Trulia Rentals

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Trulia, Inc
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Trulia Rentals

4.81 out of 5
309.2K Ratings
6 years ago, 74828362
Love it!
I be been using this app for about 2 years for 3 different moves! I love using the trulia app because it’s so easy to use and extremely helpful when finding a place. I always recommend it to anyone looking for a place! I do have a suggestion though. On the filers where you can select how many bedrooms your looking for, could you change it from “1+” to just 1 and so on with all the others? It just doesn’t make any sense. No matter if I choose “1+” 3 and 4 bedrooms still show up, so I might as well leave the filter on “any.” If I’m only looking for a 1 bedroom apartment why would I be looking for “1+”? I think it’s make more sense if the filters were just “1, 2, 3, 4, 5+” bedrooms. Just a suggestion, I still LOVE your app!
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6 years ago, Liveadifferntway
My comment!?
?. Period. I am a quadriplegic I think that you should have a link that complements explain from the start the disabilities of you hope to be able to interrogation handicap people, praying that everything is not going to feed the needs of us. I say, but at least list and show some of the things us people the handicap or we in wheelchairs which means the most of us how can’t go upstairs. All we ask is if wecan at least feature an app that shows all flat existing homes is whether intrance is by the garage the front door, maybe even the basement level is where they’re being able to enter. Even if they just have all the things needed to live in the basement, or that upstairs (if I had a upstairs house long as everything I need) is on the main floor that I can enter and there’s no need for me to be upstairs the upstairs wouldn’t even exist to me that’s just like if I got a rent house there’s no upstairs there’s no basement there’s everything I need on one slab so why even imagine having that when there’s no need. Please excuse the miss spelled since it since words, and read between the lines. I’m a quadriplegic again I can’t use my hand so I’m talking to this computer and it says what it wants to say sometime and I can’t fix it. Again I ask to take out what needs to be taken out and read between the lines, Please and thank you.
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6 years ago, Anna Boyton
Lacks Basic Features and Functionality
My review follows three attempts to contact Trulia’s Customer Support regarding the fluidity of the Trulia Rentals App (to which there was no follow-up from Trulia). Despite running the latest iOS Version, I have experienced numerous issues with my usage of the app. The biggest bug that is quite frustrating involves viewed rentals not indicating that the user has looked at the property by “greying out” the item. As soon as the app is closed out, the user has no indication of what has been seen versus what has not...because all properties reset to green. Which leads to the user spending more time reviewing items that they have previously considered during their last session. Additionally, the “NEW” tag is marked on properties that have been posted for weeks or even months. Even when this is “reported”, they remain within the system. Lately, even rentals that are no longer available are still labeled as “NEW” or “Available”. The app also doesn’t create a user experience based on the parameters and filters set by the users. The “Feed” portion is not properly customized based on user algorithms to show rental content that would interest the users based on their provided information. It is overloaded with rentals that do not match queries.
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5 years ago, Yoda310
Pretty good, could be a better.
This is a very well designed app!! Better than Zillow in certain ways. The things that would make it better, is on the renters side it would be nice to hide rentals you definitely know you would never rent so you don’t keep seeing those. What would also be great is a up or down arrow (like a scoring system) for good photos/descriptions and bad (like arrow down on blurry photos) maybe this is only shown to the person who posted?? This way so the owner knows their listing could be better. I find that many property managers don’t click on the all the items you can search for like remodeled, fireplace or even better “working fireplace!!”, balcony etc. so they don’t show up when you typed that in, but the see it in the photos. I just think this app could be even more precise and sophisticated. I love that you can see all the photos on the list page by sliding them without having to go into that page, and, that’s where you can rule out properties right off the bat (they could show up on a hidden page).
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7 years ago, Hawk_jock75
Great app with some room to grow
I have really enjoyed using Trulia rentals each time I have to move my family. It’s a great design and I love searching by map. The overall user experience is great and I completely recommend it to anyone looking for a rental home. But (the reasons for only 4 stars and not 5) there are a few things that I’d like to see added. First of which is how it shows the local schools. While you can get a listing of all the local schools near by, and a map of the schools, I would like to know which school is ASSIGNED to that address I’m looking at without having to sift through each school’s information to find out. Second: it would be a great added feature to be able to input some local address (like a future work address, or school or some other place that you’re likely to go to every day) and have each rental show the distance/drive time to work. For me, the drive time to work is a huge factor in where I choose to live. Lastly, I’m not sure the app is representing the whole market. I suspect that might be a harder fix, but I’ve seen some rentals elsewhere that weren’t represented in Trulia. I like the app and I’d like it to be my single resource for my home search. Those three issues are really smaller than I make them seem, and I do love the app, but I’d like to see them addressed. I love the app and completely recommend it for anyone looking to find a new home.
