TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports

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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TuneIn Radio: Music & Sports

4.75 out of 5
1M Ratings
2 months ago, rrtahoe
Like access to Stations that are not local
I like access to the stations that are not local focused on my interests particularly when it comes to news stations. Also, they have most of the podcasts I want listen to. Finally, I can listen to most of the NFL and MLB games for my favorite teams when I can’t see them. I use the premium service to avoid additional commercials that TuneIn could put on top of radio programs I listen to. I am kind of surprised TuneIn does so little promotion or social media feeds for customers or prospective customers. They should really promote their service. I do not use their TuneIn pro app since I have seen a lot of complaints about it and really don’t see any additional benefit from it. However, it would be nice if the TuneIn app had a 10, 20 or 30 second playback when you miss something that you would like to get back to. Otherwise, I think TuneIn premium is a good value for the price. I pay annually for the best deal in my view.
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1 year ago, northwestpodcaster
I want my money back
I commented a year ago in agreement with others from several years before that about the “Here’s something you might have missed” audio repeats multiple times per hour (that is, if you listen to a one hour show, you can’t possibly miss it the second, third, fourth time. That is far more annoying than hearing commercials! The author asked for my email address to discuss (as if they were being responsive to a paying customer) and proceeded to take the conversation outside the Apple store. They then ask me what programs I was listening to and came back with a dismissive, “that’s how it normally works” non-response. I know that’s how it works, but it should be fixed, not excused! Paying over $100 / year should justify updating the app to address these repeated subscriber complaints, not keep adding more channels I don’t care about to allow them keep signing up new users. I signed up on their site using PayPal, not through Apple, so I couldn’t unsubscribe via iOS or PayPal directly. After having to hear an accused murderer testify about his bloody wife and son he was on trial for shooting over and over in one hour, I had enough (again), but still hadn’t been able to identify how to cancel the annual auto-pay renewal before it just went through PayPal and now it can’t be cancelled for another year. I will be contacting the authors to ask for a refund if they still won’t fix the repeat content bug (it’s certainly NOT a feature worth paying for.)
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4 years ago, DrumGuy6
Need to fix buffering
Update: The buffering was fixed and worked for a period of months, however recently the ability to pause and playback was removed from the app. Now hitting pause will only save data for a minute or so, then no additional steam is saved and the recording just jumps forward to live. Prior to this the app would save about 30min before jumping to live. This is a huge setback in app performance and makes the app almost useless, since even a short phone call will result in missing part of a broadcast. Hopefully this feature is restored, in the meantime I will unfortunately have to look for a new app. Too bad because I have used this for years and enjoyed it. First of all and probably most importantly, the app content is great. However there are issues with buffering that need to be fixed. The app offers pause and RW/FF functions, but if you pause for even a short time the app will skip ahead midstream once you are playing back the buffered content. Also when playing back buffered content it will randomly repeat a few second long portion several times. Buffering is a feature used on many apps these days and it usually works flawlessly, this app needs to fix these issues to compete. If buffering was fixed this would be a 5 star review.
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7 months ago, knowhere0
Better streaming
I stream radio content constantly throughout the day. Streaming with iTunes would produce frequent buffering, starting and stopping, skipping back and forth for the first ten minutes of any new stream. TuneIn produces a much cleaner stream. It has solved all my problems, even where reception is intermittently degraded, but. . . I’m frustrated by Tune In’s sloppy button placement and library features. First the button placement: by placing suggested channels at the bottom of the play window, I’m constantly inadvertently clicking on one of these random channels, when then appear in my library where inadvertently select them again. I have Tune In expressly so that I can listen to NPR, both my home station without constant buffering and occasionally to west coast NPR stations so that I can hear the new later than is available. With TuneIn’s sloppy interface, I’m often clicking on random stations that I don’t have any interest in. It is very very frustrating, especially when I’m in the middle of an important story. I also wish TuneIn would implement a fast backward button so that I could quickly replay a detail that I might have missed. And finally, TuneIn needs and Apple Watch app.
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2 years ago, baddgirl84
Declining quality
I used to love this app! Over the past few months, I’ve noticed it’ll skip backwards and repeat the last several seconds. The other day, it was skipping like a broken record, looping the same 7-10 seconds of a song. That’s not even the worst part. The most frustrating thing now is how all of a sudden, the stream just stops, and 5 flipping ads play! And it’s ALWAYS in the middle of a good song, or in the middle of a good segment on my favorite morning show. So then I completely miss the rest of the song or segment!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I get that I’m using the free app, but come on people! I’m strongly considering deleting the app and either find another one or go old school and purchase a boombox/stereo to use instead while I’m getting ready for work in the mornings. ETA: I received your developer response and your answer to the issue of ads interrupting a song or morning show segment is NOT acceptable. I completely understand that ads help keep it free, HOWEVER, you can do better than playing them in the middle of the content I’m listening to. Maybe try during the radio station’s commercial break? The current issue doesn’t have a problem missing the commercial breaks, that’s for sure. 🙄
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2 years ago, Tamegravity
Used to be the best, now only the ads work
This was by far the best streaming app. Then they added ads…. I quit using iHeart after the streaming service made it impossible to listen to. I understand that they needed more revenue so they added ads. Once they added ads, the app froze every 10 minutes. That has been fixed, kudos. Now, I want to listen to a podcast that has 8 minute segments…. There is an ad between every segment. Ok, it is a lot but I can live with it. However, the player stops after every ad and doesn’t advance to the next podcast without…. opening the player and yes, having to listen to yet another ad…. In addition, if you leave and come back, it plays an ad (after you have already listened to the ad) and then proceeds to forget your progress so you need to remember where you were in the podcast. Plus, the app crashes more frequently now and that, of course, leads you to have to listen to another ad, and lose your place in the podcast again. Rince, repeat. There are infrequent updates that fix some of the usability but unless they fix these things soon, I will be finding another app.
