Truth Or Dare : Party Game

4.6 (39.1K)
86.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truth Or Dare : Party Game

4.63 out of 5
39.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Alexis Tobin
Good game only a couple issues
Well I love this game I like how it is for kids, Teens,Adults, and Couples but some of these questions are impossible or inappropriate for example one time it said that you had to do a headstand and drink water at the same time. So that could have caused a injury if you tried, it and it’s impossible unless you are extremely talented. But most questions are good the truths have nothing wrong with them and I enjoy the way that the graphics are. If I could I would rate it 4 and a half but it will not let me. Ok that’s it thanks for reading this whole thing! Bye!
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8 months ago, Harlow marshmallow
Best game ever
This game is so fun because I get to play with my family and one time and told me that I have to dance for 30 seconds and I loved it because I’m a dancer and I just love The way that it just gets funnier and funnier as you play and you can play with your sister your brother, your mom and dad it’s fine it’s just fun but one thing it could be embarrassing so watch out because one time he told me to talk like a vampire for the rest of the game that’s over luckily bye-bye!
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3 years ago, star in the sky🌟
really good👍🏾but the adds👎🏽😀😡
This game is good because you get to pick what mode you want to play on I also like it because you get to right down the people name who you are playing this game with but the only problem I have with it is the adds like every time I go to to the next person to do the truth or dare it’s always the same add that has to pop up and it annoys me
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8 months ago, best_review3r
This is the worst game I've ever download The dares were stupid and they were impossible to complete. I suffer from a disease that makes me on the chubby side and it asked me to do a yoga pose. How am I going to do a yoga pose? I am disabled if how do you expect me to do that, that is just so rude and disgusting. also, I got every ad after the third person passed by and it was also so happen to be my turn, so is this game fat phobic are you trying to make fun of me? It is not funny and then when I tried to X out of the app, it wouldn't let me and when I try to X out of the ad that wouldn't let me either I had to delete the whole app and re-download it again would not re-download save yalls storage.
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3 months ago, Don’t really want to say it
A bad game for some people
So basically I do recommend this for people that are competitive and don’t take things really seriously because me and my other three friends were playing this and we had a kiss one and we weren’t forcing her to do it and then she took it very seriously and told our parents and then her and our parents got into a huge argument and my other friend got her phone taken away and all of us feel like it’s our fault especially me and I’m never ever going to play this game but I mean maybe another day but yeah so bye!
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2 years ago, hdmqbd la &/!8
I love truth or dare
This app has been so fun lately that I have been bored I just play with my friend Sammy and we love truth or dare so I really want to find a app and I found Truth Or Dare so I need this a five star review why it’s because it’s really fun it’s not educational but it’s still fun it tells you ran dares and random truth so and you even get points so that’s the funniest thing thank you truth or dare I love it
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4 years ago, ELLIS the queen.
