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User Reviews for TV Cast Chromecast

4.02 out of 5
35.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Caleb_Turttle
The more updates the worse
I’m going to cut to the chase, it’s a very convenient app to use. But it seems the farther they go along the more things you need to purchase. You used to be able to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward. Now that is a payed feature. I have bought the premium 4 times but it goes off of your apple ID and not your google account. I’m refusing to make any more in-app purchases until there is a better way to link payments across devices. There should either be a family plan or a linking across emails. Because when you have a family, which ever device has premium is now rendered disabled for any other use. Chrome Casting while using this app can cause lag or packet loss( packet loss is not necessarily lag it’s when the wifi is smooth but for some reason all the data is not getting received. ) So it should be linked through email and have the option to have a family plan just like google home.
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6 years ago, Infected618
Started out great when chrome cast was getting big
But now every time I go on to cast a movie on this app, I always get “video-ad detected. Press here to skip” I’ll press it and literally nothing happens. Itll like freeze and i have the ad blocker on. Yet it always asks me to allow or deny pop ups. I’ll deny said pop ups and again nothing will happen. I’ll reload the page and allow said pop ups and again nothing happens. It’s a bit frustrating when a simple process that would normally take me 5 minutes is now taking me 30 minutes or maybe even longer because pop ups need to be allowed or denied and video ads need to be skipped.. what was the point of me buying the entire bundle if it just makes things a bit more complicated.
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4 years ago, diandte
I used to love this app but now recently I realize more than half of the video's aren't supported and now there's this stupid banner that pops up during a video or movie asking that I upgrade to get rid of the banner. If your app is free awesome but once you start putting annoying things in the app to force to pay for a service that you don't want and as result ruins the experience than that's just business. I may have one day decided I wanted the full premium package but now that's never going to happen because I have no desire to pay for something that's being forced on me if I want to enjoy the app. That's not how you get one someone to pay for full features you don't force down their throats and then that they give in and buy what you want them to get. Everyone behind this app that was okay with this business model of forcing people to become customers should be ashamed of yourselves. If you wanted to make money in the first place you shouldn't have made the app free at all it's completely disgraceful and dishonest.
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6 years ago, Renoboarder
Getting worse and worse
I used to love this app. I have chromecast built into my Toshiba tv, and 2 years ago, after trying multiple apps I discovered this one and it worked great for casting. I bought the full version soon after and it worked great as well for about a year and half. Then about 6 months ago it started crashing here and there but not bad. I could deal with it, nothings perfect. With each update, I keep expecting a fix, but instead it gets worse and worse. Now, on iOS 12.1, newest version of this app, and an iPhone XR, it’s barely usable. If I leave the app even for a second and come back, it crashes every time, and even if I leave it in the forefront, it crashes every 5-10 minutes. It never did that before whatsoever. I could cast and forget about it, not anymore. Im going to see if there is a firmware upgrade for my TV, and if there is and it helps I’ll edit this review. Because the app is doing the same on this phone and my old iPhone 7, it leads me to believe its the app, but I suppose I’ll see soon. I’m gonna go look for a new chromecast app now.....
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4 years ago, Jog heeled
Worked great for about 15 minutes or so... then pop-ups/ads made the stream unwatchable.
This app, although slightly clunky, worked perfectly at first and allowed me to begin streaming a concert from my phone to the TV. Before the stream began, the app displayed an ad, which was understandable... especially since it’s a free app. The ad was trying to sell me ad space within the app, which did seem a little strange. After that, everything worked perfectly (although there was an in-app notice stating that, if I wanted to pause/fast-forward/rewind, there would be an additional charge). My wife and I settled in, ready to watch that evening’s concert. As I mentioned earlier, it worked perfectly at first. However, after about 15 minutes or so, it displayed a HUGE banner at the top of the screen, cutting off about the top third of the stream or so, informing me that it would go away if I paid for the premium version of the app. We waited it out for a few minutes, hoping the banner would disappear, but nope... it just started slowly moving around the screen. It was at that point that I gave up, and just began casting the livestream from a Chrome tab on my PC. This worked perfectly, didn’t cause any issues for the rest of the night, and didn’t interfere with normal usage of the PC (my son was able to play games on it while we used it to stream the concert to the living room TV). Skip this app, and just use Chrome on your desktop PC if at all possible.
