Trivia Crack

4.6 (704.8K)
534.3 MB
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Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trivia Crack

4.59 out of 5
704.8K Ratings
3 years ago, גןע
This game is so much fun!!!! I’ve recommended this to all my friends. I love how you get to spin the wheel and actually feel it moving. The catergories and characters are so cute. You can actually compete against real people in REAL TIME not just an AI. There are different modes to spice it up a bit and you can get cards like from a vending machine that can give you rewards. The leagues to level up have definitely made me more competitive. 😂 BTW- I am not a paid user so I do deal with the ads. The ads aren’t terrible. You only get them every few questions. Lately they’ve added a new update where you have a little hamster that you can name and feed by answering questions. This is so cute! If you’ve stuck through and read the whole thing, thank you! This is one of my favorite games and you should totally get it! Bye! Edit- OK, so as I mentioned before, I love this game. Another thing I want to mention is sometimes if you’re playing Triviathon, you’ll get an ad smack in the middle of answering questions. This is OK because it doesn’t interfere with how many q’s you’ve answered or the coins you get but it can be a little annoying.
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5 months ago, MAGIC TACOS 5000
Great Game, WAY too many ads
I love this game, I have always loved this game. I used to play it a really long time ago and recently just picked it up again, it’s just as I remember, with some fun new aspects. I love the fast match, makes it easy to just keep playing. I like the tournaments. They also added a trivia “TikTok” where you scroll and answer questions for coins (unnecessary, but fun I guess). I do love this game, however the gameplay to ad ratio is INSANE. Every time you get a question wrong, thirty second ad. Every time you finish a match (win or lose), fifty second ad. Advertisements surrounding the screen, on the top and bottom, during every game. Every possible trivia question accompanied by “watch an ad to have an advantage” pop up that also halts gameplay. I understand ads, keeps games this awesome free, but there has got to be a limit. Sometimes it’s honestly a deterrent; is this game worth the crazy amount of interruptions that drain my battery? I think that cutting back on ads, maybe just getting rid of the ad after EVERY wrong answer would suffice, would allow the game to be even more enjoyable. Do download this game if you don’t care about that many ads, it really is a great game if you can look past them. However, how hot my (new) phone got just by the amount of ads in 30 minutes of playing might be a reason not to download. (Not to mention I get very awkward very sexual ads; KIDS play these games….)
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1 year ago, Emily 0071
Ruined their own app
Trivia Crack would be a 5-star game if it weren’t for the insufferable ads that pop up on the screen every 5 seconds. The ads ruin the game for me. Every time I get a question wrong or go to play a mini game, I have to sit through a long ad that I’ve seen a million times before. I never leave reviews but I found the advertisements on this game to be so frustrating that I came here to leave my first review today. When you go to click the X to exit out of an ad, a pop up comes up taking you to the app store download page for that ad. I have to “X out” of their ads 3 times before it actually goes away. I cant even stand being on Trivia Crack for more than 1 minute now. At this point, I spend more time watching ads than I do actually playing the game. The concept of this app is great and it used to be super fun to play, but the ads have completely taken over the app now. I would much rather spend time playing other similar apps than this simply for that reason. It’s very unfortunate because I did used to love to this game, but again, can not handle the insane pop ups and unskippable ads. I’ve spent the last year or so deleting and reinstalling Trivia Crack, each time forgetting how bad the ads really were, but I think this time I will be deleting it permanently and looking for a trivia app or something similar without any of the ads. I’m sure there are better apps out there. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time downloading this game.
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3 years ago, Gspark27
Great Game!! Inconvenient Ads :/
I understand the game needs ads to fund making new features and to play the people that produce it. Trust me, I want the people who made this game to make all the money they worked so hard for and more, however, there are so many ads that pop up in the middle of you playing. One of the biggest issues is that I'll answer a question and an ad will pop up!! I just want to play uninterrupted. If the adds only happened once you lost I think this would be a lot better. To clarify, I'm not opposed to ads at all. In fact, I'd be willing to watch ads for advantages like coins, "right answers", or even just hearts (although Imm at a surplus at the moment and don't need more). Another of the biggest problems for me is that sometimes when I press " watch an ad to get another chance" and I actually WILLINGLY sit there and watch an ad, IT DOESNT GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE!! I'm sure this is a glitch, but its one that makes me want to stop playing. I love this game. Ive played it off and on for years, same with my mom and a few other family relatives, but with the constant bombardment of ads and the annoying glitches, I can't imagine my interest will be kept. Please fix these issues!! I want to keep playing this game! Again I commend everyone who's worked on this game and I sincerely hope it lasts a long time.
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3 years ago, Jcmcwill
Great game…waaaay to many advertisements
I love playing this game. I actually purchased the full version which you would think would eliminate ads. If anything they got worse. Every single thing you do pops up an ad (if not two) in between each game. If I paid for it I shouldn’t have to endure all of these ads trying to sell me more upgrades, etc. or at least give me the option to disable them. It is ridiculous and I want my money back. Shame on you Etermax for getting people to pay for this and still bombard us with advertisements. Don’t believe me? Keep reading the reviews here on the App Store. You will see this complaint all the way back three + years…they don’t care about you. The very few times that they reply to a complaint on the App Store, they use the same cut and paste response telling you to email their support to tell them your problem. Etermax, why can’t you answer our questions and complaints here on the App Store reviews? Everyone should be able to see your lame explaination. You want us to email you because you don’t want potential new players to see your answer about the ads you force us to endure throughout the games. Whatever executive at Etermax made the decision to blast us with ads should be fired for ruining a great game solely for the purpose of fattening the paychecks of him/herself and those who sit on the board. Do your self a favor people of planet earth…do NOT pay for this game! Shame. Shame. Shame.
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3 years ago, Fjgdnjuuu
1/2 the time waiting!!
