UFirst Credit Union

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University Fed Credit Union
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10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UFirst Credit Union

4.71 out of 5
6K Ratings
5 years ago, ike&linz
Gained ability to search transactions!
Original review: I like the layout of this new app, but it took away a feature that I used more than any other (aside from transferring funds). It lost its ability to search transactions within my accounts. It feels like a downgrade for my needs. I hope they update this feature. The new layout/features aren't worth the upgrade when you take away a basic, helpful tool. Very frustrating!! Update: It's been a year or so & even with other upgrades, there is still no search function for me to look up a specific charge, amount, or vendor. Still frustrated. 2nd update (4-2-18): its been probably another year since my last update & I STILL CAN’T DO A BASIC SEARCH THROUGH MY TRANSACTIONS on the new app. PLEEEEEASE fix this!!!!! It’s a pretty basic function. Still frustrated! Summer 2018: I can now search my transactions...easily. THANK YOU for correcting this. This app now has everything I need & then some. 5 stars!!
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10 months ago, 336468!*
Adding to everyone else- UPDATE IS AWFUL
I’ll start by saying I love this credit Union. Everything has always been wonderful and I’ve never had any issues before. That being said, the new update is awful! It doesn’t load and I’ve had about a million and one issues with transfers. You can’t refresh when in the app and it doesn’t update available balance for pending transactions either and I’ve noticed my account balance has been wrong a lot whenever I check. Not sure if it’s correlated or not but I’ve also had an increased amount of online payment declines for small purchases (when there’s clearly enough in my account) and have to manually approve purchases through the card management app. It’s quite frustrating. I’m also not a fan of the layout, it’s a lot more chaotic than the previous version. In addition to everything else, the features don’t work majority of the time and the app crashes frequently. All in all, the update seems like a major downgrade from the previous version and has caused more inconveniences than should ever be necessary.
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6 months ago, Corvaisis
Bad app
Online check deposit is the worst! After you deposit your check using the app you have no way of knowing the status of your deposit! I deposited a check using this app two days ago and it still hasn’t posted and there are no indicators on the app stating the progress of the deposit. There is nothing that lets you know the status, it’s as if you never even made the deposit! It should tell you if there’s a hold or how long the hold will be. There should be a way to see that your check was even deposited! You’re just left in limbo waiting to see if the check was even accepted after the initial deposit! It’s actually leading me to close my account and go with another institution. Just a horrible app The funny thing is is that the check I deposited is from the same bank so you’d think it would be accepted faster since it comes from the same institution but no…you’re just left in limbo
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4 years ago, Homer Hendelbergenheinzel
Terrible use of screen real estate
When scrolling down through transactions it covers the top half of the screen with a red banner that shows your balance. This banner ought to scroll off when you scroll down so the whole screen is full of transactions. There is no point in taking up half my screen permanently with info that I only want to see once. And it’s super obnoxious that when I go to deposit a check it pops up a dialogue with a contract that I agree to write the words of their choice on the check before depositing it. This manipulation is offensive. They should instead pop up a note later saying that the deposit was successful so please mark it as deposited to avoid confusion. What if I mark it as deposited but in fact it fails? Then they’ve forced me to improperly track my deposits and they’ve messed me up. This has happened twice. This is really an unprofessional operation.
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2 months ago, Lionibfhgh
Bring back the old app
I’ve been suffering through this new app since its release, from back buttons that log you out instead of taking you back to your account summary page to needing to pay off an overdraft balance 2x because the first payment doesn’t pay interest. But now it’s reached a new all time low (if that was even possible), and I can’t pay off my credit card on the app. I now need to log in to the website to make the payment because the line of credit accounts no longer show up in the list when making a transfer. The developers comment that they appreciate the feedback, but have done nothing to change since the new app was released, I’m fed up. After almost 10 years of being a happy credit union member, I’ve officially started to look for a new place to do my banking. TL;DR I’m looking for a new bank/CU because this app is so hard to use
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8 months ago, David Mooch
Another bad update
No FICO score. Just some Experian garbage. I want my FICO that affects bank loans not a garbage scores related to credit cards. They are different FICOs! Clicking services crashes the app. Worst part is no loan payoff amount listed or included in payoff. You make two payments because the leftover interest. A feature that was finally added and fixed was removed. Stealing extra money maybe? You also no longer have anything saying what your loan payment amount is or option to just select the monthly payment amount to pay it. Last annoying change is they have you go into a loan to transfer money to it not from it and removed the quick transfer feature to select accounts from the home page of the app. FIRE YOUR DEVELOPERS! I’ve been saying it for years!
