Two Dots: Brain Puzzle Games

4.5 (92.4K)
531.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playdots, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Two Dots: Brain Puzzle Games

4.45 out of 5
92.4K Ratings
3 years ago, mimic624
Suggestion for developers?
I never write reviews but have become rather obsessed with this game (and spent a fair amount of money doing so). It is so much fun and relaxing while challenging at the same time. One thing I would love to see… If you beat the levels within the required number of moves and still have moves left, allow the player to continue using the remaining moves to keep squaring and improving their score. Or maybe give extra stars for beating the level with less than the required moves. Lots of opportunity to give extra awards! Thank you for considering it! Update… I’m afraid to say at this point it’s getting ridiculous how much money I’ve spent. I know they say you can beat the levels without spending money but I’d still be back on level 10 or something playing the same levels over and over. Lately I have been extremely frustrated because certain levels want you to (for example) drop 20 anchors.. but then you have to make several moves without an anchor ever even appearing on the board! Now you’re down to one or two moves and you still have four anchors to drop so you either have to use your tools that you supposedly don’t have to buy, or spend coins to continue playing. If I spend money to get five more moves I better be able to use them! Please developers make these changes!
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5 months ago, 2dotter79
Update now too difficult
Update: they fixed the glitches a few weeks after I wrote my last review and kept on playing nearly daily. I’m currently on level 5519 and the last 100 levels or so have become too difficult. If I can’t pass one after a couple days and numerous cheats, then it’s just feeling like it’s time to let it go again. They need to figure out when challenging loses its fun and thrill and just becomes frustration. I will pay less money or watch fewer adds if I know the cheats will be useless. If I earn or collect cheats I expect they will work. I just wasted 5 cheats after being too frustrated and the level simply wouldn’t drop enough of the item I was after to even win in the amount of moves. Not dropping an anchor or an egg after three moves is ridiculous. I currently don’t recommend again unless they return their algorithm. Why change what worked. Old review: I give it 5 stars for the fun I have normally playing it but 2 stars currently. I’ve played Two Dots for several years. Just broached level 5000. The last 2 weeks the app keeps shutting down after finishing a level—and seems to always be after a particularly hard one I spent a lot of time on and used cheats on. When I go back in it doesn’t show I passed the level and I have to start again. I’ve seen a few odd adds pop up, which it didn’t used to have, that I think is causing the glitches. If it keeps going I will have to give it up. Too annoying. Trying another update to see if that fixes it.
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1 year ago, Cyclegoddess
Update 11 Feb: New main map levels are unplayable, it tries to show you how to solve geodes using an illegal move and never works, but it COUNTS YOUR ATTEMPTED MOVES! I’ve wasted two booster boxes attempting to play this level. No response on Twitter or HelpShift, does anyone work at Dots anymore? Please fix your game. The Flip, searches, and Treasure Hunt still work, why doesn’t the main map? Took away two stars because the game is not as good as it used to be and staff is unresponsive. Also, please stop doing business with advertisers who have violent or adult content. I can’t believe some of the ads that are allowed. UPDATE: Where did the daily mystery prizes go? The March 1 update has a flaw. Please fix! I find myself playing this more than I thought I would when I first downloaded it. It is quite entertaining, but sometimes the levels feel rigged. Like during Treasure Hunts, I often get stuck on the final level, and cannot solve the puzzle. I know they're trying to get me to spend money to buy extra power-ups, but I rarely spend money on games, and that's not going to change. All in all it's a good game, and it would have had five stars if not for the pressure tactics. UPDATE: I think they revamped some things. I no longer get stuck at the end of the Treasure Hunts, and I really love the addition of the Expeditions. I play this game every day, whereas my other favorite games might only be played every couple of weeks. Beautiful game!
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4 years ago, mckennabear09
Entertaining but sometimes problematic
I found this game to be really entertaining and a good way to exercise the mind. I do have some problems with it though. For most levels one must arrange the dots to form squares, and use those squares to eliminate many dots at once. But there are things that get in the way of forming squares and make completing the level near impossible. I‘ve found that, for many levels, if one makes a single wrong move then making squares isn’t doable for the rest of the level. The game doesn’t seem to supply the dots in a way that gives the player another chance to make a square. Basically, the player is stuck swiping at random dot arrangements for the rest of the level until they inevitably lose. Another thing I really dislike are the win streak „boosts“. If the player wins a single level they will get a win streak. This comes with boost dots that, when eliminated, will eliminate many other dots at once. The thing that bugs me is that the boost actually gets in the way of finishing the tasks. It eliminates random dots in a way that isn’t helpful to making squares, so you’re stuck again just swiping at random dots. I actually sacrifice my lives and restart levels often just so I can get rid of the boost. So yeah. I‘m only writing this super long review because I wish the game designers could change these features to make the game more enjoyable. I already like it a lot, I just wish it were easier to play in these ways.
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3 years ago, Small call skalds downcast
Creative, colorful, fun app! JUST ONE THING
~2021 UPDATE!~ PLEASE READ AND TAKE TO CONSIDERATION THANK YOU! :) PLEASE fix your daily prize part of this app!! I’ve noticed you guys change the doors with gift boxes which is cute and all but IT DOESNT SHOW UP EVERYDAY! And then it would say I missed my streak. This is frustrating because I open this app everyday just to get the daily prize. :/ So please, App developers fix the bug or glitch that is going on with the daily prize not popping up everyday! The daily prize really makes a difference, it helps me pass many levels, also the win streak power ups are really helpful thank you for adding that as well. This game definitely makes you think, which makes it fun and challenging. The different themes and levels are what makes you coming back for more! I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and I’m not tired of it at all. JUST ONE SUGGESTION: can I use my golden keys for some power ups?? Can we make that a option game developers!! I would honestly play this game everyday if I could but with me being on a budget I’m not spending $5 -$100 dollars on 5 erasers and 6 booster boxes. No. I’m sorry. I have soo many golden keys that I would like to use them on things that are worth it. The extra lives to me aren’t worth it. PLEASE READ THIS AND TAKE IT TO CONSIDERATION PLEASE. :) :)
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1 year ago, Oklahoma Music Fan
Great game … but disappointing in the end
This game is wonderfully designed, interesting and addictive. I liked it and played it enough that I reached the end screen. But I needed some kind of parade once I got that far! A congratulations and big-time rewards and more. All I got was “more levels coming soon.” I like it that levels are still being added but I was annoyed to finally get to the top only to have nothing there. Once you have played that long, you are committed, so it shouldn’t take be that big a deal for the creator to celebrate and let go of rewards the first time it happens and for any time after that a player gets to the end. It was enough of a disappointment — and felt like same ol’, same ol’ — that I quit playing Two Dots and haven’t gone back. It made the game feel very repetitive all of a sudden. Occasionally I miss the fun search games — I hope you all are keeping those up. They add a nice variety to climbing levels. UPDATE: I rediscovered this game again and am going to quit it again. Once you get to the end, there is no fanfare and no extra rewards. It irritated me all over again. Even if heavy users keep reaching the end over and over for more and more rewards, does it really matter to game developers and profit at that point to give them some extra fanfare?
