TTCU Mobile Banking

2.2 (45)
80.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
TTCU Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for TTCU Mobile Banking

2.24 out of 5
45 Ratings
11 months ago, Undefeated Player 77
Best Financial Institution out there!
The app was “okay” before the update. This update brought a lot of change. But, change is good! This change increased security! I have the ability to add travel notifications for my card, I can chat with a representative in my home state! No more dealing with people with foreign accents! If you see any negative reviews for this, it’s simply because elderly people HATE CHANGE!!
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2 months ago, mavsak
Love it for the most part
Great app. Very easy to use, and quite secure. One thing I did find underwhelming was the “Calculate Payoff” feature for loans. My app would show up to years worth of options to pay off the loan despite many more (non-selectable) years available, in addition to the actual maturity date of the same loan being a few years ahead of the options. It would also be helpful if it could show what type of additional payments you’d have to make to achieve a payoff by that timeframe rather that just the end payment on the loan.
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1 year ago, mecranke
New and Improved!
The new TTCU App is a much needed and welcomed improvement! The app looks and feels more modern, there are more available settings and menus than ever before, and everything is substantially easier to navigate. Bravo!
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9 months ago, EnnisMartin
App changes
I love the TTCU app and it has worked great. I think some updates were done recently. I don’t know if this is related but now whenever I open the app it rotates to portrait mode. It started recently and whenever I open it on my tablet, it rotates forcing me to turn my tablet sideways to read it and I have to turn my tablet back to type . Geek Squad said the app people screwed it up and they can not alter it. I hope you guys can fix that problem.
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12 months ago, D.Kay17
Newest update
The new update is the worst update I’ve ever seen in my life. At first glance, the main account balance looks nice but if you want to actually look at your bills and purchases, everything is renamed to codes that no normal person would understand. Even worse, the update messed up to where it was only taking half the mortgage payment a month and we almost got charged a late fee. The original version was just fine, these updates are supposed to makes things easier, not more frustrating.
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11 months ago, Ra Ferrell
Worst update of any app ever
I am constantly being forced to reapprove my same device I’ve always used. You took a functioning app and tried to make it look flashy by making it go from looking like a 90s website to an early 00s website and the functionality is complete garbage. Jesus Christ get it together. I hope you don’t have a contract with the company or the one from whom you got the current state of the app from because you were taken to the clear era if so.
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1 year ago, Yourrrrmomma
Easy to use
Very easy to use and has more options than most credit union apps.
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5 months ago, DumboHos
Suggesting a change
Can you please make the deposits in a different color than the debits? Makes it hard to see what is what. I have 4 other bank accounts and none of them have the debits and credits the same color. Your old app had them posted differently.
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9 months ago, godzillla7
Continuously getting an error on mobile deposit. It won’t let me submit the deposit due to error 499. No matter how many new pictures you take to verify the check has been endorsed, it still continues to decline the submission. End up having to go to the bank in person to deposit majority of the time. Waste of time and not convenient or user friendly.
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10 months ago, wdholly
TTCU Mobile Needs Only One Thing Fixed
Please enable rotation so this app can be viewed and worked with in landscape mode. On an iPad it is difficult to work with this app when forced to use portrait only. Fix this and you get 5 stars! Don’t fix it, I stop using the app.
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6 months ago, Kb5xg
Tulsa Teachers Create Unity
Love the app. Easy to link your other accounts and unify your total financial picture. Glad I joined
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1 year ago, Fionafey
Newest update
Nothing will load after update. It’s happened to me and everyone in my household. It keeps giving an error when trying to load account info. The whole new look is terrible too. New version is trash! I liked it before the update…was easy to use and never had issues.
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7 months ago, Veda5
The only issue I have it takes way to long for a transfer from an outside bank to hit my home loan
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12 months ago, Blake1327
Worst Version Yet
The new app is horrible, you cant see anything clearly and its very hard to tell what screen you are on. All the buttons and pathways are hidden and require scrolling, and is just an annoying app to navigate altogether. I can’t imagine how anyone less tech savvy than me can get around this app now. Very disappointing
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1 year ago, kyiona
Review of app
So it’s not working but I deleted and trying to see if that helps
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1 year ago, Dumbledore fo dayz
Go back to the old system
The new app design is absolutely horrible! There was nothing wrong with the old one. Now I constantly have to close out the app to pull up information because it lags and stalls. Takes for ever to make transfers. Highly disappointed.
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1 year ago, B7mom
Check deposit issues
The app continue to say there are issues with the clarity of front and back pictures. Also, cannot detect endorsement even though it is clearly there. My son can’t get the app to open on his device either.
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11 months ago, Juli@58
TTCU app
Works great for most transactions. I’d like it to notify me of deposits and withdrawals like most of these apps do as well!
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1 year ago, nudes recieved
Runs great
Needed some updates but it’s working great now
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9 months ago, Tom Lovell slagle
Payments and transfers of money.
Compared to prosperity bank it is a lot more difficult to move money around.
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1 year ago, SummertimeMusic
the new app is absolutely awful. To the point I am switching banks. More than half the time I get errors when trying to see my account balances, make transfers, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than this app.
