Tycoon Casino™ - Vegas Slots

4.8 (52.2K)
197.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Triwin Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tycoon Casino™ - Vegas Slots

4.82 out of 5
52.2K Ratings
2 years ago, ban afflek12
Good job! If yоu want to рlay at the bеst online casino with moneу withdrawаl, then go to YouTubе аnd write this wоrd in the search: YDK765. There will be a video with the best casino, the link to the casino will be under the video.. Tycoon is still the number one online casino! If you're not playing.. you're missing out!! I have been playing Tycoon games for more than 2 years now and its only gotten better! The choice of games..the graphics and their support team all make Tycoon the very best! I love Tycoon! I have no complaints.. Download and give it a try! It's my all time favorite. Enjoy! Still the very best of the best! Very powerful and exciting!! I love this game so much!!!! No pressure at all! Alot of casino games pressure you too buy something every 5 seconds it semestre like. Tycoon casino doesn't put pressure on you or the game itself. You're able to enjoy playing and just relax and enjoy the fun! Lots of fun great graphics a great pass time.. Just to hard to win with any consistency but defiently lose with a lot of consistency great slots great graphics . love playing but not enough consistent winning to continue when into play long enough to have fun my only problem with this app
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1 year ago, 1923so
Tycoon casino
I love this game because you never know what the wheel will stop on! Suz My fave is 88 Grand! Gets better all the time, and I really like the suspense of spinning the wheel! Still my favorite casino! My favorite is still 88 grand. It is so much fun, but I am ready to play some of the other choices now. I always go back to my fave. Still going back to 88 Grand!!love it!!I’m still into 88 Grand, but sometimes branch out to others and the payout on all of them is good! This is absolutely the BEST casino game available! I keep on playing this same game and I keep on winning!⭐️😅🤪. I love spinning the bonus wheel, except I have never landed on the “jackpot “ space, so I am wondering what that is, and what it is you have to do to land there!! I am still loving this game—such fun! 👍👍👍👍👍 I really want to land on the JACKPOT please!! Or anything above 15 mil. Still waiting for that jackpot!!!🙏🏻love all the casino games! It is still groovin’! It is fun, but wish machines would pay more. Still loving this casino game best of all other casino games offered!!! I have tried several of the new casino games but always go back to my fave 😇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I am still waiting for that Jackpot on the spinner!
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4 years ago, Couchdweller4.0
It’s fun, but it is what I is... a slots app.
I’ve played a lot of these games in the past few months. They’re all about the same. They’ll get hot and start paying out, then nothing for hours. I’ve figured out the pattern. All of these things say that it’s random, but I’ve noticed almost everyone of them give me a big win on my last or second to last spin... I’m sure they just figure if it seems like it’s going to start paying out again, maybe you’ll stick around and buy some coins.. then lose them all! lol.. I sign on once a day, and work the free coins until they’re gone. You really shouldn’t buy coins, you’re watching ads that are generating a lot of money for the developers. If you just use the free stuff and get out when you realize that it’s gone cold, you can’t lose.. it’s free entertainment. All of this being said, I give it 5 stars because it doesn’t crash on me, and it does what it’s supposed to do.
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1 year ago, Baade01
Sole my coins-Update
We are now up to 59 emails I have sent to them about this… I have been playing Tycoon Casino for about a year now. Almost a month ago. The game froze up. When I closed it and tried to reopen, the game would not allow me to reopen. I had to delete the game and reinstall. When I did this, it assigned me a new user ID putting me back to level one with very few beginner coins. When this happened, I had nearly 10 trillion coins and I cannot tell you what level I was on… But after playing a year, it was pretty high. Upon contacting customer support with this issue, they asked for my old user ID. After some research, I was able to provide them with my old user ID. After nearly a month of emails back-and-forth, and customer support asking for my old user ID six different times… After me sending it to them each and every time, my problem has yet to be resolved. They have, however updated my old user ID when I login. I am still at level seven with almost no coins. They keep promising to fix this and have asked me to Wait patiently. Now they are not responding at all. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this game and now I’m going to lose it all because they refused to re-issue my coins and levels.
