Tropical Financial CU

4.8 (4.3K)
42.2 MB
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Tropical Financial Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tropical Financial CU

4.84 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
5 years ago, ALuis58
Simple and easy. Only needs Bill Pay
I like the simplicity and few options for almost all our needs. Only missed the Bill Pay. Is easy to navigate and fast. Keep the easy and minimalistic format, even if bill pay can not included. Update: bill pay is excellent too. My only complaint is that we receive a fee if don’t make at least 2 or 3 pays on the site per month. I consider it unfair.
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2 years ago, Happylamb18
“Unspecified Host Error”
I have not been able to log in or use the app AT ALL since early August 2022, it is now nearly September 2022. Every time I attempt a login, I get “unspecified host error” as the message. I have tried closing it out and reopening the app, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and nothing works. I am at my wit’s end. I live on the west coast of the US now and there is obviously no branch nearby for me to deal with my banking issues. Online banking used to be easy with TFCU, with the exception of Bill Pay costing you money if you don’t use it “enough” by their standards. Trying to make calls to TFCU to address issues has proven very difficult because of the difference in time zones. I have been a member of TFCU for 15+ years, and wished to remain with them as my father and I have gotten to know many of the TFCU employees personally, but the quality of usage and technology as we move forward into the 21st century has been getting poorer and poorer. I may have to begin to consider closing my account.
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1 year ago, Adele SMW
Very Upset!
This update is very frustrating! We now have everyone’s bank information, that we are linked with, in our pocket branch, and they have ours. There is no privacy and your linked account can now be transferred in and out of, by other than account holder. I found out, you can hide the linked accounts, but then cannot transfer into, unless you unhide.
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8 months ago, Mobile deposit check deposit
Mobile deposit
My mobile deposit was not accepted it says poor image. I looked at the image and it is clear This has happened before. I have to repeatedly redo the deposit. I think the system that evaluates the photo needs to be reviewed. Something has changed. I never had this issue until the last few months.
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3 years ago, Lanaziah
I love Tfcu but I have a slight issue there is not enough room for those who are trying to re-establish there credit I have a prepaid credit card for a while never was offered another credit card to try to get credit I need. There are no loans with higher interest rate to help. You all should be more empathetic for your customers.
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4 years ago, Samona_Flowers
The app looks like it was made in 2010, it’s hard to navigate and took me about a week to get set up. My account was blocked for unknown reasons and I spoke with tech support who kept giving me the same information. Someone finally actually looked at my account and then resolved it. The app is confusing and looks outdated. More effort should be put in especially now when most banks are closed and we have social distancing. I have other bank apps that are user friendly and have a clear layout. I’m 29 and I’m saying that so imagine someone in their 70’s trying to use this thing.
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4 years ago, Carrerafl
The best!!
I’ve been banking with Tropical Financial Credit Union for over twenty years, and I am so satisfied with all the services and programs they offer to the working class people like me and my family. Exceptional customer service! Thank you very much.
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3 years ago, 93770
Unable to view/print cleared checks
Over the years some things have improved on the website, but it is now less mobile friendly for me since I have been unable to print my cleared checks. This is essential to anyone needing proof of payment and preparing for tax season. ZELLE is needed in today’s world!
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2 years ago, Best by far.
Long time customer!
I have been been banking with tropical since 1989!! No matter where I go, and where I live, Tropical will always be my bank!
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2 years ago, iamchrisrich
No Lock Option
I am giving four stars because unlike Discover, Amex and Capital One. There is no Lock option in the app or on the website. That is ridiculous.
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1 week ago, AllYourMacsAreBelongToUs
Zero ways to transfer money between external accounts
1) you can’t do anything with this app! Cant even manage the debit card, it makes you download another app just to do that. 2) there’s no way to transfer money between external accounts, i.e. NO ZELLE INTEGRATION! What a joke. If I didn’t have an auto loan with them I’d cancel my membership. It’s like their banking system is stuck back in the 90s 🤡
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7 years ago, jackinthevox
Does what I need it to do
The app makes check deposits, transfers, bill paying, and account balance enquiries from a phone convenient and fast.
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5 months ago, Nubian 77
This is more than a bank it’s a family and I appreciate having them as my financial institution..
I For
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2 years ago, Rad jazz fan
Customer since 1972
Loans, daily banking, cars and all my banking needs have always been at Tropical
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5 years ago, Renomorphh
Constantly crashes
Almost every time I go on this app it CONSTANTLY says it’s unable to show my account or get access to it. EVERY time!!!!!!! This is horrible. It wasn’t this bad before but it’s done this for a while now it’s it’s extremely frustrating when I can’t access my own bank account because of some ridiculous error. FIX THIS!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Alwyshappy
You were one of the first internet banking!
Hate using other websites! Thanks for keeping updated from the beginnings
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2 years ago, jcrkmrcp
The app is easy to use and I can get all of my information without any stress.
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2 years ago, luly's iphone
Deposit feature not working
The camera doesn’t open up to take a photo of the check
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1 year ago, sweetjitt
Fix Software!
This app ALWAYS “updating” when TFCU system is down the banking app is as well. I’m tired of this app not allowing me to login in and if you put your password in wrong 2 times, you’re automatically locked out. Please fix this software it’s a inconvenience to the customers.
