Turbo Dismount®

4.6 (10.9K)
337.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Secret Exit Ltd.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Turbo Dismount®

4.57 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Pokkybear56831
I love this game!
This game is AMAZING!!! 😃 This game has little to no ads, which I like, because a lot of games are filled with annoying ads, and you have to get a dumb in app purchase to remove ads, and, trust me, those remove ads in app purchases are worth the money, but they sort of feel unnatural, so this game limits the ads to very few, to the point where it feels like the ads aren't even there! But enough about the ads, I also like the way it's satisfying to crash all the weird and cool vehicles! BUT...Some stuff should be in the game, too. Sooooooooo, my first idea for this game is to be able to change the color of the vehicle. Second, the mobile version of this game should have a custom level creator thing. The PC version has it, so why not the mobile version? Last but DEFINITELY not least is multiplayer. Basically, you can join a server or create your own server. Simple as that. So, that's all I have to say about this game. Once again, I love Turbo Dismount, and I highly recommend you get this game. Also available on Steam, for PC and Mac! Bye now!
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6 years ago, TURBOO3675
This game is one of a kind definitely...besides all the obvious things that make this app one of my favorites is the fact that your don’t need internet to play it...meaning it doesn’t matter how bad the wifi, connection, or even if your on a plane...the game still works perfectly. I do have an interesting suggestion though...before saying my peace I do agree with other people’s suggestions that you should be able to put multiple rag dolls on one vehicle...with of course them all being in different poses...Going back to my suggestion is the option to make it so the ragdolls arms, legs, head, or anything on the body don’t come off. The reasoning for my suggestion is because one of the reasons Turbo Dismount is so fun and satisfying is because the ragdolls get..well ragdolled...you know hurt or injured...hit by cars...crashed into things..etc But the thing that makes it not satisfying and unrealistic is when the ragdolls head comes off when it simply brushed off across something...In all honestly I would be fine with the ability for the ragdolls body parts to come off but at least make it really hard to do so...But at the same time I would also like the option so that in any way possible none of the ragdolls bodyparts can come off...
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3 years ago, djdjejdhckwnd
Kill the rag dolls!
I think this game is amazing. This game is easily the best one o have downloaded so far, but I do have some suggestions. I believe that on the PC version of this game there is a free fly camera so I think mobile should have that too, and there should also be the option to do a sort of creative mode where you have a tool bar where you can build your own levels and things like that. It would really take this game to the next level. Also I was playing it and I remembered another problem I have. Usually when you end the dismount, the rag doll will somehow always be folded into a ball and you can’t tell where his body parts are. There should be a diagram of the body that shows you what is detached from the body, what is broken and things like that. But other than those I really love this game and the ads are featured in a way where you can get a preview of a level. I feel like the creators are very humble with this game and not money hungry at all. I recommend this game to anyone who reads this. Now I am going to go kill a rag doll.
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6 years ago, 33546dea
My Top 10 Big Update
1 Sandbox Mode 2 New poses 3 New Characters 4 More vehicles 5 More Levels (Like the Sandbox Mode 6 Bobble Head (PLEASE) 7 More reactions when getting hurt 8 Easy steering 9 A lot More Obstacles ( Also PLEASE) 10 Free Roaming Camera Now here's the reasons: 1 Sandbox mode on PC was amazing and I hope you put it on apple and smartphone because people and so did I like (love) it. 2 Have More poses because the poses we have now is okay but with new and more poses we can enjoy it more! 3 New characters why? Here's why the characters we have are great but would be better if we have more characters, but wait I have an idea why not have costumes for the character like a knight, zombie, Werewolf etc! 4 Why more vehicles if we already have one, well it would be better if you guys add more vehicles beside one at a time. Plus it would be So much better with more vehicles! 5 Like Sandbox Mode more maps! 6 Bobble heads were awesome on the PC version so it may continue to be action on mobile 7 You know what I mean MORE RAGDOLLS 8 steering is okay but not that easy moving when you're moving fast so easy steering might make it easy! 9 obstacles are decent but making more obstacles would make the game feel good! 10 Free Roaming Camera would make the game feel and make the game feel like the PC I hope you guys see this and make until then I wait until this happen! Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, SavageRivalryMZ
Great game, just a few things.
