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Green Dot Corporation
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Turbo Card

3.78 out of 5
576 Ratings
1 year ago, Ranigirl83
App works when it feels like it!
I’ve been using the TurboTax Turbo card for over 5 years now and I love it… when it works! There have been too many times where I’ve had money stashed in “The Vault” and needed to access some money and wasn’t able to because the app was glitching or whatever the issue is. It says “There was a problem processing your request. Please try again later.” But, later may be the next day! It’s aggravating!! Especially when you’re in a bind or having an emergency! For instance, I was Stuck on the side of a road and needed to send gas money to someone who was going to come help me, but I couldn’t send them any cash because I couldn’t access my cash! Please fix this issue!
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3 years ago, awDUBc
Works for some but not all banking type transactions and services?
I’ve used this card for quite some time now. I switched for a short while to another banking app, not gonna say who (chime) but they tried to rip me off for an entire paycheck and I left! Came back running to intuit! I’ve had fraudulent charges here once, and intuit quickly flagged the transaction stoping further transactions and canceling card. The transactions still went through however :(! But, I was refunded in a timely matter although I had to jump through their hoops :( you have to post mail a letter to them providing I guess a paper trail that you are serious about the dispute? I didn’t understand why this was necessary but I ended up with a refund! The new card came VERY quickly as well! Surprisingly fast! With that other banking app (chime) it took literally 12 days to get a néw card from them! Like I said some times banking feature work, other times (or banks?) don’t! Apple isn’t compatible with Turbo? Weird right? Anyway! Aside from the $4.95 monthly fee for using this service I have no issues with Intuit’s “bank-like” service. But get no illusions, IT ISN’T A BANK! And like other “banking apps” they are simply out to make a buck off ya just like the banks and every other money service in the world. Except Chime they are free right? Lol!
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3 years ago, Q. Jenn
Card Hacked!!! Whatever you do do not get this card.
HONEST REVIEW: I have a traditional bank and this card/app! My account was hacked and account was fully depleted!!!! The compass sending me through hoops even though I called them to advise them that the card may have been compromised. They advised me that they would turn off the account and block all transactions and send me a check in the mail for the full amount that they were able to verify was still in my account. 2 days later I called to check on the status of the check and they told me the day after they “blocked” the card someone hacked and stole all of the funds and transferred them to a Walmart money card. Of course I am livid because this was completely avoidable by Green Dot/ Turbo Tax card because they should have locked the card as promised! Now I am being sent through hoops to file a dispute!!!! It’s been almost 3 weeks and every customer service rep has been rude and disrespectful!!!! I am out of my money and yes it was a substantial amount!!!!
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1 year ago, Auriauna H
Please fix the bugs ! It’s an inconvenience to the customers !!!
I see I’m not the only one who has a problem when things are serious and I need my money! I love the option to have a vault so no automatic withdrawals are made without my acknowledgment but I have been in service situations before and couldn’t get any money off or transfer my money from my vault because of an unexpected error ! This is caused a lot of frustration and inconvenience for me that I have considered using another card! Now I have a check I would like to deposit and can’t! Mind you my app is updated! I’ve been using this service since Jan 2020 and have been receiving monthly deposits since June 2020 and it told me I needed to have my card for 30 more days ! What type of mess is that? I had to come back because I couldn’t leave this review with my real name smh
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2 years ago, Jose123489
App Needs improvement
Just a suggestion in a pending status on a transaction or any transaction should be a option to click on the transaction and stop it or report it that moment and not have to call to do it overall no other problems thank you
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3 years ago, Aalucien94
THE WORST-super frustrating
This bank is the worst. I had a dispute and was told after 10 business days that if a decision was not made that a credit would automatically be provided. 15 business days later still no credit. I keep getting sent through hoops and transferred to a department that I later found out does not have access to phones because they are a “back end” department. They “escalated” my claim and said I should have an update within 24 hours turns out that means 3 business days since their hours are 9-5. -this is after finding out my claim has been extended to 45 days. After explaining their policy to them multiple times and showing proof that I am clearly eligible I am still being told I have to wait. The icing on the cake is I reached out to the merchant for the despute and was told that they haven’t heard anything from the bank. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM.
