Turning Point Ministries

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Turning Point for God, Inc.
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2 months ago
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17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Turning Point Ministries

4.92 out of 5
24.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Rehab in me
Review of what Gods done
With knowing my Heavenly Father I believe in his power and authority and ability to look and pursued me! I wanted to know Yahweh how sovereign is his character! God is I’m control and you can trust that he is above and he cares for me. All my life I was running and where ever I went there nothing ever changed but got worse I winded up in prison 3x, on parole and addicted to drugs! I was bound in my mind never believed that I could be new again and forever grateful for the gift the price Jesus Christ paid with his blood so I can be free from condemnation and Satan doesn’t control me and I’m free from drugs and alcohol and by spending time with the trinity and my comforter the holy spirit who gives me discernment and guidance o discipline my soul and constantly seek the kindness and goodness of Jesus!! He’s coming and soon and my cup runs over in Jesus name !!!!!!
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7 months ago, Ro Sr
Love the message but,
Seems like they found the cheapest tech person to set this up! I’m sure someone in the ministry can organized the older messages together I have to search each of the tittles to the “Romans” Audio. I go the David Jeremiah store look up the Romans album copy the title I’m looking for then paste it in the turning point app! Nothing comes up In the search bar when I Type Romans. Seem that way for all the series that are older they are not filed, all individual. Next on the play back player where you hit play/pause fwd/bkw should have a option to either skip to the next message or 15 sec 0r 30 sec. I take notes because I have these guides from the Bible strong membership and I have to rewind manually which ends up being like a minute more then what I need to rewind. I specifically subscribe to this for the back log of the sermons and messages seems like everything was thrown together and here figure it out for yourselves. I mean if there’s a will there’s a way but the membership is very dicey. I can afford on top of my titth to give to one other ministry I may be looking elsewhere it’s sad but expectations are not even close to being meet!
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2 years ago, T_>\
New app - lots of problems
I’ve listened to Dr. Jeramiah for many many years both radio and app, but this app causes much aggravation that many with less time invested/ exposure to this ministry would not tolerate and would move on. Hands down the best messages and teachings that I’ve been around over the last 20 years. However the app has many ‘problems’ from limited radio messages with dates and partial listen indication, to random startup of a paused message on phone hours later, sometimes at bad times (in a mtg. etc.) to being difficult to staying signed in and listening to a message without making a donation, etc. The donation gateway is a bit too much/widespread and as others have said could be a turn off to new/ interested listeners. If there were better segregation of the ‘pay’ messages (behind a single entry point maybe) it may be more palatable to many listeners. Thanks again Dr. J for your hard work, dedication and superior Christian products you continue to be my favorite!
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2 years ago, JWilly3919
Bring back the previous version please!!!!
My review is the same as most others that have been submitted recently. The new app is more difficult to use, there’s lots of bugs, it apparently requires a faster connection because everything on the app has become slow to load. Sometimes the app crashes while I’m in the car and it crashes my Apple CarPlay. This is just a short list of the problems. In my opinion this version 6 was a big step backwards in so many ways. The old version was easy to use, the app maintained your listening location on the radio broadcasts, everything loaded much faster. I’m not sure what new functionality or features were obtained in the new app but I honestly do not care to find out, or I doubt that I am able to, because the features most likely will not load or may crash. Please, please, please reinstate a version similar to the old app. I loved it so much! Thanks!! ♥️
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11 months ago, Doe Sunderland
David has talk me though God’s word. He has showed me different ways to come close to God. I had three brain aneurysms in time one that believes that God is the only one that can heal through my Pastor and David teaching I was able to overcome. I needless to say that God was with me, and took away two of my aneurysms, or only clips remain in my head. My pastor passed away, and that was devastating to me, but through David’s sermons in different teams. I remained to be faithful with God through the things that he was teaching. I have no doubt that David Jeremiah came from God. I listen to him as much as I can especially when I feel down because he has a way of lifting you up. I love David Jeremiah. What are you teachers. Thank you for being on being on the air Dorothy Sunderland
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2 years ago, All nicknames ate taken
Notifications on IOS
two areas that need improvement/fixed: 1: Notifications need to stop being little red icons hovering over the app like i have a messege to open, and then quit making them impossible to get rid of without selecting the messege that brings up my web browser for every one. this is obnoxious in many ways. 2: make the daily msg on the home screen able to continue playing when closing the app. i like to listen to it on the way to work. i dont want to watch, but i cant close the app or it shuts down. the previous version of the app did this much better. im with other “consumers” in that the previous version of the app was more desirable. with a “listen” tab for those of us that dont want to “watch”.. many small things like that were better about the old version.. those two^^mentioned above, NEED fixed.. very obnoxious on the new app.
