UCCU Mobile

4.4 (3.9K)
30.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Utah Community Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UCCU Mobile

4.41 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
3 years ago, JFyhuhiuyt1gh
Great App!
I’m very happy with UCCU’s app! I would have given 5 stars but there’s always room for improvement! One such improvement might be a function to track the number of transfers made from any Savings Account each calendar month. This number would then then appear somewhere on the app’s Transfer screen. It seems most members are unaware of the Fed’s utterly absurd “Regulation D,” limit of SIX transfers per month, from any Savings Account and I’ve been told by UCCU Reps that Reg-D has caused huge inconveniences for many UCCU members whenever the transfer limit has been unknowingly reached (especially during the Christmas season). Of course, there is no way around Reg-D. Hence, the next best thing would be to try to prevent it from becoming problematic. I feel certain that the simple function I’ve described would all but completely eliminate Reg-D related inconveniences!
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3 years ago, Never good, always bad
Worst Company To Ever Live
UCCU is hands down the worst company I’ve ever been affiliated with. I’ve dealt with bad and very bad companies, like everyone else, whether that’s a bank, restaurant, retail store, etc. - but UCCU is just way above anything that is bad and neglectful. The only good thing they have is their reps aren’t rude. They still don’t know what they’re doing but they’re nice. UCCU refused to help me during the break of the pandemic. Literally every single company worked with people during the pandemic, but UCCU refused to help me, during a MISUNDERSTANDING, and ended up messing up my credit history for the next few years. Todd Kilmer takes care of anything related to this so he’s probably the most cynic person in there. Despite the number of calls, emails and actual proof of my situation, he explicitly did not help when he very well could have. In addition to all that, their app is absolutely messy and almost impossible to utilize. It takes them 2-3 business days to process payments with a bank account, but they wanna charge a $7 fee to use a debit card. You’re kind of between sword and stone there. I have so many things to say but it’s just such a waste of time. I’ve never wanted to get out of a lease so bad just to not have to deal with this attempt of a company. I’d rather pay double for my car if it means I’ll be with a company that actually values their clients. I hope they go out of business.
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5 years ago, iheartdiversity
Hate it.
The app used to be user friendly to anyone, now it's only friendly if you're skilled with banking systems. I hate it so much & avoid using it whenever I can, nothing updates for days in our accounts so I never know if something has been deposited or withdrawn, it used to show almost immediately or within a day, now my accounts aren't updating for multiple days! I have deposit receipts & pay stubs but nothing changes in my mobile app for days. I have to go into the branch to make sure something is credited in my acct, it's always updated immediately there, but not on my app. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "mobile banking"?? It's not aesthetically pleasing & is a mess to look at. I don't have the time to sit and play with it to find all the cool features, I don't care about cool features, we're university students with basic accounts. Give me the basic app back and let other people go to an advanced page if they want. So frustrating.
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5 years ago, UCCU-Grana
UCCU app
Even after more than a year, I find it difficult to find how to do some things that were much clearer and easier in the old system. One thing that’s an annoyance for me is that it’s necessary to go to a full screen in order to view amounts shown in the column on the far right. Many programs I’ve used adjust to the reasonable size of a screen, the UCCU program does not. A second irritation is that no longer are transactions on a single line, so a lot more paper is used when printing a report...waste of space and paper. Too bad there’s no option for a basis information printout, or one with the extra info. However, on the several times I’ve called or visited a UCCU office for assistance, I’ve always been treated well—all the employees are very helpful and pleasant.