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3 years ago, chrisloyd
I only use this because it’s the only app I can stream certain station through. Their ads are awful, cut off the middle of live broadcasts and sometimes get stuck repeating in a loop. At best, they sync their ads with the live broadcast schedule, at worst they randomly play, cutting off the middle of a show. They also play ads in the middle of podcasts and god forbid you press the pause buttons for you will surely hear another ad before play resumes. A month or so ago the repeatedly played a Carl’s junior ad where you could hear the producer speaking before the spot and the sound mix was hilarious. You can hear the “boop” where the ad begins on multiple ads as well. So amateur. I paid a one time $9.99 for this app years ago but now they expect you to subscribe for some reason. Maybe the awful ads are their incentive? The mail channels are basic as well. There are so many better apps but, like I said, this one has some stations that none of the others do. They also didn’t ban certain broadcasters like all the other ‘woke’ apps have but I almost hesitate in saying that for fear they one day will. Reply to dev: You guys say you strive to make this a better app but, seriously, how hard can it be to not spam ads just for hitting the pause button or switching an audio output source?
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1 year ago, Fastcars901
Definitely not the Tunein Radio we were all used to! What happened???
Ever since they fully redesigned the TuneIn app, it has been nothing but a disaster. Not gonna lie, I do like the new music player, it’s modern and colorful, but the amount of constant ads are ridiculous. Even the Tunein Pro app that costs $10, the ads now constantly pop up every few seconds, which never used to be like this. Now you have to pay for a monthly subscription in order to get rid of the ads after paying $10 for the pro app?!?!🤦‍♂️And the $10 Pro app isn’t even pro anymore due to the fact that they took away the popular radio recording feature which everyone loved, and the app is so buggy and ads just don’t stop! Tunein Radio is also almost like a ghost town because a lot of the quality radio stations have either been transferred to iHeart Radio, or they no longer exist on the radio(92.3 Amp Radio, 95.5 WPLJ, etc). There’s only a few stations left on Tunein that I like (Hot 97, K104.7 and some AM stations) but why would I want to listen to these stations on Tunein where I can listen to them on the Apple Music app or iHeart Radio? Seems like Tunein Radio is slowly dying out, and with the rate their going, their going off of a cliff!
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3 years ago, Nickolodeamus
Apple Watch Trouble
Have long used and enjoyed the app on my iPhone and iPad mini. I recently bought an Apple Watch, and the app is really finicky on the watch, especially when trying to start music or change channels. Once music gets going, the start, stop, rewind/forward, and volume controls work fine, but the Watch’s own audio software allows for that with any audio/video source in use at the time...so nothing gained by having a separate Tuned In app on the watch. Because of the unreliability on the Watch, I end up gravitating back to my phone to get music started and, occasionally, to switch channels. Customer Service told me the Watch app is only a remote control for the phone app....but it is not yet an effective one. Will remove the app from my Watch if the functionality doesn’t improve. Aside from being limited in its ability to function as designed, that design only allows the Watch to display a list (no graphics) of recently listened to stations...cannot bring up favorites or browse or do anything else.
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2 years ago, freakyluv
I love TuneIn
I use the app more than any other app, it is a bargain at $7.99. I’m a real Radiohead, I listen everyday, that’s right seven days a week. I felt I should pay TuneIn something for the great service they provide. I love it, I can listen to virtually any radio station here and even Europe, it’s terrific! Keep up the great work you’re doing, I love you TuneIn! Thank you so much. In a few words the music I’ve chosen has often been disappointing. I don’t like the choice’s I’ve made curating the music I buy and listen to. I would much rather let my favorite NPR on air host curate the music. I feel and believe their choices are often excellent and much more entertaining. I’ve tried Vinyl, CDs and even streaming services like Amazon-MusicUnlimited, AppleMusic and found that I prefer streaming my favorite NPR Jazz radio station’s on TuneIn. I would rather pay for services that I use everyday (TuneIn & NPR) then for services that I had force myself to listen to, thank you so much again TuneIn & NPR!!!
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3 years ago, Squish Popper
Gone downhill in the past year!
I loved this app when I first downloaded it. I’d listen to MSNBC and a couple of radio stations outside my area, while driving or at the office. It’s been my go to app until recently-the constant pausing, skipping and repeating segments is truly frustrating. It NEVER pauses during commercials, always during a broadcast. The Blues/R&B station I listen to is commercial free, but TuneIn throws them in and more times than not it’s in the middle of a song. Once these glitches start, any broadcast rarely plays for more than a minute before it automatically pauses, repeats or skips. It’s insanely frustrating! The only thing that is consistent are the replies from the developers stating they’re sorry and promise to fix the problem with the next update. The past 5 updates have yet to rectify any of these problems! I cannot give it a better rating until they get their act together and fix their mess.