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10 months ago, hthrmb94
I’m not sure who decided it was time to change the website and mobile app but whoever is responsible to the new UX did not UsFIRST. A simple card sort and revised information architecture with a guide tour on log in would’ve been fine. But many of the affordances created through the new system have been lost. Example: color coded transactions in the account view (green for deposit was great - now there is no differentiator). Similarly the roll out was atrocious. There was no warning whatsoever on the day the website transferred over. So, when I went to login I was suspiciously asked to change my password after being guided from an error page… Then had to call in because I refused to do so which locked my account. Again, two for two on TERRIBLE UX and CX. Lastly, when the new system went live I also lost the links I made to external accounts and can no longer access my credit card rewards. This was all preventable. The CX team (if there even is one) needs to regroup and get some feedback that is better representative of the user population because this new UX has failed each task and use case I’ve presented to it.
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3 years ago, freedom1withandrew.com
Removed remaining amount due on acct balance page.
I love this Credit Union, I will say first. I have a couple of car loans with them and I used to be able to just bring up my account balances and see the remaining amount due for the month on those and the credit card I have here. Now I have to dig for them. I know it’s minor, but it was one thing I really appreciated on this app versus other apps I use since I usually pay on them weekly and need to keep track of where I am.
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10 months ago, AVM2013
New Update is Awful
I’ve been a UFirst member for about 6 years. The new update (as of November 2022) has rendered the app unusable, whereas before it was really easy to use and highly preferred to the mobile/desktop site. The new “quick transfer” feature doesn’t work (in fact I can’t transfer at all from the app and have to do it from the mobile site, which now just looks like a copy of the app). You can’t select any of your accounts from the drop down menus. The features that actually made it “quick” transfer like the “payoff balance” option are gone for some reason? The app crashes every time I open it. Please fix the bugs that make the app unusable and bring back the features that made it actually easy and fast.
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10 months ago, StarKit
New Update Not Mobile Friendly
The previous version was much more straightforward and accessible. The new update looks and functions like a website trying and failing to match to a mobile search engine app. It’s cluttered, slow, and difficult to find things that were previously easily available. If the app developers wanted to add the goal and financial tracking functions, it would have been better to provide a separate tab on the original app that worked like the current version, but left the main screen basically the same as it was before. Previously great to use, really irritated by the slow loading and format of the new update.
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4 years ago, 25yearmember
Mobile deposit
This is getting very frustrating!!! I made a mobile deposit on Friday after UFCU hours because I needed to pay some bills. It’s now Sunday at 7:30pm and it’s still pending?????? I could have easily deposited the check on Saturday morning, but being I already deposited it I couldn’t! Sometimes it goes through in the past and sometimes it ends up in cyberspace for days!!! I always have plenty of lighting and take the best picture of the front and back without using a tripod!!!!!! Bills are now late. Didn’t get my truck in to get fixed and eating top Roman for dinner tonight!!! You guys need to figure it out or I’ll be more than happy to close my accounts and move on. Thanks
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10 months ago, Sara123454321
Since update, app crashes
Ever since this app was updated in November, it has started randomly crashing when I am first trying to open the app. Also, they got rid of one of my favorite features, which was the ability to add notes to my transactions. This was so helpful for me to be able to track what I was actually spending my money on. The only new feature to come out if the update is the ability to schedule recurring transfers on a monthly, bi-weekly, or really whatever basis I choose. That is very nice. Please don’t get rid of that. But BRING BACK THE NOTES!!! And FIX THE CRASHING!!!
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8 months ago, Vistalisa
No option to pay full balance? No back buttons?
I liked the new app until I realized how hard it is again to pay off overdrafts. The old app let you pay off the full balance. It was easy to find and easy to do. I would think there’s be something in the overdraft account that would let you do this but now it’s another 6 step process. And why aren’t there back buttons? Have to go back through the whole menu to go back? Come on. Who designed this?
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2 years ago, fritsjohn
Fix the app
Stupid I can’t directly deposit a business check into my business acct. without having to deposit it 1st into my personal then transfer it to my business acct using your app. I can’t pick where to deposit a check in my personal either checking or savings but not directly to my business account. What’s up with that? Fix it. Months later and here we are in the same place. Still can’t mobile deposit checks into my business acct. Calling the main number to the CU isn’t going to fix your ap maybe I’ll take my $ somewhere else if this doesn’t get fixed
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9 months ago, raeruso
New Update is horrendous!
Whoever designed the new update did a terrible job at making a mobile friendly app. It functions like a website making it confusing and slow to use. The color coded deposit and transaction features were an easy way to balance checkbooks and see money being added or taken away. Similarly, now that pending balances are no longer, I never truly know how much I have in my account. The old app was much easier to navigate and was a lot more mobile friendly, go back to the drawing board and do some user tests because this is awful!