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7 years ago, ilaview
Horrendous 😡
The whole point of mobile banking is to make banking easier. This update has done the complete opposite. Instead of adding simplicity, uccu has successfully created a terrible program that is impossible to navigate- especially for individuals who are not tech savvy such as myself. The design changes alone make me want to cry. Instead of soft simple blue segmented sections, the new design is practically engineered to look like the most unattractive white nothingness with the same appeal as doing your taxes. The worst part is there is no way to transfer money from your savings directly to your credit card to pay it off. Even advanced chase banking has that option. And by the way, the new chase system looks and functions the way this used to 3 days ago. I used to love this app for its design and simplistic functionality that made banking fun; now I hate everything about it. This app used to be user friendly, now it's essentially user opposed. If there is any way to opt out of this disaster, please tell me. (Just put it back to the way it was)
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2 years ago, Mawjjidjdjjd
Great App! Wish I Could Recommend Features
I’m new to UCCU, but I’ve definitely loved all of the customization and financial tools UCCU offers! Their app kinda feels *exactly* like their website, which I’m not super keen on - so it’s less of an app as much as a direct link. I hope UCCU adds a way to provide feedback on their app in the way of feature requests! (I recommend investing in Qualtrics) I have lots of ideas on how you could improve, but no way to share them with you. - Please make the app cleaner and remove your own adds from the main page. - Allow the ability to move the “Savings Goals” section. If I don’t want to use it, it’s in the way to view checking and it’s obnoxious. - If I share my account with others, can we choose to have our customizations be shared (rather than each user be unique?) I could use this app over every other financial tool app I have if I could actually customize/rename WITH my spouse - rather than duplicate the work.
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6 years ago, You're Welcome 1
App needs work
This app is somewhat user friendly however, still needs work. It would be nice if we could tap on one of our accounts and transfer money from that account right away. Instead we have to tap the menu you button and search for the transaction feature. It would be nice if it was easier to access. I think the available balance and current balance is a lot to have on the app and just makes everything looked squashed in to fit. I think it would be best to simplify the layout of the app by just having the available balance there. I just found that if we hit the “More” button in the top right hand corner you can actually transfer money faster. However, not the most ideal place to put that. Why don’t try putting in the moment we touch one of our accounts as part of the account summary? The app is great, however using the Wellsfargo app took me substantially less time to learn than this app did.
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3 years ago, BzyDctr
Web Crawler Hacker—Don’t use UCCU
I have 364 mail notifications of someone trying to access my UCCU account over the last quarter; it is methodical at set times of the day and hasn’t skipped a beat. I’ve changed my login ID several times and keep getting locked out of my own account—can’t login with correct info because the we crawler already locked it that day. So, I tell UCCU customer service about this (repeatedly) and they always say I just need to change my login ID to be more complex... (already have multiple times). I ask them why, as a company, they’re not blocking the IP address of whoever is trying to break in systematically over three hundred times in the last few months into a client’s account and they give excuses as to why they’re never going to do anything to help me. Protect your money somewhere better that actually invests their profits into client security. Save yourself from this frustration and don’t ever use UCCU!
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5 years ago, I-detest-UCCU-online-banking
Forces constant password changes on memory challenged.
I am extremely frustrated that under the guise of security, I am again changing my password to another one I won’t be able to remember either. The fact that I only get two login attempts to try and remember the stupid password before being locked out is ridiculous. So, now because I’m not supposed to use the same password I use for other things and because I don’t know the rules of whether it allows or heaven forbid, denies the use of passwords with periods, dashes, capitals, special characters, I’m faced with the hell of making my third guess and probably locking myself out again or writing the password down on that post-it note I have stuck to my computer with other damnable apps’ passwords. So much for security. This app and the overzealous security idiots UCCU have become make for a horrible banking experience.
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6 years ago, Turbo Lazer
Still a lot of bugs to work out / Terrible Service
I would love to use this app with confidence, but it has had an unappealing amount of crashes when trying to process payments. Due to my work schedule I am unable to visit a physical branch location at my convenience. Hence why I got the app to handle making payments. I was unable to process a payment on my CC and ended up having to come into a branch location the next month to make a payment. Even after talking to an Account Manager about the issue with the app while making the payment, my credit still got dinged for the late payment even though I left the branch location with their word that they’d take care of it. Not sure why the quality of service has been declining, but this is unacceptable when people’s credit scores are affected by the bank’s negligence.