I gotta say that if you love ads, lots and LOTS of ads, then you are going to absolutely soil your under shorts waiting to play this game. If you get a question wrong, there’s an ad. If you get a question correct, there’s an ad. If you are the loser in any contest, there’s an ad. If you are the winner, there’s an ad. Download this game and I swear that for the time you are logged on to it, you will spend at least 1/2 that time waiting for ads to complete. Maybe if I changed my perspective so I started seeing the ads as gameplay and the trivia questions as small, interruptive annoyances, perhaps then I wouldn’t mind so much, but since I downloaded Trivia Crack because I like to play games involving trivia, I’m unable to reverse my perspective in this way. I understand Etermax is a business and, thus, must turn a profit, but I don’t understand how the powers that be consider such an extraordinarily high amount of ad placement between every loading screen, every response to a question (right or wrong), and after every multiplayer contest like Survival (win or lose) to be a path to long-term users. I do spend money on this game. Not much, but some. Yet eventually, no matter how much I build up my mastery level, one day, SOON, an ad will pop up, push me to the brink, and I’ll double click, swipe right, and delete the game. That time is approaching. Too bad Quiz Up has been discontinued...... ☹️
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5 years ago, Nateggy
The amount of ads is beyond ANNOYING!
Overall this game is extremely fun and very informative. If you like trivia, this game is for you! I enjoy the variety of questions for each category and the challenges the game has to offer. This app would’ve gotten 5 stars from me had it not been for the ads popping up every 2.2 seconds. Also, if you run out of lives, after every game played this obnoxious tab pops up and says “buy more lives”!!! I don’t want to. I said no. I shouldn’t have to close the tab requesting money for lives after every game played. I’m aware that I’m out of lives, I just used them all. Quit asking for money every 5 seconds. You know, this would be a great app if you’d just remove HALF OF THE ADS and make it more about being an entertaining trivia game for people all over the world rather than a money making machine. Don’t you make enough money as is or do y’all just insist on being greedy? I get it, ads bring in money. So what? Doesn’t need to be overdone. Also, the price for purchasing the app to get rid of the obnoxious amount of ads is a little overpriced in my opinion. Especially for what the game has to offer. Like I said, the game itself is 5/5 stars but the ads make it 1/5 in my book. So, if you’re into trivia games and a buttload of obnoxious ads I’d download this game and have a blast!
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4 years ago, imhungryandaproblem
Way too glitchy and too many microtransactions
Constantly glitching. I wear headphones and listen to music while I play, and the audio is often distorted. It doesn’t do that on other apps. There’s also no way to mute in game audio like sound effects. Not to mention the ads. I know you have to make money, but can you not show so many awful ads? I get one all the time for this “foot doctor” app that’s just someone popping a bunch of disgustingly animated zits on a disembodied foot. It makes me want to throw up. I’m not sure who controls which ads I get shown, but I would appreciate a way to block or report specific ads. The game just really wants you to spend money all the time. They introduced a pet recently, and if you don’t feed it cookies it gets sad and runs away. How do you get cookies? You play the game, or you can spend some in game currency which is basically impossible to get without paying. The pet is designed to be adorable, and it just comes off as emotional manipulation. Beyond that, so many of the questions are low quality. I get that they’re community submitted, but there should be some way to report that a question has a typo, is written poorly, or is in the wrong category. On a positive note, I do like the minigames. Most of them boil down to “the main game with a twist”, though. I enjoy this game, but I wish the app wasn’t awful.
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2 years ago, Problematic Attention
Love it
This is a great trivia game, but I do have a few criticisms about it. One is that the use of coins to me is really elusive. I can’t even find out online how to get to the shop to buy power ups, because there is no clear path to it. Second, the ads. The ads, though short, can become somewhat irritating, especially when the ad is inappropriate, like for gambling or grand mafia, and zombie games. I wish that they would just give me longer ads, but infrequent, so it in not just a quick inconvenience that happens to often. Other than that, it really is great, like the question factory and question game modes. The lives have become a tad bit annoying, but manageable. I am not allowed to spend money on games, but I definitely think that no sane middle class person will spend $100 on infinite lives! Other than that, the game is the best trivia game I have played, and is better than Trivia Crack 2 in my opinion.
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1 year ago, SupaDupaPato
Such a shame, I love the game and I’ve been playing it for years. There’s just too many interruptions and inconsistencies with it. After every wrong question I get an ad and 2 pop-ups, EACH TIME. It’s so frustrating especially when you try to click out with the teeny little ‘x’ in the corner but it takes you to the downloading screen. Then when you get a question wrong, you also get the opportunity to watch an ad and answer a different question, which would be nice if it worked more than 10% of the time. Most times I don’t even bother, but sometimes I’ll have hope that it works and I’ll click on it, only to see the same result as the last however many times where the ad ends and I don’t get the free turn. Even if I watch multiple ads for the free turn it just doesn’t work and I lose the turn anyway, as well as my time. The ad situation in this game makes it almost unplayable. On top of that, the “cookie” situation for the pet. It’ll ask for more and more cookies to feed it as you level up, but the game barely gives you any opportunities to get 1 cookie anymore. That poor pet stays hungry until it just runs away because I can’t play every hour of my day in hopes to get enough cookies for it. This game used to be 5 stars, what a shame.
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4 years ago, frustrated_student72
absolutely incessant ads. Probably the worst case of ads i’ve ever seen in an app. It’s not even the length or anything. Every time I click the screen there’s an ad. Whether it’s for another app or product or within the game it’s self there is no escape. There’s not a single break from ads. Even when I’m winning I get an ad. At the very least you should only get an ad after you’ve lost the point or when your streak is over. But they even happen between points. I had this app a few years ago and I do not remember it being this infuriating. I want to use this app because it has the most amount of users and reach so I trust it. But it’s not even that good. There are too many game options it’s so confusing. Also i wish there was a mode where you had more time to answer so that I could read the question out loud to others and discuss. A non competitive option so you could just challenge yourself and friends to answer trivia questions. Also the questions themselves are pretty inconsistent with super dumb questions and very advanced questions. There should be a better way to pick the level and age group of trivia questions you get. The ads make me literally scream and I suggest not putting yourself through the agony of having to press x 5 times in a row just to get to the next page.