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1 year ago, GRwoody
Happy Banker
The TFCU app makes every day banking a breeze,and paying bills thru the app even easier 👍
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6 years ago, Nikki New York
Check deposit
All of a sudden it’s been cropping my checks after submitted. When I submit they are fine but then rejected and the image days later is like completely different! So weird having to redo checks every week.
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2 years ago, AnnieCab
Has not been updated
App hasn’t been updated in 9 month. Deposit camera doesn’t work anymore. Tried nailing my deposit to Miami. Came back k undeliverable. What up with TFCU?
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6 years ago, cheerBiker
Polly Stottlemire, West Palm Beach
Tropical Financial credit union is the best Banking / Lender I have ever had in my lifetime. The staff is amazing. They always make me feel like a valuable and respected customer. You dont have to be wealthy to feel important at this bank. I refer all of my clients to them. Thank you for your excellent service and kindness! Polly Stottlemire, Realtor Illustrated Properties
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1 year ago, Wess117
Terrible for service!
This app, tho it can be helpful. It’s terrible! I’m trying to see why I got 7 emails saying my account is at risk, but then offer no way to contact someone directly! “The call back” USELESS! No help there either! If u don’t have to use this horrible app?? DONT!
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3 years ago, AAMiami2018
App Mobile
Fast and easy to use.
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5 years ago, yannelim
Love this bank
Best bank I have ever been, they are responsible, and that makes me feel so safe.
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8 months ago, Andinmia
Super friendly App !
Easy to use
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3 years ago, BobB305
Very fast & always accurate
Great Service
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4 years ago, facial101
Very easy to navigate :-)
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2 years ago, dwhite1969
Camera 👎
The camera function for depositing checks has stopped working. Nothing by a blurry image on iPhone 14 Pro. Useless!
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5 years ago, Te Riv
Great bank
Great bank! I have had it for years!
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6 years ago, jhp658
Very handy
Love the convenience and it is very user friendly
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5 years ago, carrera services
Thank you Tropical FCU
Very easy and convenient to use.
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6 years ago, mayvia6
Very good excellent service
Excellent service very good
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5 years ago, 809-820
I would like to view my transactions in my app but I can’t do that
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2 years ago, Pauls Iphone X
Mobile deposit
This function hasn’t been working and I reached out for help with no response
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4 months ago, Alec conde
Ever since they did the upgrade it has been a mess…. Don’t trust them
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6 years ago, Hans Maestre Sr
Love My Tropical Financial
Best Banking Institution!
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3 years ago, MSMelva76
No atm’s
Now enough atm’s. Not happy. The bank in Macy’s closed. Smh
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4 years ago, hisbabymomma
Auto loan
It’s only for banking you can’t login in for your auto loan which would be super convenient for me if I could
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5 years ago, Loyalist Cus
The worst experience
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5 years ago, romanreign9898
like it!
and love it!!!
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6 years ago, Emem Mendy
Wonderful app.
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13 years ago, Runvsone
Finally seeing my Credit Union on iPhone
South Florida's TFCU on the iPhone! Works fast, no special thrills. Gives you your balance for checking, savings and loans. Allows transfers and has a cool ATM located for nearest locations to you. Also has easy way to contact bank. Great job, beats Safari login. No issues and thanks!!!
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3 years ago, Slotto123
No zelle
No zelle on app
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11 years ago, $hayelyn
Could be better, could be worse
I used to use EZ Deposits and had no problems. Yes, I had to pay for a stamp. I don't live anywhere near an actual branch or partner branch so have to use whatever they make available. It takes me about 5 minutes to make a deposit now. I have only had it accept 1 or 2 deposits without an 'are you sure . . .' question and I've had 1 deposit returned. I get quite a few rebate checks and it seems like it's not quite equipped to take a check in any form, not just a standard check.
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10 years ago, Jay"snooks"
Great, but.....
App is great but missing key banking features that are new and are safer for its users. The first key feature that has been a great success that apple implemented was Touch ID if you guys can utilize this feature and scale the app to fit iPhone 6/ 6plus great. Apple pay would be nice ... Easier payment option will be waiting ... Christmas is around the corner also maybe a widget .... But that's me being greedy.
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10 years ago, Ven99
Works well..needs additional features.
I like the way the app works on my iPad. It's great to be able to tap the accounts and they turn like tiles. I also like the transfer funds tab. I use finance works, so I still have to use my laptop to access it and categorize my spending, etc. I also like bill pay better on the laptop. Shows all recent payments in one column. Add/improve those two things and it would be about perfect.
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12 years ago, Kyle houlihan
Needs much improvement
I would leave half a star i i could. Need to have more electronic bill payments and remove the money from each account when a check is cut. It's misleading when a check is paid out u can't tell if the money was removed for The account and then the bank charges you a NSF fee when it partially their fault for the functionality and incompleteness of their website. Need to add payment manager to the app Instead of having to sign into the website. not convenient or mobile friendly. If you want an idea for an app go open a Citibank account, download their app and design yours off of theirs. Thinking about closing my account with tropical because how they operate/function effects my money. They also don't release my payroll check until 8-9am on payday when everyone else's gets released at midnight.
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9 years ago, Ballorama
Need to fix Touch ID
Overall the app is great and extremely convenient. However the new implementation of the Touch ID has wavered my stance on the app. I have tried multiple times to activate the Touch ID setting but only half of the message is displayed in the pop up and it will not allow me to accept in order to activate the feature. Fix this please!
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