TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game

4.6 (9.4K)
100.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TRIVIA 360: Quiz Game

4.63 out of 5
9.4K Ratings
3 years ago, 28Penelope
A huge ‘treat’
This game is hands down the best trivia game I have came across thus far. That’s saying a lot given the amount of time I have amassed over the three thousand hours spent playing/finding a good trivia game. Simple user interface. Great time limit for a level playing field (e.g., no players can look up answers or use ‘tokens’ to cheat and find the answer). No advancements or storyline to be followed, just straight to the catch. A match can be played with almost anyone around the world. Highly recommend!!
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3 years ago, Islasunflower
Very good Trivia game!
I like this game a lot. The way that it’s set up, makes me want to learn more about the subjects they quiz you about. I have learned basic things that I should already know, such as the lineup of the planets, King Tut’s lineage and physical abnormalities etc. but other stuff too that I would not just come across in every day life. The game just makes me want to know MORE! Recently they’ve added excerpts from Wikipedia about most questions so this is cool to me as I was leaving the game to go and research what interested me anyway. I’m always saying someone; “did you know ___?” because I find the questions so interesting. They also let you submit questions too. The only thing that I don’t like about the game is that it’s scored on percentages instead of best of 10 so if you miss 3, you lose that round automatically even if you could get the other 7 right. I guess this makes the game go faster though. Some question repeats but plenty of new info on a continuous basis. There are some ads but as it’s a free game, it’s understandable. Way less ads than Trivia Crack and you can opt out of most after 5 seconds. I think they strike a pretty nice balance. Best Trivia game around. I’ve been playing about a year and not bored yet. That’s saying something!
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5 years ago, jlnyca
Fun but too many ads
This game is pretty fun. Some questions are pretty obvious and some more obscure. I don’t win each level all the time but more often than not. I do like that it’s offline as I prefer that. I’m not interested in playing against some random person. What does almost ruin this app are the ads. Ads are annoying on any app but the amount in this one is absurd. You play two games then an ad, two games then an ad, etc. They are only five seconds but too frequent and always the same. I’ve seen the 5 second Postmates ad so many times that I will probably never use Postmates from being annoyed by the incessant ads. I sometimes do get into it for a while, but then stop playing because I get sick of the constant ads. I’d almost rather have 15-20 second ads every ten games or something. I generally like the app but kinda over it manly due to this.
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3 years ago, bebeard
Ads and Bots
Fun trivia questions. However, one small detail I should admit: I’m embarrassed how long it took me to realize I was playing bots. The games began to take on a pattern that was impossible to ignore. Tough questions in the first round where I struggle, but somehow the person I’m facing always does really well. Then easier questions the second round where I think I’m doing really well because I’m just faster on the trigger, but then I see my opponents score, and surprise of all surprises, the genius I was facing who knew the answer to college level literary questions now somehow doesn’t know who Dr. Seuss is. And every time a level completes, you have the privilege of getting the same horrible ads, over, and over again. If you just want to challenge yourself with trivia, it’s not bad, if you want a game on the up and up, keep looking.
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4 years ago, jdoug2000
Fun, but no Optimization or Reporting
The questions are, for the most part, fun and challenging. However, there is no way to tailor trivia to certain domains (I personally love the history, geography, and science while couldn’t care less about sports and entertainment). I have also stumbled across a number of part-wrong or mostly wrong questions, which is understandable from an app that uses community-generated content. However, again, the reporting mechanism seemed broken for me. Attempting to report a question invariably led to the email not sending or the send option being greyed out and un-selectable, forcing me to delete the report. All in all, the game is playable, but at all optimized for content customization or continuous improvement of questions.
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2 years ago, Tbird1957
Wrong Information.
Tried to let you know thru the game but you actually won’t except that. You have a Question asking for the year of the assassination of the US President JFKennedy. In your options for answers you do not give the correct year. Yet you give the correct answer as 1968. THIS IS INCORRECT. This event occurred in Nov. in the year 1963. Please correct the information you are serving up to people in your game. Thank you very much. Robin
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4 years ago, Stotten
Small bank of questions
Games are short (10 questions take about 12-20 seconds.) Not really very challenging and there’s a small number of questions asked a variety of ways in back-to-back games. EXAMPLE 1 shows a photo of Eiffle Tower and asks: “In what country is this landmark?” and “In what city is this landmark?” and “On what continent is this landmark?” EXAMPLE 2 asks: “Which person was known for being the Nike spokesperson?” and “Michael Jordan was spokesperson for what brand?” and “Just Do It was the slogan for what brand?” and “What slogan was Nike known for?” BOTTOM LINE: We felt like we were answering the same 10 questions in every game. Deleted the app after about 7 games.
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6 years ago, advanced yet basic errors
Trivia 360
Eh, I hate writing a review here pubically, but after a search revealed no other way to give feedback, unfortunately this seems to be the only way. The trivia is interesting, some basic, some extremely obscure, some repetitive, but it bothers me that there are some basic errors all over the place. Spelling errors, unfinished questions, flag images that are partially or completely unavailable etc. One question which presumably was asking what the capital of Andorra was just said “Andorra?” And had a list of names. Another question asked to identify a flag but only presented a blank screen, and then fined me for not picking Panama. Panama’s flag is red white and blue, not blank. The image for Palestine’s flag was also partially missing, which I found slightly insulting. Anyway, I think overall it’s a cute way to pass the time, but the specificity of knowledge required for some questions compared to extremely basic spelling and display errors, as well as over-repetition is annoying.