Nice app
This game is amazing it has the best truth or dare question is in the nothing any truth or dare questions or any other Truth Or Dare games have this so you should play this game if you don’t it’s your opinion but I think you should because it is so so so so cool and let you cut it lets you even make your own truth or dare’s alleged you put your names down if it’s too long and stuff like that
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3 years ago, Sonic678952
Ok so I like this app I got it because me and my friedn play it most of the time and the first thing I saw was the *adult and ciuples* was locked so I clicked ok it and first if so it wanted me to pay 2.99$ for that?! It’s fine other than that I just wish you dint have to pay for that… but it’s fine other than that
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4 years ago, gkqw
Just a day I wanted a party game for my friends so I have a plan I said I will play truth or dare with my friend they are four then I typed actually truth or dare then I see this epic app then I installed it then we played it all day then I called all of my friends to play this epic game and special thx to the developers of this game and thx u so much for this epic game ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️💘💝💝💝💝💗💗💓💓💞💞💞💞💕💕💕
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5 years ago, gjeigsthwowf
It is alright
I really like this game but all the kissing is weird.i think there should should be more eating weird food dares and on truth like is it true u like someone There are a lot of adds I would change that because it makes me were I don’t want to play anymore I really like the dares to message things on that phone that is my favorite part about it well I hope y’all agree with me
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4 years ago, Anonymous 1.5328783 (LTea)
Thank you
This app is the reason my crush and I are kinda ‘dating’. I love this app. And I love that you can add your own truths and dares. This app made my crush and I confess we like each other. Tysm to whoever made this app. It is my fav. Also, please add more truths and dares. I have gone through all of them. That’s my one request. Again, tysm
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2 years ago, Charlotte 😁
Truth or Dare
I think this is a great game because it gives you the truths and dares plus you can add your own too. You can have different players and you can choose you game mode also. It’s so much fun to play too.😝😝😀
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1 year ago, wewxswsddk
Choose this if your bored
This game is perfect for when your bored and you can select different modes like kids, teens, adult so if your still a kid you don’t have to worry about it being inappropriate or violent or too hard or scary it’s a really good game for if you can’t think of any dares or questions
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1 year ago, Blayklie Kennedy
I love this game because I play it with my friends and family
I love it so much I play it all the time it’s amazing and my friends love it and yeah they forced me to play it all the time and I force them to play it to some times and Ya and I’m good so what ever bye.
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4 years ago, Aaralyn B
Best app ever!
I would usually would play this with my friend in person but, since all this 2020 junk happened it can’t happen. So we go on FaceTime and I open up the app and we play it as if we were in person. Love it! ❤️
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5 years ago, Puppys4eva
Too many ads...
Okay, this game is great, don’t get me wrong, but the ads get really annoying, I’m thinking of deleting this, it’s so annoying, every time you finish a truth or dare, an ad pops up. I really don’t want to pay money to get rid of these ads. But please make them pop up less, thank you.
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12 months ago, Pennylane07212014
The best 👍💯
I love this game soooooo much! 😁it is like the best game ever, however say a little kid chose the teen one. There is one dare that said "let someone shave a part of ur body". I don't think it is very apropeat, anyhow its a great game and I recommend getting it! 😊
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4 months ago, Dinorificasaurs
Pretty good:)
I like it but you have to be in the mood to like it as an example right now I’m not in the mood so I don’t really like it but when I’m with my best friends I have so much fun and never want to stop so yea you just want to be in the mood.
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5 years ago, TC forever
Best results of truth or dare
Adults teens and kids to even play truth or dare it doesn’t matter because it’s appropriate for kids adults and teens it’s amazing it’s the best game it’s even going to play for sleepovers everything like it’s good for entertainment it’s amazing
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4 years ago, carbomd
This is the best game
This game is so fun my friend and me we’re having so much fun this game is like the best I just love it thank you for making this game is actually really cool because how you made it how do you go back to Lake teenager kid a door and I just love it
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12 months ago, Undertailperson60
Why D…
Why can’t I go on adult mode I want to go on I don’t mode this game is so boring without a dark mode I am hate this game I’m still gonna play it though it’s fine
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7 months ago, kitty 🤭🤭🥵🤭🥶🤥🤥
Great but ads. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It is good! I played this game yesterday with my best friends on her iPad and I was like ok I have to get this! And then I realized that it has ads. It doesn’t have to many, but I don’t like ads. That is all! Great app 👍 Thanks for your time!