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11 months ago, Ryanm774
Wayyyyy better than the old app
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1 year ago, Senter1213
The new format for the app is awful. It is so hard to navigate & find what you are looking for. The other app was user friendly and had no issues getting information
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10 months ago, resume source
Thank you for your helpfulness
I am amazed at your excellent customer service.
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1 year ago, Ethapiboy
App after update is pure rubbish
Whoever was put in charge of updating the app to a new interface should be fired. Such poor execution and low standard. Why mess with the app UI that was working just fine?!!
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9 months ago, the moon $ stars
They are helpful @ anything
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1 year ago, Kmaenglish
App not working
New app downloaded automatically now I can’t logon. Trying to get new password says error occurred. Otherwise I did love this app.
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7 months ago, 1309tulsa
Cannot view in landscape
Cannot use in landscape on iPad. Deleting the app and will use web version until kandscape available again.
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1 year ago, Pondeta
Update messed everything up
No Face ID. Had to resign in fine. Close it out now I can’t get back in. Grrrr…..
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8 months ago, Jescop
Fix the Landscape Mode
Still waiting………
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2 years ago, Recycle Queen
Everything I need!
I am so grateful for this app. I am able to take care of all of my banking needs with this app. It is always up to date on my purchases and having a description and location with each purchase reassures me that I am spending too much money lol but I know they are MY purchases and not someone else’s. I love being able to make a deposit with a couple of pictures. The deposits are so fast and easy. This app has saved me so much time. I no longer sit in the line at the drive through. I would recommend you download this asap if you are interested in knowing where your money is. 😊
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8 years ago, chaywood989
It's average
The application itself is average. As others have said, it gets the job done. Negatives - No Touch ID log in. - Text banking is absolutely horrible. If text banking is a feature you must have, don't bank here. The text does not come till the next day and on top of that it doesn't tell you the amount of money you actually spent. It's only set up to tell you that you spent over a certain amount. For instances, if you set the system up to text you anything over $100 dollars then the text you receive will specify that you spent an amount greater than $100 and not till the the post date. That's all it will do, does not work for pending transactions which defeats the entire purpose of text banking. The way text banking should work is, if I purchase an item I should get a text on how much I spent and within minutes. I'm used to this feature with all my other banks and this has to be fixed. Your text banking is pointless as it stands. Fix this!
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2 years ago, WSNOD
Bank accounts A-Plenty…BUT-
Benifits of,but a hazard to, my choice in my life’s Professions- is knowing (and having the esteem of being known) by many colleagues in the “Biz” of banking. So therefore, as professional courtesy and genuine desire to do business with them, I have accounts to 5x the number of banks (even Platinum With BofA) that a typical Joe( and I am a typical Joe) needs or should trouble themselves with! However, and this may sting some of those, TTCU has by far the easiest and accommodating Online Platform I’ve ever used! It’s basic for us advanced-IN AGE and yet intuitive enough to be -> INTUITIVE and not far reaching as most irritating BOT driven bank apps! I have never written a review on any bank product and I don’t know why now except I was compelled and have bragged on this app. Now….on auto loans,,,,, well I’ll keep this positive… Respectfully Submitted and with jovially intent WSNOD
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5 years ago, Koalanib
The app was working fine until the latest update. Now I can’t even login reliably. I have to enter the same password and login ID 10 times before it lets me in. Either it tells me the Logins are incorrect (which it’s not because I’m typing in the correct ones every time.) or it starts the login process and then sends me back to the sign in screen. If I’m lucky enough to make it into the app half of the time I can’t click on my account overview without it saying there an error. TTCU it’s the year 2019 and you don’t even have a half decent app. Remind me why I’m keeping my money in your bank if you can’t even let me have access to it via an app? Quit being cheap and get your apps fixed. Otherwise... Chase Bank will get all of my business. Their app works every time I need to login. And if there is an issue, they fix it ASAP.
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4 years ago, TV anywhere
App is fine, but why the delay?
Why doesn’t the credit card portion of the app not have the minimum payment required and date due? Also, why isn’t the minimum payment required reported to the credit bureaus? It takes either TTCU, or the App, way too long to post updates. I have a secondary checking & savings accounts, with another bank, and the updates are on a real-time basis. With the other bank my direct deposits posts 2-6 hours before they post with TTCU. If not for the lag time with banking activities I would have rated the App 5 stars. *Note: I edited my original review, from 6-12 months ago, by adding 1 Star because TTCU has improved the timing of account activities, which I also changed in my Review. However, it is still subpar compared to notifications I receive from my other bank and credit cards. I actually receive updates after a transaction before I even leave the store. Subsequently, I’ll login to that particular account and lo-and-behold the transaction has posted. Real-time. Just can’t beat it.
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2 years ago, D4ncenana
Keeps me in line!
I’m the world’s worst when it comes to tracking my spending. But with TTCU’S new app I can check my balance every day and know immediately what debits have cleared my account or monitor for hacker activity on my account. This app definitely makes my life easier! In addition, my two daughters and my granddaughter all have TTCU accounts which is great to share expenses and transfer money among us. It’s easy to pay tuition, sorority dues or gas money to come home. Much easier than Venmo.