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4 years ago, Darrin Bosley
This is fun to play. If you have a extra hundred dollar bill (US). That you really dislike, and want it out of your life once and for all. This is the app for you. I would like to ad. You may need to enjoy being ask several times if you would like to use a five dollar bill, or it may even be a twenty dollar bill to in able you to have even more fun than you are already having. Every time you leave one of the in app games. (Slot games). I really hope these are the things you enjoy most from an app, because if you do. This is going to be your most beloved app out of all the apps you have ever downloaded. I hope this review helps you choose this app. if it’s the one for you,
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3 years ago, rickyb3124
Not the worst
This app is entirely worth the download if you want to enjoy some of your favorite casino slots although I don’t reckon they have the licensing deals with IGT and other manufacturers so they are just polished lookalikes that operate the same (which I don’t mind). I think the denominations are a little too high, it’s extremely unrealistic to spend billions of any world currency on a slot in real life but that’s probably just me nitpicking. Where my concerns come is with the app’s overwhelmingly predatory sales ads. I am not kidding, as you first open up the app there are TEN prompts you have to exit out of before you enter any game. Not to mention in certain games where it prompts you half way through your gameplay. It makes the app developers look bad and they should address this. Otherwise a fairly polished game with decent gameplay and realistic pay outs.
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4 years ago, djbmlp
Tons of wins
Great game!!!!!! I have trouble stopping... The wins keep coming. Try it.//// Update #1 yep still can't stop//// Update #2 Like others have said the adds are out of control and the wins have been fewer and fewer. It was a great game but it's gone down hill fast. I'm rapidly losing interest. Too bad I liked it!!!!!! :>{. Update #3. First it was great then came the adds now it's all about the pop ups. 6 to 8 pops ups just to start play and every time you navigate to anywhere in the site there's 3 to 4 more pop ups. This is no longer a slot game it's a gauntlet of advertising. Oh well it's fun to play when your get through all the BS.
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4 years ago, PiNKmommEE
DONT PURCHASE! they’ll rip you off
I made a purchase for 2 billion coins on Thursday. It’s Monday and I still have not received my purchase. Messaged them right away. Got a short snippy response saying it may take a few days. (This is not my first rodeo, I’ve never had to wait days for my purchase to be credited to my account with any other game). Saturday messaged them again saying I hadn’t been credited, got an automated message back about a large amount of inquiries slowing down the response time to support. Have messaged them several times since, and nothing. I know it’s dumb to buy within the game, but this is literally the only game I’ve played that simply ripped me off. Slots are addicting, but I wouldn’t say this game is better than any other slot game out there, only this one is like the faulty machine that eats your money. The vending machine that takes your dollar and doesn’t give you your snack. It’s a scam.
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3 years ago, Myxpykel
Not worth it, even for free.
I just deleted this after having it for about a month and a half. It’s a poor ripoff of Double U Casino with the most intrusive ad prompts I’ve ever seen. For example, one is first faced with an ad I after the free spin which has to be taken. Then, one might have to shut off seven or eight prompts before choosing a game. All of the games are basically the same with the same sound effects. Prompts even come up in the middle of gameplay and after free spins, the latter popping up before the winnings can be collected. The side games simply make no sense. My guess is that they’re impossible to win without buying extra coins. The naming convention of the games themselves show a complete lack of imagination from developers whose primary language seems to be other than English. Want to shut off the ads? No problem. Make a purchase.
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10 months ago, M W little red
Finally. A online casino game that pays so you can play
Hi there. After several download and deletes. I just randomly came across Tycoon Casino. At first I thought in store just another download, asking me to watch ads and purchase coins. Wow, was I surprised. Tycoon Casino has done an incredible job of the graphics, payout to play ratios, choice of to watch an ad or not, non interfering playing experience. New User and will continue to stick around. Thanks Tycoon for a better playing experience and platform. Five stars
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4 years ago, xmanjedi
Too many bugs
Although it is a “fun” game to play, I find it HORRIBLE that you are forced to watch all the ads... ok fine— keep the ads... but is it necessary, when you are right in the MIDDLE of free spins— or a HUGE win— that it goes to an ad, only to go to a black screen and lose it all??? The only way to get it to work again is to close the game completely and restart... but any gains are lost!!! From a game where the developers “prefer” you make purchases, please ask yourselves— WHY would I even begin to IMAGINE giving my credit card to BUY coins— when most of the spins are losses, and so much instability that ANY gains go down the tube as well? I have written my reviews too many times that go unanswered to write any more. I just hope this review gets seen by people BEFORE they waste their time like I have for the last year or so....
