U of I Community Credit Union

4.9 (5.1K)
20 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Illinois Community Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for U of I Community Credit Union

4.85 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Марго_МК_0000
Great improvement!
Wow, now that a great improvement. Before the app was absolutely useless and wouldn’t even display my balances. Now all of that is fixed, the app is easy to navigate and my experience is much, MUCH better. The only reason the 5th star is missing is because I can’t set up push notification for change of balance and other. It gives me three options: e-mail, phone number and push notifications. However, the push notifications are grey and can not be selected. P.S. Notifications are permitted for this app in my phone settings. Update: Works now. The 5th star is justly deserved! Thank you so much for such a quick service.
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8 months ago, AmesieLou
Rejects deposits
A surprising number of check deposits through the app are rejected. It’s ridiculous and a big hassle. Do banks not want money put in to them anymore? It was even a check written on UICCU account that I was trying to deposit this time. Why not accept all deposits and put a hold on the funds if you’re worried. At least the deposit could be made and your app would be slightly less inconvenient to customers. You have so few locations that it seems a well functioning app would be ideal. I’m trying hard to remain loyal as I love the community owned aspect but reliability is important. Deposits used to be valued by banks.
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1 year ago, Dailen Miller
So many amazing features!
UICCU has an amazing digital banking app. Their app includes so many things you would have to go in branch or call-in to do! I have done banking with other financial institutions and credit unions and this is by far a breeze compared to those!
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3 months ago, Timyrna
This app does it all!
Although I have had this app for a year, I am just learning more about it recently. I can deposit my checks remotely, and make transfers remotely. It is a real time saver, and it works extremely well. I am quite impressed!
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2 years ago, lyn.love
Great bank online and all
I love this bank I have been here for almost a decade and I still recommend the UICCU to everyone. If I have a issue it’s handled or a problem it’s solved. They are a great bank with a even better team.
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4 years ago, this/is/a/nickname/523
Excellent App!
This app is very visually pleasing and easy to navigate! I had no trouble at all viewing my accounts and finding other features was easy as well! 5 stars for me!
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2 years ago, hekk23
So easy to use very friendly and professional staff. Highly recommend for all your banking needs.
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1 year ago, Cphoundg6
I love being able to transfer & move money from one of my CUs to other. Can check my balances at any time. Very user friendly!
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2 years ago, T.Chappy
Fantastic customer service
This bank makes me feel like part of the family Happy Thanksgiving
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2 years ago, Pasty812
Member of Credit Union
I enjoy being a member. Would like to apply for a credit card and take advantage of some of the perks and travel vacation.
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2 years ago, RachelMSanders
Amazing Digital Access
The convenience the Digital Banking offers is top notch! No matter where I am or what time it is, I can access my accounts!
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2 years ago, CRWhy
Very easy to use
Great banking app. Easy to use and they are always looking to improve. We very seldom have to actually go to the bank.
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2 years ago, Grandma niña
They make it easy
Love their app. The ease of finding what you need, seeing your balances and transferring money is what keeps me with this bank.
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2 years ago, Haime Tobias
Amazing updates.
- Fast - Deposit checks by taking a picture - quick glance of balance - download statements
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3 years ago, H55g57
I love my credit union
I moved away, and still bank here, that’s how much I love my credit union, I found other credit unions, don’t compare!
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1 year ago, MGeneric
I have been using this app since U of I took over my credit union. This is an easy to use, very intuitive app.
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3 years ago, Rev Rhoades
Great but...
The only thing missing for safety is a easy log off button-it is a small thing but I have to hunt two screens to get a safe log off. Otherwise this app is great 😀🎈
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4 years ago, lach the avrege joe
New App is Amazing!
The new app is very much improved! The new features are amazing, very user-friendly, and the overall look of the app is great. Very thankful for this update!
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2 years ago, HobodobroJoe
Great app
Love how easy it is to check accounts and make mobile deposits.
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11 months ago, Jhgif
The app works as expected however it tries to track your location constantly in the background. I haven’t opened the app once in the past 10 days yet it has the highest battery usage and longest runtime.