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3 years ago, coolj2077
Garbage bank
App works fine, is actually pretty well built. Review is for the company itself. Garbage bank decided to take on fees we were all unaware of which put most of our accounts in the negative(many users only use the card for refunds and then forget it until the next year) and due to garnishment protections via the irs on the second stimulus, prevented our stimulus from being loaded onto our cards without any advance warning. Tried to call to figure out what’s going on, and the automated “help” tells you not to call in with questions regarding the stimulus, takes your info, then says something about “maintenance” and hangs up on you. This is abysmal customer service. Please do yourselves a favor and don’t use this card. If you must use turbo tax, set up direct deposit with a bank you trust rather than use their card service.
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1 year ago, brandyross
Cons: Pending charges stay pending for a minimum of 14 days & do not process until weeks later so if you go to the gas station and pay at the pump, they put a pending charge on your card for $75-$100 that does not correct itself and process for weeks. I just recently purchased my mom a gift for Christmas, Nordstrom cancelled the order 2 days before Christmas, and the refund from the merchant still is in pending status and has not be refunded back to my account. Customer service is unhelpful The app crashes often where you can’t access the app for days. Not recognized by the platform “plaid” so for reporting rent payments or electric payments to help build credit, you can’t because the bank is not recognized by the system Pros: easy to get a debit card - No approval process
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3 years ago, Welcome4awhile
Not a bank Card. Can not transfer money
The app is well built. Thecard functions well. It can be added to PayPal as a debit card card but not a bank account. It can be added to some but not all Investment firms. I’ve had no issues with the app. My problem is the inability to be able to generate a monthly statement when or if needed. And the inability to initiate transfers of money to other financial institutions. But if you are not able to get a traditional bank account for one reason or another, this app and account will do the trick. Either use it for your refund then close the account or be sure to have the minimal direct deposit going into the card to avoid fees.
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3 years ago, ktfinical
Overall it’s good
I have used this for about a year now. It works like a bank for the most part. You can send money back and forth like Chase on the app itself with some verification. You can also use PayPal and Facebook pay. However, it doesn’t work with Venmo or Cashapp. There’s an atm fee unless you’re at a participating CVS or other participating companies. I can receive direct deposit on it but I’m still unsure if you can load physical money/ checks onto your card from participating companies? I am able to use this account to pay bills and what not like a bank’s debit card and that’s why I have stuck with it.
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10 months ago, Bubbleyumfun33
Words cannot express how much I truly hate them. If your account is fraudulently used you will have to wait weeks for it to maybe be resolved. If you want to request a new card they claim they don’t have expedited shipping to get your card to you faster and now using Apple Pay is not an option. I was on hold for 30 mins before someone answered then they put me on hold for another 15 mins before the call just disconnected. I liked that I was able to get my paycheck early, buts definitely not worth it anymore. On the first train smoking I’m going to a bank. Just know if you have security issues while using this card your screwed for awhile. I HATE GREEN DOT BANK.
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11 months ago, slaybby
Sick of it
So i use to be able to move money from my card to cash app and I didn’t have a limit now I’m being told that the limit is 1500 a month by customer service and if I move money from my vault to available too many times I can’t access my funds until the next day and I think that’s stupid it’s my money why is it locked up? Customer service is hard to understand so I don’t even bother calling anymore…You should be able to access your money at all times without limits it’s not like u can overdraft the account!!
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2 years ago, PatsGirl76
Terrible when card is hacked
My card was hacked…$200 stolen. I filled a dispute and was proven the funds were stolen and was told I’d get a refund. They shut off the card soo can’t do refund that way, I’ve had a second turbo card for years and they won’t refund it to that card, I’ve sent it numerous times the things they requested in order for them to send me a check for my $200…. It’s been a year!! 15+ phone calls, emails, every Dept I can reach I’ve called…NOTHING! Soo basically they stole my $200 at the end of the day! I’ve been with them many years and use my card for direct deposit for my job, for tax refunds, etc. They’re NOT an honest company. Calling BBB today!!