I honestly love this game to death! Just being able to break the bones of a ragdoll is just so fun! But there are a few things that I think could be added. 1. More than 1 ragdoll on a vehicle. This is something that I can agree with other people should be added. I like the idea of more than 1 dummy on a car, and I think it could result in very satisfying results. 2. Custom Levels I’m honestly getting bored of playing the same levels over and over. Sure custom levels already exist, but they’re only used on the Steam version. I think that a separate app should be made where people can make custom levels and post them on the app, then people can download the levels and play them. I’m not sure if y’all can do something like that, but I want you guys to try something like that. 3. More characters With only 8 characters, you might think there should be more. I think y’all can bring back Mr. Unibrow and Mr. Frame from Stair Dismount. Not only that, y’all can think of really weird and wacky characters to put into the game. 4. More customization for obstacles I would like if you were able to adjust things like size, power, and where they are on the map. This can make for really deadly results. I also think for items like the bowling pins and the minefield, you should be able to change the quantity of how many are in the space. Despite all of those defects, this is still a very fun and addicting game. Keep up the good work Secret Exit!
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4 years ago, Yo mama 6098
Could be so much more!
Now don't get me wrong, this game is great as it is for a mobile game, but it could be so much better, by simply removing some of the restrictions the game has (which really have no reason to be there). 1. LET US PUT MORE THAN ONE DOLL ON A CAR this would make this game even more insane and crazy than it already is! And for vehicles like the grim wagon or lance where the dolls can go inside another section of the vehicle using poses, this would only make sense. Just imagine having one doll drive the shuriken, while another hangs off the back. Endless possibilities there. 2. Custom dolls. Let us make our own dolls by adjusting weight and size of certain body parts. Thats pretty much what the dolls already are, so why not? 3. Map editor/adjuster. On some of the maps there are certain things that aren't desirable, such as how on the windmill level you start the level facing the base of a windmill, meaning you don't even get the field of windmills before you are stopped by one. Things like these could be fixed if we only had our own level editor! I believe it was on the PC version, so why not here? Now of course all these things ain't free, so monetize it all you want, but I seriously think I would drop 5, maybe even ten bucks on any of these things, that just how much more replayable and better they would make the game. Hope you guys start updating this game again, I haven't seen anything else quite like this game.
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4 years ago, pooodgdyzhshsbxb
Top four things to add to Turbo Dismount
1 add new levels I love the levels and more cars and trucks. in the way such as a snowplow to devil but let’s have more custom levels not for just stream Add it to iOS to and do not let us download i t we can just add it so its a click of a button. 2 new characters I love the characters like Ms diva and Mr smartwelt and there’s just so to few let’s add more characters and hats to. 3 new cars and trucks let’s add more cars and trucks like a super mega extreme fast car so we can race please add more fast cars and trucks. 4 more obstacles let’s add more such as a mega mine or extreme crusher. Please read and update the game because it has been 2 years since the last update so let’s update the game with new maps from stream and iOS more cars and trucks and obstacles and more characters and more hats please read Developers.
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4 years ago, Ex new user
Hard levels but... I LOVE IT
Just like Ethan gamer tv I love this game I would like if it has no money or I should say game passes so it will be like fun for all of the people who play this game it’s fun with free levels to play my favorites are the highest ones so... I know what you’re thinking about “get to the point” I am going to get there just creator fix these 1. Needs 5 extra cars 2. Fix the bugs 3. Needs a big level like a police boss battle for the game.4 the last one. Get more high levels on the game. That’s pretty much it for the review so fix these things and yeah... I know what you’re saying “come on get to where you did the review for” I AM going to give me a moment................... ok the real reason I did this is because... thinking... because just what all I said. From you’re fan:Nico my roblox name is niconage and my Minecraft name is headstrong311
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3 years ago, guy392
Last updated - 2 years ago
Good game, old but fun. But no updates in two whole years. These are my theories if you are reading this. 1. A huge update, this is my most likely idea because this does happen in many games I play. 2. The developer gave up on it. This is also likely because of how old this game is. 3. They are working on a new game/sequel. I don’t really believe this, but it is possible. And if they do, I would Immediately download. 4. And finally, my last theory. The owner died. This is another probably unlikely theory because there may or should have been an announcement, but the owner hasn’t been on Twitter since the last update so this too, is possible. Thank you for reading (if you did) and I hope this game gets updated
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3 years ago, App Reviewer Boi
BEST RAG-DOLL CAR GAME EVER. Just a couple suggestions
Ok I have been playing this game for YEARS and it is still fun to this day. The physics are fun, there are little to no ads, and YOU CAN DESTROY THINGS. I just think that there should be some more options for the rag-dolls(more hats and characters), there should also be more poses along with more vehicle options. Also there should be more obstacles or hazards for the car and rag-doll to collide with. I also think that there should be more maps for the player because the maps are fun already but they get kinda boring if you want loops or something. Here are some ideas for the game. 1. More reactions The rag-doll should have more reactions when it comes to collisions. 2. More design in maps The maps are fantastic but I think that maybe there could be more curbs and trees or something that is a part of a map that you can hit if you fall out of your vehicle. 3. Houses for maps Houses would be awesome for a game like this because you would be able to drive into them and tear em down. It would be cool for a game with these good physics. Hope the developers see this. Thanks!
