Triple 7 Deluxe Classic Slots

4.5 (12.9K)
252.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
41 Games
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Triple 7 Deluxe Classic Slots

4.54 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
4 years ago, YourDriver
Very Disappointed
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! I have sent several emails to customer service and have been ignored. The problem was the level indicator was stuck, I informed customer service several times to no avail. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
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5 years ago, ( Salty22 )
Why 3 stars ?
I was really hoping to give this game a rating of 5 stars But NO !!! Why only 3 stars —. Because they don’t let you hit I mean yes they let you hit small amounts and sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row but you lose more, you don’t get back what your betting and sometimes you spin 15 to 20 times before you hit an amount to keep you going for a bit I have spent my money to keep playing I know these games are in it to make money but you would think they would let a player hit big amounts here and there Not Just once or twice. That way you would probably keep players and in return they would probably spend there money. Not sure how long I will stay with this game because it’s getting frustrating and when I delete this time I’m not coming back.
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6 years ago, Mema7gks
Slot games are fun BUT!!!!
I just downloaded this app,although it is very realistic and fun to play,you give free credits but you rarely can win any bars,takes your free credits very quickly and I only played 50 a spin and that only lasted a few minutes,and the payouts are really off,not really like a real casino slot,where as at least you win something after a few spins. I guess that's where they get you,they want you to spend real money to buy more credits and you enjoy playing so you spend your money and they take that too. Well I like the games but I'm not spending money on something that really gives you nothing. No Thanks.
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4 years ago, Weezy8083
Just like the casino slots
I read some reviews that said this is as close to the real thing, so imagine my surprise when those reviews were spot on. That is, if you normally lose about $3000 playing slots in 30 minutes. Now, I must admit, the casinos don’t give me $150 every time I level up, so I guess the have a leg up there. All sarcasm aside, don’t waste your time on this app. There are plenty other slot apps that can help you get through this pandemic and unemployment, until you’re back on your feet again, gambling away the grocery money.
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2 years ago, skeetterr
Love this game
Wish there was more ways to earn free credits I never get the email updates but overall love the game so addicting
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6 years ago, Faith For Fools
Casino research???
I always wonder if any of the developers of these casino apps have been to a casino and played slots. The pay table is way off. You get single bar, double bar, single bar(mixed bars) and win your bet back?? Should win 5x your bet. Single bar, 3x, double bar pays the same as 3x, empty, empty?? Would be an ok game if they would fix that. Just runs you out of money to, I assume, make you buy credits. Stupid game.
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2 years ago, frieda.975
Great game
Great game. I enjoy it very much. Most of the time you just lose. This one is different than the others. You win as well
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6 years ago, vince.fung
Fun Slot game!
As close to the real Casino Slot experience as you can get. The game is well tuned, with realistic pay tables. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, MLBRedSoxFan #1
Won’t Load (Tripple Deluxe)
Get start up screen. Asks if I’ll accept notifications. And that’s it. Never loads ! Apple Pro 11 inch. 2TB. 15.7 IOS. (16 not out yet). Help ! Any updates on the horizon ? Looks like a great app. Wish that you would send out a patch or update, so that I can see for myself.
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2 years ago, Nanie1954
Absolute waste of time
Don’t waste your time with this app, took me no more than 5 minutes and I went through the money they start you out with. You don’t hit anything. Extremely poor payouts. This game is with the rest of the casino apps, in the deleted pile.
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4 months ago, 551679
Thank you so much
I just love playing sluts. Thank you.
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6 years ago, mallen7736
I wouldn’t spend any real cash but does pass the time in a mindless way
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6 years ago, Amylou52
Fun but!!
This is a very fun game and yes it’s hard to win.......just like regular slots. But I cannot get any sound! I’ve tried turning audio off and on, tried shutting off my Bluetooth to no avail!
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2 years ago, nojo1963
New player
Enjoyed very much
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2 years ago, nickipooper
Love it, could play for hours!
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3 years ago, JP KING 95
This game is rigged , I’ve literally spent money to play on here and they literally want even give you any credits to play on. I mean I understand the concept of the game , but at least give someone the satisfaction of winning something .. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!
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2 years ago, Micky47
The game will not load on my iPad mini, tried 7 times
Why won’t this game load on my iPad mini? I tried restarting my mini 7 times. Can you look into this problem please?
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4 years ago, PiggyKiller123654
Hahahhaaaahaha. Joke!
Wow, I’ve had this now for almost a year. If ANY casino had these kind of payoffs, they would be gone. It’s poorly designed to make you buy chips. NO ONE in their right mind would spend 6 cents here to continue playing. It’s laughable.
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6 years ago, Anthony Money Time
Fun and great graphics
Fun to play and my kids like it too.
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6 years ago, xf-boy
Just like Casino
This is really fun new game. Looks awesome and play is really fun just like Casino.
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6 years ago, 777-SlotsFan-777
Best classic slots game
Very realistic graphics. Payouts have been great. Love it!
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2 years ago, maggie zoe
Just ok
Games are very similar,same sounds and not that many
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4 years ago, Elainepapa
One Star
Thought I’d give this a shot. You start off with little cash and it gives back a few pay outs. Not much to get excited about or hold your interest for very long.
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5 years ago, nanehorse
I feel the more Yuvette the less good when you get a head 18 spins are ready and you’ll be in 2010s and 15.
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5 years ago, Too3000
Excellent game
Fun to play and win a big jackpot
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6 years ago, Lucky Saffa
Great game
Very fun game, really like casino. Like the wheel and multi line machines
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1 year ago, Pooajdjwj
The best everythin my favorite
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6 years ago, $ophe
The best
l just love this game can’t get off it s
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5 years ago, Bam639
It okay nothing to exciting.
Not very exciting.
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5 years ago, Ronetteb6
Don’t get the bonuses
Don’t get the symbols in over 1000 spins I have just to get all 3 symbols I guess this is no different from the casino machines Which I think are rigged
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4 years ago, lawman20+
Lawman20 +
Love this game y’all please keep it thanks
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3 years ago, greatful jellyfish
Not goog
Well, just to tell the truth, the games leave a little to be desired! The payouts are the bare minimum. These games are not something that I’ll be investing any of my money in.
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4 years ago, DallasSeashoreNJ
Slot games
Fun slots with free coins. Wonderful
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2 years ago, Yomar49
Nice slot machine to play.
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4 years ago, catdao
Won’t delete app
Why can’t I delete your app. I want it off my phone and there’s no way to do it
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6 years ago, justin pocsik
Triple slots
You can’t win it takes all you’re money
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3 years ago, quincymac
Way too little winning. Waste of time
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6 years ago, teletubbies 7
Make more like real machines
Wish you could play more lines ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
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5 years ago, Vickie72802
Love this game
Love this site
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5 years ago, DesGracieBray
Spin 7xs and out of money or chips or whatever.... It’s a waste of time that I will never get back! Deleting!
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5 years ago, Harold & Kim Hanmer
Love it! It’s my fun time and it’s free.
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6 years ago, Blos75
Review of slot
Love this game
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4 years ago, SammyE.
Can’t even win hardly nothing. Not fun!!
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5 years ago, No hits
Fun game.
I love this game.
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5 years ago, mimiboogie
Does not hit big jackpots enough to make it fun.
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3 years ago, tudor39
Great fun game
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12 months ago, Allentown Bear
Great game
Great game
Show more
6 years ago, Stars to pop
Awesome game thanks !
Show more
5 years ago, Deros62
Love classic slots 🎰
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4 years ago, bb99wertyugfdsa
This is the most sorriest game I’ve ever played.
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