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User Reviews for Turbo VPN Private Browser

4.74 out of 5
185.1K Ratings
6 years ago, The best player on this game
Best Free Vpn
I must say, this vpn is one of the best on the app store whether it is paid or unpaid. I bought ExpressVPN, got the SuperVPN, VPN Express, every one you can name basically lol. I went to China and a few other places for a year to explore and have a good time. ExpressVPN worked flawlessly for a while. However, some connections stopped working and most of the different locations don’t work on Express. I used TurboVPN when my subscription ran out and TurboVPN was either better or as good as Expressvpn!! It is unbelievable. I would definitely recommend this app on your phone if you’re going out of the country or if you want protection on your browsing. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t have a cap with 500MB like most other apps and it doesn’t limit you to only 5-7 days of use. There is so many good things about this that I can’t put it all in a review, but if you need a good vpn you don’t need to look any further.
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5 years ago, No one important....
I don't like it very much 😡
So I have had this for a few days because my WiFi turns off at a surtain time. It works smoothly for a round 10 minutes then it says "bunny has run 400M+ today. Tired and slow now. Upgrade to VIP boost." I mean for real? You seriously let it run smooth an then purposely make it slow? And also the bunny doesn't even run while connected so I don't know where the "bunny has run 400M+" part makes any sense. I can only go on it for 10 minutes and then I have to wait a few HOURS until it works again. It makes my whole phone laggy, even games that don't need WiFi... Everyone says it's great but that's because they can afford to spend money on a stupid app. I mean honestly this app is just a way for the creators to get money or else the app lags your whole phone. Instead of making everything slow unless you get VIP I would suggest this: get VIP to get faster connections and more exclusive features such as... Safer browsing, no more waiting for things to load, warns you when you are on an unsafe website, ect. I just wish I wouldn't have to wait for so long for it to run smoothly again. I'm in the process of getting a new VPN for my phone. I might reinstall is this gets fixed. Could you also like add a timer that tells me how long I have to wait until the bunny isn't "tired" anymore. Thank you. 😑🙄😡
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3 years ago, Kelechi Oke
Stupid Annoying Candy Crush Ad
I like the app and it is easy to use. You have an ample amount of time before the bunny becomes tired. Even then the connection is still fast enough if you still want to use the app. The only issue I have with the app is this infuriating Candy Crush ad. The issue is the the X to exit from the Ad is literally placed where my battery icon is on my phone(iPhone Xr) I have tried pressing it every way possible but the phone just reads I am pressing on the battery icon. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just me or other iPhones or Apple products are experiencing it. I don’t know why the X was placed up there while every other ad on the app has a close or an X placed in a reasonable spot. My only alternative is to close the app completely and restart it again. My second issue is that this type of ad is the most frequent on the app on the app. Every time I boot the app up there is an 8/10 chance the Candy Crush app will display I’ll be forced to exit the app hoping that my next attempt will be a lucky one. I understand ads make you money but when you don’t have the option to exit out of them, that’s a major issue. That ad is what is keeping me from rating this app a 4 or 5 stars.
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6 years ago, naomlaomae
Best vpn ever
This is the best app because my school blocks apps that are said in different languages and also it blocks access to some of my games I just wanna say thank you now I can listen to all my music and even play all my games also I honestly didn’t know what a vpn was but I honestly thought this was a scam but now I use it I am just bewildered at how good this app is and even if there is ads I know it’s to support this amazing vpn honestly you should put more ads to grant us more range and faster WiFi but honestly the WiFi is already fast when I use this I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work
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5 years ago, TielKirk
Use in China
I found this app recently and was amazed. Not only did it offer a free version but it is the only VPN service I’d found that stayed connected even when the phone is locked. Several other VPNs I’ve tried have a tendency not to. Furthermore, it connected quickly and efficiently, while other VPNs would, over time, have a harder and harder time connecting in China. However, they recently and without the slightest warning dropped all users in China, simply referencing “policy.” Having read through the reviews, this seems to be a major issue at the moment, especially in regards to those who had recently purchased subscriptions for months and even up to a year. They do not appear to be offering refunds, either. I would have gladly given this app a 5-star review, but now that it is unusable and given the lack of support for anyone who paid large quantities of money only to be let down without warning, I can only give it a 2 for now.
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6 years ago, safeguardingPrivacy
Great service and company philosophy!!