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3 years ago, ModPodGal
Too many commercials
I realize Tune In Radio has to make money somehow but there are just so many commercials now. Every time you switch to another station, you get the obligatory 30 second advertisement. Tune In was not always like that. I know if you get a premium account, there are no commercials but I personally think the monthly fee is too high. I also am still angry that when Tune In Radio removed their “record” feature, they also went into to people’s libraries without warning and removed anything they had recorded. Users should have been informed that that was going to happen. All I ever recorded were occasional radio shows if they were featuring an interesting topic. I had six years worth of the special JFK show that was done by “Coast to Coast AM” every November 22nd. I used to enjoy re-listening to those shows once in a while but Tune In saw fit to remove them from my library. Ditto for a few shows I had recorded about the making of the Mercury Theatre’s historic 1938 broadcast “War of the Worlds”. There are always people who bend the rules and I have no doubt that there were people who might have profited from the record feature and violated copyright infringements. I was not one of those people. I still maintain that it was wrong for Tune In to go in and wipe out their customers’ libraries. Tune In Radio is indeed a wonderful app but all the commercial advertising now is really tiresome. I live in hope that one day my library will be restored.
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8 months ago, InternetBarb
Amount of ads is ridiculous!!! Make it stop!!!
Every time you switch stations you have to listen to multiple ads. Even if you listen to a station for 3 seconds you still have to endure the commercials when switching stations. I hate the “Switch Classics” tile that appears next to the tile of my current station because I’ve accidentally hit it and have to listen to more commercials. Ads play in the middle of episodes (causing you to miss that length of the program) and tonight there were literally 16 commercials in a row! There were 3-4 commercials in the loops and it was starting again when I shut down the app to make the ads stop—and had to listen to 2 more when I restarted the app. The ads are also excessively loud. I had considered paying for the app pre-Covid but there were some glitches and features that changed—now it’s a matter of principle—I don’t want to be manipulated into paying because of the annoying advertising tactics being used. I can access most things directly from websites but the ability of the app to curate multiple stations in one place was a convenience. The ads negate this. So disappointing and frustrating.
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3 years ago, MTin2
Inconsistent At Best
I've exhausted my options with this app. When it works, it works great. But every so often, it has a mind of its own where no matter how long I wait for a station to load, it simply doesn't start. It simply spins in place. Yes, I have strong WiFi. Yes I've tried on LTE. Yes I've tried on 5G. It's not a connectivity issue. I have an iPhone 12. The only way around it is to close the app and restart it, but even that's not a guarantee. I have to try on average 3-5x before the station will load. It also seems to does it out of nowhere in the middle of when the station is working. I was listening to a particularly important news story (again, with full strength internet connectivity) and the station simply dropped. I closed the app and reopened it and of course I had to listen to the 60 seconds of ads that are no longer relevant (today I heard ads about the "upcoming impeachment vote" which has already happened...but I digress) and the station still didn't load. Again, when it works, it goes on a long streak of being perfect, but when it decides to go on strike, a miracle is necessary for it to work again. That's usually when I forget about it for a few weeks and then come back.
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3 years ago, wetpaint86
App crash
I listen to sports events while working and it was awesome when I first got the app. All the major sports has games here now only a few do and when listening I have to stop working ans restart the app literally every 1-2 minutes because it will just turn itself off and there’s nothing more frustrating than something exciting happening and in the middle of the announcers excitement the app stops so I turn it back on to not even know what happened because it takes forever to restart the app is when it does start it pays a commercial I have heard 1000 times then returns to the game and then shuts off again in a few seconds. I have messaged to cancel my plan and they won’t respond so I’m going to have to cancel my debit card and set up everything I use auto bill on the get this over. If this app was free it would still be too much to pay.
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5 years ago, Cool jey
The repeat when playing live shows...
I assume Tunein is made to do this on purpose but it’s far too sensitive....have used tunein for a few years but don’t remember being this bad- when I am listening to a news show live, like CNN, it will replay the same part not twice, but 3-5 times, I assume this is when the app detects a slower connection. I have tried numerous times to mess with settings and can’t get it to stop - it makes listening to anything live virtually impossible unless you want to be driven crazy. This happens over my Sonos which plays everything else perfectly in my home over WiFi (via fiber optic) so not sure why tunein is different. It is also happening more on my phone app. I love tunein for convenience but this repeating is so bad that it makes it not worth fooling with. Shouldn’t be this hard for a normal consumer - I shouldn’t have to adjust a bunch of settings when in a relatively normal and speedy WiFi environment (nor when when I’m on a cellular connection). Trying to listen to impeachment live! I have to install something else today.
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9 months ago, citizen_rowe
I am a regular person fed-up with being ripped-off: TuneIn 2023 is a complete joke and goes to show what nonsense these "Editor's Choice" labels are! TuneIn is insanely repetitive: if you listen to the FREE version, then it's the same 5 commercials all-day everyday until you have turned it off, turn the volume down during the commercials and/or go insane! But BUYER BEWARE: DO NOT PAY a subscription because instead of commercials, TuneIn will just play the same 5 clips all-day everyday with the same effect except now you are paying $10.- a month for the "privilege" of going insane listening to the same thing(s). Further, TuneIn has NOT UPGRADED ANYTHING ON THEIR STATIONS FOR YEARS! Doubt it? Go to MSNBC, for example, and read their titles to shows: "the Indictment of Donald Trump"--still😅, "the Rachel Maddow Show" every night even though she is only on Mondays now... So WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR EXACTLY? A bunch of techies not doing anything at their job and going on vacays while stealing $120.- annually from you for radio! Nope. I recently found RADIO. NET and it works fine as an actual free radio with lots of choices and regular commercials.
