Uforia: Radio, Podcast, Music

4.7 (20.6K)
75.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Univision Communications Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Uforia: Radio, Podcast, Music

4.69 out of 5
20.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Key-Dog
I’m trying to listen to Los Cococlasicos and la gosadera from X96.3 in NYC from Florida, and every time commercials come on it switch me back to local stations from the area, this is very annoying, then I have to force shutt off the app wait a while and open it again because it will not let me go back to the original station I want to listen. Thx. It’s happening on other phones also.
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5 years ago, pau775
Previius version was much better.
Previous version had less graphucs but it was more effective. I wiuld open get my miami station and it wouldn’t disconnect unless I close it. This version, first, I have to navigate to many settings to fund what I always listen. Second when I find it 10 minutes into it I will loose signal or the app would freeze and I have to close and reipen. Sunce I have ipdated the version 2 days agoI havent been able to listen to my shows cause I don’t have time to be dealing with long and repetitive process at wirk. I need something I set up and forget about it, not an app I have to babysit. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Fu@$ Uforia
Poor APP really needs improvement
I downloaded it because it is the only place I can stream the Radio show i like to listen while I’m working. I am disappointed that Univision would use or endorse such a crappy app. It keeps on buffering, having segments repeating constantly. For instance, they said a phrase of about 15 words, you listen to 10 and it starts the same phrase again. Crashes continuously and it is not the phone neither the network, It happened with the previous versions of IPhone and with ATT and Verizon. I will greatly appreciate if you fix it quick. Or at least allow your shows to be listen to on another platforms
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3 years ago, 5h4d0w_dr34m5
Great but also crap
Been using Uforia to listen to my favorite local station, 103.5 FM El Bueno La Mala y El Feo. Great over all, except for it’s frustrating and irritating commercials that reload every time the app loses internet connection. Which, by the way, commercials load fast and quick but radio takes a sec to buffer. I find myself restarting the app just to reset connection because it’s so sensitive in areas where signals are weak. Wish I could give it 5 stars but it’s instability trumps it’s great features.
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3 months ago, Ron Dennis
Ron and Luis and Rosanna Dennis
Fantastic music good variety of music and for us to hear this music any where we go around on our vacation work play playa great station thank goodness for your station keeps us informed listening in Melbourne Florida gracias love listening to Romantica 1030 am 103.5 fm Orlando 93.9
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5 years ago, Megusta :}
Bad Upgrade!! Problems at work.
I’m been using this application for a few years now, In my job I’m allow to use a Bluetooth but not my phone!! So before I start I program my favorite station and I’m listening for about 8 hours or more, and I didn’t have to touch the phone at all. But since the upgrade it keeps shouting out and erases my favorite list every single day “ It takes a long time to find all the stations again” today I took the phone out a few times to connect it again and they gave me a warning. Pleaseee!!!! check your everything again!! I really need you!!!
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5 years ago, P'pod
Buggy and Buffering
The good thing about this App is that I can find sabatinos from different cities. The bad is that is is Buggy and constantly buffering, regardless of whether I’m on WiFi at home, or on the road (LTE data streaming). When it’s buffering, I can switch to Facebook live stream of the same content and can watch it with no buffering, so it is not the network bandwidth. This started happening after the last major update a few month ago. I hope they fix it soon.
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5 years ago, WiBi312
New Update
I like the new changes. The annoying part is that I don’t have a search bar and now I have to do 5 more things to get to my station. I hate that the app has to ask my location every time I launched the app. Also there is a glitch when you pause and play; I have to relaunch the app when I pause for few minutes. When I try to go back won’t work. I hope this can help you guys to fix these things.
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5 years ago, PrincessCarolKitty
One of my favorite apps!!
I absolutely love how easy it is to listen to my favorite Spanish stations. The images are remarkably clear and it’s completely user friendly. This is my go to app for cooking, cleaning and working out.
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5 years ago, ClauRG
Doesn’t work anymore!
I used to love this app. After the latest update, it always asks to turn on notifications and to listen to local stations. It doesn’t remember these settings and it’s annoying that I have to go thru these questions every time I use the app. Also, the app stops working after a while and won’t work again until I restart the app a few times. I’m ready to switch to something else very soon!