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3 years ago, Bristol U
Mostly Good
Fun trivia game with solo and multiplayer options. There’s plenty to like about this app and it functions smoothly on my device. The negative thus far is there are a lot of repeated questions especially in the multiplayer games. There’s an option to submit your own questions to add to the pool but I haven’t been able to submit any because the submit button is located behind the app’s icon bar at the bottom of the page, and there’s no way to click it on my device.
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3 years ago, bellsfurmama
Great App
This is a great app. I am blind however and I am having some minor accessibility issues. I was wondering if you might be willing to make the app a bit more compatible with voice over? Also, an option to disable image questions for those of us who can’t see the pictures?
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3 years ago, Journelle
Too much and too little
Too many ads Too much time between player turns Too few new questions Ads disrupt game and last too long I completely agree with above comment and would add that it’s very annoying that players who know they’re losing stop playing in the middle of the game in which case you should give the win to the player with the most points or ban sore losers
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3 years ago, JayDeePeePee
Hi guys! Good work on trivia. And Idea for you to consider. As a head-to head option would be cool if someone could pick anyone from the rankings (local or global) to compete, and not just have the the “random” picks option, could be someone on your level or even the top competitors dunno, just and Idea. Cheers!!
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4 years ago, Maile Lani
Play for fun, not dominance
Play for fun and brain stimulation. If you don't know the answer to a question, give it your best guess & play on. Have patience with the increasing amount of commercials. Ignor US player "J" who every day aggressively outplays everyone. Submit your own questions that you think would be a good challenge for the rest of us.
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4 years ago, Thomas gust2841
Fun but feels like it’s missing something
App overall satisfies the trivia craving. However, the questions are either easy or ridiculously obscure. There needs to be some in between. Also, I feel the part that is missing involved the leveling up and points. You can level up and get points but there are no unlockables or any reward for leveling up. Or maybe I just haven’t gotten that far? Just a thought. Good overall app
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1 year ago, Xsublime
Trivia 360
I have been playing for years and have over 3 million points. Lately my screen goes black for several hours or days. Trued to reach support and it won’t accept my information.
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2 years ago, metal_manders
Too many adds and disorganization
Way too many adds. Downloaded this to play with my bf. We never really got to finish a round. After my turn I’d watch a bunch of adds, then nothing. I’d have to go back to the main home page, and try to play him again. Never saw his answers. Apparently we had multiple games going at once and the game wouldn’t allow us to actually complete a round. I ended up just deleting the app after a short time. Not a fan.
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4 months ago, M L I R 13
Great app.
I am blind. there is trouble with The new update. I can’t find the close add button with voiceover. I like to view the correct answers of the questions I got wrong. Is there a setting to turn off the questions with pictures? If not could you make that a setting?
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2 years ago, Chachitta
Helps with everyday information
Interesting how we forget locations, events, history if we don’t get a reminder. This application does just that. Sitting at home in a comfortable spot, we are using our brains.
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4 years ago, Drummerjohn16
Its great!
I really love this app! It is entertaining and fun! What I like about this game is that its free! And I really love it. The only complaint I have is that you can't play other peeps quizzes. And I would really love to be able to do this. But other than that, I give it 5 stars, would recommend to a friend.
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4 years ago, Wizkid....
Update issues
Since the update three days ago this game that I love will not load like it use to. I’ve been playing for a long time also and never had downloading issues before.
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3 years ago, at a glance help
Almost excellent
This is a fun, addictive app, and a great way to pass the time. Unfortunately, the category selection feature doesn’t work, so even when you turn “off” a category, those Qs keep coming. Once that’s fixed, it’s a 5-star app for sure!
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4 years ago, Rick from Sunshine Way
Close to perfect
Having a fun time playing. Can choose either single or multiplayer. Most of the questions are good. Others... well... “Which of these four unknown authors wrote this unknown book?” “On which of these four dates in 1960 did this obscure country gain its independence?” “Which of these four philosophers said (fill in the blank)?”
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5 months ago, Vandriver
Fun trivia
I love this game but the new update is causing some issues while playing. The button placements are to close to sides and bottom. The bottom button causes the app to close and the side buttons cause the first letter of the box to be unreadable. Hopefully they can fix it.
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1 year ago, citizen_rowe
High hopes but too redundant!
You know this game Trivia 360 is fun up to a point but since it seems that the company doesn’t add any questions seemingly, it’s all the following: Flags, Friends, The Lion King, Debut albums, Philosophers, World Cup/soccer, Obscure dates in History. That’s it. Over and over. What a drag. I had high hopes for this game. And now I’m probably going to delete it after less than a month.
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5 years ago, Falls67
A lot of fun!
I really enjoy this game. The best part of the game is that as you move along, the questions stay on the same level of difficulty. That keeps me involved level after level. I am having a lot of fun.