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8 months ago, Nikos Vos
Great Premium features and a Suggestion
Update Issue: Not sure if anyone else has reported theirs issue, but a month or so ago, the station icons are not showing up in the Home page of the Carplay app. It happens both for wired and wireless connections. I have tested both on a Subaru and Jeep Cherokee and the issue is consistent on both. Some icons are showing, some don't. Thank you I love the Premium features and excellent stations for every mood. I would like to suggest that an option is added to be able to remove stations from the Recent section. As I’m just trying different stations, it can crowd the Recent section and I have to start playing the most frequent stations to get it back in order. Also, why the Premium is not playing on Alexa? It’s been like that for last month or so. Not sure if it’s on the Alexa side or Tunein. Keep up the great work. Love the app.
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6 years ago, TradeWorthy iTunes
I’ve been using Tunein for several years. I use it to listen to favorite radio stations from places I used to live. Tunein used to be much simpler and smoother to operate. I have an older iPhone 6, so maybe it’s the phone, but this is my first iPhone, so my comments are based on my experience with Tunein running on the same device. One problem is Tunein stops now when I access a web site. Once the site loads, if I go back to Tunein and hit play, it resumes, but it seems like that should be automatic. Tunein in used to resume on its own when it hit a glitch. If it can play, why do I have to ask it to? This problem may be the station (HFS), but the Tunein screen used to show the name of the song the station was playing, but it no longer does. Tunein just seems more sluggish and awkward than it used to, and over time, it ought to get smoother and more efficient.
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4 months ago, Judz2
Lost My Loyalty
I have been a very loyal customer for many years. I have highly recommended your app to family, friends, and social media to be able to listen to the sports broadcasts with our own announcers. Especially when you are out of the range of the radio station. That changed when you began sticking commercials during the broadcast when games are still in play. Causing us to miss a few minutes of the game action. I understand that commercials are what helps to keep the apps going. Evidently those commercials, when the app is activated, aren't sufficient any longer. But I don't appreciate missing any part of the action of the game. With any game or program, the station does their commercials when there is a true break in the action. To do commercials whenever is not acceptable. I had hoped it was temporary. I have a program besides games that I listen to daily. Once you have interrupted the broadcast, I stop the app immediately. After 2 weeks of trying, I will no longer use your app as I refuse to miss anything more.
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5 years ago, Superquinho
Good app
I wrote a really bad review before (read it below), and to be fair, I’m back to update. They seem to improve this App. - The random Ads are gone, so no more paid ads during radio programs. - 30 seconds reward/forward function is back The loosing of the track once you receive a phone call, or a video/audio starts playing on another app, still an issue. So if you’d like to reward 30 seconds of missed radio stream, you’re with no luck! Well, hopefully they’ll hire back whoever developer was able to add that feature back in the days! DO NO PAY FOR THIS!!!! Use the free version and save some frustration at least. I’ve been using TuneIn for at least 4 years.... and every “upgrade” this app is getting worse! I listen to a Brazilian radio station, and when they are talking the app thinks its a commercial so a Lowe’s, Home Depot and another ad from TuneIn kicks in and I miss the interview or whatever is happening! And it’s always 2 or 3 ads only.... I don’t remember because all I do it’s curse on the 5th generation of the developers :/ The latest version they got rid of the 30seconds rewind/forward! C’mon developers..... really?!?!?! And the feature I miss the most is that if another audio/video comes up, like a phone call/FaceTime you lose the streaming, having to go back to the app and press play. Back in the days, this wasn’t necessary. Over all, it works, but on the pace this is going, in a near future, you’ll only be able to listen to their paid Ads :/
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2 years ago, M in Michigan
Too Many Ads
First off, I’m not against ads. I understand the need for the developers to make money. But there’s certain behaviors that I find unnecessarily punitive: If I get a phone call which I immediately silence, because the stream was paused, I have to listen to an ad. There should be some small 5-10second window where briefly interrupting the app will not lead to another ad. Most of what I listen to is radio shows. They have a specific format that they follow where 2 minutes before the hour to approximately 7 minutes after are commercial breaks. Each segment of the hour is a defined time. I have sometimes found that the app is replacing what would be commercials from the original program (based in Arizona) with ads from my local (Michigan) government or businesses. Great, fine, replace one set of ads with a different set. The problem is that I’ll sometimes realize that I’ve been listening to ads for quite some time, and I check and it’s 16 past the hour. The app has been feeding me ads for the last 10 plus minutes, so I’ve missed most of the opening segment of what I was trying to listen to. Unless I manually switch it to a different stream and switch back, I think it would continue the ads indefinitely. It definitely gets stuck in a loop. If it’s possible for the ads to simply delay the original stream, that would be better than replacing the actual content.