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5 years ago,
Great app.
Great app. I agree with the other comment about “1+” options. If we are only looking for 1 bed, it should only be “1”. Also if you guys can add a way to communicate via the app. That would simplify the communication with the owners and renters and it would be all in one place without leaving the app and going back and forth through the email and app. Also it would be great to add different markers for the save area to organize and differentiate or prioritize which one you like the most and least instead of just going through the whole list and forget which one was the one you liked the most and waste time opening each one of your saved rental again. Other apps use this and makes it easier to locate your favorite spot even just by looking at the map.
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5 years ago, dnatwins
If Seriously Searching (3⭐️?)
While fun just trying to figure out how to navigate through the different filters and sorting options to choose a more specific type of apartment, no apartments pop up (I have come to realize this is due to availability~in my case~ and location). However, when the parameters are taken away, to open the search field, which should provide the largest search sample (?), again, nothing much really appears. If I would need to search for an apartment in six months, I am not sure how this could accomplished using this app. It would be nice to see all apartments: available or not.
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5 years ago, TJ'smom
Great App
I definitely love using this app. Having access to the assigned schools is my favorite feature and this app gives you a general idea of the neighborhood...little aspects that you may not have even considered like if you would feel safe at night to walk about. Very useful. Unlike another app that I use, I would have loved to be able to view different apartments by swiping on the dots (which represents apartments)on the map, however, swiping shows the pics of that one particular apartment, so to view the different apartments, you have to keep touching the individual dots...some people may prefer it but for me, it makes the app a little more difficult to use. All in all, I’m grateful for such a handy little app to help me find my future home for my family.
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4 years ago, MrBrooks206
Annoying emails!!!!
When I first came across this app I was very impressed by the layout and functionality. Then the emails started! Yes, I know I can turn the email notification function off, but it’s the fact they don’t send thing that match. Every hour I get sent emails that say they match my saved search, and they don’t! I have a small dog and that is a big deal when looking for rental property. We all know speed matters when trying to get your next apartment or house, so I wanna know when the next one is available. 8 out of 10 emails sent show me places that I can’t rent because of my dog. It’s infuriating to see something that looks great only to scroll and see “no pets”. That’s gave this app two stars. Searching works great, but I have a job and can’t check the site every hour for new postings. That’s why I turned on the email notification
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3 years ago, Xjohnny2000
Floor Plan Bug
I like this app a lot, but since the latest update, I haven’t been able to view floor plans. If I’m viewing an apartment complex and I see that they have a thumbnail for their floor plan and I click on it, it brings me to where to image would be but the screen is just black. I can see the smaller version of the image when I look in the list of available units, but I can’t see anything when I try to expand it. This means I need to google each apartment complex I find in the app, and then look for their floor plans on the website for that apartment complex. Sometimes they don’t even have as many floor plans available to view on their website as their listing does on the app, making it impossible to view them at all. Please fix this. Thanks! :)
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6 years ago, JMM1969
Crash heavy
The app is alright. I would just love a way to weed out or flag renters that showcase a home for individual rooms to college students. This often isn’t labeled under sublet or rooms for rent. And this adds to a ton of wasted time sifting through people only interested in cashing in on college housing. Also another issue is how often the website and app crash. When using the map or simply flicking down the listings trying to find that renter not wasting my time mislabeling their posts for college students I often have the app freeze, become non responsive and close making me lose my place and thus making Zillow a far less frustrating option to use just. They still have the lack of students housing exclusion options but at least its never crashed and forgotten the ads I’ve already seen.
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5 years ago, Easterkim
Easy to use
The app is easy to use and has a similar user experience of its online website translated into a mobile application. My favorite features are the quick access to listing profiles and the ability to find available listings by moving the map around without any defined boarders. I wish that it was easier for me to identify train stations and/or bus stops on the map since I primarily look for listings that are close to public transportation into the city. The filters can only go so far and I think hurt my search more since it doesn’t seems like a majority of listers in my area tag their listings with certain attributes that I am looking for (laundry/air conditioning/etc).