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7 years ago, soopepper
Your life will change for the better
If you are reading this review looking for an app that will stream video from any website - look no further! For the price of a couple of coffees, you will not be limited to watching browser videos on your small devices. Definitely pay the nominal fee for the premium service. It is totally worth it. Most video sites that provide video content for free have annoying pop-up ads, but with the premium version you can turn off those ads which makes navigating through sites so much easier. Is the app perfect? No of course not, but it's pretty close for it's intended purpose. This app takes casting to your TV beyond the limits of the mainstream casting devices. I am not a fake reviewer. I am an average middle-aged mother of five who is very happy to have found this app a year ago!
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4 years ago, projectile comet
Lots of Quirks
As other reviews have said, you have to complete an in-app purchase to be able to pause, rewind and fast forward. Months ago, I didn’t mind making the purchase because the app worked pretty well other than that. Now, it’s kinda slow and takes several attempts of casting the video before it actually sends it to the chromecast. A lot of reloading the page, disconnecting and reconnecting to the chromecast, and even closing the app and opening it again. I think my biggest complaint currently is that it recognizes ads on websites as videos, so it’s common that it casts the ad to my chromecast instead of the video I actually want to watch. In addition, the button that you use to cast the video is the bar that you use pause or scrub the video. Even if you do cast the correct video to your chromecast, if it recognizes the ad as a new video and you can no longer use the functionality of the in-app purchase that you made. To be blunt and concise: it works but not great.
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8 years ago, Regressive
I don't normally do this but..
Wow. This just solved so many problems. If you're skimming through reviews skeptically wondering if this is for real, kind of like I was about 10 minutes before I wrote this, you can rest easy. I just tried a few different movie streaming sites and they casted to my TV faster than I was even ready for. In fact, immediately upon opening the app, it overrode my wife's chrome cast netflix show and she got mad at me. Until I casted the new J-Law movie Joy to demonstrate. Then she turned all smiles. This app turns your Chromecast into what you THOUGHT it would be before you bought it and sadly realized your soul belonged to Google. Break free like I did. Watch EVERYTHING. Tell your friends. Then come back here and 5 star the hell out of this app.
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7 years ago, PtownVA
Works great!
Thought it was just "ok" until I realized you could buy an add on to fast forward, pause, rewind for $1.99, now I think it's great! (Without the add on, it still works, but you have to play a video from beginning to end, with no way to control it) The add on makes all the difference in the world & it only cost 2 bucks! I can deal with that! Good job!! :) Also, after reading other reviews, I will ad- Yes, it is a bit of a process to start a video, but it's a very small & easy process. I'm not very tech savvy at all, but even I find this pretty simple. And besides that, what better option do you have to cast videos that don't have a cast button? I don't know of any! I'd say this app works very well, especially for free + a $2 add on!!
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5 years ago, Irshdoll4444
Constant Adult Ads
I used to rave about this app before this latest update. I remember having to allow an adult ad or 2 play on my device before casting my movie...Now, every time I want to cast, I have to ask my children to leave the room bc for whatever reason, I now have to CAST the adult ads on my TV; and 8 times out of 10, it doesn’t work. Tonight, I watched the same adult website ad 4 times and still wasn’t able to cast bc every time I tried, I would get that same pop-up inviting me to buy premium or watch an ad. I COMPLETELY understand that they have to make money, but I’m not paying for premium as there are too many issues with it not playing when it should and I have already paid for 2 add-on features.
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8 years ago, n8dawg22
Best Video Streaming App Available
I've tried and tested a wide variety of streaming apps over the years and this one is easily the best I've found by far. I used to have to use an HDMI solution to stream my anime/movies to my HDTVs but now I just sync with my Chromecast and I'm set! I use this app almost daily, and the people who are complaining and/or giving it anything less than five stars simply didn't put more than 2-3 minutes' worth of effort to figure out the basics; didn't purchase to ad-free version (it's still very much useable without making any purchase(s)), or are too ignorant with software to do much of anything on their own. I highly recommend this app to anyone who's even remotely interested in video streaming.
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4 years ago, Might gladiator
What’s going on here??!!/ purchased the upgrade package!!