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12 months ago, Chozen-wun
Break through
I’m on my sixth year praying and helping my daughter from a disturbing mental illness she is dealing with, anorexia nervosa. It started at age 12, she 18 years old right now. It’s been a terrible struggle, she been from residential facility to out patient facility, but she seems to continue being stuck. Wanting to continue the appearance. I know God and Jesus Christ has a plan for her. Maybe He’s trying to make her stronger. It’s me at this moment helping her, just me. It’s overwhelming mentally. This program gives me hope that she will break through. I’m asking for prayers to help her break through this nightmare. I truly believe in the power of prayer and I’m asking to join me in preyer to help her. Thank you for preying for my daughter’s recovery with this mental illness. God bless you all <3
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3 months ago, Jimmyb.Babo
Dr David Jeremiah
Thank you Dr David Jeremiah you have certainly been a helper and inspiration for me and my family as we walk on this earth waiting for Jesus to call us home. As I am writing this I am listening to the Calvary Chapel Choir. Such beautiful voices praising our Lord. The Lord promised us He would never leave us or forsake us. In my walk with Him I have had my share of stumbling and falling but He has always shown me the way home. He has used you a lot to carry me back. Thank You again for being His faithful servant and loving our Lord so much that you radiate the Love Christ has for us thorough your life and ministry. I’ve gone and listened to you several times and I am looking forward when we are together again in Heaven eternally with Jesus. Thank You for your Faithfulness.
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1 year ago, Tooken Try Again > T.T.A.
Back from the Dead
I was saved years ago. I know this without a doubt. I received Jesus Christ into my life about three years after after I married my then girlfriend. I became a Christian my wife did not. We had three Children a few years later she started going out on me. We got divorced and she was awarded the children. I went off the deep end. Started doing drugs and drinking. Got married to my now wife, she is not saved either but a wonderful woman. I was going through the channels and started watching your show on tv. The spirit of God opened my eyes and I took a look at the world around us and came back from the dead. No other way can I say it. Love to be home again. Eventually to my true home Heaven.❤️🙏
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1 year ago, Skippergabe
An Incredible Ministry!
I have been listening to Dr. Jeremiah for over 30 years. His Bible teaching has brought me through all of the life crisis situations I have encountered as an adult. His teachings reassured me of the love of Jesus Christ, which has brought my spiritual walk with Christ closer and closer in so many ways. I can’t tell you how important Dr. Jeremiah’s teachings are to me. I am so grateful that I have experienced the meaning of the Word, and the dedication of my eternal spirit and soul to Christ with the help of Dr. Jeremiah. I have never met Dr. Jeremiah in person, although I live in San Diego. The reason I say this is because Dr. Jeremiah’s teachings through the Bible on Turning Point is so comprehensive. Maybe someday soon I will make it out to Shadow Mountain. Praise Jesus!! And thank you Dr. Jeremiah.
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2 years ago, cy7a
Dislike updated version 6.0.0
I loved the old version, why did it have to change? There are so many issues with this update. All the previous ones that have already wrote their reviews++ Plus I would like to add mine. No matter what I have tried, nothing will change the view to a landscape mode on my iPad. My iPad sits in my Apple keyboard in the landscape mode, nearly all if not everything done on the iPad is done in landscape mode. However, not this updated App. It is unusable on many levels now. So disappointed. Please fix all the issues that have been written. We all love David Jeremiah and all that he teaches us. Please fix. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Whizborn
Turning Point in my Life.