Past 10 years have used dozens’ providers and truly for past 45 days noticed the difference in speed and security this group in it to win it but with simple philosophy provide best service and keep us surfing analytics private which mobile carriers sell to”affiliate companies” for ton$.... Like a private phone number was great if fortunately to have your IP address now is your thumb print you buy your six year old bike then start receiving all media sources ie mail, text, email etc...for your seven yr old to be. Privacy is privacy as consumer recommend this service !!
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5 years ago, Jacky 丶
My most helpful friend ever,ever,ever
I am here in this app’s honor. This app, which helps me for a temporary use in a certain time for almost a year, now doesn’t function anymore in China mainland. Through the whole year, I can’t tell how important this app is for me. China has strict network firewall, which is almost known for everybody living in China. It’s this turbo VPN who has been there for me all the time. Since it stops providing serves any longer, I am here to say a sincere goodbye. Btw, this has been my first review on the App Store and now I have given it to it. In memory of. R.I.P.
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2 years ago, idk just dont download it
I was using the free version and it charged me 150$ out of my account. i’m a highschool student with little money as it is and i needed this for work since i have no contact with internet. I don’t know why they charged me and i have little to no money left for the week… i have requested a refund :( this should’ve been clarified before they charged me. I got the free trial and it wasn’t even 7 days when they charged me. i understand if it was a monthly thing but it was a yearly thing. i’ve only used this app for less than a week and got charged $150 from my account. i’m only 15, i deleted the app please allow me to get a refund. i got charged 150$ from less than a week of using this app and i don’t understand how or why.
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6 years ago, Fynnagle
It works well in countries that are problematic for other VPN’s
I had downloaded a lot of other VPN browsers and services, but this was the first one that actually worked in China. And you don’t have to stick to the browser; once it’s connected, you can use other apps (like Facebook, Instagram, and GMail). The only problem I’ve found is that my iPad will disconnect from the VPN after a while (the VPN icon disappears from the top corner of the screen), though Turbo VPN will still say it’s connected. But all you have to do is restart the app and reconnect.
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4 years ago, acid activator
I recommend you to download this app immediately
So all I want to say about this amazing super fast-connection VPN is that it’s really good and very helpful. I never knew about it , I used to have this VPN called “Betternet” but it doesn’t work as good as this cute Bunny. I kept complaining to my twin sister about it , soon she told me about this cool super fast VPN that works in an instant if you just feed the bunny a carrot . So when I downloaded , I knew my sister was right . It really worked and it’s the bestest VPN I have ever experienced Don’t mind my English , sorry Thank you,
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5 years ago, mjpierce333
Impressed with the New application . Looks a great deal like that otherone
Little bit pricey, but the upsides are that it stays on , functioning far longer than the previous version of the app., 5 minutes- 10 max . This version actually works well almost every time I try to start it, and it connects . The version of the app before the improvements wouldn’t connect at all at times. I may be doing something wrong , but I am constantly having too reinstall the app proxy’s using
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1 year ago, Champ0506
Better than Express VPN!
If it weren’t for these incompetent, rude people leaving reviews such as “bhjjnvf” this app would have 5 stars, EASY. I’m in IT and this is, by far, the best VPN available not to mention the devs really do deserve so much more credit than given. Often times, with this many reviews, devs stop responding to people. It’s refreshing to see the devs still really giving it their all to keep this app outstanding and it’s consumers happy! DEVS- you ARE appreciated!!!!!
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2 years ago, ok hit. iri
VPN doesn’t work
I can’t even use a VPN in a different state from where I’m at so I have to buy and have them charge me every month for something even though that they said that their app is FREE (and usually companies say we put ads in our apps to make sure it’s free apparently you guys can’t have enough money to put ads so you are going to charge us) and apparently the app is free if you have to buy a bunch of things in it like a video game add-on y’all don’t install this app if you want to save on money because apparently they just want you to buy everything and have you have a big bill at the end of the month!!!
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5 years ago, Razerhoff
This is the best vpn tbh
This is the bestest vpn i have ever used, and best of all, its free! There are almost no ads from using it and the private browser is amazing and fast! To get private browser and have almost no ads would usually have to be paid with other vpn besides this one. This does not slow my internet/wifi/data and can use this forever. This really is a turbo vpn and reccommend it to my friends and family
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2 years ago, jdubbout
No Privacy!