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4 months ago, drozgacda
A wonderful and frustrating game
Jan 2024 edit: What was once my favorite game has become all but unplayable. Ads are now constant and intrusive instead of chosen for boosters, and higher levels on the map are impossible to beat without spending money or grinding for weeks for enough power ups. Really sad to see this game go this way. 2022 review: The puzzles are deceptively simple to learn but become more complex and challenging—the design is clean and stylish. There are frequent events and all kinds of exciting levels and boards. All this swiftly made Two Dots one of my favorite games—but, and this is kind of a big deal—the game crashes frequently. If I play for about two hours a day, it will usually crash three or four times in that time. This means you might finally win a challenge you’ve been trying to beat for days, and right before it records your win the game freezes and crashes. When you reopen, you’ve lost the resources you used on that level, but it’s not recorded as won. The first few times this happened I shrugged it off. Then it happened when I finally won a timed level that was about to end, and I wrote to tech support. Their fix was so convoluted I never tried it. I just decided to be less attached to winning, and to never spend actual money on boosts I might lose anyway. So now, having just lost another hard-earned win to the game crashing, I’m coming here to warn y’all and see if the developers can solve this problem in what is otherwise a perfect game.
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1 year ago, Hecate Noctis
Beautiful design and very entertaining
I love this game. The main game is fun but there are all kinds of mini games; my favorite being the scavenger hunt. I’ve noticed some familiar characters in the scavenger hunt that are super cool if you notice it though they aren’t part of the find. Just fun little Easter eggs. I’ve seen fin and Jake from adventure time, the crystal gems from Steven universe, the Martian basketball team from space jam, morticia and Gomez adams, the ladies from “death becomes her” and so many more. The art style is so cute I’m just amazed at how beautiful this game is presented for it being just a cellphone game. It’s also not full of adds constantly and you don’t need to watch video adds to progress but they are optional if you want to get certain perks or hints (those perks and hints are also very easy to win without the need for watching an add which is very much appreciated) they change the game designs seasonally to match the holidays there are also different game modes and you can win collectibles too. You can spend money for coins and stuff but again it’s not necessary to progress in the games since you can just win coins. 10/10 highly recommend. I would only ask that they do even more with the scavenger hunts since that’s my favorite part.
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7 months ago, PSIMDOPE
I don’t even know what I’m playing anymore
I’ve had this game for forever. It USED to be one of my favorites but after I re-downloaded it I’m always questioning why I did. For one, the game looked completely different than it had before (why are there so many game options and pop ups?!) For the longest I really only wanted it to play the scavenger hunts because in all honesty the realization that restarting a level doesn’t actually “restart” it. On candy crush (at least when I did have it years ago) when you restarted it you at least got to start with the same pieces. TD algorithm is set up to get your engagement and your money, not for pure enjoyment. They want you to play…even if that means having to do the same level 30 times. I’ve stopped spending money on the game a while ago, as I really only used it for coins to do the scavengers which at this point are just rewinds. OMGOSH and the amount of pop ups when you open the app, you HAVE to opt in to the challenges to even play and sometimes I may just be opening it for one round, but now they’ve given me an hour of infinite lives which end up going to waste. They should make it so you can either use or save them (to a max ofc) for later use like boosters. If I can find another game that feels and looks like how this game was years ago I’ll be off this for sure. It’s not even fun anymore.
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8 months ago, Lady Poolz
Annoying enough to quit after playing for ages
I’m finally getting rid of it. It’s addicting and fun, but it also is infuriating how unlikely you are to get extra moves from the wheel unless you watch several ads, and then probably not. If you click for extra moves, it’ll land on the left of that. When you try to correct it by clicking before the extra moves one, it’ll then land on the one you clicked. So sick of watching ads or taking forever on a level that is difficult to win without the special items. Really taking advantage of the fun and addicting nature of the game huh. Progressive auto ads were the best thing that happened to the app, and now that I am seeing other ads again, I’m annoyed. I know ads are complained about everywhere, and something here to stay, but they aced it with Progressive and it made me bitter when they went back to ads of matching games where the player thinks a hamburger and a soda are the same thing. Outside of ads, a rec for the dev team: change the colors in the default version. I’ve always been a little disappointed with their color selections. They have a color blind option—which is awesome—but as someone who is not color blind, I have a hard time telling the difference between the colors. Bad contrast ratio.
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4 years ago, Im so smart
Amazing, Beautiful, and Addicting!
I’ve been playing two dots for a year now and it is such a beautiful game that puts your advanced thinking skills to the test- like chess. It’s such a fun and creative spin on the normal dot matching games! Firstly, it makes me sad to read some of these negative reviews. Are there ads? Yes. HOWEVER- I have never once seen an ad without choosing to do so. Where as on games like Words with friends you’re forced to watch the ads because they are always on the screen and play automatically. For me, the 5-30 second ad is worth it for me. If it’s not worth it, you don’t have to watch it. Next, I’ve gotten to level ~640 on my own, with plenty of free power ups and special moves, without buying them. It is very tempting, and they do advertise it a lot, but at the same time I think “buying to win” would take away the fun, strategic atmosphere to the game. Finally, there are a lot more features to the game than just the dot matching levels, (the “flip” games, the “find waldo,” and the special levels) personally I don’t play them too often, but I do see how some people get annoyed with all the new features, it is slightly overwhelming on the main screen. Overall, an addicting and fun game. Download it and see for yourself. I dare you.
