UHCU Mobile

2.8 (84)
35.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
United Heritage Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UHCU Mobile

2.83 out of 5
84 Ratings
2 years ago, Stupidlover
Something changed
This app has been fine until the last week or so. The interface is blown up, and it won’t let me transfer money between checking accounts. The drop downs to choose accounts are blank. Clicking the “back” button when viewing transaction history on the top left signs me out completely. I have an iPhone 12 mini on iOS 16.2
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8 years ago, Skyvayne
Trouble Logging In
Will go to log in and it dims like it's about to sign in, then immediately returns back to log in screen with no error. Doesn't matter how many times I press log in, it will do the same thing. Please fix this. Seems to happen more often when I have a poor connection, but still happens on solid wifi every now and again. Reinstalled app and it still does it.
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1 year ago, Zoelane62
Unable to log in?
I don’t know where to report this other than here but I’m unable to log into my account due to a server error on multiple devices in app and on the website.
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7 years ago, hedtrip
Trouble logging in
Once again, I also cannot log in to this app. It dims like it will log me in, but remains on the log in screen. Very frustrating and unusable. Also, in the past, the Touch ID log in feature randomly would not work. I would receive an error message, and the app forced me to put in my password. Even if I reset the touch ID feature, the app inevitably glitched and made you use your password. I hope the developers see these current reviews ASAP and fix these problems.
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4 years ago, jayjones565
So much better
The app has had its issues in the past but it is amazing and highly functional now!
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6 years ago, livprave
I would like to deposit a check from the app. However, every time I tap on the tab I get an alert saying “Please Use Our App” and then “Please complete the Mobile Deposit Enrollment located under the transactions tab” Whenever I look for said enrollment under transactions tab it is no where to be found. Overall, the app is glitchy but not terrible. Semi-functional, definitely needs work though.
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4 years ago, Ebb1966
Can’t pay my bills
Have been using this reliably for years and logged in today and it won’t let me pay my bills! I can enter amounts and dates but the submit or review button as disappeared!
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7 years ago, Piggiesrul
Can never log in
Every time I try to log in to this app it's like the app just shuts down. It convenient to be able to see everything on more of a mobile lay out but it is frustrating when you just want to ch close you balance and end up fighting to get in to the app.
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6 years ago, davidglo
Trouble making mobile deposits
It takes the picture of the check but then stays in “Loading” screen for over ten minutes. I finally have to close out the app by double clicking home button. Sometimes it lets me make a mobile deposit but mostly I have this problem described above.
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6 years ago, 147bunny
I don't have any problems
I have used this app for many years without any problems.
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6 years ago, Allen349
App is horrible and frustrating
I have been stranded a handful of time trying to transfer money or just check balances by this app. It fails to log in over half the time and will freeze when it does log in. Hope that yall can make the app work right cause United heritage as a bank is great but in the best fitting words this app is less than trash
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10 years ago, Mrniceguy2010
It's better then the older app but is still missing features like mobile deposits.
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5 years ago, Stuntking
Always working on this
The website is constantly down and when I try to use this app to deposit a check it tells me that I need to enter'for deposit only' on the front of the check??? Will they ever get it right?
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7 months ago, Purple Double T
What happened to Face ID
I’m glad I’m in the process of switching to A+, a credit union with real customer service. The crap I had to go through with this place. I’ll be out once all auto pays are switched.
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1 year ago, MyDogHasFleas2
Calls at 2am
Since forever this app can’t handle password changes on a different device. Other devices start throwing invalid password alerts before you can login and change them. Even randomly at 2am so your phone rings. I’m going to quit UHCU.
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7 years ago, Delta1Mun
This App is Crap
Don't waste your time downloading just log in online. It is the same thing and forget about using the wonderful features it's supposed to have like the convenience of depositing a check, forget it. It tells you to download the app while in the APP!!!
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6 years ago, Bigjut
App is terrible
App is so inconsistent, not able to get past the log in screen, after clicking the log in button. Really wish the bank would fix this app. I’ve been a member for 5 years and have not seen any improvements.
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5 years ago, brittbob512
Great app!
Love this app and the customer service received when I need something from UHCU.
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7 years ago, KingCJames
This app is trash and yet I'm forced to use it to access features like online deposit and others. It's a shame because United Heritage has great customer service and I've never had a problem at one of their locations but fix your app, it's so simple
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8 years ago, Sach-mo75
Deposit check feature
Fails to open my camera to take a picture of check for deposit...I hate updates that screw up something that I use often and worked just fine before
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4 years ago, Matt.simo$
Fantastic Improvment
Nice work on updating the mobile app. Easy to use.
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4 years ago, B11900
not very user friendly
it would be nice if it were like other banking apps. i’d like notifications to pop up on my screen anytime a transaction or anything takes place. other people’s banking apps give them banner notifications for example: “$50 has been added to your account” or “$50 has been taken from your account” like just little details like that. it’s hard to find what i’ve spent my money on or even my info in the app.
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5 years ago, lydfern
Can’t lock in
Most time I can’t lock in , it is really frustrating. I tried to lock I all money so I can transfer money . And now I have been charged $20 transfer fee because I wasn’t able to transfer it on time.