I was and am again a practicing Catholic. I had the opportunity to learn about Turning Point one early morning when I awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I turned on my tv and Dr David Jeremiah was speaking. His detailed explanation and joy of speaking of the Bible that morning caught my interest and attention. I didn’t go back to sleep that morning and have on many occasions since, to wake up early to again watch what section he was covering. I have learned from Priests in sermons much about my religion but many seem to be preaching by rote. I will continue to watch Dr Jeremiah as he excites his audiences with his words and collaborations in text. I trust in Jesus.
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2 years ago, IAWL5
Really miss the old app
As others have said, the new app is not even close to the user friendliness of the old one. I love David Jeremiah and appreciate the effort to try and make more available thru the app, but I think they went too far. The home page is very busy and very sensitive which causes me often to inadvertently open the wrong content. Lately it has been getting worse and is extremely slow to load. I hope these issues can be resolved. I pray regularly for God to bless His word that goes out in all different media these days and I hate to criticize an app that is presented at no cost, but just want to let you know that the user experience is not what it used to be. Still I will continue to stick with it since the teaching of Dr Jeremiah is always a blessing.
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5 years ago, alpha/omega
Lousy new update
When the app first came out, it was great easy to navigate. Now they come out with this new hip stuff, and it is slightly confusing. I don’t understand why people change things when they’re working so well and it’s so well laid out. I use this app daily, it is a great app. However, when the update happened on July 12, 2019 it really became very much less friendly. To the guys who develop these apps please if something is working well and easy to navigate don’t touch it. I’ve seen so many websites and apps completely destroyed and run a mark by developers trying to make things look as if it was designed by millennials. Please change it back. But like I said before it is a great app for getting into the word and keeping close to God. Dr. David Jeremiah is a wonderful teacher and expositor of the word of God.
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4 months ago, Glorrieb12464
My favorite preacher!
I have always loved Dr. Jeremiah for his steadfast journey to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone! I’ve been changed by God’s word as Dr Jeremiah uses practical teaching in his ministry! I get fed every time I’m being taught the word of God through Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching! Thank you Dr. Jeremiah for your faithfulness to God in your ministry! I know if we don’t meet this side of Heaven, you and I will meet in Glory! I am so excited about being with my sweet Jesus someday and getting to meet his faithful followers that did not give up through adversity. I’m another faithful follower, who anticipates Heaven in God’s Glory and WONDER. Till we meet in this life or Glory, I remain your faithful listener! Lorrie Manco Streetsboro, Ohio
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10 months ago, Marsh Julian
Changed Life
I’ve been listening to and reading books written by Dr. David Jeremiah for roughly 7-8 years. His sermons and writings have guided me through God’s Word in times of great sorrow and tremendous doubt and worry, as well as increased my praise to the Lord. Through Dr. Jeremiah’s tutelage and God’s guidance, I have gained a deeper understanding of the Bible. Not only do I hide God’s Word on my heart, I amplify it with greater knowledge and understanding because of Dr. Jeremiah’s uncanny ability to engage my mind and increase my grasp of scripture. I am forever grateful to God for blessing this ministry so richly that it would reach a lowly sinner from South Carolina in desperate need of daily revival. Thank you for your faithfulness!!
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11 months ago, Gingerdaughters3
Strength for today and hope for tomorrow!
Dear Dr. Jeremiah, I look forward to starting my day by listening to your sermons daily. My deepest desire is to be like my Savior and to know my Jesus more. I appreciate you facilitating in that journey. Especially, in today’s times, your sermons bring hope and encouragement for each day to courageously walk the straightener and narrow road. I feel so privileged and blessed to say (especially in today’s godless world ) that Jesus is my first love. And I thank Him daily for choosing me (and all of my children) to be with Him in is Kingdom forever~ For all Eternity! My desire is to know Jesus better by deepening my relationship with Him daily. Thank you for your ministry Pastor Jeremiah. You are being used in a mighty way by God, as an instrument to bring strength for today and hope for tomorrow. I’m so grateful for you, and the time you have invest to bring God’s word to me and those around the world. I look forward to Thanking You in person in heaven. 🥰 With gratitude, your sister in the Lord, Paulette Irwin🙏🏻
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2 years ago, tbgb11
Miss the Old App
I absolutely love Turning Point and how much it has changed me and my family’s lives; unfortunately, the new Turning Point App is difficult to navigate; I agree it is too much. I’m unable to find my Daily Devotionals; at one point they were at the very bottom of the page but now they’re completely gone. I find myself going directly to Dr. J’s website to read devotionals and listen to daily radio instead of using the App as the website is much easier to find what I need. I really wanted to give the new app a better rating but am disappointed so far.
