the game. When I got my new phone this was the first one I reinstalled. Recommend if you like card games.
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6 years ago, CheyBrit
Liked better before update
I liked this app a lot better before they updated it recently. Now the graphs look more like they were drawn by a grade schooler. Before they were sharp and clear. When you won a game all your info popped up in one place. Now you have to go through a few steps to see everything. Once again if it's not broke don’t try to fix it and then break it.
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4 years ago, (Littleanne)
Mobilityware tripeaks
I love this game and hate that I have to buy it now that my month is over I’m going to have to delete this game until it is free and has no subscription for it. I wish that I could buy this game one time only and not a subscription for certain months
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6 years ago, jrb1480
Simple, polished & entertaining
A straight forward Tri-peak style of Solitaire, but increasingly polished in presentation and response in each version release. I've been addicted to Daily Challenge for quite some time. My last action of the day is a game just after Midnight when a new Daily Challenge is released.
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7 years ago, Koskee
TriPeaks commercials
I enjoy this game, play it daily. I dislike the long, loud, ads that play for 30 seconds. Can not be turned off. Cut the time to 10 seconds and mute the noise. Also fix landscape. It stopped working even though I selected button in settings. Do not turn.
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4 weeks ago, Kspitsen
Tri-peaks review
I’ve been playing Tripeaks on this specific app for at least 8yrs and have never had an issue. I like being able to play when I want, I don’t feel pressured into spending money, and it keeps my mind focused and fresh
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4 years ago, Rootajb
Ads are horrible
I love the game but the ads are horrible. I don’t mind ads. And for the longest time they were bearable. Even as they started getting longer I was ok with them. But now they are playing audio when I have my phone on must. It started with just one vendors ad. Now multiple. Sorry that’s unacceptable. Deleting the app and the spider app from the same company. So sad. Based in the recent comments I’ve seen regarding the ads the ratings for this game is about to tank.
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2 years ago, Will 40 40
Retired 40 40
Great game I especially like the daily challenge. The animations are enjoyable to watch. I have a number of card games by Mobilityware many have the daily challenge and great animations. I find all their games well thought out and enjoyable to play.
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7 years ago, Mick4loo
Great Game
This game is a lot of fun. I went premium so I don't have the ads anymore and it's worth it. You can play the daily challenge up to a week. Mobility has good games. I have downloaded most of them. Keep up the good work! Thank you for passing my time.
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7 years ago, It Could Be A 10
Glad I Found This
I saw this suggested on the Free Cell site and finally tried it because I like this brand It has turned out to be a pleasant way to spend a few minutes Doesn’t require a lot of strategy but I am enjoying it Thanks you
Show more
4 years ago, pintrestisajoke
Winning Deal ISN’T
No matter where I choose “Winning Deal” from: Menu or under Settings...I have now lost 3 or 4 hands under this setting in double checking what the kids were complaining to me about. If you promise something like that, a kid usually has the right to positive expectations of a FAVOURABLE NOT NEGATIVE outcome! Absolutely DISGRACEFUL & DISGUSTING!
Show more
4 years ago, Darkhorse100
I’m Paying for Subscription, So Why Am I Still Seeing Ads
I am paying for a monthly subscription so why the heck am I still getting ads?? Please take care of this glitch, as I WILL NOT continue paying for something I’m not getting!!
Show more
5 years ago, Kate004
Starting over because of new phone
I got a new phone and had to start all over. I was to level 100+ on previous phone. The app recognizes me because my and comes down when I log in. Very frustrating
Show more
6 years ago, Toomuch!!
This has been my FAVORITE game to past the time. BUT, since the recent update, NO longer do I play!! Slow to load, I wait for TOO long between games. I don't plan to delete just yet, will give you some time to fix the issues this updated version has, MANY. I will give a RAVE review with I can go back it playing this FUN, EXCITING game, with great features of keeping your stats and challenging hands. Thank you in advance for making changes.
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7 years ago, Marla Char-ie
Winnable Challenge
Mobilityware's TriPeaks is just what I need for a break. It doesn't take a long time to do, I win often enough to be having fun, while not often enough to be bored. I love the daily challenge. Playing only the daily challenge helps me to take a break with a different, winnable challenge without becoming addicted.
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5 months ago, 46Mike91
Too much trouble
I really like this game and I’ve been playing for awhile. I don’t mind the pop up adds but today when the add popped up I was unable to leave the add. I finally deleted the app, went to the App Store and reinstalled. I lost all my data and had to start over. Got started with the updated app and six games later the add (a different one) froze again, I have nothing but an add I couldn’t get rid of. I’m done. I’ll find another app.
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5 years ago, Mama Rory
Fun if you’re patient with interminable ads.
This is a great new solitaire. Lots of fun and challenging in a new way. Too bad there are multitudinous ads which are long and boring. Having to watch an unending ad for a game I already own is particularly onerous. Other games with fewer ads, by this company, are much less annoying. Why they decided to do this I have no idea, but I play the daily challenge and then I’m done. Too much waiting for ads to be over.
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6 years ago, Wimom67
Poor update results
The last update really screwed up everything for me in this game on my iPad. The only way to make it load is the shut it down and go back in each time. It was my favorite game but now I can’t play it at all. Pleas make the necessary corrections to make it work again.
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