Triple Triad Trading Card Game

4.3 (838)
74.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Roman Bubnov
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Triple Triad Trading Card Game

4.34 out of 5
838 Ratings
5 years ago, julianatart
Was buggy*
My initial review: “Not working on iPhone 6 plus at all. Start the game and you're back to the home screen. Fix needed asap!” Now: played a few rounds because I was notified that the developer saw my initial review (3 iPhones later but no biggie) and has since fixed the critical issue I was having back then. Game runs smooth on iOS 12 on iPhone Xs (my current device) and I gotta say I really enjoy it. All the cards and that classic theme are in tact. My only gripe is the grind is going to be real to collect all the good cards which can obviously be circumvented thru micro transactions (but that’s just the world we live in now) and the transition from game to game and deck building could be a little smoother. TLDR: this is one of, if not, the best way to enjoy FF8 TT on the go. Kudos to the devs for sticking with it and giving us a much needed update.
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9 years ago, Mfsmith92
Very buggy
I was so excited when I saw this in the App Store I had to download it instantly. But there are a few big flaws to it. One being card selection. The card select screen is extremely buggy. As well as if you have two of the same card in a card battle it bugs out when you use the second one. Two being the rules of the game. Plus and Same are definite rules that should occur in EVERY instance that there is a plus or same connection and it makes it very difficult to play when sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Half the time it works against you instead of working for you. Also not necessarily a bug but as in the original game there are different trading rules that may come about as well as random/sudden death/elemental. Maybe I didn't get far enough into the game to see these rules to come about but just to state that they were not shown. Third not being much of a bug but I feel as though the more difficult level of character you play against or at least the more difficult player you play against should not only have better cards but also give you extra Gil for winning
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5 years ago, Choshojo
Well done!
I found this gem on accident while looking up confirmation that it originated in FF8 during a conversation; Google was like, “hey... did you know about this?” & I was all, “no way!!” I probably didn’t really need to know as it’s just as addictive as it was back when I played 8, but it’s really well done! A cool part that was frustrating just because it made it more difficult for me is that you start with crap cards and have to earn better ones slowly (or buy them). In FF8, you’d get some good ones from the regular RPG gameplay that allowed you to get past early opponents easier. Anyhow... it took a bit, but I’m past that initial hurdle. Suggestions for the developer: *update* Rinoa has taken 2 of my level 11 face cards that she did not win. I thought that opponents had taken something that they hadn’t won on earlier levels, too, but these 2 cards I am sure of. I’d love to see 2 things in “my cards”: for it to show me cards that I had collected, but lost (right now they just turn back to the silver card-back design that all cards I don’t have are), and for it to show which card would fill in the blank space if my deck is using a card that I only have 1 of... like maybe a faded image of it? Nit-picking, but it would be handy! 😊 & thanks for the fun nostalgia!
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5 years ago, Mihaal87
Almost like the original.
For what it is, it’s a really fun card game. It’s like being able to play Triple Triad without having to boot up FFVIII. With that said, it does take a bit of grinding at first to get going (especially since I can’t go kill monsters for their cards) but each win means more Gil that can be used to purchase desired cards. A few critiques would be that a game ending in “Draw” should have a “Play Again?” option rather than having to go back to the menu. Other music options for the menu would also be nice. Lastly, I understand if making Tetra Master would be an issue due to legal reasons, but if they make it, I’d be willing to spend some money on both. I recommend this game. It’s not the original, but it’s close enough.
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9 years ago, N. R. B.
Very buggy, but promising.
Right now when you go to select your cards, often the interface bugs out: cards will be missing, and you'll also find that you can't select some cards even though you can see them. So it's not totally ready for release in my opinion. I have gotten around this bug this way: it appears that it bugs out when you end a game, then select "CARDS." All I have to do is press back, then select "CARDS" again, and the cards usually work properly. That bug aside, the game seems to work well. I downloaded this to get around playing the PC port of FF8 because I only really wanted to play Triple Triad. The PC port of FF8 is pretty bad for that, because you still have to run back and forth to save points, and you have to do this big process just to reset the game. So I'm glad this game exists.
