U.S. Bank ReliaCard

4.7 (206.3K)
109.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
U.S. Bancorp
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for U.S. Bank ReliaCard

4.7 out of 5
206.3K Ratings
3 years ago, sherry.gatlin
Easy & Everything needed.
I got this card with my PUA unemployment. I didn’t expect to truly love the card, the app and everything that goes with it. I’m a mom, and I need something that it is easy, but also secure. I don’t want to have to worry breach of data but I also don’t want some thing that is so mind-boggling hard it’s just too much. I get a text whenever the card is used. I get a text whenever there’s a deposit. I get a text with my balance. These notifications were chosen by me. I can change my notification preferences, topics or turn text notifications off all together. I love this. I can deposit or withdraw money at thousands of different locations without a fee. This is awesome. I can choose to get a paper statement or not, no hidden fees either way. When it is all said and done...I will continue with this card. When there is no more PUA or unemployment, I will continue to keep this card. Every debit card I’ve ever seen/used has fees attached. The big fee... If you use an ATM at a financial institution that is different from the financial institution that issued the card. NOT THIS CARD THOUGH!! Absolutely Awesome!!!
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3 years ago, nxjdsma
Solid App
When I first started using the US Bank Reliacard app, it wasn’t anything to write home about. That was almost two years ago when the pandemic hit. Since then there have been a number of significant improvements to it’s functionality. I now couldn’t ask for more than it currently provides. I’ve all but depleted my balance and I must say, I’ll miss it just a little. Transfers to bank accounts are free and fast, it provides nationwide directions to -in network- ATM machines that have no withdrawal fee, updates instantly when purchases are made, has above average daily spending limits, advanced security to keep money safe, any transaction alert you could possibly need, section dedicated to financial programs and offers, always works for any type of credit card purchase… except for certain online purchases that are permanently locked out; foreign purchases, Cash App, PayPal etc. Side note: You won’t get anywhere by calling Card Services or US Bank, so don’t waste your time there. It’s a prepaid debit card that is 95% regulated by the government. In spite of that one thing, I give it 5 gold stars.
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4 years ago, G10888
So far so good
I just made my first purchase using this card to buy some supplies, then I checked the app and you can see your activity on the card instantly which is fabulous. My problem is with the card itself. I’m having trouble withdrawing money from an ATM and the app doesn’t answer any questions that I have, to help correct any mistakes I might be making. Waiting on hold is torture so it would be nice if the app could help answer those questions. The ATMs that I’ve tried, offer options of withdrawing money from savings, checking, or credit card. My Visa debit card isn’t an option, so I chose credit card and it will not allow the withdraw of funds. It’s very aggravating. If I put money from the card into a checking account and use my ATM I get charged. I Hope the app can help answer those questions for somebody like me in the near future.
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4 years ago, Darterian
Money is missing
This card and app make it so easy for hackers and identity thieves, especially ones you think are your friends, to hijack your account and steal funds. When I call the number on the back, it’s not for pandemic unemployment, so they don’t want to help me, when I call the number this app tells me to call, and it does every time I try to log on because someone keeps taking off my security questions and password, I feel like I’m not even talking to a ReliaCard employee. I’ve done everything I could. I called the police who talked in circles until they finally convinced me there’s nothing they can do, I’ve called customer service, I’ve called the merchants where the bogus transactions take place, and I never get any money put back in my account. And from the very get go. I have chosen the option for my funds to be deposited into my checking account but it never goes in. It just goes onto this stupid unsafe card. I have ordered a new card twice already so the numbers will be different but if my phone is hacked, what good is that doing. I’ll prob never see that money again. Thanks ReliaCard! And to the girl whining about taking money out of an ATM, choose checking. Jesus there are only like 3 or 4 options right? You’d think just by process of elimination you’d have arrived at the solution.
