Tropicana Casino NJ

1.6 (172)
26.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Caesars Interactive Entertainment
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tropicana Casino NJ

1.64 out of 5
172 Ratings
2 weeks ago, NickieNewarker
Constant Lockout
Every three to four months, especially after winning streaks, expect to be locked out of your account. They constantly ask for the same documents to be uploaded to identify yourself. I’ve submitted a drivers license, utility bill and proof of residency via a utility bill at least three times in the past 6 months. None of my information changes. Forget trying to talk to someone about. It’s a waste of time & energy trying to get someone to answer you on the phone or chat options. It’s very frustrating!! And yes; I’m locked out once again!
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9 months ago, Oscar - Philly
I can’t load slots anymore from this App
Back in October of 2022 I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 14 and upon completion of the setup I discovered that I was unable to use 3 of my favorite real money casino apps and sadly Tropicana_NJ is one of them. Golden Nugget and HardRock are the other two. No one from customer service in all three Apps were able to help me figure out what was going on and eventually I gave up and only gambled with the Apps that I was able to. Now it is August 2023 and I received an email from Tropicana offering me a couple promotions that I was ecstatic to receive. Completely forgetting that I couldn’t play here I quickly logged in and I only recalled the other two Apps I named giving me the problem and I thought it’s been months since that happened it has to be corrected by now but sadly after accepting one bonus I couldn’t get the slot or any slot to load up for me and I’m beyond disappointed. Again no one can help and I’m crushed. Having the latest Apple product should never be a hindrance so someone really needs to figure this out. I play religiously with Rivers, Borgata and MGM so Trop and the others are missing out on a great player…
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10 months ago, fyffbhyy
Players beware
I won jackpot back in July and they declined to payout saying some rule that they can void wining, they locked me out of game the minute I won. The customer support number is useless, recorded greeting saying all agents are busy helping players and best to contact thru live chat then it hangs up on you. Live chat for 2 weeks kept telling me their tech team is very thorough looking into my “issue”, then 2 weeks later (I asked/chatted every day) they told me they voided the win and kept my winning, over $260k. Online chat told me to escalate with DGE (dept of gaming enforcement), same thing there, 2 weeks and all I got was one email saying they received my complaint. NJ attorney general and media is next. Be aware that we all played to lose, there is ZERO chance you’ll win big. If anyone else had this happen to them please let me know. Other casinos (Golden nugget) are legit and pay out winnings immediately, my experience. Be very very careful playing this site!!!!!
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9 months ago, Tdubb77
Not enough good games and too many technical errors
I used to love this app but there have been way too many glitches and most to the games don’t even load. I have tried several times uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well as updated my software but still no success with a good number of games not loading. Also there are not enough selections of games. The games are too old. Other online casinos have more selection of games and less technical issues. I only play on Caesar’s app because of the benefits of earning tier credits playing online as opposed to going to the Casino, which is how I earned Diamond Plus. Lastly the winning odds have decreased since they have changed the app format and seem to be more focused on sports betting. Today was my last day betting on Caesar’s.
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9 months ago, sleazy casino
don’t waste your time and money.
Pseudo-Random Generator. Not so random is a deterministic program and is very fixable and has fixed algorithms. Fixed losing streaks after a win is guaranteed. Same winning combinations also guaranteed. It’s 100% fixed and you won’t catch a true random combination and win. You only catch a wins that are programmed it’s not random that you get lucky and win out of the blue. It’s fake and garbage and very controlled. It’s a big lie and if you take them to court for not telling you the truth that’s where you will win because they misstated the program they were approved for. It’s not random like they tell you and make you believe. If you don’t believe me call your state regulators and they will tell you what it is.
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6 months ago, Lauran D
Reviews are right
I look at reviews a lot before downloading but usually give it a try not knowing if they are real, but all these are correct. If you like being frustrated, this app is for you! They can never find my location but I’m sitting in the same spot. I uninstall GeoGuard reinstall still same issue. There are way too many better casino apps out there that won’t cause this frustration. Do not deposit, you will barely even be able to play your own money because they will never find your location. It WILL work sometimes, but after awhile you will encounter this issue. I would try every other casino app before signing up for this one!
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4 months ago, Mom-momFerry20
Withdrawal time & games
So many games have errors and Venmo should be a way to withdrawal because every other casino I play on gives me the winnings quick except Tropicana. Right now I’m waiting 3 days for a withdrawal and it’s crazy and I find new games I love n go to play them and they give me an error. Do better Tropicana . The only reason I play this app is because of the bonuses you give…..
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4 months ago, The lone bamf
Bad withdrawal
This app is absolutely horrible with withdrawing winnings. It takes at least 3-5days minimum to to approve a withdrawal request. THEN another 2 days before it hits your withdrawal account!! They have excuses upon excuses why they do it but no other app makes you wait 3-7 days ESPECIALLY if you use the same deposit/withdrawal method everytime(PayPal). It’s really bad to be honest. I guess Caesar’s only cares about their other app because that one has quick withdrawals. It’s a shame because I like the extra bonus bet for Blackjack.