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3 years ago, Soundtrack DJ
Way more Hassle than it’s worth
Not a secure place for your money by any means!!! Customer Service is an absolute joke. They have the absolute LONGEST waiting period to release funds or return funds. Even if it’s an authorization reversal IT CAN (& OFTEN DOES) take 10 BUSINESS DAYS before that money is available to you again!!! It just seems CROOKED since NO money ACTUALLY left their banking institution but was just “set aside” from customers account to ensure funds available when merchant finalizes payment requests!! SO THE MONEY IS STILL WITHIN THEIR CONTROL & SHOULD BE SIMPLE TO JUST PUT BACK INTO ACCOUNT!!! Most banks & credit unions policy is within 3-5 business days holds will be released....so this policy just seems extensive!!!
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10 months ago, Killbilll32192
Don’t get
I have this card and for reasons I used it till now and I say till now because I’m finally over it on more than one occasion my money disappeared and I couldn’t touch my money then it pops back on my card but this time it’s not back on there I live in hotel and me and my girl been outside for the last two days be I moved my money to the vault and it disappeared when you called they put you o hold then disconnect and you can’t even texted with and agent on the app you can but they won’t say anything today is the third day I been reaching out to them for help with my money and never got any help never got to even talk to anybody
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4 months ago, P. Alex M
My so unhappy
I have been a turbo card holder for about 5 or more years, but I’m so unhappy as of right now! My account was frozen due to unusual activity which I called and let them know it was me…. Now there asking me to show proof of my Identity which I already did and yet they still went ahead and now continue to close my account! Even after I sent my ID called multiple times I need my money to pay my bills to buy food for my kids and I and you guys continue to have my account frozen even after I sent in my ID I will lose my car if I don’t pay it soon and u guys have my account frozen!! Please I need help with this asap!
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3 years ago, Freakquency369
Worst mistake ever
I never received my card. The temporary card details were only available for a short period of time. I should have transferred all of my funds out since now I have no card and I can’t use my funds. I have to request a new card and wait for it to arrive when their first one never arrived. So what faith do I have this new one will arrive. Their customer service team as a joke. Daniel or whoever it was that I chatted with just keep copying and pasting the same responses over and over. During the time when most Americans are looking for a job it’s sickening to know that there are people out there that have a job and don’t take pride in it.
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11 months ago, ___applebutter___
you will not be able to access your funds easily
Once or twice a weeks, or more frequently, the site has “performance issues” and you will not be able to access your funds. It’s strange how often you cannot access your own money due to an error, which persist whether you try online or mobile phone. I’ve debated for awhile, and I’m going with PNC bank as I am so frustrated with the constant issues, not being able to access my funds to to errors, and lack of transparency with the company itself who is impossible to get in contact with.
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2 years ago, shae 2022
Fix the app!
I like the card and usually don’t have issues but the APP is a different story! It’s always down or not working or has a tech issue at the most inconvenient times! It will easily let me stash money in the vault (savings) but when I try to release or unstash it’s always a tech issue or seems to crash .. like I said an inconvenience!! It may be a bug that just needs to be fixed but it’s frustrating. Other than that I have no issues with the card I’ve been using it for years.
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3 months ago, Cris_the_monk
Not good service..
I’ve had my card for 5 years or so never had problems never used stashed so idk much about that , but what I came to realize is that once your card expires you can’t get any of your money at all without a new card that right there is unacceptable, also there customer service is so trash they don’t help you at all when you come at them with real good questions they put the same prompt every time this company needs an actual bank cause it’s unacceptable for us to not be able to get our money out without a card WE NEED OUR MONEY…
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3 years ago, Kng solom
This is app is amazingly easy to use and it makes me feel very secure being able to move my money over to the app’s vault. This feature also keeps me from over spending and once you move your money back to available funds the money is immediately available. Not to mention getting my tax refunds and stimulus checks fast. Great app Turbo Tax!!
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3 years ago, jdada12
Worst card ever
DO NOT GET IT!!! They lie and tell you you’ll get your check sooner NOT TRUE. I wait like everyone else at my job! No customer service either!! IF your lucky enough to get a hold of someone, they talk like robots with scripted answers, rude, and do not solve issues! I didn’t get my direct deposit but people at my job with regular banks did. I’ve been trying to find out where my money is, and they won’t give answers. Nowhere to load money, I do not advise! I’m spamming social media with screenshots of my chats with them to warn people not to use!