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9 years ago, Tanis6909
I've been wanting to see this classic final fantasy side game as an app for years now!! There's so much potential here, I hope you can continue to support and add to it. It's a perfect recreation of the game, with just a few bugs as stated by other reviewers. Nothing that can't be ironed out with an update or two, which I hope to see soon! If you have the means and/or the desire to expand the game, I'd love to see other final fantasy entries get the triple triad treatment. Playing my 9/4/A/A Cloud card in the upper left or my A/A/A/1 Sabin card in the middle would be incredible ^_^
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2 years ago, Madmax_vii
Needs Important Changes
* No matter if someone works for, wins, or choose to pay actual money for a card. If lost two pieces of information need to be given. First, who I can win it back from. Second, a clear indication that the lost card was once owned and lost. * Before starting a “Random” “Challenge” or “Battle” game. A clear pre-play description of the rules, stakes, and objectives needs to be given. Furthermore, during the game the rules need to be available to view. * This game has a multitude of rules. Even a single rule change can significantly alter the outcome of this game. Not to mention when said rules are applied in different combinations. Therefore, your main screen options menu needs to offer adjustments to these rules.
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4 years ago, KittenMoney
Another look
I gave this game a harsh review at first, because I was frustrated w the AI difficulty, and was just having that kind of day. But now that I’ve spent more time with it, I had to come back and bump up my stars. It’s really an amazing clone of one of the most memorable parts of my childhood gaming experience. I’m glad to see someone is keeping the spirit of FFVIII alive on mobile devices! As soon as you hear the music, you’ll be transported back to 1999. The gameplay/rewards system is fair and everything looks just as it should. Only thing is, we need more players for pvp! Spend some time with it, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Long live our emo boy Squall 🤙
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4 years ago, Sksnakdhsn
Great App
Very good app, takes me back to the hours spent with this minigame from FF VIII. He even got that catchy theme music. I agree with others it would be cool to see the rule variations but it's still great without and it's free! Thanks for this. Update: this is still a very good app and I appreciate it. It would be cool if we got more of the tile variations but more than anything I wish we had the option to toggle the current ones. It’s incredibly frustrating to play with closed hands (opponents cards invisible) and the plus rule enabled. It makes the results too random as an opponent can easily subvert your high cards and winning situation and you can’t strategize against it.
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2 years ago, SUP3R666
stolen IP cash grab - stay away
fan games of things that don’t otherwise have releases like romhacks etc are one thing because they’re usually not for profit. this is literally just “stolen” intellectual property wrapped up in a (scammy) app to make the developer money without them making their own content or ideas. i honestly don’t know how SE hasn’t already sent a C&D or otherwise forced this “stolen” property off the app market. it’s not even *just* that it’s “stolen”, it’s also poorly executed because it’s formatted around making money not being entertaining. the developer (ironically) has a reskin of this “stolen IP” as another app game on the store, not sure which game came first from them but it shows it’s not even the first time they “stole” Triple Triad which is almost funny. they have no original ideas. the only other game they have is (according to some reviews on it) again not only bad / not fun or good but also not their own IP and it’s “copied”. *disclaimer that i’m not an authority on IP or copyright law these are purely my opinions. TLDR : it’s not only not good it’s not their own original work and you can play the real Triple Triad in FF XIV or the FF portal thing instead of giving this hack your money.
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5 years ago, TurtleFlyer
Absolutely Worth Downloading!
While this game is definitely worth downloading, there are a few things that keeps it from being a 5 star app; -only 10 Gil per win is a bit low. It would take 110 wins to buy one of the most expensive cards.. just one. I recommend maybe 20 Gil per win. -add the option to sell duplicate cards for Gil. -make it easier to scroll through cards when choosing for your deck. Why aren’t you utilizing the swipe to scroll mechanic?? At the very least, when you get to the last page and click the right arrow again, it should take you back to the first page so you don't have to go back page by page. -most importantly - WHERE IS PVP MODE!? I want to play my friends! If I only wanted to play bots, I could put FF in my PlayStation and play bots all day long. I'll come back and re-review as updates are released. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to build this app. I really hope you have the time and resources to continue to make improvements. EDIT: a couple bugs have been addressed by the developers and I’ve deleted them from my review. Still waiting for PvP mode...
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5 years ago, herbadis
SO MUCH better, but still bugs.
I am blown away at how much better this app is from when I first downloaded it a long time ago. The game is a lot of fun and just like the FF8 version. The weirdest difference is you can’t choose any card from the opponent when you win. One bug that drives me crazy is, 4 out of 5 times, the market place won’t actually give you the card you choose. So I spend all this time and effort to get enough points to get the card I want, tap the card, all my GIL disappears, and no card shows up in my inventory. It is very frustrating... Other than that, I’d much rather play this than the actual game in FF Portal.