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2 months ago, MissMessyBun
Not on here for the Commericals
When I downloaded this app, I was hoping to hear more of the talkshow or hear their conversations but the ADs and commericals come on sooner when on the APP then when I’m listening in my car!! It’s frustrating when I actually interested what they are talking about and then theirs a random commercial comes on.
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4 years ago, LuisRaul8
Uforia allows
The application allows us to move between my favorites stations smoothly. In additionally, to explore new different stations , increasing my conscience as member of Latino community. We we deserved be informed and share our soul thru the music.
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5 years ago, 5munditos
Old version is better
More problems to connecting now don’t work properly. Please do something Thank You
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2 years ago, Myr T
Technical glitches
Your app has good content, appealing to different audiences. However, technical issues happen on a daily basis, and I also haven't found a way to look up for older podcasts ( I like Enigmas sin Resolver, but I can only see available the last episodes, and supposedly Dafne has uploaded more than 300). Thank you Myrtha
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9 months ago, User-48
On any some series podcasts, new episodes are posted but they don’t play. Once the latest episode is selected to play, the app will automatically switch to the previous one. It is highly frustrating to have an app with false advertisement of new episodes availability.
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5 years ago, Alexa2580
App use to be much better and easier to surf. Unfortunately, I also keep getting disconnected from app out of no where. Have to be closing app and reopening to try to get my favorite radio station, 107.5 FM- KLOVE Los Angeles, on. It’s very unfortunate that it’s so annoying to listen to radio. Please make note of this.
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5 years ago, Andy Del Cerro
What happened to this app?
Since I updated the UFORIA App it is a burden to listen to a radio station. Every time you want to use it, you must answer if the app can locate where you are or not. Can you please make this useless feature go away???? Is just ridiculous, every single time you open an application to answer the same question. If this is a “BUG” , PLEASE fix it ASAP. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Pichito21
Old version was better
I like the older version Use to connect to my car as soon I was inside and then the car on Now every time I get out Have to restart the app and launch the station again Please fix this issue
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5 years ago, lycalu
Worst app in the universe
...and the update is worse: it crashes, gets frozen, make you a answer the options of location and notifications every time you open the app if you say no and does not open automatically your last station. I really wish I could hear KQ105 in another app. Update: I downloaded IHeart Radio and my life is better 😂
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5 years ago, AideWhi
Bad/Wrong Changes
To access favorites stations is now lot more difficult. Also, more steps to access stations. Changed from easy to difficult.
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5 years ago, ninabina1234
This app is really great
If you are looking for music to have a chill time with. this is the app for it . They have a variety of music that everyone will love!
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12 months ago, usecodelazariniremshop
Uforia Jams
When it works, it works well. Often while music plays the names of the song and artists can’t keep up like iHeart Radio or Pandora. It also doesn’t show the accompanying video for the song like Shazam. But for great sounding Latin music I love it.
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5 years ago, Chinorivas3504
This app is the most annoying app I’ve ever downloaded. Has a lot of great content but doesn’t work efficiently. I can never listen to an entire show without it stopping a thousand times even when connected to Wi-Fi. Also, every time it stops the radio station you’re listening to skips to a different section.
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5 years ago, 512JRPL
Terrible update
This new update it’s terrible. The interface keeps freezing. To go to you favorite station you have always to go thru at list 3 step. If you receive a call and want to go back to the station you have to closed the app and again going thru a 3 step before I can listen my favorite. Need improvement.
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2 years ago, bxfh dg
Needs work
App should start streaming last played station as soon as you open the app and the forced "register pop-up" should be removed. It takes 3-4 clicks to start listening something.
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5 years ago, Chanitachapina
It was easier for me to find KLOVE now I have to go thru a process and on top of that i can’t hear it
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5 years ago, EBabar
Improved experience
The app has improved a lot with the latest updates. I love to see the search back in the application! Thanks!!!
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6 years ago, zhanemix
Think better
I understand this is a free app and you have to put ads but I just can’t stand that you cut the music to put the ads please, I’m trying to listen to the radio and anytime I’m listening the forecast or traffic it stops and the ads start.
