Truck Simulator USA Revolution

3.9 (4.2K)
1303.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexandru Marusac
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truck Simulator USA Revolution

3.9 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
2 years ago, 1slospeed3
Pretty fun
I’ve been playing for some time, accumulated about 150k miles total, have about 6 trucks and 5-7 employees, they don’t make you very much honestly I make 9k in 24 hours, maybe they should make more? I mean I make 400k in like 3 hours of gameplay… it’s annoying being forced to stop at weigh stations or pay fee’s, and the cops half the time don’t pull you over or if you try to run pull you over almost instantly even if you’re doing 75… that’s a bit annoying but like others said I’d add gold deliveries to upgrade 1 truck completely I have to pay 20$ of my hard earned money? I’ve spent about 100$ so far and only have 1 truck maxed out. But I also paid for no ad’s and cash to purchase a truck and a few employees (they really aren’t worth it currently don’t waste money buying employees) the gameplay is pretty fun, overall I enjoy it enough to keep playing for months on end. Another grievance is the traffic lights they’re either super slow changing to your green, or they change from green to red super fast sometimes both, also the truck gets damaged WAY to easy like 1 hit while backing to get a trailer is like 25% damage. It’s insane!
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3 years ago, dcwolf74
It’s alright.
I’ve waited a while to write a review of this game. It’s not bad. It has some quirks and things that bug me. For instance, this is an American truck simulator. Why is there sone guy coming on the radio talking about an alligator ahead and talking in meters. We don’t use meters here. Next why is there some guy coming on the radio taking about something that is completely unintelligible. Something about the business. Also, why when I get out of the truck do I cause damage to my own truck? There are trees in the middle of the roads in places. Why is my truck the only one that goes through the weigh station. Also, why is it when I’m next to another truck and that truck turns right I get knocked over and off the road. The other trucks don’t articulate. Some things have been improved over time and others have gotten worse. Why is it the only way to get higher end add-ons is paying money? Most games will let you have things if you play enough and rack up enough coins. So, even though I have to watch a commercial every time I gas up, sleep, weigh, or get my oil changed or truck fixed, and I assume when I wash the truck although I haven’t done that yet, I still can’t get the highest accessory because I’m not paying cash. Why does it rain inside the shop when my truck is in there? Or under bridges? Why is it the speed radar will give me a ticket in a 55 when I am going 55? The game is still a bit too unfinished for me to give money to it. Keep on improving.
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1 year ago, Pinkvillager62
I’ve been a big fan of Ovilex games for about 9 years now and I love them all, but I just don’t like how instead of making new games, they update existing games and turn them into new ones like that. Also this game has been really showing the greed they have recently been showing by forcing you to keep your internet on to load ads, and obviously when you’re out, it’s not ideal to use your cellular data when it’s really not needed. And the cops seem to purposely be added in to frustrate you to pay to remove them since they’ll even go after you in some areas for speeding when you’re going 10 UNDER the speed limit. And they bombard you with notifications for example, “ Watch an ad and get 5000 money!” And a quote on quote special promotion for “70% Discount for 150 coins!” I get these notifications daily, but I just kept them only to see if it’s something that’s worth mentioning in this review. Other than that it’s a pretty good game, the other issues with gameplay is that the roads are really tight to turn and can be impossible to turn down, but maybe it’s actually like that in actual towns though, and sometimes speed limits would increase but then a couple seconds later there would be another speed limit to slow down which doesn’t make much sense.
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1 year ago, epic boyyy
Great game but...