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2 years ago, Adrys87
Great app turned useless
I used to love this app. Made it easy to listen to podcasts and radio stations across the globe. It had visual ads and some sound advertisements. In the last 6-9 months they started pushing ads hard. Sometimes the ads interrupt the live broadcast. All stations now start with an ad and god forbid you hit pause and try to come back because you will need to listen to an ad again. It has just become spam at this point. The worst part is it no longer keeps track of where I left off on my podcasts. If I start up the episode it’s spins and plays an ad and in the process loses my progress for the episode. I have to take a screenshot or write down where I left off. As painful as this was, it was some how tolerable but recently the app has started crashing while listening. When I start the episode again I have to listen to an ad and hope I remember where I left off. During the last episode this happened 8 times. This app has become useless. I am looking for alternatives now. It is sad to see how this functional app has been destroyed.
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2 years ago, LABeachGuy
Dangerous CarPlay Bug
I was an early adopter of this app. I purchased it when it was sold for a flat fee. Now, I have to click away a subscription pop-up when the app opens - even though I’m entitled to stream certain content at no cost. When I’m in the car, the TuneIn app in CarPlay won’t allow me to proceed until I unlock my phone, open the app, and click away the pop-up. It seems like this accident waiting to happen. Drivers are already distracted. They don’t need to be challenged to go through this process on a busy road - it could easily change the direction of someone’s life or even end it. Please be more responsible, TuneIn. I get the desire to pitch the subscription service, but you can do it with audio at the beginning of the stream. I’m going to ask Apple to remove the app from CarPlay if this isn’t corrected.
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2 years ago, user......0987654
Annoying dialogues first thing in the morning
The app is fine. It does what it’s supposed to and there isn’t much competition anyway. The Home Screen is becoming more unusable, especially on the Auto interface, more oriented to selling TuneIn products than to allowing users access to the service. The reason for this low review is the frequent pop-up dialogues that prevent access to the app, always on first use in the morning. That is the worst time to make users spend extra time getting to the function. The “are you enjoying TuneIn” dialog must be answered “Yes” or else the user must wait for the App Store to open, presumably to write a review. Today I opened the app and had to navigate through a supposed “gift” TuneIn wanted to give me. If I declined to enter my information and look through the gift options just at that minute, the “gift” disappeared, but I didn’t have a choice whether to go through the pop-ups before using the app.
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2 years ago, JJM🇭🇹🇺🇸4
I am sick of ads
I understand that everybody has to get paid as far as getting revenue and support for this app. I was comfortable with just having a plain old ads on the screen so I am aware that you guys are supported. But now, the ads that it is putting, is an actual audio ads that interrupt my listening to my station. I mainly listen to ESPN radio, they already have Advertisement playing within the station. But when this app, tune in, put in their ads on top of ESPN radio feed, it makes this experience not enjoyable. once again, I was cool with the ads that is just showing on the screen, as long that you don’t put audio ads that interrupt the actual program that I’m trying to listen to. I can imagine if I was listening to a regular music station and in the middle of the music, this app has an audio Ad that takes away the good experience of listening to a radio. The only reason why I left it as a two ⭐️⭐️star instead of a one ⭐️, because I was a longtime listener to the app.
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3 years ago, Oli and Jacq
This is an edit of my previous review—5 stars
Somehow tune in has cured the app of the bleed through ads and the redundant “you may have missed” problem. Thanks for making the changes and fixing this really useful app! —what I wrote previously for your information and comparing: I could’ve written the summer 2020 review! Exact issues regarding trying to enjoy msnbc commercial free by subscribing via premium. I had many back and forths with friendly help clerks. Never solved the problem. Commercials bled through, five minutes of inanity between segments of news, long, repetitive “something you may not have heard from earlier today”, left us frustrated and finally we are giving up on this app. Wish there was a logical explanation for why they couldn’t deliver what I bought—commercial free. Let me know if you worked it out for real.
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6 years ago, 4th Doctor fan
CBS yanked all their stations away from Tunein
*To those reviews about subscription or trial period.. you DON'T need to sign up for the Premium service, nor do you need to sign up for Trial period (which does roll into a Premium paid service if you don't cancel, so just DON'T sign up for Trial period, you can just skip past anything regarding signing up). You can listen for FREE, without having to signup for anything. Too bad that CBS pulled all their CBS Sports and CBS Local News stations off from Tunein (but that is not Tunein's fault). And other censorship concerns would only apply if this were a government run service, which it is not. Those commentators have the right to free speech (with their own broadcast antenna, their own newspaper, their own website, etc) for their views, but other companies such as this can not be compelled to distribute such speech if they choose not to carry it. ---orig--- **Everyone needs to complain directly to CBS Radio (and their Entercom owner)... So evidently CBS Radio (and Entercom, who merged with them) is who forced all of their stations off of Tunein as of July/August, requiring you to use their own radio app instead (which is highly inferior to Tunein). Also, that CBS/Entercom app is not supported by Roku and other services (the way Tunein app was used by Roku). First CBS forces you onto their own subscription service for streaming TV, now they do the same thing for radio. Sad !!
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6 years ago, DomE080808008080808
Audiobooks gone!! 😞
Many users might not be big Audiobook listeners but I am, and considering the high monthly prices for every other audiobook app out there (like Audible or Audiobooks), TuneIn was the best option! I remember when I started using this app, there were a few users and it clearly needed some app work, but I was positively surprised to find the vast collection of audiobooks in the app (with the premium subscription). TuneIn didn’t require you to pay for every new audiobook you listen to but had free amount of audiobooks for the monthly subscription price, apart from all the other radio, news stations and podcasts available. Since I only listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts, there is really no reason for me to keep paying for this app. This is a hue disappointment! I think that if TuneIn would have advertised their audiobook potential they would’ve received a vast amount of new users and a lot would have preferred it over the established Audible/Audiobooks app. If you decide to bring the audiobook section back let me know! I’ll be happy to pay for the subscription!
