UCB Banks

4.7 (4.2K)
57.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
United Community Bancorp, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for UCB Banks

4.72 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
4 months ago, r1ta123ger
Love this app!, but..
I love how easy this app is to access. It updates me on purchases as needed. But often I have issues with the app glitching and not allowing me to access my account. I’ll go to sign in, and it will give me a message that reads something like “sorry an unexpected error has occurred”. It’s very often here lately that this seems to happen, so it’s a little hard to be able to access my account information.
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5 years ago, BlairAustin
Ok, but...
It’s ok, and I appreciate that UCB continues to invest in upgrading it, but: - there’s a major issue on the Bill Pay feature, causing scheduled payments to be hidden / not listed on either the Scheduled Pmts and as paid from your account for 1-3 days around the payment time (when one would naturally check on a payment). I depend solely on the mobile app for bill payments and have double paid bills in a panic when checking to see if I scheduled them, and they don’t show up in either logical location. Please fix. - in general, or works, but isn’t as slick as my Chase Bank app, which I considered a gold star bank app for interface design and UX, multi-acct management, ease of seeing account details, transferring $ to others and to myself (between acts at the same and different banks), and overall uptime. - the app seems to be unavailable a lot for upgrades. I don’t experience the same frequency in other bank apps. - no travel features (to alert the bank you’ll be traveling out of state/country so they don’t shut off accounts)
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2 years ago, TD 147
The app usually works OK, but they want you to change passwords too often and make it difficult to use lengthy random passwords by not allowing them to be pasted from a password manager. They even delete the progress you make each time you try to slide over to your password manager to see the next characters. It’s absurd that a bank would actively try to make it difficult to use good passwords, but their process definitely encourages people to just cave and use weak ones. I haven’t tried to use the photo deposit recently because the deposit limit was so small that it wasn’t typically useful. Hopefully that has changed, but I have no knowledge of that. There are a host of frustrations but if you just want to see your balance or pay a bill it works fine until they make you go through the circus of updating passwords. That happens far too often. This app is one of many reasons I would switch banks if it wasn’t so inconvenient.
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11 months ago, Hairstylist Bob
How exactly has this change been an improvement?? This is the slowest app I've ever used! Web page is even worse!! How is it that as a business, I had to call multiple times and request that all of our accounts appear on the website and on this app, I have multiple accounts but can't see them unless I make a request to do so?? Who does that even make sense to?? Can no longer copy and paste from the website. Can only see 25 transactions per page and have to sit and wait for each page to load. It's absolutely ridiculous that anyone could possibly think this is an improvement! I wish the idiots who thought this whole thing up we're actually people who used this site! It's horrendously horrible!!
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2 years ago, John9631
Password bug
For weeks I have found that the first attempt to log in always says the password is incorrect. I’ve turned on the option to view the password as I’m entering it, and the password is the same each time. First attempt, incorrect password. Second attempt, successfully logged in. I assume this started after a recent update. Normally, this is a minor inconvenience, but I’m trying to set up automatic purchases from a fund and I think this is preventing me from linking my account to the fund. I’ve used the app for a few years and it’s always worked great.
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10 months ago, MJCurry1970
UCB request
I have been very happy with UCB ever since I started working with you several years ago. The app has been super easy to use. The only thing I truly miss is the ability to view actual images of checks that were deposited into my accounts. Can you please bring that option back?
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1 year ago, SUPERCO0LNAME
App is horrible
My wife and I recently bought a house, and our mortgage is through UCB, so we switched banks. This app is extremely frustrating. It tells me incorrect password and then locks my account all the time. My password is saved to autocomplete through my phone so there’s no way I’m typing it incorrectly because it’s automatically being entered. It won’t let me use any of the troubleshooting features (forgot id/password) you just have to call the bank which defeats the purpose of having an app. The same thing happened when I set it up for biometrics. It worked for about 2 weeks and then locked me out.
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1 year ago, Szamockikk
Wish I could add a description to a transfer like we can on the website. I often transfer $$ when my kids do grocery shopping or other reasons. It would be nice to have that information when looking back.
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2 years ago, JM283647382
Unable to deposit checks on an iPad
I am unable to deposit checks on an iPad. I get to the point of taking pictures of the front and back, and no matter how the iPad is oriented (landscape or portrait) or the size selection (full screen or not), I am informed that I cannot submit check images unless the app is in full screen mode, even when full screen landscape or full screen portrait. This worked fine until the last update.
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2 years ago, bootsiemae
Easy does it
I love this app! Was reluctant to get involved with banking online bcse I’m just not a tech person. Who knew, ya don’t need to be! I know immediately what’s with all of my accounts, can easily transfer $$between all accounts and pay internal bills with a simple process! Love love live this app!
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5 years ago, Alsoascarymommy
Works 50% of the time
Frustrating to have an app that hardly works. Prompted to call for further assistance every other login. To which I am told “they are updating the app” which means it will not be available for a few days entirely. I understand things happen but it’s a constant issue.
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3 years ago, dbstotty65
One issue
I love this app, but every time the app I have for my other bank, does an upgrade, it takes the face recognition away from this one. It won’t allow me to do both. Both apps can’t use the face recognition at same time
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4 years ago, doeslayersr
Good, could be better
Need to revise the app to allow a comment or note to be made for a transfer from one account to another regardless of whether the account is internal or external. I can make a note or a comment on a transfer done via the web browser interface, so why not give the mobile app the same capabilities?