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5 years ago, SarFur
Not great
I’m new to UCCU. I have an other account with a different CU. I wanted to connect them so as to pay the cc from my checking account. Getting the phone app set up was so difficult. The password I set up when I created this account wasn’t working. I got locked out of my account. Making a new password is no big deal. This app just kept saying it wasn’t meeting the qualifications without listing what those qualifications are until after I finally got it to work. It should have worked with the first 3 pass phrases I created. I had over 8 characters, including capital letters, symbols and numbers. It wasn’t until I matched it almost exactly to the temporary password sent that it worked. Is the app so picky that it wants those qualifiers in a certain order?
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4 years ago, Nate42nd
Functional - Feature rich
This app is very good. I can deposit checks with the camera on a phone, transfer money, see transactions, and above all pay bills, or pay anyone. You can just enter info and they will send them a check if the person or business can’t except transfers. There is also wire transfers that have fees (I think) I’ve never used that. Pretty good bank app. I’ve used 4 apps from banks. This one is very good, but not as “flashy”. I actually like it that way. Just does the job...most people probably don’t even know the capabilities of the app. You can do more than going to their website, so pretty good.
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5 years ago, Air-Fair
Easy to use
My wife and I love the app. We just got married a few months ago and it’s been easy to connect our accounts and see everything on the app. Checking out balances and making transfers are super easy (including scheduled ones like the monthly transfer to my mom for my phone bill...)! Like any other app there are sometimes small bugs, but they’re constantly updating the app and making sure it gets easier and easier to use. Way easier and convenient now than when they switched systems about a year and a half ago!
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7 years ago, Ddbb78
Not all features work
I really dislike the new app. It is not user friendly. I have such a hard time navigating through trying to find what I need. I have two loans, and I can't find a due date for either. One shows a minimum payment is due, even though I just made a payment two weeks ago. The other shows no minimum payment due even though it's been over a month since I made the payment last. So, I have no idea when the payment is due. It's very confusing and the call center is useless. And, it shows things differently in my accounts than what the customer service reps say over the phone. Your different systems need to talk to each other better.
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9 months ago, Ashtonism
It’s clear someone worked hard on this app
This app is impressively secure and includes many helpful features. While the user interface takes some getting used to, i appreciate that important things like account balances are right on the front page and that tapping on each account can give me more information about it, transaction history, etc. i love that budgeting tools are being added, as well. I appreciate that UCCU seems to always be trying to improve this app.
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2 years ago, djmork7
Lot of Tools and Options
I love this app. They have a budget tool thay helps me see where my money goes, it automatically categorizes things. If you want them changed it’s an easy click of a button, when you switch it there is an option to always have transactions at that company be that category. I can link my other financial institution bank accounts so I see them all in one place, and it’s easy to do everything on the app. The reps are great to talk to if you ever have trouble. Overall, great app!
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5 years ago, DoubleDutch801
Old version worked better
It’s frustrating when an “improvement” actually makes things worse. Why not just go back to the old app? Transactions take forever to update. I use an outside budgeting tool that connects to UCCU but ever since this major app update the outside tool inexplicably shows my checking account balance as zero. It started exactly when this update happened and the tool doesn’t have that problem with any of my other bank accounts. I’ve been a credit UCCU member for 30+ years and this kind of low quality tool I have to fight with is making me consider going somewhere else for my primary banking. There are lots of bad reviews for over a year and it hasn’t changed?? C’mon UCCU!
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7 years ago, kgibic
This app is awesome!
I love this new app. Those who have difficulty with it just need to play around with it a little more to learn how to use it. I promise it's not that difficult. I have had no problems at all logging in and seeing my accounts. The conversion seemed to have a rocky start, but even Apple and Windows have bugs in their software programs after they are first released that need to be sorted out. All y'all haters need to chill. I love that you can load external accounts to the online banking. I also love that they incorporated touch ID!!!
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8 months ago, EndGameOn
So easy! But…
I have 2 account with several sub accounts. This makes it so easy to manage my savings and budgets. But it has one fatal flaw which they could easily fix but don’t. It will not allow you to pay down your credit card to 0 automatically every month. We have been hit several time with fees and wish we could just have it automatically pay. It says it will and employees think it will, but it is broken. We have had them help us set it up twice but it does not work. Remember to pay or you will pay.