The game is great don’t get me wrong but I think you guys should add more trees and real highways and make the locations look like they do in real life, for example San Antonio, Texas, you should add the Alamo and stuff to make it cooler The next thing I think you should add is more trees, THE WORLD HAS TONS OF TREES!!!!! Not 2 every 5 miles, 100 every 2 miles is what it’s like in forests. I also think you should add prettier mountains and hills and different seasons. I KNOW YOU CAN AFFORD THIS STUFF GUYS you just need to try. The last thing I think you should add is a ferry boat to different countries so you won’t just have the USA and Mexico. Maybe a boat to Europe or Russia or something like that, then maybe this game will actually be a hit and everyone will like it. I hope you guys add this stuff soon and make me happy. This game is fun but needs some tweaking. Hope there’s an update soon! 🚛🚚🚛🚚. OH! And I almost forgot that you guys should add Route 66
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3 years ago, Ke'Vondric
Very good game but
Hey the game is good just two problems one can u make it where u can turn off the game sound or add where u can play music on the radio and about the coins can u make it where u can do some loads for coins or if u don’t want to do that May u make it where the flags are at least 1,000 instead of 10 coins I would really like if u add two of them but I really want it where u can play music off the radio and make it where it’s different kind of music rap blues country etc but u know Truck simulator game they got it where u can play music I think the truck game is Trucking simulator 2018 Europe by Zunks Games and they got it where u can play music with real life radio station’s so I really want u guys to add that and an other thing make can u add more cars like make it where they a lot more of them and make it where they go fast and some go slow and do the same thing for the 18 wheelers and may u add more states like Louisiana Mississippi elc but yea if u add the things that I said I would be happy thanks bye
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3 years ago, 😵 rip off
Great game needs some bug fixes.
So I’ve been playing this game for about a month or two, one thing I noticed is there is a good amount of invisible objects that will damage your truck around the truck yards where you get trailers. Another thing is why so many ads? It seems like every time I cross into another map and it refreshes bam an ad, want to rest bam an ad or get fuel/maintenance bam an ad even if you pay for it. Every weight station an ad. Also when these ads finish 3/5 will freeze the screen an I am unable to exit the video when it finished so I’m forced to refresh and 99% of the time I have to restart ky progress I made delivering a load. I really enjoy this game it’s the perfect thing to do when you get super board kills time. But the ads are too much and the stupid invisible things get annoying.
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10 months ago, Csx and ns always
Great game but has some bugs
I love this game but I think it has some bugs. First I think when you get hit by the train it should plow you out of the way like a real train would and not just sitting there while the train is running you over. Also a lot of times when I go over the speed bumps it gives me damage. Third why is there a guy on the radio that says 500 meters ahead alligator on the right side. We don’t measure in meters and who would say that there is an alligator on the right side? Why wouldn’t they just let it go. And last I don’t think that when you hit another truck you should be able to just go right through it because sometimes it glitches your game a little bit. I think when you hit another truck it should be like a real crash. I hope you will consider my suggestions. But over all it’s a great game.
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3 years ago, gucciganng
I started playing this game when it first came out and I absolutely love it. I love how far it’s come. But with the recent update of the timer to when you have to be delivered is kind of annoying. Only gives you about 4-6 minutes tops and sometimes there’s complications like the traffic lights and getting gas as well as sleeping. To sleep it automatically takes almost all the time off. I lost almost $4k because I went negative cause I glitched. I understand that irl there’s time limits. But omg is this annoying at how it adds so much more “omg I can’t enjoy the game and drive at my pace because I only have 4 minutes to go across the us. When it takes roughly 20-30 minutes to even get half the us. Idk I just feel adding the timer was useless and annoying
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2 years ago, JiggaBoo100
I’ve been playing this game since 2016. So many improvements and changes. Please put the other semi trucks, parked back at all truck stops across America again please, I love to practice backing up with other parked trucks. Please put the 2020 INTERNATIONAL LT Truck in the game. Please put the 2017 Kenworth T660 in the game. Please improve the game to where it can roll smooth enough, to the point where if your phone gets hot, it won’t randomly and unexpectedly shut the whole entire game down, to where you have to start over a whole trip/Job. Please add more real life Refrigerated, Flatbed, And Household moving trailer Frieght to jobs. And please put the 2020 Freightliner Cascadia back in the game with the nearest and latest, looking interior. PLEASE make these updates and changes Please I love this game so much .
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3 years ago, LWeb3
Still a few issues with new update
I would give a 5 star but the update brought a few more problems. For one it is more glitchy. I think the ads on screen are part of the problem plus they take up too much room while playing. Some of the new sounds are good, but the best sound in the old version was the K100 cabover and it’s gone now. Also the sound when you shift a gear is odd. Next complaint is the new cabs are always dark. The older cabs were more accurately detailed and width of the cab seemed very realistic going down the road. Newer cabs are too dark to see any detail. Last thing is trucks can’t get up to speed with a load.