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3 years ago, Abrokenbohn
They asked for it…
If you can avoid this bank, id suggest doing just that. They simply refuse to allow me to dictate where i transfer my money. And the extremely limited information that is presented as a transaction history is laughable. In many instances I am unable to recognize a vendor that i am quite familiar with because it is for some reason re-named (on the ReliaCard side) what looks like a random string of letters. There is no way to do a transfer of money “in minutes”. Only the 2-3 business days way. Because i love not having access to my funds for days at a time! And the transfer is only able to be completed after entering the transfer amount and selecting the “to” and “from” account numbers, as is normal, but the trick is that i have to then click the blue help button in the top right corner, not to get help or answer a burning question but to enable the actual “Transfer $ ##.## Now” button. Otherwise pushing the “Transfer Now” link/button will not do anything, without first clicking the “help” icon, following the accounts/amount input… so yeah, they're not my favorite bank. I Hope this helps somebody or otherwise nudges their website staff toward some helpful improvements. BTW i don’t usually review apps but they certainly, literally asked me to. You’re welcome, ReliaCard.
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2 years ago, Hunterwillie
Over all very poor bank and set up
There are so many things wrong with this bank, its system and how it’s set up. I have this card to use for my unemployment. First of all, if you work in two different states, you have to use two different cards and create two different accounts. It will not let you add a second card to your account. This is very inconvenient. Next, it is not set up to allow you to do bank transfers in every state. And one state I can transfer funds direct to my bank account and in another state I have to go withdraw money from an ATM or get a cash advance and then take it to my bank to deposit it. Once again, very inconvenient. Also, If you are transferring money from your ReliaCard account to your bank account you can only make ONE FREE transfer to your bank a month. You will be charged for all other transfers.I do not recommend using this card or getting this card. It is a lot easier if you just set up your unemployment to go directly to your bank account. Yes you might have to wait a few extra days for your deposit, but you would have to wait 3 to 5 days if you are doing a transfer from your ReliaCard to your bank account anyhow. It is less hassle and a lot more convenient than using this card!
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4 years ago, Savage tenor
Functional but NOT SAFE!!!
I’ve been using this car since the pandemic and I have had large sums of money stolen from me through this app. Somehow somebody went in and was able to change my password my email account and all the security questions. This of course completely locked me out of the account and allowed the hacker the ability to go in and out of this card and my account without my knowing and transfer large sums of money. Fraud protection is an absolute joke with this card and this app. No one is helping me recover my lost funds there is no security whatsoever! For this to be a card and an application to service America during this pandemic why on earth would there be one phone number for every need. This keeps customers on the phone for hours and hours at a time only to deal with the customer service rep that has no idea how to help you. I have filed a police report I have done every possible thing I’m supposed to do to recover the funds I desperately need. And I am not able to get any help ANYWHERE!!! And the theft was done through this app. I think this app is functional but it is definitely not safe.
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4 years ago, Aggrevated 101
Enable the account and routing numbers accessible within the app
I don’t know if it’s already possible to obtain both of the numbers and I’ve just been searching for them in the wrong places but I’m pretty sure that they are not available within the app or on the website. I’m trying to transfer funds from one account to this account and it’s not possible to do so without the account and routing numbers so if it’s an option to do so I would greatly appreciate the assistance in getting this information as soon as possible so I can make a deposit into my account. Thank you so much for your time and consideration regarding this matter. I look forward to getting your assistance and resolving this issue. I appreciate the services y’all provide and I would definitely recommend any of my friends and family to use this company for all their banking needs. Once again I’d like to thank y’all and I hope to hear back about this issue soon God bless Respectfully submitted, Sean Cardon
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2 years ago, wfup
Thanks 😊
I feeling the reliaCard I been doing prepaid cards for years. I did banks for years yes I admit I a lot of times I didn’t keep up with my check book as much but I can calculate money in my head but banks have to many fees for everything then when purchase something back then at first they run the check right through later you start noticing they started posting later making your money bounce everybody can’t keep up all the time but tell the truth seems like they hold it more than they used to do in your mind it always goes through the same way in the beginning so it’s supposed to that way. Everyone I know some of y’all are saying she need to keep up with her money you probably have some all saying I love debit cards my favorite is chime they help you build your credit and give you loans on your own money you just pay it back yes I love my card thanks R.C
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4 years ago, Courtney Simmons
Not sure why some people are unhappy—this app is awesome!
