Try on Short Hair

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Gregorio Bello
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Try on Short Hair

3.96 out of 5
1K Ratings
3 years ago, Kr1$+3N
Fun & helpful
I downloaded the app to get an idea of how I would look with much shorter hair. I still haven’t decided to take the plunge, but this app helped give me an idea of how a pixie/short shag style would fit or frame my face. It’s super easy to use and the free version comes with several styles and lengths to compare. I’m liking it so far.
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2 years ago, Allystrya
Too little time in between ads
I expected ads. Annoying but expected. But this a bit much. *Every* time you select the hairstyle button there is an ad. So if I accidentally select the wrong one because my stylus slipped (yup it happened and I was already thinking *every* time was too much) I am forced to go through another ad. Every 3 or for times would be much better. I really do like the app other than that. User friendly and a good variety without having to purchase.
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7 years ago, just Jody
Good app so far!
I just downloaded this app tonight and so far it's pretty awesome! I love how you can resize and reshape the hair to fit the image that you upload. You can also change the color of the hair however if there has highlights it's pretty limited as to what color you can change it to. Better than a lot of the hairstyle apps I have tried!
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3 years ago, SilverSister:)
So far so good
Just downloaded the app and tried one hairstyle and it wants me to review it. Seems pretty easy so far. I was able to upload pic and try a style. Looking forward to seeing more!
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3 years ago, RoniWright
This app is very garbage don’t recommend at all. This is for white people hair and even on them it wouldn’t look right. At least get some 4c texture hair and not some 1a-1b kind of hairstyle. & it said to take the picture in portrait mode which I did, & it still wouldn’t let me click on the kind of hairstyle that I wanted I guess. (I had to work with what I got since it’s just 1a hair texture). & pls add some black face models. It’s just one white model & it looks disgusting. Do better.
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5 years ago, Ali H B
Realistic and helpful
I have tried about 7 different styles and found the app extremely easy to use. There are many different types of styles and color choices. The hairstyles can be resized and the colors can be changed any way you like.
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5 months ago, monkeyfucx
This app is easy to use and I love it! This is the fourth one I’ve tried and I’m glad I did! It’s super easy to upload a pic or take one as well as change hair color and select which hairstyle you like. So far it’s awesome!
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1 year ago, Carmaela26
So. Much. Spam.
App is not good. So full of ads. I understand having a means to bring in money but there are so many ads, you can't even try in a single hairstyle without being interrupted. Let me try more in the app and if I like it, I will upgrade. But the interruptions are so bad, I couldn't even try anything to know if I even liked it. I'm not even going to try. Just removing the app entirely.
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3 years ago, Emndarmic3
Oh what fun!
I have the big 50th coming up in a few months so decided I’m gonna have some fun! Just what I needed to make a fun change for the 2nd part of my life. Now, fingers crossed the hair stylist will know how to make me look fabulous at 50❣️
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2 years ago, Ms-Chef-wanna-be
Still giving me ads, LOTS OF THEM
App itself is great But I paid the $4.99 + tax to allow ALL features AND THE ADS KEEP COMING. Also starts up with a style I DO NOT LIKE & have put in the garbage every time I open this app. It says iPhone and iPad but I have to do another $4.99 + tax to get all features on my iPad but it automatically downloaded to both.
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1 year ago, JuggaletteB
This app is great for choosing a short haircut! I will be posting before and after photos on social media and I hope to look exactly as the setup showed me!
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5 years ago, mikashimo
Really good app!
I’ve tried countless hair apps like these but none of them compare to this one! I’m actually really satisfied with this app! It’s simple, easy, semi realistic and it has a variety of hairstyles (but you gotta pay for some)!
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3 years ago, Athlete's Mom
Fun app
Pretty easy to use but not very many styles to experiment with that are free. You are given the opportunity to purchase more and I haven’t decided I’ll do that. Would like to see a category for mature hair styles as most of the ones here aren’t flattering to my face.
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4 years ago, hair has a mind of it's own
Easy to use
I have only been able to try a couple of styles before the app review request came up but so far it is easy to use. I look forward to finding a style that works with my hair.
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3 years ago, Joal390
So far so good
There’s been a few ads but closed easily and quickly. There’s some styles you can’t see but I’m hoping by doing the review I’ll unlock more styles like it said.
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4 years ago, Granny9525
Fun app
Great for using up time during stay at home shelter. Also very practical to see what you look like with new style or color before you actually do it.
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1 year ago, Kaypo7
Pretty good
I need to upgrade to see more stylesFree ones are limited. One app improvement I’d like to see is better blending of the style with the photo you upload.
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4 years ago, GovGirl789
Fun and useful
This gave me the opportunity to try on lots of cute hair styles and colors and send the looks to my stylist to let her know what I’m thinking of for our next appointment. Super helpful for both of us!
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2 years ago, Kat42356
I wish I could put zero stars
If you have any sort of natural texture to your hair, do not use this app. The section of free hairstyles only consists of straight hair. All of the curly and wavy variations are blocked off. Me and my 3b curls were VERY disappointed. Just wanted to see what I would look like with short hair but this app fell short for anyone that doesn’t have flawless straight 1a hair.
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1 year ago, 3473SM
Liking it so far!
I downloaded this app to get an idea of what it was like to have short hair and so far, so good. It has been very helpful.