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6 years ago, dogo of waffles
Just a suggestion
Hi, i think this game is cool, I like new vehicles every month, and there free, you have cool obstacles that affect the whole drive differently, and the maps you get for free are good as well. But I think that you should add more rag dolls in a car, like three guys in the lance vehicle and add a little more poses for all cars, a new vehicle that you guys should make is a family station wagon, so it has a row of two-three seats and the trunk has luggage and the outside of the trunk has a tire with one or two (you pick) bikes on the top. Also, you should add a coffin in the Grim Wagon vehicle instead of the guy laying on the floor. A new obstacle could be a trampoline, once you drive over it, you bounce high in the air, I hope you take time to read this and consider making this, but the game is great, thank you for listening and have a good day to all of you.
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More stuff to make the experience better
You should add skins and make the the ai vehicles look more realistic and not gray and boring it would make the game look better. You should also add more props in the maps like rocks different types of trees and grass. Maybe you could add pedestrians walking on the side of the street so the game would feel more realistic and you should add more cars, maps, characters and types of ai vehicle cars. New poses would also be so cool. There’s so much people that want to add so much things to the game to make it way cooler. Please add all these things I said you should add it would make the experience way better I’ve bean playing this game since 2015 and I’ve wanted these things to be added ever sense.
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4 years ago, bumblebeedoc
Few problems with this app
I LOVE THIS APP but why did you make it where I have to pay real money ? And why did you make it where it also does it stair dismount I love the game still. I will rate this game 5 out of 5 if u fix oh and please make it where the dummy is more Ragdoll instead of it a bit frozen and fix cuz I do something on TurboDismount sometimes it shows just a blank screen and fix the fake cars cuz if there hit thay just slowly tip over then when they stop then the fall over and please add a setting where I have full control of the vehicles and plz fix the vehicles cuz if the vehicles are on there side they just tip back over and plz add a setting for the character to a ubilidy to stop braking upart and please make it where the vehicles just bent up and make the wheels pop off also.
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3 years ago, Sanders0510
This game is so good but they need more stuff like cars poses and levels but still it’s so fun to me I downloaded it like a year ago and deleted it but now I don’t think I’m going to delete it. Cause I mean I can’t delete it already cause I haven’t got to play all levels but I like the ragdoll in the game it’s soo good and maybe sometime they could maybe add some blood effects to the awesome game on earth it’s better than roblox! No I swear it’s better than roblox the old crappy game....but any way I like that they put on this game is the like slloooww motion and fast motion but you need to download it cause it’s the best game on planet earth! But it’s not better than five nights at Freddy’s.
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2 years ago, BWHTrainmaster_2.0
Great game, two suggestions.
This game is great. I play on mobile, and I feel like mobile would be better than PC. My suggestion is that you should add a workshop where players can build their own car, and maybe map. Also, there should be a limit for that. I think that the limit for cars should be 5, and maps, 2. My other suggestion was that you guys should add a multiplayer mode, and you should be able to put more characters on one car, because that would be nice. Also, I got the premium pass, and that made the game so much better! Anyways, this game is great, and updates make it even better!
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2 years ago, the dinoes
I have a great idea, please read.