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2 years ago, Slowwwwwwweweew
Do yourself a favor choose another card
This is the worst debit card I’ve ever had. My debit card was compromised and I filled out a claim and they sided with the criminals. They rejected it even after I showed proof I didn’t make the transaction. The wait time might as well be forever. I was foolish enough to use it for my direct deposit and it took longer to get paid from other cards. I am using another bank and it’s been better. Do yourself a favor and get another account believe me not worth the headache.
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3 years ago, Kgfulcher
No problems!
Haven’t had any problems with the card this far. However, would be better if we could see the incoming deposits and such. Guess we get to guess on that?!
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3 years ago, ajcole664
If I could give 0 stars I would
First and foremost, I got my tax return on this card. No issue. The issues started when we received the first Economic impact payment; I had money just VANISH from my account, and I was never able to get it back. One minute I had plenty of money, and the next my account was in the negative. There’s no customer service so I was never able to have it resolved. Then they closed my account without my knowledge, and unexpectedly reopened it, (why, I don’t know, it’s not helping anyone at this point) so when the second round of payments came out for everyone else, mine was rejected and sent back to be put in the mail. So I get to worry about how I’m going to sustain life for myself aand my baby much longer then I should have to, and I have this cardholder service to thank for it. Just don’t do it.
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3 years ago, lajdbfiendidndn
Trash. Horrible customer service.
The app tells you to cancel your card just leave the balance zero and they will cancel automatically. It never happened fast forward 3 months, I log back into my acct to see if I even can and if my stimulus got sent there. No stimulus, and now have a negative balance due to monthly fees. I have been calling to get this resolved and haven’t been able to get through. DROP DOWN QUESTIONS TO RESOLVE CUSTOMER ISSUES DO NOT HELP! UPDATE YOUR CALL CENTER. PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK TO LIVE REPS TO HANDLE ISSUES. Been doing taxes with y’all for years. NEVER AGAIN.
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2 years ago, marissa_murray
I’ve loved the app but
I’ve loved everything about the app and it was always easy to navigate however, over the last few months my app hasn’t allowed me to log in. I had to log in on a browser and now I can’t do either. What is going on? All of my money is stashed in the vault and I have always unstashed when needed. So I just can’t have access to my money because of whatever error has been going on with the app for months now?
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3 years ago, Joe the electrican
Can transfer $$$$
I love this app I can receive my direct deposit before everyone at work by a day. I can link it to my Apple Pay and send money to wife or friends and depending on atm you can withdraw $2500 a day. It’s perfect for someone refused for a Checking's account.
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8 months ago, da6xer
App glitches
App works great when it works.. today I’m trying to access my account to get money out the vault and it keeps not letting me in the app saying something about processing.. it happens to much.. I suggest use another account for funds that you may need access to immediately
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8 months ago, Somebody that has had
Accepted WHEREVER?
this is not true. For example, Instacart will take an authorization against the card, and then immediately reverse it. Card issued by green dot is not excepted for Instacart purchases whether it’s a MasterCard or a visa if it’s issued by a green dot bank forget about it the simply reject it after they get the authorization and you’re depending on the delivery of your food! So it’s a little bit misleading to say that it’s excepted anywhere that Visa and MasterCard are accepted isn’t it?
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2 years ago, AngryHardWorker
Bad customer service
So I get off of work and need gas to make it home. I have $190 stashed in my account and they won’t let me unstash MY money bc they are doing an update on the system in the middle of the day! I’m literally stuck at work until they get done updating the system which they said would be in 2 hours!! I can’t even touch MY money I worked hard for to get gas bc they have it locked down!
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4 months ago, Liz.W84
4+ years
And going strong! Never had any issue that couldn’t be fixed on my end or the card’s end. Excellent service each time.
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3 years ago, Tullos22
I really wish there was a way to earn cash back or a way to apply & build credit! Other then that the card has been great for me & I e had it for years !
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3 years ago, radiosmoov
I’ve been trying to dispute a transaction that wasn’t not mine for almost two weeks. I’ve called and was hung up on. I waited 45 mins to get on the phone. Then keeps putting me on hold for 10 mins at a time. I was transferred 4 times. Just to be hung up on again. I’ve dude everything that they told me to do and it’s not working. Now I can’t even get someone to answer. And I’m not saying everyone there is bogus. Just my experience. Change my mind.