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5 years ago, Astro3425
Please fix this
I like Trivia Crack, I think it’s a cool app, but there are some things that hinder it from getting five stars. I understand people need to make money through adds. I’m not saying there are too many adds, there are just adds where there shouldn’t be. When playing Triviathon you answer questions non STOP within 10 seconds and if you answer a question wrong or didn’t answer it in time you start again. Seems pretty legit to me, so when playing you shouldn’t be interrupted by adds that make you lose your streak and keep you from getting a higher score and high rewards right? I’m fine with adds but when they pop up and make me lose a round that shouldn’t have been lost, that makes me upset. Please don’t show me adds when I’m in a middle of a game, I’m sure no one wants that. Show me adds when I lose or before I even play. Don’t have pop up adds that take 15 seconds to show and get rid of when I only have 10 seconds to answer a question. This is very frustrating and almost makes me want to delete the app, again! I gave y’all another chance but it seems like things still need to be fixed. Please take this into consideration, I believe it’ll make this app a lot better and will reward itself 5 stars.
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5 years ago, The_Game_Tester
Ads, Lives, etc. What happened to just playing the game?
Once you play a certain amount of games (a very low amount) you run out of lives. Then, you have to wait an hour until your lives refill. Dumbest thing ever!!!! You need to get rid of that. I’m thinking about deleting app now. If it’s not fixed soon, I’m done. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU DON’T LIKE WAITING!!!!!!!! Also the ads are terribly long and often. The game is fun itself, 5 stars when you take out the non-trivial stuff like ads and lives. It ruins the game. Good trivia and categories. Good design. I like this game but all these problems makes it fun but annoying. Please fix it. We all know you’re going to say “thanks for the feedback” but you’re not thankful for it at all. As the “I need space” review says in its last paragraph, you ignore/delete the bad reviews and keep the good ones. You don’t care what we say. It is pretty much a scam, yeah, because all you do is fire an ad at us every question. “Buy this app”, “go to this store”, “buy this item”. Uh, no thanks. Sorry, but, we bought this app to play games, not to buy stuff. So stop asking us to. We don’t care. DUMB STUFF. Actually, forget what I said before. Even if you like waiting, don’t download. You’re gonna end up deleting it right away anyway. You’re going to end up leaving a bad review.
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6 years ago, Peteart
Ads, Ads & more Ads
Trivia Crack used to be fun. About 3 years ago it was great. called ”progress”. The format changes and in came the ads. Relentlessly so. It’s still fun but only somewhat. The coin usage makes little sense since there is no longer any explanation of how many you are spending if you skip a question or use “second chance.” In the earlier version you could count on three coins per use. Now...who knows. You could have a total of 180 coins and after 3 or 4 times of spending them for an advantage find out you don’t have any remaining. And the free spins - even though they allow for you to possible win coins, the other “wins” are absolutely useless. Yet, they are presented as though you actually won something. It’s too bad that this once very good game has devolved into a blatantly crass exercise in getting its players to watch as many ads as possible. After having played over 5k games of Trivia Crack, I’ve been noticing a pattern whenever the wheel spins for the chance at a free prize. Literally 14 times IN A ROW, the wheel goes past the 500 coin slot into a 1 heart. Chance? No way. This game has become fixed. Soon to delete what was once a good game. I certainly won’t miss the avalanche of ads either.
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6 years ago, Mobilista
The Looong Ads
The game is great, but what’s up with the ads that just sit there with “Install Now” on the screen and never go away. I left it up for 5 minutes and no X ever showed up, it just sits there and I have to close the game out just to get rid of it. The 30 second ads are bad enough, but this is ridiculous. Im uninstalling this game. Responding to Developer Response: Thanks for the generic response that you guys will do nothing to improve gameplay for free players. Eventually, people will get tired of the long ads and you will maintain a base set of paid players, which will in itself dwindle after so long because for every paid player, you have at least five free players. I understand ads help keep a game going that the majority of players it has are free playing. But your ads are longer, and more annoying than any other game out there. You give similar responses to anyone who complains, basically stating that you will change nothing and focus solely on pleasing advertising instead of customers. You pull wiki questions and answers, giving all of us, both paid and non-players a mediocre set of questions in an attempt to provide good content but toss it all away for a few quarters of pestering ads. Lowering my rating to two stars based off your uncaring response.
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5 years ago, GrEEnAPPleZ
Awesome game, but it needs to be improved.
I enjoy doing trivia so I can learn new facts. I thought this game would be satisfactory, but there are a never-ending string of ads that appear throughout the game. There will be an ad if you guess the incorrect answer. I know there is a version of this game that does not include ads. However, it is not free and I honestly don’t want to spend money on some pixels. Many people cannot buy the “No ads” version either. I think that this is a major complaint and problem. I have read many of these complaints that have been posted a year or so ago, but apparently, the people that made this game are not doing anything about banning adds. I think that the ads should be eradicated in the free version of Trivia Crack because there are many complaints about it and it is frustrating for some people. I might delete this app soon and find a better trivia game to play that is free, and has a few ads or none of them. To be honest, I am a patient person. However, I do think that this game has too many ads. If there were fewer ads, I think this game would be even more awesome. Thank you for taking your time to read all of this is you did. I hope you have a nice day :)
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7 years ago, Screw you good sir
An egotistical sellout of a game
Like pretty much everyone, I had this game a long time ago and re-downloaded it with some friends. The depths this game has sunk to is astounding. First of all, the amount of ads is shameful. I've never seen an app sell out this hard. Every missed question, every screen change, pretty much anything you do results in an ad, and a lot of them are 30 seconds long. On top of this, I've experienced ads that appear in the middle of a timed game, and some that even make me exit the app, resulting in an automatic loss. It'a really disappointing to think that these developers care about their customers as little as these developers apparently do. They have no pride in their work, no loyalty to fans, all they care about is money. Speaking of loyalty, the developers are trying to fein interest in the desires of their fans when you look at the app's reviews. Many reviews apparently have feedback from developers, but if you dig a bit deeper, you find that it's only a few responses, copied and pasted over and over again. All in all, the game was good and fun at the beginning, but it got corrupted and monetized by the creators somewhere along the way. At this point they might as well be EA. Honestly I feel stupid giving such a pathetic development staff my time by playing the game, and writing such a long review.