You can add a new vehicle that is a bus called yellow jacket or something like that. Please also add more characters to the game and please release you sequel to mobile devices ok. Here are somethings I want added. 1. More characters 2. More vehicles like the bus yellow jacket I suggested to add 3. More character poses 4. Add a map creator so you can play your own maps or other people’s maps 5. If you won’t add #4 then at least add more maps 6. Add a setting where you can turn off or on ragdoll body annihilation (if you turn the setting off your ragdoll will not fly into pieces when hit) 7. Add more hats 8. I have heard this in other comments and it’s, you can have more than one ragdoll in a vehicle in different poses. You don’t have to add this one but can. 9. More things for people that might not have premium, just an idea of mine. 10. More customization for characters and vehicles. Remember these are ideas or demands, thank you for whoever reading my review, have a good day!
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5 years ago, Prophet072
This is one of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile. Doesn’t need internet which is amazing, super fun maps, and great way to pass the time. I’ve always tried to find a physics game like this but have never found one that’s good. A couple of things that also should be in the game is you can add more rag doll people into the vehicles depending on the seats, like for example, the London bus should have at least 10 rag doll people in each seat, you can add as much as you want. Also a brake pad would be cool, and an oil trucker or truck that can blow up if it gets hit. It would be amazing if they were added but it’s still an amazing game. 5 stars, recommended.
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2 years ago, Boomator902
6 suggestions
I love this game it’s so fun like you need no Wi-Fi to play it but I have 3 suggestions 1. On the “Old Creaky” vehicle I would like it if there was a 4th pose where you sit in the 3rd cart 2. It’s would be cool if you could put multiple rag dolls on a vehicle 3. If there was an option to make it to where you can’t dismember body parts 4. I know this one sounds weird but online multiplayer and the contest is whoever gets the highest score wins 5. An option to see what bones you broke or how bad you hurt them 6. If you add more vehicle’s like a bicycle, formula 1, hoverboard,etc and something’s It randomly kicks me out of the game
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3 years ago, Kona_08
It’s so dumb and I love it!
This game is part of me due to the fact that in 2015 ( I think ) I saw multiple YouTubers play it and I thought it was hilarious to see the little characters body fling around everywhere! I knew I needed to buy it and so fast forward a few years and I bought it and LOVE IT! It’s so chaotic, goofy and fun! Do you want to blow your friend up in a shopping cart? You can do that! The possibilities are endless especially with the course editor, I know it small little things but it still adds lots of variety to these courses. Anyway dear reader get this game it’s so fun and you won’t regret it.
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6 months ago, Sirens Of Wisconsin
Actually good
So I’ve been playing this game for a while when I got my Samsung back in 2019, but I have to admit, for being free and no ads, it’s really good. Granite if you want to actually get some use out of this game you do need to pay the $6 but you get tons of stuff it you do decide to buy it. Now don’t get me wrong, the crash physics aren’t Beamng level but they are really good, brick walls are really nice as well. I would just maybe add some more cars and I think where we’re at with maps right now is really good. Also this game actually needs to be updated.
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2 months ago, mr mmmn
Good creations
This game is amazing. I played when I was seven I think and I just re-downloaded remembering how fun it was. But whenever I try to do an app purchase for one of the packs. In order. To get the other vehicles that sit to get them for free and any purchase, it says completing purchase for like 10 minutes now and it didn’t go through and was asking for the security number but my grandpa didn’t trust it but just wanted to clarify to you and please respond when you have the chance to but my grandpa is just trying to be safe. Thank you
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4 months ago, SuperMarioFan155
What is rating forward yapping about. (Let me review u devs).
Bro are u mad at thecoubi1111’s review just bc u said “Ur not part of the game review” who are u talking to. If ur talking about thecoubi1111’s review then ur a 7 yr old kid playing on ur mom’s iPhone+learn how to speak English+saying people’s reviews are poopy is just a dumb roast like find a better roast cocomelon kid+who put a baby in the review section to talk about thecoubi1111’s review 💀💀💀🗿+bro is saying “so rude u review” review isn’t a name idiot bc probably talking about the other dude bc if ur gonna use gen alpha roasts then get it straight+that’s right rating forward go touch grass.