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4 months ago, ToxsinRai
Just what i needed
FFVIII is my favorite of the 3D era of Final Fantasy games. Love the characters and even the story. Bit of course it has the greatest mini game of all time. Triple Triad. Ive been wanting a Mobile version of this game for a long time, and now i have that fix i need. Even has online play which is sick. Also a huge bonus, even has the TT theme song. So fot hitting all those things ive been craving. Perfect score. Id say 10/10 if the stars went that high. Thank you developer.
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8 years ago, Idiot111
Great. Buggy but easily maneuvered around
I find that when I lose a game, lose a card, and go into the card selection screen after returning to the main menu, some cards are missing. I just hit "back" to return to the main menu and then re-enter the card selection and everything is returned to normal. In game it seems as if you drag a card over an identical card it picks up the identical card on the game board already in play. I'm sure this is old news. I'm glad I have this, though.
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3 years ago, Stormnyx
Looking for a similar ff8 TT look elsewhere
I jumped on this expecting it to be very similar to FF8 which at first it was, however the developers made a critical flaw. You cant see the computers cards but the computers know what cards you have. Theyll start making blantely stupid moves in which you have no idea why for example leaving a 2 exposed on the bottom, but then u look at you hand and u have nothing that can beat it. Or they will put a 6 on the side when you only have one card that can take it then when you do take it they will either same or plus to steal it back. Honestly was very disappointed i think FF14 TT is 100% better than this app and FF14 TT is rough
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5 years ago, 000Straycat000
Cool, but..
I like it, but the pvp seems to be difficult to figure out. Though, in the end I can picture 3 clouds 1 sephiroth 1 areth. I’m not sure what any prize would be, but perhaps making automated tournaments with power level restrictions, with 3 tiers. Maybe a buy in, then you give money to square onix, which gives winners a free download or credit to account. Last B attack going left (not really a big thing)
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4 years ago, Debwewin
Disappointingly easy
I started playing 2 days ago. I already have all the best cards in the game and have beaten every battle available. Nobody is ever online to play against. Worst of all is that the same/plus rule seems to only activate when both bordering cards are the other players. Oh and there are no combos. Oh and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the rules so you are stuck with elemental. You get one card per win instead of all/some, and there is no way to sell or refine the cards that have become useless. I loved this game in FF8 and this is a Great concept but poor execution.
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2 years ago, VNV_Nati0n
Decent rendition
Got all the cards plus a handful of ones that weren’t in FF8. Plays the same (shame plus/same and elemental are present, those rules STINK) Game tends to get old once you have all the cards, and there’s rarely people online to do battle. But it’s fun to load up and kill 10-15 minutes playing a few games vs varying computer difficulties. ~vnv_nati0n
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3 years ago, SolsticeKy
Great but needs more options
It’s just like the original but I feel it needs to have options to change the rules, at least when playing against the AI. I was never good with the elemental bonuses, etc. It would be fun though to just be able to have the One rule with Open or Same.
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9 years ago, Vincenteviscera
Great! Buuutttt....
Quite buggy, often when placing cards they will stick random places and others will simply disappear off the board. Also please add the original elemental functionality to where you gain a plus or minus point when placed on an elemental spot. Other than that it's a super fun game and I love that it uses the original in-game music. I have long awaited a way to play this game without needing a ps1. Please keep working on this to make it better I love it.
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5 years ago, carinacordova
It’s cool someone made this a card game. Over the years I’ve had glitches and crashes but has gotten better. However, when I first started playing I had purchases and the restore purchase button does not work. Also, I can see opponents do the successful and “plus” rule, but I can’t perform the “same” one.
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9 years ago, Azhrei
It has potential
I wanted to give this app 5 stars just for existing. But as it currently is, it is very buggy. If you finish a game and you have lost, you can't add cards to your deck to play again unless you reset the whole deck. And when I declined to rate the app after using it for only one game, it crashed the game on me all the way back to the start screen. I want to love this game because I loved it in FF8, but it just isn't playable yet.