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2 years ago, Epic game 1,000
So many problems👎
First of all the AI. The cars in the game go under the limit. The speed limit was 55 and I was going 52 and I still caught up to the cars in front of me. Also when I was driving this car came out of nowhere on another road and hit me. I had just gotten my truck fixed but the truck lost so much health. And also I refused my speed from 53 to 51 and keep in mind I was still in a 55 zone but I got pulled over! This must be fixed. Next, the traffic lights. The light was green and I went through but I still got a penalty for red light crossing. Next, the ads. I was driving when all of a sudden an ad popped up. When the ad ended I found that my truck was stuck in a ditch. I tried to get out but it wouldn’t drive. But even worse a car was stuck on my trailer and the game registered that a crash, so ever 4 seconds I lost 35 dollars. Please fix these problems because they really effect my opinion on this game.
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3 years ago, dolphboy21
This game is awesome i been playing it for years i love it but it would be cool if we had another update to where the roads are bigger and when u drive on drirt roads there are pot holes that make you have to slow down and make it to where you have to change the tires every once in a while.. it would also make it cool if yall would make it to where u can see them load the truck and u have to wait a certain period of time till they done but overall what i dont like is the truck sounds not all sound bad how they shift out another thing the roads are to small for large loads sometimes you run over stuff and when the police direct you they take you all the wrong ways
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2 years ago, undefeatabl
The game try’s to do too much and the app can’t handle it all it the app has become unplayable now because it crashes every minute and it’s all because of ads there are so many of them and they crash you game a ton so the only way to play the game was off wi fi and that worked great until they made it so you couldn’t play off WiFi for no reason the app doesn’t actually need WiFi but it does for the ads and that’s what makes the game developers money but by making people play it on WiFi it has made the app broken (they should really just call the app ad generator) I think if the game developer actually played his own game they would immediately remove all the ads I liked the app for what it was but the ads ruined it and I will not be touching this app until the ads problem is mostly fixed
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2 years ago, #10messi
Hey this is a really good game and everything but one bad thing is that you can’t play this game offline you use to be able to but then not no more! Please make it where you can bc like career mode if you don’t want to play with friends then play in career mode but to do that you need internet. Please fix where you can play offline! Make it where you can add friends and join there games too! Oh also like a tow truck job/truck you want to make it where you can tow people or the cars that are broken or something that would be cool! Overall I like this game and enjoy it just those few things just fix it please and thank you!
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2 years ago, Dinosaur wacko
Used to love it, now it's unplayable
I had this game for a long time. I had accumulated a ton of money, had hired every driver, had the perfect trucks customized mostly how I wanted. Then I did an update to the game. Now I have deleted it because it became unplayable. Normally I would turn off my wifi so I could play without ads. When an update was released, the game began to require internet connection to be played. So I tried it. The ads caused the game to lag horribly to the point it was literally impossible to play the game and heat up my phone. It was just taking up space at that point so I sadly had to delete it after waiting and hoping a new update would be released to fix the issue. I have played and loved your games for a long time. It's sad that my favorite one could no longer be played and I have instead had to find an alternative and inferior truck simulator game.
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3 years ago, peterbilt 379_
Keep the updates coming!!
The game is absolutely great the only reason I’m not giving a full 5 star is because I would like to see more trucks and trailers! The traffic lights still get you when your far back from the light. Also it would be really cool and I think would make this game really exciting is to be able to have the option on all trucks to have a flat top sleepers!! And maybe more inside design options like cb radios and air fresheners just more inside design options!! Also it would be really unique if when you go to first person mode if you could see inside the sleeper! All and all I love how this game is involving!! Keep it up!!!
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3 years ago, name_18
Kicks me out
The game is fun and addicting. Here’s what I don’t like about it. I hate how glitchy it is. That’s has to get fixed. The second thing is I don’t like how it kills your battery and the third thing is I don’t like how when the cops chase you they crash into you and then you get money taken away. I’m also a little disappointed because the pictures you guys teased on Instagram made it look like it was so realistic. Please please make it more realistic. There also has to be way longer trips.. I’m more frustrated at the fact that it kicks me out and I don’t even have a chance to play it.