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5 years ago, Keeping up with the times
Time Saver
It is easy to use and I’ve grown so used to using it that I can’t imagine doing without it now. My husband and I transfer money between our accounts and my daughter and I are often “paying each other back” for things we have purchased for each other. I love being able to check the balance on all of my accounts at any time and being able to pay bills from my phone.
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5 years ago, Towbel
Almost a perfect app
I like how easy this app is to use. It gives me a little info on each transaction I make so I can compare it to purchase recipes from the store or business I’ve been to. That way if a purchase has been made that I didn’t make I can track it easier. However, this particular update of the app has a minor glitch. When I’m scrolling down to view my purchases, the menu that pops up when you swip to the right pops up randomly while I’m scrolling. I think it’s a sensitivity issue. If this can be fixed this would be a perfect app!
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5 years ago, N091897
The mobile app never takes money out right when I make a purchase. Same with my online account overview. Other family members of mine have Arvest and BOK and never have this issue. I am constantly being over-drafted because I will buy something and it won’t show the money gone sometimes until a week later. I do not think it is fair that I have to keep paying overdraft fees when no other bank app that I have seen has this issue. The money is always shown taken out of their account right then, despite when a store closes out their accounts for a day. Being a teacher, I really enjoy being a part of this bank, however I would love to be able to resolve this issue.
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3 years ago, Nathan Boykin
Good app, but recently came across a problem
App works great, has a simple and non-overwhelming layout/UI, and is easy to use. But recently I’ve encountered a problem when it comes to depositing a check via my phone: it says “You must be logged in to our mobile app to deposit a check”, even though I’m using the app, and am very much logged in. This problem only occurred recently and I’ve had no problem with depositing a check pervious. Again, the app is great and I’d recommend it for its simplicity.
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6 years ago, Homeschooling Momma
Great banking service and easy to use app
I love the banking app better then any other I have tried so far. This app will allow you to keep track of your spending by categorizing it for you. You can also pay your bills and handle most all your banking needs all at one place. The only thing I wish it had more of are better themes green and brown aren’t very pretty but at least it’s something.
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8 years ago, RachelSchultz
Check deposit
I was really excited to find out they added the check deposit option! However, it's not working. When I click on it an error message pops up and says I'm not logged into the app. But I obviously am if I am in my account and clicking on the check deposit button. Going to delete the app and reinstall, maybe that will fix it. But I would really like to use this feature!! Everything else about the app is great though!
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12 years ago, De88Fan
Allow mobile banking to your online account first and it works fine!!
Will not log me on. Works fine on computer but app just keeps saying cannot find user with log in information provided. UPDATE!! This app will not work until you first go online and allow mobile banking on your online account. Once I did that, it works perfectly now!!
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2 years ago, lifes lessons 18
Thank You
I appreciate your business. I would like to Thank You TTCU for your Loyal services.... Even though I have never been approved for any loan and sometimes it’s takes days or even a week or more sometimes for a transaction to show up on my Mobile App, but nothing is perfect in life and I also still am learning to budget my account better and that is What I am Thanking You for. 🙂
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1 year ago, Staussey
Easy to use App! Verrry user friendly. Can do all my banking efficiently and effectively. Thus far, and I’ve been here since it’s beginning, I can do any aspect of banking that I need, right from home, during my lunch break while eating my lunch, while outside/taking my walk, etc., etc., etc. I just open the app. And “let my fingers do the walking”!
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3 years ago, you put in a nick name for me
Banking apps
I like the system you have set up. I pay my bills on line, that’s the best thing that ever happened to me, for keeping up with my bills . Thank you There is one thing I would like to see change, when bill pay sends a paper check, I wish they would show the money removed from my checking account immediately.
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2 years ago, RubarbKandi
Happy Camper
I appreciate these ease with which I am able to access my account while maintaining reliable security. Also the ease with which I can review account activity, check my balances and transfer funds. I am very happy with TTCU. The members are always friendly and courteous, and I would recommend TTCU to everyone I know.
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4 years ago, wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooo
The app is great but there is a couple things that would make it better. My spendings don’t show up until about a full 24 hours after charging my card. So I have to keep track myself and I can’t rely on the app fully because it’s not up to date most of the time. Also, it’s not always clear on the location that I spent at. If there was a way to see clearly that I spent at grocery store or a gas station specifically on each charge I’d really like that.
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2 years ago, PistolDi
Time saving and trouble less!!
Saves me trips to the credit union and I can check my balance anytime from any place. Can also transfer $ from one account to another. Thanks I liked the last app better. It was easier for me-to navigate. This new app keeps sliding back on itself and if that were fixed it would get 5 stars from me!!
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2 years ago, GBird65
My Review
I like the app, hardly ever any bugs. The one thing that I don’t like is when you click on your checking account to view your purchase history. When you scroll down, a side menu pops up and when you click the X to get rid of it, you get scrolled to the top automatically. If you can just cut out that side menu that would be lovely
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