Suddenly there are banner ads across the screen when casting and they say they are not going away until we purchase something. This is a free app that I’ve used for years off and on and it’s really an awesome app but I can’t afford a purchase right now and so now we can’t watch our shows. This is labeled as free and needs to be relabeled because it doesn’t work without money So I bought the upgrade pckg the next day, because UFC right!, long story short. I should have done this years ago. So basically I can do everything I can do with a blue ray disc only I’m streaming and buffering is almost non-existent now. Super happy!! Keep up the good work and don’t let this jinx you!!
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8 years ago, Lefty Hokum
Good Idea........but NOT!
It's a great idea. So what would be the most important thing this app should do? Yes, play the video! It will play it but not all at once. Besides the funky way you have to play it that is through their browser which makes it very slow pulling every page up. I'm ok with that to get to play a video not normally supported. Then having to click all the way at the bottom bar to play which should be bigger but then you wouldn't "accidentally " click the add. Ok I can let that go because I think you could buy those away but when it doesn't actually play the video I gotta put my foot down. Well it plays the video but then it gets choppy and then plays without sound which is even worse than not just playing at all because now they are just playing with "you". I am glad I didn't buy the upgrades I would be super pee o'd. Now my iPad is running funky even after getting rid of it! Junk!!!
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8 years ago, Casimir2001
Bug with SeagateMedia App
There's a bug when attempting to cast a video through the SeaGateMedia app. All of our devices connect to the same network, including the chromecast enabled TV. SeagateMedia is an app that is used to access our WIFI enabled portable drive. To access the drive and view videos from it, our iPad/iPhone needs to connect to it via WIFI. The drive itself is set up to connect to our home's wifi network. So our iPads/iPhones get internet access indirectly through the drive's internet connection to our home network. When hitting the chrome cast icon within the SeaGateMedia app, the buffering icon appears on the TV and the iPad and times out after about 3-5 minutes.
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4 years ago, blepblop22
Great, but...
The app is easy to work with and from the time I had it, there has been no issue until recently. I’ve been using this streaming site and it had worked perfectly so far, yet lately after 15 min within the movie it would automatically turn off and go back to the Home Screen. Of course I thought it may have been the site but after trying several different sites it does the same thing. I honestly don’t know if it’s me personally or a bug within the app. I had use the site before on the app and it has never done this until now.
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8 years ago, 9teesRback
1 year later and still AWESOME!
I got this a year ago and have loved it since the beginning. DEFINITELY worth purchasing all content. I haven't found a website yet that could get past the ad blocker, as long as u keep it up to date. The app is very user friendly. It has crashed less than a dozen times after a year of HEAVY usage, however it hasn't crashed a single time in the last 4 months. Has worked with around 95% of video formats I have tried. When one doesn't work a message pops up that it didn't work just agree to send the feedback and they r quick to make it compatible. Overall satisfaction is answered in the first sentence.
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7 years ago, Tangerinefight
This app is seriously so good, I've been using it almost daily for the last few weeks with no bugs whatsoever and I don't know what I'd do without it! Beats me why Google doesn't just let us use ChromeCast from their own app, but if you need to, this thing really does the trick. My only issue with it is that if I leave it open for too long and open it again, it refreshes and I lose the link I was using before, so for TV shows that can lose your place in the series. But that's admittedly probably my fault for not using the bookmarks feature, lol. All in all I am so glad I found this app!! Thank you thank you wonderful devs for this!
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8 years ago, travlinsouth
I get the feeling that a lot of the 5 star reviews for this app are fake. But my guess is that the 1 star reviews are by idiots who can't make a toaster work. As often occurs, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. This is a fairly functional app that fills a definite need, and does so with a minimum of hassle. But it's not the best thing since sliced bread, and there are drawbacks. The biggest one is the constant focus on monetization. In the basic version, there is a pop-up after each video plays, and without the various features each available for purchase is pretty bare bones. It gets the job done, but doesn't offer much enjoyment. There is a premium version that offers all the features and kills the ads, but at $6.95, seems a little pricey. I'm all for app makers reaping some benefit for their work, and these guys are no exception. But they're a little ham-handed about it and seem to be more focused on the money than the product. I'm sure there are other alternatives to it, and I'll certainly be looking around. If I don't find any, I'll probably bite the bullet and pay for premium. If you think you might be using it very much, plan on doing the same. - J.R.