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4 years ago, Kumitekat
Used to be better
The game developers have become confused about who their audience is in the last year or so. This is a casual puzzle game for people who like to think through complicated puzzles and take a break maybe from other stressors in life. I find the puzzles relaxing. But recently, there have been so many bells and whistles added to make it flashier, and to encourage people to spend money, I assume, that the relaxing aspect has diminished. Trying to make the game more exciting has taken away from the original selling points. Also, all the windows that pop up up now before I can start the next puzzle have become annoying. I am still able to play the game, but I am not as big a fan as I used to be and my interest wanes when I get too annoyed with all the pop ups. I don’t know if all players would agree, but I would rather pay a small amount to open new worlds, say $0.50, than have all this constant noise about spending money interrupting my game play. I don’t want to pay to solve the puzzle because that defeats the purpose of it being a puzzle. I also don’t much care for giving me automatic boosts at the beginning of a puzzle...I prefer to solve the puzzle on my own. Solving it is where the reward comes from in a puzzle game. I will keep playing until developer greed gets too large and the puzzles are no longer are getting close.
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3 years ago, super is pandas
Addictive but has issues
Been playing a long time and I love the challenges. It’s very addicting and sometimes too addicting. However, there are a few issues that have developed: 1) I leveled out a month ago or so. I have had to wait a week or so to get new levels added, usually just a handful. I’m done with them that day and then have to wait for more. I appreciate the other side challenges like the Flip race and excursion that allow me to at least accrue “prizes” while I wait. 2) some of the aids (like mushrooms) are meant to benefit you but many times I’m almost through a level and the beneficial mushrooms actually skip over the items I needed to complete the level. This is really frustrating to waste your final move. 3) sometimes the squares glitch and don’t clear all the colors- has cost me games before! 4)some levels fail to provide the items you need to complete. I may have 7 moves left and need one chick, and never get another added! I’ve seen people complain about the “win streak boosts”, but I love them. I’m bummed when I lose them. They’ve won me way more games than theyve lost me. That being said, we need to remember that it’s just a game. We aren’t forced to play it. I might actually get more done while waiting for more levels!
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4 years ago, Erinnium
Latest couple updates reducing minimalist charm
I’ve been playing TwoDots for 4 years now and I love the game. It’s minimalist, very relaxing, and I play it almost every night as I’m falling asleep. However, the last couple updates have been pretty terrible. There are more and more popups asking you to purchase coins, making it so that every time you open the app or finish a level you have to close out 3 different windows before actually getting to the game or home screen. The latest annoyance, the “win streak”, offers terrible power-ups that often prevent you from getting squares from the start of a level and thus make it unwinnable. When asked “Are you sure you want to give up? You will lose your win streak!” I often am grateful to lose it because the power ups have cost me so many games. The more popups and attachments and bells and whistles you add to the game the more charm it loses since one of the biggest draws is how minimalist it is. The past year has seen update after update challenge this minimalism, making the game less relaxing and more stressful. Because of this, it has become harder to play before bed and I have been using the app much less than in the past. If you don’t want to lose long-time players I would advise minimizing the in-game popups and ditching the win streaks altogether. I don’t need a “piñata party” every time I play and I definitely don’t need a “win streak” meter.
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2 years ago, ToHellWithChrome
An interesting game…but mostly luck.
An interesting premise, but far too many levels you depend on getting lucky. There are some levels that the dots just USUALLY don’t go your way and you can’t win no matter what moves you make. I’m currently stuck on a level that you can usually tell within the first five moves whether you have even a tiny chance. It seems that a lot of the levels are designed to be impossible to pass without playing dozens of times, waiting to get lucky…presumably in order to make you desperate enough to spend money. One star until that aspect is changed. I have no intention of playing a single level dozens d times just hoping the “random” arrangement of dots makes it possible for me to clear the board properly and win. To begin more specific: I’m at level 185. The arrangement of that board is such that you CANNOT win unless you just get lucky. You can make every move right if you want, and it isn’t enough; unless the game randomly gives you the color dots you need, you automatically lose. You can make every move right and still lose repeatedly. I’ve played the level countless times, and there is no trick, no technique, no strategy to it; the only possible way to get through it is for the game to just randomly drop the dots you need at the right time. I refuse to play a single level a thousand times hoping for luck. This is lazy game design to allow this.
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3 years ago, some random angry kid
Pay to play
This game is fun as a whole, but the best part in my opinion is something called the Two Dots Odyssey. This is essentially a digital I Spy book, and it’s extremely fun. However, you have to pay in game currency to unlock new sections of it. You collect said currency by playing the main levels, and upon completion, the coins are sent to a “mine.” From there, you have to pay real money to unlock the mine. The mine only holds 50 coins, and once it’s full, any new coins that you collect just disappear, and you have to pay $2.99 to unlock the the mine. Once you’ve unlocked it, a new mine is created, ensuring that you have to pay real money each and every time you want any coins at all. Furthermore, the price of new sections of the Odyssey rises with each section, with the first two being free, the third being 7 coins (if I remember correctly,) and the fourth costing 15 coins. At three dollars for 50 coins, that means that the first four sections will cost you $1.31. To add insult to injury, when you click on the mine icon, a message pops up which reads, “Don’t miss out on your hard earned coins!” If you want to play the most fun part of this game, you have to be willing to constantly pay your hard earned money to collect your hard earned coins. There are other problems with this game, but this one bothered me the most, so I chose to focus on it.
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2 years ago, gsf79
Aggressive difficulty manipulation
I discovered this beautiful little game a couple of years ago and loved it right away for the minimalism and problem-solving. Unfortunately, the difficulty manipulation has only become more and more aggressive. I feel like I’m dealt unwinnable hands of dots over and over to frustrate me to make in-app purchases. I definitely often find myself, rather than calmed and having fun, full of explosive rage that leads me to close the game and not go back to it for weeks on end. I wish this game existed in a regular non-app form so you could just purchase it once for a higher price and then play normally. The monetization of these App Store games is overly aggressive and a huge turnoff. Two Dots is a beautiful game, but that just ruins it for me. Additionally, I was really into the scavenger hunts. They used to put out one a quarter and align with major holidays. Now the hunts are ridiculous overkill. Rn there are three at once with less time to complete each: one is the same one from last year, another is a completely irrelevant winter-themed hunt in July, and the third is an absolutely awful pixel art hunt that gave me a migraine headache almost instantly. My suggestion to the developers would be to tone it down and get back to basics. The entire game is unplayable to me now and each time I open the app I’m reminded why I stopped laying months ago.