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5 years ago, willlayy
Don’t waste your time if this is for tapjoy
By far the worst slots game ever. First off, you barely win anything, and when you do win, they take it all back. They make the minimum bet at half a million, honestly what’s the point of making it that high if the payouts aren’t going to be higher. I’ve had winnings of 1,000 on a half million bet for example. They put this free money thing you get every 12 minutes and a fortune wheel every 4 hours . Every 12 min you get half million then the fortune wheel is around 7.5m to idk “jackpot” but mostly I got 10m per spin on average. I played this only to achieve level 20 to get rewards for another game. Thank you tapjoy offers . After 4 days of checking in constantly to get that half million n play that fortune wheel every 4 hours I managed to get to level 11 only. My bets vary depending on how much I have. You think 25 million is a lot well think again bc reality is it’s only 5-50 spins depending on how high you go. Point is if you’re playing this for tapjoy, do yourself a favor and download another offer. There are way more other options for slots game to get your rewards. This one is just horrible! No winnings, hard to level up . Complete waste of time.
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5 years ago, jme2maui
I wrote a review in May about the excessive number of ads and Developer’s response was “sorry for the technical issue”. It’s not a “technical issue” at all. I understand the need for ads but why during the middle of a bonus round?? This takes the excitement completely out of the play. And it pisses me off and many other players as well I’m sure. Play your ads in between games (when changing slots) or maybe have 2 ads after opening app and getting daily bonus. I don’t believe all the 5 star “most recent” reviews as being legitimate as this is super annoying. I WILL NOT PAY to remove ads as I have done it with a couple other apps and with every update the ads are back. Apps with in-app purchases SHOULD BE REGULATED exactly as the casinos are!!
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4 years ago, JillJolene
5 Stars
I LOVE this app! It has such a wide variety of games that I never get bored! In fact sometimes I just can’t stop playing and I just go right ahead and neglect my house chores for the day! I never run out of free coins and you never EVER have to watch ADS!! The special pops up in between games but if I don’t need to make a purchase I just X off the ad and away I go to my next chosen game! The games are Exciting too cuz there’s different kinds of bonuses and wheel spins! Very Entertaining! I highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, Yoremia
This one actually gave me an amazing Jackpot without paying
I’ve played about 11 casino games. This one doesn’t require much on a lot of the slots provided. Meaning you can bet a little and get great winnings. Some other slot apps require a big starting bet when they don’t even give you much money to start. This one gives you 100 million and only asks for 250k to start on a bunch of the slots provided. AND!!! There are so many slots on this one you can choose from! 😁
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5 years ago, GOLDYSLOTS
A definite download!
I’ve had a great time playing these games. There’s always offers to buy one thing or another, but the beauty of it is, you don’t have to! They add new games frequently especially when compared to other casino sites. The games are kinda loose as in, sometimes you win a little and sometimes a LOT! Respins are usually a good idea by the way. I said usually - not always! Download it and give it a try. If you don’t like it, well you know what to do....... Have FUN!!!
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5 years ago, #sunshone
Good fun...but don’t spend all your $$$$ to make purchases
It’s a somewhat entertaining game..bonuses and other incentives come your way. Sometimes the machines are hot and then all of a sudden, the slots seem to turn on you and gobble up your winnings. Just like Vegas. Update: Newest game seems to freeze when your 3rd party ads come up. Please fix. Also, who can I contact in case of a problem? Update: Most ads are 30 seconds long...sometime activated during the game bonuses. But it’s free!
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4 years ago, phgfdryikn vg
Just be careful.
I decided to buy coins on this app. I bought 13 times in two days. Sometimes @ $1.99, $4.99, and $9.99. Then the next day, I bought 4 @ $4.99 and 4 @ $9.99. The total was 19 times in 3 days. They charge me for 52 purchases. I have written several times. They cannot fix it because they don’t keep history. iTunes can’t fix it. It’s on my paypal account which charges my credit card. Even PayPal tells me to contact iTunes. They want screen prints. I purchased and never screen print each purchase. Write everything down or screen print it so they don’t do this to you.