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6 years ago, nickname that i am making0274
Amazing game, ridiculous bug
Trivia Crack is a great game. I've had it for about two (2) years now. Throughout this time they've added many amazing features such as cards, triviathon, and trivia rush. They're all great additions to the game that make it thrilling to play. However there's a bug in trivia rush that makes it far from thrilling. In some tournaments in trivia rush, more than often my app will freeze. I was forgiving and thought it was just me or my wifi and it wouldn't happen later. However once I finished one round, the next round it would freeze again. I found out that this happened with my other friends who played the game as well. Now normally if something like this happened I would brush it off and play just for fun and refresh the app and continue to play. However, if I'm paying coins to play the tournament, then it's extremely frustrating when it freezes. I don't have the most coins to start off with. If I have to pay 800 coins to play a tournament and it freezes every round, soon I'll have no coins. Please fix this bug as it is causing me to possess an extreme dislike towards the trivia rush game feature.
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5 years ago, Brynford
I have a pretty big problem
So when I do the survival mode, it will show me my opponents and I’ll just sit there for quite a while and it will just show the question then and I ran out of time because I couldn’t even be on the page with the question on it and it only loads at 0 almost every time! :( it’s sort of frustrating cuz I will get pretty far sometimes and then that glitch will happen. The ads are annoying too, one I’ve seen only twice in like 3 months was certainly not child friendly! It was a slot game ad and had practically naked people in it! ~_~ it was gross nobody wants to see that sort of ad! Please remove those kind of ads!!! And most other ads that you see are very repetitive like homescapes and the weird matchington thing, and they are both like, 45 seconds long, and if you get like maybe five six or seven questions right in trivia-thon you get one of those ads, and when you get a question wrong you can watch an ad to continue, when you get another wrong you get another pop up ad. I like the game but, I don’t like the long ads or inappropriate ads, as for the glitches hopefully you guys can fix them. Thank you for reading this long review. :)
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6 years ago, Wolfgirl_1304
I loved this app so much!! I had so much fun with it to begin with, I mean I played with all my friends and it also taught me new things that I had never knew! I thought it was an awesome app and I think u will to the only problem I’ve had from the start is... AD’s!!! They are so annoying and popped up all the time like when I was trying to click on a game then once I got on the game before I would spin, after and if I answered a question wrong one would pop up(so basically I was already watching an ad to spin!), it really was annoying because then it would ask if I wanted to pay for no ads which yeah would be great but I’m not gonna pay for no ads it’s not fare in my opinion!!! But worst of all I thought the new update was so cool until I noticed instead of getting that “free” spin to boost up whatever u landed on u now have to watch another ad just to spin!!!!! That is totally not right because now I have to watch 2 ads to spin! I know this may sound super petty and stupid but ads can be very frustrating especially since my iPad would start lagging afterwards I loveeeeeeee this app just not the ads! 😉😑😂
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4 years ago, i just want trivia
The ads!
The game in general is fine. You get friends, learn new stuff, and be proud when you get a question right or be the top survivor in survival. But seriously, the ads are redundant, ridiculous, and just so annoying. You get a question right? Here’s an ad. You get a question wrong? Here’s an ad! You literally scroll down the page? HERE’S AN AD. And it’s all for the same people too. Wordscapes, Toon blast, Wordscapes, Toon blast, All. The. Time. I get that you have to make money, but I can usually only play for about five minutes before having to close it because I’ve watched six ads in a row and it’s glitching form them. One time, I watched an ad (cuz I had to) but the screen from before from when it offered me stuff to watch another video had frozen, but the timer was still on. So when I tried to answer the question, woah, big surprise, A ONE MINUTE AD. I get so sick and tired of it that I usually don’t play it, also because there’s no premium that I’m aware of, so there’s no avoiding them, and the game requires WiFi so you can’t just turn off your WiFi and get no ads. Really disappointed, great actual game, but out of all the time I’ve spent on the game, over 70% has just been watching ads.
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6 years ago, Updated without my permiss
Fun, but annoying
This app goes up-and-down in quality. Some days you get free videos to give you extra chances on questions but it seems to be hot and cold. But that ‘is what it is’, they’re free chances. The annoying part is when you get the ads, some of them lock up the app completely & you lose your chance to answer the question when the reason you got the ad in the first place was because you ‘won’ an extra chance to answer a question by watching an ad. Also, (and the advertisers are gonna love this) if you EVER actually buy something from one of those ads you’ll never get back to the game w/o closing it out. So you respond to the ad by buying something & you lose your place in the game, potentially lose the game & lose your chance for bonus coins or chances to answer. Game also changes for no reason. A few weeks ago you had a chance to get extra coins at the end of the game I watching a short video & then you got an extra chance by watching a 32nd video. Now you watch the short video, get nothing & then have to watch the 32nd video to get a one time chance that extra coins. Very hot & cold & glitchy but sort of fun.
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6 years ago, Primer315
Ads Are Trash
First off, the ads are outrageous on this game. It was never like this in the past, but I understand it needs to be funded somehow. Secondly, there are some ads that pop up that are kind of inappropriate for younger crowds, and being that this is a game, I am sure there is quite a handful of youngins playing. Third, the thing that bugs me the most is that I will have my phone on silent and somehow, some way, the ad will start playing and the sound will start up (loud as h*ll - and catches me off guard) only to see that the “speaker” button has already been muted on the ad.. which makes absolutely zero sense. Finally, the thing about the ads in this game that happens to be the strangest thing in the world is that for some reason the length of the ad is just abnormally Long.. even though the time is the same as ads on the other games. It really doesn’t make sense how that even works, but I assure you others have noticed it too.. To wrap things up, I gave it a 2-Star instead of a 1-Star because I actually enjoy the game as a whole. It’s fun, and easy to use (minus the constant ads getting in the way). I believe for now, that is all I have to say. Would love to see some improvements in the future though.
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5 years ago, andreaj5
The app is not the best!