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3 years ago, Wolfquest lover
Good game, could be even better.
As far as free truck simulators go, its top of the line. I have a blast playing it. Normally I end up deleting it for a while and then re-downloading it again when I feel like it. Its one of my favorite mobile games for when I’m ill and need something to so. I would love to see it improved with better graphics (especially for distant terrain) but I like what there is too. I think the push for it to be American is kind of funny since the main voice is clearly not American but the terrain is fitting. It could use some more mountains like its euro equivalent. Especially around the Rocky Mountain region.
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3 years ago, murphyboy-_-1
Some stuff needs fixed
Ok so when I play the game and I have to stop at a weigh station it goes to a add after I get done being weighed now here were the problem occurs if your driving and a add pops up the truck won’t stop it keeps driving witch risks you having to rescue the truck or your trailer being damaged. Another thing I noticed is when I’m stoping at red lights (yea most the time I don’t no cop no stop) anyway I’ll go onto the walking path on the road and I get penalized for it and I haven’t even went into the intersection yet. And if the speed limit is 60 and I’m going 60 a cop will come after me sometime. Anyway good game pretty fun to play would be cool to see if you could go over 5 mph and not get penalized for it!
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3 years ago, Yesqwee.
Doesn’t steer well
Ok so I downloaded this game and I hate it every time you steer to turn it goes super slow then to much of a turn!! Like when I was turning after a red light and there was a building on the other side of where I was turning I turned very sharp and still almost hit the building then when I tried to turn away from the building it went super left into the other side of the road! Worst game ever! And when I looked for cars before I turned out of where you start there where NO cars and as soon as I turned 2 cars paper out of no where and I hit them so then I try reversing and there are also cars behind me and every Time I reverse to get away from the car on the other side the car moves closer to me!!! And NONE of this would be happening if the STEERING WHEEL WOULD WORK!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, KyleG11343428964
Money hungry
I love the game. Just wish App Store creators will stop sacrificing actual game quality just to shove ads down your throat and constantly ask for money. I’ve been pulled over in this game literally every time I pass a cop. Doesn’t matter if I’m 10 under the posted speed limit. I will get pulled over and will either have to watch an ad or pay money. You make so little money in game that it’s almost impossible to get a new truck without spending any cash. I already paid for no ads but I feel like the game is constantly flashing ways for me to click on a add just for that extra money or whatever. TL;DR: I love the gameplay but just can’t ignore that this game is designed to pull money from your pockets. If you want to make any money in this game for upgrades, get ready to pay up.
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11 months ago, eli loves trucks
Love this game but…
This is probably the most fun game on the App Store that involves truck driving you can do so many things so many loads in various amounts of trucks you can drive and they also have serious customization but they are a little greedy with the money and you have to pay real life money if you want to make your truck like super cool, but do you like this game and I have a cool truck here’s the thing that brings it down one star. I’ve been playing this game for four years and they haven’t updated the map or the cars, NOT. ONCE. otherwise I really recommend this game!
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2 years ago, justinc513
Here since the beginning, this needs some work
Started playing the original version of this game a few years ago. It was always a solid way to kill a few hours, very few issues, and overall a great game. This new version however, still needs some development to be where the old one was. My biggest complaint is the lag. It’s 2022, not 1992. I shouldn’t have to be waiting 3 minutes on a load screen for a mobile game. The squealing tires sounds on hard acceleration and taking turns too fast is super unrealistic. I do appreciate the addition of Alaska as a playable area though. It could be a really fun game just needs to be brought from 2009 to 2022.