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2 years ago, Moondogg Matt
Sort of fun, then not fun at all
It follows the typical paywall model - sort of fun and easy for a few rounds to get you hooked on the game, then abruptly becomes impossible *unless* you buy the boosters. I wish this model would go away. It has ruined the App Store because nearly every game follows this exact model. No games are based on skill or experience anymore. Every game is pay-to-win. It’s unfortunate because developers apparently don’t realize that users will pay for a good game if it’s fun. Just make fun games and give users a good experience and you’ll make money. It’s not necessary to use this gimmickry to sucker people into these games that require dozens of microtransactions to even progress. I never give a cent to games like this. I simply uninstall them when I hit the wall because it will never end. Every level will require more money. There’s nothing random about how the dots drop in this game. It is all done in a strategic way to force you into buying boosts. The first few levels are laughably easy, then the game becomes impossible without buying boosts. Zero ramp up 😂 It’s almost comical. Dots drop in a way that there is no move at all. Random drops would generate at least some moves, but the game forces you to spend money to progress. Install it, try it, then uninstall it when you hit the paywall. Don’t spend a cent. It’s time to stop rewarding developers for this trash or it will never end.
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4 years ago, MattMann64
Great game but...
I have been playing two dots since it came out I think 5/6 years ago? Point is I’ve been playing it a long time. I’d take long breaks so I could play it more often because I kept getting to the end of the game and I had to wait for updates. I have no complaints about that I don’t think y’all should work any faster. I am sad about the most recent updates though. I miss the doors in the beginning and I miss being able to look forward but now it’s blocked off so I have to get to those levels to see. I understand that might make it more intriguing and I might just be upset because I’ve liked it that way for so long. For me I just am sad I can’t see new beautiful art and see/guess what new things those levels will hold. I’m also not a huge fan of the whole coin system. There isn’t anyway to get the coins! You just have to buy them with real money. I guess that makes more money for you guys but it’s just annoying. I think there should be an option to buy a bunch but also a way to get coins like you get 5 or something every time you pass a section and get a postcard. Or be able to win them in treasure hunts or something. Overall beautiful and fun game I just wish there was a couple changes.
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9 months ago, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Cute but inconsistent and frustrating
Obviously the visuals of this game are nice, and the base gameplay pretty enjoyable, but the levels vary in difficulty to an almost unplayable degree. Some levels are so easy that anyone can finish with 15+ moves remaining, others are so difficult they can hardly be done without many power ups AND incredible luck. Also, the UX does not feel intuitive at all. There are constant pop ups promoting cash purchases and unnecessary gameplay tips. If there are certain special dots present on a level you must wait for their animation to finish playing before you can move, and that may take some time depending on what mechanics are active. This often leads to wrong moves or just feeling annoyed. Worst of all, if you use your 3 bonus moves that are part of win streak rewards, the barely noticeable starburst animation around your move count plays for FOREVER before you’re allowed to touch a dot. Both because it is not noticeable and because it is too long, it’s easy to let a finger slip while trying to make your next move and waste that move. It’s like this feature is built in to test your patience. I’ve downloaded the app twice over the years and both times i have deleted it because it feels like just another scam in disguise built to infuriate you into making in-app purchases.
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3 years ago, A.M. DeRosa
Great Game…Fun & Challenging, but…
Game is a lot of fun! Always different games at every level & the hidden objects games are such a great addition! The problems I’m having is that I was playing against some friends via Facebook. We had been playing this game for a few months. Then all of a sudden we were disconnected. I tried to connect to Facebook again & was unable to. A message came up saying the app was not able to connect to Facebook because it’s still in development, or something along those lines. Another issue I have is that the daily prizes are very inconsistent. I’m a daily player & each consecutive day you play you get rewarded. It was like that for awhile anyway. Now, when you log on it says you’ve missed days, even though you haven’t, and the rewards are nonexistent. It doesn’t affect the game at all, but it’s pretty annoying considering you put all of this time into the game & then everything you’ve accumulated is gone. The developers of the game could apparently care less because there isn’t one response to any of the complaints in these reviews. The people who support their game & pay for the extras are just being ignored, just like I will be, I’m sure. There are many, better games that I would rather spend my money on games developed by people who care about the players. Deleted!
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3 years ago, Pinktink1394
Annoying Money Grab
It’s actually a super fun little game. There were a few things that annoyed me initially, but mainly just because I’m not a patient person. Every level or two I’d beat, they’d introduce a new feature that I didn’t see a way of avoiding to continue what my mind was already focused on instead of switching gears to whatever new shenanigans and being made to play it. Now that I’m further in the game, that doesn’t happen as often, and even if it did that alone wouldn’t be the cause of my 1 star review. Probably would have given it 4, or even 5, stars. It’s not that big a deal HOWEVER, what does annoy me is that there are these little maps where you have to find a set number of certain defined objects. They’re pretty fun and a good mindless exercise to do. But I can’t play them, because I refuse to spend money on this game, and the only way to play them is to spend money. That’s extremely harsh. I get having in-game currency and having the ability to buy it. However there should be a way to earn it, at a slower and perhaps more annoying or effort full way than just buying it of course. But not having a way to earn it by playing the game, having the only way to increase your coins be through purchasing them, and then requiring coins to even play pieces of the game … is ridiculous and I wish I could give negative stars for it. Do better.
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6 months ago, emaniii90
Race Glitches
Hello. My Gamer Tag on this game is Fluffy Moon. I have been on and off Two Dots because of a consistent glitch in the game. It happens during the race days. Every other level I complete, I see a loading symbol where the race standings are and I have t wait for that symbol to disappear and for the purple or green symbol to reappear so that I can check the standings. When that glitch happens, I miss out on all the stats I earned for that particular level I completed. So, I’m losing out on basically a few hundred to a few thousand stars per race. Is there anyway to fix that hitch? I originally thought it was my service because I do reside in areas where the service sometimes was weak but I am with Verizon now and their service is top notch. Always have full bars and yet I still see this glitch? I hope the developers fix this so that me? And possibly anyone else experiencing this problem, doesn’t have to keep experiencing these problems that take away from the enjoyment of the game. Thank you for taking time to read this review. Have a wonderful evening!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Fui trchioiytgi
Crashing my IPhone
- This game keeps causing my phone to overheat and crash. It seems to be an app issue because I have plenty of storage space. This app drains the battery and I feel like any time I want to play it I have to make sure my phone is plugged in. I have no other app that causes this. The game itself lags. It especially crashes when clicking on the videos for free boosts. It’s just a plain black screen that I need to close out and then reopen the app— almost every time I click the “watch video for boost” option. Thus—the boost is not applied and I have to go back into the game and level. The boosts themselves are problematic and most free boosts actually don’t help you—other reviewers have commented on this problem. Also—what is the point of rewarding coins if those coins have to then be bought? Yes—keys can be used to buy some of the power ups but not all of them. It’s disappointing that as I have continued to play this game (please stop asking if I want to link it to Facebook) it’s become more apparent that the app is only interested in adds and getting you to buy more coins. While recognizing that the app has at least acknowledged quarantine and allowing unlimited hearts it still seems to be like most apps—all about profit.