I recently received my ReliaCard for my unemployment benefits, and so far I’m extremely pleased with their services. My unemployment funds are usually deposited on to my card on Wednesdays, and by Friday, two days later, after I’ve transferred my funds from my ReliaCard to my bank account, my money is ready & available to me. Oooooh, big deal, I have to wait a whopping two, whole days for my funds to be available. If I need to use my money immediately, I use it straight from my ReliaCard just like I would my bank card instead of transferring it to my bank account. I also receive text messages alerting me as to when my funds have been deposited on to my ReliaCard. Ignore the naysayers, believe me. These people are more likely “Karens” & “Kens” who find something, ANYTHING to complain about.
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3 years ago, 129lily
Terrible awful horrible
I wish I could give this whole entity no stars.. I am grateful for SOME way and platform to receive and manage money, but people ought to go with their local banks in which they are familiar with their services, and their money is supporting their local economy. ReliaCard systems are not accessible to transfer money to the places you need to- I have been hung up more than three times by ReliaCard customer service because I’ve wanted to transfer my money to my local bank- apparently they don’t know how or don’t want you to do this- and you cannot transfer very much money via this app.. How am I suppose to pay bills if the whole amount cannot be transferred?! You can’t get a money order in case you need one to pay those expensive bills, it’s just not possible. My whole experience with this platform, app, and especially customer service of the ReliaCard has been frustrating. I’ve had to call them eight times- and the last four I’ve been hung up on- the last one after waiting 45 minutes for an answer to a question they had to ask their supervisor. Shame on the government and the people who designed this money system. Because most of the people who need it, need this precious money accessible, need an easy platform to navigate during difficult times. This is a stressful and frustrating entity. Transfers take forever and in out world today that is a huge setback as well.. Very sad about the restrictions and design of this application
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4 years ago, kahkztiylenaten
PUA: No qualms mentioned in other reviews
Coming from someone using the app/card for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA); to me, this app has seemed realistically accessible to the wide demographic range, as well as the astonishing sheer bread and number of people who will be using it. Large buttons and icons, fairly intuitive navigation. Transactions could possibly be listed better. That’s about the only thing I can think of! Give the app a shot. Not to mention that if you, like I, received the card after filing for PUA, you will now be able to select direct deposit when filling out your weekly certification (if direct deposit is an option for you.) For the time being: transfer money from the card to your savings account and accrue some interest! Will gladly update as my experience continues.
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2 years ago, WilliamT2005
Buggy app + atrocious customer service
Every time I've tried to sign in, an error pops up that reads "There's a problem on our end". I even tried signing in on PC and it kept telling me I had the wrong password when I KNEW it was the right one, and it continued to tell me that even after resetting the password, to the point where my card was completely locked because I failed too many times. I go to call the number on the back of my card to get it unlocked, and someone did answer surprisingly quick, however as we just began to get things rolling (information, what I need help with, ect) the representative HUNG UP ON ME! I know for a fact he hung up on me intentionally because I could audibly hear him put the handset (or whatever it's called) back down on the phone set. I called again and waited a whopping 2 HOURS before giving up. I have been trying every day since and still can't reach someone. This is incredibly frustrating. I need access to my money NOW, I really depend on it.
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3 years ago, TWEKJ
Reliable it’s in the name.
Ever since I received my card through the mail the application and user friendly setting and format has been surprisingly easy to interface with aswell as very informative when trying to get specific details about your account you can see a full disclosure in regards to your information availability. The application was good in those areas but I guess due to the influx of so many users being added during the beginning of the pandemic the website and application was very difficult for newer card holders to register there online account, I checked everyday for 10 days for me to be able set up my online registration so I could view my banking info online other then that I have had zero issues with this application and USBank and ReliaCard they are a pleasure to have.