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2 years ago, me4871
I am not sure why I have so many issues with the mobile bank app. Sometimes it just drops me when I am trying to do something or it won’t let me log on.
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3 weeks ago, Nana to 02 review
UCB online
I use the oil e system all the time , whether to lay my bills or transfer money from one acct to another and it’s very easy to navigate UVB’s online system. They’re an excellent bank
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1 year ago, KDICKINSON6
App update
The update is terrible, no one is going to understand that their available balance and current balance difference unless they’ve worked at a bank. It’s too confusing to have them both on there. The old version was way better with showing you what was in your account even with pending items. Not happy with the new update.
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5 years ago, Concerned 99
Updated website
New web site was difficult to load onto my new phone. Can only do billing on my phone. Web app will not load onto my computer if or iPad. Can't do my billing from my iPad.
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11 months ago, Nickname for a photo editor
UCB mobile app
Works better than the previous versions. I love having almost all my banking information at my fingertips!
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5 years ago, bankinggood
Good updates
The ap is user friendly and seems to be more so every time I open it. Great to be able to pay bills and move money on the go.
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4 years ago, {KaZa}
Deposit limit
I am very unhappy about the mobile deposit check amount limitation. I was forced to open another checking account with another bank because of this inconvience.
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1 year ago, KIMIK59
I really enjoy using my mobile app! I have better luck using it sometimes more then my laptop!
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1 year ago, Syno86
New app is fire
Much better application both mobile and desktop
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1 year ago, MichiganGoBlue
Update Disappointment
Display onold app was much clearer for actual current balance. Now the way transactions are posting, current balance & available balance just doesn’t seem accurate at quick glance. Overly complicated display of transactions. Like the old app display better.
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3 years ago, Treasure guy
Love the bank and it’s service hit the online side seems to fall short. App crashes a lot.
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3 months ago, Merry maker
Mobile deposit is great!
Thank you for making it so easy.
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7 years ago, Sarabera42
This app is disappointing. This boosts "a different look" but I don't see a difference. This allows for basic banking functions. It will allow you to see your account and pay bills but you can't add/edit payee's. it would also be nice to make multiple payments instead of 1 at a time. Disappointing
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2 years ago, tyranasauiris rex
Great service
Always receive great service from all UCB locations , thank you for your service .
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6 years ago, Dee&S
Love it!
UCB App is easy to use and has many great features. I log in daily to check my balance and pay bills. I love it!
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3 years ago, illinois44
So convenient and easy to use.
We travel in the winter so the mobile app is wonderful.
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7 months ago, CJCLAB
Mobile Deposit
Very convenient
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4 months ago, bobbie b b
Enlarge font please
Larger font please would be helpful with older clients and viewing.
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3 years ago, jalassi
Anyone have a problem with this app crashing on iOS? I’ve re installed it a few times. Still crashes about 90% of the time
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2 weeks ago, Daddy Ric
Mobile Banking.
Easy to use.
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11 months ago, Gabe Graeser
Helped me a lot
Helps me keep track of money and transfers
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1 year ago, hfsgvfh
Not as user friendly
Not as user friendly. My accounts got all mixed up harder to operate and more confusing.
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8 months ago, adqcy
The new revamp of this app is so slow. I loved the older version of the app, I found it much more user friendly. Current update either doesn’t load or takes forever to load.
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2 years ago, joshbadman
It would be nice to be able to add notes/descriptions to the internal transfers.
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6 years ago, jmplucas
Preferred banking
I am a loyal customer. My 20-something son is a 10-yr customer. My husband is a new customer. UCB is GOAT!
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1 year ago, Jlb7593 - add me
The most recent update makes it harder to read the transactions and what they go to. And it's harder to navigate. I thought updates were supposed to be improvements? This update is HORRIBLE!! Fix the update!!
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6 years ago, Emily_beaverhausen
It’s functional and that’s about it
It would be really nice if it showed the account balance after each transaction Sometimes you really need that info to figure something out.
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1 week ago, Yyyyyessss
Alerts are missing
Alerts stopped working.
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1 year ago, lmw@23
Regarding the new “update”
Didn’t have a problem with the previous version, they did an “update” few weeks ago and I think it is terrible now. Thinking about getting rid of it.
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6 years ago, @gnarglfargl
App crashing with new update
Normally I like this app pretty alright but ever since what appears to be a new update yesterday, it crashes when I try to log in with Touch ID.
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5 months ago, Dtom5990
Fix the app!!!!
Can’t even get on the app to unlock my card everything is closed and I’m stranded at a gas station and can’t get any of my money they need a 24 hr customer service for the app this is ridiculous!!!
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1 year ago, KJean92
App will not open
When I try to open the app it immediately crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but for the last week or so it continues to crash.
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8 months ago, Penny65!
Phone app
This phone app is awesome!! Thank you
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5 years ago, jsubdushdbeid
App will not open
The app worked great, did all my banking on it. Just updated to the latest version and it will not go past the start up screen now. Please fix this ASAP!!! Was a 5 star app until the latest update.
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1 year ago, jjwren11
The new app
I really don’t care for the application UCB has created. The display on my screen is too small, instead of being a whole screen it’s only a small rectangle.
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1 year ago, 111Springfield
New app is awful.
Compared to previous app, this one is difficult to navigate, slow, takes much more time to use, and unattractive.
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6 months ago, BillyMagg
Happy to be able to access my acts
UCB’s online banks by is a great help
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