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6 years ago, ChilledChick
I discovered Two Dots quite a while ago, and I have come to love this game. Unlike other games of the same genre, it’s not pure luck. As you play the game and advance levels, you learn how to strategize. One of my favorite parts about Two Dots’ setup is that boosters and cheats are easily obtained for free. If you need a little help on one of the harder levels, you can use a cheat without worrying about consuming your one-time allowance. The design is clean, sleek, and easy to navigate. I love that they don’t automatically give in-depth tutorials on new dots and what they do. It’s interesting to play around with it and discover the mechanics for yourself. For those of you left confused and needing more of an explanation, there’s a tutorials tab that gives you more of an idea what you’re dealing with. The game has different sections, which is an attractive concept considering I didn’t really like the monster dot section. The sections after that have been much more enjoyable to play, and I haven’t encountered a demonic dot since. 😈 The game developers provide updates with new content every week, which both squashes annoying bugs and gives players new material. Tom sum it up, I’m addicted.
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3 years ago, Dogsnbugs
Frustrating unless you want to spend $$$$
I’ve honestly gotten to the point that I hate this game because I love so much about it but it’s just become so frustrating. I loved the little side challenges at first but quickly realized that they’re essentially unwinable without spending money on special moves or extra lives. I have yet to ever successfully complete any of the side games because inevitably you hit a level that you just end up playing over and over because it’s literally unwinable without extras. The main game is not as bad but I’m just not going to spend $20 a week or whatever to pass levels on some stupid phone game. I have no problem purchasing gold or specials occasionally but when I feel like the game is set up specifically so that you can’t win it without using a lot of special moves, then I just feel like I’m being scammed. And playing the same level over and over and over and over and over is just not fun -it’s not like it’s a challenge to get better at it, you just aren’t given anything you can win with no matter how good you are. Anyway, I mostly keep it in my phone at this point because I love the hidden item puzzles. I wish they’d make a whole game of just that. But any time I try to play the rest I quickly become annoyed and frustrated.
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5 years ago, hanniemichaust
So fun!
I’ve been playing this game for a few years because it is so addicting and fun! Each update and addition has only improved the game and made it more enjoyable. I love that you can choose when to watch an ad, and that for the main game play you don’t have to purchase anything to continue. I only have two critiques. The first is that the levels have gotten significantly harder somewhere around level 1500, where even introductory levels to new dots are difficult to win in the first couple tries, as well as the levels that aren’t labeled as hard or ultra hard. They should be much simpler and easier to win. Being stuck on a level for a month or more is discouraging and sometimes makes me take a break from the game for a while. The other critique I have is that I would love to see the hidden objects mini game turn into its own game. I like it SO MUCH better than any other hidden objects games I’ve found on the App Store, but when it shows up in Two Dots I beat the levels quickly and have to pay to play past level 2. I’d love to see this as it’s own game. Aside from those two things this game is the best in the market!
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3 years ago, Jenny1193
It’s too easy to lose the coins you pay for
The basic gameplay is really good. Some of the mechanics are annoying, but that’s a matter of preference. The big issue is that there are so many other things going on, and so many distractions that you are forced to deal with...Pop ups that you have to tap through in order to get back to the game. Even if you don’t want to play these other parts of the game, or if you know what the deal is with them, you have to tap through the info about them every time they pop up. Also, you have to tap TWICE to quit a game I order to start a new one (it asks “Are you sure????”) but one quick accidental tap and the game happily and quickly takes coins that you paid actual cash for, that you may have been holding onto for something else, and now you have wasted by mistake. I know the developers need cash flow to keep releasing new levels. I’d rather have to pay a bit on a subscription than put up with this crap. (And y’all out there thinking that you’re entitled to all this work for free are part of why we have to put up with this manipulative gamey nonsense) But seriously TwoDots, I’ve given up paid coins 4 times unwillingly because there is no confirmation on that tap...the game has gotten so tedious.
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3 years ago, PlasticStealth
Good Game with annoying setbacks.
I’ve never reviewed an app before, but I’m choosing to now because I enjoy the game but there are serious issues. At the core of the app, you have a really fun game that takes strategy and is admittedly really satisfying. You don’t have to pay for ANYTHING- unless you want to. You don’t have to watch ads- unless you want to. Which is great. But the game is LITTERED with random side-games, distractions and annoyances between games that’ve just as bad, if not worse than ads. I can promise you, if I wanted to play a tedious version of where’s Waldo, I would have downloaded where’s Waldo. It’s extremely annoying to tap through these pop ups. It’s like bloatware designed by the developer and implemented into their own app. Additionally, you’re forced to use power ups at the beginning of matches if you’re good at the game. This seems to help you at first, but actually swaps out the strategy out of the game in favor of randomization that - I promise - will make you lose more than once. I’d rather never use power ups because they’re actually just a ploy by the devs to make you lose the game and buy MORE power ups or skips because you think you’re bad at the game. All of that being said, I’m probably gonna Lee playing the game despite the annoying setbacks, because overall, the core game is fun.
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1 year ago, s.e.a.55
You have to wonder…
This is one of my favorite go-to games on my phone and has been for a long time. It’s really fun, we’ll designed, and can be really enjoyable. So what’s the problem you ask? It creates too many situations in gameplay where you are forced to choose to either end the level you’re on without winning it, or, buy more turns and keep trying. Ok, you say, that’s the players choice and they can do whatever they’re comfortable with. However, when the game consistently forces this scenario to happen by not providing you with the very objects that you need to complete the level, i.e. a certain number of birds, ladybugs, clouds, lanterns, etc. and you have multiple turns left to finish it if they were only there, but you just end up spending them on eliminating dots, waiting for them to fall, but they don’t. You have to wonder… money grab. It’s too bad because I love the game, but I’m frustrated by the amount of times this happens and have had enough. Either create a one time charge for the game or throw in adds like all of the other ones, but stop taking advantage of people.