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4 years ago, Killer cholo
Just a kid sharing what he feels
I loved this game when it first started to get popular and YouTubers started to play it a bunch. I was so happy I got it as soon as it came to IOS. Many years later, I’m sitting in my room bored out of my mind and decided to download this game again. Sadly, I saw that there was no new update. Now, I know I’m just a kid and shouldn’t be telling you what to do. However, please don’t let this game die! You have so many options to choose from with all the reviews. You probably won’t even see this, but if you do please take it into consideration. Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, openderman9528
Awesome! (and funny too!)
When I first saw this I was like “What?! Turbo dismount on Apple iPod iPhones and iPads?!” And I started downloading it and started to think that it might have few vehicles and things and might have a lot of ads but nooo it was the opposite there were a good amount of vehicles and no ads interrupting your gameplay you would only watch an ad if you wanted to play on a paid level or use a paid vehicle for free for 3 uses and test drives. It encouraged me so much that I bought one of the level packs and plan on going premium so I can get them all!!! Thank you for this game!
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4 years ago, hi im a nooby gamer
Great but needs more
Just look at pokkybear.... and 3.....dea. 1. The game is great but needs more content I haven’t played the pc version yet but from what I noticed from others is that there is a sandbox and level creater which sounds great. But I have some problems with the game such as not being able to move my head in first person, I agree with a little bobble but not just a head that flops over ether wise what’s the point of the first person camera, and a little bit of physics issues... not that serious but still a little annoying. Thanks for reading and hope you read this and think about all that. Have a nice day 😁 Bye!
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7 years ago, Timber12gaming
I love this game with all of my heart, along with stair dismount. But I do have a few suggestions. First I think you should make a turbo dismount 2. You should also make it so that you can have multiple dummies on one car using the multiple pose tool. I also think for the previews thing where you watch a video to try out a car should have more tries to experience it better. I also think that there should be a map editor and an online thing to play others maps. Like I said this game is awesome and I love it so if you can please make these changes.
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4 years ago, doge dude 400
So this game is great you don’t need WiFi to play and it never gets old something cool and satisfying almost every time I just wish there were more free maps and it would save your high score replay on each level so you could rewatch your high-score I thought thst would be cool also if you could have 2 rag dolls or more at once on a vehicle I also wish you could make it so the vehicles burst into more peices on impact that’s just an idea and I hope you take this into account cause I’d love to maybe see one of my ideas in the game so anyways great game keep up the work
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4 years ago, spencerplays234
Good game Big bug tho
When I was AirPlaying while trying to play this game when I first entered the whole “secret exit” screen it crashed my game. When I was doing everything I could to get it to stop crashing, my attempts failed. Please fix the glitch/bug/ watchamacallit please. Remember, this glitch only happens during Airplay. Otherwise love it and keep on giving up the good work Thx. And um just a suggestion, you should give this game a Vr mode thx secret exit. And ummm in stair dismount there were TWO other characters mr. frame and mr. unibrow. It would be scrumdiddlyumpscious if you made that! Thx again
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5 years ago, ShawnRS4
Great, but needs better launch control.
The launch control is frustrating. You have to guess at approximately when to stop touching it to launch the vehicle. It’s nearly impossible to get the same launch for every run, or to make fine adjustments. Therefore the game loses some playability. If I could adjust launch power then leave it so it was the same every time, then I could make little tweaks and eventually get the exact result I want. So instead of the current control; I’d have a launch power knob that stays where I put it, then I’d also have a separate launch button. Other than that it’s a great game and, if you decide to upgrade (as of July 2019) the prices are reasonable.
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5 years ago, WarmedBat40
Just something awesome
Hi and there is something I want to say. Can you make the level creator? I’ve been requesting that for a couple months now. Maybe you’re out for good. I’m not so sure about it. The level creator must be here soon. Now it’s been 6 months since the previous update. I will be happy and I will play this forever and create whatever I want if you complete the ultimate update for this game now. I know it isn’t finished yet, but I did see the pc version as a sneak peek for it. Bye. Do this quickly. Laters. Eeh, I’m good 👌. I don’t need to request it. U already made it, so whatever. Ima gettin da pc.
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4 years ago, TheBestbooks
Needs better camera angles
I love this game, and have played it for three years. 1 problem is You can’t make good videos at all because it has tons of buttons and stuff on the screen, and you can only follow the guy, the car, or float around like it’s the news. But I think when you watch it after the dismount is complete you should be able to move the camera where ever, like on top of a police car or around the corner of a building. That would be awesome. And more vehicles!!!