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4 years ago, gamesaresupposedtobefun
So many ads there really is no game
If you win on a spin and hit collect a 30 second, cannot skip, ad plays. If you try to do anything in this app ads will play. I spun 10 times on one game and watched 5 minutes of ads. Deleted Let me get this straight: your game is set up to bombard players with so many ads that they must pay $4.99 to actually play the “free” game? I have played countless free games over the years and I had never encountered the sheer onslaught of ads that this game subjects its users to. When there are many ads, other games allow you to skip them after a few seconds. This is a terrible set up meant to strong-arm real money from people.
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5 years ago, DebDeb:)
Lots of fun at the beginning
I was 100% addicted when I first started the game and played constantly as I was winning and able to bet higher amounts then it stopped and I couldn't win anything and of course the bank was drying up. I went from 500,000,000 to 50,000,000 in half an hour. Jackpots stopped, heck- winning stopped! I know that when gambling this happens but usually not with every machine over and over. I'll play until I lose all my money then delete it. Bottom line is that it was fun for the first two days.
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4 weeks ago, Bobbiekar
This game has the right balance of payouts, enough to keep you going and yet not enough to make it boring. There is a jackpot wheel every four hours, so you can top up your coins. The best part is the way they handle the ads, with very nice rewards if you choose to watch them, and the key word here is choose. If you watch the one after a big win for extra coins, it is always 10 million.
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4 years ago, D&D 1227
Entertainment is what this is
They all do the same thing.....pay out then then get cold....it’s gambling only you don’t get to “cash out” and collect your money and go on to a different casino. I log in everyday and play with the free coins. I don’t like that you have to look at least 6 ads just to begin playing. All in all, if you just want to kill time while waiting in line or in the car, there are some good games.
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5 years ago, Lqqkngood
Update has disabled me, WHY?
I logged into the App Store 2 days ago and had quite a few updates, and Tycoon Casino was one of them. When my system finished updating, I tried logging into Tycoon Casino and can not access the game. The yellow and green page that says Tycoon casino 2019 comes up for a few seconds, then the screen goes black and does nothing! I had over 3,300,000,000 coins, both won and bought, and I don't want to lose them. This game has already taken over 2,000,000,000 coins from me, what is going on? I have sent 4 emails to support and have not heard anything. What was in that last update? Wanda K
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5 years ago, desireeRozay
Gimme more!!
It’s my favorite app right now but I’m REALLY irritated by the lack of bonuses that are available! You should decrease the amount of time you have to wait to spin to one hour from 4 hours. I agree with others that you have dry periods of no matter what you bet or how long you spin you cannot win a dime!! So I’m losing my money buying coins and not winning and it’s making me want to quit playing So please Loosen up the slots!! I love the panda game but it’s greedy! Thanks and I look forward to the upgrade and fixes!
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5 years ago, Mccoyc
I play many games and by far this is my go to Game!!
This game has a great selection and I can’t get enough of it. Luckily there are so many ways to get extra credits from the daily bonuses throughout the day and theres the one you get by visiting the coin store and then you can still get a large credit by watching a short video. The only other thing I can say is give this app a try and you will be hooked!!
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6 years ago, Thick_OneGinger
Don’t spend money to remove ads
Game is very good. However, I made a purchase that told me all ads would be removed. Also states with any purchase ads are removed. I’ve made two. The ads are still there. I sent two emails to support and no response. I’m still getting bombed constantly with ads. Other than that great game. Hopefully they stop the false advertising and work on their customer service.
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4 years ago, Kpetemmy
Love this slot app
This is my favorite slot app and the only one I haven’t deleted. There are no annoying video ads every time you go from one machine to the other. I agree with other reviewer that you will inevitably lose any gains you’ve made in coins. There are lots of fun games though and it makes for great entertainment. If you are looking for a free slot app to try, I’d recommend going with this one.
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3 years ago, 1988luvpink
First, the app hasn’t been loading all the time for the past few weeks. And please get the Halloween theme off, already! Second, I agree with other reviewers that it’s not worth buying coins. These apps are programmed to let you win for a while, then take it all back. And fake coins; not even real money. You’re spending real money, but winning fake coins. Save your money and go to a real casino where you at least have somewhat of a chance to win REAL MONEY.
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5 years ago, DANTANA
Beyond Frustrating
Most of these games are similar to games in the casino. I work for a gaming manufacturer and these games are borderline copyright infringement. I’m not sure if this company has clearance to offer these games since they are virtually direct rip-offs of well established games but nonetheless, it wasn’t too bad. The thing I found the most annoying is that ads will pop up DURING YOUR SPINS! I understand that most of these apps, need to have ads to keep it going, but I’ve never played an online casino app that throws in ads while a game is in progress. This is unacceptable. I’ve ran through my coins and then deleted the app.