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8 months ago, tristyyn666
My car was broken into this Sunday where all my cards were stolen. I went into the app to cancel my cards where I had to download a completely new app JUST for the cards… AND I HAD TO ENTER MY CARD NUMBERS TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT. how do you expect me to know all my card #’s??!!! so than I called to cancel and of course the locations were closed on sundays. I than stayed on the line for the customer service where I was on the phone with a service agent for 30+ minutes of him repeating the same question. And in the end he said he couldn’t cancel without the card numbers. Absolutely Ridiculous.
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2 years ago, AK47Bang
This app doesn’t work it’s telling me to reconfigure the URL. It really hasn’t worked that well for me for a long time. I am seriously frustrated. The app also doesn’t allow my husband and I to transfer funds to each other, it never has even before the change.
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5 months ago, leia6789
Cancelled my account because of the update.
I quite literally closed my account because of their app update. It’s awful to use, and when I paid my $5.52 in overdraft in FULL, why does it now say I still had another .03 CENTS to pay off? That’s ridiculous and it never used to happen. When I paid the balance in full, it was paid. None of this weird cent difference once you pay it off. There are a plethora of other issues, but I closed my account because of it. I run my finances through my phone, I need it to be easy.
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3 years ago, 135reviewer
Ok App
App is ok. Logging in is easy. Besides missing some features available only on a desktop, my biggest issue is the lack of light on mobile deposits. At my desk, the overhead light always casts a huge shadow. This could be fixed if it turned on the light when capturing image of a check.
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5 years ago, 007Nephite
Good banking app
I do all of my banking on my mobile app. I'm able to check balances, transfer money, deposit checks, and so much more. I never even go into the branch anymore since the app makes things so convenient! I recommend this to anyone looking to simplify their banking experience.
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4 years ago, MistangSally1117
Always meeting my needs.
I’ve been through a bunch of financial institutions trying to find the right one and UFCU not only has all I need, but they’re super nice every time I go to a location. They listen and are friendly. I’m loving them so far. Closed my other 2 banks and now just have them and Venmo. <3<3<3
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4 years ago, ASSFACEASS
It’s very easy to navigate. Honestly I feel safe using it too, so this app definitely deserves nothing less than a 5 star. But the credit union itself is really one of the greatest in the industry as well so again nothing less than a 5 star would be fair, in my 15 yrs experience at least :)
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4 years ago, Zedlavj
User friendly
I like the app because it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. So many other banking apps have weird glitches that make paying bills difficult but I’ve not experienced any issues with this one.
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4 years ago, 1_AN
App could use a little work.
App feels a little behind the times. It’s the small things that really count here. I can only pay my loan through the accounts in my profile. Unfortunately, my money is in a completely different bank. I can only pay from this bank using the website. This means I still have to go online making the app pretty much useless.
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2 years ago, Radacular
The late fee swindle update
Well I have two late fees now for the very first time in my entire time banking with these people because they change their app set up and made it non-accessible to see the due date and the owed fees for my CC. Seems like an intentional rift in my and a lot of other peoples daily operations to try and induce late fees by limiting communication. I will be creating several other accounts to try and drive this apps rating down until it is rectified
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3 years ago, Vagus Aeternus
Took me a few days for mobile deposit to be available. Not exactly the definition of convenience. On the bright side I can always see how much money I have; which is usually zero.
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8 months ago, Danny Bananaz
Garbage app for a garbage bank
Read the other recent reviews.. no one likes this app. Add yet they continue to force it down our throats. And there’s no updates, no patches.. no one’s trying to fix this pile of steaming, broken garbage. Crashes all the time. And the only feature that even works for me is checking balances. Any other attempt to do anything else like transfer funds or deposit checks or anything — instant crash! 😡
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5 years ago, Cobalt Wraith
Almost there
4 stars because the app has been steadily improved over the last few years, but only 4 stars because external transfers are somehow still not available. The app is a near mirror of the acceptable website the credit union has put together, save for transfers to linked external accounts.
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6 years ago, Hairballeight
Only one problem
I like this it keeps me informed of where my money going. I mean money goes like grows on trees. The only problem I have with it is it keeps showing my User ID when I sign out. I don't like giving that much information out to others☹️
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6 years ago, Queen_Cobra95
I love the app. It’s definitely helps when your on the go. Especially, the quick balance check. Incase I forget my password. Great credit union. I definitely see myself being with then over the next 10 years.
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10 months ago, vjsidisje
No longer user friendly
New update is terrible. The app used to be so easy and user friendly. Now it’s a hassle to navigate through the easy functions that once were and with banking transactions it’s confusing to know what’s deposited and withdrawn from accounts as it all just looks the exact same. This needs to be fixed. I can’t believe an update absolutely ruined the whole app.