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5 years ago, aberrantartist
Great App, with so much more to come
Although it can be a bit difficult for some to learn in the beginning, it is very easy to learn if one will take a few minutes to try it out. There are so many amazing and helpful features in here and so much more is coming. It would be nice to have it more simplified because I don’t use all of the features, but I realize that UCCU needs to cater to a wide audience and needs many different options for them. But one banks app that I love is Chime, super clean, and super simple, and I think UCCU is going in a great direction from where they started.
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7 years ago, kwing3000
Can't even access the balance of my accounts
Since the upgrade I can't even access the balance of my accounts. I've been able to login TWICE since Monday both on the computer and my phone combined. I then drove to the bank and tried to get a balance receipt from the ATM and it printed out telling me it was unable to obtain my request. I then got a balance receipt from an employee at the drive through and it was ridiculously inaccurate. I had taken cash out and paid multiple bills and my balance was the same as it was prior to doing those things. I understand that this is a review on the UCCU app but this entire system upgrade is so ridiculous. We will be moving to another bank within the week.
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11 months ago, zaebaliuje2354
Mobile deposit
When trying to do a mobile deposit, you have to write a note on the back of the check, however, if your limit of deposits exceeded, you will be notified about that only at the end of the process. So you will waste the time and make the markings on the check just to see that you cannot deposit the check. Taking that check to a different bank can be a problem because it’s written for Uccu deposits on the back of it.
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7 years ago, StormyLines
Great but needs work
UCCU app and website were in desperate need of an overhaul and this is it it's finally here, so far I like the new features and it's a step in the right direction. But people need to understand that with a complete overhaul such as this it takes time to work out bugs and fix things, it's not always pretty like people expect it to be, give it time with a few updates it should improve. The negative: and the biggest problem right now is I am unable to make payments or transfers, and I'd say that's pretty important.
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5 years ago, Music Dudette
Not Great
This is a great app for depositing checks and seeing where I am in individual accounts, but I would really appreciate it if they could learn a few things from Mint so I could use this app exclusively. I’d love to be able to look at a summary of my checking/saving/money market accounts and another for my credit card/overdraft accounts to easily see where I am with cash flow. Unless I’m missing something (and if I am, someone please let me know!) I have to add them up separately. With Mint I can see immediately what is going on. Since UCCU is my credit union, I’d love to only come here for all of the info! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Piispa
Excellent bank with an excellent app
It’s convenient, I haven’t had any complaints or hiccups with the app after 6 or 7 years of frequent use. It’s easy and fast to make transfers or connect an autopay system. Electronic check scanning system is great, and it updates really fast after you make transactions like paying off your credit card. Smooth, easy to use, and well-built. An all-around excellent product.
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2 years ago, Turtlemartian
Very useful
This app is very useful! I love the tools it has, as well as how easy it is to see all the information I need. It automatically categorizes transactions (which most budget apps require payment to do), allows easy mobile direct deposit, and gives basically full access to everything you would want to routinely do with a banking app. There are a few usability quirks, but nothing that hinders the app’s functionality. The people behind this app did a very good job.
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1 year ago, TheJaker007
Great App
This is one of the best mobile banking apps around. It has a nice user interface and is really easy to use. They also have all of the most important features available on the front page so I don't have to go digging to check my balance or pay off my credit card bill. I only wish that when paying of my credit card bill it was easier to see if I had already paid off last month's balance or not.
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10 months ago, tri1a
Better text customer service
My old bank would text me every transaction, the amount and the balance. I was able to stop 2 fraud transactions on my account within 10 minutes because of that. Also every morning it would text me my balance at 10 am. That’s the only reason I stuck with an inconvenient out of state bank for 5 years. And here I pay $6.00 a month for a text service that doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, anapat93
Makes my life a lot easier
I love the convenience of this app and it always works great. It is very easy to make transfers between accounts and having all my banking information right on my phone is priceless. I only have one issue—the limit on checks/amount that can be deposited per calendar day—as a small business owner I would like to not have this limitation or a limit increase.