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8 years ago, Richierichcars
Worst cast app ever
You have to spend 10-15 mins closing countless pop-ups and ads before this app decides to take you to the correct address. When you do get to where you want to go, everything you try to do on the page you are on, takes you to a pop-up and you have to start all over again in your search, everything you click on takes you to a ad or pop-up this app is complete garbage. Ten minutes later after fighting with ads and pop-ups then you get do something until you have to fight with the app for another ten minute round of ads and pop-ups, this company is garbage they are selling 4 types of ad/pop-up removal in there in app purchases to force people to spend money on something they put into play in the first place. Spend 1.99 on a real cast app that doesn't rip you off like this app, it's complete garbage and so are the devoplers.
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8 years ago, UaaaKataaa
Thank you guys so much!
If you are like the rest of us trying to break free from the limitations of the regular chromecast streaming apps then this is for you. It takes some getting use to but once you figure out how the URL linking works and you get your bookmarks in order, you are golden. This app lets you stream ANY video on the internet straight to your chromecast as long as it has a valid link. I would highly recommend buying the advanced features for $5 or so dollars. Some of you may complain about having to pay anything but these developers have clearly worked hard on making this application work so support them.
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5 years ago, Shadowspawn1
Great casting app
Best casting app. Unlike others you don’t have bunch of pop up adds or have to reset multiple times. I give it 5 stars if it didn’t time out or when closed reset to home screen. Sometimes life happens and you have to close app or pause for extended time. It bit annoying to have to reload video and fast forward to where you left off. I bought the premium version after using for while for the options and to support developer for a great app. Update:app has went downhill. It pause and you have to mess with it to get it to restart. Then if you run app in background it will just stop playing. You have to close it and restart video again. Hopefully next update will correct this or I will have to find another casting app that works properly.
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6 years ago, Tony G 123
Great App but Greedy Owners
The App works great, I get to play any video off their web browser no problem but the catch is that you have to pay for things like subtitles for instance which I believe right from the start should be free due to the fact that they’re are people out there who are hearing impaired. Why should they pay more money than the average person because of their disability? It’s crazy to think in the time we’re in that we have to deal with such greed, like the fact that you have to pay just for the play bar so that you could, oh Idk, maybe rewind and fast forward the video you’re watching? It’s ridiculous. I would give it a one if it wasn’t for the fact that other cast apps out there don’t work as well. But other than that it’s sad 👎
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7 years ago, SBGreyhoud
Cast everything to your chromecast!
This app is everything I’d wanted when I’d first gotten my Chromecast! I was bummed that only certain apps were compatible while using an iPhone. There’s so many other browsers’ videos and phone videos I wanted to see on the big screen! With this app, that’s now possible! I’m so happy I can stream my dramas that aren’t on Netflix onto my TV! For anyone that’s hesitating if this app actually works, believe me, it does. I even went ahead and purchased the premium bundle to have the entire experience available to me. Worth the money! Good job to all of the hard workers on this app! Much appreciated!
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8 years ago, CozyQ1411
Just love this soon as I started using it I was so happy to not be squinting over my ipad, or having neck pain looking down, or having to constantly have my reading glasses on....just look at the TV and everything that I can stream to my TV is there in lovely 55". WOW. Sometimes I have to tap a few more times to get it to stream, but that may be my chubby fingers. So easy to use, and I don't even have to stay on the App, I can surf the web at the same time watching my show. Fantastic. Only change I would make is it is hard to read the white lettering on the blue background.
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7 years ago, Chucknucks
Thank you for the updates!
I've been using this app for a few years. It quickly became my favorite. I bought the full version after trying it out for a week. It was and is the only purchase I've ever made in the App Store. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. Over the years, the built in adblocker stopped blocking ads. Mobile ads also got more intrusive to the point that they would crash the app. In the recent updates, they added a feature that allows you to deny or allow a pop-ups, so this is no longer an issue. I actually use this app to watch videos locally on my phone even when I'm not casting because the adblocker and pop-up blocker on the browser are better than safari. *this app is an alternative/ more convenient option to hooking your computer up to your tv with an HDMI to watch videos. If you've never done that or don't understand why someone would do that, then this App is probably not for you.