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3 years ago, ROYCE 415
Perfect for FFVIII fans
Love this game, I never spend actual cash on apps but I had to get the Ifrit card and Brothers card to help out, the only reason I’m giving this 4/5 stars is because sometimes when the app crashes or closes, it reads “I’m punished for leaving a match” and a card is taken from me. Other than that, very fun like the actual game
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9 years ago, Opoponax
Wanted to see this game as an app for ages!
I am giving this 5 stars because I'm so glad someone finally made it for iPad; although there are some major glitches and frustrations, it is much as I remember it. One thing: why can't cards be re flipped like they could in the console game? Please keep developing this game - it's terrific!
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2 months ago, bnguyen89
doesn’t work?
I have been itching for years to play TT stand alone but I don’t think this is working right for me. I never get taken to a victory screen, I can’t advance past the first battle opponent despite winning, and I never get to choose a card when I win. I’m devastated. The music is great (same from the game) and the cards look fantastic just disappointed that I can’t get any of the basic functionality.
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7 years ago, Immortalbeloved7
Great game
I loved the card game from the FF series brought back a lot of fond memories. The only issue is the story mode could be a bit better I haven't experienced many bugs yet although I just downloaded and started playing. All in all it's a great game and I would recommend it for the shear fun of bringing it back
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8 years ago, STLR-1
Nostalgia trap
Initially a nice trip down memory lane but the only option of play is a tier system to climb against an ai... The cards each tier uses is very predictable with little variation... If they'd add the random rule and/or include/exclude some of the other rules it would have recreated my adolescent experience better... If you want a couple hours of fun go for it... But I'd recommend just buying ff8 on the play station network instead!
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9 years ago, *TwinViking*
It's a start!
I'm glad there is a an app for this game as it was my favorite part of FF8. BUT, it desperately needs an update. You can't see the rules for each game you play or the winning structure. (Win one card, win all, win/lose pending on what was flipped). Cards are still very glitchy as well as the game board. PLEASE do an update! I would like to continue playing but won't if it doesn't get fixed.
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1 year ago, Jonathan Sophrosyne
Great Game, Great App. HUGE problem
I’ve had this app for years and played off-&-on. Finally broke down to buy some credits to buy my favorite cards from the shop. I clicked the button for the one-time, $8 charge for 5000 points. Well. The app charged me $27. I DID get the points for the purchases, but I explicitly did not purchase above the $8 tier. I had to shut down my card to stop the app from charging me again. EDIT, UPDATE: I managed to replicate the error and it may be a glitch on Apple’s end! If I buy points from your game at the same time my Apple Arcades charge goes through, Apple appears to register that charge as a whole sum and not two separate events, pinging your app to deliver more points than were purchased? It is very strange.
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9 years ago, Ff8forever!
I loved playing it all the time, at home, trips, any time I could. I took a break from it, too much real world work to do, and when I came back it is messing up so I can't even play it anymore. It won't let me pick new cards to my deck or I can't see them. I looked for an update hoping it was a problem already fixed but nothing. It makes me really sad.
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2 years ago, T.Valencia
A very fun time killer
I’m having a great time with the game so far. Things are working fine; even better than any other TT clone I’ve ever played. I guess if I have any downsides to it, it’s the lack of challenges. I wish there were more challenges than just Ultimecia. Once she’s beaten, that’s it. You can’t even go back and play her again.
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3 years ago, jeffkingoffools
Fun but vary buggy
Playing very well until my cards started getting flipped when my opponent didn’t have enough power to flip resulting in my cloud card being lost in the battle. Expect to lose for no reason.I want to add shortly after this game the cpu made a move as of it knows the card I have and make a move that makes no sense to beat me.... I will no longer play this broken game and i suggest you don’t waste your time with this game that destroys the original.
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9 years ago, Corey W
Must Have for FF In-Game Card Games
Absolute must have for ff8 fans. This was one of the best features of ps1 FF games. I hope they add a new card game in ff15. Just like witcher did with Gwent. The only problem is it's very glitchy. Cards disappearing and sometimes you can't play a card or build a deck. I'm sure they'll fix this soon.
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2 years ago, Find me a car.
Punished for the game crashing
So this game has a thing where they take one of your cards if you leave a match unfinished. It says “you have been punished!” And it took my Edea card. Of course the best card. Why not right? Here’s the problem. I didn’t leave the match. The app force closed. So what’s the punishment for the developers and how do I get my edea card back? Look for another triple triad app. Square Enix portal has triple triad, I’ll see if my card is there.