The app is ok in general. It is a fun game that strengthens your brain. The problem is that there is such long ads in between every 3-5 questions. To add on, the ads are really long and most the time there isn’t a skip button. Also, if there is a skip button, it is in the corner and is sooo small that you can’t see it! Finally, the app glitches out a lot for me. For example, one time I was playing my friend and I got an entertainment question that was blank and had no question nor answers. Through that the timer kept going and I couldn’t play and I lost that turn cause of it. This has happened many times to me! Also, sometimes it glitches and I click the answer but it doesn’t let me. Then either the timer freezes and I have to restart the app, or the timer keeps going and I lose the game! Finally, sometimes I click the to go on in the game, and immediately get an ad. After the ad finishes I get a screen with the question and the times up sign! I don’t get the chance to even look at the question and I get the times up sign just from the ad!! The only reason that this game gets a two is because of these couple issues and glitches! Plz fix it!!
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1 year ago, AmazonAl
I’m about to delete this game after playing it for years unless they clean up the answers
I’ve played this game for years ever since it first came out. I play it daily, all throughout the day, to the point where my family jokes that I’m obsessed. I’ve enjoyed the characters and the different games, and they seem to try and keep it fresh. It has been great, even with its flaws, UNTIL recently. Recently there has been a ridiculous amount of terrible answer choices and it has gotten to the point where the game is unplayable and frustrating. For example, all 4 answers will be correct and I just have to guess. Or 2 answers will be correct but most don’t see the second answer and that’s the one that needs to be chosen. Or the correct answer is “wrong”. It’s like the questions are submitted by children who just want to play stupid pranks to mess people up. I realize that players submit the questions, but they have been fairly accurate until recently. If most answers are wrong, this game is now a joke and unplayable. I’m giving this a short time longer and then I’m going to find another game to play bc this is frustrating and not at all what a trivia game should be. It’s now close to garbage unfortunately.
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5 years ago, Loves trivia games
Unbearable ads
I used to play this game tons a couple years ago and I LOVED IT. The other day I was going through my phone and remembered how amazing this game was and realized that I had not played it for a long time. I launched the app and started playing again. I very quickly realized that things had changed, and not for the better. You can’t do ANYTHING without being forced to watch anywhere from a 5 to 30 second ad, and sometimes it’s multiple ads in a row. While in this app you will spend more than half your time watching ads. You spend 10 seconds answering a question, and then have to watch an ad. And if the ads weren’t bad enough, it seems like you get a lot of notifications or prompts to spend money on lives, or coins, or power ups, or to get the premium version. The best part is, you get prompted to spend money right after you just got done watching an ad. I love this game and want to play it, but the game is currently unplayable for me. Hopefully it changes. I’m not opposed to having advertisements in one form or another with free to play games, but right now it feel like the bad guys from the movie “Ready Player One”, who want sell 90% of your visual space to advertisers.
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4 years ago, yamx5
Quality has plummeted; way too many ads
I used to love this game 5-6 years ago. But hadn’t played it since then. I recently re-downloaded it excited to get back into it, only to wind up extremely disappointed. The app takes forever to load when I open it. 70% of the time I have to exit and reopen several time before it finally loads. Also, you know only have 24h to make a play (or was that always the case? I don’t remember) But the worst part is the ADVERTISEMENTS. A literal bombardment of them. It’s nice that you can watch an ad if you miss a question (up to the 3rd miss) or watch an ad to spin again so you get a different category, or watch an ad for a “power up”, but it also makes each turn take so much longer. Of course, you could elect not to watch the ads, but that would be horrible strategy unless you know for certain your opponent is doing the same. Thus, if you have any sense of competition, you have to watch several ads just to make it through one turn. Otherwise, you essentially forfeit. Trivia crack used to be a game that was quick and entertaining. But the advertisements make it feel like utter chaos and honestly make me delay my turns because it’s such a chore.
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6 years ago, Epish69
What is up?!?
First, I love this game, however, the ads etc., have gotten out of hand, and on my iPhone 6s they often CRASH my app! Ev n when I watch the video I often do not get my prize or the video replays two or three times until I have to exit and force the app to quit! Here’s problem # 2 - game cheats- I’ve been hearing people know wats to force quit and reopen to find answers, this really ruins the game - PLEASE FIX THE Ability to see questions before you answer them! Problem 3 — TODAY I PLAYED TWO NEW ROUNDS- on both games I got TWO CORRECT ANSWERS and then the game just quit. This is getting common place, I like this game a lot, but if I can’t play a normal game, and then my challenger wins because the game quits on me, IT IS JUST NOT FUN OR CHALLENGING ANYMORE! There was no link in the game to report this problem, so I’ve had to go back to the App Store to post this. If I need to pay to fix it, I will but I absolutely don’t wish to play if the games is having this many problems, please please work on the game, because no matter how many advertisements you add, if you lose players then it doesn’t really matter what the game is or what sponsors support it HELP- fix this game!
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7 years ago, **lexi 654**
Waste of Time
This review is aimed at anyone who, like me, is thinking of redownloading the game that used to be super fun. Unfortunately, it’s super obvious the developers of this game don’t care whatsoever about the quality or even their customers because every single review calls attention the alarming amount of ads that ruin the game. The ads in the game have gotten to the point that you are spending a significantly larger amount of time watching adds and Xing out of videos/pop ups that you don’t actually get to play the game. The company is so intent on making a profit that the ads actually interfere with your games. I’ve lost turns and therefore even entire games because I’ll have an Ad pop up during the (TIMED) game. It seems that every time you click on something or change screens another ad pops up. And some are even scam ads so shame on the company for subjecting your loyal game players to this. I will never download this app again. It’s absolutely shameful. Developers of you do read this, creating an app should be a fun and creative experience for both you and your customers. App making is not intended on making profits and there are better ways to go about getting money that sacrificing the entire game and your fan base. Pitiful really.
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4 years ago, mddue
I used to have trivia crack a long time ago and recently began playing again. There’s new forms of gameplay which are fun, but honestly the amount of ads in the app is just horrifying. Usually I’m not bothered by ads, but I am done playing trivia crack because they are so awful. I can’t stand it. This was great game that has been ruined by the constant stream of banners or pop ups. It may seem like I a exaggerating, but an ad pops up every time you navigate to a different page in the app, begin to play a new round or begin a turn where you play for an icon. You also get the option to watch an add for a bonus almost every turn. When you answer a question wrong and your turn ends, a pop up comes up with the option to watch a video to save your turn, and when your turn is officially over, you are forced to watch two adds play, THEN you are asked TWICE to pay or watch another ad in order to spin a wheel. So that’s five things to navigate through when you lose a turn. Read through a few reviews and you’ll realize how bad it is, and that people are not happy about it... I just am sad to see that a great game has come to this, and I’m honestly so disappointed that it has turned into such actual garbage...