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5 years ago, Vperki
Ads, ads, and more ads
This game would be fun if not for the ads. You can be in the middle of 10 free spins and it will break off and go to a 30 second ad. It then goes back to finish your free spins, you finish, and it goes right back to a 30 second ad. If you leave a slot and go to the lobby to play another slot, guess what? Another 30 second ad. I’ve stayed playing a slot that i didn’t like simply because I know if i try to return to the lobby, I’ll have to watch another ad. Right now I’m betting max so that I will use up all my coins so that I can delete the game!
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5 months ago, El papucho1
Good good
Dear Valuable Player, thank you for taking the time to contact us and share your feedback. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions from our players to help improve our apps. These perspectives and suggestions are invaluable for achieving our goal of providing the best game experience possible for you.
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4 years ago, Klymaxxx140
Fun so far
Lots of exciting wins in the beginning but as tasks get more complicated and bets are up’d there are less wins and the coins go super fast. It’s addictive so in app purchases are required to keep playing. Or you have to collect bonus coins for a few days without playing to keep going. If it’s a several day challenge I can’t see how you’ll ever make it with purchasing. Also the benefits that come with a purchase aren’t clear.
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4 years ago, Blaird1969
It’s a fun game
It is a fun game. Every four hours you can log in and get some extra coins to play. I have been playing for over a month. I have been up and I have been down but that is how it is played. Anyone that gets upset because they lose all of their coins should probably stick to the game instead of going to a real casino.
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5 years ago, zeilstra87
Fun Game
Very fun game to play, but.... it’s a little crazy that you’ll be on a winning streak, then.... you end up winning nothing! Mostly anything big I’ve won has gone right back to losing it, and some! The tournaments are a bit whacky! How do you go from a 45th place all the way to 150th place within like 2 spins! AND, those were high winning spins as well.... just makes no sense! I play for fun so it’s whatever, but.... would be more fun if it was actually right!
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5 years ago, Macilla70
Fast slots
I really like the fast slots. Some games roll by slow. Not these. Sometimes I win huge on lower bets, sometimes I lose on higher bets. It’s very much like a real casino. I enjoy it a lot. It keeps me entertained with the selection of slots too. I wish there were fewer ads but there is the option of paying for that too. Overall a fun way to pass time.
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4 years ago, KPKP1
It stole my money.
The app has a pop up and right where you click the button to spin, so when you are playing, you inadvertently buy coins. Well I got hit with $100 of my money. Neither the game or Apple will give my money back. I don’t understand how anyone could spend a $100 on a game that doesn’t even give prizes. I’m so heartbroken. I really thought some companies were better than that. This is going to create a huge hardship on me but won’t affect the millionaire game owners and Apple is the most disappointing when did they have to start stealing money? I thought they had plenty by now.
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5 years ago, Gyrtyooup
it was good at first n then lost so fast
when first installing this casino n omg bonus was hitting consitently n i thought this is the casino that im gonna stick with for a long times n then i was like it wouldnt hurt just spend some money to up my coins to billions n maybe just bet like 10-15 million per bet n i can play for awhile bec it was winning so much from beggining n maybe from purchase n i would enjoy n it would last n but i was wrong n since i purchased coins n it took so long for bonus n winnings n credits went fast n lost all n omg its worse than the real casino thats across the street from me in vegas n aleast it dont take forever to hit anything n pretty soon im deleting this app n not happy at all n i thought this was gonna be a awesome casino but its just like other casinos that take ur coins faster than who knows so i guess this is what happens when its all about companys making money n cmon its suppose to be fun lol
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4 years ago, Scoot02
Tycoon Casino app failure
I have sent numerous messages to app support along with at least 7-10 screen shots about screen locking up when “Ad Break” shows. The only result was the problem getting worse and worse after losing over 2,000,000,000+ coins. They would not respond or fix the problem after their initial reply asking for more info and screen shots. I have now deleted a game I used to enjoy!! The developer support would not respond after numerous emails showing the problem and requesting help. I now notice that I am not the only one reporting the problem.