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11 months ago,
Why I wrote a review
Because it’s 1:45 am and I’m bored ( I also like this game I would recommend it for ages 7 or 8 plus only because kids can click on adult content that is not appropriate)
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5 years ago, dumd ball
Favorite game
I love this game because you get to play it with family and friends and believe me I spend a lot of time on this app
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10 months ago, Mosin 1935
Good but to many adds😑
This game is super fun and is perfect for a sleepover because the questions aren't to crazy like shaving your head off but the adds are kinda annoying so overall good game👍
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2 months ago, ما عرفش
Cool game
This game is so fun and I always play it with my friends. I have It on teen mode and love it. It keeps us close, and I would recommend
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6 years ago, Puppy Love 🐶❤️
Truth or Dare Review
This game is very fun to play with friends at a party or just to hang out I also like the questions and tile they are in ranged in age groups I do wish that there were more questions so you did not get the same one🐶🐶
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3 years ago, zgb_2k20
Come on…
I bought the version with no ads and I honestly wish that I didn’t, I absolutely hate the face that you can’t remove some of the dares/ truths that are pre- made on the app. That should 100% be a feature… especially with the fact that some of the dares are way too inappropriate for the specified age group
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5 years ago, SaVE DRr TuRTLe
It’s so good I love how u have mods for different things but usually kids pick adults and stuff would’ve happened and I love this app I play it with my friends
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12 months ago, 091021534
Don’t understand
The game modes and everything are amazing but I don’t get the add truths and dares section if it doesn’t let you design your own game with it but overall great game
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1 month ago, 66;;$53:
This game is the best
This game is the best you can do whatever you want. It’s not that serious. I gave it a five star because it’s so good.
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3 years ago, NEK0FREAK
This is great! You should really download!
I'm terrible a describing and explaining so... Just download the app and you'll see what I mean.
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3 months ago, Backround4563
I’m happy
I love this so much I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be a child in this game
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2 years ago, go HD so hug do oh g c
Omg 😳 this app is terrible! I hate how you have to have 2 players, I want to be playing it on my own! So stupid oh my god! It irritates me just thinking about it. As I am a very experienced reviewer that writes reviews, these developers should be ashamed of themselves. Sorry, not to be rude though 🥸😏☺️☺️☺️ Sorry just expressing my opinion. Don’t mean to be rude.
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3 months ago, ppeness
I am playing with my sister and we love it it could be more weird but it is fun
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3 years ago, I-love-animals
Best sleepover game ever!! Me and my friend play this all the time and it is soooooo fun!!! Me and my Grandma play this on the phone too. It is not as cool but it is still fun. I really recommend it! 😄
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1 year ago, slay queeeeeen
I don’t know why you all writing such long reviews but to put in short it’s really fun with friends so DOWNLOAD IT
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11 months ago, 🙁👋🤣😁🛌🍞🛌🤣🧐🤣💅😂🧐
Pretty Good App
I think this is a amazing app for game nights, or sleepovers! The only thing I don’t like is that there is adds but that is almost every app. 8/10 😁🤨
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10 months ago, B1u3 Cl0uds🦋
It’s good but not the best
I love this game but it has so many adds if they re wasn’t adds I would’ve put it to five star
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2 months ago, 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻🦄🦄🦄🦄
Girl pops
This game is amazing. My friends and I love it very much. It is also very fun to play when bored.
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6 years ago, purple unicorn 32
Joelle’s review
This is a really good App And it can be for teens kids and adults that is my rating of this app and that’s why I think it is really good for All
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2 years ago, king sickle the third
Read please!
This gives you funny and nice dares, but they might be a little extreme which lead me into giving it 4 stars.
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5 years ago, &yktdoutdoutdtukduggch
Some problems
There are WAY to many adds
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2 weeks ago, HazelSweetDogBarkery
I put my pet gerbil in the microwave and when he came out he was grey and smelled like hot dogs.
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3 years ago, and since enticing
It’s good and all but it doesn’t allow me to do the adults and the other one so I give a 5
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5 years ago, Cbskywalker
It’s pretty good
I like that there are different modes but I’m not in love with the rare ads that do come but I guess you get that with free games
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6 years ago, M:Familys
Love it
It’s a great game I can play with my kids and also me and wife can have are fun time together great job
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1 year ago, Gamerbones3371
Pretty good
Me and other people used this game for entertainment and it has definitely entertained us.
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5 years ago, Evan100010
Great app
I love this app but whenever I try to have a party with my friends or something, I run out of room in the game due to the 6 player limit
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2 years ago, 😩your mothers pp😫
Great app
It’s a great app overall it’s amazing and you can even ask what your dares onto it for a 10
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