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1 year ago, Dman0315
Just an awesome app
Now being a Mexican American in his 30s, which I have problems mentally, not only affects the way I think, but holds me back when it comes to trying to succeed at working or every day life. I have been able to navigate through this app fairly easy, which in my eyes is a big help, and I am also able to give/receive information quickly and efficiently. Finally thank you for all your help in giving me the time and effort thus amplifying a better outlook on receiving your benefits, which I know will help me out tremendously. So I say this, the app you’re about to install will be the app that you’ll like hands down so once again, “thank you guys”!
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4 years ago, Nina2four
While the customer service is great for the initial call, just hope you don’t need to change your address. I changed mine and they locked my account up with no notification from them. I called and was told I needed to fax proof of residency, which I did 4 days ago and I’m still waiting for them to release the hold on the account... Almost a month and additional faxes later, the card is still locked up. Apparently, this is being held up because of the “offline team” taking their sweet time. You CANNOT speak to a supervision or anyone else in a position of authority. I get the same answers over and over, “the offline team has noted they’ve received your fax and it’ll be next Friday”, I’ve heard this for 3 solid weeks now!!! Somethings gotta give!!! A month later and still waiting! Can’t pay rent, can’t pay my bills and can’t feed my family. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, the handling of this situation on their part has created new hardships.
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3 years ago, leahluck
Easy to use
The app is very user friendly and easy to use. However the card never works therefore I am only able to use my money when I transfer it to another account at my expense. When I called customer service to find a way to be able to use my card they told me there was nothing they could do for me. And that I should just transfer the money out…once again at my expense and no offer to credit the transfer fee back to me. I was not ok with that and asked for a manager. The manager was very hostile from the moment she got on the line. She did not help me at all. I am still not able to use my card without it declining and I have to transfer money out to be able to use it and I have to pay the fee every time. I have a debit card but I’m not able to use it. USBank has made it abundantly clear that there is nothing they can do for me. A little ridiculous if you ask me. But the app is easy to use…lol!
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3 years ago, dffttyy yooo
It’s basic and historically it’s difficult to access your whole balance
However it’s those same security features that will prevent someone from withdrawing your entire balance if they get their hands on your card and have decidedly bad intentions ...well... this card has a number of fail safe measures in place to help your money ... remain your money. The benefits of having any account are associated with the great and not so great things like no fee money transfers and again the fees that are associated with using your card at most locations. They have options and if It wasn’t the bank utilized by the department of Labor and industry for the pandemic unemployment assistance I wouldn’t have known a thing concerning this card and I honestly could go my whole life without feeling compelled to know about or use this card it’s nothing special it’s a hassle actually but A1 security.
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3 years ago, One OpenSource
Great App for a “Pop-Up” App
This app was designed quickly in order to meet the needs of the people. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the app does have a few minor problems, but the ones that existed before were quickly found and fixed. That being said, there is a minor glitch, sometimes after signing into your account the app freezes. Nothing in the app responds, but if you close it and just sign in again it works fine. It does not happen on a regular basis so it’s difficult to pin down what may be causing it. Either way the devs have provided a much needed, reliable (in my experience) platform and I thank them.
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3 years ago, 215gm
Always have problems with my card. It has had to be replaced 3 times because it just stops working. When you call customer service to get things figured out it either takes 20-25 minutes to talk to somebody, or after you go through all the prompts, which takes 5 minutes, it rings like 3 times then a message comes on and says “do to high call volume all our specialist are serving other customers please call back later” and hangs up. Now if I am having an issue with my card and it’s important then I would rather wait the 25 minutes to talk to somebody if needed not just hung up on! And I hardly doubt there was a high call volume between the hours of 1:00am and 7:00am.
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3 years ago, iznikr
Great App
The app itself is great & I’ve had no problems with it so far! I think it’s super helpful that the app lets you see what other options & tools that U.S. Bank offers. (( My only complaint is the bill pay limitations that are set, but that’s more of an institutional issue that isn’t controlled by the app itself. But I still just wanted to gripe about it because it’s been VERY frustrating trying to pay all my bills that have accumulated over the year...)) Having to use a ReliaCard for unemployment purposes has made me seriously consider opening up an actual checking/savings account with U.S. Bank.