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3 years ago, Marmarski
Mandatory pay to play = horrible user experience
This is a great game as far as the design and game play are concerned, for the most part. However, I’m not a fan of how it’s not actually possible to beat some levels without using power-ups, often multiple different power-ups, in fact. Even more disappointing is the “gold” (read: greedy) system…some special event levels require you to unlock them using gold coins. There are also tons of other features that require coins to activate. That would be fine if you could earn these coins in the game by doing certain tasks, winning them as prizes, etc. However, that is not the case - you have to use real money to purchase them. This makes for a really horrible user experience in what overall would have been a great game. Forcing people to give you real money constantly to continue to play the game makes things extremely unenjoyable. You should make it so that it’s possible to earn gold within the actual game instead of paying real money, and quite a bit of it at that, to purchase gold in the game’s “store”. Unfortunately this resulted in me deleting this game - it just wasn’t fun anymore when I wasn’t getting anywhere because I refused to shell out a bunch of cash. Very sad the developers made the decision to implement such a greedy business model.
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1 year ago, Rcsoxfan
Message to the developers
Until the developers realize not everyone is going to drain their wallet into games they need to learn a few things. First, making a game too difficult to advance through does one of a couple of things. 1. Leads to the game being deleted and never downloaded again. It turns the game into a moneygrab especially when only spending money will allow you the one last move you need to advance. 2. It can lead to many bad reviews and thus lead to fewer downloads. 3. It can lead to fewer downloads for other games you develop when people realize they won’t advance through the game without spending money. Watching ads is a trade off, but being stuck on a level for three or four days is a turnoff and leads to being deleted. This bad reviews. Making a game where the easiest way to advance is by dropping money is not a fun or entertaining game. My message is simple. You are turning people off to this game because you want to make money and make it more difficult. Just charge for the game a coup,e f bucks and back off on the difficulty. Just a word to the wise. I’m just about ready to delete this thing and find a better game. You are making it too difficult and it’s not a life or death crisis. It’s a video game for crying out loud. I hope you take this to heart and learn from it.
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2 years ago, Gina1762
Flip two weeks playing time
I really don’t like now that the Flip games only giving us two weeks to complete 4 levels of game boards. It was about 30 days and 5 levels of games. The individual games are also being repeated more frequently. Please go back to a month before ending. Now after two weeks of the current Flip and barely completing half the games a new Flip isn’t available, nothing to play right now. I like to get the games needed to go up a level and after getting to the end going back and playing more games on the lower levels. Trying to complete the whole level. When you made the switch for Flip to be available for only two weeks you said the next set of games would happen immediately. There isn’t a new Flip available right now. Please give us 30 days again. Also thanks for giving us “one hour of infinite lives” for free but why can’t it be used for all areas of the game? I’ve never bought one because I am not sure where I can use it. Also you don’t explain if it must be used immediately or can you store it like you can with booster boxes etc? I want the infinite lives to be used with all of the games, like Flip and not just the main game and having the ability to bank it. Flip is what I keep coming back to Two Dots for. I’ve been playing over 3 years now.
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6 years ago, Frustrating 2456
This new update has messed up everything
I used to LOVE this game and spend hours upon hours every tuesday over-completing expeditions to get lucky chests and basecamps. Now, however, the basecamp system has gone haywire. Instead of the expected rewards from each camp. Certain camps will give 6 tickets??? 6 tickets won't even fit on the ledger for extra tickets in an expedition so 3 of those are completely gone to waste. Also, basecamps give out keys now?? I am sorry but keys are completely useless, especially since they give only booster boxes and no other power up. And NOW the booster boxes they give aren't even permanent. Im sorry but if daily doors (which are also overrun with keys) and lucky chests (which only appear by chance during a weekly 48hr window) are the only ways to get useful powerups now, then I'm done with this game. It was scarce enough already as a free to play player, now its just ridiculous. And another complaint. Why are previous powerups not saved when you uninstall the app, but your progress is saved? I think the items I work hard for should be stored when my phone crashes or gets lost. I had 15 of each powerup that i had saved over months, and when my phone was stolen it was all gone. I love this game but these changes are so disheartening so I will be uninstalling until a patch is made.
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7 months ago, Ditseydoo
Disappointed & developers NEVER comment on bad reviews..never change anything people complain about!
So today, I received a response from the developer, and I am thankful. At least they recognized my concerns, and others as well. I just wish the games they advertise for two dots would be the ones we can play. Thanx again, developers for answering me. It is refreshing. Just ✔️’d again today……still same thing, advertising a fun dot game and reality is a very boring square dot game. Fix the game to be able to play the fun you show in your advertisement…otherwise forget it! Don’t the developers read the reviews, so many say the same thing and still no answers…. So, this is the second time I thought I would give this a try. I love the advertisement for it, connecting the dots in a circle and in the sand, but, just as last time, (I thought maybe it changed) it is the same old 2 dots 4 dots etc all in square type form… boring. And, the first time, I was way up in my levels, constantly hoping the next level would be what the advertisement showed, but, all in vain. Don’t advertise what you don’t deliver!! Sad, it could be so fun!!! STILL IGNORING EVERYONE’S COMMENTS REGARDING FALSE ADVERTISING OF THE GAME, WHICH COULD BE LOTS OF FUN AND ATTRACT MANY MORE PLAYERS, IF WHAT YOU SHOW IN ADVERTISEMENT WAS TRUE!!!!
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3 years ago, Mindles98
Great game with minor issues
I’ve been playing this game for ages now and I love it. It’s my go to game when I need something short to pass the time. I’ve completed over 1000 levels and I’ve had a blast doing it. Recently I have discovered what seems to be a bit of a bug for me. I’m not sure when it was introduced but a recent version added these helpful blurbs that pop up on a level where you are unfamiliar with a new mechanic and will teach you how it works. This is a great feature but mine is malfunctioning. I seem to frequently get these popping up for mechanics I’ve had only many levels before and they consistently pop up time and time again on the same level if I don’t beat it. Beating levels doesn’t seem to affect the likelihood for them to pop up. You’d think that I’m far enough into the levels that there aren’t many mechanics I haven’t seen so this is a rather strange occurrence and I hope it gets fixed soon. Even with this minor inconvenience I love this game. Totally worth a try!