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2 years ago, FLAUser
Using a photo taken in portrait mode, but it keeps saying to use a photo taken in portrait mode. Gave up on that and went with the photo function within the app. Great, it takes a photo, but then the hairstyle button is gone and all the other buttons say to choose a hairstyle first. Doesn’t work at all.
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3 years ago, 3JRTs
So far so good!
I’m an older person going from very long hair to short and love the option of trying all these styles!
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4 years ago, bmorth
Haircut Emergency!
I’ve put off my usual cut due to the pandemic. I have an autoimmune disease and I’m very careful. But it’s do or die; this hair needs help BADLY! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your short haircuts and they’ve given me some great ideas. Good job!
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3 years ago, Short locks
Just trying it now
So far it’s fun! The review request just after I started to play with it. I hope it will be great. It seems user friendly so far!
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4 years ago, Rocketwife
Lots of styles
I’m shopping for a new do and I like how many styles this app offers. It’s easy to use and gives you a solid idea of what your hair will look like.
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1 year ago, Mimizukoo
Deciding on a pixie
Was incentivized to write a review as soon as I opened the app in order to receive an extra hair style pack. Downloaded the app to help myself decide if I want a pixie cut, but haven’t had enough time with the app to know if it’s helpful or not.
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5 years ago, Mama A to Z
Love it!
This is really helping me decide on short pixie cuts and color for a radical change. It is time for the long hair to go, I’m too busy to take care of it. I love the choppy short dos on here! Thanks for this app!
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2 years ago, Deke9292
Try short hair cuts
I just anted to see if I would look good on short hair. This app is really good to help with this. This app helped me a lot in my decision.
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4 years ago, Teti Tab
Fun and easy
This app is easy to use and very helpful in deciding on a new look. I like being able to change the color. Try it you won’t be disappointed.
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5 years ago, rae016💕💛💙
Great App
I’ve always wanted to know what i’d look with short hair and this app was it! it’s nothing like other hair apps. You can easily adjust the hair to your head and color! would recommend
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1 year ago, Eigerwand
Works for the wife
Let her find a look quickly. Thanks
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2 years ago, girlcop3
Fun to use
I like the app. I wish they would incorporate some more darker and lighter high and low lights in the color chart. Otherwise is fun!!
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3 years ago, Loreann1234
This is a fun app! I have long hair and am thinking about going short so this app gives me a good idea of a new style for this ol girl.
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1 year ago, steeleyjen
Don’t waste your time
This had the best reviews and I can’t figure out how or why. It’s crap. You only get a few hairstyles to try (unnatural crappy ones) and an ad every single time you try a new one. I’m not gonna pay for extra styles when it would take 100 ads to try them!!
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2 years ago, Lolpuppyface
Easy to use
Great to see how different hairstyles will look before getting a new cut
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4 years ago, Jazzy75043
Fun app!!!!
I loved how much fun it was to try on different hairstyle and colors! Also very easy to use. This app has sooo many unique hairstyle to try, I’m recommending it to all my friends.😃
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3 years ago, Shamruss
So far it’s been fun.
I’ve struggled getting started due to the constant pop ups however it seems like it will be fun if it will give me a minute to try it out.
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3 years ago, Sweetlaurel
Pretty good
This is one of the better apps. Although it’s still kind of weird. Also don’t like the ads.
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2 years ago, Shannoncaden
So far so good!
Having fun using this app to try on different hairstyles. Seems easy enough to use. Hoping to find a short haircut that suits my face!
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2 years ago, Ravenrain13
Duplicate of another app
Downloaded this (and a couple other apps) to see what I’d look like with super short hair. Realized that it was exactly the same as one of the others I downloaded. Same hairstyles, etc. Styles looked fake. Fun to play with but not helpful.
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3 years ago, Vick1957
New hairstyle
Looking to make a drastic change in my hair to match every other drastic change in my life. This is fun to try it out first
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2 years ago, CoolNerd 16
It’s a pretty good app. One thing tho, a lot of the editing things you need portrait mode to do. Also the hair looks a bit weird. Otherwise a good app.
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2 years ago, grandma1501
Long to short
It’s nice to be able to see how a style works before getting it cut short.
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3 years ago, Libby24000
Really like the simple layout, easy to figure out.
It was simple and straightforward, lots of options for hairstyles
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5 years ago, Lakittykai
Great tool
I’m trying to decide whether to go for a short haircut ir not. This app is the best way to see how I will look before jumping into it. Best way to avoid any regrets!
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2 years ago, Mrs2Happy4
Ads are endless!
Downloaded app, took my first pic and ads started right off the bat! Deleted app-don’t want an app that wastes my time and doesn’t get the job I need done without that nonsense. Also, I didn’t see a free hair style that was acceptable to me, which meant I’d be expected to buy more styles-no way!
Show more
3 years ago, GypsyMolly79
Easy to use
The app is easy to use and has good automatic approximations! Good tool for those looking to see what a new hairstyle would look like before taking the leap!
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5 years ago, BrittanyPB
Photoshopish but works well
Fast, easy to adjust hairstyles. I like that you don’t have to map out your face shape in the picture - it’s easy to adjust the styles without that.
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4 years ago, purplepower53
Great app
Let’s me do everything I need to in order to get an accurate look in different hairstyles.
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3 years ago, Hockey god92
So far so good!
Have just started but so far this app is user friendly and has lots of choice!
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