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7 years ago, JtDugas
This is the absolute best thing you can get for your Chromecast. My Apple TV recently broke, so I'm using a Chromecast while it gets repaired. This app makes a basically useless Chromecast great! I paid the $7, mainly to express my gratitude to the developers. The app is amazing before you spend the money, but the $7, does give you a few more features, like allowing you to change the homepage, and it removes the ads. If you're considering downloading this app, even a little bit, download it now. Anyone reviewing this app with less than 5 stars has no idea what they are talking about.
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4 years ago, kbanfer
Worked for awhile then fell apart
App worked for 3 months then had me pay to chrome cast. 1 month later all videos are “corrupted”. When I open the app I can get to the website and find the video and a link appears. When I click to cast the link it loads/spins for 3 minutes and tells me the link is corrupt and cannot cast although the video can play on the website itself. This has happened for every video I’ve tried to cast for the last several months which then renders the app useless. The app always ask if I want to report the corrupted link which I do, but I don’t know if that actually sends the link into a queue of remediation when reporting or it’s just a easy button from staples that is there for stress relief.
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5 years ago, sas515
Perfect app!
Seriously so glad this app exists. I am usually too lazy to deal with getting my laptop out to cast things, and this app has allowed me to embrace that laziness. The base version of the app is totally great, but I’ve also bought some add ons (remote play bar, ad blocker) that I think make it even better. I’ve been using the app for well over a year and only a handful of times have come across a link that won’t play or app crashing or some other fluke error. But nothing has been a persistent issue. And it’s nothing that will stop me from rating 5 stars!
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8 years ago, KGB-2013
TV And Video Casting App
I am beyond just being satisfied, this App exceeded every expectation I ever had. Just to be clear, I have never ever paid for an app before, and after trying out this app, I was so happy with the way it works, I actually paid 5 or 6 dollars for premium services. I can cast any video from any website onto my HDTV, using both iPad Air and iPhone 6s. With this app and my chrome cast, I can watch anything I want from the web on my TV without a single wire anywhere in sight. Bottom line is this app is amazing, and I have recommended it to all my friends!
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6 years ago, sklaszky
Works well, bookmarks could be better
This app works well for me. I see no pop-ups whatsoever. Maybe those who see pop-ups have their player configured differently than mine. The biggest shortcoming IMHO is the bookmarks page, which has almost no features. To bookmark a film, you go to the film's playback page in the browser, then hit the bookmark menu button which takes you to the bookmarks page. There, hit the + sign, clear the text box, type in the name of the film whose page you were just at, and hit your Return key or OK button. To rearrange/sort your bookmarks page you hit "Edit" in upper right of bookmarks window and manually drag a bookmark up or down in the list. Also, there is no ability to categorize bookmarks in any way e.g. by genre, "film", "TV show" etc. Nor can the app automatically alphabetize bookmarks; you can only do this manually by drag and drop. Fix the bookmarker and, for me, this might very well be a 5-star app.
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4 years ago, Cody Kochmann
Use to love this app
I use to love this app for streaming movies from static file server. Nowadays, the chromecast app seems to NEED to stay active to continue playing. I use to be able to just pick a video, video starts, I close the app and continue about my day. I've purchased every "add on" they've included in the app and this problem started when they made controls a feature when really it became: constant reliance on the app staying open. The video link isn't changing, theres no fancy encoding for the videos. IDK why I have to choose to leave my iPhone 11 Pro Max unlocked and actively opened on this app in order to watch a movie on the tv. I really miss how straightforward and predictable this app use to be.
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6 years ago, hardrok69
Awesome reliable app
This is my first review ever but after 2 years of using this particular gem I think I should finally put in my two cents and say this app does just what it’s meant to do and even guides you along the way if you need it, minor troubleshooting (of which I had no issues)as well. The upgrade gives you amongst other things, in-app “scrubbing” which is basically the ability to pause, play, ff...etc. well worth the price of admission. I have an iPhone and this app works beautifully with my chromecast. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Realist leveled to app buy in
Works, pleasing workaround for IPhone
As an iOS user with a Chromecast, I was frustrated with the lack of support for using two of my paid-for devices for their paid-for uses. This app was recommended on one forum, I downloaded and was casting from the (in app) browser within minutes, after an hour of trying to make Safari and Chrome work. Well coded, free (I’m ok with ads paying for its developers hard work) and simple. I’m starting with 4 stars because I only just downloaded, will likely upgrade to 5 if I don’t see any problems using it for the next few days.