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6 years ago, @#catintheflame
I need space
I agree with “ Too Many Changes” I think that this game is a total scam because it’s just an advertisement opportunity. They try and get you to spend money on dumb things. One time I bought some power ups and it said that those weren’t the right kind and that I had to buy other things and couldn’t get a refund on the stuff I bought because it said I had already and I quote “ I’m sorry these bonus points aren’t useful here, to keep these bonuses you will have to pay $8” first of all they’re not sorry, second of all I can’t use the bonus points I bought wherever I want? And third you telling me that I have to pay “rent” on a game that’s surprised to be free. Now I know that as soon as I press the send button it’s going to say “thank you for your feedback” but we all know that they don’t care what we say they just delete all the bad reviews and keep all the good ones. The reason my review is called “ I need space” is because while the I’m playing the game the music gets stuck on side my head and starts messing with my brain. Now most people are just like well they have a pet peeve who cares but the music is the most annoying thing in the world
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2 years ago, Sabrinaanorwoodd
Really fun game! Lots of ads and bugs **PLEASE FIX**
I decided to re-download this old gem after seeing their new interactive show on Netflix! I was really excited to start playing some trivia, but noticed a couple bugs and inconveniences along the way. After every trivia match, an ad will appear that you are able to exit after a few seconds. Not that bad at first, but after every match, it was getting old really quick! Wish there was an ad-free version because I wouldn’t DEFINITELY pay to bypass the annoying pop ups. Secondly, after so many plays, you are promoted to either pay “raffle tickets” or watch a free ad in order to continue playing. I opted for the free video, and to my surprise, it was not recognizing the rewards! I thought I might have clicked the “x” too soon, so I watched another ad and again it did not register the reward. I was pretty disappointed since I was far in the challenge, but I guess things like this are bound to happen with free games. I hope the creators see this and fix the bugs, as this is a very enjoyable and mind challenging game!
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4 years ago, Wordyz92
Good; could be better
Update: Although the vast majority of answers to questions are correct, some are wrong. For example, I just got eliminated because I answered that Shel Silverstein is the author of A Light in the Attic. The game has the correct answer as Robert Frost. In a game like this, accuracy is necessary. Also, grammar and spelling need to be correct. It’s an ok game, with a variety of challenges. There is a wide variety of subjects. I would prefer less entertainment-related questions, but other people prob like it. I’m a very good reader, but some questions are too long, leaving too little time to answer. The treasure mine, where you play against one other player, would be much better if the loser didn’t lose 6. That’s too much of a penalty. It is a good part of the app otherwise. Spelling in some questions and answers is incorrect. It would greatly improve the app if it made clear how you can use all of the different rewards. Most annoying is that in duels it sometimes does not count correctly, giving incorrect score. Also, questions sometimes are cut off so that important parts of the question cannot be seen.
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5 months ago, jds4life
Beware: They will steal your money.
I would be very careful before you provide these guys with any of your hard earned money. I had an account with some money in it, and hadn’t used it in awhile. I got an email that they will start charging me an account maintenance fee unless I login. I was just going to withdraw whatever my account balance was, but when I tried opening the old app it says that I need to download an new version of the app. So I found the app in the store, and tried to login, it keeps thinking I am a new user and don’t have an account balance. I have tried emailing the support 3 times and they either don’t assist me or provide instructions that don’t work. They could easily just withdraw my money from my account and close my account as I repeatedly requested. But that isn’t their goal, their goal is for me to give up so they can slowly take my money through a monthly maintenance fee. That’s probably how they likely make the real money is to steal money from their players who no longer use the app. I am warning you to not put any money in their app that you are not prepared to lose, not just through their games, but to the company and their underhanded tactics.
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Spend money? Why? To earn worthless coins!
App is such a ripoff when you buy stuff! All you get is chance to earn one or two of the things you’re spending a lot of money to get and win first place and useless coins. If you spend money and play a lot there should be more chances to win real rewards like power ups and tickets. I regret ever spending a dime here! No more!!! I’ll only be playing to learn odd facts now...and these I’ll have to verify elsewhere as the answers here are often wrong. BTW, the useless coins that are showered in abundance, where do you spend them??? Please tell me what to do with hearts and coins! I have looked EVERYWHERE and all your game tells me is how to get more hearts and coins! Edit your questions. Some are wrong, some outdated, but most annoying are the endless questions about old TV shows. Just lost a round because question was “How many teams has Tom Brady played for?” Hey Trivia Crack, he already won a Super Bowl with his second team but I “missed” because your app still says only one! At least one question per round seems to be about the show “Friends!” Twenty years ago and minutiae about “Friends???” C’mon!
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7 years ago, BillyRaye
Thoroughly entertaining but too many ads
I’ve played this game for a while now and I can honestly say it’s a great game for trivia. The questions are usually well written and the categories cover a wide expanse. Recently though the number of advertisements has increased to a frustratingly high amount. The new single player mode is great but features a mandatory ad after every wrong answer and after a string of five. I’ll glance away after seeing the same product ad for the fifth time in two minutes only to find that I’ve missed half of the question. The other troubling thing is that in classic mode you have to watch an ad after every wrong answer and then get a bonus wheel where as what could be offered is “hey want to play the bonus wheel? Watch this ad first” this way you don’t have to watch the ad if you don’t feel like spinning the wheel. Other than that though the game is good. Friendly advice to all players: if you see a question with a wrong answer don’t forget to report it. The mods seem pretty on the spot about it because I’ve only ever seen one or two blatantly wrong ?s.