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3 years ago, Rabbi BenHaAdam
Excellent Source for Real FACTS, Great for Medical Info
WUNC is wonderful at reporting general mews reports AND medical information. By choosing carefully, one can benefit from SOME of their podcasts, like People’s Pharmacy. UNFORTUNATELY, they feel called upon to slant SOME ISSUES to their liking. Ex: Politics: Be careful here! They push a liberal/socialist agenda and CHOOSE to report almost solely in support of this “worldview.” Ex: Climate Change: No matter what happens with weather, their fertile imaginations report it as due to climate change. Ex: Politics: They report ONLY about pre-born children as blobs of tissue to be murdered at the mother’s CONVENIENCE. They ate EXTREME in this ignorant view. After decades of listening, this is just one example of REPORTING their opinion as “news.” Ex: “GUESTS/fellow REPORTERS: Almost ALWAYS, they ONLY interview those who hold THEIR opinion. PROOF: The podcasts. PROOF: LOTS of apostate church (main line, Rev. B, pro-abortion Catholics, etc. leaders glorified, interviewed. But given the high % of Christians/Messianic Jews in the area, WHEN do they EVER include REAL (Bible believers, Southern Baptist LEADERS, those preachers on WRAL, Messianic Rabbi, etc. FOR THE VERY EDUCATED, they have really good reporting WHEN they stick to the facts. So, IF YOU KNOW HOW to DISREGARD the junk, they are an excellent source of information.
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3 years ago, Write2diaz
Great app; but been glitching a lot last 1.5 months
Been listening to cnn, npr, msnbc, and college football and more for over 2 yrs or so. Ended my SiriusXM subscription I had since 2006 because of TuneIn. It’s been my go to app for streaming all. Was very happy with it... LATELY, HOWEVER it’s been very glitchy. Since I listen up to 8 hours a day... I no longer find the most updated podcast- MarketPlace for example stopped updating since late Sept. or I can’t always find past shows-it only shows other radio companies that are currently playing the show. What happened? This happens to other podcast too. The UI is still a little confusing- I still can’t place my favorite channels in the order I want -top to bottom. I rearrange them in edit mode, save it and it just reverts to what was all along. For now- 3/5 stars. Make this easy to use.
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5 years ago, C of H
Indispensable for this traveler
Update: I’m finding it does weird stuff like suddenly repeat the last several seconds or jump forward, especially bad if I have to pause a live stream, but even when I’m current. This has cause me to miss key moments I couldn’t retrieve. I demoted this by a star, hoping the developers pay attention to this annoyance. I’ll keep it at 4 stars for now, but if it gets worse I’ll be back for a further demotion. If it gets better, I’ll be back to elevate it. Original: I use this app several times a week and always on long (5+ hour) trips. Except when I have cell access trouble, I've never had a problem with this. It may even have saved my life a couple of time when I got sleepy and couldn't pull off the road. Podcasts to the rescue! The only (minor) issue I have is that it can take an annoyingly long time to buffer. This doesn't happen often and it may be more a function of wifi or Internet access. Though it happens on my strong home wifi. Can't complain, though. I use this to access radio a send other broadcasts from all over the world. I especially like to get onto live NPR when I'm traveling or missed my local show. Bottom line: Can't go wrong with a free app like this!
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6 years ago, mrbungle5
Corporate greed specialist hired by tune in for app revamp
I’ve used tune in for many years now and was psyched to see the new updated app. Upon download it only offered me two options, both of which come with a $99 subscription. I instantly deleted app. Honestly I was afraid of hitting the wrong button it was so confusing (and I’m sure it was designed that way). As I went through the reviews for the update, there was one frequent response to a lot of the complaints, “TuneIn is free for all users”. When trying out the app I looked to avoid the subscription sign-up and tryed to use it for free, there was no way to do it, it kept sending you back to the subscription page every time you hit “play” on a station. It seems as though tunein has hired a corporate greed specialist to eek out any subscription fees they could, plaguing previous and new users alike with a $99 fee. Ouch.
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1 year ago, Martin Street
Very Impressive
I like the variety of stations within different genres & the selection of international stations. I use the basic version everyday but will not use the pro version as I hate the emphasis on a profile to "share" what I'm listening to. It's a juvenile, insulting concept to monetize loyal users. Also, as others have said, the stability of the basic version is becoming weaker & I don't trust Tunein to upgrade without the "sharing" aspect but to lose the library of stations I have. It's a very impressive app conceptually, but the corporate, seemingly irresistible drive to maximize profit makes it fundamentally flawed. I don't mind the ads, but using customer profiles to attract investors is wrong. It could and should be much, much better! Greg St. Martin Portland, OR
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5 years ago, Point of view 5
Frustrating no one to ever talk to. No human voice customer service.
