TV Cast Chromecast Streamer

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3.9 (644)
171.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
AirBeamTV BV
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TV Cast Chromecast Streamer

3.87 out of 5
644 Ratings
11 months ago, dee dee d
I give it four stars cause it’s always cutting off after 30mins using the app other than that I love it
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4 years ago, Disabled PRO
I don’t want to have paid for the app twice.
I tried communication about my not having a working app, after paying for the PRO upgrade, with this developer through Messenger. I never use Facebook, or any of its services, for good reasons. So I felt forced onto a platform I abhor. I never wanted Facebook to have ANY of my information. Now they do! It would seem they could offer an alternative way to effect customer service needs. I would sure appreciate that. Now I’m using this review because I see responses from them to other reviews. Unfortunately, shortly after paying for the lifetime upgrade, my phone stopped working. I have an appointment with Apple in 5 days. Since I couldn’t go without a phone until then, I bought a new one, set it up and downloaded apps. All of them work except this one. I needed the screen mirroring yesterday. I tried many workarounds, but I did not have the paid performance that I had paid for, for life, already. Out of need and frustration, and a lack of a customer service solution, I paid again for PRO upgrade. Now I sure would like one refund and one PRO performing app. I hope they respond to this review immediately. I have spent too much time on this issue already.
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4 years ago, tyk119
Great mirroring app, no issues
So in the previous reviews there’s a few complaints about lags. I don’t see the issue, I’m not trying to watch on both devices so if there’s a lag it doesn’t really have any effect on your watching. There’s no banners on pro, that could be a new upgrade I don’t know. You do need to pay, it doesn’t make sense otherwise because then you get stuck with a banner. But I say it’s well worth it. I’ve been able to watch several shows I would have not been able to otherwise.
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3 years ago, stml44
Great solution for my problem
I have an older flatscreen that is not a smart TV in my workout room. Casting from Google Chrome would not work from my iPad and sporadically would work from my phone. I thought I would try this as a last ditch effort. It works great! There is a lag but I just turn my volume down on my iPad and turn my iPad away from me so I don’t get distracted.
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5 years ago, K8vsK9
Pro option crashes frequently
As far as I can tell, the switch from “paid” to “free” erased my previous purchase of the app, and suddenly my screen was constantly over-written with ads. I was a bit stuck by the timing so paid for the pro version, which then proceeded to lose connection every 3-5 minutes for the duration of my use - had to go back to the app, restart the screen share, then navigate back into what I was trying to show. Emphatically not worth the price.
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2 years ago, add Vin Diesel
Not working
I got a movie from amc theaters who doesn’t offer a tv app. I thought I could cast to my tv with this so I downloaded. Then in the fine print after you pay it says may not work with apps like Netflix. I asked for a refund, because I have no idea why this would be useful for anything else. It’s too laggy for games. It will be a 1 star if I don’t get a refund.
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4 years ago, whatislife145
Ok, so:
The app works well— I’d say buying the pro is worth it. The only issue is how incredibly laggy it is while watching on the TV screen compared to my phone. I’m trying not to complain much, though, because it’s AWESOME that Apple products finally have a way to cast their screens to another device without having to buy an Apple TV. If you guys could somehow make it less laggy/glitchy, it’d be PERFECT.
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3 years ago, Almolina04
I bought the one payment in lifetime
The application is excellent. Is working properly and efficiently. The Support Team is one of the best. They help immediately if you have any problems. Thanks so much. I am very glad with the application!
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1 year ago, FatboyDC
Great customer service
The app is quite complicated and initially did not work. Customer service rep reached out immediately after some trouble shooting everything work as described. Thank you for the prompt and courteous assistance.
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3 years ago, mdele
Very impressed!
I have been looking for a solution to screen mirroring to a Chromecast. This app does it excellently. There’s a small lag, but it’s acceptable at less than half a second. Video streams clearly with no skipping. Definitely worth the purchase price. 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Jatvoice
Great app, but watermark is still there even after upgrade.