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7 years ago, unconventional_kevin
A Step In the Right Direction
As someone who has accounts at several bank, I've said for a while that UCCU desperately needs to join the rest of the banking world. With this new update, they're finally on par with the other apps I use. Moving money between accounts is easy. The interface isn't the easiest to navigate, but the new features make up for that in my opinion. Overall not the best banking app out there, but much better than before. Patch the bugs and I'll be happy.
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11 months ago, Vidottsen
Great place to have my money.
UCCU has proven to be a stable, professional place to keep my money secure. There have been several occasions when I was overspending on a vacation. A restaurant wouldn’t accept my check. I called the number on the back of my card and the CU customer service representative said they were concerned that perhaps someone had taken my card. I gave her my ID and the money was available again.
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5 years ago, DarthRicktor
Great app for my iPhone
I have been using the UCCU mobile app for years and have nothing but high praise for this software. I can access my account at anytime from just about anywhere. I can and do check my checking balance several times a day to closely monitor my transactions. Making transfers or even loan payments is a snap. The latest upgrade even shows pending withdrawals or deposits which is a great feature that I find very helpful.
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5 years ago, Camilla4154
Gets the job done
It’s not the most advanced banking app, but generally it works all right. A few issues I commonly have: - Issues logging in. The app seems to crash during login half the time. - Transfers/payments appearing incorrectly. In other banking apps, generally you can make a loan payment/transfer within the same account and have the history of the transactions appear after you submit. In this app, I have to log out and log back in for everything to update, especially for credit card payments. That is frustrating.
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1 year ago, Why's the Rum Gone?
Error on reopen most of the time
This app can’t handle being dormant and then re-opened. It usually gives an error, forcing you to close and reopen the app. Works fine after that. I recommend you automate the close/restart process so that when it gives the error, it automatically restarts. Or you could address the error. But the first option is probably easier.
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6 years ago, AppleDisciple
This app makes our life so much easier!
Thank you UCCU for creating such an efficient APP! We have to constantly check our account because so much of our business is online and this makes it easy on-the-go, especially traveling state-to-state every month. The whole system changed last year, which threw us for a loop, but the changes were worth it. Congrats on the success this brings for all of us.
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7 years ago, emillama55
System update? More like system poopdate
I used to use the old app almost every day with no problems whatsoever, then the new app surfaced and I couldn't log into my account. It kept asking me to change my password (I did probably 10 times) and called the customer service multiple times and got no help whatsoever and when I tried to explain that their suggestions wouldn't work because I had already tried them, I was pushed to do it anyway which resulted in it obviously not working and then "transferring" me to a higher representative which resulted in me being disconnected every time. Needless to say, I got no help and switched my bank the next day.
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6 months ago, Jlbrown62
I would not be able to do my banking very well without this app. It is great. Even though I don’t deduct stars because of it, I do not like the registration process because it doesn’t matter if I registered or not next time I need to login it it still needs to be registered again. So that is very frustrating but I guess this is necessary evil to keep it secure.
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1 year ago, NateDogNY
An excellent mobile app!
I have had this mode of doing my banking since I had a non-Smart Phone, and it became even faster and continues to be more versatile every year since I bought my first iPhone. I really like the 2 step verification features, whether from my computer or phone app (which also uses finger print recognition). Keep up the good work!
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6 months ago, mikeintennessee123
Across internal family accounts and Links to external
It’ been 30 years of easy online banking since my spouse and I, then each of our 8 children adopted UCCU online tools. We appreciate easy transfers among our accounts and instant Zella transfers to outside parties. Online Statements and notices setting and text notifications, are just two ancillary functions we enjoyed first on the UCCU apps.