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1 year ago, Countryboyaj10x1
Kicking and money and fines
Please fix your money kicking and lower fine prices and truck prices because me and my cousin we go 30 mph and we lose 350 for no reason and we lose money from a weight check like we check our weight and we miss one and get fined and In real life you can check your weight once also add more skin tones and if you guys want the game to be realistic you have to make it like its realistic not different thing if you guys do not get this right people might play your game and I’m not trying to be rude I'm speaking the truth
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2 years ago, SIENNA-18
Incomplete in app purchases
I have been playing this game for a long time. Recently I have spent a BUNCH of REAL MONEY on this game trying to purchase coins to upgrade my trucks. The game charges my bank account and then doesn’t add the coins to my game account. I not only need this bug fixed, I need to have the coins that I have purchased added to my game account. I have notified Ovilex via email numerous times about this issue and have not gotten one response from them. I love this game and this problem is very upsetting to me. It’s also about more then just the money. For me it’s the fact that I can’t play with my friends anymore. This game is one way I am able to socialize and meet new people and make new friends.
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3 years ago, DENIS OVSYYCHUK
NOOOOOOOOO!!! Please bring back the old version of the Game the Game called Truck Simulator 3D!!! That was one of the best games ever!!! I grew up on that game and would be so happy to keep it!! Everything is changing into futuristic but I think many people can agree with me that not all things are supposed to go on maybe you guys and put two games one the old version and the one this new one!! Please take this in mind!! I loved that game!! I didn’t mind the old traffics but I loved it that way!! Reminds me of my youth!! Please, please take this in notice!! Thank You for your time!!
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3 years ago, uHcOp
Fun game but needs work.
I started playing in career mode first which was fine i noticed some issues with certain equipments sizing, not trailers but skid steer specifically. Now I’ve switched to play online, and that’s needs some work. When I get out of the truck and walk as i walk I lift off the ground. I got out to help another driver thinking I may be able to move his trailer when I got back in I was under the map and could get, I really don’t even think the truck was moving. I love simulator games I was happy to find this game, gives me a real Euro truck simulator kind of vibe. But it really needs some work and improvement. Fix multiplayer I’d be above 3 star.
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3 years ago, G0at_B0i_Nick
It’s an awesome game. I have some suggestions tho. 1. Add maybe like a radio like in Taxi Sim 2020 definitely keep the rock and maybe add some country music. 2. maybe retexture the interior of the trucks just for more realistic terms 3. Most of the time while driving your truck and road is always in a valley maybe change that? 4. Maybe add side roads in case you don’t want to travel the highway/freeway. 5. Add some new towns/cities. This is an Amazing game just some friendly suggestions you don’t have to add any of it if you don’t want to (I’d really like a radio tho)
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10 months ago, xcvpgy
Some things to add
I love this game it makes me feel like a trucker on mobile things you should add 1st when you walk around it needs updated 2nd more customization options for trucks like wraps or different interiors and for multiplayer it’s so hard to find a server I feel like you should just have a thing that says single player or multiplayer anyways I love that game hope ya can update this also it’s a little bit off with the photos they are little bit realistic ear than what it really is but can you make it look like that that would be awesome thank you
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1 year ago, Kayden berube
Game review
It’s over all a decent game I’d recommend it. I’m having an issue with my career mode. I can’t load into it and haven’t been able to for a few weeks now. And when I blow the scale houses it fines me $1,025 or something and that’s fine but now it’s doing it twice. Had been for weeks. Same when I decide to stop for a cop so I don’t wreck going into town. It double charges me. Maybe that’s something that can be looked at and into. It’s drive me negatives several times. That’s the only issue I’m having. Overall a great game I don’t lag much when I do it’s my Wi-Fi not the game.
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1 year ago, kasencountry
Its terrible
The reason i put one star is the cops that pull you over for no reason when your under the speed limit or when i was on some trips i started to run low on fuel and there wasn’t any service stations in sight like every where i went there wasn’t one and then i ran out of fuel on the side of the road with no fuel and this thing popped up on my screen and said rescue so i hit it and it said to tow it will be 3000 dollars so i hit it and the ads never worked and glitched out and kicked me out of the game but everytime i hit it it did the same thing every time and didn’t work but it kept spending my money and it didn’t even work so i hate this game and there are more reason why I hate it but I deleted it and im never downloading it again.