I rarely write reviews… but I am soooo tired of all these apps that give a false impression of privacy and hen in fat they are just the opposite. They are required by apple to provide their privacy practices on the app description and of course they do, but society is getting sooo dumbed down by media that most of you are just either ignoring it or absolutely complacent that these corporations actually have “your” best interest in mind when they design these apps. I can’t believe how many good reviews this app has! Please, for your best interest, start reading the privacy practices on these apps before you carelessly install them into your life. Peace out…
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4 years ago, AimTops
Good but...
Its great, the price for the year is best cause your paying for it the same amout as 3 months for the month option. Its great and i would recommend. But i would also like to recommend that you add like 4 more countrys. Listen, ive always wanted to play PVZ 3. But, its not in my country. Mabye add the Philippines! That would be great. Since you havent added more countries in a awhile. Other than that though, its great. One of the best VPN's i would say. 5 stars 🤩
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6 years ago, I'm going to say yeah!
Wasted money!
When I first purchased this app it worked great, now since I’ve paid for a year the servers are full, I get knocked Off constantly when I am able to connect, opening other apps or the internet is slow and spotty! If I hadn’t already paid for a year I would uninstall and cancel! You can bet when I’m in the cancellation window I will cancel and uninstall!!!! Don’t waste your time or money!!! 😡
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6 years ago, King's Game
I am new to VPNs, however this was easy to download,and it is allow me to search the web from Colombia, to the US without showing My Presence. I was having problems ordering online (even though I was making my orders to be delivered to my US home address. Since I downloaded TURBO VPN, that doesn't happen any more. In fact the VPN shows that I am still in the States. Thanks Turbo VPN P.S. I have the free version.
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12 months ago, Tigest
The service is great.
I am paying monthly subscription on this app. It works great but one thing I don’t like about it is the pop pop advertisements! Most of them very offensive and pornographic advertisements! If you continue showing those advertisements I might cancel my service and go somewhere else! It is very unprofessional! Since I pay for the service I don’t know why I get those kinds of advertisement!
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3 years ago, rayav16
Charged before trial period is over
I downloaded this VPN to compare it with my current paid service and was trying to make up my mind. It said that I was allowed a 3 day trial period barring which I would be charged for an annual subscription. It hasn't been 3 days and yet charges have been made on my account. The in built app support agent was helpful but they said they couldn't help me get a refund. This is a substantial amount that I have been charged and I did not get an opportunity to make up my mind as I believe I was still in the trial period. Very disappointed by this kind of tomfoolery by such a highly recommend application.
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4 years ago, KatWalk65
Not a fan
Sure the VPN is fast. But. The cost is high, the VPN makes it pointless for certain searches but the worst feature is you can't easily clip sites to open elsewhere. So, say, a saved sensitive background report on this browser favorites page basically disappears if you want to copy and paste into files or other owners. You get the generic web site not your bookmarked page. I tried the paid version but found it cumbersome and not worth the subscription just for speed and VPN CONNECTION (WHICH you never really know is for real). Not worth the subscription for its limited functionality and lack of features.
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6 years ago, weekend madbamboo
Maybe the best vpn ever
I have used turbo VPN for a very long time. I can use it to browse any favorite sites in super fast speed. At the same time I bought the vip service, I think it really did what it said: extremely fast!!🚀 Thanks a lot to the turbo VPN developer team, for yours every effort to make this application so perfect.I would support for you guys about million years.😻😻😻
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2 years ago, YEEEHAWWBOIS
Problems with a few apps, other than that it’s good
I just want to start out by saying I use this almost daily, however I’ve ran into a problem where accessing certain apps (ex. Gmail and Opera) while connected to the VPN seems like it “breaks” the apps and forces me to reinstall them, I don’t know what’s causing this problem but it’s a big headache to have to reinstall apps due to using my VPN. Other than that all is good.
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3 years ago, KayMbira
Thieves. DO NOT pay for anything
1. I wanted to use the app once and paid for one month. 2. The company said the payment didn't go through and requested I pay again. It dis go through and my bank was charged. Customer service kept requesting account information to see if the charge went through. I gave them nothing. 3. I was charged the next month and contacted CS to cancel the account. After continuously requesting information about the account (invoice, acct #) they said they can’t cancel the account. 4. It is NOT listed under Apple subscriptions, so the directions they give for removing an app are misleading. Apple couldn’t find it listed under subscriptions (yet, I supposedly have one?) and said Turbo VPN is listed as a free app. 5. I am unable to cancel the account or update my payment info on the website or in the app. 6. RUN. Get a reputable vendor.