This is so annoying. You try to reach out at the time you need help but it has to be EMAIL of course you don’t get a response for hours. By that time you are off to work so you do nothing but email tag just to have a few questions answered. It takes days. FAQ area doesn’t help for anything. It just explains the things they want to talk about. So finally having a moment again to get on email that I’m waiting for and I see it was answered they ask for screenshots now (even though it is explain perfectly)stating they need to see what I am explaining which I believe it’s because the person that opened my email didn’t know how to fix it so it’s his way of passing it on for someone else to answer it. I send off screenshots attached to the reply and it’s been all day and now after midnight and nothing. Customer service is a failure if you can’t just speak to a person especially taking their money
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5 years ago, Serval1948
702 talk radio gets flooded with ads
How can I enjoy listening to 702 today, this is Election Day in South Africa and you are spoiling my listening with numerous advertising. (Cutting into talks, news etc). You assured me recently that ads from your side only come on at the beginning-“never during the talks otherwise people will be disillusioned just like me”, you lied! You told me ads during are done by the radio stations. These are all Americans ads 702 talk radio would use to interrupt their news? Come on, You could do better, don’t lie! What use do I have to tell you all this quite a few times. -nothing gets done on your side - you need to make changes in order for your listeners to stay with you. Can you put me in touch with your customer service before I leave your radio service with a bitter taste in my mouth. Thank you, Beate Hammonds Boerne, Texas, USA
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7 months ago, American law Man
Unbelievably great
There’s a radio station called KVHS 90.5 It’s a commercial free radio station that has been on the air since the early 70s it’s run by highschoolers Clayton Valley high school to be exact in Clayton California. The radio station is in Concord California. They play all the old school stuff that you may not have listen to when you were young but now that you’re older, it is unbelievably good and you just can’t understand why, you didn’t listen to it that much only the hits if I ever gave money to a radio station it is this one because all they say is listener, supported Freeform radio no matter who you are give it a try I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and thank you to everybody at KVS you make living one heck of a lot better
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6 years ago, Papa Smurf 05-07
Love the concept, but...
In theory, I should love TuneIn. Pay for the premium package...get all of my favorite sports teams on audio (minus Liverpool who I at least get to see on TV a fair bit). Reality doesn’t always match with theory, however, thusly the two-star rating. Why? Often, the streams are spotty, which is to say that sometimes they don’t come in at all, break-up into a spotty mess, or like I’ve been experiencing lately with the Red Sox games, completely not connecting at all. In order to listen, I’ve had to delete the app, reload it, log back in and then re-try the audio for the game. Sometimes it works...other times it stops the feed and I have to repeat the whole process to get it to work again, and hope the same failing doesn’t re-emerge. I’m giving it another week of baseball season. If a new update doesn’t fix it, I’ll head back to paying for sports audio on parents apps. At least there I’ll get a largely uninterrupted stream.
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2 years ago, J_R_D_E_L
Outstanding streaming alternative to satellite radio
I recently purchased a Tesla which does not have the satellite radio hardware. Yes I can use the streaming app on the phone for my satellite radio subscription and Bluetooth to the car audio. But TuneIn is integrated right into the Tesla interface which makes it very easy and safe to use while driving. It uses the car’s cellular connection to stream, or I can connect it to my phone’s hotspot to eliminate another data account. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorite news channels are available (CNN, CNBC) and all of my favorite podcasts. There are also plenty of curated music stations to choose from. It has everything needed for car entertainment!
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1 year ago, Medic1966
have to have multiple subscriptions
it’s not the best when you have to have multiple premium subscriptions on other devices. I have it through Apple on my phone but if I want to go to Roku, I have to subscribe to a new account and having two accounts is not worth it. If you want tune in radio, you can only subscribe on one device, you can’t transfer do you have to start over again or have two separate accounts. I’ve tried logging in with the account I have through Apple, same password and email and it doesn’t recognize it on a separate system like Roku. Yeah have to subscribe for a second account. There is no way to retrieve a password or renew a passport.
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6 years ago, GO BREWERS!!!
Love it, but one problem...
I love that I can listen to Brewer games wherever I’m at big fan. The only problem I have with this app is even if I have two out of my four bars of signal it buffers for ever I have to shut down the app and restart it, which wouldn’t be a problem if I could go right back in to an old game that I’m listening to and he would pick up where it left off instead of starting all over. This is also a problem because it takes so long for the games load since they are hours long so if it shuts down when I’m two hours into a game and I can only scan 30 seconds ahead this obviously takes way too long and then I end up getting so fed up because I’m trying to work while I’m listening to this day I cannot listen to the game anymore so I have to switch my app.
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5 years ago, richardinMaine
Poor buffering of stream
I’ve used TuneIn for listening to news. The app have very poor buffering performance. This means the stream is constantly pausing while it buffers. I understand this can happen occasionally when cell reception is marginal, but even with a strong cellular signal buffering happens every 10 minutes or so. The buffering period can last several minutes and often when it does start playing it will play 10 seconds then repeat those same 10 seconds two or three times in a row then continue with the stream. It doesn’t matter what station I stream the buffering issue always occurs. I haven’t found a setting for setting buffer size. I would like to get premium service but the app’s performance to too poor. All other streaming services I use, such as direct streaming from radio stations or podcasts NEVER buffer.
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6 years ago, My MT Brain
Dishonest company. Buyer beware!