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8 months ago, yourasses
I have watch and listened to Dr Jeremiah for years. I love his prophecy books and own or have read every book he has written! I have shared, with friends and family, his books and encourage them to read to find answers they are looking for. Recently my son-in-law went home to be with the Lord, he joins my son who went home at the age of 19. I believe with no doubt in my heart that I will see them both again, because of Jesus’ promise. I am broken but find comfort in listening to Dr Jeremiah and just ordered his newest book. I am grateful for this ministry and pray for y’all. Thank y’all and God’s blessings.
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2 years ago, mtnvalleygirl1
Please bring back the old app
I have been listening to David Jeremiah for several years and especially liked the list of radio broadcasts that showed when I had listened to one. The new app is so confusing, and when I finally found a radio broadcast it wouldn’t let me listen to it; I suppose because I opted out of choosing to donate monthly. Out of frustration, I deleted the app from my phone, but tonight decided to try again with more frustration. We give a bigger donation at least once a year, but this new “option” to become a monthly giver is a turn-off for me especially since that seems to be the only way to listen. Please bring back the old format. For now, I’m deleting it from my phone, but I will check the app reviews now and then to see if the developers are listening to its audience.
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1 year ago, Donrose04
Dr. Jeremiah
He is my Go To person for the lessons of the Bible. I’ve watched him for years, I can not remember how long. I know it was when i discovered him on television. I was faithful to watch Dr. Charles Stanley since his televisions sermon I believe in the 1980s. I never missed him. The same thing happened when I watched David Jeremiah, I’ve never missed him. That means a time when I watched both ministers at the same time! Now Dr. Stanley is in heaven, and I am so glade of what these two men have added to my knowledge and life for Jesus Christ. God has brought my path in alignment with the best teachers we’ve had on earth. Praise His Holy name.
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1 week ago, P. Sexton
What a blessing!
Turning point has been such a blessing to me. When I was saved 12 years ago and was reading the Bible and learning about our Lord, I was listening to David Jeremiah on the radio. When I bought David Jeremiah‘s study Bible and began to reference what David had said in his notes, it was such an encouragement to me and helped give me a new understanding of God‘s word. Turning point and the magazine was my encouragement and was teaching me how to live life as a Christian and how others have persevered through trials and tribulations. Thank you, Turning Point Ministries and David Jeremiah for your faithfulness.
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3 years ago, Leeham911
Brings God nearer to you every morning
I’ve listened to Dr. Jeremiah for years and never read any of the ratings. When I did this morning, I was surprised that I was first presented with a stream of negative reviews complaining about the app but saying nothing of the content. So many negatives! I don’t like the 2019 app update either, but I don’t go to ratings to learn all that’s wrong with the app. I go to them to determine if the app will help me become closer to God. This app and the teaching it brings will do just that. Please give it and Turning Point a chance to help you, too.
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1 year ago, runnnng grandma
Please bring back the old app
The old app was straight forward and easy to use. I thought I would get used to the new app but unfortunately this hasn’t happened. I loved how the daily radio messages were listed and easy to tell which previous message I left off with and where. It was also much easier to go back and listen to favorite messages again, which I frequently do. I used to listen daily, but this app is clunky and I have found I’m going elsewhere for a daily message. I love Dr Jeremiah’s teachings but I just don’t enjoy searching for what I’m looking for. Please consider revamping to a similar platform you had in the past. Much more user friendly. Blessings and thank you for all you do.
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2 years ago, Miss-Kate
New app is a nightmare!!! Crashes all the time!!!
The old app loaded quickly, did Not used up your battery & was very easy to use. The new app is the complete opposite! Worse app ever. I can No longer listen to Dr. Jeremiah because the app crashes every time I try to use it! Very sad & disappointing. I have an iPhone who’s operating system is up to date. The problem is with the app!!!! Not sure who’s idea it was to change to the new app but it was a waste of time & money. Plus, the new app features Dr. Jeremiah’s picture every where! Are we promoting God or Dr Jeremiah? I have always been thankful for the talents God blessed Dr Jeremiah with but the app developers do not understand Dr Jeremiah priorities of God first. I beg you to RESTORE THE OLD APP! We don’t need all the ‘bells & whistles’ that don’t work. Praying for God’s wisdom to prevail.