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7 years ago, MusicChick19
Good app, crashes too much
3 stars only because the app crashes way too much. I can't listen to one station for long periods of time without getting "error playing audio" message
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4 years ago, Srjom
Hi! I love the app but they need to stop playing that J Balvin song Rhythm of the night every 5 seconds!!!! I’ve heard that song 4 times in less than an hour!!! It’s getting over played and annoying! There’s so many good songs! Can we play more variety and not try to shove this dumb overplayed song into our brains! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Fiolbeli's
Good App
wkaq station # 1 with fresh news just recommend some us news
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5 years ago, Darth Quintus
The recent update stinks
The recent update does not go to your last station automatically. It stops playing for no reason. The car functionality is hindered. Bad update. Update: I had to lower it to one star. Sometimes it stops playing and you have to restart the app. Did anybody debugged this?
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5 years ago, Lecleres
Won’t restart after a pause
I am a frequent user of the app, but ever since the last update, it's becoming an annoyance to have to close the app and reopening every time you get a call or you take your headphones off. Please fix it or roll out the previous version of the app which worked great.
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4 years ago, zunnybabies4
Repetitive info spots
I listen a lot of times the same spots from the same artists and I would like to have access to send messages to the program Omar y Argelia in real time, I listen you guys from Irving, Texas. 😊
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5 years ago, 💜💜MonaLisa
Great app!
Uforia is my go to app. It’s awesome and they have awesome radio stations. I recommend for anyone who wants some fire music 🔥🔥
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2 years ago, teddyteddted
Too many adds
Waaay too many ads! Adds in middle of shows or song and it’s so random! I understand ads means free but don’t disrupt the listening.
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2 years ago, Emr 06
I listen WKAQ Puerto Rico. The person in charge put the same ad over and over again. It would be better if just put local radio ads. Please don’t put app ads interruptions, they also interrupts some important announcements on local radio.
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5 years ago, yall lame
I open and press play it work good but if i pause it and tru to play it again while locked it wont play so i open the app and press play and nothing happens so u have to close the app and reopen it to get it to work , and it ransomly stops playing
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5 years ago, Ydalmi
Slower than previous released version
I used Uforia app all the time and it was great. The latest release not so good. It is unresponsive and takes forever to get tge radio station to play. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Beka's Rebels
This app is awful!
DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS APP! I downloaded this app, thinking I could enjoy the KLOV radio station when I’m out of range. Not so! First time I opened the app all I got was intermittent signal and static! Second time I got awful ear piercing feedback! I deleted the app. It’s not worth your time downloading it!
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5 years ago, kay_rocco
This version of the app is better
The app itself is super nice and the stations are great. Loving the music!
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3 years ago, Power.traa.teet
thats the best
best app to listen and keep updated. thru all the info u want."TaAv
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3 years ago, ed-24
A lot of commercials
Has a lot a lot of commercials and will play some random disco music to catch up with the actual music from the original station you want to listen to, iHeart radio it’s way better
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5 years ago, Fransirdaliz
Uforia Ads
The app is overall good but you need to update the ads there’s some from 2018 talking about things that will happen in 2019, when 2020 is around the corner!
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5 years ago, El_rikys
Please fix!!
I hate the fact that I have to click “skip” every time I open the app. The other problem I have is that every time I switch from airpods to car Bluetooth I have to restart the app.
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6 years ago, Josephlopez
Same music
I listen the radio station but they got a same music
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4 years ago, baezed
Favorite Station
Love Uforia. Because I can get a better signal and listen to my favorite morning show TUDN Radio | Buenos Dias America.
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4 years ago, bluelucero
Excellent application
It is a nice way to have good music every where
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5 years ago, littleLeo0
Fix this
Boost mobile must of paid this guys really good money to be playing the same boost mobile comercial over and over and over again. Put something else. It really gets annoying. Makes me go to pandora instead.
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5 years ago, Alondra Arce
Fix this
I don’t know why when i want to put music i open the app and it says no connection and i have the four bars!
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