Last year TuneIn reduced their price and touted their huge audiobook selection which got me to join. Then they dropped the feature within weeks. A reputable company would have either stated that audiobooks would be going away, or offered a refund for cost of the service given such a key feature was removed. I thought, lesson learned and set up my calendar to remind me to cancel a month before my subscription ended. When I logged in last month to cancel, there was no way to cancel online. I had to contact TuneIn via their email. I contacted them and they told me to cancel online. I replied I was not able to do so, that their site informed me to contact tech support. Then they said they cancelled my service and “Rest assured your subscription will not auto renew on your next billing date”. I’m sure you see this coming, yep they charged me! So now I have to waste more time trying to get my money back from these thieves. Stay away. You have been warned.
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2 years ago, Baldeagle 52
Features removed
I would have given a 5-star review, except that the main feature I liked that iHeart does not have has stopped working (on my phone, at least): the pause/rewind feature. I have constant interruptions during the day and that feature always gave me the capability of not missing anything. It quit working several months ago and hasn’t worked since. I don’t know if it was removed by the app folks or if it’s just a problem with my phone. I doubt the latter, since I have an iPhone 13 Pro—less than a year old—and I take exceptionally good care of it. The control icons are still there (pause, rewind, etc.) but they are faint and do not do anything. If this is a glitch in the app, PLEEEAAASE GET IT FIXED—YESTERDAY! Otherwise, it’s a great app!
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9 months ago, Guy named Larry
I Love Beach Music!
I do enjoy this app, it’s versatile and offers lots of different options for listening from radio stations to podcasts etc. However, it’s expensive for the premium version as compared to other similar apps and the free version, while I understand must be paid for via commercials, but the repetitive opening ads every time you change to a different platform or station is ridiculous. I like to listen to live radio stations, so I have to listen to radio ads even if I paid for the premium version, so having the additional ads running at the beginning of every new station I tune in to becomes annoying and should be changed to ads running on time instead of every change of listening choice.
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4 years ago, Meauxseph
I’ve been listening to Fox News via Tune In since mid-March. While the content is as expected, the ads for both sponsors and Tune In programming makes the experience awful. The most recent example is a Cox Communications (which is misogynistic, though that’s not Tune In’s fault) ad which plays at least three times per break, sometimes even consecutively. This has been the norm since I began using the app. Ads will repeat and replay frequently, which is especially frustrating given the content of ads like the aforementioned Cox ad. I guarantee that I will not listen to Tune In content because of this and am no longer interested in subscribing for the ad-free version. I suspect Tune In either does this intentionally to push people to sub or that they have a programming issue. I spent years working in terrestrial radio and guarantee a programming flaw like this would kill a station if left unresolved very quickly.
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2 years ago, DocRLR
TuneInradio the answer I needed
I’ve been a Tribe fan (no matter what you call them) and a Browns fan for my entire life and that’s a long time ago lots of decades and recently with changes to airing of games and what stations are carrying games it was always a hassle. I was always trying to find someway that I could have right station ahead of the games I wanted to listen to but nothing worked! Then I came across TuneIn radio and it’s right there. It’s perfect. It’s on the spot when I want to listen to a Cleveland game all I need to do is hit TuneIn radio and it’s there. It’s clear, it’s accurate and it’s right on the money! It is absolutely five stars out of five and it would be six if there were six! Great job guys!
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2 months ago, ArtWindows
Has been nice so far, after getting to know it.
I do like being able to listen to news in the car from my favorite stations. It got better with the commercials, so it’s been worth it. I also enjoy several of the music stations. Whatever was going on with the commercials a couple of weeks ago seems to have improved. Anyway, for now I updated the rating and added to my review. Previously: I purchased premium 2 weeks ago or so. No commercials was great. Fill in earlier news was acceptable. Today, don’t know why, but ton of commercials! No way to contact support that I found other than writing a review. Really disappointed and no way to find out what happened. Would be nice to know now before I cancel.
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5 years ago, GentileSlayr
Great app with one mentally disturbing problem
I listen to tune in for MSNBC live. That is all I listen to. I know the ads are skippable. But you have to stop playing the same ads over and over and over and over and over again. Especially three the AARP ad. Comcast business ad and some ad about cancer that I’m sure makes sense on TV but is just sad and kind of pointless since there is like 10 seconds of silence before the end slogan. But seriously they have been playing the same Comcast ad for 3 years! I will never use Comcast under any circumstances because of this. And also can they at least rotate hearing the same ad then go back to MSNBC they say we will be right back then u play the same ad again. It’s so frustrating I just mute it and end up missing parts of the show. Also they updated the app so when u pause and un pause they play the same Comcast commercial agggggghhhhhh!
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2 years ago, g2003b
BUGz n MORE bugs…
Never had an app do this but I can’t call it coincidence… literally downloaded the app and worked ok first day, next day I had problems ALL DAY. My phone would just freeze up and all cell service was blocked. My phone was literally useless so I kept turning it off then on trying to reset it and nothing would fix it. I was so mad I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what could be wrong. One second later I would get service for a few then POOFFFF , gone again.. So I had to go back and remember what I had done differently recently on the phone and it HIT ME.. I was out of options and had tried EVERYTHING, so I thought of this app as the culprit… DELETED IT AND SURE ENOUGH, PHONE ISSUES FIXED LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED… Like I said, I didn’t believe it myself BUT in the end, everything points to this app. I’d stay away, it just all felt sketchy like someone was hacked into my phone… Call it coincidence or not.. up to you…
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