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8 months ago, no rhank you
Daily Blessing /Turning Point
Incredible blessing to me everyday. Turning Point is a significant part of my daily study of His word. Love the featured message by Dr Jeremiah as well as the ability to go back to view a host of prior messages. I often share/email his messages to my children and friends. And use them to witness to several former classmates from High School. Love the ability to dip into the availability of great resources offered by Turning Point. Have purchased many of Dr Jeremiah’s books through Turning Point. I treasure Turning Point.
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2 years ago, shirtlesswonder jr
Miss the old App
First of all, I have been a loyal listener of Turning Point for many years. David Jeremiah teaches the Bible in a way I understand. I will continue to listen no matter the problems of the app. However, I’m disappointed in the functionality of the new app. I miss being able to rewind and fast forward. I miss seeing the last 30 days simply and knowing if I’ve missed one, the daily devotional, the full screen for an iPad, and a lot of the time the audio skips or hiccups. Please fix this app to what can be its full potential.
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11 months ago, Kai2Cider
Find your hope through Turning Point’s programs. I love to listen to Dr. Jeremiah preach God’s word throughout the day by flipping my cell phone upside down so the mic is facing up, in the back pocket of my jeans. My faith grows and I find myself better able to discern evil around me. I feel strong, able, loving God more and more as my heart feels His presence, through Turning Point programs. It’s like the Holy Spirit convicts me of what He wants me to know. I am so very thankful toDr. Jeremiah’s faithfulness to truth. The hard truth is wonderful to know. Thank you Dr. Jeremiah!
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2 years ago, Bpat1.0
Not a fan of version 6.0.0
I’m so disappointed with this new update 6.0.0. I used the radio section daily. The previous version kept messages for 30 days with the oldest dropping off when a new weekday message posted even labeling them by date and day of the week. It kept track of which messages I had listened to (showing a completed red circle) and saved where I was in the message (red scroll line) if I had to stop listening making it so easy to continue right where I left off. The coloring (white/red) was clean and made it easy to read and navigate. It was incredibly easy to use and it never presented any problems whatsoever. If I could go back to the previous version, I would in a heartbeat. Please, please make that possible.
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2 years ago, KaPop!
In app ads now?
Very disappointed. I get notifications every day for offers from Turning Point. I don’t need sanctified spam. I hear about those same offers in the messages. Speaking of the messages, the app is often so problematic I find it much easier to listen via the Bott Radio app, which has little to no buffering unlike the TP app. Video playback is often even more haphazard than audio. Many times it will hang for several minutes at a time. Usually playback will eventually start where it froze but sometimes the app just quits. When that happens it’s usually impossible to resume from the stop point but rather requires starting over from the beginning.
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6 months ago, Sam-bee
Dr. Jeremiah
I am blessed everyday by Dr. Jeremiah’s teachings of the Bible. I listen on the radio going to work and I listen to radio and broadcasts as I do my housework. Without fail, the Word brightens my day and lightens my soul. As with most, hardship and demonic attacks visit my loved ones and myself. We lost my 2 yr old grandson to a hit and run driver, my daughter ( his mother) is an addict. We wait for the Lord to deliver her. Without fail, I gain hope and strength through Word and Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching. I look to him as a mentor and elder brother. Thank you so much. I pray God will bless you and yours.
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1 year ago, KL Kelso
How my sister keeps strong
My sister went through a very brutal murder of her daughter and two grandkids in 2014 she was left with grief PTSD and she didn’t want to go on, but she knew she had to. I had told her about Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching on TV. Jesus came to her rescue immediately. It’s absolutely unbelievable how Jesus has taken over and controlling her mind and her grief I can’t say enough about this and thank you Jesus thank you dr. David Jeremiah. His teachings has brought her so close to the Lord. She is healing. Thank you. Amen.