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2 months ago, k.nance
Fun slots
I enjoy the games and the mini games within the app I have only been playing about a week my only problem is you loose way more than you win so I don’t get to play very long. I assume it’s to pressure you into buying coins which makes the free advertisement false but all in all it’s fun.
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4 years ago, drob63
Games payouts don’t seem fair to its Customer
It is extremely difficult to win, which takes away the fun of the games. The more coins you buy the harder it becomes to win. I don’t mind purchasing, but I want to win big sometimes. I have been playing about (1) one year, won big once; not more than twice. Which has discouraged me from playing. After I use my coins, I will say goodbye. I play to win and I pay because I like to win, but their payouts does not appear fair to their customers. Thanks for listening
Show more
2 years ago, GeorgyPorgyPudding&Pie
Fun And Good Ole Relaxing Spinning
Great for spending the off-hours or the weekend with spinning on these (games) which is more challenging and amazingly fun to play. At first it’s always very lucrative but overall given the types of things available that’s here, definitely worth the price points for hours at of endless amusement. Winners and losers alike.
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10 months ago, Ready2retire62
Typical scam app
Downloaded this app based off of the reviews but that was misleading. You might get a few decent wins but overall, you have a better chance at winning in a real casino. Constantly get pop up’s trying to get you to spend real money on fake coins so the only one to win is the app. This app will soon be deleted since the company thinks the players are idiots and will keep buying coins. I spend money only if I’m enjoying a game, not when a rigged app takes them and pushes sales. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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4 years ago, JazzimsT1
Started out Great. . .
I enjoy relaxing after a long day playing games. I didn’t even mind the ads, I get it. There is enough variety to mitigate the risk of boredom. The payouts are good as well. The issue that I have is that the game has begun to freeze up during ad play. While that is something I could get over, I can’t get over the fact that my bank was almost depleted the next time I logged on. Not a good look. I lost over $250 billion. Not happy at all!!!!!
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5 years ago, SandyTX22
Great slots but hate all the commercials
I just started playing and thoroughly enjoy the slots, but every time you hit a big one or change games you have to sit through stupid commercials. I would play a lot longer, but after about the third commercial, I get so aggravated that I go back to one of my other favorites. If they would cut some of the commercials, it would be a great site.
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4 years ago, gambler694u
I bought a special for $30 bucks and got 10 billion coins and I literally blew through them in 5 mins and never won a friggin thing! I bet low I bet high I tried everything and all I got was screwed! All a person wants to do is have a little freaking fun and these morons have to screw us during these times of a pandemic and people are dying and afraid to go out so they look to places like this to have a little fun and these places just want to take advantage of the situation and screw everyone! Real bit of class from some top notch scumbags! Congratulations
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5 years ago, Rocksalt1976
Fair to a point
The game has great graphics. Love the slot actions, only problem I run into is like allot of well known slot apps you win big at first. Then wham you get hit with losing spins left and right. But I still love it. I collect my small bonus and play until it whips me out again and I repeat...keep up the hard work guys your on the right track.
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4 years ago, Susana and chica
Love this game but hate the pop-ups
I love playing this game. The one thing I hate is the number of pop-ups that come up in a row, sometimes five or six in a row. Can’t even start playing until all these advertisements to buy coins and whatever pop-ups. If you could reduce the number or spread them out, it would be great. If not, then good bye. The rating of three stars is for the pop-ups. I would give it less but I like the game.
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2 years ago, TekLT
Typical cash grab.
Like most slots you start out with a chunk of credits, you win often but steadily win less and less all while being flashed offers to top up. Would it really hurt to use some real RNG? Just like real casinos use fixed odds but they aren’t manipulating the odds to encourage you to buy more chips but they still make money and so could your app. I absolutely despise cash grabs because it takes the fun out of the experience and it is fundamentally a scam.
Show more
3 years ago, nwpacificguy
Best of the slot apps
This by far is one of the best. I really like that you’re never timed out. Only real issue is new games are pretty rare. But there’s plenty still to choose from. First time I’ve not gone bust with a casino app and I’ve been playing this one for 6+ months now.
Show more
5 years ago, ExcludedChristian
Just like every other online casino game. Start with lots of winning....cheap credits....losing them faster and faster until you refuse to spend anymore money and just take the daily credits. Silly really....I’d rather have a long term customer for reasonable prices than a few weeks of furious spending....but what do I know?too bad because otherwise..the games are cool and the site is fun.
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