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3 years ago, Name of thr game
Started off frustrated but ended up….
…..a little less frustrating. Was that underwhelming? Well so is the Reliacard App. Being it has very little features but that may serve it more than it hurts it. Meaning simplicity is the name of the game and complicated, frustrating features really grinds my gears when it comes to my money. So yes the app is simple to use and another pro and possibly the last pro is that you can link an external bank account and make bank transfers fairly easy. Although it says you may need to wait 3-5 business days ive gotten mine within 12 hours🧑🏼‍🚀
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3 years ago, crissie2021
Terrible App
I been locked out of my account for almost 3 months. All i did was change my address because i moved they locked my card up because of that!!! This app is a joke. Dont change anything on here or they will lock you out of it. Keeps saying in read mode, i had to report them to BBB because noone was telling me why it was locked. A day after i reported them they left a voicemail stating they cant accept my id bc its outdated, they could be sending a letter or email to let me know but they didnt until bbb got a hold of them. This is utter ridiculous to hold someones own money bc of a changed address? Wowww is all i got to say. System is a joke and none help you! Do yourself a favor go threw your own bank account set up direct deposit do not go with reliacard bc eventually when you change anything you will be locked out!
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4 years ago, (Sass)
Well done y’all.
Actually I’m well off with technology but my mother lol old biker chick ya know old lady all her life she hate technology. Anyway I ran into a prob where my non tech mother had to use my phone of course I have the app I send money all over from it takes seconds by far killing your competitors. Sincerely now as I said non tech mother I simply called her from my work cell as my private cell iPhone XS was left home by accident left mom a message can you send Jojo my sister 3,750 as she needs it within the next 30 mins to say the least non tech mother did it all an took a screen shot for my records within minutes an if you all knew my mom you would understand just how effective your app is congrats
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3 years ago, e.theo
Never any issues
I have had this card for about one year and have had no issues at all with it. I have been able to easily withdraw funds and just as easily transfer any amount of funds. The app is very very simple and leaves no questions, I can see my balance immediately when opening the app and if I need to do anything further it is simply mapped out with easy to use tabs. I haven’t needed customer service therefore I have no review on that , my score is simply on the card and the experience I have had using it and accessing my account.
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4 years ago, allnamestakenX5
It’s been working fine for me!
I haven’t had any problems with the app senses I have had it. Everything is working like it should with no issues. If you ever have problems and need to talk to someone on the phone about your card itself that’s another thing when my card expired I had to waited 3 hours to talk to someone on the phone for someone to tell me the wrong information to then have to call again and wait another 2 hours for them to do something on there side that took maybe 5 seconds but again i have only had to deal with this one time so it’s been 5⭐️ any other time
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4 months ago, DeniseNOLA
Timeliness issue
I use this app to buy groceries and bills as I am raising two grandchildren. I transferred money from this account into my bill. Pay an account on several occasions, but I don’t see a confirmation of that transfer for days. I have been very sick lately and I’ve been in the hospital. I made a transfer so that I could pay bills when I was discharged home but this is the third day, and I still do not see confirmation of it. I would at least hope for a confirmation text to my phone number so I know that transfer is in process.
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4 years ago, angdaye
Since I’ve gotten this card I have had no issues. However my boyfriend is in a situation where they’re checking for a random even though there was no indication that there could’ve been fraud happening. So although it’s very smooth for me that doesn’t make it OK for the people who can access their money, aren’t doing anything illegal, and have to go through the weeks on end to be able to get their card back to normal. All I have to say is that if you say in our who you are you should not be randomly selected for a fraud chat. People depend on their unemployment to get by in life. It’s wrong
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8 months ago, Lvthecw
Well, I can honestly say after the experience I’ve had since January 2022, after being a 18 year long client, that I had to stop banking with US Bank because of the lack of security from spammers, spoofers, criminals and all criminal activity. Alerts being sent from the actual bank phone number and alerts from the so called trusted downloadable apps…I no longer use banking apps. The only reason why I’m using this particular one is for the last of my monthly alimony the state collects for me, other than that I no longer bank with US Bank and I highly recommend everyone to go somewhere else as well.