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2 years ago, MasterCylinder004
We moved to Utah 4 years and had to move all of our finances here. UCCU has provided outstanding service for that process and ever since. We have found the staff to be knowledgable, eager to help and pleasant to work with. We have found UCCU to be dependable and valuable as a family financial management asset. I recommend them without any hesitation to anyone looking for a "bank".
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5 years ago, Kiyaralynn
Credit Card Payments are Ridiculous
Listen here. I work full time, and I do not have enough time to come into a branch on my lunch break to make a payment on my credit card. And the Member Service Line takes FOREVER in order to answer my call. The fact that I cannot make a minimum payment, other amount, paydown to zero, or current statement balance is ridiculous. Every time that I try and make a payment EITHER on the app or even online banking. It ALWAYS says that the Transaction Host Failed. I have never found it so difficult to make my payments on time. I’m going to have to take my business else where if this continues.
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2 years ago, Galen25217
Could be better / lacks user friendliness
It’s a little confusing and tough to navigate to the tools that are used fairly often, such as transferring money between accounts or to paying bank credit accounts. Also, the iPhones handy Touch ID either isn’t being utilized by the app or isn’t working (selecting the “remember me” tab when logging in does nothing because the next time I log in I always have to re-enter my password.
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4 years ago, monicatrublu
Very helpful and easy to use!
This app has lots of features that are very useful! You can add accounts from other banks as well so that you can see all of your balances in the same place. It's also easy to mobile deposit checks and to pay off credit balances. My only complaint is that the app occasionally malfunctions when you try and use some of the financial tools that the app provides. Overall, great!
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4 years ago, Wahumba
New version looks better, functions worse
About a year ago there was an update to the app. It looks a lot better, but it lost functionality. That’s one of the cardinal sins of software development. The main gripe I have is with the transfer system. On the iOS mobile app, you cannot see how much money is in the account you have selected. This makes it very difficult to transfer money between accounts and has lead to some mistakes that we have had to call uccu to get corrected.
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7 years ago, Cronkin' iTunes
Poorly Done Update
The navigation of the app isn't terrible for what I use it for. My biggest complaint is that since the update our transactions and account balances are always messed up, and it is hard to see what is actually in our accounts. For example, we will go from $2000 in our account, have a $10 transaction, it will show a balance of $1700 in the account, another transaction and it will show $1980 in the account, another $10 transaction and it will land anywhere in those numbers. Makes it very hard to manage your account responsibly when you can't tell what is actually in it.
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10 months ago, Jeeprassic13
Great app that works
It’s nice to have an app that actually works well without so many hiccups that other apps have. One improvement would be to have notification of purchases as they are being made, and showing up as “pending” in each of the accounts. Right now, only purchases that clear, show up.
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1 year ago, Grandma Kat-Kat
If You Move Out of State, Keep Banking at UCCU!
My husband and I have lived in two different states since retiring and moving from Utah County 14 years ago. We tried local credit unions and banks in our new areas. None of the other institutions could compare with UCCU’s services. We continue to be loyal UCCU members because of its personable, professional employees and convenient online banking app!
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3 years ago, Tyronne Lavin
Very nice UI
Splash screen is nice, I like how you can organize some of your other bank/credit accounts as well. Menu is easy to navigate and is straightforward. Would like to see an option to long press the icon for quick balance like some other banks have, or the option to check balances quickly without having to log in. Very happy so far.
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6 years ago, CarlyALM
I don’t usually have problems with UCCU and the app is pretty convenient for me. HOWEVER, there are so many times when logging in doesn’t work, they’re always going under maintenance so it’s harder to do access stuff, and I don’t know if this is the bank itself or the app, but my payments take forever to come in. My friend gets paid right at midnight and her bank is Chase. As for me, whenever I get paid, it might be at 7 or maybe at 7:30 or even 8:30. I wish it was consistent.
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2 years ago, DrakeNoble7
Great App
Love how secure the app is by having a digital scan of your thumb and facial recognition. I would like to be able to lock my cards if they ever get stollen or if someone is charging my account things I didn’t pay for. Very convenient way to pay credit card and transfer money to and from accounts
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