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3 years ago, Vishy18
Needs better update on collecting database
I always love Trulia. The app is so mobile friendly, nice descriptions and easy access. The only downside is that, the database doesn’t get updated from MLS and rentals so quickly. There are a lot of houses that are still marked available for rent or for sale, even after it enters into a contract or even closed out after a sale on other websites. And new houses listed in other websites also take a longer time to be displayed in Trulia. Not sure if it’s the update that’s taking time or if the agent or the owner doesn’t post the listing in Trulia immediately. It would be great if the database update is much more accurate.
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2 years ago, Mrchrispychris
Missing Feature
They seem to have removed the “crime” tab from the map, which is really unfortunate. The crime tab would show you local reporter crimes and color coat the area for easy viewing. This was one of my most used features as I’ve used Trulia to move about 2 times now. Unfortunately I live in a city where every 2 blocks has a different crime rating. I’m not stuck not knowing if the next place I pick will be in a bad area because they’ve removed this feature. Please BRING IT BACK, it was so useful and I know many others would appreciate its return.
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2 years ago, LK-9T3
Definitely resourceful
The pricing of some of the property isn’t always accurate so it is highly recommend that you would actually call the property management to find out the real time pricing of Housing as we all know the housing market is up and down every day so to keep up with an accurate number requires a lot of resources that I’m sure many don’t have nowadays.I wish there was a pricing feature that gives you the actual live number even if it was a change on a daily basis to give the renter or buyer an idea if the property is wort looking into.
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6 years ago, Emochick95
Good, room for improvement
I LOVE this app the only thing I despise is going through the homes i've saved and I can't sort and find certain ones. Also ones that are off the market ARE NOT automatically removed from your saved nor is there a notification that the home is no longer available, all that changes is when you try to hit the "check availability" button it shows an error message directly above only saying it's no longer possible so i've taken that to mean it's no longer on market. Other than those 2 things I really like the app, oh and the search filters could be expanded quite a bit, but still great.
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6 years ago, djay413
Great app for movers
This app has been super helpful in finding a place. Compared to other apps there was just so much more options. It’s easy to manage. It’s good at reporting an fraud. Which I appreciate because it can help and they make it know that they are aware of it and do something about it. I like that they randomly ask for your feedback about interactions you have with the property owner/agents/management. It’s continent by showing recommendations or updates on what happening in the area. Overall just a really service this app provides.
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7 years ago, Trying60
There are very few apartments and very small descriptions. I need a variety all of these are count houses or houses just cut in half I’m going there for disability and every darn place is the same bedrooms and bathroom upstairs living quarters downstairs the walking is terrible because of section 8 it’s my only choice. Plus too many landlords are completely ignorant as to the rules and the laws for the American disabilities act regarding therapy pets not service pets they are different. I’m having a lawyer call everybody to explain it to them because they’re too slow to look it up themselves. I think Trulia need to have some sort of training for landlords before they can post. I mean what the heck there’s only like four listings. And they’re on there a very long time.
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6 years ago, dhayz313
Maybe make it more user friendly !!
I want to love this app, I really do but it’s annoying. When I want to see only homes in a specific school zone, it wont show it to me as a list that I can scroll up & down on. Instead, I can only look when its showing the map, but when you zoom into the map outline, the school zone disappears and I have to re-search all over again. On top of that, there’s no way (unless I haven’t figured it out yet lol) to move the list (that weirdly doesn’t match the houses I tap, which is pointless) that’s on the right to make the map bigger. I just want a more user-friendly app. It starts to frustrate me and then I just go to Zillow 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 years ago, Kgwallace
I can’t believe you removed crime rates!!!
When moving to an unfamiliar area it was invaluable to see crime rates in different areas. My daughter went to grad school in Chicago, my son needed to find a place quickly in Dallas, my husband and I had two job moves to other cities. In each case, we had a few days to find housing in unfamiliar cities. It was extremely helpful and saved a TON of time when we could figure out where to focus our attention by seeing the crime mapping. I was never looking for a perfect neighborhood but needed to avoid really dangerous neighborhoods. Trulia WAS my go-to app because of this feature. It is a disservice to your users to remove this feature.