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3 years ago, HoneyCruelty
Fix this please.
My card was stolen. I try to make a report about it, but I couldn’t. You can’t dispute any charges on your card by the app or calling. When you call you can’t get a human being you just get a computer. It tells you to push all the buttons to get somebody to talk to. Then it disconnect you. On the App there no where you can flag a fake change. I got hacked for almost $250. That a lot of money to me. That a week worth of groceries or Payment on my rent. So don’t use this card to shop on line or pay a bill. Because if you get hacked like me you won’t see that money ever again.
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4 years ago, isbwbwi
Online app
The app for relia card is a joke. 1. They way transaction are shown is extremely confusing, showing every transaction 3 times is stupid to say the lest! 1st one is shows the charge then 2nd one shows it going back and 3rd one for showing the withdrawal finalized. 2. Would not allow my iPhone to remember my user name and password. 3rd when ever they did there last update it forgot my user name and so did I and when trying to recover it. The app kept giving me error with my security answers which I know for a fact they where correct! And in order to get access so an hour and half later on the phone I can finally get access... looks like the new update allows for Face ID so that a nice change but the hassle to finally get it is ridiculous. This is a joke of a bank app.
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4 years ago, wegottadobetterrrr
I can’t rely on them
Government locked my account Sept 2nd Card locked by Relia...COOL BEANS. Sent proof to GOVERNMENT via fax (Id, Social, W2) Sept 3rd Government opens account Sept 14th funds are now being added to Relia card again. I go to use my card, still blocked. Called Relia, just to find out that me proving myself to government & the treasury isn’t enough, I gotta send proof to the cardholder service. Why? Not sure, didn’t have to send proof to start, and they still update my account when the government sends money (til this day) Sent the fax (ID, social, W2), did the selfie, all denied. They said I had to zoom in. Sent the zoomed in fax (ID, social, W2) denied for no real reason. Everything is clear as day. I’ve lost my house, moved my kids away from me into a new city with distant family, and I’m currently sleeping in my friends car. Great job Relia card. The absolute worst experience ever. It’s Oct 17th and I have over 4k sitting that I can’t touch & they keep adding & accepting money. Did everything I could possibly do & nothing. I haven’t had a decent meal in a month, I can barely sleep, and it’s getting cold out. I really want to thank Donald Trump for acting swiftly & blah blah blah. Biden for President, cause this ain’t it... Us Bank Relia Card yall failed this country
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1 year ago, ZiNcK iNc.
No options!
There’s not much you can do in the app. All you can do is see your balance, transfer funds, and report the card lost or stolen. You can’t look at the individual transactions and get any valuable info or dispute a purchase. Plus, it doesn’t even show all of the transactions! I’ve seen money pending that I didn’t take out and then it disappears and there’s not much you can do about any of it. I have a lot of transactions that I didn’t authorize and there’s no way to find out where they came from. It doesn’t even give you the option to lock the card! The app definitely could use some kind of revamp or update to give it more features that put control into the hands of the cardholder…
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4 years ago, dchronic23
Checking Account ?
I, as many others, have an account because of the pandemic. I wanted to make a transfer of money from this account. The other account only accepts a checking account routing number and account number. I was not able to find either of those on the regular website or the phone app. That would be the only negative. Other than that everything is more than accessible and easy to navigate. One of the more well thought out plans as far as being able to navigate the site.