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6 years ago, Ratskul
Most Important Tip: Keep Trying
When I first started playing this game, around when it first came out, some of the levels seemed impassible, and eventually I got frustrated and deleted it. I started playing again a few months ago and it seems different in a better way. I feel like the levels are more randomized and aren’t exactly the same each time you play the same one. On some of them it might take dozens of attempts, but I feel like if I play a level long enough, eventually I’ll get a random free booster or something will happen that will finally let me beat it. I’ve learned to just keep trying, even on the ultra hard levels, and eventually I’ll pass it. My girlfriend is in the high 800s of this game now (I’m only on 178) so I know I just gotta keep trying! One suggestion for the makers though - I think it would be cool if you could buy the “infinite lives” perk and be able to activate it at a later time so you could wait for that perfect moment when you actually have a bunch of time to kill like on a long flight or something.
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3 years ago, Smit54
Good but frustrating issues
Lately every time it offers the opportunity to watch a video for a free booster box, the screen freezes. Yesterday's upgrade didn't help. It usually takes 5-10 minutes of repeatedly going back to the app to see if it has cleared yet. I also agree with the person who wrote about the irritation on the constant in-app purchase requests. I'd gladly pay a one-time upgrade and to need to do some things to earn extras, but I am never willing to make in-app purchases. Updating this 2 weeks later. Still having lots of problems with the videos to get free lives or booster boxes. Try to load for a long time, then screen goes black and rebooting iPad is only way to get back to being able to use game. Please make sure the videos are a reasonable size and will play. Updating many months later. I love this game, but I am so sick of having to “reboot” my iPad because of videos that won’t play. Please fix the ads. Problem is so frequent that I find myself playing less and less. Why is this so hard to get right?
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2 years ago, flora_fauna
amazing, free version is totally worth it!
this game is super fun and i play it almost every day. it's super aesthetically pleasing, minimalist, and also fun. one of my favorite things about this app is that you don't have to pay, or watch ads to do 90% of the activities. in order to get a free "booster box", you can watch an ad on some levels, or you can buy them with keys(you don't have to pay for keys either, they are included in some gift boxes/rewards) i don't pay for anything, and i still enjoy playing the game. i don't think it's overcrowded with ads, although there are a few pop-up offers/special deals from time to time. i think it's worth it to have this game even if you don't pay. it's still possible to have a good time playing and not pay a cent. i have two minimal complaints, however. the first one is that there is no way to acquire power ups like shufflers or erasers without paying for coins. coins themselves also do not come in the daily reward gifts, stamp card rewards, or for finishing flip cards or treasure hunts. it is annoying at times. the second one is that the flip levels are extremely hard, even the ones that aren't labeled hard or extra hard. i usually end up wasting booster boxes or power ups on them. :( i know there's not much that can be done about that, and maybe it'll get easier with time. overall though, i think this app is definitely worth downloading, and i love that i can still have a good time playing it without paying.
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2 years ago, Jaym43
Can’t play without spending a fortune
I love love love this game. Having said that. I am having to give it up. You cannot play this game for any length of time without spending regular amounts of money. You can win all sorts of things playing games but very few of them are useful. You get keys for instance but can’t really used them for anything other than new lives and booster Boxes. You get coins for playing too but you actually have to pay to get access to the coins you win. Can’t use the key for ANY of the other power ups. All of the other power ups you end up having to pay for. Would be nice if you were rewarded for play rather than just addicted so you will spend more money. Great game though. Wish I didn’t have to give it up. Btw - you can spend hours looking through stupid pictures trying to find items (think Highlights magazine) but the rewards are not worth it. The “extra” adventures you can play are even worse. Can’t even play them at all without a big wad of cash to buy power ups. Devs need to stop being so greedy with this game. It’s a really awesome game but I am not a bank!!!
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2 years ago, mbklyn
Sexist ads
Well my previous review disappeared when I went to look at my review. The ads are disgusting and while the developer responded that they were going to look into it, I just encountered another horrible ad tonight, this time with the short shorts isolated out and an arrow indicating where the shooting happens right between the legs. HORRENDOUS. The ad shows a woman with her legs up in short shorts. This game apparently doesn’t care about the audience and the way they offend with the ads they are accepting. By the way, I thought these offensive ads were being shown only late evenings (no excuse however, as *I* don’t want to see them, much less my young daughter!), but nope. Saw them several times this morning at 9:30 am. One was a woman bent over in stockings and a bra. Another image encouraging you to play showed a schoolteacher and when you send in the balls to break the brick, it removes her clothes so she’s standing in underwear. The game ads are literally an ad for undressing females. What garbage is TWO DOTS encouraging??? It’s a wholesome game, so why is Two Dots debasing themselves with these ads??? They said they were looking into it immediately. That was weeks ago. Apparently they don’t truly care.
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4 months ago, Lucy.A
I love this game! It’s so calming for someone like me, who struggles with anxiety. I am especially fond of the scavenger hunts. Something about the soothing sounds and art really calms me down. My only complaint is that you can’t access any of the old ones, unless there’s a rewind event going on 😩. It usually takes me 1 day to finish a scavenger hunt (in multiple sittings here and there throughout the day) and then I sometimes have to wait weeks for a new one! Please make the rewinds more readily available, especially since we actually have to pay for the coins to complete them!! And now I’m also noticing that the rewinds are starting to repeat and they are paid every time, and they are identical to the way they were during previous plays, so basically I am paying more than once for the same exact puzzle. I get paying for the first play through, but every playthrough just seems lazy and like they are just trying to get money out of people. And it’s not cheap either, to complete 1 scavenger hunt you need 57 coins? That’s ridiculous!
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6 years ago, Creophoto
This app is the ultimate lesson in economics. What was once a beautiful, calming, and well designed piece of art is now nothing more than a thinly vailed money grab. I have been here since the beginning. Before Two Dots there was just Dots, and I can remember how stoked I was to get a 700+ score in the timed mode of that game. That was, sheesh, probably 5 years ago. That they’ve kept me on the hook for so long with a 2D phone game is nothing short of brilliant. When they put TwoDots out, I was floored. I was continually amazed by the frequent, creative expansions on the same basic principle. Slowly but surely however, I began to notice a trend. Victory could only be had after a certain number of ads were seen. I would be kept one move away from victory until I was on my very last life. If I did use a booster, and was on track to win, I would suddenly be given an impossible field to play (must sink 10 anchors, but even after 5 moves no new anchors appear). If I hadn’t used a booster box or seen an ad in some time, I could not win. Those are just a few examples. Somewhere along the way the investors and finance department took control of this team. And it became less about making a fun game anymore about creating insidious ways to coerce micro transactions. You have been warned.