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1 year ago, Chispo2012
Please add controller support
Hello I really love this game and keeps me busy for hours and it’s the best tucking game on the App Store by far. But I am currently using a backbone controller but see that truck USA doesn’t allow it. Could you guys please have this as a feature it would be really convenient for me and possibly others in the future. Also it would be really awesome if you guys could also add something so that I can turn off the in game music, sound so that I can listen to music or other things on my phone while I play
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2 years ago, Ro11ing Coal
Details/ Add trailer ownership
Could you add air lines to the truck and trailer and also add oversize stickers to the front of truck and flags for the heavy loads. For heavy loads can you should add more construction materials, military loads, generators, wind blades, etc. There should be more trucks added, especially day cabs and they should have way more than 8 gears. There should be better customization options like fenders, visors, etc. You should Add people actually working, and standing into the game, and there should be more cities and highways added into the game
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3 years ago, sarge123344
I wish there was wider areas for the bigger trailers i also would like to see more style trucks of old to 2022 i also would like to see more loads like mud trucks or tires or a trailer with a trailer on it or like a wind turbine wing i also would like to see that trailer turn by two places think that would be cool and think u should the turbo for cash in game or by level and have our on place we can buy and cheaper hire i love this game but would like a bigger update that would be sick this is the best game ive played on ios
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3 years ago, homeless ed
Constantly freezes
Steering freezes causes crashes stays stuck in certain positions. The game the app itself always overheats my phone. Theres no steering wheel with the manual and you can only tilt the screen so much till it does a weird flip. It just freezes so much that it’s taking away from the experience. I can barely finish the jobs because I have to stop close the app wait until my phone cools down before I can proceed and by then my truck crashes into an object or starts me all over from the beginning in the yard. The update was great though the double and triples are awesome the New tankers and oversized loads are cool.
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2 years ago, fatboyzay52
More Features and options and make buying options money instead of gold.
Love the gameplay but would be better if you guys could give us more options with exhaust, be able to stretch the truck, actually tune the truck with more realistic tuning ,different light options, visors, wheels , more trailers like flatbeds with piggybacks you can operate with different load options , step deck trailers, spread axle trailers, more steering wheel options, and bumper grills too! would be dope and make the buying options more cash instead of gold would be pretty cool as well.
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2 years ago, BybotYT
Fix this please
So I just ran into a problem here so why I have ads running while I am driving? And why the Ai have the mind of there own to think they have the ok to come into my lane and cut me off? And when I make a huge turn how come they don’t give me some space to turn? An why the police gives me a ticket when I am going 45 mph highway? And why i don’t see anything truck on the weight station only me? And why the police go for me not the another drivers? And why I seen a flip over truck that doesn’t look like that hasn’t been cleared off the highway? And why the Ai goes fast and break checks me an I go into a crash? Please fix this issues please and thank you
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3 years ago, jomar vasquez
Great and some recommendations
I’ve been playing this game since before this redo and I must say it’s amazing and has lots potential. There aren’t to many bugs for this new update and the new trucks and trailers were huge success, but I think there are a few things that can make this game even better like redoing the 389 adding a classic xl a few more trucks and trailers and there’s a small bug where warehouse gates appear open then close fast and cause damage to trucks besides that congrats on the new update
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2 years ago, anonymous-user125183
Some bugs about the game
Don’t get me worth the game is good but there are some bugs in the game such as when I step out my truck the hood of the truck seems out of place for me ,there is also invisible objects that seem to hit my truck when I’m driving ,another thing is when I step out my truck my character seems to do damage to my truck ,and there needs to be something fixed with the traffic the cars drive to slow but other than these bugs this is a pretty good game and it has a ton of potential.
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2 years ago, #loudhouse
Love this game
I’ve spent hours playing this game. I have acquired several trucks with my money and it’s fun to drive. However a few things need fixed, for example, the other cars in the road sometimes hit you and you get money take. Away. Another thing is traffic lights. Sometimes the truck takes a while to start up and by the time you get through it you get charged for crossing a red light. But eh I enjoy the app and have spent several hours on it. I highly recommend.