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9 years ago, PhilTHEGR81
Great Support All Around!
I downloaded this app in the hopes that it would work with NJPW World. It did not. However, I saw that they request any non-working sites be sent to them in the hopes that they can add them to future versions. Sure enough, I worked via email with their staff to get more detail on the issue, and in the latest version, NJPW World works flawlessly! I am no longer resigned to watching the best wrestling in the world on my phone or computer screen. I can't say enough nice things about this app and the people behind it!
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7 years ago, Sber55
Great, but it could use a f.lux feature
The app is terrific. Sometimes it crashes or isn't able to stream on certain websites, but that is rare. It would be nice to have a f.lux-like feature that reduces the blue light exposure in a future update. I sometimes use the app as my primary browser to watch videos since it comes with ad block. Also, making the app more night friendly would also be nice. A bright blue screen is hard on the eyes both on my phone and when I open it on my tv using my Chromecast. There's a reason Netflix uses dark red and black...
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4 years ago, VMYHOPE
Paid and can't even watch
This is the first time I ever write a review. I've used this app for a long time now, and it used to be useful whenever I needed to cast and mirror to my TV. But nowadays none of the videos work. It says the videos are not supported from websites I've used for two years or more, and i have paid for ad blockers, and pausing. It's annoying that I cannot watch videos even after paying. I would rather get a refund if this application will only crash and not let me watch. I've uninstalled and restored and NOTHING. I want to cast videos and it does not let me. Will you tell me the issue? It can't be the website when it's started to crash just recently for no reason. Fix it or give me my money back. It's completely unfair.
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5 years ago, Pooples1000
Superb app
I recommend this app to everyone I know, and they love everything about it. I sincerely appreciate all the work you and your team have devoted to this. Thank you so much for maintaining it, you’re tops in my book! I only wonder if there could ever be a pause to buffer feature. Every now and then I come across feeds that slog. I know that’s not an issue on your end, but could a feature be implemented to halt playback for a time and let the feed catch up? Only curious. Thanks again for all you do!
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6 years ago, Abby_G-77
It actually works
You can just search up anything you want in the search bar they provide. A sweet feature they have is if you are watching a video/movie you can go on a different app and it won’t interrupt the video/movie. Though their are some extra features for watching videos/movies you can purchase (fast forward or rewind through the video) but don’t worry because they are really inexpensive and you DONT HAVE TO buy it, it will work just fine without it.
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4 years ago, Zirkle12
Chromecast review
All in all this app i have is pretty darn good. Then only thing I can say negative about it is the playing of an ad before you can broadcast and screen mirror before the video and can start to play thru my IPHONE 11. But one can also expect this when the free app to stream videos from a web, i. personal media, or downloaded movies, etc. is what requires this. As compared to having an upgraded version of the app and a person can pause rewind. Obviously my only complaint is I would like to have the upgraded app for free That supposedl
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8 years ago, Chris6886
Works great with iPad Pro 9.7 with iOS 9.3.2
tl;dr The video streaming works great, but the browser is missing tabbed browsing and doesn't support some sites that require logging in. Have used this for several months, no crashing and flawless streaming. After extended use, there are two deficiencies with the app that prevent a 5 star rating. First, the browser is bare bones. There is no tabbed browsing. You can only have one page open at any given time. Sometimes, if you're on an ad supported site that would regularly open a new tab, you'll instead be redirected away from the page and have to use the back button to navigate back to the intended content. Second, the browser doesn't support sites that use a native login prompt. That's the login box that's part of the browser that pops up and says "Authentication Required." You can't use these sites at all due to this oversight.
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6 years ago, Okayplayah
Most times the app works
Most of the time this apps works but it’s not uncommon to encounter issues with certain video steams being unsupported or not working. Sometimes issues with videos not playing can be fixed by waiting for the pop up to skip commercials and then choosing to play video, and/or copying and pasting the linking then attempting to play the video when prompted. However even with these common problems I still find this app much better then others I have previously tried in the past. This is still the first app I’ll use when wasting to cast videos to tv
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8 years ago, the__mvp
Good for the most part.