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5 years ago, BJCC10
Unstable and antiquated
App is antiquated compared to other mobile banking apps. United Heritage should be embarrassed with this app. Tried to make a mobile deposit today and nothing happens. Thinking of switching to another FI with better technology.
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7 years ago, Frsh111
Still waiting for an update
This app was updated a year ago. Still works, but has no support for the iPhone X Face ID. Have to use the password every time.
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7 years ago, GinaW115
Deposit Feature?
Tried and tried even with help if banking staff and cannot ever get to deposit screen. Not a very useful app in my opinion.
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7 years ago, Val/13/worst
It's so frustrating trying to log in it never works and I have to end up using the browser what is the point of having an app if it doesn't work. It's worthless
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5 months ago, missing out on hotgirl sauce!
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
When you do transfers within the account, it doesn’t update. Combining them is not helpful at all.
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6 years ago, Z tsunami
UHCU logon issues
I had the app, tried to access like I usually do was directed to download a new IOS app. Did so but can’t log in and getting no errors. Got no notice the app was changing. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, Liquid6er
Need to update to Face ID
Please update to Face ID This app has no support what so ever. I’ve got useless apps that get more support every 3 to 4 months.
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6 years ago, AplAppUser
Freezes during login
App freezes at login/loading screen after using Face ID to login.
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7 years ago, FTL Cyclist
needs update
still not updated for Face ID on iPhone X.
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6 years ago, JSerran
Unable to log in
App not working well with apple 8. No solutions given.
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9 years ago, AlekzandrBryant
Pretty standard, good experience
Not the most beautiful or fancy app, but it's functional and quick. I've been using it for a couple of months now and everything's been great for me. Could use updating more often though. Maybe Touch ID support. And needs to be updated for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
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8 years ago, Waco2Austin
Still very buggy and clunky.
Unable to delete payees on my mobile app account even though they've already been deleted from my account on the full website. They just remain there on the mobile app, unusable. Hard to navigate. Not very intuitive to get around even though there are only a few new features.
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8 years ago, JB Austin
Great app
Easy to navigate, like the search feature and ease for transferring funds and depositing checks. Also like the updated look and feel.
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10 years ago, Richard Berkley
I find this app to be very good. Not only does it allow me to keep up with balances but also transfer funds to/from another institution. Thanks for this.
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10 years ago, retired at 50 !
Can it be any worse? NO!
Wow... Now we all know where the programmers that worked on the obamacare website went after they were fired there... This app is HORRIBLE! It crashes in the middle of transactions and there's no way to tell if the action was successful or not. So do u go back and try again? What if both identical transactions then go thru? Sheeesh! I wish I could rate this app lower.
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10 years ago, Yozadake
I don't know which is worse the app or their web site. If i could rate it any lower I would. The app is hard to read especially when you look at the settings. And then you can't update the info such as email address. In the web site you can't even find where that info is stored. I think that at UHCU "IT" stands for Idiots Training.
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8 years ago, DianneNana
Web bill pay
I opened webpay today so I could pay bills for the beginning of the month and all of my payees and history are gone. It will take forever to reenter the information back in. What the **** happened ??!!!! Long time customer may need to change if it doesn't get fixed fast. Very disappointed.
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11 years ago, Haw11ley
Horrible app you can't get to web bill pay you cannot get to anything it's useless absolutely useless and it certainly isn't user-friendly. This transformation you people have done is a good way to put yourself out of business bad idea folks!!!
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9 years ago, Jsb73
Pretty basic. Needs mobile deposit to compete with other banks.
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2 years ago, gastodiesel
Have to Register Device ever time I log in.
After iOS 16 update on my iPhone every time I log in to use the app I have to get a secure code even though I register device
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8 years ago, Mee7654321
This app has stopped working all together.
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7 months ago, teeteebahbah
Zero Stars If I Could Give it!
Zero Stars If I Could Give it! Well they updated this app & broke it. Now it REFUSES to launch Face ID CONSISTENTLY even though I made sure that it was activated “AGAIN” in the settings after I had to login in again w/the standard user ID & password. The Face ID seems to work MAYBE once & then it will go back to asking for me to login in again. As the old saying goes: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.!” Leave it alone! All it takes is a couple wrong lines of code & you’ve ruined it!
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2 years ago, buttcrack187
iPhone update bug
Apple released it’s latest update for iPhone iOS version 16.0.2 (20A380) and it’s causing a login issue for the United Heritage Banking app. The problem is when trying to login to your account from any location, whether it be from home using WiFi or cell service, the app ask for verification to register your device every time you log into your account! Update: UHCU Devs have since fixed the bug created by iPhone’s latest phone update, thank you for your quick response to the issue!
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2 years ago, KnowNaMe
Registering Device Not Working
Like other recent reviews have stated, every time I log into the app I am required to verify a security code via text or call. Using Face ID requires verifying a security code Using Touch ID requires verifying a security code Using a PIN requires verifying a security code EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
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6 years ago, rinnbear
Need a paper statement
I am unable to get to my acct which keeps me from seeing what went thru n what needs to be subtracted from the acct This is not working for me I have called a couple of times I have to go somewhere to an atm n get a bal of my acct which still doesn’t show me what has been subtracted from my scct I am requesting a paper statement I have not been able to see my acct for several months Am not happy not being able to access my acct Brenda hargrave acct 8810003316996
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