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4 years ago, Daconday
VERY GOOD, Just a problem
Turbo VPN is one of the best VPN’s. If anybody see’s my review DOWNLOAD IT! It increased my internet speed a ton! Theres just one problem though... When I launch Roblox a video game, it disconnects me from the game, I have disconnect from the VPN to play Roblox, I hope this gets fixed soon, but its not a big deal anyways. I can turn the VPN off easily. Overall 5/5!
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3 years ago, Sarah J. Connor
SCAM Refuses to cancel my subscription
I subscribed to TurboVPN via their website. I decided to cancel my subscription after running some tests and noticing that my ISP can still see where I am located and my IP address isn’t hidden when torrenting while I’m using this VPN. I tried Express VPN and found that I am fully covered. I contacted TurboVPN via email and chat and they REFUSE to cancel my subscription. They are giving me the runaround leading me to believe that this is a SCAM. I don’t want to be charged another month for something I no longer want. Just CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!
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11 months ago, ArminPro2015
doesnt work well in Iran anymore توی ایران دیگه کار نمی کنی
i used to use this vpn in iran and it used to work very well, but now it doesnt work rlly good . it takes a long time to conncect but then it says “not connected” 💀 . idk if its the goverments fault or the person who made the vpn. but if ur in iran, i dont rlly reccomend this . but vpns work differently for different devices tho 😭 . من قبلا از این وی پی ان استفاده می کردم و قبلا خیلی خو کار می کرد، اما الان دیگه اصلا خوب کار نمی کنه و خیلی یواشه . (also, stan twice for better life)
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5 years ago, JackieU.
Was Fantastic....
This was my favorite VPN, by far. Netflix and some other streaming services block VPN users, and this VPN has servers to get around that, and it used to always work for me. No waiting ages for it to connect. However now, it’s not working for myself or any of my friends. I live in china, and sometimes this happens with vpns, but it is showing available servers, just not connecting to them. Super inconvenient, and very frustrating because I paid for a year of premium. Really hope that they patch the problem, and I’ll update my rating when they do.
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3 years ago, Rd5656
I’m almost certain this is malware
I had this VPN for a very long time and I had some issues with it functioning but very minimal but theBattery on this device was really awful and I couldn’t figure out why tried deleting almost everything that I thought it could be nothing worked deleted this app and after a year or two it’s working brand new again I don’t know what it’s doing but it absolutely ate the battery like 50 to 10 in few minutes wether or not it was connected
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2 years ago, candiceNite
Really solid VPN!
This is the third VPN I did a trial for before purchasing. It has given me the best experience- fast, reliable and rarely disconnects. Even if it does, it’s likely at night when I’m asleep. I just open it first in the morning and connect before browsing or social.
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5 years ago, Gurrrrrrrrllllllie
Won’t Let Me Use VIP and no feedback options
I recently purchased a year of VIP but when I tried to connect, it said I had to start a trial. Then I would click start trial and it would say I’m already subscribed. But if I click restore purchase it says I’ve not purchased it. This has been so frustrating for me and when I click on feedback, it tells me my mail hasn’t been set up yet. If they don’t fix it soon, then I feel like I’ve been scammed and this might be a bit scammy.
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3 years ago, Winston Churchill’s PA
It’s free and fast
It’s very easy to use, no subscriptions needed, you just go to the setting and it is a button you can switch on or off like WiFi or flight mode. I’ve been using this for a few years now, it works well in most situations.
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2 years ago, jaffar kalle
It’s amazing, but wish you could something similar to pre_vpn when there a restricted hard and we can’t even make update the Turbo Vpn, the pre-vpn find a protocol or way to let us first update to new version so it’s more possible to break the jail
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2 years ago, _I_AM_SHER_LOCKED_
Yeah we had a good time…
I have used this VPN app for one year or two and it’s really nice even without subscription. But why do you stop your services in china mainland.. It’s inconvenient every time I fly there for work or other reasons. Hope that you can try to fix this problem so I won’t be disconnected in that country.