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3 years ago, Astro450
Just another “free” pay to win game
The game is beautifully designed, the concept is fun and the music is soothing. It has the same issue as so many other puzzle games: even though it’s free, you have to pay to really progress. If you enjoy doing the scavenger hunts, you have to use coins to do so. This would be fine except after the first scavenger hunt and the third level of the second one, there is literally no way to earn coins. You have to purchase them with real money. While the puzzles themselves are mostly fun, they get increasingly difficult as the game goes on, to the point that you have to pay money to get the boosters or coins you need to win. This turns the game from somewhat relaxing and fun to just another stressor/frustration in your day. I stopped playing when it got to this point (very quickly) as I have fallen for this trap before. I was really hoping this game would be different, but it’s just another pseudo free game that would rather frustrate its users into spending hundreds of dollars than just make the game cost money for everyone from the start with better gameplay.
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4 years ago, Doormatress
Perfect game.. almost
I’ve been playing this game for a couple days now—and to say the least, two dots is a great strategy app, where there are so many different items and strategic placements that can help you throughout the levels, and in order to pass levels with high result requires a good amount of thought. My one issue with this game though, is the gold mine. The gold mine, which you “worked hard for” to earn, adds up to the chest until the entire thing is full for you to claim it. Hard work, right? Well that is pretty much useless once you hear what I have to say. After it fully adds up, you don’t get to just claim the coins for free and move on with your day, but rather have to PAY for the coins you’ve been working extra hard for, which mine was $2.99 for 50 coins (which is so absurd as the 18 coins purchase is almost the SAME PRICE). I would really like to see what they improve on with this, as it seems like they’re just doing it to milk money from all the people playing. I want results as this game is very enjoyable to sit down at home and use.
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5 months ago, Domino255
Fun, But VERY Glitchy
(Winter 2022) I’ve been playing this game for about three months. It’s fun. I like the concept, but to say it is “glitchy” is an understatement: * sometimes ads don’t play. * sometimes ads don’t give rewards. * sometimes ads freeze the app. * sometimes the only way to “unfreeze” the app is to reboot the iPad. * the total dots added to the dots race does not match the dot count in the lower right corner (less than the dot count BEFORE completing the puzzle). * sometimes puzzles completed are not added to either the dots race or the squares race. * the restore option does not work (failed four times). I lost 900 levels of play and had to start over. These problems were reported to the programmers. (Winter 2023) I came back after nearly a year off. Of course, the issues involving the ads were fixed, but the most frustrating issues, involving scores not added to the races, was not. Last winter I sent Two Dots screen shots with time stamps showing scores were not added. Today, they STILL have not fixed the problem. This isn’t hard! TEST THE PROGRAMMING! Finish a level and look at the score for the races. At some point you will see the scores for a completed level isn’t added.
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1 year ago, Punkinsmasher
New update?
I’ve been playing this game for YEARS! I’m on level 3808. It’s always been my go to for down time and whatnot. I opened the app today and noticed there’s an update and the daily goals are gone! I’ve made a point to try and play everyday at least a little bit and the daily streak is gone! It’s a bummer for me honestly. I do really like this game and when I had an issue a few years back, I got a reply almost right away and they helped me figure it out. I’ll still leave 5 stars for that aspect but what happened to the daily goals?! Also, please do more scavenger hunts! They are really fun and the art is great. Just keep politics and virtue signaling out of it. **EDIT: the daily rewards is there but it’s just not on the Home Screen anymore up in the top left. You have to start playing along the trail and you can click on the bottom banner too see the daily check in and the fill up card thing before you start playing the level. I’m glad it’s not gone!
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3 years ago, ThePhotoGal
Love Two Dots!!!
But, I dislike it when I have earned and hour to play and there are no more levels to play. I lose hours and extras that I have paid for, but no levels to play. Obviously, I love to play Two Dots! So, either refund me my time or money if you guys can’t keep up with your players and keep the levels going. Would like a refund on lost time and other extras I’ve paid for and can’t use. Please and thank you! A lot of times I will use Two Dots to entertain myself while I am waiting for an appointment or standing in line and it never fails, I will when an hour of free play and I get called up for my appointment or reach my place in line. It would be awesome if you could have the capability of pausing your time so you can pick up where you left off. Please consider this option! Thank you for hours of enjoyment, but please keep up the pace! And, refund my hours and extras with a time limit that can’t be used because you can’t seem to keep up with me!!!
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6 years ago, Derp8104
Fun game, shameless pay-to-win
Title pretty much says it. Two dots is a great game with a very simple premise complicated by different types of challenges. I'm all for game developers getting theirs, but some levels are downright impossible unless you're incredibly lucky or buy (essentially game breaking) power ups. I mean...some levels will present you with a unique challenge--say "circuit boards"--, then they'll offer to sell you a "circuit breaker" that pretty much wins the level for you. Like I said, shameless pay to win. Also, I’d like to point out that some of their level design is so blatantly geared towards making you use (i.e purchase) power ups. Just painfully obvious. It’s like they design a level, ask themselves “what’s a well balanced number of moves?”, and then subtract 5 from that number. It’s their game, I’m just playing it, they can do whatever they want. But one would hope they’d be a little more sophisticated about it. By the way, I haven’t paid a dime to play this game or use any boosters, but I’d haves paid a one time $4.99 or so to buy a well balanced version. That would not make for a very good revenue stream or business model, would it? Can’t catch any whales that way.
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4 months ago, Tigerlily77777
Has become awful!
I’ve been playing this game for about 8 years now. It used to be amazing and I was always so exciting to play. As soon as the new owners took over the game, it has been continually getting worse and worse. The levels have become impossible to pass without using a ton of boosters and getting boosters without spending money is hard to come by now. Hate timed prizes. Everything has gone up in price. The graphics are lazy and uninteresting. The music used to be amazing and would really help you feel relax and get you into the game. Now the music is weird and annoying and just cheap overall, I can’t stand listening to it now. The sounds of the scavenger hunt have changed and I don’t like that either. They keep playing the same few handful of scavenger hunts over and over again. I’m not spending money on something I’ve already done multiple times. They won’t release the older ones. The new ones have been weird and I won’t even finish them. We only like Dave Hill. They also don’t release the themes appropriate to the season/holiday. I will no longer be spending any money on this app and might delete soon if things don’t go back to the way they were.
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