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7 years ago, skittlte
good but where is the LEVEL CREATOR?
Hello, I just wanted to say, you should know how the COMPUTER VERSION has a thing where you can MAKE A LEVEL! now where is it over here?! And I enjoy it but where is the level creator? I know this is a phone app for free and the COMPUTER VERSION is 20 dollars! (tell me if I was wrong, and tell me the real price for the COMPUTER VERSION). And this game on A PHONE should have a level maker... cause everyone else has it! Oh and I forgot to say that OTHER PEOPLE CAN PLAY THEM! I also rated 5/5 stars, this game is great! But please add a level creator in the next update. -rainbow
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4 years ago, DJ3195201892
Please please please read this creators I hav3 awesome idea please
So I absolutely like the game buuuut I wish you could like make your own levels and vehicles because then I think people would love it so much more because then the people who play would have like infinite levels to play like it would add so much more to the game soooooo please add it and if you did people would probably pay more because if you added my idea you’d probably want to put in the in-app purchases so I think more people would pay that way
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5 years ago, ZmanBigBoi2580
This game is good and all, but to all those who have played, have you noticed how sometimes the ragdolls kind of stay in the same position they were in when they were riding the vehicle? For instance the van’s first pose has the dummy sitting. But when it is dismounted, the way their ragdolls keep their legs bent in a weird spider position isn’t very satisfying, because you know what position they’ll land in based on how they were positioned in the vehicle. This game is perfect in my opinion, but that is the one problem I have. Just make the ragdolls completely random, and don’t base it on how the dummy was positioned.
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6 years ago, Snoopy2495
Very good
This app is very good and satisfying to watch the pieces of the vehicle to go everywhere and I love the physics of the game. Can you add equip-able Parachutes to the person and Vehicle? also, can you remove the countdown at the end? Where once the game figures nothing will happen after a while, for me, There have been times where things happen to me or my vehicle that could add more points but it stops and goes to the replay mode. If only this can be turned off or on and please remove boundaries. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Silver Junior
Super cool! Some suggestions
I think this game is amazing and really well done, but here are some suggestions. 1 I think that the ragdoll should have some better graphics like scratches or the ragdoll could get out of the vehicle and walk around. 2 I think their should be coins for each 1,000 points so kids don’t have to buy the cars, maps, Ragdolls with money. 3 I think the customizable ragdoll should have a body skin like you could make it look like a dummy. -thanks
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2 years ago, tad noble
New Addons
I think you should a glass to the game because it could keep the character in the car but also you should also add like a body parts in Decatur and you should also be able to create your own levels on mobile and have a free view camera and should add some map mods to purchase. Somebody may create that soon but anyway great game absolutely love it is an absolutely great game so these are just a few ideas thank you for your time by.
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2 years ago, igamerke
Sooooooo GOOD
I want you just came at five stars if you had a sandbox please have a sandbox because it’s gonna be so fun I would just be like WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE because I’m just making a giant with grandpa and I’m just going back to the start and yeah I bet it’s going to be so fun that I could just like shred myself on a fan or hit myself and I bet it’s gonna be so exciting so please add it please please please please I’ll give it a five star even though I already said that please if you will thank you.😀😀😀😁😁😁😊😊😊😄😄😄🙂🙂🙂
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1 year ago, little je jo
Good game
This game is amazing I love all of it but a few suggestions please give more unique and sick cars there is always a lot of good ones but after a while it starts getting old. My other suggestion is that could you make a level where instead of not hitting cars when crossing the road how about ragdolls like a sidewalk crossing and if you hit more than like 2 or so people the cops will come or something like that. But overall really good!
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1 year ago, Thecoubi1111
Good game but stop hating people who hate this game
I love ur game so much but the guys said that it has way too many ads, dude there is no ads in the game bruh are u blind, there isn’t any ads in the game if u installed it has no ads in it, dude u can play the game for 5 seconds on the game or a super long time on it idk, but just telling u that game has no ads in it, and thank u for making game and also why is there people saying it took someone dollar, people nothing steals any cost of money haters
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2 years ago, hahaoekendjxuxidjenendjx
Ily turbo dismount❤️
Best Mobile game out there I bought this a few years ago and has never got bored of it a great time spender it’s just built different than most free games I absolutely love the realism and how much maps and cars they give us I would marry this game and eat it’s organs if I could 🥺I recently had a baby In June and I named it turbo dismount after this game I killed it tho I am currently making another baby to name the same thing I love you turbo dismount never forget that turbo bby 💕❤️
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3 years ago, Abcdefghijklmnop
Awsome but...