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2 years ago, apl 7-12
Honestly I play this game all of the time BUT, I don’t get it why the manual option are just buttons. I thought it would look like it was in the photos. AND, can y’all do something about the price of selling trucks it went from 290k to 200k going from Chicago to New York and the upgrades you can put on the truck like the horn, the horn on the hood, wheels, and the Designs, I don’t get it why they cost coins. AND the Weight check stations it’s hard to turn into them Especially when carrying a heavy duty trailer.
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3 years ago, GentleNight375
Job Places (overall 4 star)
Hi devs if you are reading this I would like to say that I love the game I play it everyday to literally my phone is dead. I do have a few concerns. The lights are green for only 5 seconds and when i am turning, I get fined. Also the roads are really tight I can barley get my truck around it. If you could please add some more AI on the highways that would be great. Lastly, it would be awesome if grocery stores were counted as warehouses. Overall I love the game I urge everyone to continue to improve. Stay Safe!!
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2 years ago, crv9711
Good but got some bugs.
This game is fun when it works I would rate it 5 starts it is just that is it lagging a lot. Sometimes my screen will turn black and never come back. And the ads are buggy as well. If they fix this I will be a really fun game. What I mean by ads it will keep you in a ad forever and you will have to leave and then join the game again to keep playing. It freezes a lot. So much that this is one of the main problems that I have. If they fix all of this essay five stars. And it crashes a lot.
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3 years ago, Diamond 100%
How do I get my car I bought back
I have a question for u and im hoping you respond so I bought at least 6 trucks already in this game but the problem is that every time I choose to go to a different place that car disappears so I was wondering do I have to remember where I parked it or something cause I’m just very concerned about this situation I don’t know if I just didn’t read it when I started playing or what thx other than that I totally absolutely love this game 100%
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2 years ago, ty.veall_
Cash rewards and prizes
I think that since y’all taking money for the lights and speed limits why not reward us if we stop and doing the speed limit y’all just reward us for the load but taking if we do wrong but we do right for nothing why not run the light and speed it’s the only way money can get made at the moment we need and want new trucks and gotta make it but if y’all make where we slow down stop at lights and get money maybe we don’t have to speed and run lights ok
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3 years ago, Polewinner
Just a few suggestions.
Hi I’ve been plying this since it came out and it is the best American themed truck simulator game on the App Store to date. I do however have a few suggestions, more interior customization options, bug deflectors for the long hood trucks, and if its not to much trouble some classic Kenworth trucks such as the w900, and maybe more rough roads for the northern region. Like i said before these are just some suggestions but it would add a lot to the game and make it just a little better:).
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10 months ago, Kane Esposito
It’s fun but could be better
I’ve played this game for over 2 years now and I think it’s a good game. I wish it had more realistic Roads and highways like in the real world. The game just has generic roads that lead to the cities you’re going to, when in the real world you’re going to be on a interstate highway or a US highway, also I wish the game had a better map with more cities and towns like Cleveland, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Toronto, etc. Because In real life there are so many big shipping locations all over North America and I think the game could include some more cities with better looking roads going towards them.
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2 years ago, Nate2122
Driving Manual is great but there are some issues
This game ain’t too bad of a game. Love the fact that you can get into a pursuit with a truck😂 But driving in manual is a little weird. You can purchase upgrades for your truck which should make your truck faster, more efficient etc. In automatic you will get that going faster and efficiency but in manual the truck goes the same speed and has the same efficiency as if it was stock and didn’t have upgrades which after buying a turbo for my truck and seeing that i still only can go 45mph is disappointing.
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1 year ago, Rick 113
This version is the version we’ve been waiting for the detail is phenomenal the overall gameplay and graphics are way better than evolution and having more tucks and locations is amazing if it’s this nice now I can imagine what future updates are going to be like this game is just incredible you guys and girls NAILED IT for sure. Only real update I’d like to see is higher graphics available on lower end devices other than that it’s great 👍
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3 years ago, Mejia1988
I love this game but
Steering wheel freezes making me crash,in some trucks the road ahead of me and the rd in left back mirror looks blurry,sometimes when dropping off a load you know it send you to an ad when ad is over there’s no buttons showing but the truck and the top ad …top ad takes so much space can’t see the traffic light turning green …also I think we need a service shop on the way to a destination not just gas and weight station….other than that I LOVE THIS GAME
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