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6 years ago, SrDev2018
STILL unable to delete Alerts
I used this app for a while, but the most annoying issue (after a research) is that this same feature is still existing since 2008 - and yet every app for homes/rentals/etc knows that if a user selects a home that if a user has selected a property to “heart”, view, or receive an alert for - THERE SHOULD BE A “SWIPE LEFT > TO DELETE THE ALERT” especially since half the time the app creates the Alert for the user automatically - such a simple feature that is being used by every other company is a competitive nightmare within this app. There’s always room to upgrade BUT AT LEAST IT THE BASIC FUNCTIONALITIES LIKE THIS WORKING - FIRST!!!! Hint: to whoever you unfortunately hired to build this - IF you give the option to ADD/TURN ON > THERE MUST ALWAYS be an option to DELETE/TURN OFF!!!!!
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6 years ago, Carl94618
Great except missing key function
This app is very good and easy to use. There are always a wide selection of rentals available that other rental apps may not have. BUT there is no way to “hide” listings you have viewed and do not want to see shown in the results anymore. This makes it frustrating if you keep clicking on the same listings that you have already looked at before. Most of the other apps have the ability to do this. Add that ability and I would give 5/5.
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2 years ago, Dnice842
Crime map removed
This was the app I used when I moved out of state and knew nothing about the area I was moving to and relied heavily on the crime reports maps (as a single woman moving by herself, this was highly needed and appreciated!) and managed to get a place in a great neighborhood. Less than a year later, I’m trying to give recommendations to a friend who’s Also moving by herself and noticed the crime maps are gone! What gives? Also, I can’t even view pictures on listings. When you click, nothing happens. You can only scroll thru pictures on suggested listings that appear at the bottom of a Different listing you’re looking at. Another thing, all my past saved homes/searches are gone.
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2 years ago, Ms.AnneB.C
Great Rental Website and App
I have a lot of rental apps that I browse through on a daily basis looking for the perfect rental home or apartment for my family. So far, Trulia has been the most precise in terms of listing the most options in the city I selected. In addition, the website and app are very user friendly and easy to navigate around. All the important details that renters look for (I.e: price, square footage, parking, pets, heating/cooling, etc.) are all listed for your convenience.
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5 years ago, THICKandRIPE
Fix the commute
I’ve been using this app for while searching for apartments. Each time I go on the app, and view a property the commute section of the app is not working. I’m not sure why this happening, but it’s been going on for a while. I use the commute section to see how far the property is from job. How am I supposed to keep searching if I don’t know the distant, and no I do not need to google maps the address. That’s the whole purpose of the commute section in this app. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!
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9 months ago, iMovieisbetterthananimoto
Super Helpful! (Includes a suggestion for developers)
Helps me narrow down my choices so much! Very user-friendly, and once you’ve saved your search they send you notifications on new listings that suit you! The only thing I’d add is an option for Homeowners to add an HVAC central cooling and heating system to their attributes, because so many homes say that they only have a cooling system, but then in their description they say they have an HVAC. Just a thought :)
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2 years ago, Grandma Lizzard
Why I’d be your best renter.
I’m looking for section 8 housing. If you could send me places that take that I’d appreciate it. I don’t want any apartments. I’d love to be out west of town, more in the country. Is that something you could do for me??? I would be a excellent tenant, I’m a extremely clean person and I also love redecorating. I can do just about everything. I’m honest and very trustworthy. I don’t know if this is something I was supposed to write this stuff on here, but I just had to let you know you couldn’t go wrong renting to me.
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6 years ago, RoxannRenee
My Go-To App
This is definitely my go-to app for rental and buying homes. It has the most robust info when it comes to crime and school details out there. Even if I look up info from other sites, I always come back to Trulia app for further details. The only improvement I recommend is the ability to view how far the nearest train stations may be for public trans. If there was that feature, there would be no need to use anything else. Thanks!!
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11 months ago, Cjinspector
Necessary Features For Relocation Plans
Tulia app serves the current requirements of many, pending movers. It frequently updates its listings and offers features helping toward relocation options and decisions including the neighborhoods’ crime records. I do desire specific searches for housing options like for disabled persons and seniors. It is also truthful with users’ reviews. Also, it is important for me to branch out to other areas beside the recommendations.
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3 years ago, Less than satisfied.
Missing the “hide” feature
Decent app when it works. Does freeze often. No hide feature for the listings you don’t like. Even when you report a listing, it still shows up in your searches. The app also keeps recommending places that do not match my current searches. If there was a hide feature or a dislike feature, this would not be as prevalent an issue. Speaking of which - why no review feature for apartments, realtors or managers? All in all, the app needs improvement to protect renters’ rights.