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3 years ago, nandjdonnbehjxjcbnrr
Poor UI, hidden charges
App has very poor ui. Settings don’t save when you change them, there’s a huge notification on the page after you log in that is 90% white blank space and can’t be closed. These are very simple things that should be fixed immediately, in fact it’s not acceptable for them to be present in the first place. On top of this, the TOS lied about charging you for transfers. Originally it would give you a certain number of free transfers a month before it would begin charging you a few bucks to transfer. However, it has charged me every single time I transferred funds. Once fixed this will go to five stars, since it’s a very quick way to check balance and the transfer system, despite stealing my money, works fine.
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2 years ago, Dozersmom80
Card is good, app not so much
I have had the card for child support for a few years now. The card is great in itself but, lately the app, has been horrible. I have tried to sign in several times over the last several weeks and keep getting the message that there is something wrong on their end and it should be resolved shortly. After several weeks, I have uninstalled the app reinstalled it shut my phone off turned it back on did everything possible and still receiving the same message. If I want to know my balance or any transactions, I have to go through the website. It gets really frustrating.
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4 weeks ago, Camden LEE6
Supportive. Not sure about the owner.
I’d agree I’d made some mistakes. Unemployment should be rocking up soon if your not playing around with little children worrying about my money. So far my cards up to date apple. Let’s see some improvements apple to maconistiosh is highly different usually a 6-8 st:ar; (S—(t//a:/r) ./st—ar-) rating system. Thanks for all the issues my names Camden Lee. Hurry up with the placements of adjusting situational hazards and unfalse with amounts entering into new accounts due to lack of service or amount punt sitt-ahaúiang. 71:661 in my phone and bank accounts.
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2 years ago, bobbythemechanic
Surprisingly basic and a bit behind
Not a bad app if you simply want to view your last few weeks of transactions, however, if you’re looking for anything more detailed for that, or even, heaven forbid, would like to print statements, individual transaction information or anything older than 3 weeks you may as well give up and call it a day. Oh, and whatever you are trying to look at, be quick! Once the app times out it’s necessary to completely close out, usually two or three times back to back and then you’ve got a decent chance of finally being able to log back in successfully.
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4 years ago, knicolejewell
For what’s gone down, 5 stars!
In these hard times I just want to send some love to the Tech Team.... it’s been a crazy year and I’m sure the increase in traffic with the app has made it go under some alterations during recent times. I haven’t experienced any issues minus minor interference logging in once or twice when it was apparent the app was probably being improved! Hope this reaches the people who worked hard to make things right ! It’s important to send thanks in all realms of life. I would suggest an instant transfer option ! With other apps such as Cashapp and Venmo this option has been made available with a small fee. Not saying that this is entirely similar due to the fact that it’s made solely for government assistance to my knowledge. I think that would help support the App itself and deter people from seeking out direct deposits to their accounts , keep jobs and keep you guys plush for making things better continuously. Thanks from Philly.
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2 years ago, chantel hughes
I have always had problems with signing into this app. I have my unemployment card and my child support card (both completely different card numbers) and I can’t make an account for both and or put them both on the same account. So one account I check the balance on and the other one I have to call to figure out the balance. It’s not okay at all. Besides not being able to sign in the majority of the time and the csrds thing. Everything else seems fine
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4 years ago, keeps you updated
Using the card ATMs pay bills or as a debit card in stores
This card is virtually capable of doing anything a debit/credit card is capable of in some cases more than most cards(which can be risky) to some, as far as the app goes I really like the feature sneak peak it allows you to obtain balance without having to login so you know when it is loaded or close to $0 also the alert tab allows you to receive push notifications and informs you of transactions on the go instantly with a quick notice it allows you to block unwanted or authorized use
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4 years ago, RichelleSeamster
Missing features
I downloaded this application simply to deposit checks into the account. After I looked at the examples of the application I went forward in order to deposit my checks and the features completely missing. I tried contacting customer service to see what my next steps were but all I received were prompts from a machine. If you want this app to simply check your balance that’s all this is good for otherwise you can call the number on the card and get text to your phone even simpler than signing into the app. It’s a cheapskate app that a US bank didn’t put any efforts into for there prepaid customers. I don’t think it’s entirely fancy like the app they have for the other people who actually bank with US.