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5 years ago, kwhite777
App used my entire month of data in hours
I’ve listened to Dr. Jeremiah for years and was excited about this new app. I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. I listened to the message this morning and closed my phone. Within hours I received a text from my cell service notifying me I had used up my month’s allotment of data. In the background this app used 8 GB of data and used up 65% of my battery. I am so upset. I never use all of my data and I always accumulate rollover data until now. I’ve got 22 days left in my data plan this month with no data. When I realized it was this app depleting everything I immediately deleted it. I am very disheartened that the app worked so poorly and I’ll have to figure out another way to hear the sermons.
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5 days ago, Marilyn Dawn
Thank you Turning Point
I love getting Turning Point everyday on my e-mail. . Life is so hard and it helps me stay focused on God. I can listen getting ready for the day or riding in my car. Love it so much and thank you. I go to Church and for the first time am reading/studying the Bible for the first time! Half way there! I plan on doing that yearly. I realized the importance of staying in God’s word’s. I have always believed in God but now I have an relationship with him. Big difference.
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2 years ago, Katy Emm
Hate the new app. Love the ministry & content.
I have been listening to Dr. David Jeremiah for years, usually on my morning walk. I have loved this time and really liked several things about the former app. It was easier to quickly navigate, easier to find the episode I want to listen to - easily able to see what I already listened to. Also I was able to speed up the audio to keep me engaged and my mind from wandering. Now the new app (6) is visually beautiful but less functional, slower and harder to navigate. I am trying to use this but have to back up constantly to catch what I missed when my mind wanders.
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9 months ago, Nor-land
Review of Turning Point
I have watched Dr David Jeremiah on TV faithfully since my husband of 70 years suddenly went to be with the Lord in January of 2021! My husband was a Pastor focused on church planting. I worked along side him teaching Bible Studies, etc. he always gave me credit for being there to support him as does Dr Jeremiah, his wife Donna. When I wrote to him at the passing of my husband during a deep time of mourning he wrote a personal letter of encouragement to me! I am so great full for Dr David Jeremiah and Turning Point! Blessings, Marietta J Sutter
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11 months ago, zoogal63
Loving it
This is such a great Bible app. Dr David Jeremiah has such a gift for telling stories from the Bible. I love all the additional stories he tells and his historical knowledge. I never get bored listening to these. I also appreciate the price for turning point plus. Five dollars a month is well worth it. Very affordable. And I like all the choices on the app. So many categories of different subjects to listen to. David Jeremiah just brings these stories to life like no other. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, sudoku girl #1
I So Love the LORD n growing
I / we so appreciate Dr. Jeremiah, have learned so much through his teaching that our God has given him the heart to do so. My husband, Glenn n I, Caroline (from Chico, CA) always come away with such wonderful Godly insight after listening to his sermons, books and studies. I have done many studies through my ladies Bible studies, I am so blessed to have done Dr. Jeremiah studies has helped me n my husband to live with better attitude keeping our God at the forefront in our broken world seeking Him in all we do n say. Most generally my devotional time using Turning Point devotional, turn into a all out Bible study! It’s always so exciting studying Gods word. My n my husbands FAITH has grown in our LORD we are blessed! Caroline & Glenn Davis of Chico, CA PS, I looking forward to doing the study “How to Move Forward” n to suggest it to my Ladies Bible study.
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2 years ago, Season 248
Awesome teacher
I always enjoy Dr Jeremiah’s teaching. The only disappointment in this update is that the articles were removed from the original app. In addition so was the devotional section which I found helpful if I forgot my devotional at home and this application has a plus version (paid) with has really excellent content and can’t wait to use it. With the garage on TV this is a welcome addition to my streaming service since I’m kicking Netflix to the curb
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1 month ago, GKJ55
God has blessed me!!!!
Finding Turning Point and Dr Jeremiah has been a great blessing in my life. My faith, relationship, and understanding of Jesus has and is so richly enhanced. God speaks so clearly to me through Dr Jeremiah. I feel closer to God my Father more now then any other time in my life. The Bible! the Bible! the Bible! God’s greatness is all around. His words are powerful. I am forever thankful to my savior Jesus for letting our paths cross. It has been a life changing experience for me in knowing the love of God through His disciple Dr Jeremiah!!!🙏🏻❤️ Gary Johnson
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2 years ago, family preciousmemories
The app/ what’s happened to it after update
I truly hope u get the update fixed soon. It won’t load & stay loaded. Devotions are missing, it’s hard to understand. I used this app daily & throughout the day. I feel like one of my children moved & didn’t tell me where they went. This app & it messages & devotions I depend upon for a huge part of my learning & teaching in my walk & relationship with God! Please fix it. Praying praying!