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1 year ago, AngrySteph23
Play on a different site
This site is ridiculous. I have been playing for years and depositing with no issues or questions asked but as soon as I win some type of money and want to withdraw it, they need my social security, a check, a debit card, a utility bill. Literally I uploaded my entire life and they’re still holding my money and won’t release my account. Awful. Save yourself some time and money and go play on DraftKings or Bally’s or any other site besides this site.
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11 months ago, eg724
Very frustrating, it’s takes money fine but while playing Message keeps coming up that you can’t confirm my location , I emailed support but I’m not the most tec advanced guy update been 4 days and no help , been Tropicana_NJ customer for at least 15 years can’t believe no one is interested in assisting , guess time for draft kings or FanDuel
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2 weeks ago, KSiby
I’m in NJ and it continues to say I’m not in NJ the glitches are always a problem especially after you add your funds I have money in the app that I’m unable to play with because of the Geo location OMG can someone please get this app fixed where is your IT department and can’t even talk to a person and the chat is horrible they are no help at all y’all need to delete y’all app and get new software and maybe a new name because at least the Cesar’s app wasythis bad. Smh
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1 year ago, Mrs. White35
I have been trying to play 88 fortunes for months! I have spoke to someone and they said I would get an email it’s been over 2 weeks and nothing. Seems like nothing but issues since it has switched over.
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1 month ago, phillyant23
App is good, payouts are slow
As long as you don’t mind waiting for your money, it’s a perfectly fine app. Withdrawing takes forever though. Many other apps get you nearly immediately or at worst, in a day. Here it could take 3 or more days. You will get it but they need to be more competitive with payout timing.
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3 months ago, Phill_5278
Absolutely no turn around time on withdrawal!
Hello, For anyone interested in online gambling please stay away from this app! They do not have a turn around time on when funds will be available. These people purposely hold your winnings hoping you play it back. The slots odds are way off. I won 10 free bonus spins at $10 a spin “this is after I played over $1,500” and won $12 after bonus spins was over. A complete ripoff!
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2 months ago, Unhappy275
Can never determine my location
I play all the casinos and this the only one who is always saying can’t determine my location all the time. This is ridiculous
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1 year ago, JMP0021
The app is worse now than when it was Caesars. Geo locater always glitches. Goes in spurts where it tells you that your session timed out and to log back in, when you’re still logged in. Customer Support just keeps telling you to delete the app and reinstall. Good luck come tax time. Started requesting tax documents in February. Finally got the right ones 3 days after tax deadline. Miss the old Trop app (before the Caesar’s merger)
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9 months ago, Good girl 82
A little disappointed
I admit it’s been a while since playing on the app. I am disappointed that I cannot withdraw my winnings back to my credit card or bank account. How am I supposed to get my money?
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4 weeks ago, notourios fig
The worst!
I can’t access any games to play on when trying to claim a bonus it kept giving me the runaround for how to claim it when I contacted support they cut me off at 12 o’clock in the middle of our conversation and kept getting the runaround again then after I got my bonus finally I wasn’t even able to wager on any of the slots and they took back the $5 bonus
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8 months ago, 144t
Customer Service is Horrible
I dealt with three different customer service representatives. Everyone gave me short and incomplete answer to my questions. They were completely useless. I tried calling busy every time, email pointless would respond within 2-5 days. Live chat horrible, nearly rude. Did not care at all about me has customer! Do bother using this app!
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1 year ago, rusteveo
Bonuses getting stingy.
Bonuses are getting really stingy since change over. Bonuses used to be 4x play through, then 10x, now 25x. No point in playing as the greed is really showing now.
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1 month ago, gg2167
Fixed slots
if you have ever played Bonanza, you have to get the word gold spelled out in order to get a bonus around. Well, they definitely fix that because some days the D will never come out. You will always get the G O L but never see a D. I’m sure they take the D out so you can never get a bonus round. Caesars site does it too. They should be reported to the gaming commission.
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10 months ago, Novatenaj
Caesars new app
I absolutely hate your new format. All my favorite games are gone. Some of the games do not load properly and you get an error message. I always liked Caesar's and played on your app more than any others. I won't be playing here anymore. I hate the new design. The changes are terrible. I don't know who's idea this was but they should be fired!
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9 months ago, goldysmom
This casino is a rip off!!!!!! I won $250 about a month ago. They asked me to download a copy of bank statement which I did the I got married they wanted legal proof of name Jane did that. That was the las I heard and my withdrawal is still pending!!!! No phone number for contact just chat. NJ gaming commission next and probably an attorney going to cost them a lot more than $250!!!
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1 year ago, Nish_cakes
Didn’t have an issue with the app the first few days I used it. Now the stupid thing says it can’t determine my location. I am trying to troubleshoot every way possible. Fix the app, this is our money we are putting out there
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1 year ago, lkooks
Can the IT department please fix the GEO location. It lets you play for a little bit but then it kicks you out. I had this problem about 6 months ago it was ok for a while and now it’s doing it again, all my settings are good. Very frustrating to play like this.