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9 years ago, Screenmemory
Please update
First of all, i would like to say that you are amazing for puting this game together. But there are so many glitches and bugs that it makes it quite frustrating to play sometimes. Please please please fix these bugs.
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9 years ago, sirpetoria
Love in Progress
So I love this game with a passion. I wish every FF game had it instead of just the greatest FF of all time. However, the games layout and design are lacking. I'm sure it will get much better over the next month or two but as of right now, they need to step it up a bit.
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5 years ago, Anon2545
Random reset
Downloaded this years ago. Had every card and all duelists unlocked, vividly remember spending some real money at the start for a jump start. Today, I came back to the app after some time away and find that everything has been reset. No cards, no duelists, nothing. There’s a “restore purchases” button on the home screen but clicking it does nothing. Doesn’t even register that I’m pressing it. Disappointing.
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9 years ago, Somethingaboutcheese
Nostalgic goodness
Definitely appreciate you taking the time to make this! And I am sure many others are as well. Would love to give this a 5, but just a couple of bugs need to be kinked out! Also, if possible in the future; ONLINE PLAY! :]. Just wishful thinking! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Kabooyah!
Wish it had more options
This is a good representation of the game from final fantasy, I just wish you had more options to choose your rule sets. That keeps it from being five stars.
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5 years ago, Lenard jones
Loved it... but..
Loved the original game and this app was just as good. Loved the additional cards from FFVII. My only small problem with it was the anticlimactic end when beating it and getting all the cards. It was just like “I beat it!” And the app was like “K”. Maybe add to it if possible? Keep it fun and interesting 🤷🏻‍♂️
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4 years ago, HonestAndObjective
Buggy on iOS 13.6
I won a game, asked me to pick a card. Wouldn’t let me pick a card I didn’t already have and then when I clicked on a card I had the entire app reset itself Edit: Still not sure about the first part of this bug but it seems the resetting of the app is intentional ?
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7 years ago, JinxMusik
Needs iOS 11 update and online battles
Loved this game on ff8!!!!! I used to play it just to be able to play this card game! It's the Final fantasy version of Pokémon and they could make way more money if they added online battles. Battle strangers and battle Facebook friends!!!!! Omg so much fun!!!!!
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5 years ago, petrockstar
As close as you can get without firing up the old ps1 game
What is missing? Rules and Region rules. You don’t know what is active/applies to a current round. The board doesnt have elemental bonuses/penalties. Maybe the developer had enough incentive, they could add on the region/rule activations (Open, Elemental, Sudden Death, Same, Same Wall, Random, Plus,) as well as trade rules (Direct, One, Difference,All). maybe in the future, but i am somewhat content. Only “bomb” card art is different. which threw me off since you see it so early in the game.
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9 years ago, EGSouthSky
Brings back memories
The music and the set up is awesome! Game seems to be working fine. Just a little glitchy when moving your card from your hand to the board. Other than that it's a decent card game
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5 years ago, 12557342
Impossible unless you pay
This game is absolutely impossible to gain any ground unless you pay. They give you crappy cards and you have to use Gil to buy better cards ( can’t even use them if you win them in a game unless you’ve purchased them with Gil). Even the bad cards are 100 Gil and you get 10 Gil when you win a game, you’d have to play for months to build a decent deck.
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9 years ago, R2B355M
Awesome app
A lot of fun, just like the ff8 triple triad game. I love this app, just wish there was a multiplayer version. Although I suppose if there was, it would end up being pay to play and people spending the most money would have the best decks.
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9 years ago, Pope123
Nostalgic, but way too buggy.
This was fun for a few minutes. It's far too buggy to enjoy. It follows the same rules and gameplay as the game from FF8. But the game suffers from bugs where cards get jumbled on the board making it difficult to win. Overall it needs a lot of work. I'm not sure why or how this got such great reviews.
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9 years ago, Lethorali
Nostalgia overload
If you were a fan of Tripletriad back when you were playing FFVIII then this app is worth the download! The game brings back all the feels from the game itself to the music! Awesome app!
Show more
8 years ago, Jeeplifeninja
Couldn't ask for more
Couldn't ask for more if you just want to play the card game from Final Fantasy 8 which is all I wanted to do😀
Show more
9 years ago, GrayFox457
Worth the download!
Great remake! A little buggy, but hopefully will be resolved soon. Cards disappear and game seems to hang at times. I hope the developer continues to work on this great remake!
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