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2 years ago, Betsnak
So helpful
I am a busy mom and have been looking for a place to rent, but I am very particular to certain areas. Trulia alerts me quickly to when a place is available in the areas I would prefer to rent! It saves me time and frustration. It is very user friendly and I definitely would recommend it whether your looking to rent, buy, or list! Happy looking, and good luck in your new place.
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3 years ago, Sybil.Disobedience
One of the best apps for rentals
Most apps pull info from other sites, so at least half of the listings aren’t correct or available. You submit inquiries and no one calls you back. I have had a lot of success with this app (also a little bit w Zumper) in at least most of the openings are in fact available and the complex offices are responsive.
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1 year ago, Hawtlaw
Search engine problem
After doing some searching on this app it was working okay, a few days later , the search engine would not operate, it kept telling me there wasn’t any available, I will not trust anyone who chooses not to give me information on where or how much a place is , if you don’t fix your search engine issue on your app that you made , then you just killed the purpose , and wasted my time .
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4 years ago, Milleni-ELLE
Crime section & login
The only reason I used Trulia over other apps (Zillow, Realtor, Redfin etc) was because it shows the crime reports for a given area (the listings seem more outdated in comparison to the other apps, the crime section made it worthwhile). But since they recently changed that section to diff colors, it makes it really difficult to see it accurately. It’s not clear if the lighter/darker green is from landscape/trees or if it’s due to crime. Please change the diff colors back to just one shade and just darken the shade as the crime goes higher. Also, the login is more difficult than other apps (seems to try and insist you login using google) and it keeps logging you off.
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1 year ago, Incredib-ley
Good, but..
It’s a great app, don’t get me wrong. I love the ability to sort by a hand-drawn area and see reviews of the neighborhood under a listing, makes it feel that much safer. I would love, however, the ability to sort by proximity to work, like find places that are within 15-20 minutes of my workplace instead of where I *think* falls into that range. It would just be an added convenience, overall the app is pretty good as-is!
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2 years ago, MarklRyu
Redownloaded and remembered
I redownloaded this thinking I could get a better perspective on things, only to remember you can’t look for a specific number of bedrooms. It’s Studio+ or 1+ or 2+ or 3+ or 4+ or 5+, I’m sorry, who is looking for 1+ bedrooms? Im looking for 1 bedroom apartments, this is honestly so mind boggling stupid, I can’t wrap my head around why it’s simply not an option to look specifically for the number of bedrooms I actually need. Provide the ability to choose 1 bedroom apartment, or 1–3 bedrooms, or Stuido-1 bedroom, etc. The fact you’re probably making money on such a pathetically thought out app, and hardly maintained, is honestly ridiculous.
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4 years ago, D3adlyKitten
App has been broken for weeks
There were things that have always been wrong with the app. Commute works one day then won’t another, stats on the area can be sporadic, things that can be overlooked. But recently, the app has stopped recognizing not only the links in email alerts, but is unable to populate the results of push notifications it generates-AND can not validate signing in. It is so unusable I downloaded the regular trulia app and just filter out properties for sale a few weeks ago. As it is still not working after the last update I’m done with it. Stick to searching online or using the main app because rentals is broken.
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2 years ago, NotDeadYetGurl
Nice UI, but buggy
Been using this app for a while. It has a nice interface and is organized well. I like that it suggests homes for you. However, my “Feed” and “Alerts” tabs never load. I keep getting the “Let’s start searching for a home” message in both. Which I pretty annoying because I’ll get notifications from the alerts tab but when I click on them that tab is blank.
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4 years ago, Bjh620
Just one thing
This is a great app. I tend to use it more than the others, but would like to see them give the option to sort of schools. It seems that they list schools by proximity, however As a parent, it’s critical to have the designated schools show for each property. In my area, the closest school isn’t necessary the one that your kids would go to. It would be extremely helpful, if you could use the correct school as a filter. Otherwise, it’s great!
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6 years ago, VFinthedaysofA
ALWAYS change any rental resume. I go to look at a sent email to a potential landlord and it changes my income amount, my name to my email( so it says my email is my name instead of actual name for some dumb reason ) no matter how much I change it in my profile. It constantly changes it back to these mistakes. It’s super annoying. I’d like them to know my name and CORRECT information on my resume, but this app has caused me to lose a lot of potential homes due to this.