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4 months ago, docfidi
Caesar app
Terrible. You need to work the bugs out. For some reason the past two week I can’t play games on my phone. It always worked in the past.
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8 months ago, iloveglitter
Run away from this app!
Very easy to deposit money, fantastically difficult to complete a withdrawal. You’ll need to upload so much sensitive information into the app like physical copies of your card, letters of ownership (with full account numbers visible) from your bank, and more. It’s not worth it!
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9 months ago, marcothrones
Nearly impossible to use real play
I have a iPhone and it is very frustrating to gamble real play in NJ. The location check fails about 90 percent of the time despite that fact that I am located in NJ. I like Caesar’s and would prefer to use the Tropicana mobile gambling APP but it’s a real waste of time and effort.
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2 months ago, ray1157
Online gaming
It’s really easy and the people are great and very helpful and professional people
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8 months ago, jniv123
I would love to take advantage of the marketing emails but….
I can’t use the app. When I try to click into a game an error pops up that says “we couldn’t determine your location at this time (license)”. It’s so funny because all of my other apps work fine. Get your game up Trop!
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11 months ago, Randiantley
0 stars
Deposited money and I live in another state besides N.J. Big box pops up saying that I can’t gamble because I’m not a N.J. resident . Then why did it take my money? Why did it allow me to login with another state info? Why didn’t it put up a warning box when I was making an account?
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2 months ago, Laughable33
This site as well as all Caesars related (harrahs) sites take 4 days!!!! to receive withdrawals. Ridiculous since all other gambling apps issue withdrawals within hours. Game selection is better on other apps as well. A lot of games won’t load either.
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4 months ago, Ad2jiffy
Says it cannot determine my location. All location settings are turned on. Cannot withdraw my money from main cage at Caesars because they can’t find mind account. So money will just sit there, because I can’t play or withdraw it. Fix your app Caesars!!
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10 months ago, Takenyouout
This is the worst online service in the world trust me
This is the worst app and customer service I’ve ever seen in my life it don’t get any worse and if you make a deposit good luck trying to get your money when I tell you the worst ever unbelievable.
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9 months ago, MRA11111
Tropicana NJ
- location check constantly fails even when app and iOS is updated - some slots always have technical issues
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1 year ago, Bielzabub
The worst
If you deposit they’ll take your money immediately. Try to withdraw the money you deposited into the same account they took it from. You will die before you see a dollar and they won’t fix it.
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1 year ago, cathf71
Always having trouble with location.
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10 months ago, no-bod-d
Can’t play much. Can’t seem to locate me in New Jersey. Keeps locking me out
I deposit, barely play before message pop up saying Location check failed. I don’t have this problem playing the other Casino.
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10 months ago, 017Murph
No stars. The worst site I’ve ever been on
When you win money and you withdraw from your account the staff has no idea how long it will takes to get your money back into your account This is the worst gaming site ever constructed John Murphy
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1 year ago, Hedda H
This app is a (bad) joke
Do not download this app! The geolocation function does not work making the app unusable. Save your time & money and find another casino app whose developers actually fix issues and update their app.
Show more
3 weeks ago, Micholsue
Geo check
No geo check🥴 doesn’t work 90 % of the time. Don’t have this problem with any other online casino even Ceasars
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7 months ago, Music lover725
Lisa Strydio
Awful site. Made a deposit… took my money, then would not allow me To play. Said location was not on my mobile device. Tryed to withdraw the money and close account. Would not . allow it. Beyond furious!! 😡
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10 months ago, We be daGodz
Since you switched over I haven’t been able to play
Geolocation doesn’t work ever since you switched to new platform. Was promised a fox months ago but still can’t play.
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8 months ago, LewyV
Too much trouble
I am cancelling this account. Most of the time I can’t access my account because my location can’t be verified. I have been charged for deposits I haven’t made. Too much trouble
Show more
10 months ago, Ladycka
Hard to play games doesn’t recognize that you are in nj
Not being able to play my money doesn’t recognize I’m in nj.
Show more
6 months ago, mriv65
This app has good games but I hen you want to play the it never gets your location. How can that be possible and the only casino app hat does this. This is why I don’t like playing Tropicana online.
Show more
6 months ago, Antcan
App won’t work on iPhone 14pro
The app doesn’t work in iPhone 14 and up it seems. Works fine on my iPad. Someone from trip should read these reviews and get on this. It’s annoying.
Show more
1 week ago, Soos7477
The old Tropicana was better
The withdrawals are so slow and I lost so much also the cash back are so embarrassing if I play with thousands they cash back only $10 it’s a shame
Show more
6 months ago, ijnghk
One star can never find my location only app that does this no matter how many times I reset it
One star location service is garbage
Show more
1 year ago, ccdfgrfh
Poor Service
Can’t log on because can’t find my location. So frustrating. N now all the nicknames I enter are taken. I am ready to delete this app.
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