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4 years ago, justinhasnolife
Fun but Could Be Better
Overall I like trivia crack. It speaks to my inner random knowledge and it’s fun to go head to head with other players. But it kind of ticks me off at some parts of the game. For example: I had notifications on for some of the time I’ve had this, and this is not an understatement but it’s really messed up. First off, if anything at all happens it will notify you. For everyone you’re playing against, if an update comes, whatever the situation is. I think that they could rework it to make the notifications different so it groups everyone who you’re playing against. Also, every notification shows up twice. I don’t know if it’s only me or if it’s something that happens to everyone but devs it could be an easy patch. There are a couple other things, for instance a lot of it is pay to play, and they don’t write a lot of their own questions and rather use a lot of user based questions. With these things implemented, I’m going to leave it at 4 stars. But overall fun game if you’re okay with constant ads and purchases.
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2 years ago, Bree04
ADS!!!! Too Many & For Nothing!!!
As any free game goes, there are bound to be ads that go along with the free play. I totally understand there to be ads after the end of an incorrect answer, but for a while now there has either been 2-3 ads after an incorrect answer before getting back to your Home Screen to do your next game or my personal favorite…. Second Chance if you Watch This Ad, only to watch the ad & get NO SECOND CHANCE!!!! So thanks for making me sit through a min long ad, followed by a 30 second “try” portion to then just show me the answer I just got incorrect, not give me my second chance question, & then give me yet another ad before taking me back to my Home Screen. There are soooooooooo many ads that happen here that I constantly have to close the game & go back in just to keep playing. It’s ridiculous! So although I understand the reason as to why there are ads, but the fact that there are that many to where I have to exit & come back as well causing the second chances not to happen is really irritating.
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6 years ago, Fluffysocks04
It was fun until it became pathetic.
I had fun playing the game until anytime I lost a turn, it wouldn’t let me watch a video to revive myself. It will sit there on a blank grey screen then I have to close the app and re open it. I had 19 diamonds and I said for whimsical to go 9 times. It took 10 diamonds not 9 and it didn’t give me 9 characters. It gave me 2. I tried again and it took the rest of my diamonds (10 more) and didn’t give me any characters at all and I tried to get the diamonds back but it won’t give it to me. Pathetic app. Very disappointed with the making of this app and the developers. If a developer reads this, I want 20 diamonds back. - I posted the review above on January 21st 2018. I am writing about it now, June 6th 2018. I still haven’t gotten a response from a developer and now I really need help. It logged me out cuz I restored my phone and I went to play later and it said I need a password. I never had one before and the email I had my account under is gone(like I am physically not allowed to use it) and now I can’t play and I’m realllly mad cuz I spent $ on the game to get lives and I was on a high level and now it is all gone. I am expecting a well written response on why this is happening.
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7 years ago, DinostarNM
Shadow of its former self
I first started playing Trivia Crack when it was released. I've never actually deleted the app. So over the years I've witnessed the changes that have been made and it's unfortunate that the developers have focused more on the financial profits rather than the quality. Nearly anything you do within the app itself now almost results in some type of ad ranging from 5-30 seconds. Honestly, sometimes I feel as if the developers should pay me for watching so many of them. Other times the ads crash the app or freeze any other activity. One other problem I hate is that the content of the questions has become less educational and more pop culture. I may know what the Treaty of Versailles is or what the significance of the Industrial Revolution may have had on Europe but surely not who Kanye West dated 7 years ago or what year Miley Cyrus lost her first tooth. It's like the developers have no interest in returning to their glory days of the app. Sadly, I think Trivia Crack will one day be forced to dissolve under the ever growing presence of marketing ads. And based on the reviews I've read, that day may come sooner than the makers think.
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4 years ago, ToastedSyrup
A nostalgic gem ruined
Used to be a super fun game. Now the questions are lame, the ads are intrusive and even find your way to the games can be a hassle. They offer players the ability to basically cheat by watching an ad to go on like you didn’t mess up which ruins the point of it being head to head. Sometimes, the tug of war mode which is goofy to say the least, since it doesn’t offer a skip question so it’s easier to lose points than gain them and no way to say “hey i don’t know this” without being penalized as opposed to slowing you down. Not to mention sometimes it just freezes and you have to sit out the time unable to do anything. There’s all these “prizes” and “extra modes” now but they have no purpose besides encourage more ad watching. Seriously disappointed. I’m just gonna make it known that this is not worth coming back to, even if you did enjoy it before. Read other reviews, some of these ones complaining about ads have responses saying “we care blah blah blah”. But some of those are from literal years ago. Clearly, they do not actually care. You’ll probably get more enjoyment out of trivial pursuit than this, any day of the week.
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5 years ago, Deia deia deia
If not for the ads...
In my friend groups, I’m called upon as the token trivia nerd. I love games like this, where my miscellaneous knowledge on random subjects can FINALLY be of use, and where I can learn more tidbits of knowledge to add to my mental catalogue. Making it to Jeopardy is on my bucket list, and the trivia I’ve picked up in this app has indeed helped me in playing along with the show at home. But, man... every other review is saying it, and I’ll say it too: PLEASE cut back on the ads! I do not need to see another ad after every question! It’s frustrating! It’s never anything that I’m interested in buying or downloading! It always interrupts the flow of the game! And I never feel compelled enough to pay for the adless version!! I’d really rather just quit then have to deal with them, because if I were to give in and pay that $1.99 or whatever, then what would you learn about placing your ads well? Nothing. Not that you’d learn either way, but it’s like 2 AM and I can’t go to sleep because I’m so angry about it. That’s not how you advertise. That’s just how you frustrate people. Like, at least try to hide the fact that you’re grabbing for cash. 😔
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2 years ago, Jcasey211
Advertising Mess
I started playing trivia crack a few years ago on my iPad. I really enjoyed the game. It had fun trivia questions from different categories in a competitive manner. It has many fun additional features, such as a card vending machine. So imagine my surprise when I install it and find it crawling in ads. Now, I play many mobile games. Each one has its fair share of advertisements. But this game overdoes it. Every time you open the app you receive an ad. When you close that, you find ads on the main screen. Then, whenever you lose a game, you get another ad. Then, after getting a lucky spin, you get another ad. Finally, your at the main screen where you get a bunch of ads. On top of that, while your playing, you have a chance of being interrupted by an ad, making you lose the game. Ever single action find you make in the game an ad appears. I used to think that the developers were respectable, but clearly I was wrong. I am furious about that amount of ads that are on the game. The game itself is good, but the ads make it unplayable. Until they actually start doing something about it, I’m leaving this review at one star.