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2 years ago, AaronREALTOR
U.S. Bank Reliacard
I’ve had my account since the beginning of pandemic. I will admit in the beginning they were less than stellar I’m sure in large part to do with the insane workload out no where. Now I feel safe and secure having them handle my money that gets deposited with them and plan on opening other products with them moving forward. They run a lean ship but a cohesive ship as far as the lineup of financial products and look forward to having a long relationship with this institution.
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2 years ago, Sassy Cassie0805
Only had you for 1 year out of my 13 years for child support
I am still waiting for my new card since last Saturday, May 21, 2022. I should have already received it. Should have gotten at the latest of Friday, May 27, 2022. I have been waiting and have been getting transaction notices since that time stating that I have at least 40 transactions that have taken place since that order. I have not been using the card and that I have not made absolutely no transactions of any purchases whatsoever but shows that there has been over 40 transaction in 1 weeks time. I am getting rid of this account because it is falsely being used and there is no such way that I have made that many purchases in the short period of time!!
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4 years ago, pittsburgh digge
It works
Stupid screens First - you pick the bank you want to transfer to (it defaults to a blank). When you open the screen to choose a bank (I only have one entered) it shows as a red X. When I first saw that I backed out thinking I did something wrong that my bank had a red X. I would expect a green check or X if it is ok to use. Second - you must either remember or write down the amount you want to transfer. Your balance shows on first page but when you go to the page to execute the transfer, no balance is visible. The first time I did a transfer, I had to go back to make sure I had the full balance. The app works, but it could be more intelligently presented
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3 years ago, Deerit
Works very well!
This card works very well for what it’s intended to do. I have used it as a debit card and it works fine. I mostly transfer funds to my bank account which takes a couple of days but they tell you that up front. As long as you do no more than 2 transfers a month there is no fee to transfer which is nice too. I’ve only had a problem one time since I’ve had the card which is about 7 months and that was a system problem on their end. All in all, this card lives up to its name—very reliable!
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3 years ago, heavyistheCrown
Stolen card
Doesn’t deserve even 1 but can’t post without it. So you slid on by a hair US bank . Way over the 7-10days mark they claim to take. I had my information stolen have yet to receive the replacement card nor the funds that were taken. Plus my app barely works. Kind of hard to do anything with my children and their support with no card. Placed an order for a replacement one over 4weeks ago I receive a new pin for said card weekly (all different) but still no card. Not to mention the bull crap going on with my personal US bank account. Needless to say very disappointed in everything about this bank and I will gladly not recommend it to anyone, anymore. Will be closing accounts down as soon as my money is replaced even.
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3 years ago, Jewel_Divine
Funds Transfer
I have been working on transferring my account balance to my bank account and found limitations on my withdrawals and debits! Finally I received more clarification on the process and will transfer the maximum amount to permit access to my funds. I was unable to complete my transactions at the Post Office after receiving notice that my card would be accepted at all locations as Visa or MasterCard. Anyway, I am thankful for the assistance from your staff. Thanks again for the opportunity to provide my input.
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4 years ago, DougTheMusic
Pretty descent except for transfers to my bank and notifications of when $$ is loaded on the card
I’ve been using this for several months and I still have the same two issues. 1) I don’t understand why you’re charged to transfer your money from ReliaCard to your bank for more than two transfers in a month. 2) Also, email/text notifications of money loaded on the card don’t show up until sometimes hours later. Therefore, I have to keep checking the card to know when $$ is loaded. The sooner I know the sooner I’m able to transfer $$ from card to my bank.
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3 years ago, Nonnyof3
One of the best!
So user friendly - they have everything u could possibly want to do from the app- I only gave 4 stars bc they don’t have it set up to do transfers from one account to another on mobile device. Desktop only is what I was told. It just makes sense to make it mobile friendly but I understand it could be security & protection for the accounts. Thank u discover for making banking so easy and for excellent friendly prompt English speaking customer service! Very refreshing !
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