This app works well. It allows me to read content without straining my eyes or neck, because I can mirror it on my TV screen. It was worth it to me to upgrade to Pro, but the watermark still won’t go away, which is pretty frustrating. If you guys want to get paying customers, you had better find a way to make the watermark disappear when you upgrade. I will be happy to change my rating once this is resolved. Thanks.
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10 months ago, StCoz
Better than native Chromecast…
This app works well on both my iPhone & iPad. I recently bought a large “Google TV” and this app works flawlessly. Two thumbs up - I recommend this app
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2 years ago, peachydollface
If I could give zero starts I would
Let’s you watch like 3 videos on the web screen share (I was trying to watch TikTok on my TV) and then it prompted me to pay cause I used up my free time. I’m not paying for an app that’s slow and clunky. It even has a sound slider for screen mirroring and when you turn it on it tells you you have to upgrade and pay for sound. No thanks.
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4 years ago, youngdds
Works well
I don’t understand why sometimes I have the option to chromecast to my tv and so often there is no option to view except on my iPhone. Anyway, this works reliably.
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1 year ago, Todd in Atlanta
Yet another app claiming to be an easy, flawless tool for casting from iPhone to Chromecast. Worked for roughly 10 minutes and disconnected my phone from the Chromecast. Apple and/or Google need to fix this. I should be allowed to cast my iPhone to Chromecast without 3rd party software. The two behemoths are hurting no one but their customers, and frankly, because of this nonsense will never buy an Apple TV or associated accessories.
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3 years ago, Justice iPhone
I went through a lot of apps but they either had a lot of lagging or was a lot of ads this is the first true great TV mirror iPhone app I’ve came across
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4 years ago, puptmstr
Great app
So while I do love my apple product being able to stream to my Chromecast, it doesn’t connect first try every time. I bought the subscription hoping to use this service daily and was very disappointed when I could not use it all the time. If that issue could be addressed it would be perfect.
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1 year ago, cwf1129
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t work after the last update. Please fix or refund my money please.
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2 years ago, mrsfarmer0726
Tech support is awesome!
Installed but couldn’t get the sound to work. Msg’d them and they responded quickly and helped with the issue! App is working great!
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3 years ago, Slanderson
So laggy
It is not worth the money to me it is too laggy In the video and and the audio doesn’t always match up. Do the one time payment of $2 for a month if you want to try it out, but I would find another solution to your problem
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2 years ago, Mofongo12
Works, until it doesn’t
It sometimes connects, then when it does it’ll disconnect an hour or so later. I’ve tested it on several different Chromecast devices. Something is up and certainly not worth the subscription
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4 years ago, wildbellelover
Doesn’t work with apple tv app
i downloaded this app to cast movies purchased on the apple tv app using chromecast to my tv. the screen mirroring works right up until i start playing a movie and then the screen never loads. it freezes on the initial black screen but plays the audio which is very delayed. i will be deleting the app. THIS DOESN'T WORK WITH THE APPLE TV APP ON YOUR IPHONE!
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3 years ago, B737sam
Fix the frequent disconnect issue
When this is working it is a great application however frequently it disconnects although the Wi-Fi is very strong and there are no other issues. If that can be fixed I would definitely give it a five star rating.
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10 months ago, Denalu70
Love it.
I love it. But issue with just connecting for no reason. If I didn’t have to pay. That would be ok. But since I have to pay for sound. It shouldn’t disconnect for no reason.
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2 years ago, Kidv45
Good mirror app
Seems to stop after about an hour. Have to restart——unacceptable
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4 years ago, DJRemark
Poor mirroring
The signal is dropped for no apparent reason. Also the sound quality is often very poor, especially with music. Cannot cast sound on Zoom.