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4 years ago, Udjxdhdhstssjysh
Functional app but contains Ads
For a banking app, it covers everything I really need and what I’d imagine most other would need. My only issue is with the ads that appear, taking up a sizable amount of the screen, and it is genuinely frustrating. If there was an opt out or disable for these my rating would definitely being higher.
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5 years ago, SanKav
Finally can search transactions
Love this app. It looks clean and is so easy to use. The quick balance feature sure comes in handy and we can search transactions now! Love the updates. Keep them coming :)
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10 months ago, angrypoorcollegestudent
The new update is hot garbage
1. I hate when I have to reset my password every 5 minutes. In fact that is one of the reasons I used Ufirst over other credit unions. 2. This UI is the most cluttered unnavigable mess. I hate how much was added, the minimal design was very readable and easy to use, this new design seems to want to shove way too much detail and functionality into an inappropriate medium. 3. Seriously, I might stop using Ufirst after this update. There are better credit unions out there. Also, Ufirst has to be stupidest name change. There are like 4 other credit unions with this name. This doesn’t make you more universally appealing, it makes you incredibly generic and your website harder to find
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3 years ago, rhm808
Not too bad
Helpful information available through the app and quick access to accounts.
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5 years ago, DShaddy
Regarding app
I love having my bank account information at the tip of my finger, but it was difficult to get set up. The confirmation email was delayed so it wasn’t a quick set up. Once getting into the app it is great. Easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, Matt_993
Great App❗️ 😁
I use this app all the time to deposit checks and check balances. The deposits have always been timely and accurate in the 5 or 6 years I've used the app.
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9 months ago, Gdp041
Latest update
The new update is terrible. Click on accounts and they pull up for a second then disappear. Need to keep clicking off them and then back to accounts to get them to open. A lot busier than the old app. Functions like the website. If I needed to use the website I’d pull it up. The old app was way easier and quicker to navigate and process things quickly.
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3 years ago, whitesalamander
Fast, friendly and secure
Easy to stay current, deposit checks without going into a branch, transfer funds, and use billpay. Great customer service as well.
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5 years ago, MamaBear505
Works just fine
Does everything I need. Mobile deposit is excellent. Wish it supported multiple accounts so I could see personal and business from the same app.
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6 years ago, Socaljf
Quick balance check & convenient mobile deposit
Clean looking app that does basic banking. Mobile deposit is simple & quick. Easy balance check. Bill pay is a bit clunky when it comes to adding a new payee. So not 5 star rating.
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1 year ago, unhappy with crappy website
Crappy Website
Everything about this website is crap. Too many things to list. But if it fits under the category of everything, it is wrong with this site. Every time I am forced to use this website or app I want to take my money out of your institution, but that also is a hassle. So I just stay and am frustrated. Please make a website that is user friendly.
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5 years ago, Tazdawg
Quick and clean
Quick to load and a clean layout but searching within transactions is clunky. Wish it was more like the desktop version.
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3 years ago, Wilsonitely
Easy to navigate!
Clear and easy to navigate app. Quick access to options and great options for doing ones banking. Thanks
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5 years ago, Billiam4)67
Biometrics and Check Deposit
For the love of god please make the check deposit and biometric portions of the app work consistently. More often than not the biometric setting resets itself to off and the check deposit is next to worthless. Same check, same signature....one day no problem ....other days no chance
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10 months ago, N/A1105
New Update
The new update is a couple steps backwards in my opinion. The older version may have lacked access to some features that would have been nice to have, but the new version is a lot like the website and makes balance transfers much more complicated and difficult to properly complete. Why would you make the app nearly identical to the website?
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6 years ago, Choose the Red
Awesome Mobile Banking
The University Credit Union Mobile app is an invaluable tool in this hectic world. Constant companion at my fingertips to keep track of my finances. No more running to the bank or a computer for information on my accounts. Priceless.
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6 years ago, theman_Speed
Best credit union/bank experience ever
I absolutely LOVE this credit union, and the app. All of my finances in one place, easy to use app, money and credit score tracking, & easy payments on my auto loans. These guys have really figured it out!
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1 year ago, Lilbo🐥
Good app
It’s a good app. All the basic stuff you need. I don’t like that they took the due date off of the main screen. You now have to click on each different card/loan to see your due date.
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9 months ago, Ivory Lane
Terrible update
The app was EXCELLENT, but now it’s terrible. I recognize that accountants balance with expenses in parentheses, but the color difference between expense and income was extraordinarily helpful for the lay person. I hate the new layout. I also don’t love that there are so many menus that do the same thing. And what happened to the free credit score without enrolling in anything? Bring back the old app!! Thank you.
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