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2 years ago, Theodore 123
Lot to say
This game is great. No doubts about that. Although, I have a couple issues. The game rating is 4+. I am not four, but yes. The questions are difficult for anyone under 18 (A couple exceptions) to answer. They are about tv shows for people 13 and up, so how would a 6 year old know about that? Also, the ads. Ads are insane in this game. About 2/3 of the questions have ads. Sure, they have to make money, but come on. Little less ads? Maybe 1/4 or something? Also, not an issue, but the hamster thing is really random. Can someone tell me the purpose of it? One more issue is that the screen in survival arena once you get it wrong is SO ANNOYING. It says wrong, but for 5 seconds. After that, and only after that, it shows the right answer. Oh well. Other than those issues, I love the game. The survival options with 10 or 100 is genius, the classic is fun, the wheel is not too long to spin (like other games), and so much more. Please respond to me, developers. Thanks
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2 years ago, southsidesuicide
i love this game. it’s fun to play with friends, family and strangers and i really do end up learning something new every day.. BUT THE ADS. first of all, i understand that the game needs advertisements to make money, so i’m not upset about seeing the occasional ad… but recently, the game has been giving me an advertisement every 2-4 questions, even after getting them correct.. and the thing that gets on my nerves the most: is when i’m playing something like trivia topic, or a game with a friend, i’ll be halfway through and it gives me an ad, and then i CANNOT close out of the ad.. making me lose my “chance” and all the points i’ve gotten. same thing happens when i use a “free answer” or “tickets” to keep playing,, the game’s ad will glitch and i’ll have to restart the whole app, and it will still use my chance/ points/power-ups.. this issue really should be fixed because it makes the game a lot less enjoyable. i’ve played this game on and off for years and it never used to have these kind of issues.
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3 years ago, Mikeyv49
Pay to play… no pay no play. can’t really get ahead
So for one, every one on one game requires a 60 cent buy in, but even if you win you only win 40 cents, so if you lose a game, you need to win two in a row to get back to where you were. So unless you are in the top ten players on the app, if you win a round you will always be paired with someone who is scoring higher so you continue to lose. Second, in live matches you don’t know who you’re being paired with before you buy in. I was paired with the same player three times in a row who was way higher ranked and despite me scoring very well every time, the opponent was exceptional and scored near perfect games in all three matches. Every time I joined a tournament, I was always paired with the one player in the bracket that scored highest. Everyone else in the bracket scored lower but due to being paired with the one player that scores higher, I lose the buy in to the tournament. So all this to say, based on the entry fee, bracket structure, and matching algorithm, you must pay to play always, and unless you are the very highest scoring players on the entire app, you will only lose money playing this game.
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5 years ago, Brookie💕
Things this game needs to improve on
Well first of all let’s talk about the ads. The ads in this game pop up constantly and constantly and keep coming up. Let me tell you right now, it’s really annoying. I’m just trying to play the game and answer the questions and I don’t want to download any games or anything. Second of all, when I first tapped on the game there was a lot of confusion because there where a bunch of different things and it was just unorganized and so on. Also I don’t get the opponent thing. I can’t even explain it because I don’t get it. That’s how much I don’t get it. I also think the creators should add instructions if it is your first time clicking on the game. It should show all the buttons and how you use them. And also show that your supposed to spin the wheel and and answer the question with the correct answer. I know these are really basic things but it’s just Incase they don’t get it. That was just a suggestion(but I think you should add it) I know there are some people who would agree with me on all this stuff. Thank you for your time and I hope you keep improving the game!👍🏻
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6 years ago, roastable.asian
I really do like this app. I like the way it works and everything. But some of the aspects of it are not good. First of all, there is this glitch where people who didn’t answer within the certain time period automatically says that they answered. I can tell because I get a spam of notifications about an hour before the game expires and they all come at the same time. No way that they all answered at the exact same time. Second of all, some of the questions I submit never gets answered anymore. Hence it just sits there waiting for it to be accepted (which is never) Third of all, there are just so much ads like dang. I get a question wrong and every time I do that, I get an add, and some of them are quite lengthy. And then the screen pops up that if you want a free item, you have to watch an ad. But even before you could click it, there’s an ad you have to watch, and then when it ends it doesn’t even give you the item. I mean I like this app but the fact that I could be winning because the opponents didn’t answer just ticks me off.
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5 years ago, dorito pants
It was only a matter of time...
I don’t expect you to read this, but I got this game when it first released. I had been looking for a good trivia game the days prior, and what do you know, it released. It wasn’t too big, but it blew up quickly. I feared its inevitable corruption. I played for about 3 months and I grew bored of the game. I only recently decided to redownload it, to which I discovered what it had become. The “Lives” system is absurd. The game will ask you laughably easy questions to the point of near patronization. Then hit you with a question or two that guarantees your loss. You play more games and this trend remains until, before long, you have lost all lives. You now decide to play the new Triviathon, because you got this game for the purpose of having fun and testing your knowledge. Again, laughably easy questions, but lives aren’t used in this mode. Aha, but you couldn’t have fun THAT easy. You get an add mid game that makes you lose a turn. That’s funny, must have been a fluke. Nope. It happens again and again until you look at the other reviews on the app to find that many have the same problem. Thank you for reading this novel. Have a nice day.
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4 years ago, Nostateblues
Unmoderated questions with blatantly wrong answers
The game is filled with questions that only require a simple google search to easily debunk the answers. What’s really infuriating is that, because the game doesn’t in any way compensate for bad questions, more often than not, this will cause you to lose a match. There is a way in game to report questions, but there is no sort of response to your report or any indication that they received your report. Now, there is a way to receive a second chance with a fresh question after getting the first one wrong by watching an ad. This would be fine, if it worked half of the time. Most of the time, and sadly not just in this case, I’ll watch the entire ad and not receive any of the things I was promised in exchange. This app overall is a complete rip off filled with fake facts and overpriced in-app purchases/scams. What’s really disgusting is a lot of these problems, in particular the amount of bad questions, the devs are aware of and have been for YEARS (2015 was the earliest time I could find anywhere on their site mentioning this problem), and yet they continue to do nothing to solve it. Don’t waste your time
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