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2 years ago, angeeeLALA
Improvements and current version
I’d like to see an option to no longer view a property I’ve already viewed and have no intention of renting because of what it lacks. Also not a fan of the removal of the crime tab and instead have a new demographics tab. honestly, i could care less about the demographics of the neighborhood— married, single, age etc. I mean i know the areas I can’t afford are occupied by people who have been leaving there since the beginning of time.
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2 years ago, JMarino93
Crime Heat Map Gone?!?!
The crime heat map was probably my favorite feature of the app. Is it gone temporarily? It really is a helpful tool to see that info especially if you have never been to the area prior. I would even use it for traveling to places I’ve never been to. It doesn’t make or break a decision but just a good tool to know your surroundings. It also does help tell you how quiet an area is too really. Less sirens, people lurking around, noice disturbances, etc. hope you bing it back.
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5 years ago, tgosh206
Nice update!
Really like the app, it does exactly what you’d expect and some more. New update looks really nice without fundamentally changing how it works. Maybe a few suggestions could be a filter for the price of deposits, maybe not ask for location every time it’s opened, and loading times can seem a little sluggish compared to Zillow for some reason. Overall, love it!
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1 year ago, Don-Prego
The emails & the app don’t work linked
If you have the Trulia app and you have activated the emails notifications, doesn’t work together. Explaining: If you have an home or apartment for rent notification by email and if you are interested in see more info and tab the web bottom on the email, will be redirected to the app BUT! you will never see the property that was in the email. Even if you try to reclick the tab back in the email, will be the same results … You will have only 2 options: 1️⃣ Use Trulia app WITHOUT activating the emails notifications. 2️⃣ Use Trulia online always with all notifications activated. I just opt out to use the app and stay with the just email and see it online. This situation has been the same by more than 10 months by now… So, hard work to do, Trulia 🙄
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2 years ago, Rafael Ponce V
Love it but could use some work
I think it’s a great app that with a user friendly Interface! My one problem is that when you filter to say 1+ rooms at a certain price, it will still show the studios and prices of that studio. They should work on being able to filter that part out in the search because I get excited for something I’m actually not looking for.
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6 years ago, Ps. Corliss
Good job
They submit to me only homes that meet my filters. Don’t have to go through a bunch of stuff I’m not interested in. Although I won’t be relocating until mid-may of 2019, they still give me the info without a lot of pesky follow-up emails, texts or phone calls. I know that when we’re ready to make the move we will be as informed as possible in a long distance situation.
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6 years ago, Aol addict
Great site An very informative
I really wished they could have every single Rental house, Duplex, Townhouse, Mobile home, Condo an Apartment out there.... I have seen other Rental properties that are NOT on this site, that really sucked cuz I don’t wanna have to search other Rental sites I wanna be able to go on one Rental site An see ALL RENTALS AVAILABLE ...!! Otherwise other then that this site is perfect it tells you so much information... Michelle Herman
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5 years ago, TruthBeTold💯
Nice app except...
I love the ability to highlight “love” the houses you’re interested in. I’ve noticed that when I “love” a house that shows up in my search the same house isn’t highlighted in the feed. Once I click on the house it shows that I’ve previously liked it already. I also think the crime statistics isn’t accurate. You can check the crime rate in good neighborhoods vs bad neighborhoods and get basically the same exact statistics. Other than those things this is a great app.
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8 months ago, SCSSJS
More options
It would be nice if the property managers were made to be consistent with the contact information!!! Some listings show contact information and others don’t some you can schedule viewing and some you can’t!! One person requested an application just to see a property suppose I don’t like it do I get my money back or am I paying for something I am NOT GETTING!!!!????? I am really in need of a place to live but there are so many inconsistency with the owners or listing agents you should definitely do better at setting rules for them!!!
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3 years ago, HazelinChicago
Update hangs — permanently
I’ve had Trulia Rentals for years and liked it very much — UNTIL TODAY. When I tried to download the update, it simply hung. It wouldn’t finish updating; it wouldn’t load; it was permanently in limbo. I tried deleting the app, then going back into the App store, only to find that the icon that would normally indicate download status was STILL in a “pending” state. (Yep, even though I’d deleted the app.) Tried turning my iPad off completely and waiting a while, but when I turned it back on, the situation persisted. So I can no longer download the app. DEAR TRULIA FOLKS, PLEASE FIX THIS!
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