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1 year ago, gigganigga192
U just have to pay but it’s not that much
Works amazing
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4 years ago, LauraByron
Mirror for chromecast
The customer service for this app is very helpful and responsive! The app works great for casting your iPhone to your tv! Thank you :)
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4 years ago, Matman72703
Nice app!
Does a good job of casting my iPhone to the tv when apps do not have a built-in cast feature.
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5 years ago, SBM1235
Works exactly as expected!
Yes it mirrors! Sound and video both. Haven’t explored much but it works as I expected.
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3 years ago, MsKpngItReal
How do you uninstall please help me uninstall
There’s no way to uninstall the app that does not work on my phone please send me the directions on uninstalling this app as soon as possible I would like to have it off my phone thank you
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2 years ago, mrtzms
Great app
Added such an amazing functionality to my iPhone Love it
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1 year ago, ZDW85
Frequent interruptions
Even after paying for the premium subscription, there is lag and I receive frequent interruptions with an error message that says the app has lost contact with the TV. Not recommended!
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2 years ago, Munchkin 493
Works good.
Mine is working just fine.
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5 years ago, Yjerkle
Cash grab
I guess the developers decided after the fact that the didn’t get enough of my money, so the slapped a huge watermark on the screen and want me to pay a monthly fee to use an app I already bought. I’m honestly surprised Apple even allows this kind of behavior.
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2 years ago, mcedno
App does not work
Same wifi network, toggled wifi, the app does not recognize the iPhone 12 max pro I am using. Don’t waste my time with garbage tech that is so poorly thought out the user can’t use it!
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3 years ago, NTC dude
Love it!
I can use this to send my Nike Training Club workout from my IPhone to my Chromecast.
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4 years ago, Bozogodo
ZERO STARS 0* Simply doesn’t work.
Seemed to work fine until I paid for a 1-year subscription. Now it keeps telling me that I’m running an app that is blocking mirroring, even when all apps are closed out. This is trash. Deserves 0 stars.
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4 years ago, PHotonoton
Good potential
I think this app has a lot of potential. However, at this time latency is really high and the constant nag around premium version does not allow for a decent test drive.
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5 years ago, GryphKid44
Apple blocks it
Unfortunately Apple blocks this from streaming Apple TV +
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6 months ago, First review everrrr
Spam City
Immediately started interrupting streaming of your media to try to get you to upgrade then resorts to inescapable ads for “iPhone cleaner” type ads. Worse than useless. Delete.
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2 years ago, im not sure i understand
This app is broken
So I just got this app and it isn’t working I went to the site on my phone and when I connect it doesn’t connect on my tv this app is not programmed right!
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4 years ago, Meg56789012&&&
Not very good
It does the job, I guess. It will cast to your tv but the lag time is very irritating and unless you buy the premium you have an annoying watermark on the screen.
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6 months ago, Awaw1111
Casting requires upgrading to Premium
It connected to Chromecast very easily, but unlike the instructions, when I try to cast my screen it is requiring me to upgrade to the premium version.
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1 year ago, sohiao
Best app ever
Mirror Chromecast is the best app ever. It allows me to stream my workouts on to my tv!
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3 years ago, Masdon
Basically worthless
The app is essentially worthless as a free version if you want to stream video. Can’t send sound without paying. 0/10 due to unreasonable paywall.
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4 years ago, $$$fish
Had rep help me with setup. Works great every time. Identically mirrors my iPhone !!!
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1 year ago, randomdudeqwerty
Keeps not working
Every few minutes it tells my I’m trying to broadcast something not allowed. Just using it to Chromecast my golf simulator
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3 years ago, doom3600
Does not do what I want a waste of money
When I try to mirror I get a message saying i can’t mirror while recording, there appears to be nothing i can to this app is a piece of crap
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4 years ago, Lizzy Grante
I wanted to use this app to cast a show on my phone to my tv since I had a chrome see not an Apple TV and the experience was a choppy laggy low quality video that constantly froze 0/5 stars
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