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3 years ago, This friend speaks my mind
Jujubabies is spot on
I have had several positive experiences with my Green Dot account. That being said - DO NOT lose your card... it can become a nightmare to get a replacement. One quick piece of advice - take a picture of your card when you receive it. It goes a long way should you ever lose your card.
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2 years ago, StlNurse2009
App update pls
App has been great past 2 years but in the last month- I log in and randomly doesn’t work- time and time again. Once I get logged in, same thing… error every time I try to stash money or similar. I used it no prob for over 2 years so I know this is not user error. PLS PUT OUT APP UPDATE TO FIX THESE PROBS
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3 years ago, m.&@
I would never use this app again, the bank closes your account out of no where. You will have no access to your money. It’s impossible to reach anybody to get any type of help or reason why they’ve closed the account . Green Dot is the worst bank to ever open and needs to be shut down. I still haven’t received my money from the and they’ve closed my account with not notification to me what’s so ever.
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2 years ago, Taxicab Guy
Ordering a Card
How do you actually get a card? I have been on the phone, being transferred around the carousel. Each link/website that I tried to use is either broken or no longer exist. We’re simply looking for a card that can be linked to our Company QBO account. Any meaningful information on getting a card would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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10 months ago, Deckskrys
Don’t do it
I’ve been using turbo card for a long time for the last three days I have not been able to use my card everything is declining I’ve been on hold a total of 8 hours trying to get answers and no one seems to know what is going on and their famous line is oh wait a few hours and try again it’s been 3 freaking days and I want answers!!!
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3 years ago, JerryNH617
This card is an absolutely horrible service. Has taken me months to cancel it and I lost 40$ after all the fees it cost me to withdraw and cancel my account. Absolutely terrible costumer service. They are all foreign and have no idea how to help you. They can’t understand you and hung up on me most of the time when I tried to ask simply questions about their service.
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2 years ago, berlynn13
Great App
Works Great. I always get my paycheck before everyone at work! Runs smoothly. Only issue is sometimes I can’t get into my account and it’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, groupon_review
IRS Card
For a card that the IRS issued just to get a refund it does way more than ever expected! Great job and thank you for the extras you provide as it has helped me countlessly.
Show more
3 years ago, lewtertee
If I could give 0 stars
Never change phone numbers or emails or you will never have access to your app again. Customer service is no help with updating the info on their end even if you verify all information on the account. Why have 2 step verification in your app when your CS can't assist when someone does something normal like get a new phone number. Ridiculous
Show more
11 months ago, NeptunesCrown
Faulty Vault
At least once per week, moving money from your vault back into your account will become impossible. I’m currently writing this because I’m stranded at a gas station in the middle of nowhere because I’m completely unable to access MY OWN MONEY due to a “problem processing your request.” I highly advise against using this garbage service
Show more
3 years ago, Jrod Buffalo NY
Unable to save credentials
Am I the only one bothered that I cannot save my credentials even after reinstalling and retyping and re checking the “remember me”?
Show more
2 years ago, Luxyloo88
Been using for almost 2 years now
I absolutely love this card and app! Thanks all!
Show more
2 years ago, MochaPrincesss
Don’t waste your time
This app is horrible! I’m sitting here at the gasStation I took money out of my vault and it’s not on my card it’s not available for me to use! Last week it was a whole 3 hours I couldn’t take money off my card! I had this app for 5 years no problem! Now it’s horrible I’m so done with this company
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2 years ago, Monk320
Update gone wrong
Forced to update and now the app does not work it doesn’t work. Doesn’t even stay open it flashes and immediately closes! Just what I needed on Friday. Any help would be appreciated
Show more
3 years ago, leahmichelle2000
Worst bank I’ve ever used. I’ve been waiting on a card since January 20th and it’s feb 26th now, over a entire month I’ve been waiting for them to tell me I have to wait for my card that hasn’t came At all. Can’t transfer any money, can’t do anything and it’s the most stressful thing ever. I’ll never be using turbo tax or this terrible Banks account again
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3 years ago, dndkahao
Poor Customer Service
I filed a dispute a week ago , I called to check on the status and was transferred to the dispute center twice. Both times I was placed on hold for over an hour and both times I couldn’t hear nothing but static then we got disconnected. Not to mention every representative that I’ve spoke with doesn’t speak proper English! Never again
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