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2 years ago, srvogelsang
Welcome to 2022
Major improvements have been with the app. It’s more user friendly now and easier to send a message to a customer service rep.
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4 years ago, Caramy1277
I’m not a big fan of the changes to the online banking app... Maybe it will grow on me.
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1 month ago, perry j draper
So Convenient!
I’m popping in and out of this app on my phone. Makes banking easy. Thanks U of I Credit Union!
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2 years ago, tygrfdse
Great service
Easy. Fast. Haven’t went to the bank to deposit check for years!
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2 years ago, jlittle699
Easy and Efficient
Love this app makes managing my money right at my fingertips easy !!!
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2 years ago, Roussanne
Simple and easy to use. Does exactly what we need it to.
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9 months ago, juliemurphy42
App no longer works
A few weeks ago the app stopped working completely for me. It just spins on the login page indefinitely. Can’t seem to find any way to contact the developer other than leaving a review either.
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2 years ago, 7th 1
Easy access and easy use
The app is completely fool-proof.
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2 years ago, Maggie Mae !!!!!
Easy to use app
Love this app. Easy to navigate and complete transactions.
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2 years ago, Gremlin 2750
Great app!!
Love this app with the fixes done. Can get anything done I need. Thank you.
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2 years ago, wieczorek853
One of the easiest banking apps I’ve used. Thank you!
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2 years ago, KraftHeniz15
Love the app easy to use and I user friendly
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2 years ago, --jca
Professor Emeritus John Ahart
In retirement I live in California but this app makes it easy to continue banking in C-U! Thanks!!!
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2 years ago, Galyn77
Really user friendly
I thought this was going to be convenient, but it is SUPER straightforward to use. And it seems secure.
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4 years ago, G2415
Privacy Concerns
Why does this app update require a full social security number to activate? This is not a new account or new activation of online banking, just an update. That is a real security failure. Validation should be our existing PIN number or other means that protects social security numbers.
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1 year ago, jeslieM
Ugly format
Yoooo Ngl y’all this format y’all mad is ugly. Like I just want to see my accounts I don’t wanna see my credit and the ads to get a loan Jeeze . Like make this look more user friendly and cute pls it’s not pleasing me and my gorls. Thanks
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2 years ago, siahshhdcxh
Very satisfied with the app!
Like the app very much.
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2 years ago, kajJzjizodld
Direct deposit does not work.
I tried to deposit some checks and it market it as an error. Only that part of the app was not working.
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2 years ago, divine_being
decades-customer, steady improvements
been banking with uiccu for decades, and the app has seen steady improvement in an accelerating manner. i expect more great support and improvement in the future!
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2 years ago, Will Bliss
The best banking app I’ve got. Thank you!
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4 years ago, iam Neph
The new apps is so Good
Easy to use I like it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏
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4 years ago, Ayala Skye Blu
Hate update to app and online site
I had my account connected to the credit reporting sites and mint etc... Now it won't connect even with correct login info....
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2 months ago, Doss ⚡️
New look
The new look of the app looks really bad.
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9 months ago, Bloodlesshacker
App no longer works after latest iOS update (17.0)
Unclear as to why, but this app no longer works on iOS 17.0.
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2 years ago, Lizzy-2
Very handy! Lizzy-3
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6 years ago, Superior-Solomon
It works
All I use it for is to check money in my accounts and maybe transfer money and it does that. And has a helpful login feature
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2 years ago, rwilld130
Statement fee
What is statement fee
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9 years ago, sbenson65
Yes it is a good app to have to be able to check balances and see how much is left on loans. But I agree with the previous person there should be a way to make payments to your loans and set up other payment options through the app. Without that it's just useless really. That's the whole reason to have the app to be able to pay bills on the go.
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4 years ago, sevnof7
Basically good but...
The most annoying thing is that you cannot see more than 10 days of your account history. This needs to change to at least 30 days so that a person can balance their checkbooks. I have to use a web browser instead for this reason.
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4 years ago, NeoMastiffMon
The worst app ever
This app always locks up also If you change your password online it will not let you adjust it on the app for days! Just get online & forget this app.
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