I love this game but can you make the game more Spider-Man so in the police chases your Spider-Man so you can shoot webs let’s say a part came off and you shoot your web at the car you we’re just on and you were actually riding you would be like woooooooooo! Let’s go! Let’s go! Then you shoot your web on other cars to steer to shoot the web tap on the object you want to shoot your web at. Tap to let go of the web, you can use both hands. Thank you 🙏
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6 years ago, XxCoolDudexX545
I honestly, think it’s very very good. Lots of maps, lots of characters, and most important, vehicles. Some of the stunts you can do in this game are INSANE! But I have a suggestion for the game; Make more maps! You guys haven’t put more in for a while now. But other than that, it’s just complete awesome! I also wonder, why do the cars flip onto their wheels again after being tipped over? That part ain’t realistic really. But yeah, very great game. I would rate this a 5 star if the cars didn’t do that, though. I also like how you can play it offline, too. Alright, see ya guys!
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2 years ago, QTpie899686
Game bug!!!! Please fix!
I’ve been playing turbo dismount for a while and really enjoy it! It’s just there’s one bug that completely hinders playing the game. So every time you complete a dismount there’s a replay thing where it rewinds, this is when the game crashes for me. I don’t know if this happens to other people or not, but either way please fix this!!!! I was literally gonna buy the full $6 game because this game was really fun but then I realized the bug so now buying it is pretty much useless. PLEASE FIX!!!! thanks :)
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7 years ago, TheRealBoomShacalaca11
Update Idea
I would like to have an update where you can have multiple people in an online game and you can have more than one person in a vehicle at a time. Like for example, you could be doing a stunt with multiple players in the car with you. I would also like to have an option to sit inside the juggernaut truck as opposed to being on it so I wouldn’t fall off. New free characters would be a nice touch, too. Please take these ideas into consideration. Thanks.
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6 years ago, 08richard
Please read!
Now this is a great game and I like you update once a season but can you add a level creator so you can make your own levels and you can test out levels from different people including your own that’s all I want so can you add this l give this game 4 stars but that will change if you add this by the way can you add more obstacles and add more police vehicles that will chase you and more levels and maybe add more crash test dummies walking around the level depending on which level your on that’s it for now keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Not a bad dad
This is amazing!
I. Love. This. Game. It is so cool! It is super fun to see cars flying into walls or getting chased by the police. I made this thing called sky surfing where you ride the jamboree and put you’re rag doll on the surf board and go off a ramp and watch your character surf in the sky. The problem is that sometimes the screen goes completely blue and I have to start over to make it clear again that would be great if you guys could fix this. Thanks for reading and have fun with the senseless destruction this game brings!
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4 years ago, Splashycat9251
The price of free
It has been around 2 years since the game had an update, and since no one is going to buy the other maps and vehicles ( other than a small bunch.) Why not make everything free for people. This game has tons of more potential in it, but the $1 paywall is kinda of annoying since you don’t add anymore free maps or vehicles. If you don’t like this just make the “free with an purchase” vehicles free. Other than that this game is cool and fun the play around with
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3 years ago, husky bomber 7
So there’s bin at least 2 UPDATES I WANT MORE AND I THINK YALL DO TWO but I want a (other car parts fall apart) update I want a update we’re you can well like when you crash the cars you crash in two like police cars and just cars and you should ad a firetruck in da game and there should be fires and the firetruck puts them out and you can drive like a car and crash in to da fire trucks and there should be car crash fire and when a fire starts a firetruck will randomly spawn and put it out but ya it’s a great game just need MORE UPDATES!!! UPDATES!!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, the beast of the game pro
Turbo dismount is a game I got around 2018 and I had it for free stuff only but when I saw the little GET EVERYTHING IN GAME FOR JUST 5.00 I had to buy it. When I did buy I immediately fell in love with the game it’s great for when your bored and just wanna play something with rag doll physics. A couple things could make the game better though like adding new vehicles every year or something like that but I would also like new maps. Anyway that’s the end of my review I hope you liked it P.S. Add new maps! :)
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