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4 years ago, Dhartrum
Not very imaginative
The biggest problem with the obscure questions is they ask things that nobody would know. Certain country flags, and pictures of things most people would never recognize. It is fun but frustrating because you don’t get a chance to correct mistakes plus what do you do with all the points?
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5 years ago, AKFlea
Awesome App
Very addictive app. Once you start, can’t seem to put it down. Only problem: The questions get repetitive after a short while. Still worth it!!
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4 years ago, connie from sd
New to game
I just played my first game on this app, it’s fun but I already saw repeated questions. When I played against an opponent the wait was too long and boring! Why don’t both opponents get the questions at the same time? Is there a time limit on the questions or turns?
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4 years ago, hdjsndbbd
Good but lot of ads and repetition
It’s a good app but it’s very irritating when ads come in between. We cannot proceed until after gets over after our several clicks. Lot of questions get repeated several times. Earlier it’s fun but then gets boring. There should b more categories and questions for each category to enjoy it more
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5 years ago, Rashi Malpani
Will keep you entertained
I like the game and the fact that we can add our own questions to the game. Only downside is sometimes questions are repeated or the same question is asked in multiple different ways.
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1 year ago, Penguin Dust
I play every chance I get.
I have a TBI and this app is a great help for my cognition. My doctor suggested it and know I have a tough time putting it down. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Juli Cee
Needs harder questions and category selection
It needs harder questions for people who like advanced trivia and category selection for people who want to study one specific thing. Maybe a study option to look at some informations or article inks.
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6 years ago, Sirans7owned
Love it!
I just started playing 360 Trivia. I like the fact that there aren’t too many advertisements. The questions are challenging and interesting. I also consider it a teaching tool.
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4 years ago, Ummerstone
Why Not?
Let’s see how well-read you are. This is a great way to study for you GRE or perhaps, to get insight into your information short suite. Information is power so, Why Not?
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2 months ago, doozier
The only problem I have is sometimes when I’m reading the responses if I don’t read them fast enough the game goes away. Very frustrating
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5 years ago, triviabunny
Fun but questions can be hard
Question can be too hard from 60 seconds. Wish there were levels of questions. Low medium high. Otherwise it takes a lot of time to do and is taxing on the brain in the time we have to do it in.
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3 years ago, democratic party
Makes me smart
This app is great but you advertise a little too much. If it was not for that I will give you five stars. But I had to give you forward it to the advertisement issues. Fix that and I’ll give you five. Thank you
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5 years ago, Alt3r3dSt8
Not impressed
Be prepared for commercials after every 10 questions. And they are REALLY trying to push wordscapes. The questions remain at the same level. Intelligence should be challenged, and I only answered about 200 questions, but had the same ones repeated as often as 3 times. So much for thousands of questions.
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5 years ago, Weim73
Fun, educational and entertaining
I love playing this game and I am so happy I discovered it. The topics are very diverse and the difficulty varies every time. Give this game a try and you will be glad that you did.
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2 years ago, Synctrouble
No Real People??
I am really disappointed that you can’t actually play with real people, and it is so obvious that they are generated bots. Otherwise, the game is OK, but it’s not that fun or challenging when you’re just playing against fake people…
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3 years ago, Ednabud
I like the game but you don’t have control on categories
I would improve the game by adding real category choices.
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3 years ago, 7wolf
It’s okay, but even bots are on leader board
This is a pretty fun trivia app. Once you realize how to dominate head to head, you can figure out whether or not you’re playing bots. And I’m sorry to see that there are bots near and/or at the top of the leader boards…
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4 years ago, asfhbujkihfbjlkbgvj
So far I like the game only thing is they ask a lot of questions about the TV show Friends, not everyone saw the show or even like the show. But other than that I like it lol
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9 months ago, Whobear1
360 wuestions review
It pleases me to be given multiple question on a variety of subjects. I enjoy the constant challenge of events locations name and circumstances.
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4 years ago, cgilbert100
good questions
Most of the questions are a more mature, intellectual level. Other trivia games do not compare.
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4 years ago, E.Richardson
A Trump App In Disguise
Not only do you have to put up with an ad after every round of questions, the ads are either praising their dear leader or it’s calling for the resignation of specific Democrats. As someone who couldn’t care less about politics - I don’t need that idiots propaganda shoved down my throat. I just want to play trivia. Either find new sponsors or rename your app to “The Dear Leaders Trivia Bowl”
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7 years ago, Viczen23
Much fun and knowledge
I enjoy playing 360 Trivia because it's fun. It is also challenging, which my partner (who NEVER plays games!) and I compete against each other. Lastly this app also give me knowledge about topics I didn't know. Cudos!
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3 years ago, SLB84
Categories are messed up
I have the music category turned off and am getting almost as all music questions.
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5 months ago, srjit_
Too many long ads
The questions are decent but the full screen ads that keeps coming every 30 seconds almost makes it not worth downloading.
Show more
3 years ago, cameraCate
Shuts Off
I like this game. It has street smart questions. When I move up a level, the game automatically shuts off. This didn’t happen until level 61.
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