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2 years ago, usmeagle82
App has issues
I love Turning Point and watch Dr. Jeremiah’s messages on the app. Today however turned into a nightmare. I watched one message and tried to watch a second one. The second message kept getting interrupted by the first one starting up again. It did it constantly. I couldn’t get rid of the first message I watched. I restarted my phone. No solution. I deleted the app, restarted my phone, downloaded the app again and it still did not fix the issue. Obviously the app has some serious problems. Please fix the app. I love watching Dr. Jeremiah.
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2 years ago, spnishangel
Disappointed & Frustrated With Update
I have been a Bible Strong Supporter for so long. I start every day in the DJ app. The new update wiped out studies, The Word, I had downloaded to start & it’s no where to be found in the search. I created a playlist of the other study in this new app but can’t find where that is because it’s not under playlists. The whole app is so busy & overwhelming. I feel this new design was developed with 20-30 year olds in mind. I have been trying to figure out this app for the past 3-4 days & haven’t done any studies. I am so disappointed & I want the old app back or someone to reach out and show me where all my stuff is & how to operate this new version.
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2 months ago, Tricia AZ
God sent
I found Dr. David Jeremiah had a time when my life was pretty low and he threw his words on the radio helped me to return to God. Through him, I was able to get my family to church and in a relationship with God as well. When I hear Dr. David Jeremiah speak, I think God every time for bringing the word through him and choosing him to bring that word to my family and so many others. Thank you and God bless.
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1 year ago, IBelong2Him!
This generation is blessed to have Dr. David Jeremiah
David Jeremiah delivers the TRUTH of God’s Word with no compromise and does so with love, humility and grace, which is what God calls us to do. He teaches in a way that brings the truth with precision and understanding. His mantra “what does the scripture mean and what does it means to us” is brilliant and applicable. I am thankful to God for David Jeremiah’s life and ministry. I pray daily that God grants him health and strength to continue his amazing teaching till Jesus comes to rapture us home.
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3 years ago, 4DRog
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The app is well organized and easy to use. One suggestion though. When listening to saved sermons when off-line under my profile, the sermons are not sorted in order of date, they appear randomly. May we have a fix that saves the downloaded sermons in order of date please? (And maybe a way to have the option to have sermons auto play when listening to them in profile? ie, March 26 followed immediately by March 27 etc.) Thanks!
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5 months ago, Chocolate1972
Life changing
Watching Dr. Jeremiah‘s TV. Ministry has open my eyes to God‘s plan for my life. Every morning I now get on my knees and ask for my assignment of the day. It could be something very simple. When I’m walking in God‘s will, I feel peace I never felt before; and I feel joy, even if my circumstances are difficult. I keep my focus where it belongs: on the Lord. I highly recommend listening to his Sunday messages.
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11 months ago, sweet sound 😎
Awesome messages
Listening to Pastor Jeremiah messages gives me a greater understanding, through his appreciation of today’s time. I have peace, joy and confidence towards what God’s word says each and everyday. I have the app on my phone and I listen to his messages almost every night that helps me get through a peaceful restful night sleep. May God’s blessings continue to be with you and your ministry. Love in Christ Esther
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11 months ago, mr clarkkk
I both listen and watch Turning Point six days a week. I’ve learned so much more through Dr Jeremiah’s teaching. This has also allowed me to share specific messages with friends and family. The books Dr Jeremiah offers us has become a big part of my home library and gifts that I have sent to special people in my life. Thank you for all you do Dr Jeremiah!!!
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7 months ago, anickname4apps
App opens and then immediately closes.
It worked perfectly until a week ago. Now even after reinstalling it opens and automatically closes. No support has responded back after a week. Please fix the issue. Great App when it works. Update. (About a week and a half with issue) Problem fixed! Works as good as originally. Thanks!
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