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3 years ago, unimpressed costomer
It eventually stops working
I had this app in high school and had it for a while. But the app eventually stopped working. I would click connect and it would it’s connecting thing and then stop in the middle. And it basically stopped working. So I got rid of it. I downloaded it again a couple years later, to see if they fixed it. And they didn’t it did the same thing. Worked for a little while and then it just gave up trying.
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1 year ago, natali_nr
I like it but it doesn’t work anymore
I use this app for about a Month and it’s work great and fast but since last night it doesn’t work with wifi and even data
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1 year ago, dark1101
Inappropriate/Ridiculous Ad
This is one of my favorite VPN apps, but there is an ad for an app called Boki. They keep showing a ridiculous ad in Arabic contains pictures of women with eggplant emoji and at end it shows a phrase of a pornographic nature. The phrase says to the effect of "my "chest" is big and my"😺"hurts". It's totally inappropriate and It should be removed. Thanks!
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2 years ago, shanshanajl11
Turbo review
I have been using Turbo vpn for a few years now and am completely satisfied with its service and reliability. I give it five stars and would recommend it to anyone. It is definitely my “go to” app for safety and anonymity.
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5 years ago, your mom is gagahjsjs
Very good but few issues
It’s really good and all but you guys need to give new users the 2 hour free vip when they download the app, I told my friend if you download this vpn, they are nice enough to give you free vip for 2 hours now they can’t find it at all what’s the deal with you guys eh?
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6 years ago, j6bs
So far so good.
As a user who needs private browsing, this blew me away. The fact that it’s free, fast, and reliable makes it so simple. A few clicks and boom, it’s all you asked for. No free trials, no logging, no disconnecting, (from what i’ve seen) it’s all you could ask for.
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5 years ago, Charbel.g
Everything is good when it is free
This app is so cool and its servers are stable. I was enjoying the servers by simply watching videos and choosing the server i want. However, from like 2 days i checked in into this app and found that there are no videos to watch for free servers anymore. Hope you get that back!
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2 years ago, Nooshin.N
One of the best i’ve ever used
Great great app. It has high speed , fast connecting , and It stays connected for a long period of time unlike other apps that keep disconnecting all the time. Thank you for such a great , friendly app.
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5 years ago, Rugved0831
Exceptional and Extremely Reliable Application
This app is truly quite helpful in nature, as it ensures that no matter the type of network used, a secure and fast connection can be established in minimal time, and enable users to utilize internet based services without a hindrance
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2 years ago, Dfghujjk
Problem connecting, poor service
I have been trying to connect for days and I am contacting customer service but they are not fixing the problem and saying it’s my internet problem, so I tried another vpn provider and it worked fine , so it’s their problem and I am a subscriber and paying monthly but it’s having a problem 🥺
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5 years ago, Gone Phishing
Disabled in china
Most recently this service was disabled in China. I don’t know why, but I suspect apple has some hand in it, as more vpns are saying the same thing, and they were pulled off the chinese app store. As a foreigner traveling abroad, this really impedes my ability to communicate with home, when many services are blocked. Don’t download this, and I encourage everyone to message turbo and apple about how we should encourage open internet without government set firewalls to impede our basic human rights.
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6 years ago, NikusuiChan
This App actually helps a lot even when I’m using the school wifi(since my school wifi doesn’t want to show the pic what my friends sent)but this time when I have this app, it actually works! Thank you! 🤩😄😁⭐️⭐️✨✨
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1 year ago, asfhu nkk
Loved It
It was able to connect outside through the hospital firewall with minimal ad watching. Loved it. Better than 95% of so called free vpn service in Apple Store. I tried a lot of the other vpn. They drove me net with too many ads.
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5 years ago, maryFB134
I was in China for a visit and I had trouble connecting to Facebook and insta then I saw this app and I purchased it. I didn’t know if it would work because I had purchased many vpns before and none of them work, but this one does!
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4 years ago, UniversalAlec
Excellent Service
Just the free version has provided me with fantastic connection practically anywhere I am. As soon as I can, I’ll upgrade to the paid version, as the only direction is up for this VPN
Show more
3 years ago, Microzf02
Bring the funneled channel feature to ios
As the title states. Otherwise it works just like every other vpn app Edit for the developer: dont bother answering if you’re just gonna copy paste your response, the request literally could not get simpler if you’re gonna direct me to somewhere else ill be saying the same thing. Just read what i said, thanks
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