I bought the premium version and it works pretty well for the most part. There are times it disconnects. Most of the time it casts perfectly! Great for live streaming. Rewinding and fast forwarding isn't smooth so I avoid using it. I turned off the notifications but the app continues telling me to turn it on even though I paid for the premium version to avoid annoying things like this. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and hope the developers continue improving the app. It has a lot of potential.
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8 years ago, Jdshotts
So far so great
I thought Chromecast was going to let me stream from my phone or tablet straight into my HDTV but it didn't but luckily I found this app and so far I've been extremely pleased with the it. It's easy to navigate and I've not had any problems streaming anything to my TV. I've streamed everything from hit movies to music and the occasional not so G rated site with no problems, however I am going to purchase the premium bundle so I can fast-forward and rewind with ease and drop a few of the ads.
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9 years ago, Sanebutwild
Awesome must have for Chromecast
Finally, u can stream dirty movies to ur Chromecast. It works on just about all the tube websites so-long as the format isn't windows media. It works best where there is only 1 tube on the page. Haven't been able to work with multi-video pages, but i haven't encountered a video that does work in safari that i can't open with this app. Typically, i find the video in safari, then copy/paste address into this app's browser. Cheers to them Germans- thanks for helping me get my fix :)
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3 years ago, knightcount69
One of the best paid apps…out there..!
I’m going to make this quick and simple. If you are looking to cast anything from any devices this is it for a one time payment and very reasonable you can have ff at anytime so don’t delay you won’t be disappointed. There’s lots of other features if you like as well. So go on to the site but first you need to download the and browse thru the application and choose what you liked. Happy trails.✌️
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4 years ago, j__•__
Big ad blocks the screen
A large “UPGRADE NOW” AD pops up after about 4 minutes of watching anything and takes up 1/3 of the screen prompting you to give them money to remove it. It starts at the top of the screen, then moves to the middle and doesn’t go away. Before I updated the app it didn’t work at all and now that I updated it, big self ads are covering the screen so I can’t see what I’m trying to watch. And even after disconnecting the video it’s still there... disappointment. Was a 5/5 stars before but now a 1/5 And yes purchasing any of their $3-$8 options may remove the banner, but that banner wasn’t there before and should not have been added in the first place... terrible
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2 years ago, Lanicoleman25
I love it but….
I love this app. I have been using it for years. It’s amazing and I feel safe browsing any content on it because it blocks pop ups and ads. But some links work on the app but won’t steam on tv. I reported the problem numerous times for about two weeks and the issue was not solved even though the link works on the other app and streams to the tv just fine….. I am a little disappointed and don’t want to make the switch to the other app because I have already purchased all the paid features on this one.
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9 years ago, stephsalinas8
Love it!!
This app is life!! This makes buying the chromecast worth it! Yeah it has some features that you have to buy, but you don't need them to use it. I haven't bought them and still enjoy this app very much. You can watch almost any video you come across was buggy at first (used to stop the video for no reason and if you hadn't purchased scrollbar you had to start all over) but it seems like it has been fixed. So besides that, Love love love the app!! 😊
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4 years ago, Dibss23
Very Poor experience
Tried the trial version, really liked it...then it was asked to upgrade to pro and it was charged around $8 and then for a month everything seemed perfect. The Vedios were cast fine, no glitch and no stopping. Soon after a month, issues started. So far the below issues I have faced. 1) Vedios are not getting cast at all. 2) if Vedios are getting cast, every 2-3 minutes it’s getting stopped and starting buffering for a 10 sec which is very annoying. 3) sometime the Vedios starts and then it just goes out of the app and stops forever. Initially I thought it could be because of my networks or the source of the vedio. But later I tried to run the same Vedio from my iPad and laptop and I could run it without any glitches. So I believe the app is developed is in such a way that once a customer buys the pro version, the issues kicks out. Developer either should fix this or refund amount as clearly this is ethically incorrect.
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4 years ago, N1njaElit3
My review keeps getting bought off, absolute trash
I keep reviewing about how horrible this app is and how I can’t watch a single thing for more than 8 minutes without it disconnecting and how nobody should ever waste their money on this or support these people in any way, but it keeps getting deleted. This is the third time and hopefully but doubtfully the last time I have to write this. And yes I have already reset everything over 3 times and will not do it again because if it didn’t work before, guess what? It ain’t going to work a fourth time around. This thing needs to be updated and add a queue feature because for the price tag it has, it’s quite worthless at the moment.
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